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Asahi Breweries
11 июня 2016, 00:15

New Products › New beer brings out flavors of Kansai specialties like takoyaki and okonomiyaki

Japan’s largest beer producer, Asahi Breweries, will be adding a new taste to their popular Clear Asahi brand this summer, with a release designed especially for the country’s Kansai region. Called “Kansai Shitate” or “Kansai Tailored”, the beverage has been created to suit regional dining flavors, with a focus on…

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15 февраля 2016, 00:32

New Products › Asahi Super Dry beer in spring sakura package

It’s still in the middle of winter in Japan, but beer bottles and cans from Asahi are already dressing up for sakura-filled spring. Asahi Breweries has recently released their line of “Asahi Super Dry Special Package” beer, which will come in specially designed spring-themed packaging for a limited time only.…

09 февраля 2015, 08:47

Billionaire's Son Joins Board As Generational Shift Unfolds At Top Beverage Brand In China

When Taiwan billionaire Wei Ing-Chou sat down for an interview with Forbes Asia back in June 2011, he said he “wouldn’t want a son of mine to be CEO” of Tingyi, the family’s listed flagship whose business partners include Pepsi and Asahi Breweries.  Tingyi’s “Master Kong” noodles and beverages are [...]