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16 августа, 13:30

Conservatives call for Lord Sheikh to be expelled from party

Peer says criticism he faces for attending same Palestinian conference as Jeremy Corbyn is motivated by IslamophobiaA Conservative peer has said that calls for him to be expelled from the party because he attended the same Palestinian rights conference as Jeremy Corbyn are motivated by Islamophobia and his criticism of Boris Johnson.Lord Sheikh has faced criticism for attending the 2014 event in Tunisia in the wake of a furore surrounding the Labour leader’s presence there and claims that Corbyn was involved in commemorating Black September terrorists behind the Munich Olympics attack in 1972. These claims have been described as “false and misleading” by the party. Continue reading...

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16 августа, 00:53

Boris Johnson trip on day of Heathrow vote cost taxpayer £20,000

The ex-foreign secretary failed constituents when he went to Afghanistan, says shadow chancellorA trip by Boris Johnson to Afghanistan on the day of the government’s key vote on Heathrow expansion cost taxpayers nearly £20,000, official figures have revealed. Related: ‘It has made us unsafe’: Muslim women on fear and abuse after Boris Johnson’s burqa remarks Continue reading...

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14 августа, 21:18

Classical scholars turn backs on Boris Johnson over burqa comments

Education charity Classics for All distances itself from high-profile supporter The Ides of March may be long past but Boris Johnson has found himself, like Julius Caesar, under attack from an unusual direction – in Johnson’s case, the nation’s classical scholars.Following his incendiary remarks about Muslim women wearing the burqa, Johnson has found his position on a charity promoting the study of classics under threat, after several members threatened to cut their ties if Johnson’s were not. Continue reading...

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14 августа, 19:34

‘It has made us unsafe’: Muslim women on fear and abuse after Boris Johnson’s burqa remarks

Since the former foreign secretary likened women in niqabs to ‘letterboxes’ and ‘bank robbers’, there has been an increase in reports of anti-Muslim abuse. How does it feel to be victimised because of your dress?‘Oh, there goes a letterbox.’ On Saturday, while Sidrah Sajad was out shopping in Manchester, where she lives, she heard a man – middle-aged, white – say this to a companion as she walked past. “I turned around and said: ‘Excuse me,’ and they just walked off,” she says. She was in a rush that day, but usually – because abuse happens fairly regularly – she likes to confront it. “I’m the sort of person who will engage. If someone is saying such negative comments, I like to approach them and give them the opportunity to talk to me, say: ‘Why would you say something like that?’” How did she feel? She sighs. “You know what, it’s ignorance. That person is not educated. Part of British values is trying to respect and embrace the norms of all the faiths. Even if we don’t understand it, we honour common ground. Every individual has a choice to live their life the way they want to, and we should respect that.”It is just over a week since the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson likened women who wear the niqab – the face veil – to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers” in a column for the Daily Telegraph. Johnson said he was against a ban but his comments, whether throwaway or carefully calculated – including that the burqa and niqab were “odd” and “oppressive” – have had real-life consequences for many British Muslims. Women have spoken of feeling vulnerable, and some have been abused. The anti-Muslim hate-crime monitoring group Tell Mama has reported a spike in abuse against Muslim women since Johnson’s column appeared. In the week before the column was published, five women reported incidents against them (all were wearing the hijab, and none wore the niqab). In the week after the column, 14 women wearing the hijab and seven who wore the niqab reported abuse to the organisation. Continue reading...

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14 августа, 08:00

Boris Johnson or the burqa? It’s a false choice – both dehumanise Muslim women | Polly Toynbee

Racism is a virus that can be easily released by politicians who stoop low. But we can’t ignore how religions treat womenSo, what is the good liberal to do? What is the good humanist to say? Boris Johnson’s anti-Muslim “jokes” were not a dog whistle, but a foghorn beckoning racists to his Steve Bannon-assisted leadership cause. But in the maelstrom he has deliberately caused, the risk is that liberals are silenced on criticising religion, Islam in particular. Are you for the niqab or for Boris’s racism? That’s a preposterous choice. Related: Boris Johnson must face full inquiry, Muslim leaders tell May Continue reading...

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13 августа, 20:41

Muslim leaders urge May to launch inquiry into Tory party Islamophobia

Muslim Council of Britain tells PM to act after Boris Johnson’s ‘dehumanising’ commentsThe Muslim Council of Britain has urged Theresa May to launch an independent inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative party after several MPs supported “dehumanising comments” made by Boris Johnson. Related: Boris Johnson is leveraging hatred and racism in his desire for power | Rupa Huq Continue reading...

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13 августа, 20:27

Journalists must fight for facts – and ignore Boris Johnson’s tea party | Suzanne Moore

The former foreign secretary avoided questions about his burqa comments by making a round of drinks for the press. We have to see past such ploys and hold people accountableWhen I was a teenager and went hitchhiking around Europe, my mother would say ominously: “Be careful what you do for a loaf of bread.” She was full of such sayings, which I assumed must be something to do with the war. Did she mean “Don’t be a prostitute”? I don’t know, but it came to mind when I saw Boris Johnson trying to “charm” journalists with cups of tea. They are selling themselves not even for sourdough, but for tea with the bag still in. Who would do that?Too many hacks, it seems. He didn’t answer a single question, just spouted the “man of the people” waffling that still impresses God knows who. Continue reading...

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13 августа, 10:26

All this Islamophobic bigot Boris Johnson deserves is to be forgotten

Anger is precious - don’t squander it on a dog-whistle politician who wants us to throb with fury at the mention of his nameOh, great. Another article about him. You know who I’m talking about. The fuzzy-haired boil on the back of British politics, the walking indictment of the British class system, the bumbling consequence of decades of a lazy media implicitly trusting the poshest person in the room, the sentient sack of potatoes whose political highpoint was getting stuck on a zipline during the London Olympics. I’m so tired of hearing he’s 'broadening the debate' when he's just an old Etonian doing an impression of a cabbie Continue reading...

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12 августа, 22:30

Boris Johnson must face full inquiry, Muslim leaders tell May

Islamophobic incidents have increased after Johnson’s burqa remarks, says MCBBritain’s largest Islamic organisation is writing to Theresa May to demand Boris Johnson be subject to a full disciplinary inquiry, saying no one should be allowed to victimise minorities with impunity.The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said Islamophobic incidents had spiked since Johnson’s controversial article was published a week ago and therefore the Conservative party process needed to go beyond its initial stage. Continue reading...

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12 августа, 19:12

Johnson has created a moment more divisive than ‘rivers of blood’ | Matthew d’Ancona

Politics can be decent, or it can be deplorable. Conservatives stand at a fork in the road, and must make their choiceThere was a time when Conservatives used to split over this or that aspect of an EU treaty; or the practice of monetarism; or the composition of the House of Lords; or the consequences of welfare policy. Now they argue over whether it is acceptable to sneer at Muslim women in religious dress. O tempora, o mores, as Jacob Rees-Mogg might say.There is depressing bathos in the fact that two cheap gags in Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph column about the burqa have caused such a rift. But they have. Continue reading...

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12 августа, 10:00

The Observer view on Tory party Islamophobia | Observer editorial

The need for an inquiry into religious and racial prejudice within the party has become pressingBoris Johnson’s comments about Muslim women who wear the burqa have raised a number of issues, some of great importance, some less so. One aspect of this controversy that does not matter very much at all is Johnson himself. As his Daily Telegraph column reminded us, he is a self-regarding, immature and irresponsible man whose overweening ambition fatally clouds his judgment.The Observer is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, founded in 1791. It is published by Guardian News & Media and is editorially independent. Continue reading...

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12 августа, 10:00

The burqa brouhaha – a calculated step on Boris’s march to the top | Anne McElvoy

The Tory politician’s comments on Muslim women were no gaffe – they were made quite knowinglyWhen I met Boris Johnson in the full pomp of our early 20s, he was president of the Oxford Union debating society and had launched a new publication solemnly entitled Debate, to promote his upcoming events. I was interviewing him for the student newspaper (one of us is still basically in the same job). My clumsy response on seeing his prospectus was: “Is that all you’ve got?”Years later, he still joked about the slight. A subsequent career as a leading conservative commentator, adventurous rake, London mayor, Leave campaigner, foreign secretary and man who would be leader demonstrates my error in underestimating his unwavering determination to capture and stay in the spotlight. But his sensitivity also illustrates a fear of being sidelined or falling off the success curve. Continue reading...

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12 августа, 09:00

‘Morally empty’ Johnson is courting fascism, says peer as Tory crisis mounts

Ex-Cameron aide and Muslim leaders join condemnation over the former foreign secretary’s burqa commentsA Tory peer and former aide to David Cameron accused Boris Johnson of “moral emptiness”, casual racism and “courting fascism” as division over the former foreign secretary’s comments about Muslim women threatened to develop into a full-blown crisis for Theresa May and her party.The comments by Lord Cooper, a former pollster who worked for Cameron at No 10, came after Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the party’s anti-EU right wing, criticised the prime minister for backing an investigation into Johnson’s remarks, in which he compared women wearing burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. Rees-Mogg said May had countenanced a “show trial” of Johnson because of her “personal rivalry” with him. Continue reading...

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11 августа, 22:00

Заметка от нашего мальчика: Борис Джонсон ищет приключения на своё жало

Борис Джонсон получил на родине прозвище «британского Трампа». И если он на самом деле решил...

11 августа, 20:00

Boris Johnson is the new Winston Churchill – cartoon

Chris Riddell on the former foreign secretary’s failure to apologise after his burqa comments Continue reading...

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11 августа, 17:00

Boris Johnson is leveraging hatred and racism in his desire for power | Rupa Huq

His calculated remarks about burqas fuel the flames at a dangerous time for ethnic minoritiesI remember the first time I was called “Paki”. It was 1978 at primary school in Ealing, west London, now my constituency. I was quite startled. My playground tormentor had to explain the etymology of the term to me. I retorted:“Actually, East Pakistan has been liberated into Bangladesh since 1971; it’s an independent country”, which shut him up.I was born in Hammersmith the year after Bangladeshi independence and recall the racism of old. In those days, “the host community” saw the likes of me and the two kids in our school with turbans (brothers) as “Asian” – the shorthand “Paki” overlooking different nationalities. The subtitles of religion had not reared their head. The Satanic Verses and 9/11 changed that when the badge “Don’t freak, I’m a Sikh” was produced, signalling a disaggregation of Asians. Race broke down into religion. Continue reading...

11 августа, 12:59

Muslim group joins condemnation of Boris Johnson burqa remarks

Comments reveal ‘underbelly of Islamophobia’ in Tory party, Muslim Council of Britain saysConservative MPs’ support for Boris Johnson over his comments comparing Muslim women in burqas to bank robbers has “shone a light on the underbelly of Islamophobia” within the party, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has said. Harun Rashid Khan, MCB’s secretary general, said the former foreign secretary’s comments, which have attracted criticism and divided opinion since appearing in the Daily Telegraph on Monday, had had a “real and worrying” impact on the Muslim community. Continue reading...

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10 августа, 19:45

Antisemitism, Islamophobia – and this is just the Brexit phoney war | Marina Hyde

Boris Johnson’s swipe at Muslim women has left both major parties in conflict with minorities. It all feels a bit ominousNever less than up-to-the-minute, I have just read Boris Johnson’s 2004 novel Seventy Two Virgins. If you’re wondering if that title doubles as a description of its readership, you’re on the wrong track. It sold well, and the reader is duly lured in with the cover quote, promising “Johnson scores in his comic handling of these sensitive issues”. Related: Former Tory leader defends Boris Johnson over burqa comments Continue reading...

01 июля 2016, 17:20

Человек недели: Борис Джонсон

Человеком этой недели, по мнению журнала EUROMAG, стал эксцентричный бывший мэр Лондона Борис Джонсон. На этот раз он удивил всех своим внезапным отказом выдвигаться на пост лидера Консервативной партии и, соответственно, премьер-министра Великобритании. Хотя именно Джонсон был главным претендентом на пост главы государства после победы евроскептиков и последовавшей за ней отставки Кэмерона.

27 июня 2016, 00:49

Brexit и новая сложность

Большинство экспертов прохлопали и Brexit, и восхождение Дональда Трампа только лишь потому, что полагались на старые представления о том, что «неизбежно», а «чего не может быть никогда». Эта беда поправима. Куда хуже будет, если у нас по той же причине не зададутся отношения с США и «Европой наций» после того, как этот богатый на политические события год закончится