22 октября, 03:49

Asia to Lead Global Regas Capacity Growth: Report

Asia set to contribute 56% of global new-build LNG regasification capacity growth by 2023.

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21 октября, 13:43

Bangladeshi MP allegedly hired eight lookalikes to take her place in exams

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Awami League’s Tamanna Nusrat is accused of paying impersonators in at least 13 testsA Bangladeshi politician has been expelled from university after allegedly hiring as many as eight lookalikes to take her place in exams.Tamanna Nusrat, from the ruling Awami League party, is accused of paying the lookalikes to pretend to be her in at least 13 tests. The scandal emerged after the private broadcaster Nagorik TV entered a test hall and confronted one of the women posing as Nusrat, in a video that went viral. Continue reading...

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18 октября, 17:18

«ЗиО-Подольск» начал поставку оборудования в Бангладеш для энергоблока № 2 АЭС «Руппур»

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 © www.aem-group.ruПАО «ЗиО-Подольск» (входит в машиностроительный дивизион Росатома — Атомэнергомаш) изготовил и отгрузил комплект барботера для энергоблока № 2 АЭС «Руппур» (Бангладеш).Технический проект разработан специалистами АО ОКБ «Гидропресс», рабочая конструкторская документация — сотрудниками Департамента оборудования атомного машиностроения ПАО «ЗиО-Подольск». Они же осуществляют сопровождение изготовления и шефмонтаж.Барботер — один из важных элементов оборудования для АЭС. Аппарат является составной частью системы компенсации давления реакторной установки. Масса изделия — 15 тонн, длина — около 8 м, диаметр — 2,5 м, высота — 4 м. Срок службы оборудования 40 лет.

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18 октября, 09:00

The Bangladeshi crab farmers battling climate crisis – and pirates

With rising seas swallowing their land and kidnappings a regular hazard, families scraping a living farming crab and shrimp in one of the world’s largest mangrove forests are fighting to survive “The river is so hungry,” says Peramin Ishak, as he gestures to a missing arc of land from the muddy embankment. “It just keeps eating the land.”From his village of Datina Khali, which rests on the edge of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans, Ishak has watched the river swallow up a three hectare (seven acre) chunk of land in the past decade. Continue reading...

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18 октября, 06:41

Saudi Firm to Set Up Power Plant in Bangladesh: Press

ACWA Power will build a 3.6 GW gas-based power plant and an LNG terminal to facilitate fuel supply to the plant.

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17 октября, 15:11

Ижорские заводы отгрузили гидроемкости САОЗ для первого энергоблока АЭС Руппур в Бангладеш

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гидроемкости САОЗ. Архивное фото © ngv.ruИжорские заводы, входящие в Группу ОМЗ, завершили изготовление и отгрузили заказчику четыре гидроемкости системы аварийного охлаждения зоны (САОЗ) для первого энергоблока АЭС Руппур (Бангладеш). В рамках контракта, заключенного с АО «АЭМ-Технологии» в октябре 2017 года, Ижорские заводы изготавливают для первого энергоблока станции четыре гидроемкости системы аварийного охлаждения активной зоны реактора (САОЗ), восемь гидроемкостей системы пассивного залива активной зоны реактора (СПЗАЗ) и компенсатор давления. Емкости САОЗ и СПЗАЗ являются составной частью системы аварийного охлаждения активной зоны реактора и важнейшим элементом сис...

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14 октября, 14:56

Workers making £88 Lululemon leggings claim they are beaten

Exclusive: Upmarket brand, which has just launched UN partnership, opens investigation as female labourers in Bangladesh factory say they suffer regular abuseLululemon, an athleisure brand whose £88 leggings are worn by celebrities and Instagram influencers, are sourcing clothing from a factory where Bangladeshi female factory workers claim they are beaten and physically assaulted.The Canadian brand recently launched a partnership with the United Nations to reduce stress levels and promote the mental health of aid workers. Continue reading...

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10 октября, 08:00

Five-year-old boy among 30 Rohingya arrested for travelling in Myanmar

Nine children sent to juvenile detention centres as remainder of group face up to two years in prison for failure to produce ID cardsMyanmar faces calls to release 30 Rohingya men, women and children arrested in September while trying to travel from Rakhine state to the city of Yangon.A total of 21 Rohingya face up to two years in jail under Myanmar’s Residents of Burma Registration Act, which stipulates that citizens must be in possession of “registration cards” to prove their identity. Continue reading...

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10 октября, 05:00

Father demands justice after student beaten to death in Bangladesh

Abrar Fahad, 22, was allegedly targeted after he criticised the government in a Facebook postThe father of an engineering student who was beaten to death at his university halls in Bangladesh has demanded justice for his son, as protests against politically motivated attacks on campuses continued.Abrar Fahad, 22, who was allegedly targeted after he criticised the government in a Facebook post, was found dead at his university halls of residence in Dhaka on Monday. Continue reading...

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09 октября, 10:00

How the Bangladeshi women who make our clothes are edging towards a better life | Fiona Weber-Steinhaus

The country has undergone an economic miracle in recent years, albeit at huge cost to its garment workers. But things are finally starting to improve for themTasnia Akter has come home. It’s a public holiday in Bangladesh, the one time of year the 25-year-old can leave the mayhem of the city behind and see her family: her mother, her aunt.And her daughter. Continue reading...

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07 октября, 15:05

Jera Buys into Bangladesh Power Company

The 22% stake is worth $330mn.

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01 октября, 18:39

India Isn’t Letting a Single Onion Leave the Country

India’s government bans the export of onions in order to lower rising domestic prices, causing great pain to neighboring countries.

26 сентября, 09:00

Communities coping with climate change – in pictures

This week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release a special report, which the WWF has contributed to, laying out in stark detail the impact of the melting of frozen regions on oceans and coastal areas. People around the world are already living with the effects of vanishing ice caps, coastal erosion and rising sea levels, which are destroying communities, forcing people out of their homes and damaging traditional lifestyles. The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate report outlines the impact of climate change on the earth’s oceans and frozen places – or cryosphere – and our options to respondExtreme sea level events ‘will hit once a year by 2050’ Continue reading...

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23 сентября, 05:34

Qatargas Delivers First Q-Flex LNG Cargo to Bangladesh

The cargo was delivered on September 20.

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05 сентября, 19:23

Bangladesh imposes mobile phone blackout in Rohingya refugee camps

Muslims who fled persecution in Myanmar face prospect of further isolation as government orders operators to shut down services Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims living in refugee camps in Bangladesh face a communications blackout after the government ordered a ban on mobile phone services and sim cards. The country’s telecommunications regulatory body cited security fears and illegal mobile use as it ordered operators to shut down services in the overcrowded camps in the south-eastern border district of Cox’s Bazar by next Sunday. Continue reading...

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05 сентября, 13:43

A Million Refugees May Soon Lose Their Line to the Outside World

As Bangladesh vowed to cut off mobile phone access in Rohingya camps, refugees who fled terror in Myanmar despaired over their future.

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03 сентября, 10:32

Jera Picks Up Stake in Bangladesh Power Project

Reliance Power had signed an initial agreement in June 2015 with the BPDB, government of Bangladesh to set up the project, during the visit of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s to Dhaka.

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26 августа, 09:00

UN migration agency accused of pressuring Bangladeshis to return home

Complaint against International Organization of Migration of ‘severe concerns’ over treatment of rescued migrants in TunisiaThe UN migration agency is the subject of a formal complaint after “severe concerns” were raised about its treatment of Bangladeshi migrants, including children.A Tunis-based NGO, Forum Tunisien pour les Droits Economiques et Sociaux (FTDES), filed a complaint to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) this month, after migrants alleged officials and diplomats had put pressure on them to return home following weeks at sea. Continue reading...

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25 августа, 04:10

Rohingya refugees shot dead by Bangladesh police during gunfight

The two men had been accused of killing a ruling party official but activists say the shooting appeared to be stagedTwo Rohingya refugees were shot dead by Bangladesh police during a gunfight in a refugee camp on Saturday after they were accused of killing a ruling party official, police said.Nearly one million Rohingya live in squalid camps in southeast Bangladesh; 740,000 fled a 2017 military offensive against the Muslim minority in Myanmar. Continue reading...

22 августа, 23:18

Pakistan, Rohingya, Hong Kong: Your Friday Briefing

Myanmar's broken promises.

03 июня 2014, 10:28

"Росатом" довел портфель заказов до $98 млрд

"Росатом" за три года увеличил портфель зарубежных заказов в два раза, заявил глава компании Сергей Кириенко на встрече с премьер-министром Дмитрием Медведевым.

08 мая 2013, 14:59

Эксперт: Бангладеш может стать оплотом радикализма

В Бангладеш арестован известный религиозный деятель, который обвиняется в разжигании массовых беспорядков, в результате которых погибли 38 человек и сотни получили ранения. Столкновения, в которых приняли участие более 200 тысяч исламистов, продолжались несколько дней. Митингующие требовали, чтобы богохульство признали преступлением, за которое карают смертной казнью. Политолог Биной Кампмарк полагает, что это признак постепенной «талибанизации» Бангладеш. Подписывайтесь на RT Russian - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rtrussian RT на русском - http://russian.rt.com/ Vkontakte - http://vk.com/rt_russian Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RTRussian Twitter - http://twitter.com/RT_russian Livejournal - http://rt-russian.livejournal.com/

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03 марта 2013, 14:03

Столкновения в Бангладеш: 60 пострадавших

В Бангладеш произошли столкновения сторонников исламистской партии «Джамаат-и-Ислами» с полицией. Беспорядки спровоцировал смертный приговор, вынесенный 73-летнему Делвару Хуссейну Сайеди. Его признали виновным в преступлениях против человечности, совершенных во время войны в 1971 году. Военный трибунал вынес приговор 28 февраля, и с тех пор обстановка в 16 регионах страны только накаляется. Местные жители уже называют эти события самыми кровавыми за послевоенные годы. Подписывайтесь на RT Russian - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rtrussian RT на русском - http://russian.rt.com/ Vkontakte - http://vk.com/rt_russian Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RTRussian Twitter - http://twitter.com/RT_russian Livejournal - http://rt-russian.livejournal.com/