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20 октября, 08:43

Президент Филиппин обругал Обаму

Родриго Дутерте во второй раз обозвал американского лидера и заявил, что для его страны пришло время попрощаться с Соединенными Штатами

20 октября, 02:48

Don't Blame #NeverTrump

Intraparty feuds didn't undermine the campaign of the worst presidential candidate in recent memory.

20 октября, 01:38

5 Pool Workouts for When You’re Sick of the Gym

Hitting the pool gives you the same flexibility you'd expect at any indoor facility and busts your workout boredom. Time to hit the pool!

20 октября, 00:32

Иранка была приговорена к 40 ударам плетью за прослушивание западной музыки

 Теперь Тала Раасси живет в США и создает бикини, передает Lenta.ru. Фото: @talaraassi Недавно вышла в свет книга, в которой девушка рассказала, как ей удалось изменить свою жизнь, покинув суровую к женщинам родину. История Талы и создаваемые ею вещи заинтересовали мировую прессу. Фото: @talaraassi   В 1998 году будущая дизайнер и любимица западной прессы жила не в США, а в Тегеране с родителями. Ей было 16 лет, и она пришла к подруге на «смешанную» вечеринку (то есть присутствовали представители обоих полов, что считается недопустимым). Тинейджеры слушали исполнителей вроде Ace Of Base и Мэрайи Керри, смотрели сериал «Беверли-Хиллс 90210». О празднике узнали представители Басидж — состоящей из добровольцев милиции, одной из задач которой является надзор за нравами. Ни наркотиков, ни алкоголя активисты у подростков не нашли, но обнаружили, что некоторые девушки (включая Талу) одеты в мини-юбки и накрашены. Этого факта и прослушивания «чуждой» музыки хватило, чтобы отправить несовершеннолетних в печально известный изолятор временного содержания «Возара». Родители умоляли проявить снисходительность к молодежи, однако «неприлично» одетым девушкам вынесли приговор: по 40 ударов плетью. Провинившимся молодым людям прописали по 50 ударов. Сейчас Раасси 35 лет. Купальники класса люкс от Талы продаются по всей Америке, а доставка возможна по всему миру. Читайте также: Подравшегося с полицейским дебошира приговорили к общественным работам в Атырау>> TGO миссии «ЭкзоМарс-2016» в Twitter передала привет Земле>> Снежную погоду прогнозируют в Казахстане 20 октября>> В Узбекистане разбился вертолет с военными>> Арабским шейхам позволили охоту на краснокнижных птиц в заповедниках Казахстана>> В Темиртау вандалы устроили настоящее нашествие на кладбище>> В Шымкенте зарубившего жену топором ревнивца осудили на 10 лет>> На eBay продают за 80 тыс. долларов стакан, из которого пил Джастин Бибер (фото)>>

19 октября, 13:59

MLB: 5 Greatest Games of Clayton Kershaw’s Career

There's no doubt that Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher of this generation, and we've compiled a list of his 5 greatest games.

19 октября, 01:15

MLB History: The 10 Best Starting Pitchers of the 1990s

The '90s may be remembered for a rise in home runs, but there were several great pitchers too. Here are the top 10 best starting pitchers from the 1990s.

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17 октября, 21:00

4 Things You Need to Know About the New Honda CR-V

Honda has surprised everyone by unexpectedly overhauling its capable CR-V crossover, and here are 4 reasons why we think it will make waves.

16 октября, 16:30

Обзор игрового контроллера Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X

Я часто пишу обзоры на игровые мыши, клавиатуры и геймпады, но ещё ни разу не рассказывал вам о специализированных игровых контроллерах для авиасимуляторов. А ведь многие геймеры жизни своей не представляют без покорения виртуальных небес на гигантских стальных машинах в таких играх, как Microsoft Flight Simulator X, War Thunder, Ace Combat, Ил-2 Штурмовик и многих […]

15 октября, 01:32

Is the Press Treating Trump Worse Than It Did Bill Clinton?

Donald Trump bellowed yesterday that he is the victim of “the single greatest pile-on in history” this week, complaining as the press has reported the charges of nearly a dozen named women that he’s forcibly kissed them, groped them under their skirts or grabbed them by the ass. The press has also excavated his history of making provocative observations about women, and of course his views on seduction, which include specific descriptions (“grab them by the pussy”) of exactly the behavior he’s now being accused of. Additionally, heavy coverage has gone this week to the beauty pageant contestants who have publicly stated that Trump—owner of the pageants in which they competed—seems to have made a practice of entering their dressings rooms uninvited while they were undressed.Trump is right, of course, that there’s been a pile-on. As I started to write this column, there were seven new accusers; by the time I filed it, there were 11. But that’s how the press works when you’ve done something wrong: Somebody breaks a big story, the competition joins the scrum, and soon an Everest of copy is amassed like a modern wonder of the world. The Podesta emails? Pile-on. The Snowden files? Pile-on. Ebola? Pile-on. The Sony hack? Pile-on. The Clinton emails? Pile-on. The Clinton Foundation? Pile-on. The WikiLeaks diplomatic cables? Pile-on. The legal chicanery of the Trump Foundation? A one-man pile-on by David Fahrenthold! To run for president is almost to beg the press to Pile-on. Just ask Mitt “47 Percent” Romney or Barack “Rev. Wright” Obama or any other presidential candidate over the past 50 years. It goes with the territory.Of course it’s hard to compare a pattern of predatory behavior like Trump’s with the Romney or Obama “scandals,” which turned on a dubious associate or inopportune phrase. But the one place that Trump might claim a genuine grievance—and is certainly trying to—is in the comparison with Bill Clinton. (Trump hasn’t made the direct comparison, but it’s implied in his madcap decision to exonerate himself of masher charges by campaigning against Bill Clinton’s wild past.) We know that the former president had consensual sex with Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Myra Belle “Sally” Miller. We also know that Paula Jones, Sandra Allen James, Cristy Zercher, Eileen Wellstone and Kathleen Willey have accused Clinton of having made unwanted Trump-style advances on them. And we know all about Juanita Broaddrick’s claims that Clinton raped her, an allegation that Katie J.M. Baker recently re-documented in BuzzFeed. How do we know this? It’s not because they’ve been ignored. Coverage of Clinton’s sexual adventures and excesses have been steady press provender since he first ran for president, and the Clinton pile-on lasted for years. Today, the charges against Trump have poured Jumbo-Gro all over the Clinton sex stories, creating its own new mini-pile. The Clinton coverage illustrates one of my iron rules of journalism that states, “Given the proper news hook, journalists love to resurrect similar pile-on stories from the past.” These acts of resurrection are performed because 1) it’s easy to plunder the archives and write a new story based on them (see Shafer’s First Law of Journalism, “Copy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form”; 2) the resurrected stories provide needed context for whatever pile-on story is currently dominating Page One. If we return to a more directly analogous period—the January-February 1998 period during which Bill Clinton was accused of having an affair with a White House intern and vociferously denied it, we don’t find a press feeding frenzy. No, it was more like a bloody bacchanalia, as reporters filed their teeth down to dagger points and tore through Clinton’s lies and obfuscations until he wearily conceded the affair that August. Why didn’t the press just take Clinton at his word that he didn’t consort with the young intern? Why did reporters pile on? For one thing, his denial was not consistent with the available evidence pointing to an affair, and if there’s one thing reporters can’t stand it’s being lied to. It’s my anecdotal observation that the press relented somewhat after Clinton confessed to the affair. They didn’t give him a bye, as the heavy coverage continued, but they stopped shooting phosphorous rounds directly at him. It’s a lesson that Donald Trump, who is hypersensitive to any negative coverage, might heed. He bears some responsibility for the pile-on coverage for issuing an unequivocal denial during the second presidential debate that he “actually [kissed] women without consent or grope[d] women without consent?” “No, I have not,” Trump said. (As he complains about the media response, he should remember what happened when Bill Clinton baldly lied about such a question: He was impeached.) This categorical comment incited reporters to quote women who would put their names to the accusations and emboldened women who had been mauled by Trump to come forward. It also inspired the archive aces to dig deeper for more nasty talk by Trump. His current campaign of saying, “Yeah, but look at Bill Clinton’s history of abusing women,” isn’t really helping his case as much as it is encouraging reporters to be skeptical and work harder to find his victims. This New York magazine piece helps explain why the trickle of accusers has turned into a flood. Paradoxically, Trump’s media management is only feeding the very frenzy he’s griping about. Just as Bill Clinton’s lies about his Flowers affair made reporters expand their search, so has Trump’s fishy denials.There are things Trump could do to minimize the damage. Compare his media strategy over the past few weeks—do your best to incite the press and encourage new sources to surface—with that of the Clinton campaign. Since WikiLeaks dropped the first batch of the Podesta emails, the campaign has distanced themselves from them. The most aggressive move by the Clinton forces so far has not been to deny their contents but to delegitimize them as the product of Russian espionage and meddling. By refusing to confirm or deny the authenticity of the email dump, they’ve accepted the hard lumps of one- or two-day coverage, controlling the blaze by not fanning its flames with crazed disavowals. By not directly denying the contents of the emails, they’ve avoided motivating the press.Could Trump really have gotten away with ignoring the Billy Bush tape, snubbing the line-up of accusers and disregarding the pageant contestants who describe him as an unsubtle peeping tom? What if he had taken a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book and called the furor a distraction and an “old story,” and just continued his campaign? Would the cloud now hanging over his head have thinned by Election Day instead of growing darker, as it has ever since his mouth almighty got going on the topic? I think so. Trump has the luxury—like Bill Clinton—of having a base of supporters who can’t be moved by any evidence that their man is a creep. And it’s not just the Trump base he can count on. Quisling Republicans are already turning back in his direction after a few days of outrage on their part. The popular memory, alas, is very short. But with every passing day, Trump reinforces his creep reputation by keeping the story in the news with his lies and counterattacks against his accusers, all but daring the press to keep piling on. And they’re obliging him. ******Call me Donald. I’m always happy to give demagogues, mashers and foundation-law scofflaws media management advice. The first hour is free, and good thing, too. You have a history of stiffing your vendors. Send promises of free service to [email protected] My email alerts did not have sex with that woman, my Twitter feed does not mash, and my RSS feed does not talk dirty.

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14 октября, 08:44

«Умная» ткань позволит создавать одежду, меняющую свою форму

Ученые из Соединенных Штатов Америки разработали "умную" ткань, созданная из которой одежда может трансформироваться в зависимости от необходимых условий. Например, такая одежда может помогать пациентам, которые проходят курс реабилитации после тяжелых травм.Инновационный материал был создан в итоге совместного проекта, организованного специалистами Центра по изучению электроматериалов (ACES), а также учеными Университета штата Техас и Университета Вуллонгонг."Интеллектуальная ткань умеет самостоятельно анализировать массу внешних факторов, например, отслеживать особенности походки человека, а также выявлять нагрузку на разные области человеческого тела, автоматически корректируя свою форму для того, чтобы облегчить движения", — рассказывают разработчики нового материала.

13 октября, 17:14

Why the Cleveland Indians Will Win the World Series

After a convincing sweep of the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS, it looks like a World Series title is in the cards for the Cleveland Indians.

13 октября, 16:00

BuzzFeed Will Team Up With Twitter On Election Night

NEW YORK ― As politics obsessives turn to Twitter on Election Night, BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith wants his site’s coverage to be right there with them.   BuzzFeed and Twitter are teaming up for an Election Night broadcast streamed exclusively on the social media platform. “We’re going to be doing this live from inside the platform that is the beating heart of the election,” Smith told The Huffington Post. Twitter, which has been a second screen for viewers of major sports and politics events on television, is increasingly providing live video within its platform. The social media company has recently streamed NFL games, partnered with CBS for the summer Democratic and Republican conventions, and joined Bloomberg for the recent presidential debates. Its live stream of Sunday’s second Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debate reached 3.2 million unique visitors, an estimated 70 percent of who were younger than 35. Twitter’s partnership with BuzzFeed gives the social platform an opportunity to capitalize on the high level of youth engagement it’s seen throughout the presidential race, with more than half of election-related tweets from users 25 and under.  Adam Sharp, Twitter’s head of news, government, and elections, suggested the company may be the first screen for a mobile-first, cord-cutting audience. He said there’s “absolutely an appetite among these younger, really engaged” news and politics users for a combined experience of live video and conversation. On Election Night, for instance, Twitter’s audience could watch key speeches and discuss them without ever turning on CNN or Fox News.  But Sharp acknowledged many Election Night Twitter users will be watching results live on television, with BuzzFeed’s broadcast serving as a second-screen experience offering “unique vibrancy and perspective.” In addition to BuzzFeed journalists sharing reporting and analysis through the night, Smith said he hopes to demystify how winners are called in key races. Smith said television anchors still announce decisions as if they require “mystical, special knowledge ― like tablets coming down from on high.” Yet he said there’s “intense, sophisticated conversation among analysts” in real-time on Twitter about the state of key races.  BuzzFeed will work with Decision Desk HQ, a volunteer-run polling and data operation launched by Brandon Finnigan, a blogger from conservative site Aces of Spades. Smith described Decision Desk HQ as “America’s fairest new election night vote counter” in a 2014 profile of the group. He wrote how Finnigan and his growing team were disrupting the Election Night model in which major networks and The Associated Press have traditionally announced the winners. Smith said there “ought to be a very transparent conversation, where these calls are coming from and why.” Sharp noted how Decision Desk HQ volunteers brought primary election viewers into the process into how they counted precincts using live-streaming app Periscope.  “This is not going to be your grandparents election night broadcast,” Sharp added. Smith suggested BuzzFeed’s partnership with Twitter would differ greatly from the manner in which television networks graft elements of social media onto otherwise traditional broadcasts. “Cable news is largely just people reading tweets,” he said. “One of the opportunities of Twitter, you don’t have to pretend it’s 1976,” Smith added. “It’s an open conversation.” -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

13 октября, 03:01

Phone Interview Tips: 5 Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

If you’re looking for work, you better be prepared for the phone interview, an increasingly common step in the hiring process.

12 октября, 19:26

Why the New Boston Red Sox Model Failed

The new Boston Red Sox model hinges on young, athletic position players. Here's why it struggled and eventually unraveled in October.

12 октября, 00:35

Sixteen Percent of Companies Report Being "Ready" to Take on Digital Transformation - Are You One of Them?

One of the reasons many of the executives I know, including myself, embrace leadership today is because of the changes to both the workplace, and the workforce, brought on by the digitalization of our world, and the need for business to rapidly transform. As exciting as that can be, it's not without challenges. Biggest among the challenges is the need to manage change, not necessarily we as humans' favorite task. What's really required to address the discomfort of change is a digitally minded and digitally connected leader. I think we're still in short supply in this regard. Which makes managing rapid change less than easy. To help ourselves and others understand how to address the need for a new era of leadership, we sponsored a new global study by Oxford Economics. And not entirely surprisingly the study, Leaders 2020, reveals that the lack of executive preparedness is a liability for success in the digital economy. I expect many of us feel like we're closer to acing the journey to transformation, but according to the research, only 16% of companies surveyed actually are prepared to successfully take on transformation. What does it take to be ahead of the game, and become a digital winner? Out of the Oxford study, we've defined companies which have successfully updated leadership skills and organizational processes for the digital economy, those 16% I just mentioned, as today's Digital Winners, and their executives, Digital Leaders. The importance of being in that small group, which clearly needs to expand, is in the finding that 63% of executives who meet the criteria as Digital Leaders said their organization was capable of making decisions in real-time. Compare that number to the 46% of the overall executive sample who reported that capability. Why is it so critical? Employees at these companies are happier and less likely to leave their jobs, and financial performance is superior. If you're all-in for digital transformation, eyeing the Digital Winner category, here are four things to consider based on the Oxford research: Embrace Your Workforce: Employees at Digital Winners are 24% more satisfied and 21% more likely to stay in their jobs even when given the chance to leave. Not a huge surprise here - we've long seen that managers can make all the difference to employee experiences - people working for Digital Winners expressed more loyalty to the business, their team and their own manager. Employees are happiest in companies where decisions are made quickly, complexity and bureaucracy are at a minimum, and leadership embraces not just diversity, but inclusion - whether of race, gender, age, ability or perspective. For me, this is about more than "engagement," it's about being all-in, because all-in people work harder to ensure you win. Listen to Millennials: Most of us probably feel we've heard everything there is to know about millennials, but the reality is, this group is now over 50% of the workforce, and in most organizations, they're not just present, they're now in the leadership ranks. This group is more likely to report skepticism towards mid-level and senior managers having the skills required to drive digital transformation. Leaders 2020 revealed that millennial executives feel there is a much larger gap in company leadership skills than their non-millennial counterparts - by a factor of between 15 and 23 percentage points. It pays to make sure this generation is heard and seen at the leadership level. Our own teams have the power to make us better leaders, when we include them in the conversations. Create a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy: There's a lot made about a talent shortage and a skills shortage. These issues are solvable - we must widen the pool in which we fish. Look beyond the G20. Look beyond the usual universities. Look beyond our often unintentional biases on who is a good fit in our business. Inclusive teams are more successful. Adding a broader set of perspectives is a key element to transformation, yet change clearly isn't happening fast enough at most companies. This research shows that while diversity has increased among the general workforce and mid-management over the past three years, the executive suite looks unchanged since 2013. Further, over the past three years, executives reported that diversity has increased 34% for board/senior leadership positions - a huge step in the right direction - but it doesn't reflect the increase of 67% for the general workforce. Need an incentive? Consider this finding: companies reporting higher revenue and profitability growth are more likely to say diversity has a positive impact on financial performance, and that leadership recognizes its value. Buy-in from upper management always follows proof of tangible business benefits. Give Digital Its Due, But Keep in Mind Its Role: Technology transforms how we create value, interact with our customers and business partners, and reach new markets. But ultimately, technology should serve to help people be their best. Going digital is not just about technology - it is about creating a culture of innovation, supporting all-in employees and mastering business agility. Digital Leaders driving these changes are 38% percent more likely than others to report strong revenue and profit growth. The world is changing in significant ways. As leaders, we must embrace and encourage change. All the insights from the Leaders 2020 study by SAP SuccessFactors and Oxford Economics, can be found here. Or join us at SuccessConnect 2016 and join the conversation live. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

12 октября, 00:26

Why The U.S. Needs To Negotiate With North Korea

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. For years we have applied industrial-strength unilateral and multilateral sanctions in an attempt to force North Korea to denuclearize. We have also urged China -- North Korea's neighbor and largest trading partner -- to use its unique leverage to halt Kim Jong Un's provocations, which also threaten China. But neither strategy is working. North Korea continues to make progress in testing ballistic missiles and bombs and possibly even in miniaturizing warheads. Six months after the implementation of harsh new sanctions under U.N. Security Council Resolution 2270, North Korea remains defiant. While few expected the sanctions to work overnight, the timeline for any results will be even longer than most anticipate. Sanctions are uniquely ineffective against North Korea. Since the Korean War, the country has faced sanctions-like conditions restricting its access to markets, international financial institutions, and advanced goods and technologies. It became extremely adept at living under these conditions. Throughout this period, North Korea has also essentially self-sanctioned. Its leaders have chosen economic isolation over integration into the global economy. To maintain their freedom of action, they didn't even integrate into the socialist economic bloc. They muddle through by mobilizing indigenous human and material resources and, when things really get bad, letting a segment of the population perish. The effectiveness of sanctions is also limited because of China's protection. Chinese leaders recognize that their economic leverage over North Korea is a double-edged sword, because sustained pressure could lead to state and societal collapse, precipitating a flood of refugees into northeast China. The collapse of North Korea could also lead to a unified, U.S.-allied Korea on China's border -- which China perceives as a worse outcome than a nuclear North Korea serving as a buffer state. Besides, U.S. analysts of North Korea have long exaggerated the submissiveness of Pyongyang to Beijing. Communist-bloc documents obtained by the Wilson Center suggest that over many decades, North Korea has perceived China as intrusive and disrespectful of Korean sovereignty. Expecting China to influence North Korean policies means asking China to do precisely what North Korea most resents. Chinese officials recognized that complying with the West's wishes would only antagonize North Korea further. Our timelines are simply out of sync. It will take far too long for sanctions to persuade North Korea's leaders to complete verifiable and irreversible dismantlement as a prerequisite for talks, and we also can't expect China to use all of the cards in its deck. Meanwhile, each new test demonstrates real progress in the development of Pyongyang's weapons programs, and North Korea gets closer to mounting a warhead on a missile capable of striking one of our allies or a U.S. military base in the region, or even the United States itself. Nonetheless, the United States has an underappreciated ace in its deck: North Korea has been trying to talk to us since 1974. Only the United States -- the supposed existential threat that justifies its nuclear and ballistic missile programs -- can fully address Pyongyang's security concerns. To do so, we would have to demonstrate some flexibility. The lesson North Korea's leaders learned from the Iraq War and NATO intervention in Libya was that no outlier state without nuclear deterrence is safe. Displays of military might -- sending B-1 bombers along the demilitarized zone or ships and submarines off the North Korean coast -- only make an insecure Pyongyang more recalcitrant. Failing to acknowledge North Korea's concerns in some small way, even if we consider those concerns unfounded, makes progress harder. While the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remains the long-term goal, we propose using this U.S. leverage to enter into talks with Pyongyang with the stated goal of negotiating a freeze of all North Korean nuclear and long-range missile tests and a return of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors. Realistically, this can only be achieved through direct talks with North Korea, not a return to a six-party process that evoked too much mistrust among key stakeholders, especially between Pyongyang and Beijing. A freeze would be only the beginning. North Korea has agreed to freezes before only to restart programs once talks stalled or the United States turned its attention elsewhere. But we need to take North Korea seriously and work into any deal contingencies for cheating. Washington has recent comparable experience in hammering out the Iran nuclear deal, however imperfect it may be. And after a freeze, the next administration must invest significant diplomatic capital in moving talks toward the eventual goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement. This will likely demand additional flexibility on the part of the United States, including the use of carrots as well as sticks. If there are prospects for significant progress, we should consider suspension of future joint military exercises with South Korea and offer North Korea the nonaggression pact it has long sought. A short-term freeze could also buy time to lessen tensions on the peninsula and throughout the region, and pave a path to moderating the brutal tactics of the North Korean regime against its own people. Done right, there is a way out of the insanity. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

11 октября, 22:41

10 Pitchers Who Carried Their Teams During the World Series

Madison Bumgarner isn't the first pitcher to lead his team to a World Series victory. Here are 10 pitchers who carried a team in the postseason.

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11 октября, 02:49

San Francisco Giants Once Again Look To Madison Bumgarner To Extend Their Season

Being in a postseason deficit has been common for the San Francisco Giants over the six-year run that has seem them improbably capture three World Series titles in the past three “even” years. As the team faces yet another seemingly insurmountable playoff hurdle, they will, once again, send out postseason ace Madison Bumgarner, with the hope of extending their season for another day and forcing a Game 4 Tuesday at AT&T Park.

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11 октября, 01:17

No, You Don't Need A Customer Experience Team

What do Amazon.com, Canada Post, and Ace Hardware have in common? They all have a great focus on customer experience, which has played a large role in their overall success, and they did so without a customer experience team.

10 октября, 05:55

Ерболат Беделхан: Шаш өсіріп, сырға таққанда тұрған ештеңе жоқ

«Орда» тобының жетекшісі, Ninety One тобының продюсері, белгілі музыкант Ерболат Беделхан атышулы топты сынға алғандарға Ikerim.kz порталына берген арнайы сұхбатында жауап берді. Ерболат Беделхан. Фото: ikerim.kz Топ продюсері әрі әнші Ерболаттың айтуынша, мәселе шаш пен сырғада емес. Ninety One тобы құрылған күннен бастап, сыни пікірлер көп айтылып жүр. Шаштарын бояп, сырға тағып шықты деп сынады. Одан қалса, бір жынысты адамдарды қолдайды деген жаңсақ пікір қалыптасты. Бұған бір жағынан Бұқаралық ақпарат құралдары кінәлі деп те ойлаймын. Өйткені, көбі бізді жаман жақтан көрсетіп, керісінше әнші жігіттердің жеткен жетістігі мен еңбекқорлығы, ізденімпаздығы, ішкі болмысы туралы айтпады. Ninety One тобының өз сайты бар, соған кіріп, зерттесе, балалардың өмірбаянымен танысса, бәлкім жаңсақ пікір түбегейлі өзгерер ме еді? Бесеуі де қазақтың қарапайым баласы. Ал, шаш пен сырғаға келер болсақ, біз Америка ашып, велосипед ойлап тапқан жоқпыз. Құлағына сырға таққан, шаштарын өсіріп-бояған рок-музыканттар, түрлі хиппилер әркез болған, болады да. Қазақстанда болмаса да, әлемде бұрыннан бар. Олай болса, халықаралық деңгейге неге шықпасқа? Неліктен талпынбасқа? Мәселе шаш пен сырғада емес. Бастысы – өнер мен музыка. Жан-жақты таңдау мен талғамда. Біз осы жолда жүрген адамбыз", - дейді ол. Ерболат Беделханның айтуынша, музыканттың бірден көзге түсетін, есте қалатын өз ерекшелігі болу керек. "Кезінде «Орда» тобы болып, Батысқа да, Ресейге де бардық. Ол жақта, бізге Азиядан келгенсіңдер, мында қанша тырысқандарыңмен айтулы жетістікке жете алмайсыңдар деп жасырмай айтты. Ал Корея мен Жапония секілді елдерде танымал болуларың әбден мүмкін деді. Ninety One тобын құрмас бұрын, мен Кореяның поп-музыка стилін, бойз-бэнд құру жүйесін зерттедім. Нәтижесінде сол жүйені негізге алып, топ құруға заңды құқық беретін франшиза сатып алдым. Келіссөздер тоғыз ай бойы жүрді. Сары шаш, құлақтағы сырға, Zaq, AZ, Alem, Bala, Ace, деген қысқа ғана лақап аттар сол жүйеге тиімді маркетинг тәсілі. Музыканттың бірден көзге түсетін, есте қалатын өз ерекшелігі болу керек. Ол аты, келбеті, не киімі болуы мүмкін. Талантпен қатар, сауатты маркетингтің болуы әлемдік сахнаға шығуға мүмкіндік беретін негізгі жол", - деген топ продюсері сынды көтере білетін адам екенін де айтып қалды. "Сыни пікірді көтере білемін. Оған еш ренжімеймін. Сахнада өнер көрсетіп келе жатқан үлкен ағаларымды да, халықтың еркесіне айналған інілерімді де құрметтеймін. Ойы мен көзқарасын сыйлаймын. Олардың стилі бір басқа да, біз таңдаған жол мүлдем бөлек. Десек те, сайып келгенде бәрімізді ортақтастырып отырған – өнер. Мен де өнерді дамытуға өз үлесімді қосқым келеді. Ешкімді алдап жүрген жоқпын, адал еңбегіммен нан тауып, отбасымды асырап жүрмін. Сыни пікірлер мен қарсылық шараларына қарамастан Қарағанды мен Шымкенттегі концерттеріміз жақсы өтті. Бізді жас жанкүйерлеріміз қолдап отыр. Өнерімізге табынушылар саны азайған жоқ. Жанкүйерлеріміздің ең көп тобы Түркия мен Ресейде. Біз жастарға жаман әдет үйретіп, қандай-да бір зомбылық насихаттап жүрген жоқпыз. Елімізде шешімін таппай келе жатқан мәселелер онсыз да көп", - дер түйді ол сөзін. Естеріңізге салсақ, Ерболаттың продюсерлігіндегі Ninety One тобының Шымкенте өтетін концертіне бір топ белсенділер қарсы болып, видеоүндеу жариялаған. Нәтижесінде концерт кейінге шегерілген болатын. Бұдан кейін топтың Ақтөбедегі концертіне де белгісіз біреулер қарсы шығып, олардың концерті тағы да өтпей қалған. Ұйымдастырушылардың айтуынша, бұл белсенділер тобы оларға белгісіз нөмірлермен қоңырау шалып, оларды жарып жібереміз деп қорқытқан. Тағы оқыңыздар: 17 жастағы студент Алматы аруы атанды Шетелдіктер асырап алған қазақ балаларының саны 9 мыңға жақындап қалды Атырауда екі сантехник кәріз жүйесінде тұншығып қалды Қытайлық әжелер 50 жылдан соң ақ көйлек киіп, қайта тұрмысқа шықты Түркиядағы жойқын жарылыс 18 адамның өмірін жалмады