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My two adult children fell out over money – now they refuse to talk

They stopped speaking two years ago and won’t consider reconciliation. Is there anything that could help heal this rift?

My two older children have not spoken to each other for two years. They are in their mid-30s, with spouses and young children. They fell out over money, but I think the real reason was sibling rivalry. I fear this fracture will be permanent and that I will never have all my children at my table for dinner again. It saddens me that the cousins won’t know each other, or their aunt and uncle.

I am close to my siblings and am afraid my children are making a huge mistake by alienating each other. I have let them know my feelings and urged reconciliation, but to no avail. Family unity is so important to me; I cannot believe they have so little regard for it. How can I help them forgive each other and move on? Neither will consider counselling, and both have partners who support their views.

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