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23 марта, 20:06

The Legendary A-10 Warthog vs. the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Who Wins?

Kris Osborn Security, What plane would you want to fly in a war?  Flying close to ground troops in combat in hostile and high-threat conditions requires a host of unique attributes for an aircraft -- such as flying slow and low to the ground, absorbing some degree of small arms fire and having an ability to quickly maneuver in response to fast-changing ground combat conditions.  These, and many more, are among factors now being analyzed as proponents of both the A-10 Warthog and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter assess their respective abilities to perform the crucial and highly valued Close Air Support mission. The Pentagon and the Air Force are now conducting a thorough examination of each plane's capability for this role - including extensive analysis, simulated tests, flights of both aircraft under combat-like conditions and a range of tests, Air Force and Pentagon officials have explained. While many of the details of the ongoing evaluation are not now being discussed publically, the results are expected to bear prominently upon the visible ongoing debate regarding the future mission scope of both the A-10 and the F-35. The Air Force has been working on a formal Analysis of Alternatives designed to address the issue.  While the cherished A-10 is unambiguously combat-tested in the role of Close Air Support, some F-35 advocates have mused that the JSF sensors, maneuverability, high-tech computers, 25mm canon and arsenal of weapons just might better position the 5th generation aircraft for the mission; at the same time, the A-10s titanium frame, built-in redundancy, famous nose-aligned 30mm cannon and wide-ranging precision-weapons envelope make clearly make it the best choice for close air support. Sure enough, the A-10s performance against ISIS, Congressional lobby and broad adoration among ground troops are among the many factors believed to have influenced the Air Force's current plan to both extend the life of the current A-10 and also explore requirements options for a future Close Air Support platform. Air Force officials have told Scout Warrior the ongoing requirements and analysis procedure is looking at three options - upgrading the existing A-10 airframe, using the best available commercial-off-the shelf aircraft, or simply engineering an building a newly designed A-10-like Close Air Support airplane.  Read full article

23 марта, 18:18

The One Question That All Democrats Should Have Asked Judge Gorsuch

[Senator Charles] Schumer said Republicans should slow down the proceedings, given that the F.B.I. has confirmed that the campaign of President Trump is under investigation for possible connections to Russian interference in the 2016 election... Senator Charles E. Grassley, the Iowa Republican and committee chairman managing the hearing, scoffed at that notion as ridiculous. “As long as he is in office, he can exercise his constitutional power,” Mr. Grassley said, referring to Mr. Trump. ― New York Times [Emphasis added] * * * As confirmation hearings proceed for Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats are pursuing a strategy of questioning Judge Gorsuch on his record of siding with powerful interests against ordinary citizens. For a normal nominee, chosen by a normal President in times of normal Congressional procedure, such questions would be relevant in assessing a candidate’s qualifications to sit on the nation’s highest court. As things stand, however, there is only one question that every Democrat in the Senate should be asking the nominee: “Judge Gorsuch, what is your opinion of the legality and propriety of the Senate Republicans’ refusal to give Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, a hearing?” This approach may seem like petty revanchism, the irrational obstruction of an apparently highly qualified (if extremely conservative) justice who is almost certain to be confirmed in any case. It is not. The question, and how Gorsuch might choose to answer it, is a matter of utmost urgency for our system of government. The decision of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans not to hear President Obama’s nominee was a deliberate, partisan attack on our Constitution, which plainly lays out the Senate’s privilege and duty to offer “advice and consent” on Supreme Court nominations. Senator McConnell and all the other Republican Senators swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. There is no doubt that Senator McConnell and the Senate Republicans who stood with him betrayed their oath. This was not merely obstructionism. If McConnell and his colleagues had wanted to keep Judge Garland off the Supreme Court (despite the fact that he is an eminently qualified, apolitical judge, one who has always interpreted rather than made law, precisely the kind of Supreme Court Justice the Republicans insist that they want) they could have blocked him in committee or on the Senate floor. They had the votes. But they didn’t want that; they wanted to proclaim, in principle, that President Obama, with eleven months left on his term, had no right to nominate a Supreme Court justice. The implication was that President Obama was not really the President; that he was a usurper of the State. This delegitimization was part of a cynical, multifaceted, and extremely destructive Republican strategy that began immediately after Mr. Obama was elected in 2008. The Republicans felt so entitled to power that their leadership met on the night of his inauguration and vowed to oppose him on everything he proposed, regardless of the merits, as a political strategy. As Norman Ornstein of the reactionary American Enterprise Institute put it, “[They] figured out that the way to handle all of this was to unite like a parliamentary minority … make the [president’s] victories look messy and illegitimate, have a lot of defeats.” Supposedly respectable Republicans were given license to paint the President as an America-hating radical, bent on dictatorial rule. Extremist surrogates, whose ravings were encouraged by mainstream Republicans with a wink and a nudge, attacked him as a Kenyan Muslim communist racist black nationalist. The establishment party colluded with marginal conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones to gain public acceptance of a fake political narrative; to actually drag down and destroy the very concept of objective truth. They must have known how dangerous this was for democracy. In their sheer lust for power, they didn’t care. If the President were an enemy of America, then Republicans could claim that they were justified in blocking him by any means necessary, up to and including not even hearing his Supreme Court nominee. But President Obama was none of these things; not a Kenyan, not a communist, not a dictator, not a jihadi, and the Republicans knew it. The shameful fact was that they were willing to blow up a fundamental aspect of the relationship between the Judicial and Legislative branches of our government, and to deny the authority of the Executive, simply because they disagreed with the President’s policies. In the United States as we have always understood it, the means by which legislators attempt to limit or overturn Presidential policies that they don’t like has been legislation. It has not been, and should never be, opportunistically undermining the design of the Constitution. The Democrats – and those Republicans who care about democracy, law, and truth – should not accept Senator McConnell’s hypocritical desire to “bring[…] our country together after a difficult election,” nor should they allow his completely ahistorical, revisionist reference to a grossly and intentionally misconstrued so-called “Biden rule” to pass without challenge. The issue here is much bigger than a judge, bigger than a swing vote on the Supreme Court. In denying even a hearing to Merrick Garland, the Republicans attacked not the President, but the democratic political process itself. In the event, Senator Patrick Leahy did ask Gorsuch for his opinion on the Republican treatment of Judge Garland (and, by inference, of President Obama and his presidential prerogatives.) Gorsuch replied that Judge Garland “is an outstanding judge… I can’t get involved in politics. There’s judicial canons that prevent me from doing that. And I think it would be very imprudent of judges to start commenting on political disputes.” Even, apparently, when those “political disputes” threaten the very framework of the system that the judge has sworn an oath to work within. The most charitable interpretation of this answer is that Judge Gorsuch doesn’t understand the clear and present danger to our system of government, and the least charitable interpretation is that he doesn’t care about this danger. Either way, the man is not fit to serve the institutions of a democracy. No other question should be asked. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

22 марта, 16:30

Zacks.com featured highlights: Burlington Stores, Children's Place, Canon, Logitech International SA and GAIN Capital Holdings

Zacks.com featured highlights: Burlington Stores, Children's Place, Canon, Logitech International SA and GAIN Capital Holdings

21 марта, 18:33

Key moments from Gorsuch's confirmation hearing

The Supreme Court nominee gets quizzed on abortion, torture and Trump's travel ban.

21 марта, 17:34

Microsoft сделает специальную версию Windows 10 для китайского правительства

Такой ход поможет улучшить позиции разработчиков из Рэдмонда в Китае, считают журналисты издания The Wall Street Journal. Дело в том, что ранее власти Поднебесной запретили Windows 8 из-за соображений безопасности. Кроме того, чиновники начали антимонопольное расследование в отношении корпорации Microsoft. Китайское правительство было обеспокоено иностранным программным обеспечением, которое могли использовать агенты АНБ для шпионской деятельности. Поэтому чиновники всяческими способами пытались отойти от использования Windows. В 2013 году правительство сотрудничало с создавшей Ubuntu компанией Canonical, чтобы разработать альтернативу Windows — ОС под кодовым названием Kylin. Однако попытка провалилась. Ради улучшения своего положения в Китае Microsoft уже подписала ряд сделок с компаниями Tencent, Lenovo и Xiaomi. Отметим, что разработчики отказались раскрыть детали кастомизированной версии Windows 10 для китайского правительства.

21 марта, 17:21

5 Low Beta Stocks to Dodge Market Volatility

This article shows that if a portfolio of less risky stocks is created, that could also give healthy returns if some other parameters are taken into account.

21 марта, 17:17

Democrats crank up the heat on Gorsuch at marathon hearing

The Supreme Court nominee also called Trump's attacks on the judiciary 'disheartening.'

21 марта, 02:09

The Politics of Being Chuck Berry

To become a music pioneer meant stifling any anger he felt about the America he redefined.

17 марта, 17:14

Nobel laureate, poet and playwright Derek Walcott dead, aged 87

Walcott, who died in Saint Lucia, was famous for his monumental body of work that wove in Caribbean history, particularly his epic OmerosThe poet and playwright Derek Walcott, who moulded the language and forms of the western canon to his own purposes for more than half a century, has died aged 87.His monumental poetry, such as his 1990 epic Omeros, a Caribbean reimagining of The Odyssey, secured him an international reputation which gained him the Nobel prize in 1992. Walcott also had an accomplished theatrical career, being the writer and director of more than 80 plays that often explored the problems of Caribbean identity against the backdrop of racial and political strife. Continue reading...

16 марта, 19:53

As Songs of Praise viewers will find out, the market is bad at doing religion | Giles Fraser: Loose canon

The BBC’s outsourcing of its flagship religious programme to the makers of Holiday Love Rats Exposed is a portent of where the corporation is headingBack in 2014, the director general of the BBC, Tony Hall, announced a change of direction for the corporation. He called it “a competition revolution”. With the Tories breathing down his neck over the licence fee, Mr Hall spoke about the creativity of the entrepreneurial spirit and the need for deregulation: “To use retail terminology, great programmes at great prices.”All this is now filtering through. Familiar programmes are being offered out to the market to see if they can be made better and cheaper. Or maybe just cheaper. And the first two decisions have now been made, with A Question of Sport staying in house and Songs of Praise being outsourced to Avanti Media and Nine Lives Media. Not only that, but along with the programme itself, the BBC is also handing over the talent required to make it. Thirty members of the BBC’s religion team, pretty much its entire TV staff team, will be transferred to these private companies. Their jobs are now protected for three more years in the private sector. Then, who knows? From now on, the BBC’s religion department will consist of little more than a commissioner and lots of empty desks. Yes, Songs of Praise will continue for a while. But, like the Great British Bake Off, its character will inevitably change. Continue reading...

16 марта, 03:00

This is How The Rothschild gained control of the World Banking System

Agents of the papacy's church,guardians of Vatican's treasury basin there banking law maritime on the Vatican's canon law "war banks" know as the central banks?"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the empire on which the sun never sets.The man who controls Britain's... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit http://FinanceArmageddon.blogspot.com or http://www.figanews.com/ or http://goldbasics.blogspot.com for full links, other content, and more! ]]

15 марта, 12:35

St. Patrick's Day in Russia: Why the Orthodox Church recognizes it

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has recognized Ireland's St. Patrick and will now officially celebrate his day in Russia - but not with the rest of the world. In Catholic and Protestant churches St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 while in Russia it will be celebrated on March 30 (which is also effectively March 17 as the ROC observes Russia's pre-revolutionary Julian calendar that is two weeks behind the Gregorian calendar used in most Western countries today). Some Russians had already suspected that Patrick was also "Russian" before the Holy Synod communicated the results of its session. Patriarch Kirill's Press Secretary Alexander Volkov decided to raffle off a cartload of Guinness on his Facebook page: "A pint of Guinness has only 198 kilocalories, which is less than orange juice or skim milk. You will understand why I am saying this and how this is related to the decision the Holy Synod made today after a short break. Do not sign off from the official site." "Have you been transferred to Ireland?" some users asked. Later it became clear: The ROC included the "Apostle of Ireland" (and a dozen of other Western European saints) in its menology - the Orthodox calendar that indicates the days of the saints. And the beer? It was sent to the raffle's winner in Yakutia (2,700 miles east of Moscow). The front of the Rossiya moveie theater in Moscow is illuminated green for St. Patrick's Day. / Photo: Evgeny Biyatov/RIA Novosti Impeccable Patrick  St. Patrick, St. Genevieve of Paris, St. Alban the British martyr, St. Vincent of Lérins and other saints have met the criteria of the ROC. The main criterion is having been canonized before the division of Christendom into the Western and Eastern churches - before the Great Schism of 1054. Among the other "criteria" for being recognized as a saint by the ROC are: They must be venerated by orthodox believers in foreign ROC dioceses; their names must not be mentioned in polemical works related to the Great Schism; and they must be distinguished by an impeccable profession of the Orthodox faith. Among the renewed list of feast days, St. Patrick's Day stands out for its vivid celebration: On this day the main landmarks of the world turn green - from the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro to the Sydney Opera Theatre; people hold parades and festivals with Celtic music and dance; and some heads of state even go to the pub for a pint of beer. Happy St. Patrick's Day! pic.twitter.com/EHitVeJ6mb — White House Archived (@ObamaWhiteHouse) 17 March 2015 Since the beginning of the 1990s Russia has not been an exception, but the festivals and merry-making here do not have an Orthodox overtone and the day was simply considered a tribute to Irish culture. ROC representatives said that St. Patrick's Day is one of a series of celebrations that have come to Russia from the West and turned into "only a reason for revelry for the public and profits for businessmen. To put it bluntly: A marketing ploy and nothing else. Our Patrick  Although some Orthodox believers in Russia suspected the hand of lobbyists for brewers in the Synod's unexpected decision, they still gave their support to the new feast with joyous comments such as: "I've always known that St. Patrick was ours," "St. Patrick is in Russia. Now it's official. Hurray" or with jokes on lawful leprechauns (probably according to God's Law) who are now no strangers to Orthodoxy. Less lenient believers said: "Fine, St. Patrick, nice. As long as it’s not Halloween." Archdeacon and church scholar Andrei Kuraev told RBTH that the Orthodox Church "has basically always" recognized Patrick because in the saint's days Ireland professed the same faith that the Orthodox Church professes today. "Orthodoxy's attitude to him was stable both in the 1990s and the 2000s when the borders opened and he became more or less known," Kuraev said. In the past, when there was no Internet, saints who were venerated in one part of the world may have been unknown in other countries. This is how it was with Patrick. "This is not the canonization of a foreign saint, but only the synchronization of the church calendar. I think the reason it happened so late is that the Russian Orthodox parish in Ireland has started functioning only recently and we had to clearly and officially express our attitude to St. Patrick's Day," Kuraev added. Read more: The best English pubs in Moscow

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15 марта, 07:14

IBM планирует построить первый коммерческий квантовый компьютер

Сегодня имеется техническая возможность купить квантовый компьютер, но на самом деле это не будет компьютер общего назначения. Тем не менее, IBM надеется это изменить: они собираются создать первый универсальный квантовый компьютер для коммерческих целей. Планируется в течение следующих нескольких лет построить систему с примерно 50 квантовыми битами (облачная платформа Quantum Experience начиналась с 5 и теперь имитирует 20 битов). Может показаться, что это не так много, но 50 кубитов могут быть более мощными, чем лучшие суперкомпьютеры, при выполнении некоторых вычислений — теперь открываются возможности для решения задач, которые ранее были невыполнимы.

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15 марта, 00:56

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Preet Bharara Proves Trump Right. Related: Politico: The Canonization o…

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Preet Bharara Proves Trump Right. Related: Politico: The Canonization of Preet Bharara: Let’s not turn the publicity-hogging New York prosecutor into a martyr just because President Trump fired him. “The Times dutifully describes his kicking and screaming as ‘defiance,’ a flattering word that belongs to genuine rebels, not prosecutors playing a […]

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14 марта, 16:24

IBM планирует построить первый коммерческий квантовый компьютер

Сегодня имеется техническая возможность купить квантовый компьютер, но на самом деле это не будет компьютер общего назначения. Тем не менее, IBM надеется это изменить: они собираются создать первый универсальный квантовый компьютер для коммерческих целей

14 марта, 13:50

All the ‘Episode VIII’ Secrets We Learned From ‘Star Wars: Empire’s End’

The final installment in Chuck Wendig's 'Aftermath' trilogy has arrived, giving us all sorts of answers to our most burning 'Star Wars' questions!

14 марта, 00:58

The Canonization of Preet Bharara

Let’s not turn the publicity-hogging New York prosecutor into a martyr just because President Trump fired him.

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14 марта, 00:00

The Canonization of Preet Bharara

Jack Shafer, PoliticoLet's not turn the publicity-hogging New York prosecutor into a martyr just because President Trump fired him.

13 марта, 06:40

Weekend Reading: Abraham Lincoln (1854): Kansas-Nebraska

Weekend Reading: **Abraham Lincoln** (1854): _[Kansas-Nebraska][]_: "The repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and the propriety of its restoration, constitute the subject of what I am about to say. >...As I desire to present my own connected view of this subject, my remarks will not be, specifically, an answer to Judge...

12 марта, 13:55

Девять правил эмуляции богатых стран

Девять правил эмуляции богатых странКнига Филиппа фон Хорнигка постоянно оставалась в печати на протяжении более 100 лет. К своему столетнему юбилею, книга была переиздана Бенедиктом Херманном, который написал в комментариях, что богатство, которое развилось в Австрии за последние 100 лет, — это результат стратегии Хорнигка. Приведенные далее пункты суммируют предложенную автором стратегию.Автор:Эрик Райнерт (Erik S. Reinert), норвежский экономист и предприниматель, старший научный сотрудник норвежского Института стратегических исследований, глава фонда «Другой канон» (The Other Canon Foundation). Материал публикуется в адаптированном переводе с английского.Книга Филиппа фон Хорнигка «Osterreich uber alles» («Австрия превыше всего») вышла в 1684 году, всего через год после последней осады Вены турками. В ней излагалась стратегия экономического развития для Австрии. Книга пережила 16 изданий, постоянно оставаясь в печати на протяжении более 100 лет. Приведенные далее пункты суммируют стратегию, предложенную Хорнигком. К своему столетнему юбилею, в 1784 году, книга была переиздана Бенедиктом Херманном, который написал в комментариях, что богатство, которое развилось в Австрии за последние 100 лет — это результат стратегии Хорнигка. 1. Внимательнейшим образом изучить землю страны и не оставить без внимания ни одного клочка без обработки. Экспериментировать с каждым существующим на свете растением, проверить, можно ли адаптировать его для выращивания в стране, поскольку близость или удаленность от солнца — это еще не все.2. Все ресурсы, существующие в стране, которые нельзя использовать в их естественном состоянии, обрабатывать в пределах страны; поскольку промышленные товары обычно стоят в 2-3-10-100 раз дороже, чем сырье, разумный управляющий считает пренебрежение этим правилом кощунством.3. Для выполнения первых двух правил понадобятся люди — как для производства и выращивания сырьевых товаров, так и для их обработки. Поэтому следует уделять внимание населению: оно должно быть настолько велико, насколько страна может себе позволить. Это главная забота хорошо организованного государства, но, к сожалению, именно она часто игнорируется. Кроме того, в людях всеми силами поощрять желание заниматься доходными профессиями; направлять и поддерживать их в создании всевозможных изобретений, искусств и ремесел; если необходимо, наставников для направления приглашать из других стран.4. Когда в стране имеется золото и серебро, добытое из собственных шахт или заработанное у других стран при помощи промышленности, оно ни в коем случае не должно покидать ее границ, насколько это осуществимо. Оно не должно храниться в ящиках или под матрасами, но должно оставаться в обращении; нельзя позволять использовать значительное количество золота и серебра для таких целей, для которых они уничтожаются и не могут использоваться вновь. Если следовать этим правилам, то страна, однажды заработавшая значительное количество наличных средств, особенно если в ней есть золотые или серебряные рудники, никогда не обеднеет; более того, такая страна непременно будет постоянно увеличивать свое богатство и имущество.5. Жители страны должны прилагать все усилия, чтобы обходиться отечественными продуктами, ограничить свою потребность в роскоши их употреблением и, насколько возможно, обходиться без иностранных продуктов (не считая случаев, когда необходимость не оставляет другого выбора или когда продукт является случаем повсеместного непреодолимого злоупотребления, как индийские специи).6. В случае если покупки заграничных товаров неизбежны из-за необходимости или непреодолимого злоупотребления, приобретать у иностранцев из первых рук, насколько это возможно, и не за золото или серебро, но в обмен на другие отечественные товары.7. Иностранные товары должны импортироваться в незавершенном виде и доводиться внутри страны, тем самым позволяя заработать работникам обрабатывающей промышленности.8. Днем и ночью страна должна искать возможность продать лишние товары иностранцам в завершенном виде, насколько это возможно, причем за золото и серебро; для этой цели потребление, если можно так сказать, искать на самом дальнем краю земли и развивать всеми силами.9. Не считая исключительных случаев, нельзя допускать импорта в страну товаров, которые существуют в стране в приемлемом качестве; в этом вопросе нельзя показывать ни симпатии, ни сострадания по отношению к иностранцам, будь они друзьями, родными, союзниками или врагами. Потому что любая дружба кончается там, где начинает приносить мне слабость и разорение. Это правило должно применяться даже тогда, когда отечественный продукт хуже качеством, чем импортный, или стоит дороже. Потому что лучше переплатить за товар два золотых, которые останутся в стране, чем один, который ее покинет, как бы странно это ни показалось несведущим.