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24 февраля, 19:59

12 Secrets Amazon Shoppers Need to Know

With one click, Amazon shoppers can get anything from furniture to a gallon of milk delivered straight to their door. Here's how to save even more.

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24 февраля, 16:30

What Makes Aaron's (AAN) a Strong Sell?

Aaron???s (AAN), has witnessed a significant price decline and negative trend in earnings estimate revisions

24 февраля, 16:12

Will Best Buy (BBY) Stock Gain Post Q4 Earnings Release?

Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) is slated to report fourth-quarter fiscal 2017 results on Mar 1.

24 февраля, 16:01

Office Depot (ODP) to Report Q4 Earnings: What to Expect?

Office Depot (ODP) is slated to report fourth-quarter 2016 results, before the opening bell on Mar 1.

24 февраля, 15:52

Lowe's (LOW) to Post Q4 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

Lowe's Companies Inc. (LOW) is slated to report fourth-quarter fiscal 2016 results on Mar 1, before the market opens.

23 февраля, 20:29

Where U.S. Companies Stand on the Border Adjustment Tax

Exporters and importers are at odds over the proposal.

23 февраля, 18:09

Big 5 Sporting (BGFV) Q4 Earnings: Disappointment in Store?

Big 5 Sporting (BGFV) is all set to report fourth-quarter 2016 results, after the closing bell on Feb 28, 2017.

23 февраля, 17:05

Target (TGT) to Post Q4 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

Our proven model does not conclusively show that Target (TGT) is likely to beat earnings estimates this quarter.

22 февраля, 03:42

Where Are the Best Buying Opportunities in Stocks Right Now?

With stocks hitting new record highs, you might think there???s nothing left to buy. But some of the biggest money managers beg to differ.

21 февраля, 23:04

4 Rock Solid Retail Stocks to Beat Earnings this Season

Retailers are efficiently allocating a large chunk of their capital toward a multi-channel growth strategy.

21 февраля, 17:02

Pinnacle Foods (PF) Q4 Earnings: What Factors Are at Play?

Pinnacle Foods (PF) is slated to report fourth-quarter 2016 results on Feb 23.

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21 февраля, 16:34

J. C. Penney (JCP) Q4 Earnings: Is Disappointment in Store?

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (JCP) is slated to report fourth-quarter fiscal 2016 results on Feb 24.

21 февраля, 15:16

Plus ça change ? Oui ou Non?

Plus ça change ? No way! Up is now down. Black is now white. (Okay, black is still black; let’s not go overboard.) White, however, is whiter than ever, thanks in part to Darth Bannon and Stephen Miller-Himmler. The sans culottes now love gilded haute couture breeches. That Motel 6 thing called Versaille isn’t anywhere near ornate enough! Trumpistan makes Camelot seem like a hopeless rundown ghetto. One really needs a scorecard to make sense of the demographic shift---(a microcosm of which exists in the form of the vocal membership of Zerohedge)---that is Trump’s base. In a few months things have flipped 180 degrees. The head spins! Libertarians have become Statists, Anarcho-Capitalists have become jackbooted Stormtroopers. Autocracy is now the people’s best friend. The Constitution has become a Tweet, limited to around 140 characters and containing only a single Amendment (the 2nd), and all that other fluff that deals with stuff like speech and the press are Fake Rights. Superfluous nonsense! Dishonest! A while back, the threat of terrorism was ‘made up’, the odds less than a lightning strike. Today, only the Emperor can keep folks safe from the Muzzies, by refusing US entry to Sudanese basketball players and Somali auto workers headed to Detroit. Saudis and Emiratis are okay, as are Egyptians, however, because they have the good sense to let Trump build hotels and golf courses, or borrow a few hundred million dollars to fund his businesses. Maybe those three nations get a pass owing to confusion as to whether 9-11 was really a terror attack by Saudis, Emiratis and an Egyptian, or an inside job false flag limited hangout psy-op. So much cognitive dissonance! They was framed, I tell ya! Speaking of Truthers, and knowing how much faith Trump puts in alternative news, even Alex Jones and Infowars are members of the White House Press Corps, no doubt taking the seat once held by the dangerous Arab Helen Thomas. One wonders about things like Chemtrails in the now-welcome New World Order, because everybody’s newest favorite love muffin has his own 757, and he MUST have ordered it with the Chemtrail option installed. He is a billionaire, after all. A billionaire has to be an elite, and elites get the inside track on all the goodies. Maybe Chemtrails are not mind control substances after all, but actually a special kind of vitamin, good for young and old alike, so there’s nothing to fear? Trump would tell us, no doubt. He’s looking out for us. Our Father, who art in Mar-a-Lago, awesome be thy name! It’s odd that just last year government needed to be as small as possible, if it even needed to exist at all, with sufficient checks and balances to keep everybody slightly off guard. Now, the Judicial and Legislative Branches are impediments to the Dictator’s sole authority. Get rid of them! It’s one man rule, an all-knowing autocrat who can issue endless Proclamations, totally obviating Congress and the ‘so-called’ courts. A Medici Pope was more fallible than Tsar Trumpski. Didn’t TV used to be bad? Many used to express great pride not owning one of those silly things. Now that we have a Game Show Host as POTUS, however, TV might be making a comeback. Maybe we should load up on Best Buy stock. It’s not all bad, however. Jews are suddenly okay again, and if Donny Boo Boo wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, damn if he shouldn’t do it. Bibi Netanyahu, once perhaps the third most hated man on Earth (after Soros and Obama) is Trump’s good buddy now, and Trump’s Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, another real estate developer, is going to finally put an end to a 2000- year old feud between Arabs and Jews. In Trumpistan everything is possible. Personally, I’m happy the Jewish people are finally getting a break, as they traditionally catch the blame for everyone else’s failures. Now we can comfortably just blame Muslims and Mexicans. Most surprising, perhaps, is that Goldman Sachs has gone from being the devil incarnate to actually doing God’s work the way Lord (sic) Blankfein once quipped, since Trump sprinkled his government with lots of former Goldman partners, from Gary Cohn to Steve Mnuchin to Steve Bannon. Billionaires and rich people, too, are now good, even if they inherited their wealth like Betsy DeVos, whose family ran a sort-of pyramid scheme called Amway. It’s all good. It seems like just yesterday, however, that the gang here was certain nobody made any kind of big money honestly, and many a boiled rope was supposedly prepared to be lopped around the necks of people now in the Cabinet. Today we expect that any day now Sean Spicer is going to be replaced by Robin Leach, and that’s all good, too. No, in Trumpistan nothing is good, because there are only superlatives. There is only ‘best’, ‘greatest’, and ‘unbelievable’. “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” beats liberté, égalité, fraternité. In Trumpistan, places like Lake Wobegon, where ’everybody is above average’ are second rate. Slackers! Losers! In Trumpistan everybody is the best, like the meatloaf at Mar-a-Lago! Anyone who might have spent the last six months on a desert isle would look at Trump’s demo or visit ZH Comments today and think there had been a total housecleaning of the membership ranks, all replaced with Statist Toadies. Trump is a demigod, and the people scream Heil! But wait! Does all that flash have a purpose other than Trump’s self-aggrandizement? Is there a kind of compromise where Trump gets what he really wants (the stage), but no real power? Is Trump just for the masses, a slight of hand to capture the attention of those for whom style is way more important than substance? Bright lights and flash bang may have hidden the bloodless coup that took place since 8 November. Trump has the stage, but adults can now run the show. General Mattis is at Defense. Pompeo is at CIA. General Kelly is at Homeland Security. Lt General McMaster heads the NSC. Not a one of them is a yes man. Not a one of them will give way to Bannon or Miller. They will speak truth to power, even if it upsets Donny Boo Boo so much he exceeds 140 characters. Three of four know war, and don't want it, even if Trump insists on doing some big time killin' in Iran and playing 19th Century Imperialist by stealing Iraq's oil. Maybe they will just ignore the ostensible power and do the needful while Trump plays the Twiddle. There’s no need now for Alex Jones’ FEMA Camps, because the plebes have been hypnotized. They have their Game Show Host, which is all they really wanted. Maybe, behind all the glitter, it really is plus ça change.

20 февраля, 17:39

DISH Network (DISH) Q4 Earnings: Is Disappointment in Store?

DISH Network (DISH) is slated to report fourth-quarter 2016 financial numbers before the opening bell on Feb 22.

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19 февраля, 09:00

MacBook And Surface Pro 4 President's Day Deals: Apple And Microsoft On The Cheap

MacBook prices are getting the slash treatment at Best Buy this weekend. And so are Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Book.

15 февраля, 19:40

Remarks by President Trump in Listening Session with the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Member Company CEOs

Roosevelt Room 10:40 A.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  So it's nice to see we have some great retailers here today and we're going to go around the room and we'll all introduce ourselves.  Some of you I've read about on the covers of business magazines and it's great to have you here.  Thank you very much. I'm pleased to host all of you at the White House.  The CEOs -- you're some of the great CEOs of our country and the biggest in the retail industry, which is very important to the country in supporting millions and millions of jobs -- really one of the great job producers.  Probably, would you say, almost number one?  Pretty close, right? MR. KUSHNER:  I agree. THE PRESIDENT:  It is number one. There's a lot of confidence in our economy right now.  There's a great confidence level.  You've been seeing that in the stock market.  You've been seeing that in businesses.  And you've been seeing that at every chart that's taken.  There's evidence also by the jobs report that just came out for January -- 227,000 jobs added.  My administration remains very focused on the issues that will encourage economic growth -- that's what we're all about.  We have a lot of plants moving back into various states, including the state of Ohio, the state of Michigan, Pennsylvania.  You have a lot of companies moving back in, coming back into the country, bringing the jobs with them. We're cutting regulations big league.  We are really cutting them by massive amounts.  The auto industry just left a week ago -- they were here in the same room -- and they are very happy with what we're doing and everyone is.  I think just about every -- the financial industry.  We're having a lot of the different industries in and we're cutting regulations in just about every industry.  In fact, I can't think of any that we're not.  If I do, we have a major story, okay, because I think just every industry we're cutting, some more than others.  You have a very, very big regulatory problem and we're going to take care of that because I want more jobs.  We're doing that because we want more jobs. As you know, the overregulation costs our economy an estimated $2 trillion a year, which is incredible -- $2 trillion -- and it costs your businesses a lot of money, tremendous amounts of money and time.  I've taken executive action to create a permanent structure of regulatory reduction by creating one and one.  So basically, for every one regulation, two are out.  So we knock out two.  So we put in one, but to put in one, you have to knock out two.  That's the least of it, but it's an important symbol. In addition to reducing government regulations, we'll also reform our tax code to help middle-income families and American businesses grow and thrive.  Tax reform is one of the best opportunities to really impact our economy.  So we're doing a massive tax plan.  It's coming along really well.  It will be submitted in the not-too-distant future, and it will be not only good and simpler; it will be -- you're talking about big numbers of savings.  And we're talking also middle income and very much for business.  And the business is for middle income because you can employ a lot of people.  So we hope you're going to do that.   We're going to provide tax relief for families.  We're going to simplify very greatly the tax code -- it's too complicated.  We're going to bring down the number of alternatives, and I think it's going to be just a much, much simpler tax code.  In fact, H&R Block probably won't be too happy -- that's one business that might not be happy with what we're doing.  Other than H&R Block, I think people are going to love it. We're going to lower the rates very, very substantially for virtually everybody in every category, including personal and business.  And I just want to go around the room.  I'd like you to introduce yourself and then I'll tell you a little bit more, and you're going to tell me what you're looking for.  But we want jobs.  We want jobs brought back to the country.  We want them brought back fast.  We want you to expand your stores.  And you'll tell me why you will or why you won't.  And tell me why you won't -- we'll work on you a little bit, right, Vice President Mike Pence?  (Laughter.) So go ahead. MS. SOLTAU:  I'm Jill Soltau.  I'm with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. MR. PECK:  Art Peck with The Gap. THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  Very good. MR. JOLY:  Hubert Joly with Best Buy. THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  Great store. MR. RHODES:  I'm Bill Rhodes with AutoZone. MR. CORNELL:  Brian Cornell with Target.  THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  The Tar-get -- right?  (Laughter.) MR. PESSINA:  Stefano Pessina, Walgreens Boots Alliance. MR. SANDFORT:  Greg Sandfort with Tractor Supply. THE PRESIDENT:  Yes. MR. ELLISON:  Marvin Ellison with J.C. Penney. THE PRESIDENT:  I read a good report on you.  (Laughter.)  Good job. MR. ELLISON:  Thank you.  (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT:  So maybe we go around the room a little bit.  I guess we can let the press go now, right?  Do you suggest that?  Go ahead.  Thank you all very much. END  10:46 A.M. EST

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13 февраля, 09:01

Поступили в продажу телевизоры Samsung QLED 4K по цене от $2500

Samsung приступила к продажам QLED-телевизоров с экранами на квантовых точках, представленных в начале года на выставке CES 2017. Новая серия позиционируется южнокорейской компанией как следующий шаг в производстве телевизоров. Представленные на выставке модели Q9, Q8 и Q7 превосходят OLED-телевизоры по яркости изображения и точности цветопередачи. Сейчас Samsung, Amazon и Best Buy открыли предзаказ на новые модели телевизоров, и теперь известна их цена.

11 февраля, 03:24

Pet Health Insurance

If you consider your dog or cat to be a member of the family, you are not a pet owner -- you are a "pet parent." There's a vast difference, according to Robert Jackson, CEO of HealthyPaws.com, a pet insurance provider. Jackson's company, he says, provides health and accident insurance benefits to people who would "do anything" to save their pets. But "anything" can be expensive! The costs of an emergency surgery or a stay in intensive care could easily ring up a bill of $3,000 or more -- as I recently learned when my Yorkie needed surgery. Pet health insurance is not designed to cover the ordinary annual costs of owning a pet such as vaccinations, health examinations and regular teeth cleaning, which, according to the American Pet Products Association, costs the average cat owner $196 and the average dog owner $233. Should you consider buying health insurance for your pet? In recent years, it has become a far more respected product. Consumer Reports has studied the "best buys" of pet insurance, concluding that if you choose wisely, the odds are good that your policy will pay for itself at some point in your pet's life. There are even websites such as PetInsuranceReview.com that compare premium costs and coverages on pet health policies. HealthyPaws.com consistently gets high ratings based on its pricing and reliable payment of claims. If you're thinking about getting pet medical insurance, here are five things you should know: --The cost of coverage depends on the age of the pet, the breed (and there is a category for mixed breeds) and your zip code. An online calculator on HealthyPaws.com gives instant quotes. You can lower the premium by agreeing to pay a higher deductible or co-pay. A popular option at Healthy Paws is a $200 deductible with 80 percent coverage with a 20 percent copay. For a small, young dog, that works out to about $25 per month, which is automatically renewed on your credit card until you cancel. --Not all costs are covered. Again, pet insurance is not meant for the ordinary annual costs of owning a pet. Annual heartworm tests and meds, shots and dental are not covered in most policies. But you are typically covered for expenses in case of an accident, emergency or illness -- including cancer, hereditary and congenital conditions, surgery, diagnostic treatments, prescription drugs and a long list of other potential costs. --The costs of covered care are reimbursed. HealthyPaws has simplified the payment of claims with its own app. You can simply take a photo of the bill and upload it to submit your claim, which is reimbursed promptly. Jackson notes that in some emergency situations the company will work with the vet to pre-approve the costs and pay the bill directly to the animal hospital. --Coverage starts 15 days after the application is approved. You don't need to send in your pet's medical records until you file a claim. Then the company will quickly check with the vet and reimburse you for your costs, after you have satisfied the deductible and made the co-payment. --More tips: Buy insurance when your pet is young. Pets with pre-existing conditions cannot be covered, so it's best to buy when you first get your dog or cat. Also, while all breeds are covered, there is one major exclusion: A one-year waiting period for coverage for hip dysplasia for certain breeds such as German shepherds, prone to this condition. And you cannot purchase new coverage for this condition after the pet is 6 years old. Is pet insurance worth the cost? That all depends on whether your furry friend leads a charmed life or whether its nine lives are marred by as many veterinary interventions. But unlike paying for an extended warranty on an appliance that can be replaced if it really breaks down, the costs of a pet illness are unlimited and potentially very expensive. And, as I now know personally, that's The Savage Truth. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

09 февраля, 21:07

Voice Search Turns Up the Volume

By Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor, gyro Cincinnati Voice search is about to move from a whisper to a shout, quickly. The fact that Google Home and Amazon Echo both had a starring roles in this year’s Super Bowl is only the latest of evidence of this fact.  Voice search exploded in 2015, going from “statistical zero” to 10% of all searches globally within the year. By May of 2016, the percent of voice searches doubled to 20%. As voice recognition technology improves, it’s no surprise to see voice search skyrocketing. After all, we can speak a lot faster than we type (we speak at 150 wpm, vs 40 wpm for typing). Voice queries are different from typed queries. Let’s say you’ve been looking for a new phone company for your small business, and you’re trying to remember the name of the company whose ad you saw on TV the other night. If you’re typing, you’ll probably search for something like “business phone companies.” With voice search, natural language is more common. You might say something like “what’s the name of the business phone company whose TV ads offered $30 per month?” Suddenly, a 3-word query has become a 15-word query, and the intent is much more clear. A few years ago, longer queries were problematic. Search engines struggled with delivering relevant results for voice searches. Search algorithms were built to expect queries of no more than four to five words. But with the growth of voice search, the algorithms have become much better. Not only are search results relevant, but they’re personalized. While writing this article, I asked Google to show me the nearest Best Buy. The result was so accurate (including a pin on a map for my location) that I don’t want to show the screen shot here! It gave me a map, phone numbers, and hours – all on my mobile screen. It was as if I’d asked the person next to me – only better, with visuals and tappable phone numbers. In fact, personal digital assistants like OK Google, Cortana, and Siri are almost better than having your own human executive assistant. A digital assistant can schedule an appointment in seconds, placing it on your calendar instantly. You can send a text entirely with voice commands, without ever typing a single letter on a keyboard. You can turn a search question into a task, complete with a calendar reminder and a map with directions. Even complex tasks like planning a trip have become easier: with a few voice commands, you can find and book a flight and hotel, put the trip on your calendar, and get a weather report for your destination. Everything but packing your suitcase can be done via voice. This holiday season, the Amazon Echo was a popular gift – so much so that it sold out just before Christmas Day. The Echo, along with devices like Google Home, are taking search to the next level. Search has now become ubiquitous. It’s on our phones, and in our home devices. Not only can the Echo play music and turn lights on and off, it can order household items that you’ve run out of. And with