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The 15 Highest-Paying Companies in 2017 All Pay Over $130,000

The 15 highest-paying companies in America pay well into six figures. If you want one of the country's highest-paying jobs, here's where to go.

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Booz Allen покупает Morphick

Известный подрядчик американского МинОбороны, АНБ и других спецслужб, компания Booz Allen Hamilton (Сноуден на нее работал в процессе кражи данных АНБ), объявил 20-го октября о приобретении малоизвестной компании Morphick, одного из участников обзора Gartner по рынку MDR, а также одной из нескольких компаний, аккредитованных АНБ, на проведение расследований инцидентов в целях национальной безопасности США. Размер сделки неизвестен.

11 октября, 04:23

UPDATE: This from a UK trauma surgeon:

UPDATE: This from a UK trauma surgeon: I write in full agreement with my surgical colleague in Florida, Dr KS. A retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who served in our NHS. I have not dealt with high velocity gunshot wounds but I have studied the terrible injuries in Palestinians in Gaza caused by every type… The post UPDATE: This from a UK trauma surgeon: appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org.

24 сентября, 22:06

Dems launch $15M campaign for lawyers to take on Trump

Fresh off challenging the travel ban and other Trump policies, the party targets scores of attorneys general offices.

19 июня, 22:55

Michael Flynn Worked With Foreign Cyberweapons Group That Sold Spyware Used Against Political Dissidents

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); WASHINGTON ― While serving as a top campaign aide to Donald Trump, former national security adviser Michael Flynn made tens of thousands of dollars on the side advising a company that sold surveillance technology that repressive governments used to monitor activists and journalists.  Flynn, who resigned in February after mischaracterizing his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., has already come under scrutiny for taking money from foreign outfits. Federal investigators began probing Flynn’s lobbying efforts on behalf of a Dutch company led by a businessman with ties to the Turkish government earlier this year. Flynn’s moonlighting wasn’t typical: Most people at the top level of major presidential campaigns do not simultaneously lobby for any entity, especially not foreign governments. It’s also unusual for former U.S. intelligence officials to work with foreign cybersecurity outfits. Nor was Flynn’s work with foreign entities while he was advising Trump limited to his Ankara deal. He earned nearly $1.5 million last year as a consultant, adviser, board member, or speaker for more than three dozen companies and individuals, according to financial disclosure forms released earlier this year. Two of those entities are directly linked to NSO Group, a secretive Israeli cyberweapons dealer founded by Omri Lavie and Shalev Hulio, who are rumored to have served in Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent of the National Security Agency. Flynn received $40,280 last year as an advisory board member for OSY Technologies, an NSO Group offshoot based in Luxembourg, a favorite tax haven for major corporations. OSY Technologies is part of a corporate structure that runs from Israel, where NSO Group is located, through Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Flynn also worked as a consultant last year for Francisco Partners, a U.S.-based private equity firm that owns NSO Group, but he did not disclose how much he was paid. At least two Francisco Partners executives have sat on OSY’s board. Flynn’s financial disclosure forms do not specify the work he did for companies linked to NSO Group, and his lawyer did not respond to requests for comment. Former colleagues at Flynn’s consulting firm declined to discuss Flynn’s work with NSO Group. Executives at Francisco Partners who also sit on the OSY Technologies board did not respond to emails. Lavie, the NSO Group co-founder, told HuffPost he is “not interested in speaking to the press” and referred questions to a spokesman, who did not respond to queries. Many government and military officials have moved through the revolving door between government agencies and private cybersecurity companies. The major players in the cybersecurity contracting world ― SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI Federal and KeyW Corporation ― all have former top government officials in leadership roles or on their boards, or have former top executives working in government. But it’s less common for former U.S. intelligence officials to work with foreign cybersecurity outfits. “There is a lot of opportunity in the U.S. to do this kind of work,” said Ben Johnson, a former NSA employee and the co-founder of Obsidian Security. “It’s a little bit unexpected going overseas, especially when you combine that with the fact that they’re doing things that might end up in hands of enemies of the U.S. government. It does seem questionable.”   What is clear is that during the time Flynn was working for NSO’s Luxembourg affiliate, one of the company’s main products — a spy software sold exclusively to governments and marketed as a tool for law enforcement officials to monitor suspected criminals and terrorists — was being used to surveil political dissidents, reporters, activists, and government officials. The software, called Pegasus, allowed users to remotely break into a target’s cellular phone if the target responded to a text message. Last year, several people targeted by the spyware contacted Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity research team based out of the University of Toronto. With the help of experts at the computer security firm Lookout, Citizen Lab researchers were able to trace the spyware hidden in the texts back to NSO Group spyware. After Citizen Lab publicized its findings, Apple introduced patches to fix the vulnerability. It is not known how many activists in other countries were targeted and failed to report it to experts. NSO Group told Forbes in a statement last year that it complies with strict export control laws and only sells to authorized government agencies. “The company does NOT operate any of its systems; it is strictly a technology company,” NSO Group told Forbes. But once a sale is complete, foreign governments are free to do what they like with the technology. “The government buys [the technology] and can use it however they want,” Bill Marczak, one of the Citizen Lab researchers, told HuffPost. “They’re basically digital arms merchants.” The month before Flynn joined the advisory board of OSY Technologies, NSO Group opened up a new arm called WestBridge Technologies, Inc., in the D.C. region. (The company was originally registered in Delaware in 2014, but formed in Maryland in April 2016.) Led by NSO Group co-founder Lavie, WestBridge is vying for federal government contracts for NSO Group’s products. Hiring Flynn would provide NSO Group with a well-connected figure in Washington, to help get its foot in the door of the notoriously insular world of secret intelligence budgeting.  “When you’re trying to build up your business, you need someone who has connections, someone who is seen as an authority and a legitimate presence,” Johnson said. Hiring someone with Flynn’s background in intelligence would “open up doors that they wouldn’t have had access to,” Johnson said. Throughout 2016, Flynn worked for a number of cybersecurity firms personally and through his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group. In addition to his advisory board seat at OSY Technologies, he sat on the boards of Adobe Systems, a large software company with Pentagon contracts, and the boards of the cybersecurity companies GreenZone Systems and HALO Privacy. He also had a spot on the advisory council at Palo Alto Networks, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity company with offices in the D.C. region.  It’s a little bit unexpected going overseas, especially when you combine that with the fact that they’re doing things that might end up in hands of enemies of the U.S. government. Ben Johnson, former NSA employee Prominent human rights activists and political dissidents have reported being targeted by NSO’s technology. On August 10, 2016, Ahmed Mansoor, an internationally recognized Emirati human rights activist, received a text message prompting him to click a link to read “new secrets” about detainees abused in UAE prisons. He got a similar text the next day. But Mansoor, who had already been repeatedly targeted by hackers, knew better than to click the links. Instead, he forwarded the messages to Citizen Lab. Citizen Lab soon determined that NSO Group’s malware exploited an undisclosed mobile phone vulnerability, known as a zero-day exploit, that enabled its customers ― that is, foreign governments ― to surveil a target’s phone after the target clicked the link included in the phishing text message. If Mansoor had clicked that link, his “phone would have become a digital spy in his pocket, capable of employing his phone camera and microphone to snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device, recording his WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps, and tracking his movements,” Citizen Lab wrote in a report. Across the globe in Mexico, where Coca-Cola and PepsiCo were working to repeal a tax on sodas imposed in 2014, two activists and a government-employed scientist, all of whom supported the soda tax, received a series of suspicious text messages. The texts, which became increasingly aggressive and threatening, came as the scientist and the activists were preparing a public relations campaign in support of raising the soda tax and promoting awareness of the health risks linked to sugary beverages. Dr.  Simón Barquera, researcher at Mexico’s National Institute for Public Health, received a text on July 11, 2016, inviting him to click a link the sender said would lead him to a detailed investigation of his clinic. When Barquera didn’t follow through, the texts escalated. On the 12th, he got a text with a link to a purported court document, which the sender claimed mentioned Barquera by name. On the 13th, yet another text included a link that supposedly contained information about a funeral. The day after that, the sender wrote, “You are an asshole Simon, while you are working I’m fucking your old lady here is a photo.” The final text Barquera received in August said that his daughter was in “grave condition” after an accident, and included a link that would supposedly tell him where she was being treated. Alejandro Calvillo, director of the consumer rights nonprofit El Poder del Consumidor, received a text with a link claiming to be from a man who wanted to know if Calvillo could attend the man’s father’s funeral. Another text sent to Calvillo included a link that the sender said was a viral news story that mentioned him. The final target, Luis Encarnación, a coordinator for the obesity prevention group Coalicion ContraPESO, also received a text with a link claiming that he was named in a news article. The targets quickly got in touch with Citizen Lab and forwarded their text messages to the researchers. In February 2017, Citizen Lab released a new report linking NSO Group’s technology to the phishing attempts targeting the pro-soda tax campaigners. Citizen Lab researchers have also identified texts sent last summer to Mexican journalist Rafael Cabrera that they believe were an attempt to infect his phone with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Cabrera, who now works for BuzzFeed Mexico, was targeted by hackers after he broke a story revealing a potential conflict of interest with the Mexican first family and a Chinese company.   Citizen Lab believes NSO Group may have also sold its mobile phone spying technology to many governments, including those of Kenya, Mozambique, Yemen, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Morocco, Hungary, Nigeria and Bahrain.   Working with repressive regimes is standard practice in the cyberweapons industry. The Italian surveillance malware firm Hacking Team has worked with dozens of countries known to jail dissidents, according to emails uploaded to WikiLeaks. The FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency were among the company’s customers, according to the documents. Despite recent scrutiny over Mansoor’s case, NSO Group’s value has exploded in recent years. Francisco Partners bought the cyberweapons dealer in 2014 for $120 million. It is now reportedly valued at over $1 billion. The human rights activists targeted with the company’s software haven’t fared as well. Mansoor was arrested in the UAE in March after he signed a letter calling for the release of political prisoners. He remains behind bars. CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said that Ahmed Mansoor is a human rights attorney. He is a human rights activist.  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Booz Allen Hamilton downgraded to market perform from outperform at Raymond James

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

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15 июня, 23:55

NSA Contractor Booz Allen Crashes After DoJ Launches Probe

Shares in Booz Allen Hamlton are crashing after hours (down 13%) after releasing an 8-K admitting that the Department of Justice is investigating the NSA Contractor's direct and indirect charging practices. In their 8K, they admit... On June 7, 2017, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. (the “Company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation, was informed that the U.S. Department of Justice is conducting a civil and criminal investigation relating to certain elements of the Company’s cost accounting and indirect cost charging practices with the U.S. government.   To date, our internal and external audit processes have not identified any significant deficiencies or material weaknesses, or identified any significant erroneous cost charging.   The Company is cooperating with the government in these matters and expects to bring them to an appropriate resolution. As a reminder this is the company that Edward Snowden worked for, and as The Washington Post previously noted, the CEO desperately tried to distance himself from any reputational risk in 2013... “I told our employees Mr. Snowden was on our payroll for a short period of time, but he was not a Booz Allen person and he did not share our values,” Shrader said.   “We cannot and will not let him define us." It appears they have more than 'leaks' to worry about.  

04 июня, 17:37

28 ГБ секретных документов Пентагона выложили в интернет без пароля

Сотрудники ключевого подрядчика Министерства обороны США оставили на открытом сервере огромное количество служебной документации, лишенной всякой защиты от несанкционированного доступа. Помимо документов, в открытом доступе лежали и пароли к закрытым правительственным системам. Инцидент стал причиной сразу нескольких расследований. Пароли и 28 гигабайт секретных файловИзвестный эксперт по вопросам кибербезопасности Крис Викери (Chris Vickery) обнаружил большое количество служебной документации Минобороны США на публичном сервере в "облаке" Amazon S3. Документы в буквальном смысле лежали в открытом доступе без какой-либо защиты.Документация относилась к военному проекту, которым занимается Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ США. Всего на открытом сервере были размещены 60 тыс. файлов общим объемом порядка 28 ГБ.Исследуя архив, Викери обнаружил и несколько паролей, принадлежавших правительственным подрядчикам, имеющим доступ к секретным военным объектам. Эти пароли хранились безо всякого шифрования.Викери также нашел SSH-ключи, принадлежащие одному из высокопоставленных инженеров, работающих в корпорации Booz Allen Hamilton. Эта компания относится к числу крупнейших подрядчиков Минобороны США. Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ, ведомство, тесно сотрудничающее с ЦРУ, недавно выделило этой корпорации крупный грант.Самым неприятным открытием стало обнаружение мастер-пароля, обеспечивающего административный доступ к одной из самых закрытых и защищенных систем Пентагона."Мы проводим расследование..."Викери поспешно уведомил о своем открытии Booz Allen, но быстрого ответа не получил. Тогда он проинформировал Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ, и доступ к документам пропал в течение девяти минут.Позднее представители Booz Allen сообщили, что компания аннулировала ключи доступа и приступила к расследованию инцидента. Также было заявлено, что никаких признаков компрометации данных на данный момент не выявлено.Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ также заявило о начале своего собственного расследования."НАГКР очень серьезно относится к возможности раскрытия любой существенной, хотя и не секретной информации; все скомпрометированные пароли отозваны", - заявили представители компании.Потенциальная катастрофа"Произошедшее может иметь весьма негативные последствия для всех затронутых сторон, как с практической стороны, так и в PR-аспекте, - говорит Ксения Шилак, директор по продажам компании SEC-Consult Рус. - Помимо рисков, связанных с возможной утечкой ключей доступа к закрытым системам, это еще и демонстрация халатного отношения к защите данных. На репутации Booz Allen снова появляется крупное пятно: напомню, что именно там работал Эдвард Сноуден".Еще один сотрудник Booz Allen, Харольд Мартин (Harold Martin), был арестован в 2016 г. и получил обвинения в шпионаже после того, как у него дома обнаружили около 50 ТБ секретных данных.Таким образом, у партнеров Booz Allen могут возникнуть вопросы относительно протоколов защиты данных в компании - ими слишком часто пренебрегают.(http://safe.cnews.ru/news...)

04 июня, 15:12

А потом ко всему этому оказываются причастны "русские хакеры"

В раздел "кибер":Сотрудники ключевого подрядчика Министерства обороны США оставили на открытом сервере огромное количество служебной документации, лишенной всякой защиты от несанкционированного доступа. Помимо документов, в открытом доступе лежали и пароли к закрытым правительственным системам. Инцидент стал причиной сразу нескольких расследований.Пароли и 28 гигабайт секретных файловИзвестный эксперт по вопросам кибербезопасности Крис Викери (Chris Vickery) обнаружил большое количество служебной документации Минобороны США на публичном сервере в «облаке» Amazon S3. Документы в буквальном смысле лежали в открытом доступе без какой-либо защиты.Документация относилась к военному проекту, которым занимается Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ США. Всего на открытом сервере были размещены 60 тыс. файлов общим объемом порядка 28 ГБ.Исследуя архив, Викери обнаружил и несколько паролей, принадлежавших правительственным подрядчикам, имеющим доступ к секретным военным объектам. Эти пароли хранились безо всякого шифрования.Викери также нашел SSH-ключи, принадлежащие одному из высокопоставленных инженеров, работающих в корпорации Booz Allen Hamilton. Эта компания относится к числу крупнейших подрядчиков Минобороны США. Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ, ведомство, тесно сотрудничающее с ЦРУ, недавно выделило этой корпорации крупный грант.Самым неприятным открытием стало обнаружение мастер-пароля, обеспечивающего административный доступ к одной из самых закрытых и защищенных систем Пентагона.«Мы проводим расследование...»Викери поспешно уведомил о своем открытии Booz Allen, но быстрого ответа не получил. Тогда он проинформировал Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ, и доступ к документам пропал в течение девяти минут.Позднее представители Booz Allen сообщили, что компания аннулировала ключи доступа и приступила к расследованию инцидента. Также было заявлено, что никаких признаков компрометации данных на данный момент не выявлено.Национальное агентство графических и картографических работ также заявило о начале своего собственного расследования.«НАГКР очень серьезно относится к возможности раскрытия любой существенной, хотя и не секретной информации; все скомпрометированные пароли отозваны», - заявили представители компании.Потенциальная катастрофа«Произошедшее может иметь весьма негативные последствия для всех затронутых сторон, как с практической стороны, так и в PR-аспекте, - говорит Ксения Шилак, директор по продажам компании SEC-Consult Рус. - Помимо рисков, связанных с возможной утечкой ключей доступа к закрытым системам, это еще и демонстрация халатного отношения к защите данных. На репутации Booz Allen снова появляется крупное пятно: напомню, что именно там работал Эдвард Сноуден».Еще один сотрудник Booz Allen, Харольд Мартин (Harold Martin), был арестован в 2016 г. и получил обвинения в шпионаже после того, как у него дома обнаружили около 50 ТБ секретных данных.Таким образом, у партнеров Booz Allen могут возникнуть вопросы относительно протоколов защиты данных в компании - ими слишком часто пренебрегают.

03 июня, 17:11

TRUMP’s new problem: CEOs fall out of love -- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: ‘The Putin Interviews’: Oliver Stone’s new Showtime special -- THE LONG GAME: MUELLER expands probe -- VOGEL to NYT -- ANDERSON COOPER is 5-0

Good Saturday morning. CONSIDER THIS. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Friday that the president of the United States never once discussed whether he believed climate change was real as he considered pulling out of the Paris accord. Alex Guillen on Pruitt’s victory lap http://politi.co/2rvaJGgTHE END-ZONE DANCE -- JOSH DAWSEY, “Trump supporters revel in Paris exit: Bannon’s fingerprints on decision to leave climate agreement, a decision supporters say is broadly supported outside Washington”: “White House officials, advisers and others close to the president say Bannon’s job of convincing Trump is easier because the president has a natural tendency to take the same path as he — and that while Bannon irked the president with his behavior in the West Wing, Trump has never left him ideologically. While the president often crows about Gary Cohn’s success at Goldman Sachs, and may talk to his daughter, Ivanka Trump, more than anyone, Trump often gravitates toward the Bannon modus. Bannon supporters note enthusiastically that the so-called moderates in the West Wing don’t have much luck getting their way. It is less about his friendship with Bannon -- who didn’t respond to a request for comment -- or his personal opinion of him on any given day, advisers and aides say.“The combative chief strategist has repeatedly told Trump his base is solid, that liberals will never love him, the large crowds voted for him for a reason — and that he will be rewarded for keeping campaign promises. He reminds him of his populist credo and the large crowds at rallies. ... After the travel ban, Bannon told others he relished seeing the protests on TV. Bannon has told friends he ‘doesn’t give a s*** about’ the Grim Reaper portrayal on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ in the words of one person who has spoken to him.” http://politi.co/2sAESmTQUOTE OF THE DAY from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Singapore, via WaPo’s Dan Lamothe: “‘To quote a British observer [Winston Churchill] of us from some years ago: Bear with us. Once we have exhausted all possible alternatives, the Americans will do the right thing,’ Mattis said, drawing some laughter. ‘So, we will still be there. And we will be with you.’”FIRST IN PLAYBOOK – “The Putin Interviews,” a four-night special featuring interviews between Oliver Stone and Russian president Vladimir Putin, premieres June 12 at 9 p.m. Showtime gave us an exclusive preview clip of Putin talking about how NATO is “a mere instrument of foreign policy of the U.S.” and that Russia has to respond with “countermeasures.” “We have to aim our missile systems at facilities that are threatening us.” He also recalls one of his last meetings with former President Clinton in Moscow when Putin said that Russia would consider joining NATO. Putin says Clinton told him: “Why not?” 90-second video http://bit.ly/2rtmn4r ... Trailer http://bit.ly/2s2vhbG ... Another clip of Putin talking about Edward Snowden http://bit.ly/2qPsgXoSIREN -- NEW DYNAMIC -- “America’s CEOs fall out of love with Trump,” by Ben White and Annie Karni, with a New York dateline: “The relationship between corporate America and Donald Trump’s White House has chilled. The regular parades of business titans into the West Wing are gone. A gathering of executives led by Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman initially planned for next week fell apart amid scheduling conflicts. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger quit as outside advisers to President Donald Trump following his rejection of the Paris climate accords. Dozens of other executives also publicly rebuked the White House over the decision, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein -- a former colleague of many top administration officials -- used his first-ever tweet to criticize the Paris decision, calling it a ‘setback for the environment and for the U.S.’s leadership position in the world.’“Chief executives and senior corporate lobbyists are also dismayed that the administration’s big Capitol Hill agenda -- including repealing Obamacare and passing massive tax cuts -- appears stalled. And the White House is now engaged in a very public fight with itself over how and when to raise the debt limit, a terrifying prospect for Wall Street and the rest of corporate America. Executives also remain puzzled by regular reports of imminent shakeups in the West Wing, including the possible replacement of chief of staff Reince Priebus.“The result is at least a temporary freeze as CEOs grow skittish about public association with a leader who likes to describe himself as the most business-friendly president to ever sit in the Oval Office. This is especially true for executives at big public companies, who have to take into account how both employees and shareholders will respond to interactions with an unpopular and controversial president.” http://politi.co/2rCe0W7DUH, via WaPo’s Sean Sullivan: “Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) sounded a deeply pessimistic note when he told a local television station he believes it’s ‘unlikely that we will get a health-care deal.’ Earlier in the week, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said he doubted a bill could pass before the August recess.” http://wapo.st/2s4e2XjMUELLER’S LONG GAME -- “AP sources: Special counsel on Russia probe expanding scope,” by Sadie Gurman, Eric Tucker and Jeff Horwitz: “The special counsel investigating possible ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’s government has taken over a separate criminal probe involving former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and may expand his inquiry to investigate the roles of the attorney general and deputy attorney general in the firing of FBI Director James Comey, The Associated Press has learned.“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told the AP in a separate interview that he would recuse himself from any oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller if he were to become a subject of Mueller’s investigation. ... Rosenstein acknowledged that Mueller could expand his inquiry to include Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s own roles in the decision to fire Comey, who was investigating the Trump campaign.” http://apne.ws/2qKTgIzREPLACING COMEY -- “Trump’s continued search for new FBI chief seen as chaotic: sources,” by Reuters’ Julia Edwards Ainsley: “President Donald Trump is still looking for a new FBI director more than three weeks after he fired James Comey, and sources familiar with the recruiting process say it has been chaotic and that job interviews led by Trump have been brief.“Three close associates of three contenders for the job ... said the candidates were summoned to the White House for 10- to 20-minute conversations with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Those conversations, which followed initial interviews at the Justice Department, have been light on questions about substantive issues facing the agency ... Another of the three sources described the process as chaotic and said that in one interview, Trump spoke mostly about himself and seemed distracted.” http://reut.rs/2qMuHPFKELLYANNE’S HUSBAND -- “Wachtell Lipton Partner George Conway Withdraws From Justice Department Consideration,” by Above the Law’s David Lat: “On Wednesday evening, George T. Conway III -- leading litigator, longtime partner at Wachtell Lipton, and husband of Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President Donald Trump -- sent a letter to the White House withdrawing from consideration to lead the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. Conway, also a finalist for the post of U.S. Solicitor General, emerged as the presumptive pick for assistant attorney general of the Civil Division back in March. Conway shared news of his withdrawal with friends and colleagues earlier this week.’” With Conway’s note to friends http://bit.ly/2sAsKSK THE NEW STRATEGY – “Trump officials clamming up about Russia probe,” by Matt Nussbaum and Darren Samuelsohn: “The Trump White House appears finally to be heeding its lawyers’ advice and clamping down on what it says about the Russia investigation. From the press secretary podium to the cable-news talk shows, President Donald Trump’s inner circle this week has mostly avoided responding to mounting questions about the congressional and special counsel probes into allegations the Republican’s campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. White House press aides since Tuesday have been directing all reporters asking about any of the probes to contact the president’s New York-based outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz. But so far, Kasowitz’s office hasn’t responded to a single inquiry from POLITICO.” http://politi.co/2rmi8JwCHOOSE YOUR NEWS -- WSJ: “Trump Considers Trying to Block Comey’s Testimony” http://on.wsj.com/2qN03p5 … NYT: “Trump Appears Unlikely to Hinder Comey’s Testimony About Russia Inquiry” http://nyti.ms/2rvyrSG NO LOVE LOST HERE -- “Democrats outraged by Trump ban on info requests,” by John Bresnahan: “Hill Democrats are outraged by a new Trump administration policy to ignore information requests from members and senators unless they come from committee or subcommittee chairman. They argue it’s part of a broader pattern by the White House, designed to make the executive branch less responsive to Congress.“And they say it effectively locks them out of information necessary for government oversight. From refusing to release White House visitor logs to scrubbing agency websites of health and safety data and refusing to respond to simple media requests on government operations -- or even admitting whether President Donald Trump is playing golf or not -- the Trump administration has made it harder for Democrats and the press to find out what is going on inside the White House and federal agencies.“This effort is sometimes being aided by Republicans on Capitol Hill, or undertaken at their behest. For instance, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) has asked federal agencies to refuse to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests designed to find out what data his panel is seeking from those agencies. Such FOIA inquiries are routinely made by journalists, lobbyists and political operatives. News organizations have strenuously objected to Hensarling’s demand. But the latest initiative by the Trump administration -- backed by a May 1, 2017, opinion drafted by the Office of Legal Counsel of the Justice Department -- has crossed a once unthinkable line, Democrats argue.” http://politi.co/2qL7LMg-- THIS IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE of why it is hard to see Democrats coming to the table with Trump and congressional Republicans on any major infrastructure or tax reform package. It could also cause further problems for Trump and GOP leadership when they need Democrats to pass the debt limit and other must-pass bills.BY THE WAY… -- The DCCC just reported another $640,000 in spending to boost Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s sixth district. Election Day is June 20.CASE IN POINT -- “Dems signal hardball in debt fight,” by Burgess Everett: “Democratic leaders may take a hard line against raising the debt ceiling if Republicans seek a tax cut that increases the deficit. The idea is for Democrats to receive a commitment from GOP leaders that their tax reform efforts will be revenue neutral. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters on Friday that her party would be hard-pressed to support a ‘clean’ debt ceiling lift with no policy attachments if it was merely to help clear the way for Republicans to slash tax rates. … While the idea does not yet have sign-off from the Senate Democratic Caucus, it has been discussed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and some of his members.“Schumer suggested the strategy to Pelosi last week, a source familiar with the interaction said. Still, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and the White House have said it is their preference to do deficit neutral tax reform rather than budget-busting standalone tax cuts. It's not clear how Democrats would be able to enforce a tax reform commitment from Republicans as a condition of averting default. But because most bills need 60 votes to pass the Senate and House conservatives are loathe to increase the debt, Democrats do have significant leverage in the months ahead.” http://politi.co/2rCHpjbCOMING ATTRACTIONS -- “Supreme Court sets deadline for travel ban filings,” by Josh Gerstein: “The Supreme Court is giving the challengers to President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order more than a week to respond to the government’s emergency request to let the order take effect. The court announced Friday a deadline of 3 p.m. June 12 to address the Justice Department’s filings Thursday night urging the high court to review the legality of the travel ban and to allow it to go into force while the litigation goes forward.” http://politi.co/2qRjB7aKEN VOGEL is joining the D.C. bureau of the N.Y. Times to cover conflict of interest issues, lobbying and money in politics starting June 26th. Per a staff memo from Elisabeth Bumiller: “Ken has broken hundreds of stories on everything from the Koch Brothers to the Tea Party to Corey Lewandowski’s lobbying firm. We’re thrilled to welcome him.” http://bit.ly/2s4lYIp Ken is a Politico original, a good colleague and friend. He helped make the place what it is today. We wish him well. NEW EVENT -- PLAYBOOK UNIVERSITY with D.C. MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER -- Join us TUESDAY EVENING for our inaugural Playbook University event with the mayor of Washington. We'll talk about the changing face of D.C., the city's politics and Washington in the era of Donald Trump. The event is at IN3, the Inclusive Innovation Incubator at 2301 Georgia Avenue, NW. RSVP http://bit.ly/2ruwqbIHMM -- WAPO -- “Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for ‘unmaskings’ of Americans,” by Adam Entous and Ellen Nakashima: “The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee asked U.S. spy agencies late last year to reveal the names of U.S. individuals or organizations contained in classified intelligence on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, engaging in the same practice that President Trump has accused the Obama administration of abusing, current and former officials said. ... According to a tally by U.S. spy agencies, the House Intelligence Committee requested five to six unmaskings of U.S. organizations or individuals related to Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton between June 2016 and January 2017.” http://wapo.st/2rPWs9NDOJ WATCH -- “Justice Department defends Trump financial disclosure,” by Josh Gerstein: “The Justice Department is defending President Donald Trump's personal financial disclosure by arguing that the rules for such forms are so ambiguous that a lawsuit challenging the disclosure must be thrown out. The unusual argument came in response to a suit filed in March arguing that the financial disclosure Trump filed as a candidate last year was incomplete because it failed to indicate which of hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of outstanding loans Trump is actually personally liable for.“Instead, Trump’s form appears to blend his personal debts with those of businesses he has interests in, effectively obscuring which creditors may have the greatest leverage over him. All Trump’s debts are covered on a single page of his 104-page disclosure. According to the report, the listed loans exceed $300 million in total. The total amount of the loans is known to be much larger based on other data, but the disclosure form does not require details above $50 million for each loan that exceeds that amount.” http://politi.co/2sp96ddK STREET FILES -- “Insurance companies duck Obamacare repeal fight,”by Paul Demko: “The once-powerful health insurance lobby — the same one that killed Hillarycare a generation ago and helped usher in Obamacare — can't pick a side in the latest battle over America's health care system. … The result is the lobby has lost influence and is now struggling to mount a unified front against Republican efforts to push through an Obamacare replacement. At the same time, the Trump administration has ignored their pleas to stabilize Obamacare’s exchanges in the short term, which could send the wobbly insurance marketplaces crashing before the GOP agrees on a health care plan. …“AHIP officials and allies push back strongly against suggestions that the organization has been weakened. They argue that AHIP has picked its battles carefully, enabling the lobbying group to maintain communication with the Trump administration and lawmakers. ‘There’s a time to be in the fray, and there’s a time to be above the fray and to provide nuanced counsel to the policy makers,’ said Mark Ganz, CEO of Cambia Health Solutions and the immediate past board chair of AHIP. ‘I’ve been a voice that we need to be thoughtful and nuanced and not add to the noise.’” http://politi.co/2qMHT74THE PRESIDENT AND GOD -- “God and the Don: Presidents often turn to faith in times of crisis. That seems unlikely for Trump,” by CNN’s MJ Lee: “Two days before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump greeted a pair of visitors at his office in Trump Tower. As a swarm of reporters waited in the gilded lobby, the Rev. Patrick O’Connor, the senior pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Queens, and the Rev. Scott Black Johnston, the senior pastor of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, arrived to pray with the next president. ... ‘I did very, very well with evangelicals in the polls,’ Trump interjected in the middle of the conversation -- previously unreported comments that were described to me by both pastors. They gently reminded Trump that neither of them was an evangelical. ‘Well, what are you then?’ Trump asked.“They explained they were mainline Protestants, the same Christian tradition in which Trump, a self-described Presbyterian, was raised and claims membership. Like many mainline pastors, they told the President-elect, they lead diverse congregations. Trump nodded along, then posed another question to the two men: ‘But you’re all Christians?’ ‘Yes, we’re all Christians.’” http://cnn.it/2qKYwMhTHE NEW GILDED AGE – “The Doctor Is In. Co-Pay? $40,000,” by NYT’s Nelson D. Schwartz as part of the paper’s occasional series “The Velvet Rope Economy”: “‘I feel badly that I have the means to jump the line,’ said [media entrepreneur John Batelle]. ‘But when you have kids, you jump the line. You just do. If you have the money, would you not spend it for that?’ ... [J]ust as a virtual velvet rope has risen between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else on airplanes, cruise ships and amusement parks, widening inequality is also transforming how health care is delivered. ... [One VIP medical concierge practice has] annual fees that range from $40,000 to $80,000 (more than 10 times what conventional concierge practices charge).” http://nyti.ms/2rCUtoHMEDIAWATCH -- DAVE JACOBSON, co-founder of Jacobson & Zilber Strategies, a Democratic media and political consulting firm, and John Thomas, president of Thomas Partners Strategies, a Republican media and political consulting firm, have been named as CNN political commentators.CLICKER – “The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics,” edited by Matt Wuerker -- 11 keepers http://politi.co/2symniGGREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:--“The Loneliness of Donald Trump,” by Rebecca Solnit in Lit Hub: “On the corrosive privilege of the most mocked man in the world.” http://bit.ly/2rkdBHd (h/t Longreads.com)--“Populism: The Phenomenon” – Bridgewater Daily Observations: “It is one of those phenomena that comes along in a big way about once a lifetime—like pandemics, depressions, or wars. The last time that it existed as a major force in the world was in the 1930s, when most countries became populist. Over the last year, it has again emerged as a major force.” http://bit.ly/2sngmpF (h/t Eliana Johnson)--“Touching the Void: Making Sense of Russian Jews’ Views on Russian News,” by Danielle Tcholakian in N.Y. Jewish Life: “Trump won 84 percent of the total Russian vote in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn; swept the Hasidic neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Borough Park and Crown Heights, and the Orthodox neighborhoods of Midwood and Mill Basin; and took more than half of the votes in the Russian areas in Rego Park and Forest Hills, Queens. ... But how is that reconciled with those same immigrants’ distaste for Russian President Vladimir Putin”? http://bit.ly/2qKlS8O--“Tour de Raunch,” by Christian Lorentzen in Book Forum: “A brief history of sex in American fiction.” http://bit.ly/2qP11MX (h/t ALDaily.com)--“The Rise and Fall of Toronto’s Classiest Con Man,” by Michael Lista in The Walrus: “His cons have been machine-tooled to weaponise the safeguards of due process. He represents himself, but always claims to have a lawyer who can’t make his hearings, so he is allowed adjournment after adjournment. He appeals all his evictions and is granted stays. He can fight an endless war of attrition because he’s immune to costs. Regan is the superbug produced by our legal hygiene.” http://bit.ly/2rAiIDZ (h/t TheBrowser.com)--“These 11 People Watch Every Movie, Especially the Gross Bits,” by WSJ’s Erich Schwartzel: “Hollywood’s ‘raters’ consult parental surveys to decide whether films deserve a ‘G,’ an ‘NC-17,’ or something in between; potato chips and ‘torture porn.’” http://on.wsj.com/2s2soYr--“How the World’s Most Interesting Man Befriended the World’s Most Powerful Man,” by Jonathan Goldsmith, author of “Stay Interesting: I Don’t Always Tell Stories About My Life, But When I Do They’re True and Amazing,” in POLITICO Magazine: “A beer commercial icon became an unlikely pal to the president of the United States. It stayed interesting.” http://politi.co/2qMsovO …$17.61 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2qKPJdb --“The Ghost of Capablanca,” by Brin-Jonathan Butler in Southwest The Magazine: “What Cuba’s legendary chess maestro—and the island’s enduring love affair with the game—reveals about the country’s uncertain future.” http://bit.ly/2rkk1X5 (h/t Longform.org)--“The Holdup: A Mobster, a Family and the Crime That Won’t Let Them Go,” by NYT’s Dan Barry: “He was once a feared member of the New England underworld, a specialist in robbing armored cars. At 80, he was years out of prison. But could his life of crime ever be behind him?” http://nyti.ms/2rNYqYD--“How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America,” by Jesse Singal in NY Mag: “And why the hype was irresistible.” “I want you to realize you are a wonderful, special person.” http://sciof.us/2rtdIi6 (h/t Longform.org)--“The Curious Case of the Disappearing Nuts,” by Peter Vigneron in Outside Magazine: “In California, millions of dollars' worth of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are disappearing. Farmers are perplexed, the cops are confused, and the crooks are getting richer. We sent Peter Vigneron to the Central Valley to take a crack at the crimes.” http://bit.ly/2rO7hJJ--“Letter From Tôhoku,” by Ramona Bajema in Milken Review: “[F]armers [give] gifts of rice to relatives in Tokyo, later to find out that it had been tossed. Another variation on the theme: eligible young women from Fukushima feel they must conceal their hometown identity because their dates might think they won’t be able to bear healthy children. The word ‘Fukushima’ printed on a food product means that consumer demand will be nil for the foreseeable future.” http://bit.ly/2rNS77kSPOTTED: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) yesterday at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills ... Jim Acosta last night at the rooftop bar of the W Hotel ... Joe Perticone at dinner at Martin’s Tavern last night ... Nancy Pelosi on Georgetown’s campus last night ... Josh Harder, 5th generation Central Valley Californian running for Congress, in town to meet with supporters at the “Saloon” on U Street yesterday evening ... Donna Brazile and Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) traveling separately Friday on a flight from SFO to DCA … former Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin and Iowa gubernatorial candidate Brent Roske on Thursday at new Des Moines hotspot Republic along with new Gov. Kim Reynolds’ deputy chief of staff Tim Albrecht and Jimmy Centers of Cornerstone Public Affairs – pic http://bit.ly/2rkuKRiHAPPENING TODAY -- GOING BALD: Dave Lugar of Lugar Hellmann Group and Katherine Lugar, CEO of American Hotel & Lodging, are hosting a “Brave the Shave” party to help raise money for pediatric cancer to show support for Olivia Egge, 16, who is battling Osteosarcoma. Lugar first “braved the shave” in 2015 after his niece Caroline passed away from cancer. Lugar and fellow lobbyist Paul Romness will go bald Saturday at a small event which is on the verge of raising $250,000 for St. Baldrick’s Foundation.TRANSITIONS -- Drew Godinich, formerly of 270 Strategies, has joined the DCCC as the western regional press secretary. (h/t Heather Purcell)BIRTHDAYS: Katie Allbritton is 6. She’s celebrating this weekend in Richmond at wedding of Jane Ann Coleman to Robert Daniels (Marco Rubio’s former assistant) (hat tips: Robert and Elena) ... Dr. Jill Biden ... Anderson Cooper is 5-0 ... Raul Castro, the president of Cuba, is 86 ... Erick Erickson is 42 ... Ann Stock (h/t Jon Haber) … Whitney Smith ... Abe Rakov ... Anders Felt, senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton ... PR pro Eric Schmeltzer is 42 ... WSJ’s Michelle Hackman ... Nick Troiano, executive director of the Centrist Project, is 28 ... Terence Grado ... Mike Elk is 31 ... Mark Proctor ... Wyatt Smith, senior director of donor relations at the George W. Bush Foundation ... Tommy McFly, host of 94.7 Fresh FM’s The Tommy Show, is 31 ... Andrew Weinstein, GOP founder of Ridgeback Communications, Gingrich’s former spokesman, and #NeverTrump organizer, celebrating by draining the Swamp of much of its alcohol on his newly-refurbished deck with friends and family (h/t Nihal Krishan) ... Jeremy Levin ... Dick Deardon (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Mashable’s Sophie Oreck ... Stéphane Blemus ... Politico’s Annesha Bhattacharya ... Politico Europe’s Bjarke Smith-Meyer ...... Don Teague ... Kellee Barron-Lanza, researcher extraordinaire and VP of Jackson-Alvarez Group … Sophia Sokolowski, associate policy analyst at the Biden Institute (h/t Dan Swartz) ... former Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-M.D.) is 91 ... former Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas) is 79 ... Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, is 6-0 (h/t Jewish Insider) ... Dennis Overbye, NYT’s “cosmic affairs correspondent,” per his Twitter ... Benjamin Cassidy ... Evan Medeiros, Eurasia Group managing director for Asia, former Obama WH point person on Asia in the NSC, and cigar and whiskey aficionado (h/t Ben Chang) … Bruce Bookhultz … Gail Pennybacker ... CNN alum Jen Buesinger ... Angie Young, the office “Mom” at Protocol at State, who sends out office-wide emails on 80+ staffers’ birthdays (h/t Nick Schmit) ... Joshua Miller ... Jim Kirk ... Chet Rhodes is 56 ... Sean McFate ... Susan Reimer ... Barbara Fitzgerald ... Katherine Amenta … Zach Zagar ... tennis player Rafael Nadal is 31 (h/t AP)THE SHOWS by @MattMackowiak, filing from Austin:-- NBC’s “Meet the Press”: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt … former Secretary of State John Kerry … former Vice President Al Gore … Megyn Kelly. Panel: Stephanie Cutter, Michael Gerson, Hugh Hewitt and Heather McGhee-- ABC’s “This Week”: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt … former Vice President Al Gore … Susan Rice. Panel: Alex Castellanos, Jonah Goldberg, Jen Psaki and Katrina vanden Heuvel-- “Fox News Sunday”: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt … former Vice President Al Gore. Panel: Brit Hume, Julie Pace, Jason Riley and Juan Williams … “Power Player of the Week” segment featuring 2017 commencement speakers--CNN’s “State of the Union”: Al Gore … U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley … Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) Panel: Jennifer Granholm, Nina Turner, Ken Cuccinelli and Bill Kristol-- CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) … Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) … U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley … House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) … NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Panel: Carol Lee, Slate and Jamelle Bouie, Ramesh Ponnuru and Adam Entous-- Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”: Michael Mukasey … Mike Huckabee … Karen Handel and Nigel Farage. Panel: Ed Rollins and Jessica Tarlov-- Fox News’ “MediaBuzz”: Townhall.com editor Katie Pavlich … NPR’s Mara Liasson … Erin McPike … Carley Shimkus … Corey Lewandowski … Gillian Turner … Terrence Smith-- CNN’s “Inside Politics” with John King: Jennifer Jacobs, Jonathan Martin, Michael Shear and MJ Lee-- CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS”: Rana Foroohar, Richard Haass and Ernest Moniz … George Osborne … Yuval Noah Harari-- CNN’s “Reliable Sources”: Kaitlan Collins, Olivia Nuzzi and John Gizzi … Carl Bernstein … Josh Schwerin … former Sputnik White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg … The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik-- Univision’s “Al Punto”: LatinoJustice president Juan Cartagena and Latino Partnerships executive director Alfonso Aguilar … United We Dream’s Julieta Garibay and Adonías Arevalo … Radio Caracas Television general director Marcel Granier … Colombian vice president Óscar Naranjo … singer-songwriter Pepe Aguilar and daughter Angela Aguilar-- C-SPAN: “The Communicators”: Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), questioned by Driven Tech media and telecom reporter Lydia Beyoud … “Newsmakers”: American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks, questioned by USA Today’s Susan Page and The Washington Post’s Marc Fisher … “Q&A”: Former FCC chief economist and Clemson University’s Thomas Hazlett (“The Political Spectrum”)-- Washington Times’ “Mack on Politics” weekly politics podcast with Matt Mackowiak (download on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher or listen at http://bit.ly/2omgw1D) Texas Public Policy Foundation general counsel and litigation director Robert Henneke.

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Booz Allen Hamilton employee left sensitive passwords unprotected online

Government contractor was working under contract with intelligence agency.

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James Clapper And The Revolving Door Of Corruption In The Military Industrial Complex

Via Disobedient Media James Clapper is known for many things: Being accused by Colonel W. Patrick Lang of “damn near destroy[ing] the DIA.” Withholding information from lawmakers and not having a good reputation in the intelligence committees for being orostraightforward and actively forthcoming. Lying under oath in 2013. Receiving the Rosemary Award for having the worst open-government performance of 2013. Being derided as “another old hack in a job without teeth” by the global intelligence organization Stratfor and describing Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as “largely secular.” Underestimating the war in Syria while also underestimating ISIS and overestimating the fighting capability of the Iraqi army. Stating that changes to the Benghazi reports were not made for political reasons, and that there was “no attempt to mislead the American people about what happened in Benghazi.” Having US senators remove a section of an intelligence bill requiring the White House to disclose information on “noncombatant civilians” killed by US drone strikes overseas. Lying to Congress by asserting that Julian Assange has been indicted for a sex-crime and falsely claiming under oath that there was no release of Republican data during the 2016 presidential elections. Clapper also has contended that he played in integral role in reporting on the presence of WMD’s in Iraq, stating that “my fingerprints were on that national intelligence estimate, I was in the community then” as well as his involvement in the manipulation of military intelligence reports. However, there is one aspect of Clapper’s history that has not received as much media coverage: his involvement with private intelligence contractors at the heart of corruption and inefficient defense policy. I. Booz Allen Hamilton James Clapper, who served as the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) from August 9, 2010 – January 20, 2017, was appointed by President Barack Obama to succeed Bush appointee Mike McConnell. While both men were appointed to their position by Presidents from opposing parties, both have one thing in common: Booz Allen Hamilton. Before being appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence in 2006, Clapper was an executive on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton. Similarly, Mike McConnell was Senior Vice President at Booze Allen Hamilton before his promotion to serving as DNI. In the aftermath of Clapper being appointed to DNI in 2010, McConnell returned to Booze Allen Hamilton where he become the Vice Chairman in 2011. In 2010, during his nomination hearing, Clapper was asked about the close relationship between the federal government and contractors. Clapper responded by defending the private sector’s role, stating: "I worked as a contractor for six years myself, so I think I have a good understanding of the contribution that they have made and will continue to make." In fact, the relationship between the federal government and Booz Allen Hamilton is so close that as Bloomberg noted, one could: “Name a retired senior official from the NSA or the CIA or the various military intelligence branches, and there’s a good chance he works for a contractor—most likely Booz Allen. Name a senior intelligence official serving in the government, and there’s a good chance he used to work for Booz Allen.” What is the significance of this? As reported in September of 2016, “For the first time since spy agencies began outsourcing their core analytic and operational work in the late 1990s, the bulk of the contracted work goes to a handful of companies: Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, and CACI International.” In other words, there is almost a complete monopoly on defense contracting in the U.S.. There is a club, and only former government employees are able to join it. II. Booz Allen Hamilton History Through Clapper’s Tenure as DNI Throughout Clapper’s tenure as Director of National Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton has had a series of problems in maintaining the intelligence secrets of the U.S. government. In 2011, the hacking collective, Anonymous, broke into a server operated by Booz Allen Hamilton, disclosing log-in credentials including 90,000 military email addresses and passwords. This information contained the login information for personnel from CENTCOM, SOCOM, the Marine Corps, Air Force facilities, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, as well as other private sector contractors. According to Anonymous, Booz Allen Hamilton, despite working with federal government on defense matters, lacks security. Anonymous targeted Booz Allen Hamilton due to the company’s involvement in the controversial SWIFT surveillance program. The Privacy Commission of Belgium, where the SWIFT program is headquartered, declared that the surveillance was a violation of European privacy laws. Despite this hack, Booz Allen Hamilton continued to receive government contracts. In February 2012, the Air Force proposed the debarment of the Booz Allen office in San Antonio, Texas, along with five of its employees, after a senior associate allegedly shared protected, non-public information regarding information technology support services contact that would have given Booz Allen an unfair competitive advantage. The Air Force agreed to lift their suspension of Booz Allen after the company agreed to pay the Air Force a $65,000 penalty. In 2013, Edward Snowden stole a significant amount of data from Booz Allen Hamilton before passing it to Wikileaks. These leaks showed the massive government surveillance being conducted by the NSA, in violation of American's Fourth Amendment Rights. However, one important detail that was vaguely mentioned was that Edward Snowden was and employee of Booz Allen Hamilton. More importantly, Snowden was an employee for Booz Allen for less than three months. While the information provided by Snowden has been extremely beneficial to the American people, it should be concerning to all Americans that an employee can pass a federal background check, and leak highly classified information to the public after being employed for three months. In fact, as reported by Reuters, hiring screeners at Booz Allen Hamilton found possible discrepancies in Snowden’s resume, but the company still chose to employ him. This raises questions of how competent these contracting agencies are in performing simple background checks. However, despite the “Snowden leaks”, the company would continue to win government contracts, as months later, Booz Allen would become one of 16 other companies to win a $6 billion contract, becoming one of the largest unclassified cybersecurity agreements in U.S. history. Some of the most notable contracts awarded to Booze Allen in 2013 included: June 17, 2013: $133 million award from GSA for program, tech, & sustainment IT support to assist PM TR & Product Mngmnt (PdM) Offices to procure & field tactical radio network communication systems. June 21, 2013: $25.8 million award from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to provide program and technical support to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Policy in coordination and management of its policy research and assessment. July 23, 2013: $78 million in competitive contract actions to support critical national health offices in its first quarter of fiscal year 2014. August 2, 2013: $900 million to support the integrated cybersecurity and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) operations of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SCC Atlantic). August 22, 2013: $243 million award from Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)/NAWCAD Pax River to provide technical products & engineering services for JPALS, N-UCAS & UCLASS programs. Booz Allen Hamilton would continue to be awarded many notable contracts throughout 2013. In August 2013, when asked how Booz Allen is able to continue to be awarded such high profile contracts, Joe Newman, communications director for the watchdog group Project on Government Oversight, responded: “When you start talking about these contractors at the top of the list, a lot of times they’re what we call ‘too big to suspend or debar. Their tentacles are so deep in the government that it’s very hard for the government to punish them.” Newman went on to state that firms such as Booz Allen have a personal advantage, in that they not only spend millions on lobbying, but that, “Former executives of Booz Allen are in government, and people in government have gone into Booz Allen’s payroll; they know each other—they look out for their friends.” In October 2016, it was reported that another employee of Booz Allen was found to be in unauthorized possession of Top Secret information. Harold T. Martin III, who worked as a contractor to the NSA through the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, was found to be in possession of approximately 50,000 gigabytes, enough to store 500 million documents containing images and text. This information ranged from 1996 to 2016, and included a document regarding specific operational plans against a known enemy of the United States and its allies. The Justice Department disclosed that these documents included the names of covert intelligence officers were among the pilfered data. However, despite the arrest of a former employee in possession of Top Secret information, Booz Allen profit margins would not be hurt. In fact, despite this arrest, Booz Allen’s stock hit historic highs since it went public in 2010. Booz Allen’s stock would be upgraded from “neutral” to a “buy” rating, increasing the value from $33 to $41. III. Booz Allen Hamilton Is Owned By The Controversial Carlyle Group Booz Allen also acts as a subsidiary for a larger holding company with controversial connections to international private equity group which has troubling ties to figures linked to terrorism and oppressive regimes. In May 2008, Booz Allen Hamilton was purchased by the Carlyle Group. In 2010, the same year that James Clapper was appointed Director of National Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton went public. By 2013 the Carlyle Group owned 95.66 million shares, around 69% of company, which was valued at about $1.66 billion. The Carlyle Group is a global alternative asset manager with $162 billion of assets under management across 287 investment vehicles. The Washington Post has noted that as of March 31, 2010, Booz Allen Hamilton’s reported operating income of less than $200 million on revenue of $5.1 billion. However, within only 3 years, revenue rose to $5.8 billion, as operating income doubled to $446 million. As the Post notes, while sales rose slowly, profit margins rose dramatically, which explains how, “bottom line earnings went from $25 million in fiscal 2010, to almost nine times that in 2013.” Reports have indicated that this surge in profits was due to a massive influx of government spending. In 2013, it was further reported that company filings showed that 99% of Booz Allen’s overall revenue came from the federal government. In 2016, it was reported that 97% of Booz Allen’s overall revenue came from the federal government. On October 31st, 2001, The Guardian reported that the family of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was listed as one of the firm's multi-million dollar investors. The Bin Laden family is reported to have been invested in the Carlyle Group for six years.  In fact, as a member of the board, former President George H.W. Bush is also reported to have visited the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia twice on the firm's behalf. On January 8th, 2011, ABC News reported that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, considered by many to be an oppressive dictator, was using tear gas in order to disperse crowds of protestors. However, these tear gas canisters were labeled “Made in U.S.A.” and were being produced by Combined Systems International of Jamestown, Pennsylvania. Combined Systems International is partially owned by Point Lookout Capital and the Carlye Group. In 2012, the relationship between the Carlyle Group and the Middle East was further revealed with the release of the Global Intelligence Files by Wikileaks. According to an email from September 19, 2007, David Marchick, former Deputy United States Assistant Secretary of State who served in the Clinton Administration, represented the Carlyle Group in a sale of aviation assets to Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, in the United Arab Emirates. In 2016, after the release of the Panama Papers, the identity of another major investor in the Carlyle Group was brought to light. This investor was none other than billionaire George Soros. According to the Panama Papers, it was revealed that Soros Capital set up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of investing private equity with the Carlyle Group. Soros has spent hundreds of millions to support various anti-government movements, including the Women’s March, the People’s Climate March, the Tax Day protests and far left Berkeley protest group Refuse Fascism. The ACLU also began actively organizing and training protest movements just one month after Soros sank $35 million into the group. On May 26th, 2017, Disobedient Media reported that Soros was also supporting groups who were using the net neutrality movement as a means of promoting censorship of alternative and conservative media outlets. James Clapper's close affiliation with a defense industry riddled with corruption and firms who have specifically affiliated with figures who openly engage in hostile behavior towards the United States severely calls his credibility into question given the central role he has played in informing the U.S. government and public on matters pertaining to the current administration. Clapper has in the past disingenuously tried to claim that the Russian government intervened in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, while also admitting that there was no evidence of Russia affecting the vote tallies in any U.S. states. Given the current U.S. president's public commitment to cutting back on fraud, corruption and waste in all sectors of the U.S. government, the professional ties of those speaking as authorities on American political issues are of high importance. Clapper's indicate that they incentivize him to defend harmful and unethical practices, and will influence him to mislead rather than speak truthfully to the American people.

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Изгнать церковь из Интернета

Кстати, к сегодняшнему решению по делу Соколовского и в продолжение утренней записи про манифесты Свободного Интернета -- История Анонимусов, которая как раз получила популярность на волне борьбы с церковью (сайентологии).Из книги "Черный список: Краткая история борьбы за Интернет": Кристофер Пул, известный в Сети как «moot», получил титул самого влиятельного человека планеты по результатам открытого интернет-опроса Time 100 всемирно известного издания Times.в 2003 году Кристоферу исполнилось пятнадцать лет, и он запустил имиджборд 4chan (яп. «четыре листа»), ставший впоследствии одним из самых крупных и популярных на всем земном шаре. Своей многочисленной аудиторией имиджборды обязаны новому тогда контексту коммуникации – всецелой анонимности. Вопреки нынешней социализации, некоторые форумы и разделы того времени существовали исключительно для анонимных пользователей. Это кардинально отличало подобные форумы от всех прочих. Свободное от учетных записей и назойливых форм регистрации общение с сотнями тысяч пользователей со всего мира – действительно заманчивое предложение. Здесь не приветствуется игра опостылевшей социальной роли для партнеров, коллег, родственников. Никому не известен твой пол, возраст, цвет кожи, политические и религиозные пристрастия. Выражай мнения и делись идеями в истинном виде – в первом и единственном смысле. Говори и демонстрируй то, что считаешь нужным, не беспокоясь о косых взглядах со стороны ближайшего окружения. Анонимность дала возможность отказаться от любой дискриминации и проявить себя в аутентичной форме.1 октября 2003 года в 4chan впервые обозначили термин «Anonymous» – квинтэссенцию множества онлайн– и офлайн-сообществ пользователей, представляющих единый анархический цифровой разум. Впоследствии им стали обозначать субкультуру, основанную на идеалах анонимности и свободы в интернет-пространстве. «Это не группа», – заявил Микко Хиппонен, ведущий исследователь в области компьютерной безопасности. Барретт Браун, техасский журналист и знаменитый лидер Anonymous, описал группу как «набор контактов». Здесь не было членских взносов или инициации. Любой, кто хотел быть частью Anonymous, – мог запросто ею стать. Anonymous не сообщество, и не организация, даже не субкультура. Это – идея, которую может принять каждый. В этом случае мы сталкиваемся с разрывом между существующими понятиями и скоростью развития Интернета. Многое не описать существующими терминами. Anonymous опирается на власть, основанную на широком общественном сознании.Нерушимый слоган: «Мы – Анонимус. Мы – Легион. Мы не прощаем. Мы не забываем. Ждите нас» («We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us») – заставил многие корпорации и правительства задуматься над уровнем защиты информации. Но все это – в будущем. А пока Anonymous – группа форумчан самого популярного раздела /b/ имиджборда 4chan. Запредельная скорость общения лишает привычной последовательности обсуждения – такой подход приглянулся многим форумчанам. Сначала новоиспеченное сообщество преследовало собственные цели, связанные преимущественно с развлечением и интернет-юмором. История той поры не представляет для нас особого интереса, в отличие от атрибутов идентичности, с которыми пришла всемирная известность Anonymous.Идеология, система символов, кодексы, ложи, иерархия – из всего этого состоит уникальная и таинственная картина любых «тайных» (и не очень) обществ и движений. Anonymous не стали исключением. Заимев два ярких символа, они грамотно зашифровали информацию о себе и о возводимых во главу угла идеалах.Первый символ олицетворяет «механику» движения: его бесструктурность, мировую нацеленность и полную анонимность участников.Второму символу суждено было стать своего рода рок-звездой. Определяющую роль в этом сыграл вышедший на большие экраны в 2006 году фильм «V – значит вендетта». «V» – главный герой картины, бунтарь, идущий против тоталитаризма правящей партии Norsefire в Великобритании будущего. Его темный наряд, старомодная шляпа и маска Гая Фокса создают контраст с остальным обществом – обществом, что покорно согласилось с новыми правилами игры. Именно эта маска впоследствии станет символом многих протестных движений по всему миру.Впервые людей в масках Гая Фокса можно было увидеть в Бостоне у здания Церкви сайентологии. Затем маски были на демонстрации во Франкфурте-на-Майне против законопроекта ACTA79, на праздновании «победы ХАМАС над Израилем» в Иордании, на улицах Будапешта под эгидой «марша миллиона масок», на участниках движения «Захвати Уолл-Стрит», а также в февральские морозы в Киеве во время Евромайдана. Проникновение нового символа в революционную культуру произошло настолько стремительно, что сегодня его можно считать неотъемлемым атрибутом протестов, маршей, акций и революций. Примечательно, что правительство Саудовской Аравии в мае 2013 года объявило маску Гая Фокса вне закона и ввело эмбарго на поставку оных в страну. Запрет аргументировался тем, что маска является символом «мести и сепаратизма». Также представители по делам ислама указали следующее: «Маска может дестабилизировать политическую ситуацию страны и посеять хаос».Разгоревшийся на глазах мировой общественности конфликт между Церковью сайентологии (ЦС) и хактивистами Anonymous принес последним без ложного преувеличения мировую известность. Как и в прочих темах, оценка общественности тотчас разделилась на условные фронты. Из-за этого ярлыки «цифровые Робин Гуды», «анархические киберпартизаны», «киберлинчеватели» и банальное «кибертеррористы» по сей день относятся к Anonymous. «Охота на ведьм» и «борьба с ересью» сайентологами ведется с начала девяностых – с тех пор, когда Интернет только приобретал популярность. Секретные материалы и их критика старательно удалялись из Всемирной паутины, поскольку могли негативно отразиться на имидже организации. До 2008 года сайентологи провели немало успешных (на их взгляд) кампаний по удалению «недостоверной» или нарушающей авторское право информации. Игра без правил с человеческой психикой, подавление энергии свободного выбора, сокрытие неугодной информации и преследование разоблачителей – преступная, либо, пользуясь религиозными терминами, дьявольская деятельность.В ответ на череду попыток удаления рекламного ролика ЦС с Томом Крузом 16 января 2008 года Anonymous дали старт масштабному проекту «Чанология» – протесту против деятельности «церкви». На следующий день официальный сайт организации подвергся мощной DDoS-атаке, лишившей на продолжительное время доступа к нему. Далее последовало множество звонков и факсов в адрес сайентологов с целью перегрузки каналов связи. Спустя неделю противостояния Anonymous распространяют ряд секретных документов ЦС. Чтобы обратить внимание медиа, хактивисты публикуют на YouTube лаконичный видеоролик «Послание к сайентологии», заявлявший о намерении не только изгнать «церковь» из Интернета, но и «методично демонтировать ее в нынешнем виде». Также сообщалось о приемлемости в дальнейшем представлении сайентологов как жертв религиозной дискриминации.Маховик противостояния раскручивался, и уже 2 февраля того же года интернет-акции превратились в мирные демонстрации под стенами «церквей» в Орландо, штат Флорида. 150 активистов использовали маски Гая Фокса для сокрытия лиц и заявляли, что деятельность ЦС ограничивает свободу слова, использует принципы спекуляции финансовых пирамид и занимается созданием опасного преступного культа, приведшего к нескольким случаям смерти. В тот же день схожие акции прошли в Санта-Барбаре и Манчестере. Несмотря на небольшое количество участников первого протеста, спустя 8 дней к зданиям сайентологов пришло 7000 человек в сотне городов по всему миру.Сперва представители «церкви» вели себя нарочито либерально, заявляя о «неправильной информации» о сайентологии в руках хактивистов. Далее риторика изменилась в сторону «жалкой кучки компьютерных фанатиков», а затем и вовсе – объявления Anonymous кибертеррористами, совершающими преступления на почве религиозной ненависти.Проект «Чанология» привлек немалое внимание к сайентологам, став отправной точкой для многих исследований их деятельности. А это – немалое достижение в понимании реальных целей существования «церкви».============Операция «Расплата» стартовала в 2010 году как протест против организаций и частных лиц, продвигающих и лоббирующих законы об авторском праве, ограничении распространения информации в Интернете, а также всех, кто занимается поиском и преследованием интернет-пиратов. По принципу неслучайных случайностей в тот самый момент разыгралась шумиха вокруг Wikileaks и его основателя.«Первая серьезная информационная война началась. Поле битвы – Wikileaks. Солдаты – это вы», – прокомментировал кампанию против Wikileaks Джон-Перри Барлоу. Помимо широкой общественной и журналистской поддержки, на защиту Ассанжа – идеологически близкого коллеги – стали Anonymous. Первым делом хактивисты занялись сохранением всех данных Wikileaks, создав за считанные дни тысячи его копий. В поддержку им подоспели «пиратские партии» со всего мира.«Мы хотим, чтобы информация свободно распространялась в Сети, в первую очередь информация, касающаяся нас, граждан, – комментирует создание зеркального ресурса «викислив.рф» лидер Пиратской партии России Павел Рассудов. – Деятельность властей должна быть прозрачной. Мы не можем согласиться с попытками государств ограничить свободу слова и печати»87.Далее началась активная фаза операции против всех, кто принимал участие в ограничении работы Wikileaks и его основателя Ассанжа: недоступность сайтов и нарушение системы обработки платежей PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, нарушение в работе функции интернет-банкинга PostFinance, а также атаки на сайт шведского правительства, прокуратуры и всемирного интернет-магазина Amazon. Помимо этого были взломаны страница и электронная почта губернатора Аляски Сары Пэйлин, призывавшей физически устранить (!) Ассанжа. То же касалось и сайта адвоката, представлявшего «изнасилованных» шведок. Как стало известно позже, в результате этой кампании суммарный убыток платежных систем PayPal, Visa и MasterCard составил 5,5 млн долларов.«У Wikileaks и у нас одинаковые цели: свобода слова, СМИ и Интернета. И одинаковый враг: власти США, пытающиеся ограничить наши права», – комментировал кампанию участник Anonymous под ником «TheProphet» («Пророк»). До того момента никто не мог предположить, насколько слаженными окажутся действия хактивистов.Не обошлось и без жертв. В рамках расследования кибератак на Visa и MasterCard ФБР задержано 16 участников Anonymous. Всего же было выдано 40 ордеров на арест предполагаемых участников операции «Расплата». Наибольший срок по этому процессу был получен студентом Крисом Уэзерхедом – 1,5 года тюрьмы. Другой участник кампании Эшли Роудс был приговорен к 7 месяцам заключения; остальные – отделались условными сроками. Операция «Расплата» стала отрезвляющей для всех сторон конфликта. Государство и корпорации давно не получали столь сильных пощечин за тщеславие и веру в собственную неуязвимость, за то же понесли наказание и сами хактивисты. «Расплата» расставила шахматы в нужные клетки.До следующей крупной самостоятельной кампании Anonymous оказывали поддержку движению «Захвати Уолл-стрит», принимали участие в атаке на сайты Министерства информации Египта и правящей Национальной демократической партии (в связи с массовыми беспорядками из-за роста цен, безработицы и прекращения 30-летнего правления президента Хосни Мубарака). Далее хактивисты похитили и опубликовали секретные данные с сервера американской консультационной компании Booz Allen Hamilton с целью демонстрации уязвимости ее внутренней системы защиты. В том же году – 2011 – Anonymous взяли на себя ответственность за взлом ресурсов, распространяющих детскую порнографию. В результате было опубликовано более полутора тысяч персональных данных пользователей сайта «Lolita city».Правительство США, основываясь на нарушении файлообменником MegaUpload положений об авторском праве и законах о безопасности личных данных, обвинило владельцев ресурса в причинении правообладателям ущерба на сумму 500 млн долларов. Это послужило стартом кампании, из-за которой стали недоступными сайты ФБР, Белого дома, Министерства юстиции США, холдинга звукозаписи Universal Music Group, Американской ассоциации звукозаписывающих компаний, Американской ассоциации кинокомпаний и Американского управления авторского права. И все же более сложная и масштабная кампания была впереди – протест против подписания Польшей 26 января 2012 года Торгового соглашения по борьбе с контрафакцией.Следующей операцией стал перехват телеконференции между ФБР и отделом по борьбе с киберпреступностью Скотланд-Ярда. В ней обсуждались шаги и меры по борьбе с хакерами: даты планируемых арестов, улики, которыми располагала полиция, и пр. В числе «опальных» указывались и хактивисты из Anonymous. Также в Сеть попала копия электронного письма ФБР, содержащая электронные адреса участников телеконференции. По сей день остается загадкой, каким образом удалось осуществить столь непростую операцию. В ФБР подтвердили факт перехвата и, разумеется, отрапортовали о старте служебного расследования. Ощущение надвигающейся «бури» не подвело российскую ячейку Anonymous, взявшую на себя ответственность за действия в первой масштабной хактивистской кампании на территории РФ. Операция «Россия», стартовавшая в конце января 2012 года, без преувеличения стала визионерской. «Не дать захватить рунет какой-то политический силе для извлечения из последующей монополии дополнительных профитов», – ответил на вопрос о цели кампании представитель Anonymous для BBC по электронной почте.«Приветствуем вас, продажные чиновники и блогеры. Мы – Аноним. Мы давно наблюдаем за вами. Мы видим, как ваша преступная деятельность проникает в интернет-сферу, как активно вы отравляете наше свободное пространство. Мы считаем, что вам пора остановиться.Первое. Для начала, мы опубликовали содержимое некоторых из взломанных нами почтовых ящиков чиновников, отвечающих за освещение тем деятельности правительства в Интернете.Второе. Мы увидели и доказали, что многие блогеры, которые пользуются популярностью у народа, также являются продажными тварями. За этими людьми мы также будем наблюдать. С ними мы также будем бороться.Третье. Вам не спрятаться от нас. Аноним везде. Мы проникаем во все сферы общества. Мы видим каждый ваш шаг. Если вы решаете преступить черту, то будьте готовы в любой момент быть под нашим наблюдением. Вы никогда не узнаете, кто наблюдает за вами. Это может быть ваш бухгалтер, почтальон, секретарь, адвокат. Это может быть даже ваш сын. Каждый планомерно собирает информацию, которая может уничтожить вас.Если вы не осознаете вреда ваших поступков, то постепенно, по мере того, как мы будем усиливать наше внимание к вашей преступной деятельности, давление наших последователей будет становиться все более ощутимым. Все более вредоносным для вас.Напоминаем, что лучший способ остановить нас – это остановиться самим. Не врать – и вам не придется беспокоиться, что ложь всплывет. Не давать взяток – и вам не придется беспокоиться, что ваша коррупция станет достоянием гласности. Не нарушайте правил – и у вас не возникнет проблем. Мы Аноним. Имя нам – легион. Мы не прощаем. Мы не забываем. Ждите нас». – Текст видеообращения к «продажным чиновникам и блогерам».Сообщение в Twitter от имени «Op_Russia» утверждало, что хактивистам удалось взломать почтовые ящики пресс-секретаря провластного молодежного движения «Наши» Кристины Попутчик, а также главы Росмолодежи Василия Якименко. При иных обстоятельствах мы бы не уделяли внимания внутренней политике всевозможных государственных молодежных движений, если бы не несколько «но». Первое. Подобные движения оплачиваются за счет миллионов налогоплательщиков. Второе. Реальные цели организаций/движений всегда выносятся за скобки. Третье. Зачастую к качественным изменениям, независимой контролирующей и реформаторской деятельности подобные объединения не имеют ни малейшего отношения. Как следствие, составляют лишь расходную статью бюджета.Бо́льшая часть распространенной переписки оказалась битой, однако читабельного материала достаточно, чтобы каждый составил собственное представление о деятельности вышеозначенных структур. Блогеры и активное интернет-сообщество лихо подхватили эстафету и принялись цитировать скандальные материалы. Следуя им, несложно заключить: смысл существования «Наших» сводился к разнокалиберной борьбе с оппозицией. «Пока мы просто предупредили нашистов, если же они не поймут, то мы гарантируем им продолжение с далеко идущими последствиями», – пишут представители Anonymous (здесь и далее орфография и пунктуация сохранены) – «Да мы знали заранее про Потупчик, поскольку никто не имеет право притворятся членом Anonymous пропагандируя при этом идеалогию того или иного политического течения, уж тем более в угоду нынешнему строю да еще и за деньги».Хактивисты настаивают на поддержке рядовых граждан, а не оппозиционных сил, так как считают некоторых из них «продуктом самого Кремля». «Мы делаем работу власти которая не способна искоренить коррупцию даже в молодежных движениях в том числе. Мы никому не мешали и никого не трогали пока нас не начали активно выживать из сети засоряя нам сайты», – заявляют представители Anonymous.Оружие XXI века абстрагировалось от собранных внутри гор атомных бомб или сверхновых танков. Сегодня мы имеем дело с самым опасным оружием – информацией. Она бьет точнее и дальше, захватывает больше «пленных». Убитый в бою не заберет с собой кого-нибудь еще – но не в наш век. После ноябрьских терактов в Париже (13.11.2015) в Сети появилось видео, где Anonymous объявляли начало войны против террористической организации ИГИЛ. Плоды сражений – взлом и публикация 5000 аккаунтов террористов в Twitter. «Наши способности взламывать «[битая ссылка] Исламское государство» являются непосредственным результатом наших опытных хакеров, взломщиков баз данных и шпионов, которых мы имеем по всему миру. У нас есть люди, которые находятся в непосредственной близости к ИГ на земле, что позволяет легко добывать информацию о действиях «Исламского государства», – заявил представитель Anonymous.Шалтай-БолтайС 23 июля 2014 года их блог недоступен с территории России, участники группы находятся в разных странах и знакомы между собой лишь заочно. Их стараниями Twitter Дмитрия Медведева (более 2,5 миллиона подписчиков) ретвитнул Леонида Волкова (бывшего главу предвыборного штаба Алексея Навального), Романа Доброхотова (оппозиционного журналиста), ретвитнул аккаунт «Шалтай-Болтай» и сообщил:«Ухожу в отставку. Стыдно за действия правительства. Простите».«Стану свободным фотографом. Давно мечтал».«Давно хотел сказать. Вова! Ты не прав!».«Вы думаете, в Ялте сегодня скажут что-то важное? Сомневаюсь. Вот сижу тут, а сам думаю, а на х*я?».«Мы можем вернуться в 80-е годы. Это печально. Если цель моих коллег в Кремле в этом, то она скоро будет достигнута».«Россияне не должны страдать из-за проблем в восприятии здравого смысла у верховного руководства страны»98.Их цель высокомерна: «Мы стараемся изменить мир. К лучшему изменить. Хотя бы к большей свободе и информированности для общества». Сторонники теории заговора считают их частью внутриэлитной кремлевской игры. Их история началась в День Конституции России – 12 декабря 2013 года. Тогда был зарегистрирован блог пока еще никому не известного «Анонимного интернационала». 31 декабря 2013 года «Шалтай-Болтай» разослал письма некоторым политическим изданиям с полным текстом новогоднего обращения президента РФ до его публичного озвучивания. После некоторого молчания – до марта 2014 года – журналисты получают письмо со сценарием митинга в Москве в поддержку Крыма. В письме указываются участвующие бюджетные организации, с пометкой, что план разрабатывался администрацией президента РФ. Далее публикуются результаты заказанного Кремлем закрытого соцопроса, демонстрирующего негативную реакцию татар на присоединение Крыма к России. По окончании «крымской кампании» журналисты вновь получают письмо со сценарием – уже праздничного – митинга в Симферополе. В конце марта публикуется «темник»109 для СМИ из Администрации Президента, сообщающий о «правильном» варианте освещения главных событий недели. В документах оказались рабочие пометки за подписью пресс-секретаря Владимира Путина Дмитрия Пескова.Дальнейшие публикации затрагивают деятельность «Молодой гвардии «Единой России» – провластной молодежной общественно-политической организации. Опустим комментарии на их счет, поскольку подобные им объединения обыкновенно увязают в скандалах на предмет «бурной деятельности» и «креативных» акций. Anonymous продемонстрировали это на «Наших». Ничего нового. Однако следующему материалу уделим самое пристальное внимание.КиберБеркутРеволюционные события на майдане Незалежности в Киеве 2013-2014 гг. и последующее расформирование спецподразделения украинской милиции «Беркут» познакомило нас с анонимной хакерской группировкой «КиберБеркут». «КиберБеркут» не занимается отстаиванием свободы слова в Сети и не выступает за ее дерегуляцию – результаты его деятельности носят исключительно политический характер. Просматривая корреспонденцию по запросу «КиберБеркут», быстро приходишь к выводу, что чаще всего он фигурирует в российских новостных изданиях. И если верить последним, «КиберБеркут» является мощной хакерской организацией, базирующейся где-то на оккупированных территориях «ЛДНР».В число «стандартных заслуг» «КиберБеркута» входят атаки на украинские информационные ресурсы («1+1», «Интер», «УНИАН» и «ЛІГАБізнесІнформ») и государственные сайты (МВД, Генеральной прокуратуры, президента Петра Порошенко). Следом за этим хактивисты отличились блокировкой на семь часов сайтов канцлера и парламента Германии, аргументировав свои действия призывом: «прекратить финансовую и политическую поддержку преступного киевского режима, развязавшего кровопролитную гражданскую войну»146. И все же центральным событием в истории «КиберБеркута» стала кампания против президентских выборов 2014 года в Украине.

11 мая, 13:40

COMEY tick-tocks galore -- NEW Quinnipiac Poll: Trump’s near-record low approval rating -- WAPO: ROD ROSENSTEIN threatened to quit -- TRUMP may go to FBI Friday -- SUSAN GLASSER on Russia’s ‘Oval Office victory dance’

Listen to the Playbook Audio Briefing http://bit.ly/2qv5Cbm ... Subscribe on iTunes http://apple.co/2eX6Eay ... Visit the online home of Playbook http://politi.co/2f51JnfGood Thursday morning from San Francisco. And welcome to day three of “ComeyGate.” The past 48 hours has been a political and P.R. disaster for President Donald Trump and the White House. By all accounts, Trump’s decision to dump FBI Director James Comey wasn’t based on a methodical review of the facts. Instead, it appears like many of Trump’s more controversial decisions to be a gut driven response based purely on personal animus in this case -- Comey wasn’t loyal enough, didn’t support Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him and wasn’t moving fast enough to find those responsible for leaks about Trump. NEW QUINNIPIAC POLL -- “American voters, who gave President Donald Trump a slight approval bump after the missile strike in Syria, today give him a near-record negative 36 - 58 percent job approval rating, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released [Wednesday]. Critical are big losses among white voters with no college degree, white men and independent voters. … Today’s job approval rating compares to a negative 40 - 56 percent approval rating in an April 19 survey ... American voters’ opinions of several of Trump’s personal qualities are down: 61 - 33 percent that he is not honest, compared to 58 - 37 percent April 19.” http://bit.ly/2r4DTLx -- THOSE NUMBERS are brutal for Trump, particularly the losses among key demographics of the Trump coalition. It’s important to note: the poll was commissioned before Comey’s firing, so Trump’s approval is unlikely to rebound anytime soon. REPLACEMENT WATCH -- Top Republicans on Capitol Hill tell us that Trump has been soliciting suggestions on who should be the next FBI director. The fact that Trump went ahead with firing Comey without a replacement in mind is stunning. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – who played key roles in Comey’s ouster – are reportedly moving quickly to find a replacement, possibly coming up with a choice in the next few days, ABC News reports. However, that person will face a potentially brutal nomination hearing, as many Republicans and Democrats will use the hearings to vent their frustration over the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.-- BUZZ -- KELLY AYOTTE FOR FBI? Ayotte, the former New Hampshire Republican senator who helped shepherd Neil Gorsuch through his Supreme Court confirmation process, would make sense: she’s a former state attorney general. Her confirmation would sail through the Senate. IT’S NOT JUST DEMOCRATS -- who are frustrated with Trump. Sen. Richard Burr has been one of the most upset by Comey’s dismal. This could be a big problem for Trump. The North Carolina Republican is leading the Senate probe into Russia. Burr and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) invited Comey to testify in private before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week.SOMETHING TO WATCH -- The Senate Intel Committee subpoenaed former national security advisor Michael Flynn – fired by Trump after being caught lying about his discussions with Russian officials – demanding any Russia related documents he has. See Ali Watkins’ piece http://politi.co/2qW4aP9 Flynn, who is under investigation over his failure to disclose Turkey lobbying, has refused to appear before the panel unless granted immunity.DEMOCRATS may be outraged by Comey’s firing, but there’s very little they can do about it except protest, for now. Democrats’ calls demanding a select committee and special prosecutor to look into Russia aren’t likely to happen at this point. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan have made that clear. But that isn’t stopping them from pushing to expand the Russia probe. (Big thanks to Bres for sending his late-night thoughts on the view from Capitol Hill)WE ASKED, YOU ANSWERED -- “Pete Sessions: Comey should have been removed ‘in a more gracious way,’” by Dallas Morning News’ Keven Ann Willey: “Texas GOP Rep. Pete Sessions of Dallas, whose father was the last FBI director ousted by a president, said Wednesday that ... the president, in a face-to-face meeting, should have given Comey the opportunity to step down. That would have avoided the issue of ‘a firing.’ That word, Sessions said, is ‘a tag on a man who ... performed reasonably well and it got out of hand.’” http://bit.ly/2pl9oE6JIM COMEY’s farewell letter to F.B.I. staff: “I have said to you before that, in times of turbulence, the American people should see the FBI as a rock of competence, honesty, and independence. … My hope is that you will continue to live our values and the mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution.” http://bit.ly/2q5nEiZROGER STONE fires back at POTUS -- statement emailed at 5:47 a.m. this morning: “With all due respect to the President, I am not the source of the New York Times, Politico or CNN stories and have never claimed I convinced the President to fire FBI Director Comey. Both Politico and the Times claim to have multiple credible sources for their reports. I offered no comment. ... It has been my policy not to discuss the scope, subject or frequency of my occasional contacts with the President and I am not going to do so today.” http://politi.co/2q8bSmkCOMING ATTRACTIONS -- NYT’s Mike Shear, Jennifer Steinhauer and Matt Flegenheimer: “Mr. Trump is weighing going to the F.B.I. headquarters in Washington on Friday as a show of his commitment to the bureau, an official said, though he is not expected to discuss the Russia investigation.” http://nyti.ms/2quYD2f-- “Trump and Putin to meet in July, Russian state media says,” by CNN’s Ben Westcott and Tomas Etzler: “U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in July as part of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Russian state media said Thursday. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the announcement after meeting with Trump in Washington Wednesday, according to Tass. If confirmed, it would be the two men’s first meeting since Trump took power in January. The White House has yet to confirm.” http://cnn.it/2q8gUPTA BIG THANK YOU to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif), Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for participating in our first Playbook Exchange in San Francisco.MCCARTHY, who has spoken to Trump about Comey’s firing, defended the president’s decision. Cristiano Lima reports: “McCarthy, broaching the subject for the first time since Comey’s ouster late Tuesday afternoon, said the director had drawn politics into the bureau by acting beyond the reach of his role. ‘I would argue that Comey made the FBI political,’ he said. ‘That’s probably not the place to be.’ McCarthy added that Comey had made himself ‘a household name,’ something he argued no FBI director should do.” http://politi.co/2q5eUK6 … The video http://politi.co/2q84szkCOMEY TICK-TOCKS GALORE – JOSH DAWSEY, “‘He got tired of him’”: “Telling Congress that he was ‘mildly nauseous’ at the thought of having influenced the presidential election may have won former FBI director James Comey plaudits among Democrats and within the bureau. But his choice of words may have doomed him with President Donald Trump. He found the testimony last week infuriating and griped about it extensively for at least two days, several associates and advisers said. ... [S]enior aides and other associates who know the president say the firing was triggered not by any one event but rather by the president’s growing frustration with the Russia investigation, negative media coverage and the growing feeling that he couldn’t control Comey, who was a near-constant presence on television in recent days. “Trump did not appreciate that Comey declared his campaign to be under investigation on live TV, said two people who know the president well. He didn’t like that Comey contradicted his unsubstantiated accusation that President Barack Obama tapped his phone line at Trump Tower. And Trump was displeased that the FBI seemed uninterested in pursuing investigations into the leaks he believes are weakening his administration.” http://politi.co/2r3LkTd-- “Inside Trump’s anger and impatience — and his sudden decision to fire Comey,” by WaPo’s Phil Rucker, Ashley Parker, Devlin Barrett and Robert Costa: “By last weekend, he had made up his mind: Comey had to go. At his golf course in Bedminster, N.J., Trump groused over Comey’s latest congressional testimony, which he thought was ‘strange,’ and grew impatient with what he viewed as his sanctimony, according to White House officials. Comey, Trump figured, was using the Russia probe to become a martyr. Back at work Monday morning in Washington, Trump told Vice President Pence and several senior aides — Reince Priebus, Stephen K. Bannon and Donald McGahn, among others — that he was ready to move on Comey. ... “Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House on Tuesday evening cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey and that the president acted only on his recommendation, said the person close to the White House, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. … Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, and her husband, Jared Kushner — both of whom work in the White House — have frequently tried to blunt Trump’s riskier impulses but did not intervene to try to persuade him against firing Comey, according to two senior officials.” http://wapo.st/2pzuyti--“‘Enough Was Enough’: How Festering Anger at Comey Ended in His Firing,” by NYT’s Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush, Mike Schmidt and Peter Baker: “The chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who has been sharply critical of the F.B.I., questioned whether the time was right to dismiss Mr. Comey, arguing that doing it later would lessen the backlash, and urged him to delay, according to two people familiar with his thinking. Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, at one point mulled similar concerns, but was supportive of the move to the president.” http://nyti.ms/2pzj3lz-- “Comey’s Firing Came as Investigators Stepped Up Russia Probe,” by WSJ’s Shane Harris and Carol E. Lee: “In the weeks before President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, a federal investigation into potential collusion between Trump associates and the Russian government was heating up, as Mr. Comey became increasingly occupied with the probe. Mr. Comey started receiving daily instead of weekly updates on the investigation, beginning at least three weeks ago, according to people with knowledge of the matter and the progress of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. Mr. Comey was concerned by information showing possible evidence of collusion, according to these people.” http://on.wsj.com/2qVMkM8SUSAN GLASSER in POLITICO MAGAZINE -- “Russia’s Oval Office Victory Dance: The cozy meeting between President Trump and Russia’s foreign minister came at Vladimir Putin’s insistence”: “When President Donald Trump hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office Wednesday just hours after firing the FBI director who was overseeing an investigation into whether Trump’s team colluded the Russians, he was breaking with recent precedent at the specific request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.“The chummy White House visit -- photos of the president yukking it up with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak were released by the Russian Foreign Ministry since no U.S. press was allowed to cover the visit -- had been one of Putin’s asks in his recent phone call with Trump, And indeed the White House acknowledged this to me later Wednesday. ‘He chose to receive him because Putin asked him to,’ a White House spokesman said of Trump’s Lavrov meeting. ‘Putin did specifically ask on the call when they last talked.’” http://politi.co/2pyEV0A BACK IN THE FOLD -- “Sessions emerges as Trump’s most valuable ally,” by Eliana Johnson: “President Donald Trump was infuriated in early March when Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign. And yet, despite being legally sidelined from the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, the attorney general – the ultimate Trump loyalist — has now played an indispensable political role by helping slow it down. … At Trump’s request, Sessions and set forth their rationale in twin memos the following day. News of his meeting with the president – as well his memo, which advised Trump that ‘a fresh start is needed at the leadership of the FBI’ – served as Trump’s first line of defense against accusations he had acted impetuously when he fired Comey without warning on Tuesday evening.“The drama was fresh evidence of Sessions’ role as a critical political player in the Trump cabinet. He has exhibited all the qualities of loyalty Trump most prizes: He was the first senator to endorse him, one of the only members of the upper chamber to embrace him enthusiastically during the presidential campaign, and, as his involvement in the Comey controversy demonstrates, has proved that he is willing to thrust himself into the breach and take political hits to advance the president’s interests. The president has rewarded that loyalty with trust. At the Department of Justice, he now enjoys full authority over the federal law enforcement apparatus.” http://politi.co/2q87HqqTHE APPRENTICE IN REAL LIFE -- “Trump holds auditions while Spicer’s away,” by Tara Palmeri and Hadas Gold: “Press secretary Sean Spicer’s absence from the briefing room on Wednesday comes at a tenuous time, as President Donald Trump has asked senior advisers for weeks if he needs to change the face of his administration, several White House officials and outside advisers to the president said. Trump was pleased with deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ performance on Friday, when she first filled in for Spicer on camera during the midday briefing, three White House aides said, adding that he has talked about grooming her for Spicer’s more visible role. They said the press team’s much-criticized handling of Trump’s decision Tuesday to fire FBI Director James Comey may have further made the case to Trump that Sanders should take over the podium.“Trump has asked senior aides for their opinions about her performance since Friday. He thought she did well again on Wednesday when she had the difficult task of taking questions about Trump’s blockbuster announcement that he’d ousted Comey, one White House official said. Sanders will cover the briefings for the rest of the week, since Spicer is on Naval Reserve duty, as he was last Friday when she took the podium. Naval reservists are required to serve one weekend per month and 10 days per year.” http://politi.co/2q5fffxTRUMPCARE WHIPLASH -- “MacArthur endures town hall trial-by-fire,” by Ryan Hutchins and Katie Jennings in Willingboro, N.J.: “At his Wednesday night town hall, Rep. Tom MacArthur, one of the chief architects of the revamped GOP Obamacare replacement plan, was called a liar. A man who said his wife had battled breast cancer stood to say MacArthur was the ‘single greatest threat to my family in the entire world.’ Another demanded to know whether it’s ‘true that rape can be considered a pre-existing condition.’ “For nearly five hours, MacArthur faced an onslaught as he spoke here at a community center in the bluest town in this South Jersey-based swing district. Dozens of protesters gathered outside, some lying on the parking lot holding signs in the shape of tombstones. Inside, the congressman was shouted down by constituents and others in the audience of 250 people. It was a prime example of the anger, confusion and raw emotion surrounding the GOP’s replacement health care plan, and a glimpse at why the party’s House majority suddenly seems in jeopardy in 2018.” http://politi.co/2q5VoN3THE JUICE… -- SPOTTED: Steve Bannon at French bistro La Piquette last night in Cleveland Park … Sarah Huckabee Sanders at Tupelo Honey in Arlington on Wednesday evening, getting dinner with her family, including husband and three kids.-- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- BLOOMBERG this morning is officially announcing the Global Business Forum, a one-day event at the Plaza Hotel in New York City this September hosted with the Alibaba Group, Dangote Industries Limited, EXOR, and the MiSK Foundation. The conference will convene global political leaders, CEOs and NGOs for conversations on global business and supporting economic prosperity. http://politi.co/2q8bxjH-- OMB DIRECTOR MICK MULVANEY will speak at 10:30 a.m. EST at the Light Forum at Stanford University on a panel called “What Happens Now? The Future of Healthcare Delivery.” Facebook livestream http://bit.ly/2r36ujoPLAYBOOK TRAVEL SECTION – “U.S. to Ban Laptops in All Cabins of Flights From Europe, Officials Say,” by The Daily Beast’s Clive Irving: “The Department of Homeland Security plans to ban laptops in the cabins of all flights from Europe to the United States, European security officials told The Daily Beast. The announcement is expected Thursday. Initially a ban on laptops and tablets was applied only to U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in North Africa and the Middle East. The ban was based on U.S. fears that terrorists have found a way to convert laptops into bombs capable of bringing down an airplane. It is unclear if the European ban will also apply to tablets.” http://thebea.st/2q4hpMnFOR YOUR RADAR -- “Graduating seniors boo Betsy DeVos at commencement in Florida,” by Jessica Bakeman in Daytona Beach, Fla.: “Hundreds of graduating seniors of a historically black university here booed and turned their backs on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as she struggled to deliver their commencement address over the raucous crowd. ‘Let’s choose to hear each other out,’ DeVos said, straining to be heard at Bethune-Cookman University’s graduation in Daytona Beach. ‘We can choose to listen, be respectful and continue to learn from each other’s experience.’ But most of the students at the private university remained with their backs turned as the crowd applauded. A man pumped his fist in the air while he was escorted out by security, soliciting more cheers.” http://politi.co/2pyjUDbMAYOR OF THE WORLD – MIKE BLOOMBERG in Bloomberg View, “After Comey, Justice Must Be Served”: “If President Donald Trump thinks he can fire his way out of the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia, he is sorely mistaken -- and attempting to do so makes him look weak and fearful, undermines the rule of law, and diminishes what little prospects there were for bipartisan legislation. ... [I]t’s time for Congress to get serious about performing its constitutional duties. ... First, the Senate must insist that Trump replace Comey with an independent and experienced new director, one who will commit to completing any investigations into the president now underway. No cranks, cronies or close relatives. ... When elected officials refuse to be bound by the ethical practices and norms that we have come to expect of them, it’s up to the public -- and their representatives -- to hold them accountable.” https://bloom.bg/2qsk6ITCOVERS DU JOUR – TIME’S new cover, “After Hours in the White House” http://bit.ly/2q4Knfw ... ECONOMIST’S new cover -- “Trumpnomics -- What it is, and why it is dangerous” http://politi.co/2quLjuI … Transcript of their Trump interview http://econ.st/2pAwyl0 … Their editorial http://econ.st/2q5QFLm FUN CLICK – “New F.B.I.-Director Job Application,” by River Clegg in The New Yorker in the “Daily Shouts” column: “Should a President’s Administration be suspected of having colluded with a foreign government to fraudulently win an election, the proper response by the F.B.I. would be to: a) Delay any investigation until the President has left office, thereby assuring smooth executive governance. b) Ask the President if this is true; accept the answer unquestioningly. c) Watch a little ‘Fox & Friends’ before making any big decisions. d) Such a scenario would not occur.” http://bit.ly/2r2hIEUSNEAK PEEK – SUSAN DOMINUS writes the cover of this Sunday’s N.Y. Times Magazine, “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage? What the experiences of nonmonogamous couples can tell us about jealousy, love, desire and trust” – Dominus spent a better part of a year on the story: “Open marriages — and to a lesser degree open but nonmarital committed relationships — are still considered so taboo that many of the people I interviewed over the last year resisted giving their names, for fear not just of social approbation but also of jeopardizing their jobs. It is no surprise that conservatives would perceive the concept as a degradation of marriage, of a key foundation of society. But even among progressives, the subject typically provoked, I found, a curled lip or a slack jaw. The thought bubble, or expressed thought: How? How could any married person be comfortable with, or encouraging of, a spouse’s extramarital sex?” http://nyti.ms/2q3U65K ... The cover http://politi.co/2q6LMA4VALLEY TALK – “Snapchat Co-Founders Take $2.4 Billion Hit on Earnings Miss,” by Bloomberg’s Justin Villamil and Jack Witzig: “Snap Inc. co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy lost more than $1 billion each after the company reported earnings for the first time Wednesday afternoon. Shares fell 25 percent ... before rebounding slightly when the social media company reported first-quarter revenue that was below analyst estimates. Snap said its Snapchat app added fewer users than projected and the business is struggling to expand its audience as Facebook Inc. copies its most popular features.” https://bloom.bg/2q4ewLCPOLITICO “PULSE CHECK” podcast — JON FAVREAU, the ex-Obama speechwriter-turned-Crooked Media cofounder tells POLITICO’s Dan Diamond that he now thinks differently about media coverage of issues like the health care debate. “I have a greater appreciation for journalists,” Favreau allowed. “When we were in the White House, we would always say, OK, we can’t let ourselves get stuck in the Washington media cycle … We can’t just wake up worried about what’s on ‘Morning Joe’ and what’s in the tipsheets … [But] when you’re in media … and you need stuff to talk about, I can see now how easy it is to fall into the trap of only being reactive.” Listen to the podcast http://bit.ly/2quLSVlHAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Robert Allbritton and Dr. Elena Allbritton ... Blake Hounshell and Sandy Choi. TRANSITIONS -- Ally Letsky, previously direct mail director for the Hillary campaign, has been hired by Berlin Rosen as a VP in its DC office. http://bit.ly/2pliOPL ... Elka Looks starts next week on the Facebook Messenger team doing communications for business and platforms. She previously did communications at Medium.OBAMA ALUMNI -- Nate Yohannes is moving to San Francisco to be a director of strategy and business development at Microsoft. He previously was senior advisor to the head of the Office of Investment and Innovation for President Obama.OUT AND ABOUT – POOL REPORT from a Bush Center event in Dallas last night: A “working group was convened to discuss a new Bush Institute-led project to reaffirm the core American principles of political democracy and free markets, with a special focus on younger Americans. The bipartisan group discussed why the liberal democratic order is at risk and why faith in democracy is waning -- and what, practically, what we can do about it. President and Mrs. Bush hosted the group for a working dinner following the roundtable. The details of the program will be rolled out at a conference in NYC in October.” SPOTTED: Madeleine Albright, Carlos Gutierrez, Elliott Abrams, Mike Abramowitz, William Galston, Tom Melia, Pete Gehner, Holly Kuzmich, Amanda Schnetzer and others.WELCOME TO THE WORLD -- Brandon Arnold, EVP at the National Taxpayers Union and a Playbook Power List honoree, and Robin Arnold, a CPA for a company in Baltimore, welcomed their second child to the world on Tuesday. Soon-to-be-named Baby Boy Arnold arrived on Tuesday at 11:06 am. He weighed in at 8lbs 12oz and measured 22 inches. “A lot of people have already dubbed him a member of the New New Guard,” Arnold wrote in. Pic http://bit.ly/2r2X8Fq--Gareth Lacy, deputy press secretary for California Gov. Jerry Brown, and Erin Lacy, alum of California Department of Public Health, have welcomed Wyatt Anderson Lacy was born on Tuesday in Roseville, California, at a healthy 9 lbs 2 oz. His big sister, Beatrix, is very excited to meet him. Pics http://politi.co/2qUmzM8 ... http://politi.co/2qUhYttBIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Fara Klein, manager of state government affairs at National Community Pharmacists Association, turned 29 (hat tip: Elizabeth Rojas Levi)BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr., professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Policy, is 47 – he’s celebrating with his “wife, Georgia (my 3 year old daughter) and Lovey (my 2 year old son whose actual name is Harold) over a big lunch right before they nap.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A: http://politi.co/2q5pCjP BIRTHDAYS: Brian J. Walsh, partner at Rokk Solutions (h/t Ron Bonjean) ... DHS secretary John Kelly is 67 ... David Castagnetti ... Jamie Horowitz, president of Fox Sports National Networks ... Katherine Vargas … Nicole Landset Blank, partner at Walsworth Landset Research and DCCC alum ... Karen Skelton (h/ts Jon Haber) ... Rep. David Young (R-Iowa) is 49 ... GMMB’s Danny Jester, the pride of Bridgeville, Delaware (h/t Jack Smith) ... Theodore “Teddy” Braver Penn (h/ts Bob and Rita) ... Lauren Hernandez ... Brandon Lorenz, comms. campaign director at the Human Rights Campaign … Jo Ling Kent, NBC News correspondent, alum of Fox Biz and CNN, married to Scott Conroy (h/t Ben Chang) ... Time’s Olivia Waxman ... Sam Mulopulos, LA for Sen. Rob Portman, is 25 ... Bethany Little … Jess Maher ... Angie Alfonso-Royals ... José Cunningham, chairman of the DC Republican Party, celebrating at the RNC Spring meeting at the Del Coronado in San Diego (h/t Patrick Mara) ... ... Rich Bamberger, managing director at Kivvit (h/t Josh Dawsey) ... Logan Gibson, lead associate at Booz Allen Hamilton and Jim Webb alum … journalist Jeremy Paxman … Travis Lumpkin, COS for Sen. Cantwell (h/t Michael Meehan) ... Alex Dease, press assistant for Majority Whip Scalise, is 22 (h/t Lauren Fine) ... Larry Thomas ... Chris Landberg, a career Foreign Service Officer currently in charge of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement section at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, is 5-0, celebrating with a big embassy party being planned by his wife, Amanda … Garrette Turner … Pam Eichenbaum … John Weinfurter ... Alex Cahill … Marissa Astor … Shauna Daly, cofounder and executive director of Progressive Security Corps … Alex Wagner, former COS to the Secretary of the Army ... Alicia Thornberry ... Carla McDonald, spending her day salsa dancing (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... George Hadijski … Gannet Tseggai … Adam Fromm … WTOP’s Michael Jakaitis ... Matt Hu-Stiles ... Doug Graham ... political consultant Michael Arno ... Will Hart ... Alexander Powers ... Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is 84 (h/t AP)

30 апреля, 18:05

WHCD PARTY PATROL -- ABBAS to the White House on Wednesday, TRUMP to NY Thursday -- SUNDAY BEST: Dickerson and Trump talk North Korea -- TRUMP: 100 days milestone is ‘phony’ -- B’DAY: Lindsay Walters

Good Sunday morning.FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- THE PRESIDENT’S WEEK -- MONDAY: The president will sign a “Law Day” proclamation, drop by a meeting of the Independent Community Bankers Association and have lunch with VP Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. He’s also meeting privately with Tillerson. TUESDAY: The president will present the Commander in Chief Trophy to the Air Force Academy. WEDNESDAY: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be at the White House. THURSDAY: Trump will return to New York for the first time in his presidency, and will give “remarks commemorating the 75thAnniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.”SUNDAY BEST -- JOHN DICKERSON talks with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP on CBS’S “FACE THE NATION” -- DICKERSON: “What do you make of the North Korean leader?” TRUMP: “I have -- I really, you know, have no comment on him. People are saying, ‘Is he sane?’ I have no idea. I can tell you this, and a lot of people don’t like when I say it, but he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father, when his father died. He’s dealing with obviously very tough people, in particular the generals and others. And at a very young age, he was able to assume power. A lot of people, I’m sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. And he was able to do it. So obviously, he’s a pretty smart cookie. But we have a situation that we just cannot let -- we cannot let what’s been going on for a long period of years continue. And frankly, this should've been done and taken care of by the Obama administration. Should’ve been taken care of by the Bush administration. Should’ve been taken care of by Clinton.”-- ON HEALTH CARE … -- “Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I just watched another network than yours, and they were saying, ‘Pre-existing is not covered.’ Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, ‘Has to be.’”... DICKERSON: “In one of the fixes it was discussed pre-existing was optional for the states--” TRUMP: “Sure, in one of the fixes. And they’re changing it--” DICKERSON: “--oh, okay. So it’ll--” TRUMP: “--and changing.”DICKERSON: “--be permanent?” TRUMP: “Of course.” DICKERSON: “Okay. Well, that’s a development, sir. So you’re saying it’s going to be pre-existing to everybody?” TRUMP: “John, this has evolved over a period of three or four weeks. Now, we really have a good bill. I think they could have voted on Friday. I said, ‘Just relax. Don’t worry about this phony 100 day thing. Just relax. Take it easy. Take your time. Get the good vote and make it perfect.’”-- BUT, BUT, BUT … The White House was pushing GOP leaders very hard to hold a vote last week.**SUBSCRIBE to Playbook: http://politi.co/2lQswbh CHUCK TODD speaks with VP MIKE PENCE on NBC’s “MEET THE PRESS” -- TODD: “I understand people are happy about [cutting taxes] but you are gonna increase the deficit.” PENCE: “Well maybe in the short term. But the truth is if we don’t get this economy growing at three percent, or more as the president believes we can, we’re never gonna meet the obligations that we’ve made today.”-- ON HEALTH CARE… TODD: “Before the end of the year? Not making that promise?” PENCE: “I hope before the end of the year.”JAKE TAPPER speaks to SEN. JOHN MCCAIN on CNN’S “STATE OF THE UNION” -- TAPPER: “If the U.S. were convinced that they were able to marry a delivery system with a nuke, do you then think that President Trump would push forward a preemptive strike?” MCCAIN: “I think that we have to consider that option as the very last option, and for a number of reasons. And one of the reasons is because there’s artillery on the DMZ that can strike Seoul, a city of 26 million people, and the carnage would be horrendous. It’s not just like the Cuban Missile Crisis, in that there isn’t any other aspects of it. This is very serious. Their capabilities of firing artillery on Seoul is absolutely real. And this, again, is why we have to bring every pressure to bear. And the major lever on North Korea today, and maybe the only lever, is China. And -- but to say you absolutely rule out that option of course would be foolish. But it has to be the ultimate last option.”CHRIS WALLACE speaks with NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER LT. GEN. H.R. MCMASTER on FOX NEWS’ “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” -- Connor O’Brien: “‘The last thing I would ever do is contradict the President of the United States,’ the three-star Army general said. ‘And that’s not what it was.’ ‘What I told our South Korean counterpart is until any renegotiation that the deal’s in place, we'll adhere to our word,’ McMaster continued. ‘But what the president’s asked us to do is to look across all of our alliances and to have appropriate burden-sharing, responsibility-sharing.’” http://politi.co/2oM6M1y-- “Susan Rice denies misusing intel to damage Trump,” by Rebecca Morin: http://politi.co/2pxftvVABOUT LAST NIGHT … -- JEFF MASON triumphantly announced during his speech that last night’s dinner was sold out. Mason, president of the White House Correspondents Association, also told the crowd: “We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.” Mason got a standing ovation for that part of his speech. BOB WOODWARD AND CARL BERNSTEIN also spoke at the dinner, recalling their taking down of Richard Nixon. They told the crowd that the “methodology” and “purpose” in their reporting was to get “the best obtainable version of the truth.” VIDEO of Jeff’s speech http://bit.ly/2qi0lmS … C-SPAN video of Woodward and Bernstein defending the press’ role and sharing stories from their reporting careers http://cs.pn/2puj1gv--“A different sort of White House correspondents’ dinner,” by WaPo’s Abby Ohlheiser and Emily Yahr: “During his monologue, comedian and ‘The Daily Show’ correspondent Hasan Minhaj said that he was explicitly told not to go after the absent President Trump or the administration – but if true, he certainly ignored the marching order. (‘You were not told that,’ White House Correspondents’ Association president Jeff Mason appeared to say off-screen.) ‘I would say it’s an honor to be here, but that would be an alternative fact. No one wanted to do this, so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant. No one wanted this gig,’ said Minhaj. … There were jokes about Russia: ‘The leader of our country is not here. That’s because he lives in Moscow, it’s a very long flight.’ … ‘The man who tweets everything that enters his head refuses to acknowledges the amendment that allows him to do it.’ He said that in all likelihood, in a few hours, ‘Donald Trump will be tweeting about how bad Nicki Minaj bombed at this dinner.’” http://wapo.st/2pul8AQ … Video of his monologue http://bit.ly/2qlrXofOVERHEARD last night at the NBC News and MSNBC after-party: “I’m just obsessed with ratings.” … Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) at 2:30 a.m. talking manufacturing on the back patio at the NBC/MSNBC after-party to a couple of reporters. ... At the glitzy CBS-Atlantic pre-party: “This is toned down?” and “I just saw someone from my J school so I’m going to hang out with him.”FRONT PAGES on Day 101 -- ARIZONA REPUBLIC: “A DACA dilemma in times of Trump: Ariz. ‘dreamer’ wonders: Stay, or head back?” http://bit.ly/2qsd5DY … L.A. TIMES: “Trump makes his mark on environment: While stumbling early on other issues, he’s taken strides in his attack on protections” http://bit.ly/2qijkxA … HARTFORD COURANT: “‘A BETTER PLACE’: Trump Backers in Connecticut Like What They See, From Immigration To Regulation” http://bit.ly/2oY1DiS … WASHINGTON POST: “Trump’s complex next 100 days: PRESIDENT TARGETS TAX REFORM AND JOBS -- Republicans warn of challenging times ahead” http://bit.ly/2oUVqne … CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “Judging Trump after 100 days: Henry County’s residents divided on new president” http://bit.ly/2puk5AUCOUNTERPROGRAMMING -- “Trump savages media as Washington roasts him from afar,” by Josh Dawsey in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Ian Kullgren: “More than a dozen protesters fought with Trump supporters, who hauled the protesters over to police officers so they could be escorted out. At one point, several officers threw a protester to the ground who wasn’t leaving the arena. ‘Get him the hell out of here,’ Trump said. ... Before promising a border wall, a new health care system and a strong response to North Korea Saturday night, Trump told an adoring crowd here about the ‘ugly’ office interior and ‘crummy’ Manhattan location of the ‘failing New York Times.’ It was unclear why anyone in a Harrisburg farm arena would care — and the crowd was largely silent during the real estate-related knocks.“But he kept attacking the Times, even though he reads the paper every morning and often invites its reporters into the Oval Office. ‘It’s starting to look like a comic book,’ Trump said, chiding the newspaper for selling its historic building in Times Square and moving to ‘an ugly location to an ugly part of town.’ He ripped the Boston Globe, too, for getting rid of its historic building, pitting his own real estate prowess against that of the newspaper.” http://politi.co/2oUPqehFROM 30K FEET -- PETER BAKER on “How Trump Has Reshaped the Presidency, and How It’s Changed Him, Too”: “In his first 100 days in power, President Trump has transformed the nation’s highest office in ways both profound and mundane, pushing traditional boundaries, ignoring longstanding protocol and discarding historical precedents as he reshapes the White House in his own image. But just as Mr. Trump has changed the presidency, advisers and analysts say it has also changed him. Still a mercurial and easily offended provocateur capable of head-spinning gyrations in policy and politics, Mr. Trump nonetheless at times has adapted his approach to both the job and the momentous challenges it entails.“As Washington pauses to evaluate the opening phase of the Trump presidency, the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that, for better or worse, the capital has headed deep into uncharted territory. On almost every one of these first 100 days, Mr. Trump has done or said something that caused presidential historians and seasoned professionals inside the Beltway to use the phrase ‘never before.’ He has assumed even more power for the presidency, expanding President Barack Obama’s use of executive orders to offset the inability to pass major legislation and making it more independent of the Washington establishment. He has been more aggressive than any other president in using his authority to undo his predecessor’s legacy, particularly on trade, business regulation and the environment. And he has dominated the national conversation perhaps more thoroughly than any president in a generation.” http://nyti.ms/2pxeko9TRUMP’S SUNDAY MORNING TWEETS -- @realDonaldTrump at 8:05 a.m.: “Big excitement last night in the Great State of Pennsylvania! Fantastic crowd and people. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” … at 8:09 a.m.: “The Democrats, without a leader, have become the party of obstruction.They are only interested in themselves and not in what’s best for U.S.” … at 8:28 a.m.: “You can’t compare anything to ObamaCare because ObamaCare is dead. Dems want billions to go to Insurance Companies to bail out donors....New” … at 8:32 a.m.: “...healthcare plan is on its way. Will have much lower premiums & deductibles while at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions!”THE MINORITY LEADER SPEAKS -- “Chuck Schumer Sees Himself As Trump’s Chief Opponent — But Hey, At Least They’re Talking Again,” by BuzzFeed’s Kate Nocera: “Despite the back-and-forth barbs -- Trump was, for a time, referring to him as ‘fake tears Chuck Schumer’ -- the Democratic leader and the president are talking again. Still, it is not, Schumer said, a close relationship, nor are they speaking frequently. Trump does not call Schumer on his cellphone or even his office directly, but instead White House aides connect them by calling the Capitol switchboard. ‘When I talk to him, I try to talk to him about serious issues and he just changes the subject,’ Schumer said. ... ‘He listens to what I have to say on the important subject of the day and then he talks about what he wants to talk about.’” http://bzfd.it/2oLNuthBEHIND THE SCENES -- Republicans on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee are hosting a two-day policy meeting in the Longworth House office building on Capitol Hill today and tomorrow. They are discussing tax reform, which will dominate D.C. for the foreseeable future. Today’s session will go from noon to 6:30 p.m. Tomorrow they’ll meet all dayFIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- A CLIP FROM TONIGHT’S “THE CIRCUS” --Alex Castellanos, Mark McKinnon and John Heilemann have a cigar in Old Town at CXIII Rex. 3-min. video http://bit.ly/2ql3jEcCONFLICTING MESSAGES -- “National Security Chief Tells South Korea U.S. Will Pay for Defense System: Comments appear to undo President Trump’s earlier remark that South Korea should pay for Thaad,” by WSJ’s Jonathan Cheng in Seoul: “In a 35-minute phone call Sunday morning, Gen. McMaster told Kim Kwan-jin, South Korea’s national-security adviser, that the U.S. would finance Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense, or Thaad, as agreed to by the two countries last year, according to a statement from South Korea’s presidential Blue House. During the phone call, Gen. McMaster also praised the U.S. alliance with South Korea as ‘the most solid alliance’ and as Washington’s priority in the region, saying that ‘the U.S. will be with the Republic of Korea 100%,’ using the formal name for South Korea.“The phone call between the two national security advisers appeared to be aimed at smoothing over ruffled feathers in Seoul after Mr. Trump’s remarks, which were published in separate interviews with Reuters and the Washington Times.” http://on.wsj.com/2oXLrhBC’MON -- “Biden keeps 2020 options open,” by Isaac Dovere, who was feted last night at the WHCD for winning the Merriman Smith Award: “Joe Biden has been saying yes to nearly all the political invitations coming his way, with new ones arriving almost daily. Privately, the former vice president and his staff have started talking about how to begin planning a strategy with a roughly 18-month timeline so that if he decides on another presidential run, he’ll be best positioned to get it off the ground. Biden will be 77 by the time of the next Iowa caucuses, but Biden 2020 just might happen.“He will be in Manchester Sunday night for a speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Party dinner. After that there’s a fundraiser he’ll appear at for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a speech to the Florida Democratic Party, an address to investment leaders’ SALT Conference in Las Vegas in May, and commencement speeches at Harvard, Colby and Morgan State. It’s the kind of schedule that would fit with a candidate in the early stages of a White House run, but advisors say at this point it’s guided only by keeping his commitment to staying involved and helping rebuild the Democratic Party.” http://politi.co/2puoFyU2018 WATCH -- “Investments in Russia become focus in congressional race,” by AP’s Bobby Caina Calvan in Great Falls, Montana: “The leading candidates for Montana’s only congressional seat tangled Saturday over money, including taxes, campaign financing and $240,000 in investments by the Republican candidate that financial disclosures link to index funds with substantial holdings in Russian firms that are under sanctions by the U.S. government. The investments gave Democrat Rob Quist fresh ammunition to lob at Greg Gianforte during their only televised debate before the May 25 special congressional election. Libertarian Mark Wicks also took part in the debate.“The sanctions were put in place by the Obama administration three years ago because of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Money was a key issue of the debate, with Quist and Wicks teaming up against Gianforte to denounce the amount of cash he has thrown not only into the race for Congress but also the $6 million of his own money he spent on his failed bid for governor last year.” http://apne.ws/2oM1XoWFOR YOUR RADAR -- “Climate March draws massive crowd to D.C. in sweltering heat,” by WaPo’s Chris Mooney, Joe Heim and Brady Dennis: “On a sweltering April day, tens of thousands of demonstrators assembled in Washington on Saturday for the latest installment of the regular protests that punctuate the Trump era. This large-scale climate march marked President Trump’s first 100 days in office, which have already seen multiple rollbacks of environmental protections and Obama climate policies. The People’s Climate March, which originated with a massive demonstration in New York in September 2014, picked a symbolically striking day for its 2017 event. The temperature reached 91 degrees at D.C.’s National Airport at 2:59 p.m., tying a heat record for April 29 in the district set in 1974 — which only amplified the movement’s message.” http://wapo.st/2oLTQZwWEST COAST WATCH -- “How Maxine Waters became ‘Auntie Maxine’ in the age of Trump,” by L.A. Times’ Sarah Wire: “In the past few months, young people have embraced 78-year-old [Rep. Maxine] Waters and her acerbic comments about President Trump, bringing the Los Angeles Democrat national fame in her 14th term, and a new nickname: Auntie Maxine. ‘It’s unusual for elected officials to step outside of the box,’ Waters said in an interview. ‘The millennials keep telling me for the most part they’ve never heard someone talk like that before.’ Since refusing to attend Trump’s inauguration, Waters, the longest-serving black woman in the House, has achieved icon-level status. Her image and quotes appear on T-shirts and posters. Twitter and Facebook are full of people rubbing their virtual hands in glee at what she might say next.” http://lat.ms/2pxePOUCLICKER -- Democrats are getting creative with their messaging around Trump’s first 100 days. See 100 Days Spotify playlists from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) -- Schumer: http://bit.ly/2pu42mP ... Swalwell: http://bit.ly/2ql48grBONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:--“The House Mother and the Fraudster -- The Convicted Con Artist Of The Winter White House,” by BuzzFeed’s Tarini Parti in West Palm Beach, Fla.: “Ari Rinkus was convicted of two felonies, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to his victims, and has a documented habit of lying. But he’s got one big thing going for him: a wife with an important job at Donald Trump’s favorite retreat. And Rinkus is playing that for all it’s worth.” http://bzfd.it/2qsfXAu--“The California Secession Movement’s Ecstatic Rise and Unexpected Collapse,” by Daniel Riley in GQ: “In the wake of the election, the helplessness and indignation of many Californians found an outlet in a fledgling separatist movement that was hell-bent on the impossible: bringing California secession to a real-deal vote. Then, just as things were picking up steam, that’s when the scandal hit.” http://bit.ly/2ptlCck--“Lebanon, USA,” by Foreign Policy’s Ruby Mellen: “One Beiruti photographer [Fadi Boukaram] went looking for America’s heart in 24 towns named for his homeland. This is his journey.” http://atfp.co/2pboKJk--“Everything You Need to Know About Ejecting From a Fighter Jet,” by Jay Bennett in Popular Mechanics: “If you see the ground coming up big and fast, pull the rip cord. ... You will come away from the experience significantly bruised and battered, possibly with fractured bones and torn ligaments.” http://bit.ly/2oPxKkg(h/t TheBrowser.com)--“Free Speech, but Not for All?” by Ted Gup in the Chronicle of Higher Ed: “[A] tectonic shift [has occurred] in Western culture, one in which identity politics, revisionist history, and progressive agendas have become intertwined at the expense of true liberal values. Free speech is now widely viewed by those in academe as a kind of cafeteria offering.” http://bit.ly/2qeneor (h/t ALDaily.com)--“The Genesis of the Gang,” by Jacob Riis in the Sept. 1899 issue of The Atlantic: “To the lawlessness of the street the home opposes no obstacle.” http://theatln.tc/2poZNZw (h/t Longform.org)--“Silicon Valley Murder Mystery: How Drugs and Paranoia Doomed Silk Road,” by Nick Bilton in Vanity Fair, in an adaption of his new book “American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road” (out Tuesday): “Silk Road once reigned as the Internet’s premier destination for drug deals and even more illicit fare. But as the Web site became a billion-dollar enterprise, its creator, Ross Ulbricht, went from idealistic to dangerous. ... [H]ow the empire collapsed.” http://bit.ly/2pFMC9q ... $19.72 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2ptmcHn--“‘My Aryan Princess’: Drugs fuel a woman’s descent into the world of a violent Brotherhood,” by Scott Farwell in the Dallas Morning News: “My Aryan Princess is a seat-of-the-pants crime drama, a gritty and voyeuristic journey into drug dens, inner sanctums of power and the ritualistic savagery of avowed racists.” http://bit.ly/2pp87bJ--“Meet the Woman Who Took Bill O’Reilly Down,” by Kaitlin Menza in Marie Claire: “He was the most popular figure on the country’s highest-rated television network. But he was no match for New York Times reporter Emily Steel.” http://bit.ly/2pwZoX6--“Death of a dictator,” by Mary Beard in The New Statesman: “How Caesar’s murder set the template for political assassination.” http://bit.ly/2pmHven--“Europe’s Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets,” by Joshua Levine in Smithsonian’s May issue: “Nearly all appear to have been killed, many with such savagery that it lends an air of grim purposefulness to their deaths. They’ve been strangled, hanged, stabbed, sliced and clobbered on the head. Some victims may have been murdered more than once in several different ways.” http://bit.ly/2oEHWAA--“The Lioness in Winter,” by Gail Sheehy in the May/June issue of Mother Jones: “Dianne Feinstein survived childhood abuse, assassination attempts, and a brutal fight with the CIA. Now it’s time to take on Trump.” http://bit.ly/2ppcUK4--“Now THAT was music,” by Lary Wallace in Aeon Magazine: “One grim day (when youth is over) you find that new music gets on your nerves. But why do our musical tastes freeze over?” http://bit.ly/2pbMYTP--“How rich hippies and developers went to war over Instagram’s favourite beach,” by Rachel Monroe in The Guardian: “With its Mayan ruins and moonlight raves, Tulum has become Mexico’s hippest holiday destination. But a spate of violent evictions reveals a darker side.” http://bit.ly/2qepHza (h/t Longreads.com)SPOTTED in separate conversations in the Washington Hilton ballroom at the WHCD: Boris Epshteyn and Alex Castellanos, Jason Miller and Frank Sesno, Mary Vought and Dean Cain (pic http://bit.ly/2pjC0fe) ... Rena Shapiro and Samantha Bee having brunch today at the W Hotel ... Rahm Emanuel yesterday on U Street ... Two-time Cy Young winner and Nats superstar Max Scherzer rocking the red in Locust Street Group’s Caps seats yesterday with Alex Slater … At the bar at the Washington Hilton after the WHCD: Jeff Mason and family, Carol Lee, Olivier Knox, Stephen Collinson, Brianna Keilar, Clayton McCleskey, Ben Chang, Marie Harf, Margaret TalevWHCD PARTY CIRCUIT -- SPOTTED last night at the NBC News and MSNBC after-party at the spacious Organization of American States building in Foggy Bottom: Hasan Minhaj with a big group -- he was cracking everyone up, Bob Costa, Noah Oppenheim, Phil Griffin, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Kristen Welker (tearing up the dance floor), Peter Alexander, Katy Tur, Dana Bash, Don Lemon, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Erik Smith and Edith Gregson, Tammy Haddad, Kayla Tausche and Jeff Izant, April Ryan, Carol Melton, Richard Hudock, Ayman Mohyeldin, Jesse Rodriguez, Michael LaRosa, Amy Shuster, John Arundel, Alex Skatell, AshLee Strong, Joe and Giovanna Lockhart, Patrick Steel, Leigh Farris, David Solomon, David Cohen, Will Rabbe, Jim VandeHei, Roy Schwartz, Sara Fischer, Kate Meissner, Jack Smith, Tim Berry, Kenny Day, Natalie Cucchiara, Rachel Zuckerman, Kristen Osborne, Olivia Petersen, Greg Martin, Lauren French, Annie Linskey and dad Patrick Linskey.SPOTTED at Tammy Haddad’s 24th annual Garden Brunch, co-hosted by Hilary Rosen, Kevin Sheekey, Mark and Sally Ein, Fred Humphries, Kelley McCormick and Franco Nuschese at the Georgetown home of co-host Connie Milstein: Greta van Susteren and John Coale, Joe Goldman, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), Mindy Finn, Valerie Jarrett and daughter Laura Jarrett, Tina Tchen, Ellen Tauscher, Pete Selfridge, Mark Penn, Kimberley Fritts, Doug Heye, Ben Ginsberg, Heather Podesta, Jeremy and Robyn Bash, Ron and Sara Bonjean, Capricia Marshall, Eric Fanning, Rick Powell, Ali Zelenko, Maggie Steenland, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Marc Adelman, Robert Allbritton, Patrick Steel, Carrie Budoff Brown, Fred Ryan, Bret Baier, Stephanie Ruhle, Kasie Hunt, Dana Bash and Spencer Garrett, Mike Allen, Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Ali Velshi, Kevin Merida, Ruth Marcus, Jonathan Martin and Betsy Fischer Martin, Jayne Visser, Jonathan Capehart and Nick Schmit, Steve Clemons, April Ryan, Megan Murphy, Michael Grynbaum, Brian Stelter, Kevin Cirilli, David Chalian, Sam Feist, Jeff Zeleny, Niki Christoff, Geoff Morrell, Stephanie Schriock.SPOTTED at the BuzzFeed “Red White & Banned” party last night at the Brixton on U Street, where the party gift was BuzzFeed’s children’s book “The President and the Big Boy Truck” (pic: http://bit.ly/2qlq4rR): Hasan Minhaj, Jessica Williams, DeRay McKesson, Symone Sanders, Ben Smith, Shani Hilton, Adrian Carrasquillo, Darren Sands, Katherine Miller, Kate Nocera, Tarini Parti, Steven Perlberg, Miriam Elder, Melissa Harris-Perry, Jim Acosta, Eric Lipton, Tom Kaplan, Matt Flegenheimer, McKay Coppins, Rosie Gray, Zeke Miller, Hunter Schwarz, Paul Kane, Sabrina Siddiqui, Ed O’Keefe, Julia Ioffe, Cora Lewis, Ruby Mellen, Michael Meehan, Nika Nour, Alex De Luca, Michael Gwin.SPOTTED at the Samantha Bee “Not the White House Correspondents” Dinner at the DAR Constitution Hall -- (Video of Bee’s opening segment http://bit.ly/2oXXLi5 ... Will Ferrell returned as George W. Bush http://bit.ly/2qlfv8f): Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Ari Melber, Betsy Woodruff, Hadas Gold, Matt Walsh, Kurt Bardella, Adam Hodge, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), Ana Gasteyer, Don Lemon, Jonathan Capehart, Steve Clemons, Andrew Oros, Margaret Carlson, James Alefantis, Jessica Williams, Gidon Feen, Josh and Ali Rogin and Max and Becky Weinberg (pic: http://bit.ly/2qi6uzq).WEEKEND WEDDINGS -- Chandler Hudson, SVP at FP1 Strategies’ digital practice, on Saturday married Adam Bair, senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Ivy Place in Lancaster, SC. The couple have known each other since childhood and shared their “first kiss” when they were just kids. Pics http://bit.ly/2ql81lF ... http://bit.ly/2ql5WGb ... http://bit.ly/2oULw4Z SPOTTED: Terry Nelson, Rob Jesmer, Joe Mansour, Evan Ross, Abbey Kang, Laszlo Baksay, Caroline Knox, Kate Hunter, Steve Chartan and Cameron Foster, Kent Wilson and his wife Korenna.--“Quinn Dang, Andrew Prokop” – N.Y. Times: “The couple met at Harvard, from which they both graduated cum laude. Ms. Dang, 29, is an associate in the Washington office of the law firm Paul Hastings. She received a law degree cum laude from Georgetown. ... Mr. Prokop, 30, works as the White House correspondent for Vox, the news and politics website in Washington.” With pic http://nyti.ms/2oLvSxs--“Alicia Molt, Stephen West”: “Mrs. Molt-West, 30, works in Washington as the deputy chief of staff to Representative Mark Pocan, Democrat of Wisconsin. She is also a yoga teacher. She graduated from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., and received a master’s degree in government from Johns Hopkins. ... Mr. West, 32, works in New York as an associate at JMP Securities, a San Francisco investment banking firm. He was, until 2012, a captain in the Marines. He served as an intelligence officer during two tours in Afghanistan and is now in the Individual Ready Reserve. He graduated from the Naval Academy and received an M.B.A. from Georgetown.” With pic http://nyti.ms/2pKZ7kfTRANSITIONS -- Steven Smith has started as the communications director for Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.). He previously was comms director for Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and is a Boehner alum.BIRTHDAYS: Lindsay Walters, White House deputy press secretary, spending the weekend celebrating with friends (hat tips: Kelly Love and Jessica Ditto) ... Jim Margolis, senior partner and president of GMMB (h/t Erik Smith) ... Bob Livingston is 74 ... Luiza Savage, editorial director of POLITICO Live ... Tina Flournoy, President Clinton’s chief of staff ... Fred Hiatt, WaPo editorial page editor ... Ian Brown ... Politico’s Caitlin Jennings ... Brooke Sammon, media relations and spokesperson at American Petroleum Institute and a Rubio alum ... Nate Lubin, founder of Lubin Strategies and former Obama WH digital director … Matt Wall of Arena Online and alum of Black Rock Group, Right to Rise and Crossroads (h/t Katie Martin) ... Sam Youngman, deputy chief comms and marketing officer at The BitFury Group, is 4-0 -- read his famous Politico Magazine story “Take This Town and Shove It: A White House reporter’s tale of sex, booze and the briefing room” http://politi.co/1TbwhME ... illustrator Barry Blitt is 59 ... Matt Loffman of “Washington Week” and an NBC alum (h/t Bob Costa) ... John Gomperts, president and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance (h/t Jon Haber) ... Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) is 61 ... Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) is 7-0 ... former Rep. Bill Clay (D-Mo.) is 86 ... Tori Taylor, Hillary and CAP alum ... Matt Segneri, director at HBS Social Enterprise Initiative and alum of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Menino and FBI... cartoonist and illustrator Barry Blitt ... Sophia Kim, FDNY deputy press secretary, former SBA comms team, and #Orange Alum, is 25 (h/t Ben Chang) … John Mulligan, partner at Monument Policy Group (h/t Stewart Verdery) ...... Joe Hagan, New York Magazine contributing editor, is 46 ... Trump inaugural committee member Paul Gates, whose older brother is Rick Gates (h/t Ed Cash) ... NYT’s Anastasia Economides ... Taylor Weeks, of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful fame (http://bit.ly/2c5aL2l), who works for Sen. Cornyn, is 25 (h/t Devin Mogler) ... Courtney Rice, DSCC deputy press secretary, Ohio native and Priorities alum, is 27 (h/t Lauren Passalacqua) ... Brian Bennett, White House reporter for the L.A. Times ... Daniel Wolman, manager of digital strategy at the Podesta Group ... Politico Europe’s Paul Dallison ... Michael Stroud ... Chai Feldblum, EEOC commissioner ... Jamienne Studley ... defense lobbyist Michael Herson, president of American Defense International ... Boxer alum Rachel Cohen ... Tyler Bulakul, private equity at L Catterton Asia ... Jonathan J. Harsch ... Allan Katz, former U.S. ambassador to Portugal … Dave Kranich … Jonathan Jagoda … Wilhelm Meierling, COO and SVP of public affairs at American Legislative Exchange Council ... Joshua Elvis ... Aaron Levy … Sarah Baldauf … Caleb Graves ... B.R. Kelley ... James Barron of Barron Associates ... Doug Harbrecht ... Joseph Bottum ... Jay Keller ... Andy Mosher is 6-0 ... Josh Levy is 45 ... Jerilyn Goodman ... Kerry Schumann ... Ted Stux ... Cindi Bannink, famed triathlete AND Olympic triathlon coach (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Willie Nelson is 84 ... former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is 58 ... actress Kirsten Dunst is 35 (h/ts AP)

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