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21 сентября, 23:37

Мэй: Переговоры по Brexit зашли в тупик

Премьер-министр Великобритании Тереза Мэй заявила, что переговоры по выходу страны из Европейского Союза зашли в тупик. Об этом сообщает Reuters. Мэй считает, что Евросоюз должен выработать альтернативу ее предложениям по Brexit. При этом она заявила, […]

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21 сентября, 21:07

Туск: ЕС считает позицию Лондона по Brexit "на удивление жесткой"

При этом председатель Европейского совета выразил надежду, что "достижение приемлемой для всех договоренности с Великобританией еще возможно"

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21 сентября, 19:56

We now need a people’s vote on Brexit. But don’t assume remain would win | Jonathan Freedland

Theresa May’s Salzburg humiliation and angry statement signalled the failure of Chequers. The biggest battle begins nowThe hills were alive with the sound of humiliation. At Salzburg, Theresa May was hoping she’d hear if not sweet music, then at least enough warm words from European leaders to allow her to say her Chequers plan still lived. Instead, they told her it “would not work”. Stung by that, she took to the Downing Street podium on Friday to deliver an icy death stare in Brussels’ direction – and to demand that the EU treat Britain, and her, with “respect”. There was even a hint that talks could break down, if the EU did not explain its objections and come up with counter-proposals. Related: Theresa May demands respect from EU in Brexit negotiations Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 19:31

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s Brexit: panic dressed up as statecraft | Editorial

There were ways in which the brutal dilemmas of Brexit could have been better navigated, but no government could have avoided them altogetherTheresa May’s humiliating rebuff by European Union leaders in Austria this week has many proximate causes and one common root: Brexit threatens the stability and integrity of the EU, while downgrading the UK’s diplomatic and economic standing in the world. No British prime minister taking on such a project can expect help from continental counterparts. Nor can they anticipate gratitude for their actions at home as the painful consequences emerge. Mrs May today tried to regain the initiative with a Downing Street statement. She reaffirmed familiar opinions. She rejected off-the-shelf models of association with the EU, the Norwegian and Canadian templates, on the grounds that the former retains too much Brussels jurisdiction, while the latter requires too tangible a border in Northern Ireland. She restated opposition to a second referendum, and trumpeted Britain’s readiness to embark on Brexit next year without any deal. To underline that point, she offered reassurance to EU citizens resident in the UK that their existing rights will be respected. For that to even need saying is testimony to the way ministers have allowed this process to be shrouded in confusion that in turn stokes alarm. This was panic dressed up as statecraft.Meanwhile, the broader terms of the UK’s position recall the prime minister’s most notorious accidental catchphrase: “Nothing has changed.” Only now the tone is more defiant and, as a result, the temperature has risen. Mrs May is doubling down on her Chequers blueprint, and calculating that the EU side, perhaps regretting the Salzburg snub, will be more accommodating. That is not impossible. Work in Brussels was already moving slowly but not unproductively towards compromise behind the scenes. But Mrs May’s fundamental problem is located in domestic politics, not in Brussels, and cannot be dismissed with angry glares at the camera. It is this: all models of Brexit sit on a spectrum between wanton national self-harm and damage limitation. There is no painless path that might allow a government to fulfil the referendum mandate without severe cost. The moribund Chequers plan is no exception. Another prime minister might have navigated the brutal dilemmas of Brexit better, but no government could have avoided them altogether. A test for all parties during the present conference season is how honestly that fact can be addressed. For Labour the challenge is to evolve its Brexit position beyond tactical calibrations. Continue reading...

21 сентября, 19:24

Theresa May excels herself in another exercise in futility | John Crace

Nothing had changed, it was all the EU’s fault and she wanted respect. Has she any for herself?Was this the moment Theresa May finally lost all touch with reality? The day the Maybot’s circuits overloaded and reverted to their factory settings. The day when history was rewritten in such a way as to make it virtually unrecognisable.Shortly after midday rumours started to circulate that the prime minister was going to make a statement at 1.45pm. An important one. A lectern and flags job. The sense of panic was palpable. And not just inside No 10. Everyone felt it. The combination of the prime minister, a lectern and an unscheduled statement usually signifies turmoil for the country and disaster for her. A general election? A resignation? A visitation from Bono? Anything was possible. Continue reading...

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Глава правительства Шотландии назвала ужасным заявление Мэй о ходе переговоров по Brexit

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По мнению Николы Стерджен, "единственный реально осуществимый путь реализации Brexit заключается в том, чтобы остаться в едином рынке и Таможенном союзе" ЕС

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21 сентября, 17:26

After May’s humiliation, Labour must seize the initiative on Brexit | Michael Chessum

By backing a referendum on the deal, Corbyn can prevent a split in his party and lay the foundations for electoral successSometimes the most devastating revelations are those which are already obvious. Theresa May’s Chequers proposals were dead before the Salzburg summit, killed off by her own party long before Donald Tusk stuck the knife in, but their demise leaves her stranded. The government now faces a choice between a hard border in Ireland on the one hand, and a humiliating climbdown into the EEA on the other.This is a crisis for the government but it raises questions about Labour’s position, too. If the EU won’t entertain May’s proposals, then the idea that a Jeremy Corbyn-led government could come to power and deliver a bespoke Labour Brexit before March 2019 is effectively out of the window. Continue reading...

21 сентября, 17:20

Британские СМИ высмеяли «униженную» Терезу Мэй

Действия помешавшейся на Brexit главы британского правительства Терезы Мэй резко раскритиковали в Лондоне. Свое недовольство...

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21 сентября, 16:24

Theresa May demands respect from EU in Brexit negotiations

PM gives combative speech after rejection of Chequers plan, stoking ‘no deal’ fearsTheresa May has accused the European Union of not treating the UK with respect in a deliberately combative address that prompted a sharp fall in the pound amid fears that it made a no deal Brexit more likely.Twenty-four hours after her Salzburg humiliation, the prime minister gave a hastily arranged televised Downing Street statement in an effort to reassert herself. Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 16:22

В Европе опасаются набирающей обороты цензуры соцсетей

Британский политик, сопредседатель фракции Европейского парламента по свободе и демократию Найджел Фараж предупредил, что свобода...

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21 сентября, 16:11

Мэй: переговоры с ЕС по Brexit находятся в тупике

На позднем этапе переговоров недопустимо отвергать позицию другой стороны без детальных объяснений и встречных предложений, отметила премьер-министр Великобритании

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21 сентября, 16:05

В Британии заявили, что ЕС не предоставил реальных альтернатив ее предложениям по Brexit

Британский министр по вопросам Brexit Доминик Рааб заявил, что его страна и так уже пошла на очень большой компромисс

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21 сентября, 15:35

Theresa May makes Brexit statement at No 10 - live

Update on negotiations after EU leaders’ rejection of Chequers plan 2.10pm BST May says that both options would be “a bad deal... I have always said no deal is better than a bad deal.”She says she has treated the EU “with nothing but respect” and says that she expects the same. 2.08pm BST May says one option is the EEA - which means abiding by all EU rules, “uncontrolled immigration from the EU” and no trade deal with other countries. She says it would “make a mockery” of the EU referendum result.She says the second option was a basic free trade agreement for Britain and Northern Ireland remaining in the customs union, permanently separated from the rest of the UK. Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 15:32

Today’s ruling shows the triggering of article 50 can be reversed | Jolyon Maugham

The European court of justice will now decide whether Brexit in its entirety can be treated like a bad dreamEarlier today Scotland’s highest court agreed to refer to the European court of justice the question of whether the UK can remain in the EU on its present terms, unilaterally revoking its decision to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.The Scottish court of session rejected the core argument of government that none of this matters because its policy is to leave. It said: “It seems neither academic nor premature to ask whether it is legally competent to revoke the notification and thus to remain in the EU.” Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 15:10

Jack's Little Englandism is about as convincing as its Cornish camembert | Rivkah Brown

The new Tesco chain prides itself on its British products – but it’s really selling the myth of post-Brexit self-sufficiencyIn the early hours of Thursday morning in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, an orderly queue began to form in the drizzle. No celebrity awaited the hardy queuers, no new iPhone or EL James novel. No, what occasioned this marathon of patience was the opening of Tesco’s first discount store, Jack’s. Aimed at giving Aldi and Lidl – who in the past five years have almost doubled their combined market share to 13.1% – a run for their money, the new store stocks only 2,600 products (a typical Tesco has more than 25,000) and feature a Wigig (“when it’s gone, it’s gone”) aisle of overstock, end-of-line products and last-minute deals familiar to customers of its German rivals. Thirteen more Jack’s are due to open over the next six months. Each store, claims Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis, will be “the cheapest in town”.Yet the launch of Tesco’s budget spin-off is about more than humble price-slashing. It’s a shot across the bows in a supermarket battle of Britishness. The name Jack’s, streaked in chalkboard-font white across a bright red background, is a tribute to Jack Cohen, the East Ender who founded Tesco in 1919, when Lidl and Aldi were but twinkles in their founders’ eyes. It also brings to mind the union jack, which is replicated infinitely across aisles of own-brand, locally sourced produce. Together, these tactics seem designed to conjure supermarkets of old and with them, the misty-eyed Little Englandism that inspired 51.9% of UK voters to think the country would be better off without Europe. We don’t need your Spanish peppers, says Jack’s, your French wine or Italian tomatoes; we shall live on British beans, bread and butter. What Jack’s is really selling the 71.4% leave-voting people of Chatteris, in other words, is the myth of post-Brexit self-sufficiency, and it’s about as convincing as the Cornish camembert in the cheese aisle. Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 15:05

Brexit breakdown part 3: can we put Britain back together again?

In the third part of their summer-long quest to get to the heart of the UK's condition, John Harris and John Domokos head to Boston in Lincolnshire. They find Brexit voters who still think no one is listening to them and Polish people feeling ever more unwelcome. But in London, protesters against Donald Trump offer a ray of hope and the prospect of something that might finally heal the country's wounds Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 14:33

The Tories used to stand for stability – now they’re the party of chaos | Owen Jones

With Brexit, everything from the economy to the union is under threat. Do the Conservatives know what they have done?A party committed to defending the economic interests of rich elites could never win by saying so. After the advent of working-class suffrage, Conservatives had to have an offer for everyone. There would be room at the top for those who laboured hard, they promised. We will keep out the foreigners and harshly punish the criminals. We will be uncompromising in our defence of the union. We will be defiant against external foes. But a mainstay of Tory propaganda was always this: we are a bulwark against chaos, the custodians of economic security. Scare-mongering about Labour’s chilling threat to the economy was even deployed against Tony Blair, a man who posed no serious threat to Thatcher’s consensus: the Tories’ 1997 slogan was “Britain’s booming – don’t let Labour ruin it”. So look now as the Tories prepare the biggest economic shock imposed by a British government in modern history. How can they ever deliver their finger-wagging lectures on economic credibility ever again? Related: Gina Miller launches campaign to 'end the Brexit chaos' Continue reading...

21 сентября, 14:14

Rise of populism in Europe hardens Macron against May's Brexit plans

UK’s departure from EU cannot be ringfenced from what else is happening on continentFrance’s Europe minister, Nathalie Loiseau, last week told a group of French citizens at the French ambassador’s residence in Kensington that Brexit had become the British equivalent of the Dreyfus affair – the 19th-century scandal that divided families, parties and regions.On Thursday afternoon in Salzburg, Emmanuel Macron adopted the role of Emile Zola, accusing a conspiracy of liars of misleading the British people in the referendum, then running away and refusing to take responsibility. Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 13:18

План Т.Мэй по Brexit не принят саммитом ЕС

План премьер-министра Великобритании Терезы Мэй по выходу Королевства из Евросоюза не был принят на саммите в Зальцбурге, где собрались главы государств и правительств ЕС. Теперь, как отметил эксперт РИСИ Глеб Довгиленко, Т.Мэй «не с чем вернуться в Великобританию». Политолог подчеркнул, что план по Brexit, представленный на саммите, «стал, по сути, мягкой формой капитуляции, которую можно […]