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25 июня, 02:02

Move by UK supermarkets threatens to bring Fairtrade crashing down

Tesco is to join Sainsbury’s in changing the branding of some ‘fairly traded’ productsWhen four Sainsbury’s executives met farmers from some of Africa’s biggest tea-growing co-operatives in a hotel in Nairobi last month it should have been a mutual celebration of Fairtrade, the gold standard of ethical trading and the world’s most trusted and best-known food certification scheme.But instead of backslapping at the Pride hotel, the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade products precipitated the greatest crisis in the scheme’s 25-year history by telling the 13 major tea groups and their 228,000 co-operative members that it intended to drop the globally known Fairtrade mark for their produce, and replace it with the phrase “fairly traded”. Continue reading...

24 июня, 00:30

England’s Demarai Gray steps from bench to seize centre stage

After a season on the periphery at Leicester the forward has made an impact for England in the European Under-21 ChampionshipIt seemed Demarai Gray had been waiting to answer the question for some time. Clutching the boots which had just helped England reach the semi-finals of the European Under-21 Championship on Thursday night for the first time in four attempts, the forward who learned his trade in the junior section of Cadbury Athletic – the non-league club in Birmingham’s south-western suburbs, affiliated to the world-famous confectioners, that produced Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge – twiddled his headphones in his hands and thought for a second.“It is all about opportunities,” he finally replied when asked about the key to his development. “Playing at first-team level is how you progress the best. You learn about the real game. Managers have to trust you and give you a chance. If they do, we will have more English talent coming on show.” Continue reading...

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09 июня, 08:15

Sweet success? New Zealand crowdfunding campaign raises millions in bid to save chocolate factory

Closure of Dunedin Cadbury would put 350 employees out of work but locals hope to buy its equipment and start a new factoryA crowdfunding campaign to save a chocolate factory in New Zealand has raised NZ$3.3 million in less than two days, prompting hopes that locals can continue the tradition of chocolate-making – and eating.Mondalez International announced in February it planned to close its 80-year-old Dunedin Cadbury factory next year, putting 350 employees out of work and shifting production to larger Australian plants. Continue reading...

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19 мая, 19:25

KitKat v Kvikk Lunsj: which four-fingered chocolate bar tastes best?

Nestlé has been trying to trademark KitKat’s shape – but is its taste equally distinctive? We put it and its doppelganger to the testSay what you like about Nestlé, but it is certainly dogged. This week, the court of appeal rejected its attempt to register KitKat’s four-finger shape as a UK trademark, but that it is just the latest stage in 11 years of Europe-wide KitKat legal wrangling between the Swiss food manufacturer and one of its competitors, Cadbury. Related: KitKat foiled again in attempt to trademark four-fingered bar's shape Continue reading...

17 мая, 15:21

Nestle проиграла судебный спор в Великобритании о форме шоколада KitKat

Британский апелляционный суд в среду отказался признать форму шоколадных плиток KitKat, продаваемых в Великобритании, основанием для регистрации отдельного товарного знака, поддержав тем самым решения Высокого суда Англии и Уэльса и Европейского суда.

Выбор редакции
17 мая, 14:25

Nestle fails to trademark four-fingered KitKat shape

Confectionery giant Nestle loses out to Cadbury in its latest battle to trademark its four-fingered KitKat.

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17 мая, 12:15

KitKat foiled again in attempt to trademark four-fingered bar's shape

Court of appeal rules against Nestlé in its protracted battle with Cadbury over whether format should be protected by lawIt’s enough to make anyone need a sit-down with a cup of tea and a four-fingered chocolate wafer biscuit. The confectionery multinational Nestlé has lost the latest round of its long-running battle with rivals Cadbury to trademark the shape of the KitKat bar in the UK. The court of appeal ruled that the four-finger design had “no inherent distinctiveness”. Continue reading...

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08 мая, 18:59

Premier Foods secures extension on Cadbury cakes deal

Mondelez expands UK group’s licence to cover 46 countries and its flagship Oreo brand

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03 мая, 01:08

Mondelez International (MDLZ) Stock Up on Q1 Earnings & Revenue Beat

Mondelez International, Inc. (MDLZ) just released its first quarter 2017 financial results, posting earnings of $0.53 per share and revenues of $6.41 billion. Currently, Mondelez is a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold), and is up 2.88% to $45 per share in after-hours trading shortly after its earnings report was released.

Выбор редакции
02 мая, 23:48

Powered By Oreo, Ritz And Cadbury, Mondelez Q1 Earnings Beat Expectations

Global snack maker Mondelez likes to call some of its best-known brands -- like Oreo, Ritz, and Cadbury -- its "Power Brands." The company's first quarter earnings results help to explain why: growth in the segment accounted for much of the overall revenue, which beat Wall Street's expectations.

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18 апреля, 02:52

Easter Bunny Smashes Broadway Records Left and Right

The Cadbury cup runneth over.

Выбор редакции
14 апреля, 17:30

The National Trust's egg hunters crack on despite controversy

The organisation was criticised for omitting the word ‘Easter’ from holiday events, but young chocolate-seekers don’t seem to careThe gates of Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath opened at 10am sharp. Within an hour, four-year-old Dylan and older sister Ciara were happily chomping on chocolate bunnies, having successfully completed an egg hunt. “This is our third hunt this week,” said Ciara, 10. “The others were in our garden. We’re going home to relax now. This one was tough.” Over the Easter weekend hundreds of children will complete this trail and scores of others at National Trust parks, gardens and houses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, most blissfully unaware of the furore that preceded them. Continue reading...

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14 апреля, 02:56

Cadbury backlash: Is making chocolate in New Zealand worth it?

Can you make enough money from manufacturing chocolate in New Zealand to make it worthwhile?

Выбор редакции
11 апреля, 16:39

В Австралии призвали бойкотировать халяльные пасхальные яйца

Австралийский сенатор Полин Хэнсон призвала сограждан бойкотировать пасхальную шоколадную продукцию, сертифицированн как халяльную. По данным политика, свою праздничную продукцию привела в соответствие нормам ислама компания Cadbury. Взамен Хэнсон посоветовала покупать шоколадных кроликов и яйца от Lindt и Darrell Lea.

Выбор редакции
05 апреля, 19:08

Cadbury 'very proud of role in Easter'

Cadbury responds to criticism that it has removed the word Easter from its organised Easter egg hunts.

Выбор редакции
04 апреля, 20:35

Cadbury Drops an Easter Reference, Entering a Culture War

The confectioner’s move was likened to the so-called war on Christmas, which some conservatives have called a bid by secularists to play down the religious character of holidays.

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04 апреля, 20:15

No yolk: Cadbury and National Trust say Easter egg row is nonsense

Chocolatier and charity say there are many references to Easter in their egg hunt marketing after Theresa May weighs in to rowFor many, it was a storm in an egg cup. But the supposed removal by Cadbury and the National Trust of references to Easter from material promoting egg hunts across the country was enough to divert the prime minister’s attention from international diplomacy and trade to garishly-wrapped confectionery.It was “absolutely ridiculous”, Theresa May said in Amman, en route for Saudi Arabia, that the National Trust had – as a Church of England spokesman put it – “airbrushed faith from Easter”. And the prime minister laid out her credentials on the subject: “I’m not just a vicar’s daughter, I’m a member of the National Trust as well,” she said. “I don’t know what they are thinking about, frankly.” Continue reading...

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04 апреля, 16:04

Easter eggs aren’t even Christian – so why squabble over them? | Peter Ormerod

Everyone can buy into a triumph of life over death, unless they’re Theresa May, Nigel Farage or the archbishop of YorkYou know the problem with Easter? It’s just not commercial enough. If only there were more corporations trying to make money out if it. The word Easter should be associated with money-making activity wherever possible. After all, we’re a Christian country, right?That at least appears to be the logic of the archbishop of York. He’s furious with Cadbury for removing the word Easter from a hunt for chocolate eggs. It’s “tantamount to spitting on the grave” of the company’s Quaker founder, John Sentamu says. Despite a descendant of Cadbury pointing out that it was unlikely he was spinning in said grave, given that as a Quaker, he didn’t celebrate Easter, Theresa May weighed in to add that the company is being “absolutely ridiculous”. And she should know: she’s a vicar’s daughter and a National Trust member who also happens to be the prime minister. Continue reading...

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04 апреля, 13:44

The war on Easter eggs v the Archbishop of York – who will crack first?

John Sentamu says the National Trust egg hunt campaign is like ‘spitting on John Cadbury’s grave’ Name: John Sentamu.Job: Archbishop of York. Continue reading...

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04 апреля, 10:47

Theresa May condemns National Trust for axing 'Easter' from egg hunt

Prime minister says decision to remove mention of Christianity from yearly children’s event was ‘just ridiculous’Theresa May has condemned the National Trust for omitting the word “Easter” from its annual children’s egg hunt, saying she was furious both as the daughter of a vicar and as a National Trust member.Church leaders criticised the National Trust for “airbrushing” Christianity out of its chocolate egg hunt, after a rebrand led to the renaming of the “Easter Egg Trail” as the “Great British Egg Hunt”. Continue reading...