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23 мая, 00:30

Boris Johnson wants a plane as PM's is rarely available – and too grey

Foreign secretary says department needs an aircraft to boost UK’s trade prospectsBoris Johnson has suggested that Britain’s post-Brexit trade prospects could be bolstered if he had his own Foreign Office plane.Speaking in Buenos Aires, where he was on the second leg of a five-day visit to South America, the foreign secretary said the official Voyager aircraft, on which the prime minister travels, was rarely available – and not colourful enough. Continue reading...

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22 мая, 22:38

Hard Brexit Tories pressure May over customs union

Johnson, Gove and Rees-Mogg deride PM’s plan and demand minimal transition periodTheresa May is facing growing pressure from leading Brexiters to press ahead with fully leaving the customs union or else put future trade deals in jeopardy and risk losing the trust of the British people. On a trade mission to South America, Boris Johnson warned the prime minister that securing the best trade deals post-Brexit was dependent on leaving the customs union in its entirety with “confidence and brio and zap and dynamism”. Continue reading...

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22 мая, 17:21

Boris Johnson joins US in criticising Russia to Germany gas pipeline

Foreign secretary says Nord Stream 2 could leave Europe reliant on ‘malign’ RussiaThe UK foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, has joined the US in condemning “divisive” German plans to press ahead with the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, arguing it could leave European energy consumers heavily dependent on “a malign Russian state”.The giant pipeline, and the terms on which it is built, has become the litmus test of a dispute on how Europe can reach a working relationship with Moscow and yet defend its liberal values from a Russian threat. Continue reading...

22 мая, 14:05

Великобритания подрывает новую «сделку» США с Ираном

Министр иностранных дел Великобритании Борис Джонсон поставил под сомнение целесообразность жестких условий, установленных США по...

22 мая, 14:02

В России ответили на идеи Британии ввести новый пакет санкций

В ответ на демонстративное антироссийское заявление главы МИД Великобритании, россияне предложили создать фонд поддержки независимости...

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22 мая, 13:09

Глава МИД Британии намекнул на возможное ужесточение санкций против окружения Путина

Британский министр иностранных дел Борис Джонсон намекнул на возможность ужесточения санкций против состоятельных россиян. Об этом сообщает Укринформ со ссылкой на Bloomberg. «Я думаю, что эффект от некоторых санкций, в том числе и в отношении […]

22 мая, 00:30

Boris Johnson hints at tougher action against Russian oligarchs

Foreign secretary says he has noted that harder US sanctions have had marked effectBoris Johnson has hinted that the UK could seek to take tougher action against Russian oligarchs in the wake of the poisoning of the former spy Sergei Skripal, saying he is looking closely at the approach taken by the Trump administration.Asked about the news of an apparent delay in processing Roman Abramovich’s visa, which kept the Chelsea football club owner away from Saturday’s FA Cup final, the foreign secretary said it would be “totally wrong” for him to comment on individual cases. Continue reading...

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22 мая, 00:30

Boris Johnson: Labour refusing to face reality over Venezuela regime

Foreign secretary says party’s refusal to condemn President Maduro is ‘beyond satire’Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary, has sought to turn the crisis in Venezuela to the Conservatives’ political advantage, accusing the Labour leadership of a “refusal to face reality” over the nature of the regime in Caracas.Nicolás Maduro, who has overseen rocketing unemployment and hyperinflation, was re-elected president on Sunday after a poll widely condemned by the international community as unfair. Continue reading...

21 мая, 22:25

May: customs backstop to only apply in 'very limited' circumstances

Remarks follow Boris Johnson saying Brexiters expect PM to avoid triggering mechanismTheresa May has said that her backstop plan to keep Britain aligned to the customs union beyond 2020 would only apply in a “very limited” set of circumstances as Brexiters ratcheted up pressure on her over the future customs relationship.The prime minister said nobody wanted the UK to resort to the option despite persuading her “war cabinet” to sign up to new proposals last week, marking rare progress on Brexit after weeks of deadlock. Continue reading...

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21 мая, 18:12

Minutes reveal garden bridge warnings before contract was signed

One trustee asked whether it would be reckless to sign without full funds in the bankThe organisation behind London’s ill-fated garden bridge plan signed a construction contract despite being warned that the project had more than 20 problems to be resolved before work could begin and there was no guarantee of raising all the money needed to complete it.The warnings, included in newly released minutes of meetings of the Garden Bridge Trust’s board, show one trustee queried whether directors of the firm that was to own the bridge could be held liable for losses if they were seen as having acted recklessly. Continue reading...

21 мая, 00:30

Boris Johnson: we want a deal with the EU, not a customs backstop

The backstop option would keep Britain aligned to the customs union beyond 2020Boris Johnson has delivered a thinly-veiled warning to Theresa May that he and his fellow Brexiters still expect her to deliver a deal that avoids triggering the “backstop” that would keep Britain aligned to the customs union beyond 2020.The foreign secretary lost the argument in last week’s Brexit inner cabinet, when senior ministers agreed the UK would retain key aspects of the customs union if a solution to the Irish border problem was not found. Continue reading...

20 мая, 22:00

Boris Johnson lays wreath in Argentina for Falklands soldiers

UK foreign secretary also plans to hold talks with president Mauricio MacriThe UK foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, has laid a wreath in Buenos Aires to commemorate those who died in the 1982 Falklands conflict.Johnson is the first foreign secretary to visit Argentina since 1993, during the second leg of a trade visit to South America. He was visiting the Monumento a los caídos en Malvinas – Malvinas being the name by which Argentinians know the islands in the south Atlantic – with his Argentinian counterpart, Jorge Faurie. Continue reading...

20 мая, 20:07

The gap remains wide on the impact of immigration | Letters

Readers differ on the effects of immigration and policy reactions to itAn excellent, sane, necessary article by Aditya Chakrabortty, with sound advice for Labour (Migration has benefited the UK. It’s time to bust the myths, 17 May). What is particularly vile is that it is such a cynical ploy. For Fox, Johnson, Gove and the others, curbing migration is not their main motive (though it might be one of May’s, obsessed with keeping her old Home Office targets). For the neocon corporate-backed Brexiteers, the real purpose of Brexit is, as you recently observed (Cabinet divisions over a customs union area proxy for deeper Tory division, 3 May), the bonfire of European regulations which spoil their desperate ambitions for a “purgative transformation of the UK along ultra-Thatcherite lines”. Can you keep reminding us of that?John AirsLiverpool Related: Immigration has been good for Britain. It’s time to bust the myths | Aditya Chakrabortty Continue reading...

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20 мая, 11:55

Boris Johnson escapes Brexit troubles to feed manatees in Peru

Foreign secretary kicks off Latin American tour which he hopes will highlight trade opportunities Boris Johnson has put the customs union row 6,000 miles behind him as he kicked off a five-day trip to Latin America by feeding rescued manatees in the Peruvian rainforest.After a bruising week in which he was outnumbered in Theresa May’s Brexit inner cabinet over the backstop plan for Northern Ireland, the foreign secretary was back to his day job of showcasing Britain. Continue reading...

19 мая, 02:01

Boris Johnson to lay Falklands wreath in Argentina

Foreign secretary’s Latin America trip will also include stops in Peru and ChileBoris Johnson will lay a wreath to commemorate the Falklands conflict in Argentina this weekend as part of a five-day visit to Latin America.The foreign secretary will also travel to Peru and Chile during the trip, which is aimed at showcasing Britain’s internationalist credentials after Brexit. Continue reading...

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18 мая, 11:28

Assange, Farage, Cummings – isn’t it too soon for the Cumberbatch treatment? | Martha Gill

These days no time has to pass before a political event becomes a docudrama featuring those unmistakable cheekbonesAt this time of great political turmoil – Brexit, Trump, endless elections – it can seem like there are few certainties to hold on to. But we can at least take refuge in one unswerving constant, and that is that everything – yes all of it – will soon be portrayed in a Sunday night docudrama starring Benedict Cumberbatch.There simply is no getting away from him. There he was as Julian Assange in the Netflix thriller The Fifth Estate, tapping violently into a laptop; here he is tipped to play Nigel Farage in a Hollywood adaptation of Arron Banks’s book The Bad Boys of Brexit (or, as key protagonists would sadly have it, “The Brex Pistols”); and soon, Channel 4 has announced, he will be portraying none other than Vote Leave’s Dominic Cummings in a “Brexit drama”. Continue reading...

17 мая, 20:20

The Guardian view on the cabinet and Brexit: beyond a joke | Editorial

Downing Street says that ministers have agreed a customs regime strategy. That’s stretching the facts. The EU, MPs and the voters may also have their own views on the matterThere was a time, perhaps, when the government’s ineptitude over Brexit was almost funny. There is nothing funny about it now. For 15 months Theresa May has groped her way towards an approach that could reconcile her party’s Europe-loathers with her party’s Europe-pragmatists. All too predictably, none of her efforts have succeeded. Mrs May now has a month before the June European council at which the UK and the EU are due to review progress. She has five months before some kind of deal is struck. Progress? Deal? These words have lost all meaning. Getting two pandas to mate in captivity turns out to be a cinch compared with getting the Conservative party to agree what it wants.Mrs May’s latest suggestions for turning Brexit dross into an agreement that can be marketed as golden is a so-called “time-limited goods arrangement”. Essentially, this is an attempt to keep the UK within the EU’s external tariff system after Brexit until it can come up with an effective technological alternative to a post-Brexit hard border in Ireland. That way, the loathers would get their Brexit, the pragmatists would get something they could call a frictionless Irish border, Mrs May would have a united party for a few weeks and the UK would not crash out of the EU unprotected. Continue reading...

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15 мая, 19:46

Boorish Boris Johnson is now a one-man rogue state | John Crace

As the lone believer in his own genius, the foreign secretary seems safe in the knowledge that no one will dare sack himThere was a time when the post of foreign secretary was considered one of the great offices of state. A person who could be guaranteed to remain calm under fire and take the heat out of global flashpoints. Someone other countries might take seriously and respect.For reasons best known to itself, though, the Conservative government has abandoned any pretence of taking the foreign secretary seriously. Boris Johnson is now a one-man rogue state, free to do more or less exactly what he wants, safe in the knowledge that no one dares sack him. A latter-day Toby Young on speed who roams the world losing friends and alienating people at an alarming rate. His motto: there’s no bad situation that can’t be made worse. Continue reading...

01 июля 2016, 17:20

Человек недели: Борис Джонсон

Человеком этой недели, по мнению журнала EUROMAG, стал эксцентричный бывший мэр Лондона Борис Джонсон. На этот раз он удивил всех своим внезапным отказом выдвигаться на пост лидера Консервативной партии и, соответственно, премьер-министра Великобритании. Хотя именно Джонсон был главным претендентом на пост главы государства после победы евроскептиков и последовавшей за ней отставки Кэмерона.

27 июня 2016, 00:49

Brexit и новая сложность

Большинство экспертов прохлопали и Brexit, и восхождение Дональда Трампа только лишь потому, что полагались на старые представления о том, что «неизбежно», а «чего не может быть никогда». Эта беда поправима. Куда хуже будет, если у нас по той же причине не зададутся отношения с США и «Европой наций» после того, как этот богатый на политические события год закончится