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18 июля, 17:43

Джонсон считает, что еще не поздно спасти Brexit

Экс-глава британского МИД предложил правительству вернуться к варианту жесткого формата выхода Великобритании из ЕС

18 июля, 15:40

Мэй уверена, что Brexit должен содержать конкретные гарантии для Великобритании

Британия должна реализовывать план по выходу страны из состава Евросоюза, а не ограничиваться пустыми декларациями....

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18 июля, 15:24

The Brexit factions: who will be doing what over the summer recess

As Theresa May reopens talks with the EU, hard Brexiters will be flexing their musclesThe prime minister has, just about, been able to squeeze through the middle – keeping Brexit on track while contending with simultaneous uprisings from the left and the right of the party. May’s priority has been sheer survival (rather too uncomfortably revealed with the unsubtle attempt to start the summer holidays early). By keeping going, May has the chance to reopen negotiations with the EU, which begin seriously on Thursday, and try to demonstrate she has made meaningful progress over the summer. Continue reading...

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18 июля, 14:59

Мэй считает, что решение по Brexit должно быть практичным, а не декларативным

Премьер Британии добавила, что такое решение "должно приносить пользу" стране

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18 июля, 13:30

A national unity government? A second referendum is more likely | Jonathan Freedland

The possibility of a no-deal Brexit terrifies so many MPs that parliament will surely move to block it. But then what?Two is a coincidence, but three’s a trend – and now three Tory MPs in the space of 24 hours have uttered the phrase “national unity government”. It sounds fantastical, in a country that has had no such thing for three-quarters of a century, but could it happen – and should it? Related: If this is Brexit stalemate, only an election will truly resolve it | Gaby Hinsliff Continue reading...

18 июля, 12:45

Varadkar says Ireland is stepping up plans for no-deal Brexit

Theresa May due to visit Irish border, and Sinn Féin criticised for Commons abstentionsIreland is stepping up contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit as Theresa May prepares to visit the Irish border.The Irish taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, said the instability in Westminster meant there was no guarantee that a withdrawal agreement, even if agreed in Brussels, would get passed in London. Continue reading...

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18 июля, 11:55

Boris Johnson tells MPs it is 'not too late to save Brexit' – live updates

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and May’s evidence to the Commons liaison committeePMQs - Snap verdictPMQs - Verdict from the Twitter commentariatLunchtime summary 3.43pm BST You can read the full text of the Boris Johnson speech on Johnson’s Facebook page. 3.35pm BST Boris Johnson’s resignation statement - Snap verdict: The two most famous ministerial resignation speech in modern times are Geoffrey Howe’s, which, as intended, triggered a leadership contest that brought down Margaret Thatcher, and Robin Cook’s, which was delivered late at night, at a time in the news cycle where it would cause least damage, and which, although devastatingly critical of Tony Blair’s Iraq strategy (and prophetically so - almost everything he predicted came true) was definitely not intended to lead to the prime minister being replaced. Johnson’s version was somewhere in between; he mocked Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, while refusing to address the question of leadership.In fact, on the subject of leadership, at the start of his speech Johnson was remarkably generous towards May. This will probably come as a surprise to people working in Number 10, where as foreign secretary Johnson’s disloyalty was legendary. Continue reading...

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18 июля, 10:54

Tory Anna Soubry calls for unity government to manage Brexit

MP attacks party whips’ threats against Theresa May and says PM has lost controlConservative party whips threatened rebels with a vote of no confidence in the prime minister and a general election in order to push through a vital bill, a Tory MP has claimed, as she called for a cross-party “government of national unity” to be brought in to handle Brexit.Anna Soubry said the whipping operation during Brexit votes in the Commons on Tuesday evening was an “appalling spectacle” and Theresa May had lost control of the party. Continue reading...

18 июля, 10:26

На грани безумия: британский премьер готова избавиться от однопартийцев, несогласных с Brexit

Члены Консервативной партии Соединенного Королевства могут попрощаться со своими местами в парламенте, если не поддержат...

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18 июля, 08:52

Times: Мэй пригрозила несогласным с ее планом по Brexit досрочными выборами

Об этом премьер Британии заявила перед решающим голосованием по поправке к торговому биллю в Палате общин парламента

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18 июля, 08:00

Dairy products 'may become luxuries' after UK leaves EU

Reliance on EU butter, cheese and yoghurt means sharp price rises, says milk producer ArlaEveryday dairy products such as butter, yoghurt and cheese could become luxury items in Britain after Brexit, with price rises being caused by the slightest delay in the journey from farm to table, a report by the London School of Economics finds.The LSE research, commissioned by the company behind Lurpak, Anchor and Arla brands, also found that speciality cheeses could become scarce after Brexit, with escalating costs whatever the outcome of the exit negotiations. Continue reading...

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18 июля, 02:24

Kate Hoey under pressure from Labour after siding with Tories

MP for Vauxhall angers constituency party who call for party whip to be withdrawnKate Hoey is facing demands to stand down as a Labour MP from members of her constituency party after defying the whip to vote with the Conservatives in Tuesday’s crucial Commons vote.Opponents in her south London seat of Vauxhall have prepared a motion of censure that demands that Jeremy Corbyn withdraws the party whip and stops her from standing again as an MP. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 22:06

Bullied MPs just lie back and think of saving Theresa May | John Crace

Deep down, prime minister must wish someone would press her control-alt-delete keys to crash her entirely With the government having reluctantly come to the conclusion that it was probably a better look to hang around and go through the motions of doing a bit of work rather than bunk off on hols a few days early while the country fell apart, the Commons eventually got round to debating the third reading of the trade bill. Though not for very long, obviously. After all, it wasn’t as if it contained anything of great importance. It was only Brexit. Ken Clarke kicked things off with a point of order complaining about the limited amount of time the government had allocated to such significant legislation. Anyone would think it didn’t want parliament to have much of a say. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 21:26

The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: she is failing to govern | Editorial

The prime minister no longer controls the House of Commons on the biggest issue facing Britain. Something has to giveTheresa May’s weakening grip on parliament over Brexit has been humiliatingly exposed over the past 10 days. Her Chequers deal and the Brexit white paper, which were intended to unite the Conservative party behind a compromise negotiating position, have succeeded only in dividing it more than before. On Monday on the customs bill, in which she capitulated to the leavers, and again on Tuesday on the trade bill, when she squeaked home against the remainers by 307-301, a political life-saver, while losing a separate vote to them, Mrs May was the plaything of the Tory factions. Her initial response, a now abandoned attempt to cut the parliamentary session short, was close to admitting that, on the most important issue facing Britain, Mrs May is barely capable of governing.Her wider failure has two deep underlying causes. The first was the referendum vote of 2016 to leave the European Union, which she is committed to implementing. The second, and equally potent, cause was the loss of her parliamentary majority in the 2017 general election, which makes implementation even more difficult. It is not possible to understand the crisis that is battering Mrs May’s government this week without appreciating the very particular toxicity of the combination of the two together. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 20:55

May sees off rebellion on customs union as amendment is defeated

Narrow Commons win for government follows earlier loss on medicines regulationTheresa May saw off a damaging Commons rebellion on Tuesday as Conservative remainers lost a high-stakes vote on the customs union, giving the prime minister some much-needed breathing space on Brexit before the summer break. She avoided all-out Tory civil war and the wrath of the Eurosceptic wing of her party, which had threatened to launch a leadership challenge, when MPs defeated the proposal by six votes. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 20:31

Vote Leave broke electoral law and British democracy is shaken

The record is not encouraging over whether senior Tory Brexiters will be held to accountVote Leave has been fined £61,000 after being found guilty of breaking electoral law during the Brexit campaign. Two people have been referred to the police. But with this initial investigation concluded, Britain faces a difficult period of soul searching over what to do about this evidence of extensive wrongdoing.A democracy is only as strong as the elections that set its course. If they can be bought or subverted, then confidence in democracy and the legitimacy of the governments it installs, seeps away. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 19:41

The ministers behind Vote Leave should be sacked | Molly Scott Cato

The evidence from the Electoral Commission is clear – to follow through with Brexit now would be undemocraticThose who persuaded the British people to vote for Brexit have now given up on a glorious future for global Britain. These arguments lie in tatters, buried beneath the government’s own studies into the impacts of Brexit showing it will be disastrous for the economy under any scenario. Instead, they are resorting to the “will of the people” mantra. Take Priti Patel’s recent tweet in which she says: “This is no longer an argument about whether Brexit was a good idea but is about democracy & standing by the democratic decision made by the people.” In other words, no matter how bad the consequences for all of us, we have to go ahead with Brexit because democracy demands it.But upholding democracy is a selective affair for Brexiteers. The leave campaign has wasted no time in engaging in some mudslinging at the Electoral Commission, the body responsible for regulating our democracy. The commission’s investigation into Vote Leave found the campaign group broke the law by coordinating with sister campaign, BeLeave. Vote Leave has been fined £61,000 and both campaigns have been referred to the police. Yet the response from Vote Leave officials is to accuse the Electoral Commission of “false accusations” and being motivated by a political agenda, “unfounded claims and conspiracy theories”. It is worth reminding ourselves at this point that a host of senior government ministers sat on the Vote Leave campaign committee. These included Liam Fox, Iain Duncan Smith, Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Steve Baker and Chris Grayling, as well as the defender of democracy herself, Priti Patel. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 19:19

No-deal Brexit would have big economic consequences – Carney

Bank of England governor warns of interest rate cuts if UK crashes out of EUMark Carney has warned that Britain would face “big economic consequences” and could need emergency interest rate cuts if the country crashes out the European Union without a deal. Issuing the latest warning for Theresa May amid mounting division over her Brexit plans as Britain’s withdrawal ticks ever closer, the governor of the Bank of England said failure to reach any deal with Brussels would leave the country worse off. Continue reading...

17 июля, 19:12

When Phil Mitchell met Trump: Coldwar Steve and his Brexit Britain mashups

They are a Twitter sensation, portraying a grotesque future Britain full of world leaders and football managers – with EastEnder Phil looking on in horror. Meet the man who knocks them out on his bus to work A screaming Donald Trump sits at the wheel of a white Austin Maestro van, rusting in a woodland glade. Cliff Richard sunbathes on the van’s roof. A concerned Noel Edmonds looks on as Last of the Summer Wine’s Howard and Marina emerge furtively from the bushes. In the foreground, Kim Jong-un, David Gest and the desolate figure of actor Steve McFadden (aka EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell) re-enact the picnic from Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe. This is the phantasmagoric photomontage world of McFadden’s Cold War (aka Coldwar Steve), a blackly comic Twitter account where the likes of Trump, Kim, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson are pilloried in a purgatorial Albion of abandoned caravans, flat-roof pubs and dank laybys, amid a rogues’ gallery of low-rent celebrities, serial killers, football managers, and the ever present figure of McFadden. Continue reading...