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Gove proves ultimate shapeshifter while Eustice leads masterclass in banality | John Crace

As government failures stack up, another day passes when no one takes responsibility for anything

As the body count continues to rise and the government’s failures become more and more obvious – just imagine how many more people might have died if Matt Hancock hadn’t thrown his protective ring around care homes from the very start – you can sense ministers and scientists increasingly socially distancing themselves from any sense of responsibility.

Head meet sand. What contact tracing app that was supposed to be the key to ending lockdown? Oh that one! We never meant to imply it was that important. Or that it would necessarily be ready when we said it would. Rather it was just an adjunct to some other measures that we haven’t yet thought of. So we are in a game of musical chairs for the morally bankrupt. Which means that Michael Gove is in with a definite chance of winning.

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