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25 сентября, 22:51

Rauner ignites furor with NFL remarks

CHICAGO — Blowback from the national anthem controversy raging through the NFL hit the Illinois governor’s race Monday after Gov. Bruce Rauner — a part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers — sided with President Donald Trump’s position on player protests. “I strongly disagree with those who disrespect our flag and our anthem,” Rauner first told POLITICO through a spokesman. “To me they are disrespecting the foundations of our country, the veterans who risked their lives for our democracy, and the men and women who fight every day and make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our liberties.”Rauner is in an unusually precarious spot as both governor and part-owner of an NFL team. His statement immediately drew strong criticism from Democrats, especially those running against Rauner in 2018, because the governor has stayed nearly silent on a number of controversial issues, including the most recent plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Considered the most vulnerable governor in the country, Rauner is also gearing up for a fight with his own party over a controversial abortion bill that has landed on his desk. Rauner went from vowing to veto the bill that expands public funding of abortion to now saying he is undecided. His strong response on the NFL firestorm could aid his efforts to connect with more conservative voters who are already questioning Rauner's Republican credentials. When the Steelers faced the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday, the entire Steelers team — with the exception of Alejandro Villanueva — stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. Asked if Rauner agreed with Trump that protesting players should be fired or that NFL teams should face boycotts, the governor seemed to diverge on that point, saying: "our country is great because it guarantees freedom of expression, so people can choose to be disrespectful.”Much of the heat Rauner took on Monday resulted from the clarity of his response on the NFL protests — critics compared it to his unclear answers on how he would handle a controversial abortion bill, his equivocating on the national health care debate, and the days he took to offer reaction on a controversial cartoon that critics called racist.“The fact that Bruce Rauner will comment on a sports debate and not on legislation that can take away healthcare from a million Illinois residents shows just how misplaced his priorities really are,” said Democratic Governors Association Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro in a statement. “But just like he did on the state’s education bill, Rauner’s decided to play into the politics of division in support of his political future. Rauner’s statement on the NFL protest is just another example of his failed leadership.” One state senator running for governor, Democrat Daniel Biss, accused Rauner of joining Trump in diminishing the meaning behind the player protests."Protests at NFL games this weekend and over the past year are responding to police brutality and institutional racism, and there isn’t anything more fundamentally American than that. We should all be taking a knee," Biss said. “But by embracing Donald Trump’s condemnation, Bruce Rauner joins his fellow inexperienced billionaire in misleading the public about the purpose of these protests."Democratic opponent J.B. Pritzker said in a statement said both Rauner and Trump were missing the point.“The decision of NFL players to take a knee to protest racial injustice is entirely American. It is an expression of our country’s foundational rights and beliefs," Pritzker said in a statement. "I would urge Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner to redirect their outrage to our broken criminal justice system instead of a peaceful protest. Let’s have a conversation about how we address what they’re protesting, not their right to protest.”For their part, Bears players on Sunday linked arms while remaining standing — and present — during the anthem.“The Chicago Bears are proud to support our players, coaches and all members of our organization to bring peace and unity together through football," said a statement from the Chicago Bears. "What makes this the greatest country in the world are the liberties it was founded upon and the freedom to express oneself in a respectful and peaceful manner. Through important dialogue with our players and team, this divisive political situation has unified our franchise for the present and the future.”

24 сентября, 00:00

Marcus Smith the flower in Eddie Jones’ blossoming England vision

Head coach wants more attacking ingenuity in his team to close the gap on the All Blacks and he will cast his net wide to find exceptional talentsEddie Jones has given himself a licence to skill. The coach who plucked Matt Giteau from the obscurity of club rugby in Canberra at the start of the decade to make him a Wallaby sees the same potential in the Harlequins fly-half Marcus Smith, who this week links up with the England squad for the training camp in Oxford. Related: Teenager Marcus Smith in England squad but no room for Joseph or Haskell Continue reading...

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24 сентября, 00:00

Stephen Curry Wants to Have It Both Ways

Paul Mirengoff, PowerLineStephen Curry is a superstar with the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. The Warriors received an invitation to the White House, pursuant to the longstanding custom of thus honoring championship sports teams. The Warriors, whose star players and coach are outspoken critics of President Trump, made it known that they were ambivalent at best about visiting the White House. Curry said, 'I don't want to go, that's my nucleus of

23 сентября, 21:59

FA’s Dan Ashworth must answer questions and not vanish from Mark Sampson saga

The technical director is up to his neck in this tale yet he ducked the press conference on the sacking of the England Women coachNobody can say we weren’t warned. Football at its highest level has always been run differently from your average major business and this is hardly the first time that the people who profess to run the sport have turned on a spit of public ridicule. “Beware of the clever, sharp men who are creeping into the game,” William McGregor, founder of the Football League, put it in League Football and the Men Who Made it. And that was in 1909.It has certainly felt that way watching the Football Association stagger through the various stages of the Mark Sampson debacle and the considerable feat of Martin Glenn’s inadequate regime to add several new layers to a story that already featured racism allegations, hush-money payments and the unmistakable stench of a cover-up going all the way to the top of the organisation. Continue reading...

23 сентября, 19:50

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Most Remarkable Facts About the Stars of Season 25

From a Paralympic champion to an HGTV host to an NFL star, Season 25 of 'Dancing with the Stars' truly has the most diverse cast yet.

23 сентября, 19:11

Romelu Lukaku strike enough to give Manchester United win at Southampton

José Mourinho ended up being sent to the stands in stoppage time, though this was still the kind of victory to make him purr. Manchester United are enjoying their best start to a campaign in six years even if a contest they had initially threatened to dominate, bullying their hosts into submission, went on to become a far sterner test of their resilience. Southampton rallied impressively after the interval and it was the visitors who were left clinging on, though their manager will still have delighted in rugged success.Mourinho has always valued wins that have to be chiselled out and orchestrated shrewdly from the bench. He had flung on Chris Smalling and resorted to a back five before the end in an attempt to contain the hosts, Mauricio Pellegrino having exhausted his own team’s firepower from the bench. Even Fraser Forster ventured upfield at a set-piece while Mourinho was still shaking the hands of Southampton’s coaching staff having been sent to the stands, apparently for encroaching on to the pitch. Continue reading...

23 сентября, 16:23

Trump slams Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry, withdraws White House invite

President Donald Trump on Saturday said he had withdrawn an invitation for the National Basketball Association champions Golden State Warriors to visit the White House after star player Steph Curry said that given the choice, he would not go."Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!" Trump wrote on Twitter, the latest in a series of early morning tweets. At a rally in Alabama Friday, Trump targeted National Football League players protesting during the national anthem, saying team owners should fire players who "disrespect the flag."Curry, a two-time NBA MVP, said during the team's media day on Friday that if it was up to him, nixing the traditional White House appearance would be a "short conversation." "By not going, hopefully that will inspire some change in terms of what we tolerate in this country," Curry added.As of Friday, Warriors General Manager Bob Myers said the team had been in touch with the White House and that the door remained opened for a visit.Shortly before the president's tweet, "Fox and Friends," one of Trump's favorite morning shows, aired a segment on Curry's comments.

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23 сентября, 12:46

I only have 10 minutes to help jobseekers get back on their feet and find work

Staff like me desperately try to provide what little help we can - but jobcentre closures and the roll out of universal credit will make things even worse As a jobcentre work coach, I am tasked with moving jobseekers (those on health-related benefits or income support) into employment. It is my job to interview people and help identify the barriers stopping them from working. We then agree how they can be overcome. Related: Jobcentres have been stripped of all compassion for young people Continue reading...

23 сентября, 04:36

Relationship Advice: Surefire Signs You’re Being Used by Your Partner

If you're wondering if your partner is using you, read on.

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23 сентября, 00:10

Carl Hogg questions Wayne Barnes as Worcester lose to Gloucester

• Gloucester 24-19 Worcester• Worcester fight back but home side hang on in exciting finaleAfter their narrow defeat to Gloucester Worcester’s head coach, Carl Hogg, was left to rue an early yellow card for Donncha O’Callaghan. Hogg described referee Wayne Barnes’s decision as “a tough call” and Worcester conceded 17 points while he was off the field before fighting back.Hogg said: “We slipped off one or two tackles during that 10-minute period and it cost us dear. Wayne Barnes has ruled that Donncha wasn’t back 10 metres when they took the quick tap and go. By the letter of the law he’s probably right. I think it is a tough call in the first five minutes of the game and it cost us dear.” Continue reading...

23 сентября, 00:00

Eddie Jones spells out his terms as England take first step to Japan 2019 | Robert Kitson

National coach has named a slimmed-down training squad and omitted Joseph, Haskell and Sinckler, three of the summer’s British & Irish LionsFor every England rugby coach there are three steps to heaven: identify the best players, decide how to harness their collective talents and then pursue every available avenue to ensure they peak when it really matters. With 19 wins in his first 20 games in charge, Eddie Jones has made a confident start on the rocky ascent towards 2019, and his 33-man training squad for next week’s camp in Oxford represents the next phase of that climb. Related: Marcus Smith of Quins can be our X-factor rookie, says England’s Eddie Jones Continue reading...

22 сентября, 21:44

Nu Skin or Inter Parfums: Which Cosmetic Stock Looks Better?

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The cosmetic industry is in huge demand currently. In this backdrop, which of these two key cosmetics giants -- Nu Skin (NUS) and Inter Parfums (IPAR) -- will perform better?

22 сентября, 21:40

Mark Sampson rumours were ‘common knowledge’ in game, claims Watford coach

• Watford Ladies’ Keith Boanas critical of FA decision to hire Sampson in 2013• Pressure mounting on FA pair Martin Glenn and Dan AshworthOne of Mark Sampson’s former rivals for the England manager’s job has said rumours of his inappropriate relationships with female players at Bristol Academy were “common knowledge” in the women’s game before he was appointed.Keith Boanas, now Watford Ladies coach, said he “cannot believe” those who recruited Sampson in December 2013 had not heard concerns about the 34-year-old’s conduct at Bristol where he was first a development coach and later managed the first team. Pressure is mounting on the Football Association’s chief executive, Martin Glenn, technical director, Dan Ashworth, and other senior figures at the governing body to explain how Sampson remained in such a high-profile role for almost four years. The FA has also been heavily criticised for its handling of allegations made by the England striker Eni Aluko about bullying and racism, first revealed in the Guardian, during Sampson’s reign. Continue reading...

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22 сентября, 16:00

10 Beliefs Holding Successful Female Coaches Back (And Being Surpassed By Millennials)

It’s time to shift the rapid-fire growth of the coaching industry to showcase talent, expertise and confidence.

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22 сентября, 15:47

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Not To Recover From A Crisis, Mizzou Edition. The University…

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Not To Recover From A Crisis, Mizzou Edition. The University of Missouri, where I teach and which I dearly love, is in crisis. Freshman enrollment at the university’s Columbia campus (Mizzou) is down by a whopping 35% from two years ago. Missouri’s governor and legislature slashed Mizzou’s state appropriation by […]

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22 сентября, 14:00

Big Ten Betting Preview: Best Offense, Best Coach, Or Easiest Schedule?

The Big Ten appears to be a four-team race. Determining where to put your money comes down to deciding between the most explosive offense, the best coach or the the easiest schedule.

22 сентября, 12:05

Prioritize Your Opportunities with This Checklist

Photo by Cris Dinoto How do you evaluate a business opportunity? The world is replete with SWOT mechanisms for evaluating a prospective new product offering, as well as opportunity assessment templates for evaluating a project against overall business goals, customer impact, strategic potential, and competitive urgency. These instruments play a vital role in acquisitions, new products and features, and even the new divisions of business you’d like to deploy. But how do you evaluate the myriad smaller opportunities you face every day? Should you speak at that event? Author a book? Attend a strategy summit? Some years ago, I learned a fast and effective way to evaluate day-to-day opportunities from Dan Sullivan, the cofounder of Strategic Coach, which I have refined even further for myself. I have taught it to my teams and assistants as well, as a way for them to evaluate in advance whether an opportunity is worth recommending to me. You and Your Team Series Staying Focused Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus Srini Pillay The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus William Treseder Your Team’s Time Management Problem Might Be a Focus Problem Maura Thomas For leaders and organizations who have more capabilities than opportunities, the challenge is scouting enough of the right opportunities to fill their plate in an optimized way. For them, this instrument becomes an Opportunity Optimizer to evaluate and select the highest ranking initiatives to pursue. This is But many leaders and teams are blessed with far more opportunities than they can possibly seize. For them, this system becomes an Opportunity Filter to evaluate the most optimal uses of your available time and resources. Ultimately, as I have become skilled in using this metric, it has become a calculation I am able to do in my head. As you face an opportunity, or as you seek the opportunities you’d like to pursue, how do they rank according to five critical factors? Rank each item from a -1  to a +5 and tally your score (Note: starting with a -1 highlights that some aspects of a project are actually a net negative — such as speaking to the wrong audience or the wrong industry): 1. Ability. Will this opportunity utilize your unique talents and abilities? For a company or team decision, does the opportunity highlight your greatest differentiation to customers? For you personally, does it showcase your greatest and best personal skills? In my own case, making complex ideas simple is a skill I have honed and that I enjoy to such a degree that if the answer is “yes,” I would rank this a 4 or a 5. 2. Reward.  In some cases, the impact reward will often carry more weight than the monetary consideration. For example, I have ranked speaking to a small group of teens at a crisis center higher than speaking to a large audience that may drive a six-figure revenue. The impact on these teens, in this case, becomes a benefit that can outweigh the financial compensation. Consider the ripple effect of the immediate decision as well. In a purely business consideration, speaking to a small group of influencers who are likely to buy may outweigh the impact of speaking to a large audience for a large fee. Of course, it is always appropriate to see if the schedule or timing you are offered can be adjusted to allow you to capture both opportunities when the rewards on both sides are exceptionally high. It’s hard to put a numeric score on an opportunity that would literally result in saving even one life, but this aspect for me would clearly receive the highest possible score I could give it — a 5.  In terms of a revenue reward, I have often ranked speaking to an audience of 100 or more of the right prospects a 5, and will often rearranged my schedule to seize such an opportunity. 3. Enhancement. We can’t experience maximum growth without stepping outside of our comfort zones. It is outside of that zone where the magic happens. Let’s say an interview or speech to 100 doctors or real estate experts would require preparation in an area you’ve never fully studied before. Should you take that opportunity, or should you do the thing that is entirely within your comfort zone? In my case, if an opportunity requires me to grow, I will rank it a 5. 4. Appreciation. In the real estate business, “appreciation” refers to the increasing worth of an asset, as when your house appreciates in value. Likewise, in a business opportunity, appreciation means an increase in value for the audience or customer base. By assessing the potential increase in engagement, loyalty, and willingness to buy, we can assign this factor an appropriate score. For example, a meeting to educate the general public about planning for retirement may be worth a “3” in my estimation, but if the audience is primarily Baby Boomers who are preparing for retirement, the future potential for a working relationship is high enough I would likely rank it a 5. 5. Referral. Ideally, I would not want an opportunity to be a dead-end or a one-off experience. Far better is an opportunity that yields “cross pollination”— such as referrals to new customers, new opportunities to market the business, etc. For example, if I have an opportunity to present to an audience of individuals who are serious about planning for their retirement, or are who are already in retirement, who are business leaders and savers, the value of this referral opportunity could be worth many times the number of people in the room. Depending on the quality of that alignment, I would rank that opportunity a 4 or a 5. I use the Opportunity Filter so frequently that it is easy to tally the score in my head. An opportunity that scores a 15 or lower is not worth considering or bringing forward for a discussion unless my schedule is open enough and there are other extenuating circumstances involved. But for a score of 20 or higher, the decision is clear—we would move forward, with full steam ahead. When you first begin to use this Opportunity Filter, you may want to post the five critical factors in a visible place, as a quick reminder. But eventually, this assessment may become second nature. As it does, your profitability and effectiveness as both a leader and a team will soar.

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22 сентября, 09:00

Hurricane Horrors and Jihad: Coach Dave Daubenmire & I.Q. al-Rassooli

As the world's weather becomes more chaotic, the earth's rotation slows down and the wobble intensifies. With the successful generation of a CAT 1 Hurricane to CAT 5 in less than 15 hours, using HAARP, the aanti-nation, NWO Globalist Elite Eugenists are haralding the dawn of global weather... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit http://FinanceArmageddon.blogspot.com or http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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22 сентября, 03:00

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Substitute teacher and former girls soccer coach is arrested for…

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Substitute teacher and former girls soccer coach is arrested for having sex with one of her students in Michigan after sending naked photos of herself. “Allyson Brittany Moran, 26, was arrested Thursday in Illinois, Michigan State Police said. She would face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. […]

22 сентября, 00:08

St Helens in prime spot for semi-finals after win over Salford

• Super 8s: Salford 4-30 St Helens• Wigan would need huge win to deny neighboursWhether it is Castleford on Thursday or Leeds 24 hours later in the semi-finals, it is increasingly clear St Helens are in no mood to let this season peter out with a whimper.When Justin Holbrook arrived on these shores in May and inherited a side whose fate appeared more likely to be in a battle to avoid the Qualifiers as opposed to the race for Old Trafford, few would have fancied St Helens being in this position. Continue reading...