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28 октября, 05:51

Бюстгальтер стоимостью 3 млн долларов выпустили в США

Одна из самых известных в мире компаний по продаже женского белья Victoria's Secret выпустила бюстгальтер стоимостью 3 млн долларов. Он украшен драгоценными камнями и будет представлен публике на шоу Victoria's Secret в Париже, сообщает NUR.KZ со ссылкой на CNBC. Bright Night Fantasy Bra стоимостью 3 млн долларов. Фото: people.com Бюстгальтер называется "Bright Night Fantasy Bra". Он украшен 9000 драгоценными камнями - бриллиантами, изумрудами и золотом. Самый дорогой элемент нижнего белья компании прошлого года был оценен в 2 млн долларов и был инструктирован 6500 драгоценными камнями. Bright Night Fantasy Bra стоимостью 3 млн долларов. Фото: cnbc.com Бюстгальтер был разработан Эдди Борго и увидеть его можно будет во время показа Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Он выходит в эфир 5 декабря на CBS. На подиум в нем выйдет модель Жасмин Тукс. Читайте также: Чиновники спали и переписывались в WhatsApp во время выступления Сапарбаева (фото)>> Пьяный пилот американской авиакомпании управлял самолетом>> Трамп заявил об угрозе Третьей мировой войны>> Том Круз собрался жениться>> "Мисс Астана 2016" стала 18-летняя Ельназ Нурсеитова>>

27 октября, 23:57

Your Personal Healthcare Investment Plan

Stock picks for investors looking for exposure to the healthcare segment.

27 октября, 23:03

A Trump Presidency Could Cost You Your Job

In the barrage of issues surrounding the personal character of Donald J. Trump -- his derision of ethnic and religious minorities, his public mocking of the disabled and prisoners of war, his boasts of sexual assaults corroborated by the accusations of his victims, and his general unfitness for the presidency -- it would be natural to overlook yet another deficiency: his warped understanding of economics. Put simply, Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand even the most basic principles of what makes an economy work. And if he were to take office, it is not his myriad character flaws, but his vast ignorance of economics that could most impact you personally. Some may view this as surprising. Hasn't he understood enough economics to amass billions of dollars as a real estate baron? There is no doubt that Trump entered the right industry at the right time, and that his aggressive real estate dealing has paid off handsomely for him. But rather ironically, some of his grossest misconceptions about economics appear to originate from his experience as a businessman, such that he seems unable to distinguish the economic difference between a firm and a country. This misunderstanding seems to underpin nearly every misguided understanding Trump has about economics, and how a Trump presidency could cost many millions of Americans their jobs and financial security. One of the earliest indications of Trump's confusion was in comments he made about government debt and default. Trump has declared bankruptcy six times, and has obviously learned how to make the U.S. bankruptcy laws work for him. He boasted to CBS This Morning in June of using his expertise in this area to threaten a default on U.S. government debt: "Nobody knows debt better than me. I've made a fortune by using the debt. If things don't work out, I renegotiate the debt. That's a smart thing, not a stupid thing." But behind this brazen approach to debt lies a gross misunderstanding between the implications of default for a firm and for a country. If Trump's company defaults, it affects mainly his company's credit rating and its creditors. In contrast to Trump's company debt obligations, U.S. government securities form a critical financial underpinning of the world financial system. A U.S. default on its sovereign debt, or even a credible rumor to give a "haircut" to holders of U.S. debt instruments, would send U.S. interest rates skyrocketing, resulting in trillions of dollars in added interest payments on our burgeoning national debt, and catastrophic worldwide economic instability. Was your job threatened in the last recession? Then consider it lost under the catastrophe that would ensue under a President Trump debt plan. Trump's ignorance about financial macroeconomics extends to his (mis)understanding about the nature of international trade. Fundamentally, Trump understands economic life (and maybe all life) as a zero-sum game. In the Trumpian worldview, economic transactions create winners and losers, where the goal of course is to become a winner like Trump. The problem is that this is not how the economy works. Economic transactions are motivated by mutual gain; economic life is rarely zero-sum. When I take my kids to buy ice cream, it is not that the ice cream man is a winner and we are losers. (Just ask my kids). We both win because I am willing to pay more for the ice cream than the price for which the ice cream man is willing to sell it. It is the same in international trade, although trade is a little more complicated. Trump perpetually complains "We always lose in international trade..." "The Chinese are killing us..." And that "NAFTA was the worst trade deal in history." Let's break this down. First, we import products from countries like China and Mexico because they offer consumers a better value for their money than the same product produced domestically. That we are able to pay, say, only $40 for a decent pair of shoes dramatically increases the real income of American consumers, the range of goods our salaries allow us to afford. Benefiting most from these low prices are the poor in our country and working-class folks with modest incomes. We do not place 45% tariffs on Chinese goods of the kind Trump advocates because this would be equivalent to reducing the real income of Americans, virtually the same effect as finding out your boss just decided to significantly reduce your paycheck for the same amount of work. Trade surpluses are not the same as company profits. Trade deficits are not the same as company losses. To view them this way (as Trump does) is to display a complete ignorance of international economics. Moreover, international accounts always need to balance. Of the dollars used to pay for the goods we import from China, the Chinese use most of these dollars to buy things that we produce (which typically pay a greater wage than one gets making shoes), and the rest of it comes back in investment. Now if we don't like the Chinese using some of those dollars to buy American treasury bills, then we need to reduce our government deficit. But the deficit is a problem made in the good old USA; it is not a Chinese problem or the result of Chinese anything. If we issue fewer IOUs, then those dollars held by China will either come back as direct investment in our economy or in buying more of the stuff we produce. Trump's solution, rather than to make hard choices in reducing the deficit, is to increase the deficit by cutting taxes on the wealthy (giving the Chinese more U.S. bonds to buy with their dollars rather than American products) and to institute a massive tariff on Chinese goods. Of course, this would create a trade war and lead to retaliatory tariffs on American export goods, where a recent economic model forecasted 640,000 job losses under this scenario in California alone. Was your job one of the 6.3 million added during the great recession recovery during the Obama administration? Well, because you are a new hire, you'll be one of the first laid off as a casualty of Trump's trade war. Donald Trump's moral depravity should not distract voters from his less outrageous characteristics that make him unfit for the presidency. You are unlikely to be groped by Donald Trump if he is elected president. But he may cost you your job. Bruce Wydick is Professor of Economics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco and Distinguished Research Affiliate at the Kellogg Institute of International Studies, University of Notre Dame. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

27 октября, 22:37

This Tennis Pro Gives Quitting A Really Bad Name

So, did you hear about the tennis player who quit right in the middle of a professional match in front of thousands of people? It's true. It happened recently at the Shanghai Masters. "I wasn't so much frustrated," Nick Kyrgios said in this CBS Sports report, "I just tapped out a little bit I guess." Kyrgios not only threw point after point but also got into a fight with a heckling fan, reportedly shouting, "You want to come here and play? Sit down and shut up and watch." It's not the first time this has happened. According to the CBS report, Kyrgios also gave up and lost a game on purpose in 2015 because he was mad at the umpire. I have a problem with this kind of behavior and so would most of the successful entrepreneurs I know. Kyrgios is a decent tennis player (you have to be to make it to the level he's reached). But let's face it -- he's a lousy quitter. The smartest people I know who have done the best in business quit all the time. They're also better at knowing when. They sell their companies when they get the right offer. They unload stocks when they believe the market has peaked. They discontinue product lines when they're no longer as profitable as before. They terminate employees when things aren't working out. They withdraw from bidding when they feel that they won't make as much money as they need on the job. Quitting is good. Quitting is right. Quitting is crucial to success. For smart business people, quitting isn't really quitting: it's just making a decision to change what's not working. Some people I meet don't get this. They want to stick with that sales guy because they thought he was a good hire. They want to keep selling a product even though a competitor has a better one. They want to continue providing a service even though customers aren't demanding it. They want to hold on to a dying company because their granddaddy started it last century and he would "turn over in his grave" if he knew that it was being sold. These are all bad business decisions made by clients I know who were afraid of quitting. Their problem is they can't separate their emotions from managing. I know you love your business. I realize that you have a "passion" for what you do. I get it that you're trying to change the world and that your firm has provided a livelihood to people for generations. If those are the reasons why you don't want to quit doing things, then you may continue to survive...you just won't be as profitable as you could be. I'm not saying that's such a bad thing. I'm just glad I'm not a shareholder in your company. The managers who understand this know that a company is just an asset made up of smaller assets: products, people, infrastructure, equipment, real estate. Its purpose is to generate income and grow in value. It's not there to be fun, rewarding or fulfilling -- those are just ancillary benefits. When you look at the billionaires in this world -- Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, the Goldmans, the Sachs, the Walls and the Streets -- these people have made their money from buying and selling these assets. Of course they consider the human factors that make up any organization. But they know that their purpose is to make money for themselves and, more importantly, for their investors. They put aside emotions and quit when they know they can get their biggest return. Kyrgios' biggest mistake is not quitting the game completely. His heart's not in it. He's not having a good time. He's not reaching the upper echelons of players who achieve the kind of rewards that every professional player wants. If he's giving up a game and fighting with a fan, then it's clear tennis has become a burden, not an enjoyment. His value is declining. For him, it's time to sell, to quit, to move on. Otherwise he's just wasting his assets -- his body, his time, his credibility -- on a profession that's not profitable for him. Sound familiar? He can do other things with his life that may be more enjoyable and profitable while still having a good time playing tennis on the side. On the professional circuit, he's an above-average player. But if you ask any successful entrepreneurs, they'd tell you he's a very below-average quitter. A version of this column originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

27 октября, 19:49

Trump's 'Voter Suppression Operation' Targets Black Voters

Even as the Republican launches a purported African American outreach campaign 12 days before the election, his aides say their goal is to depress turnout in the bloc.

Выбор редакции
27 октября, 18:05

‘The Great Indoors’: Joel McHale Takes on Millennials in Mediocre Sitcom

The generation gap has never been as grating as it is in CBS's new fall sitcom, 'The Great Indoors', starring Joel McHale.

27 октября, 16:26

Trump claims evidence of voting fraud in Texas

Donald Trump pointed to Texas on Thursday as an example of the presidential election allegedly being rigged against him.“A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” he tweeted Thursday morning, citing no actual sources or reports. “People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?”According to Snopes, “Reports are not flooding in from across Texas about vote switching.” “Although rumors of ‘vote switching’ in Texas are rampant, we found only one case in which a report was investigated, and it was found to be unsubstantiated,” the rumor researching website said in a report Wednesday.The Republican presidential nominee is likely referring to an allegation from a woman who posted on Facebook this week that she voted for Republicans up and down the ballot, though the summary of her votes showed that the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket was checked, too.“I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work,” the woman, who voted in Texas, said. “I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn't get it to go back either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket.”The woman urged voters to “double check your selections before you cast your vote!” According to election officials, however, the problem was likely a “voter error,” not a sign of election rigging.Tim O’Hare, chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party, told a local CBS affiliate that voters are inadvertently changing their votes by incorrectly turning the machine’s wheel to change the page.“We don’t think there’s fraud inside the machine or software glitches,” he said.Deborah Peoples, who chairs the county’s Democratic Party, said some Democratic voters were experiencing similar issues seeing their votes changed to Trump.In incidents where officials have spoken with the voters, Tarrant County elections administrator Frank Phillips said “they tell us that they discovered the changed vote on the summary screen display.”“This shows that the machine is working exactly as it should,” he added. “The voter gets to review a summary of vote changes made and make any changes as needed before actually casting the vote.”In a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released Thursday, Trump leads Clinton by 3 percentage points among likely voters, 45 percent to 42 percent, which falls within the survey’s margin of error.

27 октября, 15:33

СМИ умело лепят из Трампа исчадие ада. Реплика Георгия Бовта

Читаешь американские газеты и журналы и недоумеваешь, как Дональда Трампа вообще номинировали в президенты

27 октября, 15:33

СМИ умело лепят из Трампа исчадие ада. Реплика Георгия Бовта

Читаешь американские газеты и журналы и недоумеваешь, как Дональда Трампа вообще номинировали в президенты

27 октября, 14:37

Дело сдвинулось

        ЦБ РФ и НАУФОР нашли компромисс по кругу операций, разрешенных неквалифицированным инвесторам ЦБ и НАУФОР согласовали подходы к кругу операций, разрешенных для неквалифицированных инвесторов, говорится в сообщении ассоциации. Соответствующие договоренности были зафиксированы в протоколе обсуждения участниками финансового рынка с представителями ЦБ РФ доклада «Совершенствование системы защиты интересов инвесторов на финансовом рынке посредством введения регулирования категорий инвесторов и определения их инвестиционного профиля».Неквалифицированные инвесторы, оперирующие суммой средств до 400 тыс. рублей, сохранят возможность совершать операции без дополнительных требований  с акциями и облигациями, включенными в котировальные списки 1 и 2 уровня, операции на организованном валютном и рынке драгметаллов, а также с паями открытых ПИФ.Также инвесторы смогут совершать маржинальные операции при условии прохождения онлайн-тестирования на сайте биржи. Онлайн-тестирование будет необходимо всем неквалифицированным инвесторам для совершения операций на организованном рынке производных финансовых инструментов и с паями закрытых ПИФ.Составление инвестиционного профиля планируется проводить онлайн и не только через инвестиционного советника, но и через брокера (при условии принятия мер по предотвращению конфликта интересов между функцией продажи и функцией инвестиционного консультирования). Оригинал и полная версия тут: www.finam.ru/analysis/newsitem/cb-rf-i-naufor-nashli-kompromiss-po-krugu-operaciiy-razreshennyx-nekvalificirovannym-investoram-20161027-133653/

Выбор редакции
27 октября, 11:15

Американский генерал предупредил о планируемой ДАИШ атаке в одной из стран Запада

Группировка ДАИШ* намерена провести террористическую атаку в одной из стран Запада, сообщает канал CBS News, ссылаясь на слова командующего войсками США в Сирии и Ираке генерал-лейтенанта Стивена Таунсенда. По словам американского военного, разведка не в курсе того, где именно произойдёт нападение."Мы знаем, что они что-то планируют и что это план атаки за пределами страны. Мы не знаем точно, где они нанесут удар. Мы не знаем точно когда", - сказал Таунсенд, комментируя планы по освобождению занятой ДАИШ* сирийской Ракки.Напомним, вчера глава Пентагона Эштон Картер заявил, что США намерены после Мосула освободить от террористов "столицу" ДАИШ*. Даты начала операции американский министр обороны не назвал, упомянув лишь, что она "на за горами".Стоит отметить, что в Вашингтоне зачастую знают о готовящихся террористами атаках до того, как всё происходит. Однако при этом американцы не спешат сообщать другим странам, стремясь защитить лишь собственных граждан.* - террористическая организация, запрещённая в России

Выбор редакции
27 октября, 10:02

Американский генерал предсказал атаки ИГ из Ракки на Запад

Боевики террористической группировки «Исламское государство» (ИГ) планируют атаки на Запад из сирийского города Ракка, заявил командующий американскими войсками в Сирии и Ираке генерал-лейтенант Стивен Таунсенд, ссылаясь на данные американской разведки. «Мы знаем, что они что-то планируют и это будет атака за пределами страны (Сирии)», – заявил Таунсенд, слова которого приводит РИА «Новости» со ссылкой на телеканал CBS. Он добавил, что пока нет точных данных по поводу того, где они собираются атаковать и когда. «Мы знаем, что планирование (атаки) идет из Ракки. Мы думаем, мы должны дойти до Ракки довольно скоро», – сказал военный. По его мнению, неопределенность угрозы делает необходимым ускориться с началом операции по освобождению города. В среду Таунсенд напомнил, что в отличие от иракского Мосула операция по освобождению Ракки в Сирии будет проводиться не вооруженными силами страны, а «местными силами» в «очень сложной боевой обстановке» с учетом наличия сирийских правительственных сил и российских ВКС в стране. При этом генерал не исключил, что освобождение Ракки займет больше времени, чем освобождение Мосула, где США уже ожидают «упорных и долгих боев». До этого в Вашингтоне заявили, что международная коалиция во главе с США намерена начать операцию по освобождению сирийского города Ракка от боевиков группировки «Исламское государство» через несколько недель.

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27 октября, 03:01

Полиция Мэна арестовала мужчину в костюме дерева, который мешал движению машин

В деловой части Портленда, штат Мэн, сотрудники полиции арестовали мужчину, который очень натурально замаскировался под дерево и мешал движению автомобилей. Как сообщает CBS News, нарушитель не реагировал на требования офицеров уйти с проезжей части.   Пользователи соцсетей пытаются понять, как мужчине удалось прикрепить к себе ветки. — Всё, что я хочу знать: как на нём держатся ветки?! — пишет один из пользователей.   Как рассказал друг нарушителя, мужчина вышел на проезжую часть, чтобы изучить схему движения транспорта.

27 октября, 01:47

Donald Trump's favorite pollsters

A closer look at the three tracking polls Trump loves the most.

27 октября, 00:25

Former TV News Anchor Dishes About His New Gig... In Gay Porn

Gay adult film actor Dallas Steele has made a name for himself over the past year with films like “Blue Collar Ballers” and “Rough Trade.” But as it turns out, the 44-year-old, whose real name is Jim Walker, is no stranger to working in front of a camera. And much to his surprise, he’s become an unlikely icon for professional reinvention in recent weeks.  Before he entered the world of adult entertainment, Steele spent 23 years as a television news anchor and reporter. He received two regional Emmy Award nominations while working at KTVT, a Dallas-based CBS affiliate, and also worked for KBTV Fox 4 in Beaumont, Texas, as well as news stations in Florida and California.  Steele, who is signed exclusively to TitanMen, told The Huffington Post that he first opened up about his former career in a 2015 interview on that film company’s website. (Link is NSFW) He said he’s “not sure” why the media is suddenly buzzing about his story, which has been documented in interviews and features appearing in the New York Post, the Daily News and the Daily Mail, among other publications, over the past month. While he’s happy with the newfound attention, Steele stressed, “Porn is not a career ― not for me, not for anyone. But it is a fun sideline or stopover for a few years.” He certainly proved his chops in the cutthroat world of TV news over two decades. During his time as a journalist, Steele said he interviewed every living U.S. president, as well as 2016 presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. He left the news business somewhat abruptly in 2013 after a boss told him that he’d tested poorly among local viewers.  See Jim Walker report on Hurricane Ike for KBTV in 2008.  After some time off, he knew he needed a change, and decided to pursue porn at the suggestion of a friend. When he stepped onto the set of his first adult movie, “Blue Collar Ballers,” in 2015, he found it demonstrating his other, ahem, talents on camera oddly natural.   “Let’s be honest, anyone who does TV news and anyone who does porn loves to show off. It’s part of the deal,” he said. “I do love sex, I love hot men and I love showing off.” Viewing porn as a “fascinating side job with lots of great perks,” he added, “Doing movies has allowed to travel all over the world and build a social media following on a scale I couldn’t even imagine in TV news.”  Although Steele said that most of his former colleagues in TV news are aware of his new gig, many of them don’t keep in touch with him because of it.  “They generally don’t speak to me because they’re worried even the perception of being associated with me is going to do them harm,” he said. Still, he has no regrets about his decision to leave the world of television news behind. “The old business model doesn’t work, so the management is grasping at anything to hold attention, even if it means sensationalizing and outright lying to viewers,” he said. “I had a good, long run.”  That said, he has absolutely no time for haters, some of whom have reportedly accused him of having a midlife crisis.  “I’d much rather make out with a hot man to help build an erection than I would deal with a news manager who is blaming me because his producers selected content viewers didn’t want to watch,” he said. “I would much rather have thousands of people enjoying themselves watching my product than I would have them throwing food at the TV because they don’t want to see [Donald] Trump’s face again.” As he told the New York Post, he hopes his story inspires others not necessarily to enter porn for themselves, but simply to get out of "an environment that’s toxic to you," professionally.   Besides, he added, “In both jobs, you deal with lots of d*cks and a**holes.”   -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

26 октября, 23:09

Chubb Limited (CB) Beats Q3 Earnings Estimates, Up Y/Y

Chubb Limited (CB) reported third-quarter 2016 operating income of $2.88 per share, which surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $2.64 by 9.1%.

26 октября, 22:09

ЦБ заложил мину замедленного действия под рублем

Cуммарно за 2016 год ЦБ напечатает 2,8 трлн рублей после 2,1 трлн в 2015 году. В 2017-м году, согласно проекту бюджета, эмиссия составит 1,8 трлн рублей, в 2018м — 1,1 трлн рублей (в рамках операций с остатками Резервного фонда и ФНБ).Этот колоссальный приток является долгосрочным риском для стабильности рубля, предупреждает зампред правления Локо-банка Андрей Люшин.До недавнего времени ЦБ имел возможность откачивать из системы избыточную денежную массу, сокращая кредитование банков (в 10 раз за 2 года), но теперь, когда практически все кредиты погашены, он становится фактически беспомощен, если нужно изъять из оборота рубли. Приток валюты в Россию по текущему счету находится на минимуме с 1999 года. В этих условиях стабильность рубля обеспечивается спекулянтами, играющим на разнице процентных ставок, говорит глава аналитического управления банка «Зенит» Владимир Евстифеев.По сути это не просто «горячие, а раскаленные деньги, которые побегут обратно при первой же возможности, что было хорошо видно две недели назад, когда на фоне нарастания напряженности в отношниях с Западом, иностранные игроки начали сбрасывать облигации Минфина. www.finanz.ru/novosti/valyuty/cb-zalozhil-minu-zamedlennogo-deystviya-pod-rublem-1001481239

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Florida Reporter Loses Donald Trump Interview After Refusing To Provide Questions In Advance

A journalist in Florida says her Monday interview with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump fell through after she refused to provide his campaign with questions in advance.  Jenna Bourne, a reporter at CBS47/Fox30 in Jacksonville, told The Huffington Post the Trump campaign contacted her station last week to set up an interview for the candidate when he came to town for a rally.  She said David Chiokadze, who serves as Florida deputy communications director for Trump, spoke to her about logistics for the interview and later asked for a list of questions, a request that goes against standard journalistic protocol. Bourne told Chiokadze she’d have to check with management about what information she could provide in advance. On Monday, she sent Chiokadze an email that listed general interview topics like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Hispanic Florida voters, diplomacy in the White House and refugees. Bourne didn’t get a response to this email, but assumed the interview was still on. When she arrived at the rally venue in St. Augustine, however, a Trump staffer told her she did not have an interview. When she called Chiokadze, she said, he told her that no interview was ever confirmed.  The journalist acknowledged she’d lost the interview on Monday evening’s newscast and shared her email to Chiokadze on Twitter. .@realDonaldTrump backs out of scheduled 1-on-1 interview w/ me after I decline to send campaign list of my questions. At 6 @ActionNewsJax pic.twitter.com/CybGLMoudx— Jenna Bourne (@jennaANjax) October 24, 2016 “I know this tweet has gone viral, but I would have rather just had the interview,” she told HuffPost on Tuesday. “I’d rather get my questions answered for viewers.” Bourne said she still hasn’t received an explanation from the campaign.  Neither Chiokadze nor Trump press secretary Hope Hicks responded to a request for comment from HuffPost. Bourne’s experience with the Trump campaign comes just days after the candidate walked out of two interviews with local Ohio television reporters. In one instance, Colleen Marshall of Columbus’ WCMH-TV asked Trump about being labeled racist and sexist, which prompted him to leave. “I am the least racist person you’ve ever met,” he said as he exited.  function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); It’s troubling that the Trump campaign may have required a journalist to provide questions in advance to receive access to the candidate. But so far, Bourne’s experience appears to be an isolated incident. Some Florida reporters who spoke to Trump say they weren’t bound by such onerous restrictions.  Mal Redington, assistant news director for WJXT in Jacksonville, told HuffPost that the campaign wanted to know generally what Kent Justice, a reporter and anchor for the station, planned to ask Trump. Justice only provided topic areas and not specific questions, Redington said, but he was granted an interview with Trump before the rally in St. Augustine. The Palm Beach Post’s George Bennett, who interviewed Trump earlier on Monday, did not immediately provide comment on his dealings with the campaign. One day earlier, Jim DeFede of CBS’s Miami affiliate, WFOR, interviewed Trump at the candidate’s resort in Doral, Florida. DeFede told HuffPost he did not provide questions in advance.  Still, that interview included a distressing moment for journalists.  Trump, who has been described as an unprecedented threat to press freedom, told DeFede that the First Amendment provides “too much protection” for news organizations. Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Победил ли Глазьев Набиуллину?

Набиулина согласилась на целевую эмиссию для кредитования реального сектора (план Глазьева) Сразу скажу, что я совершенно согласен с планом Глазьева, НО 1. Я не верю, что Набиулина такая глупая и не понимала раньше, что Глазьев прав. так же как я не верю, что крестоносцы взяли Константинополь "случайно", а не в силу сознательного решения уничтожить Православную […]

28 сентября 2015, 04:38

Владимир Путин: Интервью американскому журналисту Чарли Роузу для телеканалов CBS и PBS

В преддверии своего участия в юбилейной 70-ой сессии Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН в Нью-Йорке Владимир Путин дал интервью американскому журналисту Чарли Роузу. Поскольку наше интервью выйдет перед моим выступлением, то мне кажется, было бы нецелесообразно подробно излагать всё, что я собираюсь сказать, но в общих чертах, конечно, я вспомню об истории Организации Объединённых Наций. Уже сейчас могу сказать о том, что решение о создании ООН было принято как раз в нашей стране, в Советском Союзе на Ялтинской конференции. Советский Союз, Россия, как правопреемница Советского Союза, является страной – учредительницей Организации Объединённых Наций и постоянным членом Совета Безопасности. Конечно, нужно будет сказать о дне сегодняшнем, о том, как сегодня складывается международная жизнь, о том, что ООН остаётся единственной универсальной международной организацией, которая призвана поддерживать мир во всём мире. И в этом смысле у неё нет никакой альтернативы сегодня. Ясно также, что ООН должна приспосабливаться к изменяющемуся миру, и мы все постоянно дискутируем на этот счёт: как она должна меняться, какими темпами, что качественно должно измениться. Разумеется, придётся сказать, и даже не то что придётся, – нужно будет воспользоваться этой международной трибуной для того, чтобы дать российское видение сегодняшних международных отношений и будущего этой организации и мирового сообщест