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20 июля, 21:24

After NSA Approval, BlackBerry Can Sell Security Tools to U.S. Government

On Thursday, BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) announced it has won the right to sell secure messaging tools to the United States government after the National Security Agency (NSA) endorsed the smartphone maker and its products.

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20 июля, 15:54

Why Should You Dump America Movil (AMX) from Your Portfolio?

On Jul 18, 2017, Mexican telecom behemoth, America Movil SAB (AMX) was downgraded to Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell).

20 июля, 14:17

Qualcomm (QCOM) Tops Q3 Earnings and Revenues Estimates

Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) has updated Snapdragon processors and applications to retain leadership in the global wireless baseband chipset market.

18 июля, 18:51

I Finally Tried Aldi. Here’s What I Loved (and Hated) About the Store

Aldi plans to win you over with ultra-low prices on everything from milk to meat, but does it really deliver quality foods for less? We decided to find out.

18 июля, 15:55

Qualcomm Loses EU Case, Slapped with Daily Fine of $6,65,000

Anti-competitive allegations to throw out British phone software maker Icera takes a bitter turn as an EU court fines Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) $665,000 per day.

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18 июля, 14:29

A beginner's guide to growing fruit

Creating a fruit-lover’s utopia in your garden or allotment is easier than you’d think. Head gardener Lucy Chamberlain explains howRead parts one and two of this series.Many people’s response to the thought of growing fruit in their garden is “I haven’t got room”, “the birds will eat it before I do”, “I’d rather grow flowers because they’re prettier”, or “it’s a bit too tricky”. Well, they’re wrong. And they’re missing out. Here’s why.It’s perfectly possible for a beginner to successfully grow a good crop of apples, pears, plums, cherries, figs, apricots, peaches, nectarines, raspberries, grapes, kiwi berries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, and strawberries in a small space. Continue reading...

17 июля, 22:42

Varys, Tyrion and limited government, by Alberto Mingardi

Game of Thrones is back. The HBO series (not to mention the novels by George R.R. Martin) is an exciting part of our popular culture, but it is also obviously about power plays and, er, politics. So, for once, searching for its political message is not perhaps reading too much into it, but somehow consistent with the very nature of this spectacular entertainment product. A couple of years ago I linked to a good post by Mike Rappaport on Games of Thrones and styles of leadership. Now I've run into this article by Robert Coville at CapX. It is very good indeed and gives a non-cynical interpretation of Martin's stories. For Coville, the gist of the series resides in a couple of dialogues between Tyrion and Varys, one and the other the most politically savvy - but, at times, the most Machiavellian - of Martin's characters. He argues that Martin's real preference, I would argue, is revealed in another on-the-nose conversation between Varys and Tyrion (taken from the TV series, admittedly, rather than the books). "What is it you want, exactly?" Varys asks. Tyrion responds: "Peace. Prosperity. A land where the powerful do not prey on the powerless." "Where castles are made of gingerbread and moats are filled with blackberry wine," scoffs Varys. Both Tyrion and Varys are political realists, who have been close enough to sovereign and powerful men to see how human and, indeed, selfish they are. But they both join the cause of young Daeneris Targaryen not only because she has, er, dragons, nor because her dynasty has a claim to legitimacy much stronger than others, but because they see her as a champion of good government, understood as moderate government, moderate in the sense of self-limiting when it comes to what the powerful can actually do to anybody else. If the series evolves like Coville argues, it could turn out to be about capable political operators turning to the service of leaders they consider the best not for their career, but for the land and the people. This may sound naive, but anybody who either read or watched Game of Thrones knows that Martin is not naive indeed. He doesn't spare any of the cruelty and pettiness of politics. I think somehow this apparent inconsistency is familiar to many of us who follow political matters closely. We know that self-interest and political incentives are the almost infallible umpires of the great trends in politics. But any of us can also name quite a few people who, though being fully aware of the problems and shortcomings of playing politics, are nonetheless trying to go against the grain and to what they sincerely believe it is the good thing. Martin, an arch-realist, suggests that the very same people who played safe and cynical can, under different circumstances, become forward-looking and generous. Let's put it in different terms: perhaps the more you see how arbitrary and capricious government can be, the more you long for limited government. I don't know if, whenever Game of Thrones ends, this will emerge as one of its messages. But it will be interesting if it does. (4 COMMENTS)

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17 июля, 12:16

Ed Sheeran's dire Game of Thrones cameo: he came, he sang, he ate rabbit

He was just a boy, drinking blackberry wine with Arya Stark – but his dud performance proves the TV behemoth’s fondness for bland musicians. Still, at least the ditty he warbled was better than Galway GirlNow that Game of Thrones is deep into uncharted territory, roaring off beyond the printed page, the biggest talking points of each new episode should be moments we hadn’t seen coming. They should be twists and turns that exist within the show’s one-of-a-kind hinterland, caught somewhere between George RR Martin’s design and his eventual publication date.And yet, at least judging by chatter online, the biggest moment from the Game of Thrones opener was one we’d known about far in advance. That’s right: the Ed Sheeran cameo. Continue reading...

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15 июля, 02:15

Android Circuit: New Galaxy Note 8 Hardware Leak, Google Pixel 2 Details, Microsoft's Android Love

This week’s Android Circuit includes the latest details on the Galaxy Note 8 and its launch date, Samsung confirming the phablet, the design of Google’s Pixel 2 XL, the Nokia 3 going on UK sale, sample images from the OnePlus 5, a fix for the BlackBerry KeyOne, and Microsoft’s latest Android update.

11 июля, 14:55

Charter (CHTR) Settles Carriage Fee Dispute with Fox News

Charter Communications Inc. (CHTR) settled a carriage fee dispute with Fox News, a unit of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. (FOXA).

Выбор редакции
10 июля, 18:07

Not by borsch alone: You won’t believe what else can be made with beetroot!

Borscht, the most well-known beetroot soupThe beetroot is a special vegetable for Russians because it’s the main ingredient in the world-famous borsch. You might be surprised, but the beetroot did not originate in Russia. The burgundy beauty was brought to Ancient Rus' from Byzantium, and it was immediately regarded with high esteem. And why shouldn't it? The beetroot contains folic acid, which is good for the nervous system; has a large quantity of iodine in respect to other vegetables (for example, 7-17 micrograms versus 0.2-6 micrograms in carrots); contains betaine, which regulates fat metabolism; and has magnesium, as well as a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals. This ode to the beetroot can continue, but it’s time to eat! RBTH is happy to share some exotic beetroot recipes from Moscow's most prestigious restaurants. Herring in a beetroot coat (Dr. Zhivago restaurant) Photo courtesy of Dr. Zhivago Ingredients for the 1st layer: Boiled potatoes - 35 grams Finely-chopped garlic - 2 grams This dish is made layer by layer in the following order: 1st layer - mash the potatoes with garlic and mayonnaise. 2nd layer - mix herring with mayonnaise.Ingredients for the 2nd layer: Mayonnaise - 10 grams Herring cubes - 50 grams 3rd layer - cut the apple, potatoes, beetroot, carrots and herring into cubes. Add mayonnaise and chili sauce. Mix everything into a homogenous mass.   How to make it: Ingredients for the 3rd layer: Boiled potatoes - 20 grams Boiled carrots - 20 grams Peeled apple - 10 grams Boiled egg white - 20 grams Boiled beetroot - 20 grams Mayonnaise - 35 grams Small herring cubes - 25 grams Chili sauce - 5 grams 1. Cut the boiled beetroot into thin circles. 2. Place the homogenous mass onto a plate. Decorate with the thin beetroot circles. 3. When serving embellish the dish with green onions.   Svekolnik with blackberries (SEVEN restaurant) Photo courtesy of SEVEN Ingredients: Beetroot - 3 pieces Blackberries - 100 grams Kvas - 700 ml How to make it: 1. Mix the sour cream, finely diced garlic, coriander and cucumbers to make the Matsoni sauce. 2. For cold borsch, stew the grated beetroot and blackberries for about 90 minutes and then pour in the kvas. Ingredients for Matsoni sauce: Sour cream - 50 grams Coriander - 20 grams Garlic - 10 grams Cucumbers - 40 grams Drain. 3. Place a tablespoon of Matsoni and leek rings in a plate, then pour in the cold borsch.   A Russian-Italian taste: ravioli from beetroot with avocado and walnuts (Ribambelle restaurant) Photo courtesy of Rimambelle How to make it: Ingredients: Beetroot - 70 grams Avocado - 60 grams Walnuts - 15 grams Seedless grapes - 40 grams Salt - to taste Balsamic drizzle - to taste Olive oil - to taste 1. Boil the beetroot and cut into thin slices. 2. Prepare ravioli filling - crush the avocado with a fork and finely cut grapes. 3. Crack the walnuts into large pieces. Mix the ingredients, and add a small amount of olive oil, salt and balsamic drizzle. 4. Place the filling onto beetroot slices and cover with remaining slices. Serve immediately.   Beetroot with pears on a grill (Spices restaurant) Photo courtesy of Spices Ingredients: Beetroot - 1 piece Balsamic vinegar - 20 ml Olive oil - 30 ml Narsharab sauce - 15 ml Pomegranate juice - 200 ml Ginger - 10 grams BBQ sauce - 20 ml Basil - 5 grams Quinoa - 50 grams Pear - 1/2 Thyme - 5 grams Sugar - 10 grams Mint - 10 grams Sheep cheese (Sainte-Maure de Touraine)- 20 grams (don't panic - this cheese is now made in Russia!) How to make it: 1. Clean the beetroot and marinate for 45 minutes in pomegranate juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ginger. Bake in an oven at 180 degrees Celsius for an hour. 2. Slice the pear and boil with thyme and sugar for 15 minutes. Cool in the same water. Brush on the BBQ sauce, and grill. 3. Boil the quinoa. Cool and mix with the mint, basil, narsharab sauce and olive oil. Compose the dish and decorate it with the sheep cheese.   A Healthy Cocktail from Brasserie Most Photo courtesy of Most We could not but ask for some useful suggestions from the restaurant's chef, Jean-Luc Molle: Ingredients: Peeled green apple (1 piece) - 240 grams Carrots (2 pieces) - 250 grams Orange pulp (2 pieces) - 220 grams Peeled beetroot (1 piece) - 110 grams "I called the drink antioxidant or "for weariness" because every ingredient is healthy and all together they give you strength, and act as a strong antioxidant. The green apple helps liver detoxification, removing harmful toxins. The carrot is a natural antioxidant and the brighter its orange color, the healthier it is. To balance the taste I add orange pulp. This citrus is great to fight weariness. The most important ingredient, which unites all these healthy qualities, is the beetroot." How to make it: Squeeze fresh juice from all the ingredients and mix.

Выбор редакции
10 июля, 16:34

BlackBerry выходит на китайский рынок

Как сообщает Gizmochina, об этом свидетельствует тот факт, что в китайской социальной сети Weibo на днях появилась официальная учётная запись BlackBerry. Ранее такой же аккаунт был зарегистрирован в мессенджере WeChat. По мнению редакции, TCL Corp. пытается создать присутствие в китайских социальных сетях накануне запуска своих новых продуктов. При этом, какие именно устройства будут представлены на рынке Поднебесной, неизвестно. Журналисты предполагают, что компания может готовить для китайцев эксклюзивный аппарат, и приводят в пример смартфон BlackBerry Aurora, выпущенный для продажи на территории Индонезии. В противном случае TCL Corp. попросту адаптирует ранее представленный BlackBerry KeyOne под нужды жителей КНР.

Выбор редакции
10 июля, 12:31

Solving The BlackBerry KeyOne's Screen Display Problems

BlackBerry KeyOne manufacturer TCL has updated the construction process its keyboard-equipped Android handset to improve the screen assembly. The new units are appearing in store now, and existing owners have been reminded that the issue will be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

09 июля, 08:00

Gorgeous wines from Georgia | David Williams

With a wine tradition that stretches back 8,000 years and more than 500 indigenous grapes to choose from, David Williams has managed to select just three great Georgian wines for you to tryTbilvino Qvevris, Kakheti, Georgia 2015 (£10, Marks & Spencer) There are some wines I’ve only started to love after visiting the place they’re made. One is sherry, which made so much more sense once I’d had a glass of chilled manzanilla with a plate of jámon in a bar in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. But there are other wines, from places I’ve never been, that give me a bad case of wanderlust. Georgian wines always have that effect on me. They’re so different, so much their own thing, I start thinking, what sort of place makes wines like this? They’re not especially easy to come by in the UK, but Marks & Sparks has a rather brilliant example of orange-tinted dry white wine aged in qvevri, the traditional Georgian clay vessel, with a subtly chewy, moreishly spicy character.Jakeli Khashmi Saperavi, Kakheti, Georgia 2011 (£18.50, Meadowdale Wines) A bottle of red Georgian wine sent to me by the rather brilliant Isle of Wight-based organic specialist online retailer Meadowdale Wines was the most recent wine to get me idly browsing for flights to Tbilisi. It’s made from the local grape separavi, which produces deeply coloured wines with a kind of wild, almost untamed intensity of tannin, finger-staining fruit and acidity that has very few peers. If you’ve enjoyed some of the more unrestrained wines made from tannat in Madiran, southwest France, you’ll be getting close to the appeal of Jakeli’s example, which is one of those wines that evolves in the glass, with black cherry and blackberry, violets, herbs, rosehip and an almost febrile acidity. Continue reading...

07 июля, 15:05

Qualcomm Alleges Apple of Patent Violation, Fuels Legal War

Qualcomm (QCOM) filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) against Apple Inc. (APPL) for infringing six of its patents covering various aspects of mobile phone technology.

06 июля, 16:30

TICC Capital, Buckle, BlackBerry, Quantum and VOXX International highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

TICC Capital, Buckle, BlackBerry, Quantum and VOXX International highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

06 июля, 16:06

CenturyLink (CTL) Adds EagleForce, Boosts Analytics Portfolio

CenturyLink (CTL) recently announced the addition of EagleForce Associates, Inc.'s advanced and predictive analytics technology to its General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 contract.

06 июля, 13:12

Битва за Telegram: пять главных вопросов по итогам спора Дурова и РКН

Sobesednik.ru разобрался в сути претензий российских надзорных ведомств к популярному интернет-мессенджеру Telegram

06 марта 2014, 22:04

There Is No Recovery From BlackBerry 10

It seems that over the long term, BlackBerry will remain largely shut out of the telecommunications market.