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Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal – cartoon

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PM faces Brexit extension even if his deal is passed

Labour and former Tory MPs join in bid to force through extension with amendment on ‘super Saturday’Brexit ‘super Saturday’: your guide to the big dayBoris Johnson’s plan to push through a Brexit deal on Saturday looks likely to be frustrated after an alliance of Labour and former Tory MPs united behind a plan to force a new extension.After clinching a last-minute deal in Brussels on Thursday by agreeing to a customs border in the Irish Sea, the prime minister had hoped to frame the rare Saturday sitting of parliament as a dramatic “new deal or no deal” moment. Continue reading...

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The Guardian view on the Brexit vote: bin this bad deal | Editorial

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Boris Johnson’s plan is far removed from the promises of the leave campaign and would be bad for the country. MPs must reject it“Brexit means Brexit”, Theresa May’s catchphrase, helped the former prime minister navigate a profound political problem: there was no model of a future relationship with the EU that could satisfy all leave voters, and none was specified on the 2016 ballot paper.The meaning of Brexit then evolved over three years, eventually becoming the deal that Boris Johnson has placed before parliament. This definition is a shrivelled facsimile of the product that was offered by the leave campaign. Pro-Brexit politicians never confronted the trade-offs involved in severing European ties that have developed over four decades. Instead, they dissembled and deceived, wielding the referendum result as a bludgeon to stifle debate. Continue reading...

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For three years we remainers have held our breath. This is the moment our dreams may die | Jonathan Freedland

If Johnson’s Brexit deal is voted through, an idea we cherish, of cooperation across borders, will suffer a devastating blowIt would be tempting to call this the moment of truth, had truth not been an early casualty of a Brexit saga that was mired in lies and deception from the very start. Even so the Brexit story, which has twisted and tormented this country for the last three and a half years, is at a moment of decision. Outside parliament, hundreds of thousands will gather to make one, possibly last, plea to stay in the European Union. Inside, MPs are due to vote on an agreement that, if it passes, will see us make the break in less than a fortnight – thereby ending British participation in a dream that has animated Europe ever since the final bombs fell in 1945.Almost everything about this moment deserves either regret or condemnation. Forty months have passed since the referendum, but MPs will have little more than four hours to assess the new withdrawal agreement governing Britain’s departure from the EU. That’s barely time to read it, let alone debate and scrutinise it. To rush through a decision of such gravity is not the action of a country that is serious about its own future. Continue reading...

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David Cameron’s ‘greased piglet’: a fitting image for the Brexit moment | Marina Hyde

It’s entirely fitting that the former prime minister went there at a time of maximum national derangementThere’s a real sense of occasion now we’ve almost reached the bit of Brexit where the elites who gifted it to us don’t have to pretend any more. Always ahead of the curve, David Cameron is leaning in to the coming winds of financial and ritualistic deregulation with demob abandon. Speaking in Harrogate to promote his book on Thursday night, Cameron predicted success for Boris Johnson and his deal. As the former prime minister put it: “The thing about the greased piglet is that he manages to slip through other people’s hands where mere mortals fail.” Related: 'Greased piglet' Boris Johnson could pass deal, says David Cameron Continue reading...

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Фото дня. Brexit: кто кого?

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В эти часы происходит очередная подготовка к очередному, субботнему (19 октября) - британские депутаты себя не берегут даже в выходные - заседанию нижней палаты парламента Её Величества королевы Великобритании.     Эта нижняя "палата общин" должна высказать своё мнение о том - любо ли Великобритании покидать ряды ЕС?      Если парламентарии заорут "Любо!", то и интеграции с Евросоюзом - конец...    Вспомним, что на этих днях состоялись, в частности, британско-немецкие переговоры о Brexit'e. Не говоря уже о британско-ЕСовских переговорах, которые мы отметили в комментарии "Brexit: все будет в Англии хорошо, но потом, через… полвека".        Так вот, судя по этому снимку, премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон явно демонстрирует своё превосходство над канцлером Германии Ангелой Меркель.      И из этого можно сделать такие выводы:       - либо Джонсон демонстрирует "мачизм";     - либо Джонсон лукавит, "наводя тень на плетень", и выдавая своей показной позой слабую позицию за сильную (такой блеф в политике бывает);     - либо он что-то знает, про будущие события, которые произойдут, возможно, и не сразу после  Brexit'a, но произойдут.       Во всяком случае - очень показательно.          Слово экспертам по психологии жестов и мимики: здесь - "Кто кого"?                Фото от de.glbnews.com

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When it comes to politics, the UK suffers from a chronic disease. It’s called satire | Stuart Jeffries

Have I Got News for You and Mock the Week invite audiences to laugh at what they don’t have the gumption to changeSatire props up what it should destroy. Chris Morris, a satirist himself, understands this as well as anyone. “Satire placates the court,” he told Jon Snow on Channel 4 news recently. “You do a nice dissection of the way things are in the orthodox elite and the orthodox elite slaps you on the back and says, ‘Jolly good. Can we have some more?’”The return of Have I Got News for You last week, for its 58th series, only confirms Morris’s point. Poetry, wrote WH Auden, changes nothing. Satire is worse than poetry: it has made us a nation of giggling couch potatoes, laughing at what we don’t have the gumption to change. Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson’s Brexit dream is to shred workers’ rights and social protections | Owen Jones

Labour MPs backing this deal will betray every value their party champions. If it is passed, the next election is Johnson’sLess than a year ago, Boris Johnson told the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) that “no British government could or should” put a customs border in the Irish Sea; he appointed himself minister for the union upon assuming the premiership; Tory hardcore Brexiteers solemnly pledged not to abandon their unionist brethren. Look how casually their erstwhile allies were tossed overboard: the truth is, they never really cared. What they really wanted – and what Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal gives them – is a chance to shred workers’ rights and social protections. Related: Here’s why Boris Johnson’s plans have every chance of falling apart | Tom Kibasi Continue reading...

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Brexit 'super Saturday': your guide to the big day

With MPs meeting on a Saturday for the first time since the Falklands conflict, how will the day unfold and what does it all mean?After over three years of parliamentary events touted as momentous, we will get one that definitely lives up to the billing – the first Saturday sitting of the Commons since the Falklands conflict, in which there will be a potentially knife-edge vote on a plan that could shape the UK’s future for a generation. Continue reading...

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Johnson sells out to get his Brexit deal – but worse is to come | John Crace

If he wins over MPs, a PM clearly unsuited to office will get to rewrite his own history as a leader of Churchillian brillianceMondayThis was the fourth Queen’s speech that I have attended, but the first at which there have been plenty of empty seats on the Lords’ benches. As is customary, the press were in the gallery an hour or so before kick-off and I assumed the gaps on the Tory benches would fill up closer to the start. But there was one pocket of about 12 places that remained stubbornly unfilled, apart from a top hat that had been left in situ as if to reserve a space. But the hat never did get claimed and it could still be there now for all I know. This was also the first time I had seen the Queen look quite so frail and furious. Having already been embarrassed by Boris Johnson over the unlawful first prorogation, she now found herself being used as a frontwoman to launch the Tory party’s manifesto campaign as none of the measures brought forward have a hope of being delivered in the current parliament which is likely to last a matter of months at most. Rumour had it that trust between Buckingham Palace and Downing Street was so low that the Queen had demanded a copy of the speech five days in advance to make sure Johnson did not get the opportunity to sneak in anything untoward at the last minute. Throughout the 15-minute speech Her Majesty made sure her voice maintained a passive aggressive disgust, never once betraying a hint of enthusiasm for anything she was saying. I half expected her to end by ad-libbing that “my government will abolish the monarchy forthwith”. Just to save herself from going though the whole thing again within months. Continue reading...

18 октября, 11:37

Liberty fails in legal bid aimed at preventing no-deal Brexit

Court of appeal unanimously rejects request for urgent hearing before Commons voteAll the latest Brexit developments – live The court of appeal in London has refused the human rights organisation Liberty permission to hear an urgent application seeking to prevent Boris Johnson crashing out of the EU without a deal.Three senior judges, the lord chief justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, the master of the rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, and president of the Queen’s bench division, Dame Victoria Sharp, agreed that there was no need for the matter to be considered by the English courts immediately. Continue reading...

18 октября, 09:08

Brexit: Labour to back rebel Tory bid to force Johnson to demand extension – live news

Prime minister has said he is ‘very confident’ deal will be approved in historic Commons vote on Saturday Brexit extension unavoidable if MPs reject deal, says MerkelHow much of Johnson’s ‘great new deal’ is actually new?‘Super Saturday’: your guide to the big day 7.23pm BST The hard Brexit-supporting Tory MP, Andrea Jenkyns, has said she will back Johnson’s deal. Jenkyns voted against May’s deal on all three occasions and, as she notes in her tweet, would still prefer a no-deal Brexit.After much consideration, I have decided to back @BorisJohnson deal. Obviously I would prefer No-Deal but I believe we are in real danger of losing Brexit with the Remain shenanigans and the stakes are dangerously high at the moment. My statement below. https://t.co/n9nEkJePRO pic.twitter.com/FHkJjNUtVW 7.01pm BST Margot James, one of 21 Tory rebel MPs expelled from the party last month, has said she will vote for Boris Johnson’s deal.James said her decision is due to that fact 64% of her constituents in Stourbridge voted to leave the EU, but that she does have concerns about risks it may pose to the future of the UK.It is important to note that what I trust will be agreed by parliament tomorrow is just a starting point for negotiations about our future relationship with the EU.I am disappointed that the PM has removed many of the commitments made by the former PM that provided for frictionless trade and maximum access to the single market for goods and services. Continue reading...

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'My deal or no deal': what the papers say about Boris Johnson's Brexit plan

Front pages report on ‘numbers game’, with some calling on MPs to ‘do their duty’All the latest Brexit developments – liveBoris Johnson’s progress in getting his Brexit deal dominates the front pages, though most papers make clear it is not a done deal. Related: How is Boris Johnson's Brexit deal different from Theresa May's? Continue reading...

18 октября, 01:24

'Greased piglet' Boris Johnson could pass deal, says David Cameron

Former prime minister says he would vote for the deal on Saturday if he was still an MP All the latest Brexit developments – live“The thing about the greased piglet is that he manages to slip through other people’s hands where mere mortals fail.” That was the optimistic assessment of Boris Johnson’s chances of getting his Brexit deal through parliament by former prime minister David Cameron on Thursday.Cameron said he would back the deal, were he still an MP, though he would have preferred one that guaranteed a closer relationship with the EU and that would keep the UK within the customs union. Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson plays numbers game after securing Brexit deal

PM insists he is ‘very confident’ his deal will be approved by parliament on Saturday Boris Johnson has insisted he is “very confident” that his Brexit deal will be approved by the House of Commons in a historic knife-edge vote on Saturday, even without the backing of the DUP.“I want to stress that this is a great deal for our country, for the UK; I also believe that it is a very good deal for our friends in the EU,” Johnson said at the European council in Brussels, where EU leaders signed off on the last-minute deal. Continue reading...

17 октября, 22:51

Brexit deal may be a rare win-win for Boris Johnson

PM will hope to pass his deal on Saturday but knows rejection will set him up for a general election All the latest Brexit developments – liveBoris Johnson’s team were pasty-faced with exhaustion as they briefed journalists about the details of the Brexit deal in Brussels on Thursday afternoon – but the PM himself was unable to suppress a beam of triumph, as he glad-handed his fellow leaders.Just a week after Johnson’s meeting with the Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, at a wedding venue on the Wirral, Downing Street hopes it has now engineered that rare thing in politics – a win-win situation. Continue reading...

17 октября, 21:37

Boris Johnson gets his deal and a slap on the back in Brussels

Beyond the bonhomie at EU summit, leaders fear PM’s deal could meet same fate as his predecessor’sThere wasn’t even a Brexit deal yet when the Democratic Unionist party announced it could not support it. “As things stand we could not support what is being suggested on customs and consent issues and there is a lack of clarity on VAT,” the party said in a dawn statement.Customs, consent and VAT: three technical issues that have weighty implications for Brexit and the UK’s political future. Customs and consent had been the two big stumbling blocks since serious talks on Boris Johnson’s renegotiation of the Brexit deal began this month. The tricky VAT problem wasn’t yet settled when the DUP put its cards on the table, raising the possibility of the EU’s worst nightmare – a fourth rejection in the Commons of the withdrawal agreement. Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson leads his weary people to the unpromised land

PM finds there is no defeat he can’t rewrite as a victory – even one that will make everyone worse offNorthern Ireland was so last year. At the Democratic Unionist party’s conference in November 2018, Boris Johnson had said no British Conservative government could sign up to regulatory checks and customs controls down the Irish Sea. To do so would be to put the whole of the union at risk. But midway through the morning, Boris Johnson announced he had agreed a Brexit deal that did just that. The DUP could do one. The prime minister whose defining talent is an inability to tell the truth to anyone had lied again. He was nothing if not entirely dependable.Lunch appeared to have been taken rather early for Jean-Claude Juncker, the European commission president, as he steered an uneven path to the lectern for his brief joint statement with Johnson in Brussels. Supermarket trolleys with wonky wheels have made less hapless journeys. Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson has a deal. Now MPs must end the agony and vote it through | Simon Jenkins

The DUP is again proving the fly in the Brexit ointment, but it should not be allowed to decide who rules Britain Related: Brexit: Johnson's deal's 'far worse' than May's, says Labour - live news Here we go again. The bloody torso that is Brexit will this weekend dump itself in the torture chamber of the House of Commons. MPs will be asked to approve – in some fashion or other – the Brexit deal reached by Boris Johnson in Brussels. It is now surely clear that the deal comes as close as is feasible to a workable withdrawal from the EU, given the limitations set by the Commons since 2016. It also sets a framework for something quite separate, Britain’s long-term relationship with the EU, which is yet to be negotiated in detail. Continue reading...

01 июля 2016, 17:20

Человек недели: Борис Джонсон

Человеком этой недели, по мнению журнала EUROMAG, стал эксцентричный бывший мэр Лондона Борис Джонсон. На этот раз он удивил всех своим внезапным отказом выдвигаться на пост лидера Консервативной партии и, соответственно, премьер-министра Великобритании. Хотя именно Джонсон был главным претендентом на пост главы государства после победы евроскептиков и последовавшей за ней отставки Кэмерона.

27 июня 2016, 00:49

Brexit и новая сложность

Большинство экспертов прохлопали и Brexit, и восхождение Дональда Трампа только лишь потому, что полагались на старые представления о том, что «неизбежно», а «чего не может быть никогда». Эта беда поправима. Куда хуже будет, если у нас по той же причине не зададутся отношения с США и «Европой наций» после того, как этот богатый на политические события год закончится