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25 сентября, 09:12

ABB купит подразделение General Electric за $2,6 млрд

Швейцарская инжиниринговая компания ABB заявила, что приобретет подразделение промышленных решений американского промышленного конгломерата General Electric за $2,6 млрд. Стоит отметить, что данное приобретение позволит ABB расширить доступ к североамериканскому рынку и экономить около $200 млн ежегодно в течение ближайших пяти лет. CEO ABB добавил, что компании также договорились о долгосрочном сотрудничестве в сфере поставок. ABB, кроме того, сообщила, что временно заморозит реализацию программы обратного выкупа акции в связи со сделкой, завершение которой намечено на первую половину 2018 г.

22 сентября, 18:30

В России спустили на воду второй ледокол-гигант

Если старым атомоходам не подоспеет замена, страна рискует сорвать крупные нефтегазовые проекты. Первый корабль той же серии, "Арктика", выйдет на Северный морской путь в 2019 году

22 сентября, 15:12

Сила «Сибири». Россия спустила на воду самый мощный ледокол в мире

В ближайшие годы РФ получит не имеющий аналогов в мире атомный ледокольный флот нового поколения.

22 сентября, 13:52

GE nears sale of its industrial unit to ABB: Bloomberg

GE resumed negotiations to sell its industrial solutions business to ABB after John Flannery, who became CEO on Aug.1, decided to continue to divest the industrial conglomerate's non-core assets, Reuters had reported. The company has also been under pressure from Nelson Peltz's activist hedge fund Trian Fund Management LP to cut costs and focus on its core industrial businesses. Earlier this year, GE agreed to sell its industrial water treatment business to French waste and water group Suez SA and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec for 3.2 billion euros ($3.4 billion).

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21 сентября, 16:48

ABB Expands E-mobility Charging Infrastructure in Germany

ABB (ABB) clinched an order from energy supplier EnBW to install the fast-charging stations that will have a charging capacity of 50 kilowatts, suitable for service stations and car dealerships.

20 сентября, 21:13

Prosecutors focus on Menendez's alleged concealment of gifts

NEWARK — Prosecutors on Wednesday zeroed in on the charge legal experts say Sen. Bob Menendez may be most vulnerable: He concealed gifts he received from Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen.Prosecutor Monique Abrishami began Wednesday's proceedings in Menendez's corruption trial with a video clip from a CNN interview in February of this year, which reporter Dana Bash questioned why the senator had reimbursed Melgen $58,500 for two round-trips on his private jet more than two years after the fact."When it came to my attention that payment had not taken place, I personally paid for them in order to meet my obligations," Menendez said.Prosecutors also showed a January 2013 press release from Menendez’s office that said the Democratic senator “has traveled on Dr. Melgen’s plane on three occasions, all of which have been paid for and reported appropriately.”In fact, prosecutors showed a chart with many more flights Menendez had taken on Melgen’s private jet, and other travel Menendez undertook that was paid for by Melgen — including a first-class commercial flight from Newark to West Palm Beach, Fla.“Based on your investigation, did Sen. Menendez take three flights, or more than three flights on Salomon Melgen’s plane?” Abrishami asked the witness, FBI agent Alan Mohl. “More than three flights,” Mohl said.Legal experts have said the charge that Menendez concealed his gifts from Melgen — just one of 14 charges in the indictment — is the easiest for prosecutors to prove. Some of the more salacious charges against Menendez, which involve bribery, will force prosecutors to prove them through mainly circumstantial evidence. The government alleges Menendez did official favors for Melgen’s businesses and foreign girlfriends in exchange for private jet flights, hotel stays and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Menendez’s defense centers around what he says is a 25-year friendship with Melgen, and the idea that those favors were borne out of that friendship.Prosecutors showed the jury Menendez’s financial disclosure forms with the Senate, which required him to list gifts of more than a few hundred dollars and admonished that “any individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies or who knowingly or willfully fails to file this report may be subject to civil and criminal sanctions.”On none of the forms did Menendez acknowledge any of the flights he took on Melgen’s private jet, a car service Melgen had provided for Menendez, or a nearly $5,000 stay by Menendez at a Paris hotel that Melgen paid for with American Express points.Abrishami ticked off each gift Menendez receive, asking if he had listed it on the form. “No,” Mohl answered, again and again.“Has Sen. Menendez ever reported any gifts he received from Dr. Melgen on any of his disclosure forms?” Abrishami asked. “No,” Mohl said.Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell, in his cross-examination, suggested prosecutors and investigating agents had far more time than the senator to look back on the flights Menendez had taken with Melgen.Lowell then zeroed in on these words in the certification Menendez signed on the financial disclosure forms: “to the best of my knowledge and belief.” Lowell began asking Mohl whether senators can get waivers for gifts, both before and after receiving them.Abrishami objected, saying Lowell was trying to “confuse” the jury. Lowell said he was merely asking Mohl to read the part of the instructions on the disclosure form that referred to exemptions. When Walls indicated he would side with Abrishami, Lowell complained about “shifting the burden to the defendant.” That drew Walls’ ire. “I’m tired of the defense imputing to me a disregard for the rights of the defendants, and it’s almost to the point of professional insult,” he said. “It’s another example of intellectual dishonesty.”Later, Lowell examined Menendez’s passport, showing that he made 28 trips to the Dominican Republic from 1998 to 2013. And even though prosecutors had provided a list of around 20 flights Menendez allegedly took that were either on Melgen’s jet or paid for by Melgen, Mohl acknowleged that the list included separate legs of each flight, including stopovers, and that some were actually empty plane “positioning” flights to pick Menendez up.Lowell said that out of the 28 round-trips Menendez took to the Dominican Republic from 1998 to 2013, just six were paid for by Melgen. The proceedings, which may last until November, wrapped up early Wednesday in observance of Rosh Hashanah. The trial will resume on Monday.

19 сентября, 18:21

Judge in Menendez trial won't allow talk of prostitution allegations

NEWARK — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez won a legal skirmish with prosecutors on Tuesday, when a judge said he would allow Menendez's legal team to tell jurors about official actions the senator took to help people other than his co-defendant, Salomon Melgen. “At this point the defense has every prerogative to set up and argue that that was done or not done for friendship, and at the same time it’s up to me to determine how far I will listen — or let the jury listen — to earlier acts. That’s where I will have to draw the line,” Judge William Walls said in his decision, delivered from the bench. Attorneys for Menendez, a Democrat, plan to introduce evidence showing he has helped many constituents with visa and other issues during his 11 years in the Senate — the same types of acts he’s alleged to have done for Melgen and his foreign girlfriends, in exchange for Melgen providing lavish vacations, private jet flights and hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions.Prosecutors had sought to bar the defense from introducing that evidence. “The fact that, for example, Sen. Menendez took one act on one day tells us nothing about why he took another act, even if it was on the same day,” prosecutor Amanda Vaughn argued in court. “Other acts, whether it’s on visas, health care issues or anything else, cannot tell us anything about why Sen. Menendez took things of values and took those acts.”Walls, however, said case law allows the introduction of such evidence, and he’ll decide on a case-by-case basis whether to admit it.“It boils down to two words: 'It depends,'” Walls said.Walls said he would be inclined to permit acts that are "closer" to those alleged by the government, "both in time and in substance,” he told Vaughn. “I’m not going to let them go back 30 years talking about Boy Scout activities.”Walls compared his decision to a traditional Ashkanazi Jewish stew.“It refers to my understanding from Jewish friends of a big pot of stew, a mixture of a lot of things. That term was used to describe the circumstances that you and your adversaries will have,” Walls told Vaughn. “Because I’m prepared to give each of you a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.”Defense attorneys were satisfied with the decision. ”I think the word is Tzimmes,” defense attorney Abbe Lowell, who is Jewish, said of the stew. “It starts with a carrot base and you put lots of things in it, and you are exactly right.”The trial will break Thursday for Rosh Hashanah, in which which Lowell said Tzimmes is traditionally served.”I’ll bring you some back,” Lowell said.

18 сентября, 18:48

Menendez trial turns to stays at luxurious beachfront villas, golf, pheasant hunting

Here are the highlights from Monday's proceedings in the federal corruption trial of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.Menendez, a Democrat and New Jersey's senior senator, is charged with doing official favors for his friend and co-defendant, Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, in exchange for expensive hotel stays, private jet flights and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.3:40 PMNEWARK — Tropical oceanfront hotel suites. Exclusive beaches. Spa treatments. Hunting pheasants bred on-site.Those were the trappings of luxury U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez had access to — but did not necessarily use — thanks in large part to Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen’s largesse, prosecutors said Monday during the federal corruption trial of Menendez and Melgen.Prosecutors went into painstaking detail about the amenities at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, where Melgen owned a villa in which Menendez often stayed, as well as the Tortuga Bay in Puntacana Resort & Club, a resort in the Dominican Republican where Menendez, Melgen and Melgen’s wife stayed for a few days — their oceanfront villa comped by the hotel’s president, who had them as guests for his son’s wedding.According to prosecutors, Melgen, who got rich by investing in the data service firm Seisint, traded a lifestyle Menendez, a Democrat, couldn’t afford on his $174,000 salary in exchange for the senator's political clout with his businesses and securing visas for his foreign girlfriends.During Monday's testimony in federal court in Newark, prosecutors showed photos of the type of villa Menendez stayed at the Tortuga Bay resort — a hotel given a “five diamonds” ranking by AAA. Menendez and Melgen, as well as Melgen’s wife, shared a two-bedroom oceanfront suite.“Is this beach exclusive to Tortuga Bay guests?” prosecutor Amanda Vaughn asked Alberto Abreu, Tortuga Bay’s vice president for hospitality operations.“It is,” he said.Melgen footed the bill for the stay, according to testimony, but only for incidentals. That included two rounds of golf, some meals, a mini bar charge and a spa treatment. But there was no way to tell from the bill who actually used those services.In his cross-examination, Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell suggested it wasn’t the senator.“If there are two people golfing on the day in which only one greens fee is listed, that means the other golfer would have to pay in some fashion, is that correct?” Lowell said.Abreu agreed. Prosecutors talked extensively about Casa de Campo, showing pictures of its beach, its waterfront “Teeth of the Dog” golf course — ranked, according to Casa de Campo president Andres Pichardo Rosenberg, as the best in the Dominican Republican and 44th best in the world — its many restaurants and even its “shooting center,” where guests and residents can shoot skeet or even pheasants.“We cultivate the pheasants,” Rosenberg said.“You cultivate them to be shot?” Judge William Walls asked.“Well,” Rosenberg said, sparking laughter. (There was no indication that Menendez shot pheasants).Defense attorneys grew frustrated with the descriptions. At one point, when Vaughn was describing Casa de Campo’s spa, Lowell indicated Menendez had never used it.“Are we going to find out how much it cost to take a massage he never took?” Lowell interjected. The proceedings finished with testimony from Jeff Fralick, who manages a New York City livery service.Prosecutors showed that the service picked up Menendez in Hoboken on Oct. 4, 2008 and billed Melgen more than $800 for eight hours. But Melgen attorney Kirk Ogroski noted the eye doctor had used the car service the day before, and a charge for dinner that night at a New York City restaurant on Melgen’s credit card.Lowell followed up, suggesting Menendez had only ridden in the car between Hoboken and New York City.“It doesn’t take eight hours to go from Hoboken — well, sometimes it does — it doesn’t take eight hours to go to Hoboken to New York City, does it?” Lowell said.“I can’t assume how he used the car. All I know is that he had the car for eight hours,” Fralick said.Testimony resumes Tuesday morning.11:48 AMNEWARK — Immediately after the FBI raided Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen’s West Palm Beach offices, Melgen’s son-in-law contacted the Federal Aviation Administration to block the public from tracking his private jet.That fact came up during testimony Monday in the corruption trial of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat, and Melgen, his co-defendant. The jet had been used several times to fly Menendez between New Jersey and Melgen’s vacation home in the Dominican Republic — flights that prosecutors charge were bribes Melgen paid Menendez in exchange for official favors.William Blacker, the program manager for the FAA’s Block Aircraft Registry Request (BARR) program, testified about an email that Melgen son-in-law Eduardo Rodriguez, who also worked for Melgen, sent the agency at 12:07 a.m. on January 31, 2013, asking that information on Melgen’s private Challenger jet be kept out of publicly-accessible databases. On January 30, the FBI had concluded its raid of Melgen’s medical office. Blacker said that Rodriguez requested the aircraft be classified in the stricter of the FAA’s two blocked categories. That meant that private companies would no longer have access to the plane’s activities, including its departures, destinations and number of people on board. Those companies make that information accessible to the public. Blacker said blocking the information did not remove past flight data that was already in the public domain.Defense attorneys tried unsuccessfully to block the testimony before the jury entered the courtroom, saying it was prejudicial and noting that the the federal government, including the FBI, still had access to the data. Melgen attorney Murad Hussain said the request came after the media began “prying” into Melgen’s affairs. “The government has this data,” Hussain said. “It’s also not relevant because this occurred after the search of Dr. Melgen’s practice where circumstances are so much changed, with media scrutiny.” Lead prosecutor Peter Koski said the testimony would show concealment.“This witness is going to provide testimony regarding an act of concealment that the defendant took, not just after the FBI issued a search warrant of the defendant’s offices, but that same day,” Koski said.

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18 сентября, 08:00

Confident that the US will get back in climate change fig...

ABB Chairman Peter Voser says that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a "long term thinker."

14 сентября, 21:48

Menendez trial: Prosecutors question timing of flight reimbursements

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez did not reimburse his friend, Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, for two round-trip flights on his private jet until a reporter started asking questions, according to testimony presented in federal court on Thursday. The prosecution introduced a November 1, 2012 email from Washington Post reporter Paul Kane, asking about a trip to the Dominican Republic that had surfaced in news reports just days before the senator was to stand for re-election.“Did Sen. Menendez take that trip with Dr. Melgen, and has he accepted the use of the doctor’s jet?” Kane wrote to Menendez's communications director, Tricia Enright. “In which case, if he has, does he have a letter from the ethics committee okaying his gift from Dr. Melgen, and will this be reported on his financial disclosure form?”Prosecutors argue that private jet flights were one of several ways Melgen bribed the Democratic senator, who in turn allegedly secured visas for Melgen’s girlfriends and used his official influence to help Melgen’s businesses. They also charge that Menendez concealed Melgen's flights and other gifts by not disclosing them on official forms. According to evidence introduced at trial, Enright that same day forwarded Kane’s email to Menendez staffers Danny O’Brien, Kerri Talbott and Michael Soliman, and political strategist Brad Lawrence.On November 26, 2012 according to an email introduced as evidence, Melgen's son-in-law, Eduardo Rodriguez, sent Menendez an email with quotes for three flights Menendez had taken on Melgen’s jet two-and-a-half years earlier. One of the trips, a May 2010 flight from Atlanta to the Dominican Republic and then on to Puerto Rico, was reimbursed by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which Menendez chaired in 2010. But two of the trips, which were between Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and the Dominican Republic — with one of them stopping in Florida in between — were reimbursed by Menendez.According to the email, Menenedez was not charged for the time the plane flew empty to pick him up at Teterboro airport in New Jersey, or the time it flew empty from Teterboro to its home airport in West Palm Beach after dropping Menendez off. That total would have been $78,300. Instead, Menendez was charged $58,500 for the time he was on board, which he paid by check to Melgen’s medical company in January 2013.The reimbursement by Menendez made news at the time because it was a considerable sum for a senator who had little income besides his $174,000 per year salary, and because he did not make the payment until questions were raised about the flights. And prosecutors wanted to make sure the jury understood that point. “According to the check from Robert Menendez, in what years did the flights take place?” prosecutor Amanda Vaughn asked witness Christina Cobb, the FBI agent who initially collected the evidence. “2010,” Cobb said. “When was this check written?” Vaughn asked. “January 4, 2013,” Cobb said. Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell noted that Menendez himself was never forwarded the email from the Washington Post reporter.Lowell also attempted to question Cobb about why the jury was not shown a third potential piece of evidence: A cover letter from Menendez’s attorneys that accompanied his 2013 check to Melgen, which Lowell said outlined the reasons for the payment. Prosecutors objected, and Judge William Walls told the jury to leave the room.“The government gave me this exhibit yesterday to review. … They gave me a folder. They said to me this is what we’re going to seek to introduce. In it there were three documents. Today, they decided, two,” Lowell said. “The question then becomes when does one set out to point out that this document once had more, now has less.”Walls said it is “within the discretion” of the prosecutors how they want to present evidence, and that the defense can attempt to introduce the cover letter as evidence when appropriate. Much of the day’s testimony revolved around the intricacies of flights taken by Menendez, but there were some fireworks when Walls felt attorneys were attempting to influence the jury with evidence from cross-examination that they had not yet introduced. Walls said attorneys had acted “arrogantly” by ignoring his previous warnings, and said he would “slap you down verbally” if they didn’t stop.“I’m not going to permit it, and if it embarrasses you, so be it,” Walls said.Walls did not call out any attorneys by name, and made most attorneys individually stand and acknowledge that they understood his instructions. But his warning came shortly after an attorney for Meglen sought information from a pilot that had not yet been introduced as evidence.The pilot said he didn’t know. Walls then dismissed the jury from the room.“Possibly to your embarrassment, I’m telling all counsel now. You’re not witnesses,” Walls said. “And I, professionally, as a former trial lawyer and now as a trial judge, resent attorneys trying to, and at times sneaking in evidence by way of their questions on cross examination.”“Some of you are so arrogant in your activities that you think I’m ignoring your disregard of what I told you,” Walls said. “And I really don’t want to continually interrupt counsel with regard to that issue, nor with regard to leading questions.”The trial, which is expected to last up to eight weeks, is set to resume on Monday.

13 сентября, 23:14

At Menendez trial, questions raised over who was Melgen's 'hermano'

NEWARK — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez wasn’t Dr. Salomon Melgen’s only “hermano,” according to testimony Wednesday in Menendez's federal corruption trial. Melgen's former full-time pilot, who said he flew the senator on approximately 16 flight legs aboard Melgen's two private jets — said Melgen even called him “hermano.”“Sometimes, in a joking manner, he would call me 'hermano’ as a term of endearment,” the pilot, Robert Nylund, said.“Did you and Dr. Melgen have a friendship?” prosecutor Peter Koski asked.“No, sir,” Nylund said. “It was strictly professional.”Attorneys for Menendez and Melgen, his co-defendant, have argued that the two men were so close that they referred to each other as “hermano,” the Spanish word for brother.The Democratic senator’s friendship with Melgen is the key to his defense; the men's attorneys have argued that gifts Melgen bestowed on Menendez — private jet flights, villa stays in the Dominican Republic, an expensive Paris hotel room and hundreds of thousands in campaign donations — were tokens of friendship.Likewise, defense lawyers argue, favors Menendez did for Melgen — advocating for the doctor at the highest levels of federal government for visas for his foreign girlfriends and on Melegn’s business issues — were because of their friendship and not part of a quid pro quo, as prosecutors allege.Wednesday's proceedings in federal court in Newark included photos of the interior of the two private jets in which Melgen flew Menendez: An eight-seat Hawker and an 11-seat Challenger. The photos of the Challenger showed a luxurious interior, which included a four-seat “executive club,” a couch and a kitchenette.Nylund testified he would stock the plane with Evian water, cranberry-apple juice and orange juice specifically for Menendez as well as other beverages for other passengers.On Tuesday, prosecutors also sought to undercut the significance of Melgen’s use of the word ‘hermano’ by asking former Melgen girlfriend Svitlana Buchyk if he used the word to describe other people. He did, Buchyk said, but only when those people were “like his family.” “Would you hear him refer to other passengers on the plane in the same way?” Koski asked Nylund on Wednesday.“At times,” Nylund responded.Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell animatedly questioned Nylund about the word "hermano," citing seven instances in which Nylund had met with prosecutors or FBI agents since 2013 to discuss the case or prepare testimony. The line of questioning appeared intended to suggest Nylund was coached specifically on his response to the “hermano” question. “In any of these seven occasions in which you met with the FBI or testified with the grand jury and answered all their questions, have you ever been asked before this morning whether you were ever asked about the phrase ‘hermano,’” Lowell asked.“This morning was the first time,” Nylund said. Nylund also described the first time he picked up Menendez in the eight-seat private jet Melgen first owned, in the summer of 2008. He testified that he and his co-pilot flew an empty plane to Teterboro Airport in Bergen County, where they met Menendez and an unidentified female passenger. They had planned to fly them to the Dominican Republic, where Melgen had a vacation home. But the cabin filled with smoke from a mechanical problem, forcing them to divert to Melgen’s hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, where they remained overnight to fix the problem. They took off the next day for the Dominican Republic, Nylund said.On several occasions, Nylund said, he flew an empty plane to pick up Menendez, sometimes picking him up at Teterboro Airport and flying him to West Palm Beach, where Melgen would board for the second leg of the trip to the Dominican Republic.During his questioning, Melgen attorney Murad Hussain stressed that, without breaking the flights Menendez took into legs, Nylund actually recalled four full trips between either New Jersey and the Dominican Republic or West Palm Beach and the Dominican on which Menendez flew.Wednesday's testimony at times delved into the obscure, from the meaning of “zulu time” to the radio signals pilots use to communicate on their landing approaches. But more consequential was the different way prosecutors and the defense framed the number of flights Menendez took.Defense attorneys also stressed that many of the flights Menendez was on included other people. And they attempted to diminish the significance of the pilots providing water and juice specifically for Menendez by noting that others on board — including the pilots — had specific refreshments available, like Coke Zero, wine and Cointreau.Lowell also engaged in a testy exchange with Judge William Walls over Lowell’s questioning of an FBI agent who worked on Menendez’s case.Prosecutors objected to Lowell questioning the agent, Alan Mohl, over alleged law enforcement leaks to the media. Lowell said he was attempting to show bias on the FBI’s part.“There’s such a thing as intellectual honesty,” Walls said.Lowell called that a “personal criticism” that suggested he was being “intellectually dishonest,” and noted that Walls permitted him to ask the case’s first witness — an FBI analyst — if she leaked information to the press. “You have said to me I went up to the podium knowing I was going to do something wrong. I have never done that in my career. And I did it because you allowed it the first time,” Lowell said.The two ended the exchange cordially. “Good friends can argue,” Walls said. “And we are doing it,” Lowell said. “And I appreciate the back and forth.”

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13 сентября, 20:23

YuMi – робот-дирижёр

Симфонический оркестр впервые исполнил три произведения под управлением робота. Премьера состоялась в финале первого Международного фестиваля робототехники, который прошел в Пизе. Управлять оркестром робота YuMi, разработанного швейцарской компанией ABB, обучил дирижёр Андреа Коломбини. Говорит Андреа Коломбини, дирижёр филармонического оркестра Лукки: «Гибкость рук YuMi абсолютно немыслимая – не просто невероятная, а совершенно немыслимая для машины. Абсолютная фантастика. Работа техников тоже… ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ: http://ru.euronews.com/2017/09/13/yumi-robot-dirizhjor euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronewsru euronews доступен на 13 языках: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels На русском: Сайт: http://ru.euronews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101036888397116664208/100240575545901894719/posts?pageId=101036888397116664208 VKontakte: http://vk.com/ru.euronews

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04 сентября, 16:22

ABB Enhances Smart Home Experience With Amazon and Sonos

ABB Ltd's (ABB) collaboration with Amazon and Sonos will enable the company to build on its customers' home automation experience on a single platform.

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