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Pruitt spent over $105,000 on first-class flights

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt spent more than $105,000 on first-class flights in his first year on the job, according to records EPA provided to the House Oversight Committee and obtained by POLITICO on Tuesday. Pruitt has drawn criticism for regularly booking first-class flights rather than the coach tickets recommended by EPA protocol. The agency has said the expensive flights were necessary because of the high number of security threats Pruitt has received. That $105,000 figure doesn't include an additional $58,000 Pruitt rang up on charter flights and a military jet to carry him and his staff from an event with President Donald Trump in Cincinnati to catch a connecting flight to Europe out of New York, according to previously released records.The most expensive airfare listed in the new documents was a $16,217 trip in December to Morocco where Pruitt touted American natural gas exports. Pruitt missed a connecting flight and stayed overnight in Paris, and appears to have missed other two flights to Morocco before flying to Rabat on Monday, Dec. 11. He left the country two days later.The travel information also shows Pruitt originally intended to travel to Australia from Aug. 31 through Sept. 8 to “discuss best practices regarding the environmental operations” within the country. But that trip to Sydney and Melbourne was eventually scrapped.In a letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the committee that requested the documents a month ago, EPA noted Pruitt and his family have been the targets of direct and implied threats.The agency has approved the first-class flights “on an individualized basis,” the letter said. “[As] the letter explains, EPA’s Protective Service Detail identified specific ongoing threats associated with Administrator Pruitt’s travel and shifted his class based on certain security protocols that require him to be near the front of the plane,” EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said. The committee said it is “in the process of reviewing and evaluating the documents and information,” which will determine its next steps.

21 марта, 02:42

Civil Defense in Korea Better Than a Bloody Nose

Edward P. Joseph, Jason C. Moyer Security, Asia Civil defense sends a continuous message of prudence, fully consistent with either peaceful negotiations or, if it comes to it, military confrontation. Now that Winter Olympics are over, there was one event on which the judges were unanimous—North Korea took home the gold for propaganda. From the combined North-South hockey team to the charm of Kim Yo-jong, the North Korean leader’s sister, international attention on the North’s participation far outweighed media coverage of the host nation. So adroit was the North’s public diplomacy that many South Koreans began to comically refer to the Pyeongchang Olympics as the Pyongyang Olympics. Ivanka Trump’s belated visit was too little, too late to alter the narrative of a Korean Peninsula moving toward a rapprochement opposed by the bully in Washington. Although Ivanka broke from Vice President Mike Pence and stood for the North Korean athletes during the closing ceremony, she refused to meet with their delegates—reinforcing the impression in the South that Washington is the obstacle to dialogue. While U.S. Olympic coaches have four years to reflect on the disappointing performance by American athletes at the winter games, the Trump administration needs to urgently come up with a solution to waning public support for the United States in South Korea. Without bold, creative action that has wide public appeal in South Korea, Washington risks becoming sidelined from discussions on the future of the Korean Peninsula, including a possible near-term summit between Kim and his counterpart, President Moon Jae-In, that would further the divide between the United States and South Korea. Fortunately, there is an overlooked, off-the-shelf remedy available that could halt the dangerous slide to complacency in the South. But Washington will only embrace that outside-the-box remedy if it grasps just how precarious its position has become in its ally. Read full article

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Six Nations 2018: the unsung heroes of this year’s championship

Rory Best held Ireland together, England’s Chris Robshaw worked tirelessly and Sergio Parisse’s experience helped ItalyThe Ireland captain was asked after the grand slam victory whether Eddie Jones’s derogatory remarks about the country revealed a few days before had been motivation for the champions. Best showed class in his reply that was to the effect: who had not found themselves in a position like that? The most-capped player in the team is not among the most celebrated, but every side needs a Best to hold it together, selfless to the point where the team comes first, second and third. He has been on two Lions tours and did not make a Test appearance, but there was never any moaning or boat-rocking. He will be 36 in August and the head coach, Joe Schmidt, will have to decide whether a key part of his set-up will make it to the World Cup. Continue reading...

20 марта, 20:15

Power Briefing: Inside the omnibus negotiations, as Washington prepares for a snowstorm

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said the Senate could be in session over the weekend, but he predicted no shutdown.

20 марта, 16:22

15 Excruciatingly Adorable Dogs With Jobs

Who says your furry friend can't earn a living? These jobs are tailor-made for dogs. It's not only cute but productive!

20 марта, 15:07

Six Nations 2018 report card: how the teams and coaches rated | Nick Evans

Joe Schmidt’s attention to detail underpinned Irish success but Eddie Jones needs a Plan BI’ve read about how it was meant to be for Ireland on St Patrick’s Day – but make no mistake, they earned their grand slam. They fully deserved it. The players, coaches and all the backroom staff are extremely comfortable with the game-plan, they have the best tactical half-backs in the world, a strong set-piece and a defensive system that Andy Farrell has improved no end. The thing that strikes me most is that their established players really get up for the big games, and on top of that, their youngsters – players like Jacob Stockdale – have flourished. My only question would be what happens when the tempo is raised. They are formidable when they control the structure of the game but do they have the same accuracy when the tempo is high? I don’t think they were tested like that during the Six Nations but they will be on the summer tour of Australia. Continue reading...

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20 марта, 12:05

How We Made Our Sales Training More Effective by Making It Harder

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PM Images/Getty Images Not long ago, my company was the king of ineffective sales training. We’d hire and onboard reps and then train them in a hurried few weeks dedicated to shadowing sales calls, reading call scripts, and learning how to handle objections. As the company grew, however, I found that individual sales approaches were wildly different. Our reps answered questions inconsistently, and prospects underwent entirely divergent experiences. It became increasingly obvious that our haphazard training model would lead to inconsistent rep ramp-up time, continued customer expectation problems, customer churn, and employee turnover. But last year, we adopted the following four training methods, and since then, we’ve vastly improved our performance: after two months of my team’s updated practice-based model, we increased our new sales by nearly 70%. 1. Include leaders in practice sessions. Salespeople need their leaders to model success for them. Research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology shows that when employees view their leaders as empowering and capable, they work more proactively. Our team adopted a strict practice regimen. Each sales rep began role-playing calls individually, using an AI tool that simulated a potential customer, and role-playing in a face-to-face group weekly. Newer and lower-performing sales reps began practicing daily. When we implemented these practices, I jumped into the hot seat first. I acted as the salesperson while my sales team threw curveball objections my way for 45 minutes. If I’m not too good to practice, my salespeople aren’t, either. I still regularly jump into sales call practices to demonstrate this and to bond with the team. 2. Make practice harder than the sale itself. Softball scenarios in which the “prospect” asks only a handful of easy questions are a waste of time. Make practice harder than a real sales call so salespeople are prepared for any conversation. Have reps practice in front of their peers. Don’t help them when they get stuck; wait for them to recover. Don’t let them break out of their roles by feeding them answers. Ask follow-up questions until they find solutions themselves. With this strategy, practice is essentially a type of exposure therapy. A study by NYU researchers gave participants small shocks while showing them an image of a blue square to create an unconscious fear response to the image. Then, they removed the fear by repeatedly and consistently showing participants the image without giving any shocks. Similarly, when sales reps practice hard sales calls without the pressure of having a client on the line, they’re working to fight off an automatic negative response to tough questions. When that real sales call comes, they’ll be prepared to handle it without panicking. 3. Practice the entire sales cycle, not just the first call. All sales training programs include practicing initial sales calls, but practicing the calls that follow is less common. Spend time going over the follow-up message, the second sales call, and every call after. Great sales teams excel in all interactions, so practice even seemingly obvious encounters. The principle at work is “overlearning.” Alaa Ahmed, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder, worked with a team to study how overlearning a task affects task performance. By asking participants to repeatedly use a robotic arm to move a cursor on a screen, they found that subjects exerted less effort to successfully complete the task as they practiced. Even if it seems unnecessary to practice daily tasks like sending follow-up emails, the reinforcement makes task completion faster and more successful with less effort. Uniform practicing across our sales team enabled our calls to become more consistent. Our reps shifted from spending 60-65% of their time talking to spending that proportion of their time listening to prospects instead. This practicing and perspective shift helped reduce customer churn by 70% in just two months. 4. Have the highest performers practice, too. Include even the best reps in practice and coaching efforts. While the most skilled salespeople’s calls are undoubtedly good, a true practice culture means no one should be exempt. The data agrees: A study published in Performance Improvement Quarterly revealed that, controlling for sales experience and tenure, a coached salesperson displays superior performance, with coaching accounting for 2.9% to 6.2% of the performance difference between employees. We saw the effects of coaching in our work, too, as we’ve seen from our vastly improved sales rate. Growing a great company means merely good sales calls and simple training won’t cut it. Implement a thorough practice program to help your salespeople hone their skills until they’re sharper than ever. Author’s note: Thanks to Emily Muhoberac, COO, and TJ Macke, VP of Client Services at Sapper Consulting, for their contributions to this article. 

20 марта, 12:00

Sister Jean: how a 98-year-old nun became the hottest property in basketball

Loyola-Chicago’s chaplain dispenses coaching advice alongside spiritual guidance – and her underdog team is lighting up primetime college basketballA 98-year-old nun has become the face of college basketball and the sport is probably all the better for it. Over the past week, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, who acts as the chaplain for the Loyola University Chicago Ramblers, has became one the most recognizable figures in US sports following the team’s back-to-back upset wins in the NCAA Tournament, college basketball’s end-of-season showdown that has Americans glued to their screens for most of March. Dolores-Schmidt, who has fond memories of celebrating Loyola’s last championship win in 1963, was a cult figure in Chicago sports even before she became the team’s chaplain in 1994. But she’s no mere mascot and she offers more than just thoughts and prayers. The former player and coach provides scouting reports, pregame speeches and postgame analysis by email, along with more spiritual guidance. Continue reading...

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All Black coach Hansen plays down England link

New Zealand boss Steve Hansen insists there is no chance he would be interested in taking over from England coach Eddie Jones. Hansen's contract with the All Blacks…

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Michigan's John Beilein: Coach The Whole Person Not Just The Player

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John Beilein is a great example of how to coach the right way, and in doing so he’s an example for anyone in a position of authority. His Michigan team serves as an example of how good coaching generates good results through integrity, teamwork and commitment to one another.

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German soccer club’s ex-coach suggests attack sped up exit

Borussia Dortmund’s ex-coach Thomas Tuchel has testified at the trial of a man accused of bombing the German soccer club’s bus that the attack was partly responsible for his departure.

19 марта, 18:21

The Dark Allegations Behind the Queen’s Royal Feud With Princess Diana

The drama surrounding Princess Diana before her death shocked her loving fans. Many people don't know about Queen Elizabeth's role in the royal feud.

19 марта, 16:38

3 Factors That Led Tapestry's Shares Up Over 20% in 3 Months

Tapestry's (TPR) has undertaken transformational initiatives revolving around products, stores and marketing.

19 марта, 15:00

What to Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Like Someone You Manage

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cintascotch/Getty Images At a meeting, a low-level leader thought he was being helpful by pointing out why the CEO’s ideas couldn’t be implemented. The CEO did not find this endearing, and she conveyed that message to the employee’s boss. The manager trapped in the middle turned to me for help: how could he protect his employee – who was good at his job – from a CEO who now saw him as a naysayer? If you have an employee who consistently delivers what your team needs, but your boss doesn’t like him, it can be tough to figure out what to do. You might consider doing nothing, hoping the conflict blows over. You could feel pressured to get your team member to change, or in the worst case scenario, you might even feel pressured to nudge your employee out of the organization. It might be tempting, or even seem more fair, to try to protect your employee from negative feedback that you don’t agree with, but if your boss has complained to you about your subordinate’s behavior and hasn’t seen immediate change, the ongoing tension could affect your own relationship with the boss. In a case like this, a mid-level manager I coach found that every weekly meeting with his boss included negative feedback about one particular subordinate’s weaknesses and inadequate performance – not a pleasant experience or a productive use of limited face-to-face time. So how can you balance the requirements of managing both your subordinate’s performance and your boss’s expectations? You might have the impulse to make a “business case” for your subordinate’s value – but that’s not likely to win the day if you can’t also satisfy your boss’s underlying preferences for style, tone, and demeanor. Instead, here are some approaches I’ve used successfully with clients. From the outset, it’s important to uncover the source of the friction. Typically, in this situation, you may have been willing to overlook the behaviors or styles that your boss doesn’t like, either because you see the benefit of the trait or because you know it’s not standing in the way of performance or collaboration. One common example is a personality difference. At one of my clients, the senior leader had a strong personal preference for extraverts, and tended to discount the effectiveness of quieter, less grandstanding employees. To make sure you understand precisely what triggers your boss’s dissatisfaction, ask focused questions to identify concrete behaviors and actions. For example, does “more assertive” mean to speak more definitively or more loudly in meetings, or to be willing to interrupt others? Or is it more physical, like looking more confident and decisive based on posture, gestures, taking up more space? Once you learn what your boss’s turn-offs are, you’ll be able to coach your subordinate in a more explicit and understandable way. Next, plan to give your subordinate minute and detailed feedback about things you never thought necessary before. Explain the risks of not taking the senior executive’s displeasure seriously. You might need to give personal or stylistic recommendations including details like how early to arrive for a meeting, a particular format for writing email, or even grooming or wardrobing. For example, I suggested to one client that her subordinate wear his “louder” shirts on presentation days. He was overlooked among his peers and was perceived as having less authority. He needed to speak and appear more colorfully to keep the attention of my client’s boss. As petty as some of these things may sound, they’re completely non-trivial if the change gets a positive response. You might also try to delay the inevitable by reducing the level of interaction between your subordinate and your boss. One of my clients calls this “Don’t Poke the Bear.” This approach can work in the short-term, but it’s usually stressful and draining because you have to do much more work running interference. On the other hand, if it preserves a much-needed skillset or other important relationships it may be worthwhile as an interim tactic. Just keep in mind that the problem is likely to crop up again, and put more work on your shoulders. It can feel unwarranted and even demeaning to oversee your employee in this way, when you don’t perceive the need yourself. But keep the bigger picture in mind: Perhaps your boss has heard negative feedback about your subordinate from colleagues who haven’t been candid with you. Or your boss could have seen evidence of culturally inappropriate behavior, skill gaps, or attitudinal problems that you haven’t noticed because your subordinate is careful to keep you happy. If your employee resists making the required changes, consider your alternatives. Their career and peace of mind may benefit more if you to recommend them for another role elsewhere in the firm, or even negotiate a generous exit arrangement. You’re not necessarily doing them any favors by keeping them on a team where the senior leader just can’t stand them. It’s possible that your boss and your subordinate may never take well to each other. Rather than shrugging off the problem as personal preference, it makes sense to explore the situation more deeply. If you can help your subordinate to improve performance, you’re more likely to preserve a valuable person while maintaining your own productive relationship with your boss.

19 марта, 04:00

Johnny Sexton hails Ireland’s ‘incredible’ defence under Andy Farrell

• Win over England was Farrell’s first Twickenham visit since sacking• ‘Hopefully we can have good crack at next World Cup,’ says SextonIreland were forced to cancel their planned homecoming in Dublin on Sunday because of the adverse weather but it will take more than that to dampen the celebrations after securing only a third grand slam in their history. For the defence coach, Andy Farrell, the manner in which it was achieved makes it all the sweeter.A third Six Nations title under Joe Schmidt had already been secured but a first Ireland away win against England since 2010 ensured the clean sweep on what was Farrell’s first return to Twickenham since he was shown the door following the 2015 World Cup. He was appointed Ireland’s defence coach in January 2016 but did not take up the job until June that year after a short‑term role with Munster. Continue reading...

19 марта, 00:56

Still room for improvement despite Grand Slam, says Ireland's coach Schmidt

Ireland may have achieved only their third Grand Slam with a clinical Six Nations win over England but head coach Joe Schmidt said there is still a long…

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Wales' strength in depth gives Gatland optimism ahead of World Cup

Wales coach Warren Gatland is confident this year's Six Nations will help him build a solid team for the 2019 World Cup in Japan after he used more…

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18 марта, 22:08

Pedro’s extra-time header takes Chelsea past Leicester into semi-finals

So much of Chelsea’s campaign has been tempestuous, a season played out to the grumbling of a disenchanted head coach, but it could yet produce a trophy. It took a header in extra time, scored by one of the smallest players on the pitch, to see off Leicester City, and as those in the away end chorused their delight at another imminent trip to Wembley, Antonio Conte could still cling to the possibility of a send-off at the national stadium. If he is to depart this club in May, there might be no better way to go.The Premier League champions needed this. That midweek exit in the Champions League, while hardly surprising given Barcelona’s reputation, had still stung, and the prospect of leaving the East Midlands with nothing more than the pursuit of a top-four finish to sustain interest over the next two months would have been unpalatable. Now they will meet the relegation-threatened Southampton in next month’s semi-final, with the possibility of last season’s FA Cup finalists going one better this time maintained. Continue reading...

18 марта, 02:00

England hope Stuart Broad demotion will bring benefit of more balanced attack

The Anderson-Broad axis may be broken against New Zealand but Joe Root may get more consistency with one of them coming on first changeIt was a decade ago in Wellington that Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad first appeared together in a Test match. After a surprising defeat at Hamilton in the opening Test on that 2008 tour the captain, Michael Vaughan, and coach, Peter Moores, decided to drop Matthew Hoggard and Steve Harmison. The next generation, personified by Anderson and Broad, was given its head and took its chance well enough. England won the next two Tests – though it was actually Ryan Sidebottom who took most of the wickets. Related: England call up Jack Leach to replace Mason Crane for New Zealand series Continue reading...

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17 марта, 23:30

Coach: Expect To See An Exponentially Better CM Punk When He Makes His UFC Return

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CM Punk is planning a return to the octagon, possibly at UFC 225, and his coach expects him to be a vastly improved fighter.