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27 сентября, 15:40

Pret allergy inquest: coroner questions BA cabin crew's training

Airline official is asked why doctor was not made aware of full range of kit onboardBritish Airways’ safety training for cabin crew has been called into question at the inquest into the death of a teenager with food allergies who collapsed on one of the airline’s flights.Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, from Fulham, south-west London, was on flight BA342 from London to Nice on 17 July 2016 when she fell ill after eating a baguette she had bought from a branch of Pret A Manger at Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5. She died later that day in hospital. Continue reading...

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24 сентября, 17:24

Father of girl who died of allergy on plane blames Pret a Manger

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse checked labelling but sesame was not listed, he tells inquestA father whose 15-year-old daughter with severe food allergies died after eating a baguette from Pret a Manger has told an inquest that the food chain is to blame for its failure to list allergens.Natasha Ednan-Laperouse was travelling with her father and a school friend from London to Nice when she collapsed during a British Airways flight on 17 July 2016.After treatment on the plane and at the airport failed to revive her, she was taken to a French hospital but, with no prospect of recovery, her life support was switched off later that day.An inquest into her death at west London coroner’s court on Monday heard that shortly before boarding the plane, after carefully checking the label herself and then getting her father to double-check, the teenager ate an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette bought from a Pret a Manger shop in Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport.In his statement, read to the court by the family lawyer, Jeremy Hyam QC, Natasha’s father, Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, said that at one stage while receiving treatment his daughter had vomited the red filling of the sandwich. As she lay in hospital, he said he “instinctively knew that Natasha was dying due to something contained in the Pret baguette”.He said he called his own mother from the hospital and asked her to buy the same baguette from her local store in Fulham, which she did. She also found no allergens listed in the ingredients or any warnings displayed around the store. It was only when she consulted a folder encased in plastic at the store that she saw the product contained sesame seeds in the baguette dough, he said.Ednan-Laperouse said: “When my mother called and told me that the baguette contained sesame, I was taken aback … I was completely horrified. It was their fault … I was stunned that a big food company like Pret could mislabel a sandwich and this could cause my daughter to die.”Ednan-Laperouse’s statement and oral evidence given later told how Natasha began to itch three minutes after eating the sandwich. She took some liquid Piriton and did so again when the same symptom presented itself on the flight, the inquest heard.Her father said she went to the toilet. “She said: ‘Daddy, I’m not feeling well’ … she lifted up her top and showed me red welts … like lacerations,” said Ednan-Laperouse. Continue reading...

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23 сентября, 10:00

Pret a Manger and BA face questions over girl’s allergy death on plane

Inquest into death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse will focus on food packaging ‘loophole’ and cabin crew’s trainingA 15-year-old girl who was severely allergic to sesame died after eating a Pret a Manger sandwich that did not list the ingredient on its packaging, an inquest will hear this week.Natasha Ednan-Laperouse was travelling with her father and a school friend from London to Nice when she collapsed during the British Airways flight in July 2016. Continue reading...

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British Airways discharges £4.4bn in pension liabilities

Legal & General takes over responsibilities for 22,000 pensioners as airline tries to protect itself from higher costs in futureBritish Airways has offloaded £4.4bn in pension liabilities to an insurance company in a bid to cap its pension responsibilities.Legal & General will effectively take over the liabilities for 22,000 British Airways pensioners in the largest deal of its kind in the UK. Continue reading...

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Авиакомпания British Airways стала жертвой группы MageCart

Эксперты компании RisqIQ опубликовали отчет о недавней компрометации авиакомпании British Airways. По данным исследователей, инцидент был связан с хакерской группой MageCart.

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11 сентября, 09:39

BA gave a refund – but Amex won’t return my £2,000 payments

The credit card firm is holding my cash after we were forced to cancel due to family illnessBack in August, my family was due to go to California on a trip of a lifetime. Two days before departure, my father-in-law was given a “few short weeks to live” and we had to cancel. Our flight and hire car were booked through British Airways and, on receipt of proof of my father-in-law’s terminal illness, it refunded our flight and car payment immediately. Unfortunately, the payment for the holiday was made in three lumps as we could not afford the total cost of £2,500, allowing us to save up. Two of these payments, almost £1,000 each, were made on two separate American Express cards. The money has been refunded to the cards but American Express has refused to return the money to us. Continue reading...

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Ben Jennings on British Airways and data security – cartoon

The credit card details of 380,000 British Airways customers could already be on sale on the dark web after the airline suffered a ‘malicious’ data breach British Airways data breach: what to do if you have been affectedHow did hackers manage to lift the details of BA customers? Continue reading...

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07 сентября, 19:45

BA customers' hacked credit card details have probably already been sold

Hacked data – including CVV codes – worth about £20m on dark web, cybersecurity experts sayThe credit card details of 380,000 British Airways customers could already be on sale on the internet after the airline suffered a “malicious” data breach, experts have warned.Customers were scrambling to change their credit card details on Friday, after BA said it was investigating the theft of passengers’ financial data from its website and app over a two-week period between 21 August and 5 September. The airline said it would compensate passengers for any losses, signalling the potential for large payouts, given the number of customers affected. Continue reading...

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How did hackers manage to lift the details of BA customers?

Airline says only information entered within a two-week period was takenBritish Airways customer data stolen from its websiteBA chief vows to compensate customers after data breachBA data breach: what to do if you have been affectedAs British Airways reels from yet another IT scandal, speculation about how the “world’s favourite airline” could allow the credit card details of 380,000 customers to be stolen from under its nose for two weeks swirls.Answers on exactly how the criminals were able to steal the credit card information are thin on the ground and will likely require BA or a third-party security contractor to divulge details. Continue reading...

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07 сентября, 13:30

У авиакомпании British Airways похитили финансовую информацию 380 000 пользователей

Представители авиакомпании British Airways предупредили о компрометации данных пользователей своего официального сайта и мобильного приложения. Неизвестные хакеры сумели похитить личные и финансовые данные 380 000 человек.

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07 сентября, 11:09

BA chief pledges to compensate customers after data breach

Álex Cruz apologises for ‘sophisticated’ theft affecting 380,000 payment cardsHave you been affected by the breach? Let us knowThe chief executive of British Airways has promised to compensate customers who have had their data stolen in what he described as a sophisticated breach of the company’s security systems. Related: British Airways data breach: what to do if you have been affected Continue reading...

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Хакеры украли данные банковских карт 380 тысяч пользователей British Airways

Авиакомпания British Airways заявила о хакерской атаке, в результате которой были украдены данные 380 тысяч клиентов. Об этом пишет AFP, передает Европейская правда. Авиакомпания British Airways заявила, что личные и финансовые данные, включая 380 тысяч […]

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06 сентября, 20:58

British Airways customer data stolen from its website

Airline urges customers to contact banks after 380,000 payment cards affectedBritish Airways is investigating the theft of customer data from its website and app over a two-week period and has urged customers affected to contact their banks or credit card providers.The airline said around 380,000 payment cards had been compromised and it had notified the police. Continue reading...

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Five difficulties wheelchair users face when flying by plane

From a man kicked off a Ryanair flight because his wheelchair wouldn’t fold to a chair being damaged in the hold, wheelchair users often struggle even to board a planeA disabled man and his mother were kicked off a Ryanair flight last week after staff “couldn’t fold his wheelchair”. Gary Dunne, who has mobility problems and is deaf, and 81-year-old Kathleen from the Wirral, Merseyside, were then rebooked on a second flight the next day – only to be asked to leave once again. Humiliatingly, the pilot then announced over the tannoy that the delay was due to “the lady with the wheelchair”. The airline say wheelchair services are provided by outside companies. But this sort of treatment is frustratingly common – here are five difficulties of flying when you’re disabled: Continue reading...

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Flight times extended by major airlines to avoid payouts, report claims

Carriers add up to 30 minutes to trips, reducing the likelihood of paying compensation for delays, Which? says Plane journeys are taking longer than a decade ago, according to a report that claims the change is down to airlines “padding” their schedules to create the impression passengers were reaching their destinations on time.Carriers are adding extra time to flight schedules, in some cases up to 30 minutes, to ensure they maintain punctuality and are therefore less likely to be liable for compensation payouts, the investigation by Which? Travel claimed. Continue reading...

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02 августа, 19:59

British Airways criticised by LGBT groups over asylum removals

Activists accuse airline that is sponsor of UK’s biggest gay pride event of putting profits before human rightsBritish Airways has been condemned for cooperating with the removal of refused asylum seekers persecuted for their sexuality while sponsoring the UK’s biggest gay pride event.A letter signed by LGBT rights campaigners, performers and businesses as well as several MPs calls on BA, a sponsor of Brighton Pride, to stop accepting contracts from the Home Office for immigration removals. Continue reading...

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04 июля, 15:30

British Airways sponsors Pride. So why help to deport LGBT asylum seekers? | Michael Segalov

Virgin took a stand against forced deportations in defiance of the law. Britain’s national airline should follow suitIn just a few days’ time, London will play host to its annual Pride celebrations. The city, as is now customary, will be filled with partying and placards, rainbow flags flying high for all to see. To outsiders, the festivities might seem uncomplicated: a parade filled with colourful outfits, followed by drinking and dancing late into the night. However, for the LGBTQ+ community Pride’s identity – its very purpose – is a source of conflict and controversy, a debate that remains relevant throughout the year.There are those who question the inclusion of the police in Pride parades, what with their institutional history of violence against our community, and prejudices that continue to harm us to this day. There are others, too, who take issue with seemingly endless list of corporate sponsorships – LGBTQ+ “culture” packaged up by multinationals, diluted, and sold for a profit, arguably only helping shareholders and sales. Without fail, concerns are raised annually about representation, about whether it’s wrong to charge an entry fee to punters and why campaigners who are demanding true equality aren’t the ones leading the way on the day. Continue reading...

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Why did BA take off with my £2,000 double payment?

I was forced to pay twice due to a website error, and I’ve been told a refund will take six weeksAt the beginning of June I used the BA website to book £2,000 worth of flights, but received an email the next day asking me to contact customer services as “something” had gone wrong with the booking.When I called I was told that the e-tickets had not been issued as the payment had not gone through. I attempted to pay twice using the same credit card, but the bank declined the transaction. I was informed I had no tickets and so felt obliged to try my debit card. I was debited the amount for the tickets that day. Two days later, the credit card was debited the full amount for the flights as well. Continue reading...

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02 июля, 09:00

BA’s refund offer for travel costs was pie in the sky

I was told I would get my expenses back after a cancelled flight, but was later deniedWe were recently due to fly back from California to Manchester with British Airways, changing planes at London Heathrow. Less than 24 hours before our flight, we got a text to say the flight from Heathrow to Manchester had been cancelled. There was a phone number given to contact for assistance, but they were absolutely no help.On arrival in London we spoke to someone at the BA help desk, who said the next available flight was Tuesday (this was Sunday). We are both doctors and had to get back to work. The staff at the help desk said we would have to arrange our own transport home, but that we would be eligible for a refund and compensation. So we got the Heathrow Express, the tube and then a train back from Euston station. It cost more than £200 to get home. Continue reading...

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07 июня, 09:00

No priority check-in or boarding makes BA business class a joke

My flight from Sofia to London had none of the perks of paying extraI booked BA Club [business] class to fly from Sofia, Bulgaria, to London Heathrow because I have a disability. There was no priority check-in, no fast-track security or priority boarding, and no extra space between seat rows. DG, London Continue reading...