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24 февраля, 14:26

ARRIS (ARRS) Tops Q4 Earnings & Sales; Dull View Hits Stock

ARRIS (ARRS) outperformed in the fourth quarter.

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22 февраля, 01:18

Apple и Broadcom создают беспроводную зарядку для iPhone

Компании Apple и Broadcom объединились в работе над технологией беспроводной зарядки для iPhone

19 февраля, 16:29

​СМИ: Apple работает над созданием нового iPhone с беспроводной зарядкой

iPhone 8 будет оснащен беспроводной зарядкой — работу над новым поколением смартфонов компания Apple ведет совместно с производителем чипов Broadcom, сообщает портал CNBC, ссылаясь на аналитика крупной финансовой американской компании Гарланда Сура.

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18 февраля, 16:29

Новый iPhone получит беспроводную зарядку от производителя чипов Broadcom

Согласно информации аналитика, Apple работает над проектом уже два года, сообщает CNBC. — Мы считаем, что стеклянная задняя крышка больше подходит для использования беспроводной зарядки, потому что уменьшает помехи в сравнении с металлическим корпусом, — считает Гарланд Сур. Аналитик KGI Securities Мин-Чи Куо подтвердил, что компания Apple присоединилась к консорциуму разработчиков беспроводных зарядных устройств Wireless Power Consortium. По его мнению, смартфоны компании Apple получат новую возможность уже в нынешнем году.

13 февраля, 16:56

Analog Devices (ADI) Q1 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) will report first-quarter fiscal 2017 results on Feb 15, before the bell.

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08 февраля, 17:32

Time to Buy American Funds Fundamental Investor C Fund (AFICX)

American Funds Fundamental Investor C Fund (AFICX) seeks long-term growth of capital and income primarily through investments in common stocks

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08 февраля, 12:00

Guide to American Funds Fundamental Investors F1 (AFIFX)

American Funds Fundamental Investors F1 (AFIFX) a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) invests in common stocks or securities convertible into common stocks, bonds, U.S. government securities and cash.

06 февраля, 17:54

Infineon (IFNNY) Stock Gains Despite Q1 Earnings Miss

Shares Infineon Technologies AG (IFNNY) increased 1.4% to close at $19.15 following better-than-expected first-quarter fiscal 2017 results.

03 февраля, 16:58

Cypress Semiconductor (CY) Earnings Miss Estimates in Q4

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (CY) reported adjusted fourth-quarter 2016 earnings of 6 cents per share, missing the Zacks Consensus Estimate by a penny. Adjusted earnings exclude one-time items but include stock-based compensation expense.

02 февраля, 18:12

Mellanox (MLNX) Misses Q4 Earnings Estimates, Guides Low

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (MLNX) reported earnings of 49 cents per share in fourth-quarter 2016, which missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 3 cents.

02 февраля, 16:00

Qorvo (QRVO) Beats Q3 Earnings; Shares Fall on Drab View

Qorvo Inc. (QRVO) reported third-quarter fiscal 2017 non-GAAP earnings of $1.22 per share, which beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 16 cents.

02 февраля, 14:00

CEOs Earn Less at More-Prestigious Firms

Research has found that superstar CEOs, those who win awards like “CEO of the year,” can earn an average of about $7.8 million more in annual pay. But what about superstar firms? Can prestigious companies get away with paying their CEOs less? We investigated this question in an empirical analysis published in the Journal of Financial Economics. We identified prestigious firms as those that ranked in the top 100 of Fortune’s annual America’s Most Admired Companies (MAC) list from 1992 and 2010. The ranking is based on surveys of senior executives, outside directors, and financial analysts, who select the 10 firms they most admire. We also obtained data on U.S. CEO salaries from ExecuComp, a data set on top executive compensation for all firms in the S&P 1500. We compared CEO pay at the top 100 Most Admired Companies to CEO pay at the 900 other largest U.S. companies. Our final sample included 1,711 firms and 3,191 CEOs. Our analysis found that firm prestige has a negative impact on CEO compensation. Put more precisely, CEOs of firms included in the Fortune MAC ranking made an average of 8% less each year than CEOs of unranked companies. In absolute terms, this comes out to be about $500,000 less for the average CEO of a top-ranked firm. We were able to establish causality by showing that when a CEO joined a top 100 firm, they saw their pay grow less than CEO pay at comparable companies. Sometimes they even saw their pay drop. Joining a firm just one or two ranks outside of the top 100 made for a pay difference of about 10%. For example, the CEO of Nordstrom Inc., a company frequently listed in the Fortune MAC ranking, accepted about 11% lower pay than the company’s peer group. As another example, after Broadcom Corp., a semiconductor company, made the MAC ranking, in 2007, its CEO received 6.8% less in total pay relative to the company’s peer group in 2008. Our findings are in line with previous research. For example, one study found that executive MBA students would agree to 7.5% lower pay — roughly $13,000 per year — in order to join the most-prestigious companies. Reputable brands also get a “discount” when recruiting corporate managers: They can pay them 10% less than other firms. Prestigious ivy-league universities pay their presidents and professors less than lesser-known schools. We wanted to understand why CEOs would accept less pay to work at prestigious firms. We explored two hypotheses: First, CEOs may be willing to trade higher pay for the elevated social status of working at a brand-name firm. Second, CEOs may be willing to trade higher pay in the short term to be associated with a well-known firm that might lead to higher-paid positions later. To investigate how much social status mattered, we gathered state-level data from the General Social Survey, a regular survey of values held by the U.S. population. We found that among firms located in regions where people cared more about social status, there was a larger negative effect on CEO pay. In other words, CEOs of top-ranked companies were paid even less if they were based in parts of the country where people highly valued social status (for example, Texas and California). We also collected data on CEOs’ employment histories and found that leading a prestigious firm does improve CEOs’ career prospects. These leaders are significantly more likely to obtain board seats and executive directorships after their tenure as chief executive. They also earn higher compensation later in their careers, but this doesn’t fully make up the difference of their earlier reduced pay. In addition, we found that well-governed boards, those with a majority of independent directors, are more capable of convincing CEOs to accept lower pay for the benefit of working for a prestigious firm. By contrast, weak boards could only negotiate smaller discounts. Our research shows that prestige is a valued resource that can enhance the bargaining power of whoever has it, which in our case is the firm. Prestigious companies can bring down CEOs’ salary offers after taking their future career and status benefits into account — and many CEOs will accept it. From a CEO’s perspective, working for a prestigious firm comes with a price. Executives focused on high financial rewards should probably avoid America’s most admired firms. Jobs at the helm of widely admired and well-governed firms are for those willing to make a financial sacrifice.

01 февраля, 17:30

Zacks.com featured highlights: Broadcom, General Motors, Braskem S.A., Campbell Soup and Celanese

Zacks.com featured highlights: Broadcom, General Motors, Braskem S.A., Campbell Soup and Celanese

31 января, 16:17

Trump's Immigration Ban Hits Hard: 5 ROE Stocks to Buy

ROE helps investors distinguish between profit-generating companies from profit burners and is useful for determining the financial health of a company.

31 января, 14:58

Qualcomm Moves Closer to Acquiring NXP Semiconductors

Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM), the largest mobile chipset manufacturer globally, has moved a step closer toward its proposed acquisition of Netherlands-based mobile chipset giant NXP Semiconductors NV (NXPI).

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27 января, 17:25

Unisys Corporation (UIS) Q4 Earnings Beat, Revenues Lag

Unisys Corporation (UIS) reported mixed fourth-quarter and full-year 2016 results.

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26 января, 16:30

Will Broadcom (AVGO) Continue to Surge Higher?

As of late, it has definitely been a great time to be an investor in Broadcom Limited (AVGO)

25 мая 2015, 16:14

Выпущен первый российский многоядерный процессор

Российская компания "Байкал Электроникс" выпускает первые инженерные образцы многоядерного процессора Baikal-Т1, рассчитанного на использование в широком спектре промышленных и потребительских устройств на рынках коммуникационных решений