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29 марта, 00:02

Biotech Stock Roundup: PTGX Down, VRNA Up, AMGN's Repatha Gets Positive Opinion

The biotech sector was in focus last week with Protagonist's stock plunging on news of discontinuation of a phase IIb study and Verona Pharma stock surging on positive top-line data from COPD study among others.

12 марта, 05:00

Why the Pharmaceutical Industry is Booming in Japan - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

  Older people need more medicine. That rule of life is no secret to pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Many also realize that Japan’s rapidly aging population presents a unique business opportunity. Japan remains the world’s second-biggest pharmaceuticals market, behind only the United States and China. The Japanese market also is expected to grow annually. The lessons learned there will be critical as the population grows older in many other markets. Read More from the Government of Japan How Japan is Creating New Opportunities for Life Sciences Companies How Japan is Creating New Opportunities in the Field of Regenerative Medicine To address the needs of Japan’s aging population, the government is responding is easing several life science regulations and accelerating approval of innovative new drugs in a campaign to promote current pharma companies, both domestic and foreign, and to attract new companies to the Japanese market. The changes are all related to “Abenomics,” named for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to match economic growth with innovations in health care. If the nation can promote a healthy life expectancy, Abe believes, health care costs for an aging citizenry will not rise as fast as they have in the past. “Japanese leaders recognize the importance of encouraging medical innovation,” Eli Lilly and Co. chairman and CEO David A. Ricks told a Tokyo audience recently. “Our company appreciates the progress we have seen under Prime Minister Abe’s leadership.” Specifically, there have been a slew of recent changes in regulation and law. The so-called Strategy of Sakigake package approved in 2014 accelerates drug and device approvals and cuts review times. In some cases, premiums will maintain prices of newly developed drugs. Other changes are designed in part to promote the development of drugs and other solutions for difficult diseases or health care problems. These various programs already have benefited many companies, including Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis, Merck, and Ricks’s own Eli Lilly. The biggest change for pharma in Japan was the 2014 revision of the nation’s keystone pharmaceuticals law, renamed the PMD Act—for pharmaceutical and medical devices. Japanese officials proudly say some drug approvals in Japan are now faster than in both Europe and the U.S.—a marked change from the days when Japan was seen as a difficult market for foreign companies. The PMD Act and other changes that accelerate regulatory approval for some drugs and devices have triggered a number of partnerships, licensing deals, and research collaborations in Japan with companies with existing business there and from companies rushing to take advantage of Japan’s rich and growing market. Examples abound. Germany’s Borhringer Ingelheim started a research collaboration with Kyoto University to develop drugs to fight hearing loss, and Eli Lilly partnered with National Cancer Center Japan on stomach cancer research. A joint venture between the U.S. firm Amgen and Astellas Pharma of Japan led to the approval of Amgen’s Repatha drug for the treatment of high cholesterol. The German firm Bayer, which has a long history in Japan, also earned recent headlines for establishing its new open innovation center, Innovation Center Japan, in Osaka. The center even decided to open its own satellite office on Kyoto University’s campus in what Bayer hopes will be a pattern for other academic partnerships—and even for other companies. “Today’s pharmaceutical companies need highly specialized knowledge and technology in order to produce a constant stream of innovative drugs, but it is hard for a single company to do it alone,” said Dr. Shunichi Takahashi, head of Bayer’s Innovation Center Japan. Underscoring this concept, Bayer plans to open a incubation lab for life science startups in Kobe later this year to promote partnerships with universities and local research organizations. “We are eager to help form and grow the ecosystem for start-ups,” Dr. Takahashi said. “We will do this by creating an environment that gives them access to state-of-the-art research. We hope that our efforts in this regard will not only support Bayer’s business but also help strengthen the foundation of science in Japan.” Find more at

16 февраля, 16:44

Ironwood (IRWD) Beats Estimates in Q4 Earnings, Stock Up

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD) beats estimates on both counts in the fourth quarter. Demand for Linzess continues to rise.

09 февраля, 19:35

FDA Okays J&J's Prostate Cancer Drug in First-Line Setting

The FDA lends a nod to the label expansion of Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) Zytiga in combination with prednisone for metastatic high-risk castration-sensitive prostate cancer.

07 февраля, 18:59

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Q4 Earnings & Revenues Top Estimates

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) beats estimates on both counts on the back of strong Adcetris sales.

07 февраля, 13:22

Среда: Итоги торгов на основных фондовых площадках Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона

Основные индексы Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона отменили первоначальную прибыль, но закрылись разнонаправленно, поскольку инвесторы следили за движением цен на нефть и с осторожностью смотрели на рынки облигаций после жестокой распродажи на мировых фондовых рынках в начале этой недели. Китайские фондовые индексы резко сократились после роста в начале торгов, так как инвесторы заработали некоторую прибыль в недавних опережающих компаниях. Базовый индекс Shanghai Composite упал на 61,39 пункта или -1,82% до 3,309,26, а индекс Hang Seng в Гонконге снизился на -0,8% до 30 366 в конце торгов. Японские акции подорожали на раннем этапе, но закрылись с более слабым ростом после того, как фьючерсы на американские фондовые индексы упали. Акции Panasonic подорожали на 2,1%, а Sony - на 1,5%. Производители лекарств Eisai Co и Astellas Pharma увеличили капитализацию более чем на 2%. Рыночная стоимость Toyota Motor увеличилась на 1,2% после того, как автопроизводитель прогнозировал рекордную прибыль в этом финансовом году. Австралийские акции закрылись заметно выше после того, как Dow и S & P 500 отскочили от своих крупнейших однодневных потерь более чем за шесть лет. Австралийский Commonwealth Bank потерял -0,8% после сообщения о 1,9-процентном снижении денежной прибыли в первом полугодии. Остальные три банка закрылись со скромными потерями. Страховая компания Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia снизила капитализацию на -2,1%, так как она опубликовала 18-процентное падение чистой прибыли за весь год. Акции Santos, Origin Energy, Oil Search и Woodside Petroleum выросли в цене на 1-2%, так как цены на нефть восстановились на данных, свидетельствующих о падении запасов сырой нефти в США на прошлой неделе. Горные гиганты BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto и Fortescue Metals Group получили 2-4% стоимости бумаг, а золотодобытчики Newcrest, Regis Resources и Northern Star увеличили капитализацию примерно на 2%. NIKKEI 21645.37 +35.13 +0.16% SHANGHAI 3309.58 -61.07 -1.81% HSI 30323.20 -272.22 -0.89% ASX 200 5876.80 +43.50 +0.75% KOSPI 2396.56 -56.75 -2.31% NZ50 8194.73 -47.10 -0.57% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

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04 декабря 2017, 17:03

Pfizer Wins China & Asia-Pacific Rights to Anti-Fungal Drug

Pfizer (PFE) inks a deal to buy exclusive rights to develop and commercialize Basilea Pharmaceutica's anti-fungal treatment, Cresemba, in the Asia-Pacific region and China.

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03 ноября 2017, 19:39

Ironwood (IRWD) Beats Estimates in Q3 Earnings, Stock Up

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD) beats estimates on both counts in the third quarter. Demand for Linzess rises.

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27 октября 2017, 18:42

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Loss Narrows in Q3, Revenues Beat

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) reported narrower-than-estimated loss in the third quarter. Moreover, including a warrant exercise it turned profitable. The shares were up in response.

13 октября 2017, 18:18

Cancer Space Update: Lung & Breast Cancer Studies in Focus

While Lilly announced failure of a lung cancer study, AstraZeneca's Tagrisso was granted Breakthrough therapy status as first-line treatment for a lung cancer indication.

11 октября 2017, 17:40

Lilly's (LLY) Verzenio Fails in Phase III Lung Cancer Study

Lilly's breast cancer drug, Verzenio, failed to achieve primary endpoint in a phase III study evaluating the drug as monotherapy in advanced lung cancer patients.

11 октября 2017, 17:29

Seattle Genetics Begins Phase II Study of Cancer Candidate

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) and Astellas Pharma initiate phase II study-EV-201 of enfortumab vedotin for patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial cancer.

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15 сентября 2017, 13:52

Pharma Stock Roundup: Achillion Slumps on End of HCV Deal, Teva Gets a New CEO

Key highlights this week include Teva's (TEVA) CEO announcement and the FDA approval of the first cancer biosimilar.

14 сентября 2017, 18:51

Why Did Pfizer (PFE) Stock Pop Today?

Shares of Pfizer (PFE) and Astellas Pharma (ALPMY) moved higher in morning trading Thursday after the companies said their new prostate cancer drug, Xtandi, met the main goal of an important clinical trial.