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Выбор редакции
05 декабря, 01:18

BRIEF-DTI Group says Co to provide systems to Alstom for swiss rail

* Announce receipt of an order from Alstom France for supply of safety cctv surveillance systems for 47 of their dual- mode H4 locomotives

24 ноября, 02:07

Trailblazing Women: Clara Gaymard, Co-founder of Raise (Private Equity firm & Foundation), President of Women's Forum for the Economy & Society

This interview is part of a series on Trailblazing Women role models (Entrepreneurs and Leaders) from around the world and first appeared on Global Invest Her. You have to see what you can be. "Do what you love, do it a lot and do it well. Not trying is already losing. You have to try. We are what we become." Clara Gaymard is Co-founder of Raise. Founded in 2013 with Gonzague de Blignières, Raise is composed of two entities: Raise Investment, a capital investment company and the non-profit Raise Endowment Fund, a philanthropic organization that helps young entrepreneurs. Clara Gaymard is a Board Member of several companies (Veolia, Bouygues, Danone, LVMH) and also President of the Women's Forum since 2015. Clara is also a VP or Board Member of several non-profit foundations such as College de France, Fondation Valentin Haüy and IMS Entreprendre pour la Cité. From September 2006 to 2016, she was President and CEO of GE France. Prior to joining GE, Clara Gaymard had an outstanding career in the French Administration (Civil Service). After she completed her ENA degree, she joined the State Audit Office as an Auditor, then as a Advisor. From 1991 to 2003, she held several positions in the French Administration, mainly at the Ministry of Economy and Finance where she focused on SME investment and economic development. In 2003, her appointment as Ambassador and President of the Invest In France Agency (AFII) was a key turning point. As the Head of the Agency, Clara Gaymard brought a more accurate and current focus to innovation and private-public collaboration to improve economic prosperity. Clara is an Officer of the National Merit Order and Knight of the Legion of Honour. She is also a Commendatore of the Italian Republic Merit Order. Learn more about RAISE on their website, Linked in page, Women's Forum for the Economy & Society website, and follow her on Twitter at: @Clara_Gaymard, [email protected]_France‬‬‬, @Womens_Forum Who is your role model as a leader? I've never had one person in particular that inspired me to live my life. I admire a lot of people, but never thought I had to be like them. I have my own path, try to be myself and be normal. I never dreamed of being exceptional or different, although I know I am different because of my double culture (my mother is Danish, father French). What matters most, when you have a double culture and in general, is to respect what matters to others. I try to take the best of anything I see or read, although some qualities in people resonate more for me, like being able to have harmony. "I particularly admire people who work hard, are passionate about what they do and can also have balance in their life, that shows you that you don't need to be extreme to perform well." That is a quality you find in Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa or in some current CEO's of big corporates like Paul Polman of Unilever who really cares about the environment and shows you can be a successful CEO and care for our planet. You don't only need to have one purpose. Leaders who can reconcile people and bring them together, like Martin Luther King or Gandhi are so precious for society. What is your greatest achievement to date? "My family, by far. Everything else I have done because I love what I do. I love life and my job, yet at the end of the day, what really matters is my family. It's very simple." If you want to be honest with yourself, you have to ask yourself what do you really like doing. Do you prefer going to work, as I choose to do with Gonzagues de Blignières at Raise, meeting fascinating entrepreneurs who build the future, and we are lucky to help them? Or do you prefer to stay at home and do the ironing? I made my choice a long time ago. Mercedes Erra (Executive President of Havas) says "it's more fun to go out and work than stay at home and clean!" We live in a culture, where women feel guilty. It's the worst feeling in the world, because it means you don't take ownership for who you are. I knew I wouldn't be the best mother, first in class, first to win the race. "I never compare myself to others, I just want to do my best, and to do that, I have to do what I love." Life is long. I totally understand and respect women who want to stay at home and look after their children. It depends on the time in your life and what you really want to do. The people you love want you to be happy. I don't believe in sacrifice because of love. The first person you should love and respect is yourself, not to be narcissistic, but because you are born with the gift of your body, heart and mind. Your main responsibility is to take care of it, not for your benefit, but to be able to benefit others and the planet. It's terrible if you don't use the tools you are given. When you educate your children and manage your team, you always want them to give the best of themselves. You push them, give them opportunities to grow, that's your responsibility. So the first thing you should do is do the same for yourself. If you don't do this for yourself, how can you do it for others? My motto is: Do things because you want to do them, not because others want you to do them. Early in my career I had 5 children in 5 years, when people told me I couldn't do that. If you do things because you are afraid of how people will look at you, you forget what you really want. I was successful in my studies at Sciences Po and ENA and felt I had to give back, because I was so lucky to do those studies. I am very thankful to France and have always done what I can to give back to my country. If you have a talent, you must use it and give back. What has been your biggest challenge as a woman leader? As a woman, every day is a fight. Now at RAISE we have complete gender parity, but throughout my whole career in the public and private sector, I was the only woman in meetings, travelled only with men. The work and business side is not complicated for women, it's the small talk at dinner and lunch, where men talk about football, cars etc that can make you feel like an intruder. Even when they do their best to make you feel comfortable in the conversation, you are still different to them. Women have to push to have more women on their team, so we can share what matters to us, be accepted and have more fun! Women tend to work too hard, trying to be the best and men seem to have more fun at work! I think it is important for women to tell men when they are make them feel uncomfortable, because often men don't realise they have hurt our feelings. Let them know how their behaviour makes you feel, in a non-conflictual way eg 'you see it this way, understand that can hurt/upset me'. In the past, I sometimes accepted things that were unacceptable, because I didn't want to rock the boat. Now that I'm the boss, my biggest challenge is accepting I can really express how I feel and that it doesn't make me more vulnerable by doing that. For example a journalist once wrote a derogatory article about some research that said 'blond women were paid 75% more than brunettes' and ended the article by saying blonds were less clever than brunettes and included my photo to illustrate the article! I chose to publicly laugh about that rather than take it personally. If you take things personally you are wasting your time! At work, if you want to be successful when there is a crisis or difficult decision to be made, just step back, take yourself out of the picture and see the situation for how it currently is, not how it can hurt you. Take as much emotion as you can out of the decision. A few years ago, when I was part of the negotiation for the takeover deal between GE and Alstom with our respective governments and companies, I had to make some tough decisions that could have had big repercussions for me personally. When you do what is right, you need to focus on the success of the outcome for the organisation above all else, not for you personally. How do you grow people in your organization? I really like to get to know the people on my team. What really matters to me is not only their knowledge and expertise, rather what they are passionate about and like doing in their lives. I learned this earlier in my career when I was 35 year old, working for the French government. A male colleague had been working for me for over 2 years and it was only when we were having a lunch to celebrate his move to a new position, that I discovered he was an avid painter at the weekends! My wake up call, was that I realised I had worked closely with him for over 2 years, yet I did not know his passion for painting, because I had been focused on his job, not him as a person. "When you focus on what drives your people and what they are truly passionate about, you discover so many treasures and they give the best of themselves." When I was at GE, I couldn't remember what degrees the people on my team had, but I knew what motivated them. When I first gave them a job, I told them I hoped that what they would be doing now would only be 50% of the job of their job in future, and that they should feel free to create the other half and do more of what they love doing. I always gave them regular feedback and asked them to explore new areas to work on. At Raise with my partner Gonzague de Blignières, we raised $350 million for our Private Equity Investment Fund and we and the team give 50% of our profits of that to our Foundation to support entrepreneurs (biggest foundation in France for entrepreneurs). It was my team who came up with the idea for Raise Ventures, it's so powerful when you see your team building with you - they push you when they feel comfortable - it's so fascinating and energising! I try not to give too much guidance, and ask them to come to me with proposals to discuss. With Gonzague, we have to let them do things, trust them and let them know they are there because you value their talent. Your power is not your power, it's the power you give your team to grow and fly. If you could do 1 thing differently, what would it be? I would do everything differently! I would love to have another life, not because I don't like my current life, rather to be able to experiment and do other things, be an architect, a singer... I love what I have done, but if I had to re-live my life, the only thing I would keep is my children, my family! What differences do you notice between men and women's leadership styles? I don't like to say there are different types of leadership between men and women. What I notice is that when men are only with other men, they behave a certain way, and it's the same with women only working with women. If you have mixed gender teams, you won't have leadership differences, if you have full gender parity. When everyone is the same, that's what creates distortions in management and leadership. I really believe that. It's not true that all women are open-minded, kind and sweet and that all men are fighters and tough. You have sweet men and tough women! "When you put clones together, they work like clones - when you have diversity, things come to life and you get better results." How would you describe your leadership style? There are 4 things that matter to me: 1) Excellence and performing well. As children, my father always told us "do what you love, do it a lot and do it well." If you want to be successful, you have to be dedicated, try hard, keep trying and do it well. 2) Never miss an encounter. When people knock at your door, even if it's unexpected, listen to them. Life is made of encounters. When I was at GE, I always asked my assistant to keep 10% of my time free for what really counts, that was non-business focused. 3) Share. Share your experience, share your success, share your money. My leadership is about sharing. 4) Have fun and laugh! We only have one life. We spend so much time in our office - if we don't have fun and laugh at things, it's not worth it. Do things seriously, but don't take yourself seriously. What advice would you give to your younger self? I would have loved to hear this when I was younger (I didn't have anybody to give me advice then): Do what you like, do it a lot and do it well. This is really important. If you are true to yourself, maybe you will hurt some people around you, but if it's the right thing for you, the hurt won't be as much as you think and it will go away! Yes you have to make choices, it's not easy, and you have to take some tough decisions, that others around you may not understand. But if it's the right decision for you, they will get over it. What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years? To be honest I don't know! When I was 18, 25, 40 I didn't know what I wanted to be! "Some people know early on what they want to be, but most of us don't know and it doesn't matter. I think it's very important to say that." A lot of young people don't know what they want to be and feel guilty about it, or stupid. But who dreams of being the Marketing Director of a big corporate? It's a great job, but how can you dream of it when you are 18 ? The only thing I know, is that I want RAISE to be an example for others, because I don't know any other Private Equity company where the team gives 50% of its earnings to a foundation for entrepreneurs. "I hope we will help and support a lot of entrepreneurs to be very successful. My dream with RAISE is that we help the economy, by supporting more entrepreneurs who create jobs." 3 key words to describe yourself? • Curious • Enthusiastic • Listener I also love the quote from a Jewish, lesbian photographer from 1920's Germany who said "I'm going where I am, but I'm still not there" - "Je vais là où je suis, mais je n'y suis pas encore". ------- Watch Anne Ravanona's TEDx talk on Investing in Women Entrepreneurs. See more Trailblazing Women role models from this Huffpost series Learn more about Global Invest Her www.globalinvesther.com @GlobalInvestHer -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

20 ноября, 17:23

Разработки украинских ученых в области водородной энергетики остаются без внимания государства

Инвестиции в развитие водородной энергетики могли бы снизить зависимость Украины от нефти и газа.

20 ноября, 09:54

Мировой рынок HVDC, геополитические перспективы

Не давно на АШ подняли интересную тему - мол в результате объединения энергосистем, еще не понятно кто куда включится - Китайская (2000ГВт активно строится) в Российскую (240ГВт - потребление падает) или наоборот

10 ноября, 12:23

АЕБ: перспективы Трансатлантического партнерства затуманились

Итоги выборов в США повлияют на экономические отношения Америки с Евросоюзом, Китаем и, конечно, с Россией. Как страны будут договариваться между собой, что думает бизнес, и стоит ли ждать отмены санкций? Об этом в интервью рассказал член правления Ассоциации европейского бизнеса, президент Alstom Russia Филипп Пегорье.

Выбор редакции
Выбор редакции
04 ноября, 11:33

Немецкие поезда поедут на водороде // Первый в мире водородный поезд выходит в серийное производство

Через год в Германии начнут ходить поезда на водородном топливе. Речь идет о разработанном французской Alstom поезде Coradia iLint. Это первый в мире водородный поезд, который может совершать поездки на значительные расстояния и который запущен в серийное производство.

03 ноября, 08:18

В Германии запустят первый поезд на водороде к 2017 году

Первый поезд, который будет работать на водороде, могут запустить в Германии уже в конце следующего года. Предположительно, что уже сейчас ведомства железных дорог займутся процедурой разрешения использования Coradia iLint, производителем которых является предприятие Alstom. После допуска к эксплуатации, первый состав отправится по маршруту Букстехуде-Бремерфорде-Бремерхафен-Кукскафен.

Выбор редакции
02 ноября, 16:14

В Германии запустят первый в мире водородный поезд, изготовленный французами

Первый в мире поезд, работающий на водороде, будет ездить по немецким железным дорогам с декабря 2017 года. Для начала он будет ходить по маршруту Букстехуде - Бремерфорде - Бремерхафен - Куксхафен в Нижней Саксонии.

02 ноября, 14:30

В Германии к концу 2017 года запланировали пустить первый поезд на водороде

Первый поезд на водороде может быть запущен в Германии в декабре 2017 года, сообщает Die Welt. Предполагается, что осенью федеральное ведомство железных дорог начнет процедуру допуска к эксплуатации поездов Coradia iLint, которые произведены компанией Alstom. Первый состав начнет работать по маршруту Букстехуде-Бремерфорде-Бремерхафен-Куксхафен. На крыше поезда расположен водородный топливный элемент. Электрохимическое устройство преобразует энергию реакции соединения водорода с кислородом напрямую в электричество, минуя малоэффективные процессы горения, приводит данные немецкого издания РИА «Новости». Технология рассчитана на массовое производство, ее преимуществами станут отсутствие вредных выбросов, как в случае, например, с дизельными двигателями, бесшумность и экономия электричества – поезд оснащен устройством накопления энергии, которое контролируется интеллектуальной системой управления энергопотреблением. Alstom собирается также предоставить водородные установки по маршруту движения поезда, необходимые для дозаправки. Как заявил глава отделения городского транспорта компании Alstom Йенс Шпроте, у компании уже есть партнер для строительства «системы обеспечения». О стоимости проекта пока не сообщается, однако в настоящее время, в связи с низкими ценами на нефть и нефтепродукты, в том числе на дизельное топливо, он оценивается дороже, чем традиционные поезда, которые уже находятся в эксплуатации.

31 октября, 17:51

"Интерпайп" инвестировал $16,2 млн в развитие производства железнодорожной продукции на НТЗ

Трубно-колесная компания (ТКК) "Интерпайп" (Днепр), единственный производитель железнодорожных колес в Украине, инвестировала $16,2 млн в развитие производства железнодорожной продукции на "Интерпайп Нижнеднепровский трубопрокатный завод (НТЗ)", что является частью комплексной программы развития колесного бизнеса группы.

28 октября, 19:38

GE Joining M&A Frenzy Would Be No Shocker

General Electric says it’s not planning to acquire Baker Hughes, contrary to news reports. But shareholders shouldn’t be shocked by the idea that the industrial conglomerate might take a look

28 октября, 12:48

Казахстан: во что инвестирует Россия

Автосборочное производство в Усть-Каменогорске – еще один яркий пример перспективного сотрудничества двух стран Объектом российских инвестиций стало и транспортное машиностроение. В декабре 2012 г. «Казахстанские железные дороги», французская машиностроительная компания Alstom и российский «Трансмашхолдинг» торжественно открыли в Астане новый завод по производству электровозов стоимостью 50 млн. евро. В церемонии его открытия принимал участие президент Нурсултан Назарбаев. «Трансмашхолдингу» в проекте принадлежит 25%. На момент запуска завод располагал заказами «Казахстанских железных дорог» на производство 200 грузовых электровозов KZ8A и 95 пассажирских электровозов KZ4A общей стоимостью 1,3 млрд. евро.

25 октября, 15:56

В «Сколково» cтартует Форум «Открытые инновации»

Пятый Форум «Открытые инновации» пройдет 26-28 октября в «Сколково» – крупнейшем Технопарке Европы. Мероприятие станет масштабным событием для всех, кто считает себя частью экосистемы инноваций России. Центральная тема предстоящего форума – «Технологии роста». Задача – налаживание и укреплении связей между всеми участниками инновационной экосистемы и отстаивание интересов ее ключевой фигуры – технологического предпринимателя.  На Форуме ожидается около 12 тыс. участников из 93 стран мира.   Основная программа мероприятия построена вокруг главных вопросов из области технологического предпринимательства и инновационного развития, на которые ответят ведущие эксперты: 1 день посвящен навигации по экосистеме. С кем делать бизнес? 2 день охватывает технологические тренды. Где и на каких рынках делать бизнес? 3 день вынесет на повестку проблемы технологий для бизнеса. Как делать бизнес? Хедлайнерами Форума выступят такие технологические лидеры, как Пол Мисенер,  Amazon, Йосси Матиас, Google, Бенуа Перрин, Alstom, Др. Пламен Неделчев, Cisco IT, Али Кевин Лейс, Merck, Матеш Адам,  IBM. Главным событием первого дня станет пленарное заседание «Технологии роста: безопасность или мечты определят дальнейший технологический прогресс», в котором примет участие Председатель Правительства Российской Федерации Д.А. Медведев. Страна-партнер пятого Форума – Израиль, за предельно короткий срок достигший невероятных успехов в развитии высоких технологий. О том, как это произошло, расскажут в первый день мероприятия на сессии «“Стартап-нация”, или бизнес по-израильски: о трансфере лучших практик». Также в первый день работы Форума состоится Шоу-презентация Promobot v.3, на которой улучшенная версия автономного робота с характером будет впервые представлена широкой публике. Организаторы позаботились об удобстве пребывания и работы участников «Открытых инноваций» создав он-лайн сервис «Деловые встречи», доступный на сайте Форума. Сервис позволит быстро назначить встречи другим участникам форума и заранее спланировать свою работу на мероприятии. Трехдневная программа Форума включает 143 сессии различных форматов: от панельных дискуссий до научно-популярных лекций. Яркими событиями на стыке культуры и технологий обещают стать Фестиваль открытий «Малевич Фест» и Фестиваль научно-популярного кино 360о . Пришедшие смогут послушать научно-популярные лекции на различные темы от наномедицины и применении нуклеиновых кислот (лектор – Чад Миркин, американский ученый, наиболее цитируемый химик в период с 2000 по 2010 год) до влияния поисковых систем на принятие решений (лектор – Роберт Эпштейн, ведущий психолог Американского института поведенческих исследований, известный «борец с Google»). Трансляции пленарной сессии и других мероприятий деловой программы форума будут доступны не только участникам, но и online на сайте мероприятия. Более подробно с программой форума можно ознакомиться на сайте www.forinnovations.ru или скачав из App Store/Google Play бесплатное мобильное приложение Open innovations 2016.

21 октября, 17:28

GE Beats Q3 Earnings, Misses Revenues; 2016 View Narrowed

Despite a challenging macroeconomic environment, sustained restructuring initiatives for a leaner firm with a re-focus on core operations enabled General Electric Company (GE) to report relatively healthy third-quarter 2016 results.

18 октября, 14:37

Украина ввела санкции против ведущих российских производителей транспорта "КАМАЗа" и "Трансмашхолдинга"

Украина расширила санкции в отношении Российской Федерации, ограничив, среди прочего, деятельность крупнейших российских производителей автотранспорта и железнодорожного подвижного состава – ПАО "КАМАЗ" и ЗАО "Трансмашхолдинг" (ТМХ).

18 октября, 14:17

Киев ввел санкции против производителей транспорта РФ

Украина расширила санкции в отношении Российской Федерации, ограничив, среди прочего, деятельность крупнейших российских производителей автотранспорта и железнодорожного подвижного состава – ПАО «КАМАЗ» и ЗАО «Трансмашхолдинг» (ТМХ).

13 октября, 10:46

Обзор инопрессы. Путин нанес Франции серию апперкотов

Западные СМИ анализируют ответ российского лидера на вопрос представителя французского концерна Alstom об охлаждении отношений двух стран. В центре внимания также оказались интервью Сергея Лаврова телеканалу CNN и Владимира Жириновского агентству Reuters

12 октября, 20:22

Форум "Россия зовет" собрал инвесторов из 60 стран

Вывоз капитала из России сократился в пять раз, а инфляция по итогам года может опуститься до исторического минимума — ниже 6 процентов. Об этом Владимир Путин заявил на форуме "Россия зовет", собравшем в Москве инвесторов из 60 стран. Впрочем, без политики разговор тоже не обошелся.

12 октября, 20:22

Форум "Россия зовет" собрал инвесторов из 60 стран

Вывоз капитала из России сократился в пять раз, а инфляция по итогам года может опуститься до исторического минимума — ниже 6 процентов. Об этом Владимир Путин заявил на форуме "Россия зовет", собравшем в Москве инвесторов из 60 стран. Впрочем, без политики разговор тоже не обошелся.

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5 самых быстрых поездов в мире

Современные поезда быстрее машин. Но насколько быстрее? На самом деле, даже суперкарам за составами, получившими статус bullet-train, не угнаться. Соревнуются они между собой. И ради победы готовы даже взлететь.