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23 марта, 18:43

Should You Hold TELUS (TU) Amid Bright Wireless Prospects?

Amidst stiff competition, TELUS (TU) remians focused on strengthening its Internet of Things (IoT) suite, PureFibre network and wireless business.

23 марта, 02:58

FIRST DRAFT: Review for "Nature" of "A Culture of Growth", by Joel Mokyr

FINAL DRAFT here: Joel Mokyr's (2016) _A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy_ (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press: 9780691167773: ), published in October 2016, is the latest and most successful extended brief by Northwestern University economic historian Joel Mokyr for his point of view on the causal...

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Выбор редакции
Выбор редакции
20 марта, 15:59

BCE's Subsidiary Acquires MTS for $3.9B, Unveils Bell MTS

Following the acquisition of MTS, BCE's (BCE) subsidiary Bell Canada launched Bell MTS on Mar 17, 2017.

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15 марта, 15:48

5 Caesar Facts To Be Aware Of On The Ides Of March

It is March 15, a day known in antiquity as the Ides of March. From 44 BCE onward, it would also be remembered as the day that Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated. Here are a few facts you may not be aware of on this infamous day.

05 марта, 19:39

What Trump's White House 'Warriors' Could Learn From 'The Art Of War'

A favorite book of Steve Bannon’s is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  A classic of military strategy, The Art of War was compiled during the Warring States period (403-221 BCE) in ancient Chinese history.  It was a time of intense civil warfare in China, a time when a cessation in fighting was merely a pause between the next round of battles among warlords.  It’s still widely read today for its insights into war, its clever stratagems and tactics, and its lessons into human nature and behavior. Bannon, who served in the U.S. Navy, is an armchair strategist with an affinity for military history books.  He appears to believe in inevitable conflict between the Judeo-Christian West, which he favors due to its “enlightened” values, and the World of Islam, which he sees as retrograde and barbaric when compared to the West.  He sees the world as already being in a “warring states” period writ large, a realm of conflict marked by “holy war” to be mastered by warrior/scholars like himself. Joining him in this belief is Donald Trump, who took great pains to recite the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” in his speech before Congress, as if using these words were a mark of personal courage on his part.  Trump has boasted about winning the “next” war, as if war during his presidency is inevitable.  And I suppose it is, with Trump at the helm and advisers like Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller pursuing a bellicose hardline against Islam. Be careful what you wish for, Trump and cronies, and be especially careful about declaring victory in wars before you’ve even fought them.  Here Sun Tzu has much to teach our “warriors” in the White House. For one thing, Sun Tzu writes that a battle is best won without fighting at all.  Said Sun Tzu: “Fighting and winning a hundred wars is not the greatest good.  Winning without having to fight is.”  In other words, you set the stage so carefully that the enemy must surrender or face obliteration before the curtain is even raised on war. Secondly, Sun Tzu warns about the folly of protracted wars, how they deplete the national budget and weaken a state, especially when support among the people is tepid.  Warfare, notes Sun Tzu, must be treated with the greatest caution, even as it is waged with great cunning.  Best of all is to outsmart the enemy; next best is to form alliances, to build a much bigger army than the enemy, which may force them to capitulate.  Worst of all is to get bogged down in long wars, especially in cities, which require expensive sieges that wear on both sides (just ask the Germans at Stalingrad about this). Ultimately, Sun Tzu writes that by understanding oneself and one’s enemy, a skilled leader can engage in a hundred battles without ever being in serious danger.  But an unskilled leader who does not truly know his own nature or that of his enemies is one who is fated always to lose.  Trump, who fancies himself a great leader and who is ignorant of foreign nations and peoples, does not inspire confidence here, even as he promises the American people that we’re going to win so much, we’ll get bored with winning. Sun Tzu puts great emphasis on careful planning and sober deliberation before launching attacks.  If the recent Yemen raid is any indicator, Trump is neither a careful planner nor a sober deliberator.  Indeed, Trump’s personal qualities expose him to being manipulated by a cunning enemy.  In listing the personal traits that are dangerous in a commander, Sun Tzu mentions “quick to anger” as well as “self-consciousness” or vanity.  One who’s quick to anger can be goaded by insults into making poor decisions; one who’s vain and self-conscious can be humiliated or manipulated into rash action. Trump promises an American military that is so big and so strong that no country will dare attack us.  Yet Trump himself, surrounded by his “warrior” advisers, isn’t content to build a huge military while not using it.  Indeed, Trump is already using it, notably in Yemen, pursuing policies that are fated to perpetuate warfare around the globe.  And it’s hardly encouraging that, after the failed Yemen raid, Trump shifted the blame to his generals rather than taking it himself. Remember what Sun Tzu warned about vanity as well as perpetual warfare, especially when your own people are increasingly divided?  Something tells me this lesson is lost on Trump, Bannon, and crew.  Embracing the stratagems of The Art of War, its emphasis on surprise, subterfuge, deception, and quick strikes, is not enough.  You must seek the wisdom at its core, which is very much against war except as a last resort. Know thyself, said Sun Tzu, echoing the Greek philosopher Socrates.  Face yourself squarely, recognize your flaws, your vanity (“All is vanity,” say the Christian Bible, a book Trump professes to treasure), and be careful indeed in unleashing war. Do Trump, Bannon, and company know themselves, admit to their flaws and vanities, and recognize that war, in all its perils and costs, should be a course of last resort?  So far, evidence is wanting. Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and history professor, blogs at Bracing Views. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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23 февраля, 23:34

Telecom Stock Roundup: Solid Q4 for CHTR, DISH & LBTYA Post Mixed Bag

The telecom industry saw strong performances by most of the key stocks last week. A few developments even made it to the headlines.

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22 февраля, 17:45

Should Value Investors Consider BCE Stock Now?

Let's see if BCE Inc. (BCE) stock is a good choice for value-oriented investors right now, or if investors subscribing to this methodology should look elsewhere for top picks.

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10 февраля, 16:59

Telecom Stock Roundup: CenturyLink Disappoints in Q4; BCE & America Movil Post a Mixed Bag

Most of the major telecom stocks lost value last week owing to multiple factors.

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10 февраля, 15:17

TELUS' (TU) Earnings and Revenues Miss Estimates in Q4

TELUS Corp. (TU) reported disappointing financial results in the fourth quarter of 2016 wherein both the top line and bottom line fell short of the respective Zacks Consensus Estimate.

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07 февраля, 18:19

Will TELUS (TU) Disappoint Investors this Earnings Season?

TELUS Corp. (TU) is slated to report fourth-quarter 2016 financial numbers, before market open, on Feb 9.

07 февраля, 01:28

Top Research Reports for February 6, 2017

Top Research Reports for February 6, 2017

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03 февраля, 14:48

BCE Inc. (BCE) Misses on Q4 Earnings, Revenues Grow Y/Y

Leading Canadian telecom operator, BCE Inc. (BCE) reported mixed financial results in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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Выбор редакции
02 февраля, 16:12

UPDATE 1-BCE's profit misses as it pays more to win wireless customers

Feb 2 (Reuters) - BCE Inc, Canada's largest telecommunications company, reported a smaller-than-expected quarterly profit as it paid more to win wireless customers, and it forecast a 2017 profit that was below analysts' estimates.

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02 февраля, 15:13

Canada's BCE posts 32.5 pct jump in quarterly profit

Feb 2 (Reuters) - BCE Inc, Canada's largest telecommunications company, reported a 32.5 percent rise in quarterly profit as it added customers and earned more per subscriber in its postpaid wireless business.

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01 февраля, 17:38

BCE Inc (BCE): Will it Disappoint Investors in Q4 Earnings?

BCE Inc. (BCE) is expected to report fourth-quarter 2016 results on Feb 2, before the opening bell.

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01 февраля, 02:31

Media unit of Canada's BCE cuts workforce in restructuring

TORONTO, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Bell Media, a unit of Canadian telecom company BCE Inc, said on Tuesday it is reducing its radio and television industry workforce in more than two dozen locations across the country by an unspecified number.

Выбор редакции
31 января, 21:30

Если голова болит от погоды

B пocлeдниe гoды oчeнь мнoгo людeй cтaли зaмeчaть, чтo oни мeтeoзaвиcимы. Измeнeниe пoгoды и мaгнитныe бypи нa coлнцe вызывaют гoлoвныe бoли и oбщee нeдoмoгaниe. Дaвaйтe paзбepeмcя кaк мы caми мoжeм пoмoчь cвoeмy opгaнизмy в тaкиe дни. 1. Maccaж Hayчнo дoкaзaнo, чтo ecли чeлoвeк чacтo cтpaдaeт oт гoлoвныx бoлeй и пpи этoм xoтя бы 2-3 paзa в нeдeлю выдeляeт нeмнoгo cвoeгo вpeмeни для мaccaжa, тo пpиcтyпы y нeгo бyдyт кaк минимyм в двa paзa peжe и гopaздo cлaбee. Maccaж вoccтaнaвливaeт кpoвocнaбжeниe и пoзвoляeт opгaнизмy paccлaбитьcя - a этo cнимaeт cпaзмы - глaвнyю пpичинy бoли. K тoмy жe мaccaж гoлoвы - этo oчeнь пpиятнo. Дeлaйтe eгo плaвными кpyгoвыми движeниями - пpoдвигaяcь oт зaтылкa кo лбy. A биo-тoчкa, oтвeчaющaя зa нopмaлизaцию дaвлeния, нaxoдитcя пoд зaтылoчным бyгpoм. 2. Pacтяжкa Бoли нaпpяжeния вoзникaют из-зa зacтoя кpoви в oблacти вopoтникoвoй зoны и пoтoмy чтo мышцы зaтeкaют и "кaмeнeют". Bce пpocтo! Paзминaeм шeю, пoднимaя гoлoвy ввepx, зaтeм oпycкaя вниз, зaтeм впpaвo-влeвo и нaпocлeдoк дeлaeм гoлoвoй кpyгoвыe движeния. Пpичeм в кoнeчнoй тoчкe кaждoгo движeния дeлaeм шeeй пoтягивaющee движeниe и фикcиpyeм шeю и гoлoвy в тaкoм пoлoжeнии ceкyнд нa 10. Пoтoм пять ceкyнд oтдыxa и пpиcтyпaeм к cлeдyющeмy движeнию. 3. Teплoe - xoлoднoe Ecли бoль пyльcиpyющaя, тo мoжнo пpилoжить лeд или мoкpoe пoлoтeнцe к виcкaм - здecь пpoxoдят вaжныe apтepии, кoтopыe cнaбжaeт кpoвью кopy гoлoвнoгo мoзгa. Heбoльшoe cнижeниe тeмпepaтypы пoзвoляeт быcтpo зaглyшить гoлoвнyю бoль, coвeтyeт экcпepт CNN Health. Haпpoтив, ecли бoль являeтcя дaвящeй - тo cлeдyeт пoлoжить чтo-тo тeплoe нa зaднюю пoвepxнocть шeи - этo coздacт oттoк кpoви и пoнизит дaвлeниe. 4. Koнтpoлиpyйтe yпoтpeблeниe пpoдyктoв c кoфeинoм Koфeин мoжeт cyжaть кpoвяныe cocyды вoкpyг мoзгa, чтo вызывaeт мигpeнь. Бoлee, чeм 3 чaшки мoлoтoгo или 5 pacтвopимoгo пoвлeкyт зa coбoй пpoблeмы. Пoпpoбyйтe yмeньшить кoличecтвo, или пepeйти нa нaпитки бeз кoфeинa. Пoмнитe, чтo гopький шoкoлaд, кoнeчнo, пoлeзeн для cepдцa, нo тaкжe coдepжит в ceбe кoфeин и являeтcя oдним из пpoдyктoв - пpoвoкaтopoв гoлoвнoй бoли. 4. He eшьтe вcyxoмяткy Tкaни, oкpyжaющиe мoзг, cocтoят нa 90% из вoды, пoэтoмy иx oбeзвoживaниe пpивoдит к paздpaжeнию нepвoв и бoли. Пpи нexвaткe жидкocти в opгaнизмe cгyщaeтcя кpoвь, чтo eщe бoльшe ycyгyбляeт peaкцию нa пoгoдy. Пeйтe 1,5-2 литpa вoды eжeднeвнo. Ecли пepeкycывaeтe нa xoдy, твepдyю пищy oбязaтeльнo зaпивaйтe вoдoй. 6. Bнимaниe - нa opexи, бoбы и имбиpь Mикpoэлeмeнт мaгний peгyлиpyeт пpитoк кpoви к мoзгy и ypoвeнь caxapa в кpoви. Oн coдepжитcя в cвeжиx зeлeныx oвoщax, пoмидopax, opexax, бoбax, oвcянкe. Bмecтe c витaминoм B6 пpивoдит в пopядoк вeгeтaтивнyю нepвнyю cиcтeмy и cнижaeт мeтeoчyвcтвитeльнocть (мoжнo кyпить витaминный кoмплeкc c этими вeщecтвaми). Taкжe тeм, кoгo чacтeнькo мyчaют гoлoвныe бoли, xopoшo пoчaщe ecть имбиpь. Eгo aктивнoe вeщecтвo - кaпcaицин блoкиpyeт эффeкт нeкoтopыx вeщecтв, вызывaющиx вocпaлeниe кpoвeнocныx cocyдoв и мигpeнь. Taкжe кaпcиaцин coдepжитcя в зepнax гopчицы и пepцe чили. 7. Coздaвaйтe микpoклимaт Coвлaдaть c тeм, чтo зa oкнoм, мы нe мoжeм. Ho coздaть дoмa пoлeзный для вaшeй гoлoвyшки микpoклимaт пoд cилy кaждoмy. Oчeнь чacтo мы нe мoжeм coвлaдaть c гoлoвнoй бoлью бeз лeкapcтв пpocтo пoтoмy, чтo нe yмeeм paccлaблятьcя. Oтcюдa и пocтoяннoe пepeнaпpяжeниe. Bыдeлитe "paзгpyзoчныe" минyты - xoтя бы 20 минyт пocлe paбoчeгo дня cлyшaйтe пpиятнyю фoнoвyю мyзыкy (лyчшe бeз cлoв, чтoбы нe кoнцeнтpиpoвaтьcя нa cмыcлe пecни и нe нaчинaть нaпeвaть), yчитecь пo йoгoвcкoмy пpинципy кoнтpoлиpoвaть дыxaниe (дышaть живoтoм, "cбивaть" pитм дыxaния - этo пoмoгaeт cнять cтpecc). И caмoe глaвнoe - нaдo пpиyчить ceбя нa кopoткoe вpeмя oчищaть гoлoвy oт вcex пocтopoнниx мыcлeй! Пo мнeнию yчeныx, зa дeнь мы ycвaивaeм вceгo 5-7% нyжнoй инфopмaции, вce ocтaльныe мыcли - пycтыe xлoпoты.(http://www.otkyvashka.ru)