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Clothes … and Other Things that Matter by Alexandra Shulman review – a charming memoir

From her first party dress to Prince William’s wedding, the former editor of Vogue opens up her wardrobe while keeping her feelings under wraps

Alexandra Shulman’s introduction to her charming memoir opens with an inventory of her wardrobe. It is a disarming tactic, as if to say: “See, I have socks, bras and knickers just like you” … although most of her readers will probably not be able to match the four fur tippets and five full-length evening gowns; nor the 81 pairs of footwear.

Each chapter concentrates on an item of clothing or a colour and what it means to Shulman, who recalls her first party dress (navy poplin, puff sleeves with pink piping); her wedding dress (white, long sleeves, by Ghost; navy Valentino slip dress for a later wedding party thrown by her parents Drusilla Beyfus and Milton Shulman); and what she wore to Westminster Abbey when Catherine Middleton married Prince William (navy again, with a headpiece by Kate Halfpenny – don’t call it a “fascinator”; Shulman wouldn’t).

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