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14 сентября, 14:36

BRIEF-Amdocs acquires three leading technology companies to expand digital offering

* Amdocs acquires three leading technology companies to expand digital offering

13 сентября, 11:40

Women in Business Q&A: Shana Schlossberg, Founder, EZBZ

Shana Schlossberg/Alyssa Peek Shana has 15 years of experience directing a broad range of technology initiatives in the Internet, media, telecom and emergency services industries. She founded EZBZ in 2011 with the goal of creating an efficient and fair platform which uses innovative technology to connect between consumers and local businesses in real time. EZBZ is currently operating nationwide in over 1200 categories with more than half a million businesses and consumers in its network. Prior to founding EZBZ, she was the founder and CEO of Israel Now, a chain of forty local news websites in Israel which offered comprehensive advertising, marketing and PR solutions for more than 25 thousand local and small businesses in Israel. Earlier in her career, she was a senior business analyst at HP during which she participated in the NYC Emergency Communication Transformation Program (ECTP) as a liaison to FDNY and developed and implemented AVL, GIS and Automated Triage solutions to improve emergency response in the five boroughs of New York. Before this, she was a project manager and business analyst at Amdocs where she led the development and implementation of numerous projects for Verizon and SBC (currently AT&T). How has your life experience made you the leader you are today? From a very young age I tried to figure out who I was, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to give back to this world. I reached the conclusion that in order to achieve this, I had to break away from my close-knit family life very early on. When I was fourteen I left home and began my first international adventure and have not stopped since. Unlike many I do not view life as a timeline that revolves around me and my accomplishments - job, marriage, family and success; instead I see it as borrowed time gifted to me in order to make this world a better place. Since I have lived in many places and experienced almost everything, I am not afraid of anything. This is not because I do not feel fear, but rather because I know that I have the ability to overcome any challenge. I believe fearlessness is mandatory in a leader who is always taking the first step into the unknown and asking others to trust and follow her. How has you previous employment experience aided your position at EZBZ? When I started EZBZ I felt that everything I had done before had led me here, sort of like pieces of a puzzle fell into place. For the first six years of my career I honed my technology skills by designing and building next generation technologies for Verizon and AT&T, while at the same time learning the business of directories and yellow pages. Then, I had the opportunity to put my analysis skills to use by rebuilding the dispatch systems for the New York Fire Department (FDNY), using real time location and designing a system of automated triage. Next, I spent three years in Israel developing successful business models to monetize local internet news websites. After so many years of developing solutions for small businesses and seeing what wasn't working, building a solution that does work was a natural next step. What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at EZBZ? The highlights so far have been seeing our product being used and adopted to solve the problems it was created to address. For me it is meeting a small, local business who says EZBZ has saved his business by providing him with opportunities he wouldn't have otherwise received. The challenges of all startups are generally the same - money, personnel and time. A startup is a risky endeavor that costs a lot of money and requires constant proof to investors that it is the surest bet. Funny enough though, money is the smallest issue; once money is secured the real concern is how to use it very wisely. From there the most expensive commodity becomes time, both your own and in general, as you race against a ticking clock. Personnel is a challenge for businesses at every stage, only at a startup a very special type of person is needed. Since the strength of the startup is how quickly it can change gears and adapt to different trends and different models, its staff needs to be innovative, hardworking and highly adaptable What advice can you offer women who are seeking a career in your industry? I have always found women to be more creative than men and natural problem solvers. This would make them shoo-in entrepreneurs, but unfortunately the opposite is true. There are, by far, fewer women in the startup space than men, even fewer in technology startups. What typically stops women is fear - fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of financial insecurity. It is in the female DNA to seek stability and security, not the chaos and uncertainty that come with entrepreneurship. I have adopted two great quotes in life. The first is that "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it" by Nelson Mandela and the second by Allison Beal from StyleSaint "I am ok with failing, but I cannot live with myself not trying". I urge woman who want to break away from an unstimulating job and have ideas they want to pursue to adopt these as well. How do you maintain a work/life balance? This has been and continues to be my biggest challenge. The joy of creation is so great that working 18 hours a day is easier and more natural to me than hanging out with friends. I find that the work/life balance is more easily achievable in some cultures. For example, when I lived in Israel or Santa Monica, we worked from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm each day, then spent an hour at the gym, followed by a few hours of socializing. It was easy to do it all since everyone around you lives by the "work hard, play hard" outlook, plus I was younger. In New York maintaining a work/life balance is especially hard since the dominating perspective is "work, work, work!" What do you think is the biggest issue for women in the workspace? Throughout my career I worked in five countries, at four large corporations, in both junior and executive positions, and I have never experienced gender bias. To be fair, I probably worked harder than any man, but I also always felt that excellence surpassed any bias - gender, religion, and ethnicity. Regardless of the country, companies care about the bottom line more than anything else and as long as employees are serving that, they are golden. My surprise came four years ago when "ultra-qualified me" started pitching EZBZ to investors. Every time I walked into a meeting the male investors took one look at my blond hair and youthful appearance and said "Sorry you have the wrong room". It was impossible for them to initially imagine me as the founder of a startup - a blonde being dumb has been so ingrained into our psyche that to be taken seriously, a woman must be a brunette and preferably plain looking. To this day I know many investors still don't trust women to run companies and prefer a woman to be second-in-command. How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal lives? Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have great mentors - both professionally and spiritually, whose advice and guidance have dramatically impacted every facet of my life. This has afforded me great respect for the process of mentorship and the desire to "pay it forward" and pass on the lessons and wisdom I have been taught by others. Which other female leaders do you admire and why? I admire any and every woman who overcomes great challenges to chart her own way in this world. A woman who does not waste time lamenting what is not and works hard to create what is. By example, my grandmother Clara Schlossberg was widowed at 35, with six small children to feed in Seattle during the 1940's. Instead of becoming a burden on others, she banked on her cooking skills and was the first woman in Seattle to open a business. She was also the first woman in Seattle to drive. Her Italian restaurant become a very well-known staple in downtown Seattle as did her extremely noisy "jalopy". One can only imagine the bias she faced, but no one can stop a woman on a mission. What do you want EZBZ to accomplish in the next year? We are working to make EZBZ accessible in more countries in an effort to provide a tool to revolutionize international commerce. I want a world where consumers can find any product or service they need beyond international borders and most importantly without relying upon third party brokers who typically drive up prices. I also want a world where small businesses in every country can automatically buy and sell on a global scale, without investing an additional penny. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

29 июля, 15:33

Amdocs (DOX) Earnings and Revenues Beat Estimates in Q3

Amdocs Ltd. (DOX) reported third-quarter fiscal 2016 (ended jun 30, 2016) results wherein earnings (on an adjusted basis) of 85 cents a share beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 81 cents.

25 июля, 16:26

IT Service Stocks Earnings Slated for Jul 26: DOX, UIS, CTG

This week's lineup includes leading IT service companies - Amdocs Limited (DOX), Unisys Corporation (UIS) and Computer Task Group Inc. (CTG), all of which are scheduled to report earnings on Jul 26.

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06 июля, 20:00

Amdocs founder named chairman of biometrics start-up

A founder of Israeli software company Amdocs has been named chairman of the board of Israeli startup FST Biometrics.

15 июня, 18:14

This Father's Day Give Your Daughter A Gift

The critical need for men to demonstrate daily advocacy for women Women's leadership advancement is stuck. We can talk about the business case, strategies and talent initiatives, yet when you really examine internal corporate numbers, women's advancement is still moving too slowly. We need a sense of urgency and the will to commit to change. And neither of these will take place without men joining in the discussion to solve the problem. Simply stated men never make a connection between advocating for women in the workplace and the impact this will have when their daughter enters the job market. I believe up to 30% of men in the workplace do want to help but don't know what to do on a daily basis. To help other fathers take meaningful action, I created the Father of a Daughter initiative. It's a simple opt-in program. Men commit to do a minimum of one of ten things (hopefully more) to advance women. What is the Father of Daughter Initiative? The Father of a Daughter Initiative is a roadmap for men to make the connection between women at work and their daughters -- and to take action to bring about change for the women in their lives. And yes the initiative is driving change. To date, dozens of companies from a variety of sectors and sizes, such as Novartis, Bacardi and major divisions of GE and Amdocs as well as a host of other Fortune 500 companies have posted and taken the challenge. Chief Diversity Officer, Sandra Sims-Williams of Publicis Groupe - a corporation with global digital and media affiliates including Digitas, Razorfish, Leo Burnett, and Saatchi & Saatchi said, "Jeffery Halter's Father of a Daughter initiative is both timely and effective since it offers men actionable ideas to support the advancement of women in the workplace. I've sent the Father of Daughter information to our entire organization to encourage them to take the pledge. I urge other organizations to embrace the initiative and share the pledge." Why are companies sharing the Father of a Daughter initiative? Because it demonstrates tangible actions men can take to bring about change in the workplace for their daughters, working spouses and female colleagues. For more details on how the program has inspired action, I reached out to Natalie Runyon, Director, Operations & Strategy, in the Legal business at Thomson Reuters serving as a volunteer leader on the global steering committee for [email protected], the women's business/employee resource group at the company. Thomson Reuters sees the opportunity to invest in women as a larger part of its business strategy, adding that a more inclusive leadership team benefits the business and bottom line. One initiative was the spotlight on Financial Services Market Opportunity on Women's Growing Economic Power (via The Wall Street Women's Alliance). In October 2015, [email protected], started to intentionally focus on engaging men by co-hosting a program on behalf of the Wall Street Women's Alliance, which is a center of excellence for women's business resource groups (BRG) within Financial Services. Runyon said, "We intentionally targeted our panelists, who mostly were senior men and executive sponsors of their company's women's BRGs, to discuss the market and business opportunity, of women's growing purchasing power in banking and financial services. The event was packed with over 200+ attendees from more than 40 financial services companies in attendance." A second initiative focused on the We4She campaign for International Women's Day. In March of 2016, [email protected] launched the We4She campaign as a global initiative around International Women's Day and Women's History month in the US. It was generated in the spirit of the UN Women's HeforShe movement. Included in this campaign was an engagement initiative with a We4She pledge and photos open to all 50,000+ colleagues and spotlights on male and female We4She champions. It was one of the most successful global, internal campaigns, with over 36,000 views of campaign content, 49,000 views, likes, rates, and comments on content and 25 We4She champions sharing stories that had over 7500 views. What's Next? As companies grapple with strategies to attract and retain talent, it's time for business leaders - namely men, within organizations to step-up to help bring about the much-needed change for their daughters and working spouses To find out more about the Father of a Daughter Initiative and see how you can advocate for your daughter in the workplace visit my website and take the pledge -- today. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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05 мая, 00:19

BRIEF-Amdocs Ltd Q2 non-gaap earnings per share $0.92

* Amdocs limited reports quarterly revenue of $926m, at the midpoint of guidance on a constant currency basis

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27 января, 22:05

Минэкономики трудоустроило 68% безработных арабов

В 2016 году министерство экономики Израиля планирует активизироваться в области повышения уровня занятости и продуктивности в арабском секторе

12 января, 22:10

CenturyLink to Consolidate Local Service Ordering & Billing

CenturyLink (CTL) announced that it is moving toward a consolidated billing process and local service ordering system for efficient servicing of wholesale CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) customers.

08 декабря 2015, 00:58

The 4 Things Your Company Needs to Do to Advance Women

Yes, there are only 4 things organizations need to do to advance women. In the past few weeks I have attended over 15 women's leadership events and witnessed over 5,000 leaders (women and a few brave men) talking collectively about how to advance women. Big name companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and Walmart at the Network of Executive Women Leadership Summit, GM at Power: Opening Doors for Women -Detroit and Diageo, National Life Group and Amdocs at private corporate sessions. I have even keynoted at Women in Titanium, (yes this group exists and they are amazing). I have talked to countless CEO's, senior leaders and middle managers. The burning question is specifically, "what do organizations need to do today to recruit, develop, retain and advance women?" This is no longer a conceptual conversation. These companies and their leaders understand the compelling business case and now at progressive companies the conversation is changing to taking action. To win with women in the marketplace and workplace takes four simple, but very hard actions. To advance women organizations must: Listen Learn Lead Have the Will to Change These first three actions come from the Male Champions of Change, 15 Male CEO's in Australia who have outlined exactly what men (i.e. still 85% of senior leaders) need to do to drive long-term systemic change for women in their organizations. The fourth action is my own epiphany and comes from a series of dialogues with senior leaders from a host of companies. The will to change is the single most daunting task for organizations...and the one most organizations are not prepared to do. These four actions are best executed in a sequential manner to drive truly meaningful change. Over the course of this blog series I will explore these action steps. Listen Genuinely listening to employee issues and concerns is challenging today. Relentless deadlines, constant e-mails and endless meetings are absolutely strangling productivity and engagement. But one thing I have learned that is never talked about in most companies is this, Men and women are having significantly different experiences in the workplace. Both genders are working hard, but women are working significantly harder as they are constantly having to deal with being 'one of a few' in the room. This came out loud and clear at the Diversity Women's Business Leadership Conference. Women (and minorities) are always counting. This happens when you are the only one (or two in the room). This is something that rarely experienced by men. Typically in leadership meetings we are always the majority, and as such, we make the rules. Counting is not intentional by women and minorities, it's just a by-product of always being the fewest in number and knowing you think, act and look different. This is one of the reasons I encourage men to attend women's leadership conferences. My male colleagues always look like a deer in headlights as they walk into a room of 900 women. For many this is the first time they have not been in the majority and it is eye opening. Nothing convinces male senior leader quicker than an immersion activity. When I ask they if they are a little uncomfortable and they answer yes, I always add, "That's how women and minorities feel everyday". They get it immediately. And then they want to know more. That's when I encourage them to engage a trusted female colleague to have an honest conversation regarding their experiences in the workplace and your company specifically. If you don't believe men and women are having different experiences in the workplace do this one simple exercise. Take a women you know and trust to lunch and ask one simple question Do you believe men and women are having different experiences at the company? Then be quiet and genuinely listen. Don't interrupt, don't be defensive or justify company policies, just shut-up and listen. After ten minutes, ask a second time What else don't I know? Genuinely listen intently for another ten minutes and ask a third (and final) time And what else? In that last 10 minutes you will hear root cause issues that you have never heard or imagined existed in your company. Differences that women (and other minorities) are experiencing every day. These factors have a direct correlation to work, performance, retention and advancement. Once you Listen and have heard about the root cause issues you can start to take corrective action. This is the Learning action step and will explored further in Part 2. Jeffery Tobias Halter is the country's leading male expert on advancing women and engaging men. He is the President of YWomen, a strategic consulting company focused on engaging men in women's leadership issues. Jeffery is a TEDx speaker, Huffington Post Blogger and the author of two books, WHY WOMEN, The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men and Selling to Men, Selling to Women. Keep in touch @YWomen. Image credit: Bigstock - andres -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

30 ноября 2015, 22:56

Israeli ETFs Head to Head: EIS vs. ITEQ

Given growth potential, it would be worthwhile to look at two ETFs focused on Israel and examine their key differences.

12 ноября 2015, 18:00

Amdocs (DOX) Q4 Earnings Top Estimates, Revenues Miss

Amdocs Ltd. (DOX) reported mixed fourth-quarter 2015 financial numbers wherein earnings of 79 cents a share outpaced the Zacks Consensus Estimate by a penny.

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12 ноября 2015, 16:31

Amdocs downgraded to equal weight from overweight at Barclays

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

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16 октября 2015, 13:30

Снова ребрендинг: МТС становится Vodafone

Оператор будет использовать бренд европейской компании

02 октября 2015, 17:00

«Киевстар» создал новую компанию «Стармани»

Этот проект позволит нарастить спектр финансовых услуг клиентам

Выбор редакции
05 августа 2015, 14:12

"Билайн" улучшит обслуживание клиентов благодаря новой CRM-системе

Компания "ВымпелКом" (бренд "Билайн") повышает качество обслуживания клиентов за счет внедрения новой системы управления взаимоотношения с клиентами на базе Amdocs CRM. Новая версия программного обеспечения Smart Client работает во всех 62 филиалах оператора в России и помогает обслуживать около 56 млн клиентов компании — физических и юридических лиц, пользователей мобильной и...

30 июля 2015, 18:18

Amdocs (DOX) Q3 Earnings Meet Estimates, Revenues Beat - Analyst Blog

Amdocs Ltd. (DOX) reported mixed financial numbers in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 wherein earnings of 77 cents a share were in line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate.