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03 апреля, 14:00

Seven New Strategies For Onboarding Modern Employees

Members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss the newest trends in employee onboarding.

03 апреля, 12:03

Trump’s Best Buddy in Congress Wants Sessions to Fire Mueller

'I still think there’s time for Jeff Sessions to do the right thing,' Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says.

03 апреля, 10:37

South Africa thrash Australia by 492 runs to win fourth Test – live!

South Africa win by 492 runsVernon Philander bags six wickets in an incredible spell of bowlingFeel free to get in touch on email or tweet @JPHowcroft 10.36am BST This was a result that was feared at the start of the match following the week Australia had endured but even so, it remains one heck of a thumping. Biggest Test victory margins by runs:675 Eng beat Aus Brisbane 1928/29562 Aus beat Eng Oval 1934530 Aus beat SA Melbourne 1911492 SA beat Aus Johannesburg 2018491 Aus beat Pak Perth 2004 10.28am BST South Africa arrived on day five knowing they would be celebrating at some point today, they just couldn’t have dreamed it would be so soon. Vernon Philander struck with his opening ball and then again later in his first over to start the rot. Four more fell at his hand in a mesmerising spell of seam bowling before a mindless run-out sealed the deal. Under 90-minutes of play to secure seven wickets and complete a 3-1 series victory, South Africa’s first at home over Australia since 1970. Continue reading...

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Ex-Stade coach Cooper takes over at Japanese side Dynaboars

Former Stade Francais head coach Greg Cooper has been named as the new boss of Japanese side Mitsubishi Sagamihara Dynaboars, the second-division club announced on Monday. The 52-year-old…

02 апреля, 23:31

Surprising Details You Never Knew About Serena Williams

She may be one of the most famous sports stars in the world, but there's a lot people don't know about Serena Williams. Here are some surprising details you didn't know about the celebrity athlete.

02 апреля, 21:12

This NFL Coach Runs a ‘Dictatorship’, According to 1 Player

Discipline wins championships, and this coach has proven it. But the players on his team aren't having a lot of fun under his "dictatorship".

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02 апреля, 19:58

How To Switch From Corporate Work To Nonprofit Work

For advice on making the transition from corporate to nonprofit work, career coach Nancy Collamer spoke with the head of the Encore!Connecticut program.

02 апреля, 19:15

Early Retirement Secrets That Are Smart Money Moves for Almost Anyone

Are you dreaming of calling it quits for good? Here are some secrets to retiring early.

02 апреля, 16:22

Corey Feldman and 14 Other Celebrities Who Were Attacked in Public

Corey Feldman was stabbed in the stomach while in his car, but he’s OK. Here are 14 other celebrities who have been attacked in public.

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02 апреля, 15:04

The making of Ederson: a goalkeeper with twinkling feet and cold blood

Manchester City play Liverpool in the Champions League knowing they finally have a keeper good enough to match their ambitions. But Ederson’s route to the top was not plain sailingPep Guardiola was a few months into his Manchester City adventure when his team lost 4-0 at the Camp Nou. City had done OK until the 52nd minute when the goalkeeper Claudio Bravo attempted to play the ball out of defence. It backfired terribly as possession went straight to Luis Suárez and Bravo made matters even worse by handling the Uruguyan’s attempted lob outside his area to get sent off.It was not Bravo’s first mistake in City colours, nor his last. But Guardiola made clear that night that he would never abandon his strategy of playing from the back. “I’m sorry but until the last day of my career as a coach I will try to play from our goalkeeper,” he said. Continue reading...

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Commonwealth Games 2018: India boxing coach denies doping

Syringes were found in the athletes' village in a breach of Commonwealth Games rules.

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02 апреля, 14:00

Want To Build Your Clientele? Eight Creative Strategies That Work

Eight members of Forbes Coaches Council share their best strategies for building a strong list of clients.

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02 апреля, 13:45

Alan Pardew departs as West Brom manager after nine straight defeats

• Pardew leaves after just over four months in the job• West Brom bottom after one Premier League win under himAlan Pardew has left his job as West Bromwich Albion’s manager after just over four months. The club said it was a mutually agreed decision, which follows nine successive defeats.West Brom won only one Premier League match in 18 attempts under Pardew and the 2-1 home defeat by Burnley on Saturday left them 10 points adrift of safety at the bottom of the table with six games remaining. The first-team coach Darren Moore has been placed in temporary charge. Continue reading...

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02 апреля, 13:00

Business Coaches Get Real About Self-Care

Three business coaches share why taking care of yourself is good for business and discuss their own self-care non-negotiables.

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02 апреля, 03:02

Why Dreams Are Essential To Coaching

When coaching someone to change behavior, neuroscience suggests that we discover their dreams and aspirations. When we just set goals we actually create resistance to change.

01 апреля, 21:13

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: 1 Actor Says Alden Ehrenreich Just Wasn’t Good Enough

One anonymous actor has spoken up about why 'Solo' star Alden Ehrenreich needed help with his acting.

01 апреля, 20:02

‘The Voice’: Why Kelly Clarkson Will Beat Blake Shelton in Season 14

Kelly Clarkson is the newest coach on Season 14 and this is why she will win.

30 марта, 16:00

Becoming More Conscientious

vincent tsui for hbr Your boss sits you down for some tough feedback: You are not conscientious enough. She points out that you have missed several deadlines and show a pattern of failing to remember important details. At first, you feel defensive — it is just your personality that she’s describing. Hey, I can’t get bogged down in details! I’m a vision guy! Or maybe you blame external factors. I missed that deadline because there was a big snowstorm and the power went out! However, ultimately you realize that the future of your job, and of your career, may depend on responding to your boss’s feedback and appearing more conscientious. If you have ever gotten feedback like this, and wanted to do something about it, you are not alone. Many people want to change at least some aspect of their personality, and conscientiousness is high on that list. So what does the science say about how you can boost your conscientiousness? Are there specific things you can do to become more conscientious over time? Many people, including some experts, see personality as relatively stable over time. In other words, you are who you are, and while you may evolve a little, once you become an adult your major traits — your extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and, yes, conscientiousness — won’t change much. But this widespread belief in the immutability of personality is misplaced. People can and do change their personalities, through self-development, organizational events and processes, and external events. In a recent review, we delved into the research concerning the new science of personality change. What we found is that people may positively change their personalities by increasing their engagement in activities that fit three criteria: They feel important, enjoyable, and they accord with their values. With this in mind, think about why you may struggle to act conscientiously. For example, if you struggle with details and deadlines, is it because you consider the project you are working on, or the work you are doing, unimportant? Or is the project or the work unenjoyable? Does it conflict with your values? See if you can identify what is getting in your way, and discuss it with your boss. She may be able to explain why some task that seems unimportant to you is important to the success of the business, or she might be willing to assign you to tasks that are a better fit for your abilities. If you can’t change the tasks you’re assigned — and let’s face it, a boss who sees you struggling is not likely to give you a plum assignment until you have proven you can change — try to change how you think about them. For example, say that you miss deadlines because you want to keep working on a project until it is perfect. You will struggle to change this behavior if the message you’re telling yourself is, “I guess I just have to turn in shoddy work.” But if you can remind yourself that timeliness is part of high-quality work, you may find it easier to let go when the deadline approaches. Or say you have trouble responding to email in a timely way, because it just doesn’t feel that important — but as a result, you lose track of key messages, causing angst for your colleagues. You probably won’t improve your conscientiousness on this task by gritting your teeth and forcing yourself to answer email more quickly. Instead, think about why replying more quickly might accord with your values. Do you value collaboration and helpfulness? Building relationships? Teamwork? If you learn to see a task in a way that matches your values, you will have an easier time completing it well. Speaking of your colleagues, how connected to them do you feel? Part of your struggle to act conscientiously may be due to feeling distant from them — after all, it is easier to drop a ball when we don’t feel a strong connection to the person counting on us to catch it. You can thus enhance your conscientiousness by enhancing your interactions with coworkers, inside or outside the workplace. Research shows that investment in activities with colleagues is associated with an increase in a person’s conscientiousness, and de-investment in the social aspects of work can in turn contribute to lower conscientiousness over time. Thus, even recreational activities with colleagues, including attending office retreats, dinners, and drinks, can help you become more detail-oriented by boosting your sense of belonging and obligation to your work community. Finally, you might try to improve through coaching or clinical intervention. In only four weeks of therapy, people can experience half the amount of change in personality that they usually experience in the entire lifetime. Change is independent of symptom experience, showing that the shift in personality is not due only to symptomatic relief. Moreover, there is no evidence that the effects of interventions fade over time. Importantly, showing your willingness to become conscientious may be just as important as actually doing it. From an organizational perspective, leaders should evaluate their employees not only on their current behavior and performance but also on how adaptable those employees are. Even if you will never become the kind of super-detail-oriented person who lives for color-coded spreadsheets, you will get a lot of credit for improving — even a little — if you show you are trying hard to do so. While at first it may feel threatening and destabilizing to have a boss question a fundamental aspect of your personality, we think this is something that healthy organizations should do. When it’s done well, it can mean more of us get to experience personal growth on the job. In a corporate culture that contributes to positive personality development, managers assign people to specific roles and tasks that prompt personality change. This can be challenging, but ultimately it is more rewarding than doing the same thing day after day.

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What Do You Really Need: Business Coaching Or Productivity Coaching?

Most people think that business coaching and executive coaching are the only way to make you more successful. But it's not always the right option.

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30 марта, 13:00

Want to be more assertive in life? This former dominatrix will show you how

Kasia Urbaniak has mastered the dominant position with men, and is a master at unpicking power dynamicsIt’s a decade since Kasia Urbaniak hung up her whip. The former dominatrix – one of the highest paid in Manhattan, she likes to say – now crafts her knowledge of gender power play to a new career: she’s a female empowerment coach in a city where power is a naked game. What started as an online discussion group is now, thanks in part to Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo, a booming business. With courses titled Power With Men, Foundations of Power offered as part of her introductory monthlong seminar, Urbaniak is an emerging star of the movement. Continue reading...