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03 апреля, 01:38

Baidu's IPO Of Video Streamer iQiYI Cheers Robin Li, Others?

When iQIYI raised $2.2 billion in a NY IPO, Robin Li and others cheered. But others wondered if U.S. investors really get China tech.

02 апреля, 18:10

Baidu Inc (ADR) Stock Just Dipped Into Undervalued Territory

From the data leak at Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) to Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) suspending self-driving tests following a fatal Uber accident in Tempe to insider selling at Tencent Holdings Ltd (OCTMKTS:TCEHY), the near-term picture in tech is pretty blurry right now. One such stock is Chinese digital search giant Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU). BIDU stock has been pounded recently.

02 апреля, 17:15

Alibaba to Acquire Ele.me, Expand in Food Delivery Space

Alibaba's (BABA) customer base and revenues will improve with the takeover of the remaining shares of Ele.me.

02 апреля, 11:21

Alibaba выкупает сервис доставки еды Ele.me

Alibaba Group станет владельцем китайского сервиса доставки еды Ele.me, стоимость которого оценивается в $9,5 млрд, сообщает Alizila. Китайский онлайн-ритейлер уже владел 43-процентной долей сервиса совместно со своими аффилированными компаниями Ant Small и Micro Financial Services Group. Оставшаяся часть капитала Ele.me до сих пор принадлежала поисковику Baidu. Теперь Alibaba выкупит эту долю за наличные, став единоличным владельцем сервиса. Сумма сделки не разглашается.Ele.me является одним из лидеров на китайском рынке доставки еды и борется за доминирующее положение с Meituan Dianping — стартапом, поддерживаемым главным конкурентом Alibaba Group Tencent Holdings. Ele.me привлек в 2016 году около $1,25 млрд инвестиций, и в настоящий момент это один из самых дорогостоящих стартапов. Компания планирует провести IPO в этом году, а ее рыночная стоимость может достичь $60 млрд.

01 апреля, 19:01

Pilot aims to aid companies to list on the mainland

NEARLY 40 innovative companies qualify for a pilot program launched by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to help them go public in the mainland market or to issue depository receipts, according

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01 апреля, 15:10

Китайская компания Baidu представила мгновенный карманный переводчик

Устройство способно быстро воспринимать устную речь и переводить его на другой язык.

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30 марта, 08:15

iQiyi: 'China's Netflix' shares dip in US stock debut

Shares in Baidu's iQiyi streaming platform fell below their opening price on Wall Street's Nasdaq.

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29 марта, 17:19

Go Long Baidu Inc (ADR) Stock Without Much Risk

Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) stock is indeed a fallen angel. Most mega caps like Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL), Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) to name a few are down just as much. The NASDAQ was hit hard and it had its effect on stocks like BIDU.

29 марта, 16:37

NVIDIA (NVDA) Collaborates With Adobe for Sensei AI Toolkit

NVIDIA (NVDA) partners Adobe (ADBE) whereby its graphics processing units (GPUs) will power up the latter's AI toolkit, Sensei.

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29 марта, 15:11

Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights: Apple, NVIDIA, Intel, Baidu and Tesla

Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights: Apple, NVIDIA, Intel, Baidu and Tesla

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28 марта, 23:51

Why Driverless Cars Will Still Win After Uber and Tesla Accidents

Why Driverless Cars Will Still Win After Uber and Tesla Accidents

28 марта, 19:01

Platform to drive intelligent autos

CHINA is building a national-level innovation platform to further accelerate the development of intelligent vehicles, the National Development and Reform Commission said during a seminar held in Beijing

28 марта, 17:21

NVIDIA (NVDA) Suspends Self-Driving Car Tests, Shares Crash

NVIDIA (NVDA) decides to halt tests of self-driving cars on concerns about the findings of the ongoing Uber crash investigation.

28 марта, 08:13

10 успешных женщин-новаторов из Азии моложе 30. Рейтинг Forbes

Самые вдохновляющие женщины Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона, которым еще нет и 30

28 марта, 01:15

China Poised To Overtake U.S. In Artificial Intelligence Race

Authored by Damir Kaletovic via SafeHaven.com, The U.S. has led the world in technology for a long time, and while it’s still the definitive leader in the artificial intelligence space, China has stepped onto this stage determined to overtake its American rival. Whoever manages to dominate this ultimate technological end game will, in the words of Vladimir Putin, rule the world. For now, China lags in every area of AI development, including hardware for autonomous AI, or robots, and self-driving cars. It also lacks experienced AI researchers and is behind in terms of fundamental innovation in algorithms. According to a report by Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, China scores 17 in its overall capacity for developing technologies, compared to a score of  33 for the U.S. But there is at least one critical advantage China has in this race… While it comes up lacking on a number of AI levels, one important shortfall is actually a formidable strength: China lacks serious laws governing data protection. This gives China what amounts to total freedom to develop AI technology and give it the space to become huge, according to Dong Tao, vice chairman for Great China at Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific. China is winning the big data war, even if it’s not the AI leader - yet... The past decade has been one of enormous growth for Chinese tech darlings. Look no further than tech giants such as Tencent, whose market capitalization jumped from around $13 billion in 2007 to over $500 billion in 2018.  "America is at a disadvantage because we are No. 1, because of complacency that goes with that," says Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind - a Tencent investment. "The U.S. is still No. 1 in research but China is catching up quick. They believe it's their race to win. And I think it's our race to lose." Of the one million foreign nationals enrolled at U.S. schools, about one-third are from China, which is double the number of any other country. Chinese students are awarded 10% of all doctorates in the U.S.--and most of them are in science and engineering. In many ways, the U.S. advantage right now is bolstered by Chinese minds. There are more Chinese engineers working on AI at U.S. tech companies than in all of China. That’s why Trump's administration is now considering restrictions on the number of Chinese citizens enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities—but will that harm America’s AI advantage? China also rules the world in terms of internet users, 750 million out of 1.4 billion people online. And while harnessing data is no challenge for China, data alone won’t win it the AI arms race. China knows this, and that’s why the Chinese State Council has set itself the goal of matching the U.S. in AI by 2020, eyeing a $150-billion industry. By 2030, it plans to become the key AI “innovation center” for the world. China’s tech leaders are confident they will come out on top, too. While they recognize that China is behind, they believe that not only will they catch up, but that China’s big data prowess will ensure them the top position. Size matters. “China has the most internet users. And the Chinese government’s determination to push the application of AI forward is unmatched …” China’s SCMP media quoted Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFlyTek, as saying. And Chinese billionaires are betting big on AI. Chinese tech magnate Robin Li is hoping to play a game-changing role in what he’s sure will be Beijing’s dominance in this sector. The force behind the “Chinese Google”, Baidu, committed $2 billion to AI-related research and development last year, and this year expects to boost that significantly. For China, AI is a national priority - and its billionaires are definitively on board. It’s a unity of purpose that the West will find hard to compete with.

27 марта, 20:05

Should You Buy BlackBerry (BB) Stock Ahead of Earnings?

Shares of BlackBerry (BB) dipped over 1.5% during morning trading on Tuesday, just one day before the former smartphone power is expected to report its latest quarterly financial results. After a rough few weeks of trading, investors will be on the lookout for strong earnings results, which means Wall Street will be focusing on BlackBerry when it reports Wednesday.

27 марта, 19:12

Baidu (BIDU) Announces Notes Offering Worth $1.5 Billion

Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) announced a public offering of notes aggregating $1.5 billion. The move will help the company bring down its cost of capital, thereby strengthening its balance sheet.

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26 марта, 23:00

Baidu начнёт испытывать робомобили на улицах Пекина

Недавнее смертельное дорожно-транспортное происшествие, в котором робомобиль Uber наехал на пешехода, подняло множество вопросов о том, следует ли допускать тестовые самоуправляемые машины на дороги общего пользования.

26 марта, 20:48

Is Alibaba (BABA) the Cheapest Chinese Internet Stock Right Now?

In the world of Chinese ADRs, no company attracts more investor attention than Alibaba (BABA). A quick glance at Alibaba's historical Forward P/E reveals a very interesting story about the stock's valuation.

26 марта, 18:29

Will New Approval Put Baidu Ahead in the Self-Driving Space?

Baidu (BIDU) finally gets a nod to conduct road tests for its autonomous vehicles in some areas of Beijing.

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25 августа 2016, 08:37

В Сингапуре запустили беспилотное такси. Бесплатно

Сингапурская компания nuTonomy запустила первое беспилотное такси, при этом сервис впервые в мире предоставляется бесплатно.