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24 мая, 21:58

Cruz: Franken is ‘obnoxious’ for joking about me in new book

Ted Cruz called Al Franken "obnoxious and insulting" for devoting an entire chapter to the Texas GOP senator in Franken's new book titled "Giant of the Senate."Franken, who told USA Today that he hates Cruz in an interview promoting the book, has deemed Cruz "singularly dishonest and smarmy." Cruz, for his part, said that the Minnesota Democratic senator is just trying to goose his sales with the Cruz-centric chapter called "Sophistry.""Al is trying to sell books and apparently he's decided that being obnoxious and insulting me is good for causing liberals to buy his books," Cruz said in an interview. "I wish him all the best."An excerpt of the book circulating online on Wednesday contained a passage in which Franken intervened in a joke Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was writing about Cruz, with Franken cracking that Cruz is "full of sh--" like a Carnival cruise.Franken explained to USA Today that he described such private interactions because Cruz had already broke Senate protocol by saying Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told a "lie" on the Senate floor.Asked about that logic, Cruz laughed and said: "Said what I'm going to say"

24 мая, 10:21

The 15 Best All-Inclusive Cruise Deals for 2017

If you're committing to a cruise, you want the whole package. Here are the 15 best all-inclusive cruise deals for 2017 that you don't want to miss!

22 мая, 14:45

Royal Caribbean (RCL) Strong on Initiatives & Bookings Trend

On May 22, we issued an updated research report on global cruise vacation company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL).

19 мая, 15:56

Carnival Corp (CCL) Well Poised on Initiatives Despite Risks

On May 19, we issued an updated research report on Carnival Corporation (CCL).

18 мая, 16:30

KLA-Tencor, Shoe Carnival and Cisco Systems highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

KLA-Tencor, Shoe Carnival and Cisco Systems highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

18 мая, 12:37

Bear of the Day: Shoe Carnival (SCVL)

Bear of the Day: Shoe Carnival (SCVL)

17 мая, 17:38

Caribbean to Caliphate - People & Power

Caribbean to Caliphate - People & Power The Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago is traditionally most famous for its spectacular annual carnival, its cricketing prowess and of being the birthplace of calypso music. But more recently it's been getting a more disturbing reputation - as the nation with the highest recruitment rates of ISIL fighters in the Western Hemisphere. So why have so many young Trinidadians been driven to travel thousands of kilometres to participate in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria? According to Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, the leader of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen group, one of the lead causes why young, black men are joining ISIL is their marginalisation. "The Africans are going to a pool of unemployment, they just sit in the ghetto and do nothing. And then drugs come in and it's a haven for the drugs. And now the guns are in and so the murder rate is just spiralling out of control," says Abu Bakr. People & Power sent correspondent Juliana Ruhfus and director Dom Rotheroe to investigate how the Caribbean island nation has become a recruitment hub for ISIL. Connect with People & Power: YouTube - http://aje.io/peopleandpowerYT Facebook - https://facebook.com/AJPeopleAndPower Twitter - https://twitter.com/AJpeoplepower Website - http://www.aljazeera.com/peopleandpower/

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16 мая, 17:29

New Strong Sell Stocks for May 16th

Here are 5 stocks added to the Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) List today:

15 мая, 15:35

Who did Soviet women fantasize about? 10 sex symbols in the USSR

1. The leading spy, Vyacheslav Tikhonov Vyacheslav Tikhonov as Stierlitz (R) in feature film "Seventeen Moments of Spring" directed by Tatiana Lioznova. Source: RIA Novosti Tikhonov won fame and admiration thanks to his roles as a teacher in the drama We'll Live Till Monday (1968), as Andrei Bolkonsky in Sergei Bondarchuk's epic series War and Peace (1966-1967) and as Soviet spy Stierlitz in the cult TV series Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973) where Stierlitz works as an SS-officer in Nazi Germany, constantly risking his life and showing his courage. Later, Tikhonov starred in a dozen other films, such as the Soviet version of the story of Hachikō, White Bim Black Ear (1977). Watch the films and tell us who’s better - Vyacheslav Tikhonov, or Richard Gere. 2. The first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin Soviet pilot and cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yury Gagarin. Source: RIA Novosti Some people say the decisive factor in selecting Gagarin as the first man to go to space was his radiant smile. Upon returning to Earth he had to conquer everyone with his smile. And he did. The photograph of Gagarin in his spacesuit took the world by storm, and then Gagarin himself did his famous world tour as a superstar. The first man to visit the stars was a real idol. His friends remembered that he was calm, diligent and cheerful – an ideal man. 3. The main romantic hero, Vasily Lanovoy Vasily Lanovoi as Anatol Kuragin on set of the movie 'War and Peace' directed by Sergei Bondarchuk. Source: V. Uvarov/RIA Novosti It’s enough to look at Lanovoy to understand why women loved him. He also had a unique timbre and still hasn’t lost his charm. His most important roles are related to love stories: the young Captain Arthur Grey in the film Scarlet Sails (1961), Anotol Juragin in Bondarchuk's screen adaption of Tolstoy's War and Peace (1966-1967), and Alexei Vronsky in Anna Karenina (1967). Another of Lanovoy’s major roles was in the cult film Officers (1971), in which men from three generations of the same family go to different wars and become heroes. This film popularized and immortalized the phrase, "There's a profession called defending your country." It helped make the military one of the most prestigious professions. 4. The most charming scoundrel, Alexander Abdulov Alexander Abdulov, actor of the Lenkom Theater. Source: Dmitry Korobeinikov/RIA Novosti Abdulov and his first wife Irina Alferova were the most beautiful film couple in the Soviet Union. This hunk was a real ladykiller. One of his most memorable roles was in the film Carnival (1981), in which he seduces a simple girl from a village and then abandons her. In Look for a Woman (1982) he plays a villain who kills the lover of his boss's wife. 5. The principal bard, Vladimir Vysotsky Actor Vladimir Vysotsky in Georgia. Source: TASS Vysotsky's calling card was his low hoarse voice, which can immediately be recognized in his soul-rending, guitar chord-ripping songs; several generations of Soviet citizens grew up on these songs. Vysotsky was also famous as a film and theater actor, and one of his major roles was Hamlet in the Taganka Theatre. By the way, according to a 2010 survey, Vysotsky was voted second most beloved idol of the 20th century, after Yurin Gagarin. As a real sex symbol, Vysotsky had awesome wheels, and was one of the first in the USSR to buy a Mercedes; it’s said that only General Secretary Brezhnev had a similar car, but which was kept in his garage. The Russian bard-actor married French beauty and actress Marina Vladi. Marriages to foreigners, especially celebrities such as Vladi, were rare in the Soviet Union. 6. The leading knave, Andrei Mironov Andrei Mironov as Figaro at Moscow's Satire Theater. Source: Ribakov/RIA Novosti Mironov was one of the most popular Soviet actors. While the abovementioned actors were either romantic or heroic, Mironov was the embodiment of knavery. He often starred in comedies and died practically on stage, losing consciousness during the play The Marriage of Figaro, where he had the leading role. One of his most famous roles is the smuggler in the film The Diamond Arm (1969). The character's phrases are now popular quotes and his rendition of the song "The Island of Bad Luck" was a hit. Source: YouTube / Mosfilm 7. The principal baritone, Muslim Magomaev Singer Muslim Magomayev. Source: Yevgeny Kassin, Vladimir Savostyanov/TASS As "the golden voice" of the Soviet Union, Magomaev conquered the hearts of many women. He was one of the youngest People's Artists of the USSR, honored with this most prestigious title at the age of 31. He was the first Soviet performer to travel to the U.S., touring in major cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He had many romances with famous actresses and pop performers, among whom were Natalya Fateeva, Edith Piekha and Svetlana Rezanova. "How can you not fall in love with him? How can you resist such a person? Handsome, talented, generous," Rezanova said many years later during a popular TV show. With the most important woman in his life, the People's Artist Tamara Sinyavskaya, Magomaev lived for 34 years, until his death. Magomaev's most famous song is obviously about love, but love for a city - Moscow, the greatest city on the planet. Source: YouTube / sfumato77 8. The best d'Artagnan, Mikhail Boyarsky Mikhail Boyarsky as d'Artagnan. Source: Kinopoisk.ru For many Russians this actor and singer with a dashing mustache is still associated exclusively with d'Artagnan from the Soviet screen adaptation of The Three Musketeers (1978). Thanks to d'Artagnan and the popular songs from the film, the actor's fame reached incredible heights. The audience would laugh and cry as they rooted for the strong and courageous heroes. Boyarsky's unique rasping voice, like the shabby musketeer saddle, and expressions such as "a thousand devils" are among the traits that parodists love to imitate. 9. The leading Munchhausen, Oleg Yankovsky Oleg Yankovsky. Source: Valery Plotnikov/RIA Novosti Yankovsky appeared in many films, among which were Tarkovsky's Mirror (1974) and Nostalgia (1982), and classical Soviet melodramas such as Flights in Dreams and Reality (1982) and Love by Request (1983). However, perhaps his most famous role was from the film The Very Same Munchhausen (1979), based on a play by Grigory Gorin - just one of the interpretations of the adventures of the legendary baron. In the 2000s, Yankovsky played Laura's seducer, Komarovsky, in the TV series Dovtor Zhivago. 10. The leading hockey player, Valery Kharlamov Valery Kharlamov. Source: Yuri Somov/RIA Novosti Kharlamov was a four-time Soviet champion, eight-time world champion, two-time European champion, and twice Olympic gold medalist. In September 1972, in Montreal the Soviet team destroyed the undefeated Canadian national team by a score of 7:3. Kharlamov scored two goals that were later called masterpieces. There were rumors that he had been offered $1 million dollars to play in the NHL, but he refused. Kharlamov became the first European ice hockey player to be honored with a portrait in the Hockey Hall of Fame Museum in Toronto. In 2013, a film was made about him called Legend No. 17, in which the main role was played by Russia's leading heartbreaker today, Danila Kozlovsky.   Read more: The pretty face of Communism: Soviet style Pin Up art

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13 мая, 04:03

Hyundai и KIA отзовут более 200 тысяч авто из-за дефектных деталей‍

Южнокорейские автомобильные компании Hyundai Motor и Kia Motors отзовут 240 тысяч автомобилей из-за обнаруженных неисправностей.

10 мая, 20:38

Boys' jobs and girls' jobs – so who returns the Asos package?

On The One Show, the PM suggested that there are traditional gender-defined tasks in a relationship. But some of modern life’s chores are a bit more complicatedTimes were when Tory leaders had to run around reversing gender stereotypes. Witness David Cameron’s WebCameron project, where he was filmed “candidly” washing the dishes at his modest west London mansion.Well, Theresa May isn’t interested in signalling to the electorate that she is Tory Nouveau, Lite or Gluten Free. She will never hug a hoodie or a husky or pass out in a bashment tent at Notting Hill Carnival. As with taking the National Trust to task over dropping the word “Easter” from their egg hunt, this is a PM who is comfortable to luxuriate in unblinking small-c conservatism. This was also evident during her appearance on The One Show, alongside husband Philip, there to report that his wife wasn’t a robot. Asked whether the PM was a tough negotiator in their marriage, he said: “Well, there’s give and take ... I get to decide when I take the bins out. Not if I take them out.” Continue reading...

08 мая, 15:47

Buffett's 'carnival' draws shoppers and the sleep-deprived

OMAHA, Neb. (Reuters) - Katie Ryerson and her father took a train from their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, to Omaha, Nebraska, for her first Berkshire Hathaway Inc shareholder meeting, a weekend the conglomerate's billionaire chief Warren Buffett calls "Woodstock for Capitalists."

05 мая, 23:46

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) Q1 Earnings: A Beat in Store?

We expect Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) to report better-than-expected earnings in the first quarter of 2017.

05 мая, 17:12

New Strong Sell Stocks for May 5th

Here are 5 stocks added to the Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) List today:

01 мая, 18:45

Cornelia Parker is the first conceptual election artist – what will she do?

The Turner-nominated sculptor and installation artist will provide a visual record of this spring’s snap election. Here’s who took on the quirky role before her and what they createdThe first artist to cover a British election was probably William Hogarth, whose series of paintings of the 1754 general election show voters being bribed with money, oysters and booze in a spectacular carnival of corruption. Hogarth, however, was a maverick satirist, not an official, accredited election artist like Turner-nominated Cornelia Parker, who has been announced as the visual recorder of this spring’s snap election. Related: Cornelia Parker named as official artist of 2017 general election Continue reading...

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01 мая, 11:10

People celebrate Walpurgis Day in Helsinki

People gather at the Havis Amanda statue to celebrate the Walpurgis Day (Vappu), a carnival-style festival, in Helsinki, capital of Finland, on April 30, 2017.

29 апреля, 08:49

По морям, по волнам

Новый сезон круизной и паромной навигации обещает стать рекордным для Санкт-Петербурга. Спрос уверенно растет как среди российских, так и среди зарубежных туристов. Факторы, его подкрепляющие, различны, но в целом понятны. А кто из операторов наиболее качественно ответит на запросы туристов, нарастив свое присутствие на рынке, – вопрос пока открытый

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28 апреля, 09:53

Why Is Carnival (CCL) Up 2.7% Since the Last Earnings Report?

Carnival (CCL) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

27 апреля, 07:48

LNG поможет уменьшить избыток газа на рынках

Уже к 2020 году численность флота, работающего на сжиженном природном газе, может достичь 200 судов. Когда крупнейшая российская судоходная компания «Совкомфлот» спустит на воду в 2018 году четыре новых танкера типа Aframax, они будут не только перевозить по 600 тыс. тонн нефти в голландский Роттердам, но и станут надеждой для всего сектора производства сжиженного газа. Дело в том, что эти суда станут первыми танкерами, работающими на сжиженном природном газе (LNG).