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01 апреля, 08:00

The scale of the coronavirus crisis exposes how pointless the Brexit cause is | Rafael Behr

Brexiteers’ war on imaginary threats now looks parochial and self-indulgent – history may judge them harshlyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThis might not feel like the moment to go on about Brexit, but Brexit goes on whether we are feeling it or not. When people are worried about surviving April, December’s deadline for EU trade talks seems a long way off. Covid-19 may have eclipsed older problems, but they will not solve themselves in its shadow.The disease has halted negotiations and infected the lead negotiators. All Whitehall capacity is being spent on the immediate crisis. Boris Johnson has no time for Brexit. If he did, he might want to practise some social distancing from the idea. Continue reading...

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30 марта, 18:59

Extend Brexit transition by years over coronavirus, UK told

European People’s party says it hopes ‘common sense will prevail over ideology’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe largest group in the European parliament has urged the UK government to do the “responsible thing” and extend the Brexit transition period, as coronavirus plays havoc with the timetable for an EU-UK deal.The centre-right European People’s party (EPP), which unites the parties of 11 EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar, issued a statement on Monday calling on the government to extend the Brexit transition beyond the end of the year. Continue reading...

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30 марта, 00:00

EU citizens in UK at risk of becoming illegal as coronavirus response prioritised

Campaigners urge government to replace settled status process with guaranteed ‘right to stay’ Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Campaigners fear that EU citizens who have made their homes in the UK are at risk of becoming illegal as the government diverts resources to fight coronavirus.Under current rules, all EU citizens have until June 2021 to apply for settled status. However, there are concerns that the pandemic will mean that the government support available to help EU citizens will reduce, and public awareness campaigns, designed to reach the most vulnerable people and those without an online presence, will be delayed. Continue reading...

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26 марта, 22:31

UK-EU talks on post-Brexit relations 'in deep freeze'

Brussels laments London’s failure to table comprehensive legal text to work onCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePlanned negotiating rounds on the UK’s future relationship with the EU have been abandoned as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with Boris Johnson’s government still to table a comprehensive legal text for both sides to work on.During a European commission briefing on Thursday, envoys for the EU capitals were told that holding negotiations via video-conferencing had so far proved impossible. Continue reading...

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26 марта, 09:00

We simply don't know what kind of Britain will awake from all this | Martin Kettle

Beware confident predictions of our future after the Covid-19 crisis. Our response to seismic change is often to entrench existing views Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIf there is one thing everyone living through the Covid-19 emergency agrees, it is that it is unprecedented. Everyone is surely right about that. But what follows in politics, economics and social behaviour from that recognition? There is no agreement there. There are resemblances with wartime, of course, but Britain never went into almost total lockdown in wartime. There are echoes of past pestilences too, but these afflictions did not bring normal life to such a totalising standstill.And these are only early days in a long process. Politicians are no better than anyone else at adjusting to radical change. As Boris Johnson’s uncertain initial messaging exemplified, adjustment takes time. The worst of the crisis is also yet to come. Covid-19 cases and deaths have not yet peaked. The outbreak may drag on for longer than we have yet grasped, or it may return. Pretending that life could be back to normal by Easter, as Donald Trump does, is delinquent. If the 1918-19 flu pandemic is a guide, the Covid-19 virus may be with us for a year. Continue reading...

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23 марта, 13:21

Грушко: Москва и Лондон пока не приступили к переговорам о договорной базе после Brexit

По словам замглавы МИД РФ, Россия и Великобритания обсуждали вопрос адаптации договорно-правовой базы

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22 марта, 10:00

The coronavirus outbreak has made the budget irrelevant

This emergency demands good judgment, not the usual obsession with debt and deficit levelsSeldom has a British government’s budget been rendered so out of date and so irrelevant as Rishi Sunak’s first.One of the best indicators of this was provided in his post-budget evidence to the Treasury select committee last week by Robert Chote, the much-respected chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). The OBR is the independent watchdog on government spending and taxation plans – the setting-up of which was one of the few acts of Chancellor George Osborne of which I approved. Continue reading...

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21 марта, 18:13

US trade deal ‘could flood Britain with toxic cosmetics’

Campaigners fear that EU rules banning dangerous chemicals will be relaxed to allow American companies into UK marketA UK trade deal with the US will see the relaxation of stringent laws prohibiting the use of dangerous ingredients in imported cosmetics, campaigners are warning.Concerns about food that could be imported under a deal – in particular chicken washed with chlorine – have been widely aired. But so far little attention has been given to products made by other industries. Continue reading...

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20 марта, 11:06

Глава Еврокомиссии заявила, что ЕС открыт для продления переговоров с Лондоном по Brexit

Ранее у главного переговорщика ЕС Мишеля Барнье был выявлен коронавирус

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19 марта, 15:04

Переговоры по Brexit продолжатся, несмотря на заражение Барнье коронавирусом

Мишель Барнье в четверг сообщил в своем Twitter, что заразился коронавирусом, но чувствует себя хорошо

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13 марта, 18:16

Reuters: ЕС предлагает Британии сохранить тесное партнерство и создать совещательный орган

Брюссель настаивает на обеспечении сторонами равных условий конкуренции и налогообложения

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13 марта, 15:23

Brexit: EU's demands in negotiations with UK revealed in draft treaty

Document highlights distance between two sides on issues including state aid rulesBritain will have to guarantee “uniform implementation” of Brussels’s state subsidy rules while the European court of justice will hand down rulings to British courts, under the EU’s vision of the future relationship with the UK.A 441-page treaty draft, obtained by the Guardian, spells out in full legal text for the first time the demands that Brussels will make of David Frost, the UK’s chief negotiator, in the next round of talks. Continue reading...

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13 марта, 10:00

How will we report on the EU now that the UK is out?

After 50 years of largely hostile reporting, journalists may find themselves pushed to the sidelinesSupport the Guardian’s European journalism today by making a contribution or subscribingShortly before Brexit, a touching little farewell ceremony took place in the Berlaymont, the European commission’s Brussels headquarters.On Jean-Claude Juncker’s last day as president of the commission, he made a final appearance in the basement press room at midday – the time the commission has been briefing the world’s press every day for much of the past 60 years. Continue reading...

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12 марта, 22:29

UK and EU agree to 'dial down rhetoric' in Brexit talks

Both sides expected to produce legal texts of negotiating positions next weekThe UK and the EU have agreed to “dial down the rhetoric” over Brexit in an effort to open up space for a deal, it has emerged.Brussels and London are expected to produce legal texts of their negotiating positions next week, with diplomatic sources claiming both sides have agreed to “lower the temperature” to enable the texts to be considered in detail to assess the scale of the divergence. Continue reading...

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12 марта, 15:00

It takes skill to work in a restaurant. Try telling that to the Home Office

The post-Brexit immigration system is a threat to the food industry – and a snobbish failure to understand the value of people who do jobs that benefit us allHave you ever watched a waiter take a dover sole off the bone? It requires an extremely steady hand and ocean-like depths of confidence to slip the knife along the back of a hyper-expensive fish and slip the fillets away from each other while being watched by the person who paid for it. Have you seen a waiter take the orders of a table of eight and then make sure, without asking again, that everybody is served the dishes they ordered across multiple courses? And then deal with the obstreperous, foul-mouthed drunk in the corner, without disturbing anyone else? Have you watched a restaurant cook fulfil a dozen grill orders at the same time, without losing track of any individual preferences, while their colleague whips up souffle after souffle?These are the skills which make the pleasure of a meal in a restaurant what it is. Unless, of course, you are the British government in general and the home secretary in particular. Under the new points-based immigration rules announced last month and due to come into force next January, most jobs in the hospitality industry are simply dismissed as unskilled labour. Apparently, it doesn’t require skill to do them. Foreigners need not apply. Continue reading...

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11 марта, 15:44

London Brexit talks in doubt because of coronavirus

About 150 delegates were due to arrive next week for three days of talksBrexit talks due to take place in London next week have been thrown into doubt because of the coronavirus, Michael Gove has confirmed.Gove told MPs fresh concerns about the second round of talks going ahead as planned had been raised by Brussels counterparts this morning. Continue reading...

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11 марта, 15:07

Labour anger over Chris Grayling's appointment to intelligence committee

Shadow defence spokesperson says Brexit supporter’s ‘track record of failure’ means he should not preside over release of Russia reportLabour has demanded that Boris Johnson rethink plans to appoint Chris Grayling to the powerful intelligence and security committee, one of a group of Brexiter Conservatives who will have the final say over whether to release the long-delayed report on Russian influence in UK politics.Nia Griffith, the party’s defence spokesperson, said that previous chairs of the special committee “have been highly qualified and experienced” and “not frightened of criticising the government where and when necessary”. Continue reading...

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11 марта, 12:29

Budget live: Rishi Sunak spends on coronavirus, roads and rail in 'biggest giveaway since 1992'

Chancellor triples investment in transport and infrastructure spending, freezes fuel and alcohol duties, and removes VAT on digital publicationsKey points from budget 2020 – at a glanceChancellor makes £30bn pledge to protect economy from coronavirusCoronavirus – latest updatesBank of England announces emergency rate cut 6.12pm GMT Rishi Sunak, who replaced Sajid Javid only weeks ago, said he would intervene to protect public services and the economy over the coming months while providing the biggest boost to public investment for several generations to drive longer-term growth.Delivering his first budget speech to the Commons, Sunak said the virus outbreak would be temporary but costly for businesses and the economy. Related: Chancellor makes £30bn budget pledge to protect economy from coronavirus Related: Key points from budget 2020 – at a glance Related: 2020 budget: the Guardian panel’s verdict | Polly Toynbee, Katy Balls, Tom Kibasi and Miatta Fahnbulleh 6.08pm GMT The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in his budget the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, headed off down the motorway towards climate catastrophe, all the while proclaiming his intention to protect the environment.“Over £27bn of tarmac,” he announced, for 4,000 miles of major new roads. In stark contrast, low-carbon transport was put in the slow lane, getting £1bn.Worse, Sunak flunked a golden opportunity to end the decade-long freeze on fuel duty that has pushed up traffic and pollution and suppressed bus and train travel. The oil price is now plummeting, but even if it had been raised drivers might not have seen any change in the price at the pump.Transport emissions are now the biggest contributor to the UK’s carbon emissions and they are rising; 90% come from the roads. Emissions from transport are a key reason the government is on track to miss its own legally binding carbon targets.The other key reason is the UK’s terribly energy inefficient buildings, which lose heat up to three times as quickly as homes in neighbouring countries. Making homes cleaner, cosier, and cheaper to heat, is a no-brainer. Yet there was not a single word on this in Sunak’s speech or the 125-page budget document.This failure really matters, with the UK hosting a crucial UN climate in just eight months’ time. The summit, Cop26, in Glasgow, is a pledging party at which the world’s nations must offer much bigger emissions cuts to head off the climate crisis. The host needs to start the party with a splashy pledge, but Sunak just tossed in a crumpled fiver found in a back pocket.....More here: Related: Road to hell: budget tarmacs over climate ambition Continue reading...