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05 апреля, 00:42

Why Did Some Auto Parts Stocks Start the Quarter in the Red?

Some major auto part manufacturers started the journey into the second quarter of 2017 in red. These companies face a number of concerns that may impact their financial results.

31 марта, 14:15

AutoZone (AZO) Down 2.2% Since Earnings Report: Can It Rebound?

AutoZone (AZO) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

30 марта, 13:54

Look at VY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Growth I Fund (IAXIX)

VY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Growth I Fund (IAXIX) seeks growth of capital for the long run

23 марта, 23:38

Auto Stock Roundup: Tesla to Discontinue Cheapest Model S, Winnebago Q2 Earnings Top

Tesla announced plans to discontinue its base-version Model S. Winnebago beat earnings and revenue estimates and Lear was selected as a supplier for the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Toyota announced investment plans in U.K. while AutoZone increased its authorized share buyback program.

22 марта, 16:45

AutoZone Authorizes Additional Share Buyback Worth $750M

AutoZone, Inc.'s (AZO) board of directors has authorized a share buyback worth $750 million.

17 марта, 01:08

Auto Stock Roundup: Trump Plans Raise Hope; Ford, Honda Reveal Expansion Strategies

Trump extended support to auto manufacturers while Tesla announced its plans to raise $1.1 billion capital. Honda and Ford revealed expansion plans while Harley-Davidson launched a new low-priced motorcycle.

10 марта, 16:50

Is AutoZone (AZO) a Great Stock for Value Investors?

Let's see if AutoZone, Inc. (AZO) stock is a good choice for value-oriented investors right now, or if investors subscribing to this methodology should look elsewhere for top picks.

10 марта, 00:31

Auto Stock Roundup: China February Sales Up, GM Sells Opel, Tesla Expands in Solar

Ford and General Motors reported higher sales in China for Feb 2017. General Motors sold its European business and Penske Automotive acquired new dealerships. Tesla unveiled its solar farm in Hawaii while Thor Industries' earnings missed expectations.

03 марта, 02:03

Auto Stock Roundup: US Sales Decline, AutoZone Misses Q2 Earnings, Takata to Cough Up $1B

The auto sector saw relatively negative developments last week. U.S. auto sales for Feb fell and AutoZone missed second-quarter earnings expectations. Tesla's revenue from China increased while Ford may cut jobs in UK. Takata has pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1 billion.

01 марта, 18:10

Company News for March 01, 2017

Companies In The News are: VRX,PCLN,THC,AZO

28 февраля, 20:01

AutoZone (AZO) Earnings, Revenues Miss Estimates in Q2

AutoZone, Inc. (AZO) reported 8.8% year-over-year growth in earnings per share to $8.08 for the second quarter of fiscal 2017 (ended Feb 11, 2017) but missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $8.20.

28 февраля, 17:46

AutoZone (AZO) Q2 Earnings and Revenues Lag Estimates

AutoZone (AZO) reported earnings of $8.08 per share in the second quarter of fiscal 2017, missing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $8.20.

Выбор редакции
25 февраля, 00:28

AutoZone (AZO) to Post Q2 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

AutoZone, Inc. (AZO) is slated to report second-quarter fiscal 2017 (ended Feb 11, 2017) results on Feb 28, before the opening bell.

Выбор редакции
15 февраля, 19:40

Remarks by President Trump in Listening Session with the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Member Company CEOs

Roosevelt Room 10:40 A.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  So it's nice to see we have some great retailers here today and we're going to go around the room and we'll all introduce ourselves.  Some of you I've read about on the covers of business magazines and it's great to have you here.  Thank you very much. I'm pleased to host all of you at the White House.  The CEOs -- you're some of the great CEOs of our country and the biggest in the retail industry, which is very important to the country in supporting millions and millions of jobs -- really one of the great job producers.  Probably, would you say, almost number one?  Pretty close, right? MR. KUSHNER:  I agree. THE PRESIDENT:  It is number one. There's a lot of confidence in our economy right now.  There's a great confidence level.  You've been seeing that in the stock market.  You've been seeing that in businesses.  And you've been seeing that at every chart that's taken.  There's evidence also by the jobs report that just came out for January -- 227,000 jobs added.  My administration remains very focused on the issues that will encourage economic growth -- that's what we're all about.  We have a lot of plants moving back into various states, including the state of Ohio, the state of Michigan, Pennsylvania.  You have a lot of companies moving back in, coming back into the country, bringing the jobs with them. We're cutting regulations big league.  We are really cutting them by massive amounts.  The auto industry just left a week ago -- they were here in the same room -- and they are very happy with what we're doing and everyone is.  I think just about every -- the financial industry.  We're having a lot of the different industries in and we're cutting regulations in just about every industry.  In fact, I can't think of any that we're not.  If I do, we have a major story, okay, because I think just every industry we're cutting, some more than others.  You have a very, very big regulatory problem and we're going to take care of that because I want more jobs.  We're doing that because we want more jobs. As you know, the overregulation costs our economy an estimated $2 trillion a year, which is incredible -- $2 trillion -- and it costs your businesses a lot of money, tremendous amounts of money and time.  I've taken executive action to create a permanent structure of regulatory reduction by creating one and one.  So basically, for every one regulation, two are out.  So we knock out two.  So we put in one, but to put in one, you have to knock out two.  That's the least of it, but it's an important symbol. In addition to reducing government regulations, we'll also reform our tax code to help middle-income families and American businesses grow and thrive.  Tax reform is one of the best opportunities to really impact our economy.  So we're doing a massive tax plan.  It's coming along really well.  It will be submitted in the not-too-distant future, and it will be not only good and simpler; it will be -- you're talking about big numbers of savings.  And we're talking also middle income and very much for business.  And the business is for middle income because you can employ a lot of people.  So we hope you're going to do that.   We're going to provide tax relief for families.  We're going to simplify very greatly the tax code -- it's too complicated.  We're going to bring down the number of alternatives, and I think it's going to be just a much, much simpler tax code.  In fact, H&R Block probably won't be too happy -- that's one business that might not be happy with what we're doing.  Other than H&R Block, I think people are going to love it. We're going to lower the rates very, very substantially for virtually everybody in every category, including personal and business.  And I just want to go around the room.  I'd like you to introduce yourself and then I'll tell you a little bit more, and you're going to tell me what you're looking for.  But we want jobs.  We want jobs brought back to the country.  We want them brought back fast.  We want you to expand your stores.  And you'll tell me why you will or why you won't.  And tell me why you won't -- we'll work on you a little bit, right, Vice President Mike Pence?  (Laughter.) So go ahead. MS. SOLTAU:  I'm Jill Soltau.  I'm with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. MR. PECK:  Art Peck with The Gap. THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  Very good. MR. JOLY:  Hubert Joly with Best Buy. THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  Great store. MR. RHODES:  I'm Bill Rhodes with AutoZone. MR. CORNELL:  Brian Cornell with Target.  THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  The Tar-get -- right?  (Laughter.) MR. PESSINA:  Stefano Pessina, Walgreens Boots Alliance. MR. SANDFORT:  Greg Sandfort with Tractor Supply. THE PRESIDENT:  Yes. MR. ELLISON:  Marvin Ellison with J.C. Penney. THE PRESIDENT:  I read a good report on you.  (Laughter.)  Good job. MR. ELLISON:  Thank you.  (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT:  So maybe we go around the room a little bit.  I guess we can let the press go now, right?  Do you suggest that?  Go ahead.  Thank you all very much. END  10:46 A.M. EST

10 февраля, 02:28

Auto Stock Roundup: GM, Honda, Toyota, Penske Automotive Beat on Earnings

The auto sector posted better-than-expected earnings over the week, with General Motors (GM), Honda (HMC), Toyota (TM) and Penske Automotive (PAG) beating estimates.

02 февраля, 23:56

Auto Stock Roundup: US Sales Down; Ford, Harley-Davidson Miss on Earnings

The auto sector entered the fourth-quarter reporting cycle with Ford (F) and Harley-Davidson (HOG) missing the earnings estimates.

25 января, 16:45

AutoZone (AZO) Enters Oversold Territory

AutoZone, Inc. (AZO) has been on a bit of a cold streak lately, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel for this overlooked stock

25 января, 14:51

Амазон продолжает наступление. А что же будет с обычной розницей?

Амазон — компания, которая цветёт,  развивается и постоянно дорожает. Один проект сменяет другой: На днях ими было объявлено о найме дополнительно 100 000 человек до 2018 года. Аналитики спорят хорошо это или плохо, учитывая, что высокие технологии Амазона заместят 2-3х работников ритэйла «на земле» одним в Амазоне. Некоторые опасаются что компания таким образом убьет рынок труда больше, чем Китай. Плюс совсем свежая новость — создав конкуренцию на потребительском рынке гигантам розницы Wal-Mart и Target, Амазон расширяет свои границы предложения и теперь будет продавать автозапчасти, конкурируя ни с чем не подозревающими гигантами такими как Advance Auto Parts Inc., AutoZone Inc., Genuine Parts Co. и O’Reilly Automotive Inc. Как говорится, все лакомые куски вожаку. Результат для розницы уже ощутим и игнорировать они его никак не могут: по изменению объема продаж Моллы по сравнению с он-лайн продавцами уже сникли. Инвесторы, получив удручающие данные рождественских распродаж, тоже не воодушевились результатами и отреагировали очередной распродажей акций Что ждет розничный сектор? Наступает время передела. Если рыночные котировки пока ищут дно, то психологи уже заметили тенденцию роста потребности у людей вернуться в магазины, покатать тележки, посмотреть на людей, себя показать, пообщаться с продавцами и тд. С другой стороны, сами магазины тоже не стоят на месте, внедряя он-лаин элементы и начав поиск технологических решений для выхода на новые уровни предложений. Пока это касается самой чувствительной области —  платежей, но время покажет насколько далеко они смогут шагнуть и что там еще предложить.  Поэтому не смотря на замечательные перспективы Амазона и всей он-лайн торговли, розница имеет все шансы, еще немного покопав вниз и оставив слабых на земле, подняться достаточно высоко, что бы обеспечить своих акционеров более высокой доходностью.  Ну Амазон точно уж будет интересен, особенно в то время, когда вдруг  эйфоричные инвесторы осознают, что они слишком увлеклись, раздувая этот пузырь. (о том, что интересно сейчас и будет интересно потом см. в профиле «О себе»)