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29 декабря 2017, 21:48

How Much Upside Could Streaming Services Drive For Comcast?

With the rise of over-the-top streaming services, Pay-TV providers are losing subscribers and revenues to companies such as Netflix. Therefore, pay-TV companies such as Comcast and Dish Network are aggressively pursuing over-the-top streaming services.

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29 декабря 2017, 17:11

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Comcast, Medtronic, Eni, Barclays and Air Products

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Comcast, Medtronic, Eni, Barclays and Air Products

28 декабря 2017, 21:16

Top Analyst Reports for Comcast, Medtronic & Eni

Top Analyst Reports for Comcast, Medtronic & Eni

28 декабря 2017, 20:24

Breakingviews: Hulus Slimmed Down Ownership Adds Complexity

Hulu’s ownership has become simpler in one way, and more complex in another. Walt Disney may soon have a majority stake in the streaming service behind “The Handmaid’s Tale,” reducing

27 декабря 2017, 16:37

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Verizon Communications, AT&T, Comcast, DISH Network and T-Mobile US

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Verizon Communications, AT&T, Comcast, DISH Network and T-Mobile US

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27 декабря 2017, 15:12

Why You Should Hold Onto Charter Communications (CHTR) Now

Charter Communications (CHTR) expects to witness growth on the back of wireless venture, field trials for the 5G wireless network and rollout of several initiatives.

26 декабря 2017, 09:36

Бонусы от миллиардера. Боб Парсонс решил отдать $1,3 млн на премии сотрудникам

Таким образом миллиардер решил отметить принятие налоговой реформы, которая должна стать катализатором взрывного экономического роста в США

25 декабря 2017, 05:20

Visualizing The Global Rush To Build Skyscrapers

As the creator of today’s visualization, Alberto Lucas López, points out, “the world’s tallest buildings have acted as barometers”. Another way of putting it? Our biggest architectural accomplishments are highly visible symbols of what society values most, and those values have changed over time. Today, the paramount belief system in many parts of the world is in capitalism, and there is no more potent marker of the economic might than fantastically tall commercial skyscrapers. Today’s visualization is an effective way to take in the mind-bending scale of the newest generation of megatall buildings. It’s headlined by Jeddah Tower, a skyscraper currently under construction in Saudi Arabia that will smash the one kilometer mark when it’s completed in 2019. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist CITIES ARE GROWING UP In general, only very large cities have the resources to build and support extremely tall buildings. With the explosion of urbanization around the world and developing economies asserting themselves in high profile ways, the stage is set for a global skyscraper boom. In the last two years, 39 skyscrapers taller than 300m have been constructed, with five of the them eclipsing the height of the Empire State Building. Global skyscraper construction has increased a whopping 402% since 2000. HIGH-RISE HOT SPOTS China Nearly every sizeable Chinese city has skyscrapers under construction, and the numbers are staggering. Since 2012, China has added 38 skyscrapers over 300m (~1,000 ft) in height, and there are another 16 skyscrapers on the way in 2018. In particular, the Pearl River Delta megaregion, which is anchored by Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, has seen an astonishing commercial construction boom. Today, 20 of the 100 tallest buildings on earth are located in just this one urban megaregion of China. China’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings In total, 46 of the world’s 100 tallest skyscrapers are now located in China, and that number is sure to increase in coming years. United Arab Emirates Construction has been relentless in UAE for decades, and much of that development has been vertically-oriented. Today, Dubai is home to nearly 1,000 high-rise buildings, and there are 13 projects currently under construction that will hit or exceed the 300m mark. UAE’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings Russia While the skylines of many European cities are conspicuously low-rise, an exception to that rule is in Moscow’s International Business Centre, where four 300m+ towers have been completed since 2012. Russia’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings WHAT ABOUT THE UNITED STATES? In the early 20th century, the United States was the undisputed champion of skyscraper construction, but that has tapered off dramatically. In fact, only six commercial towers over 300m have been constructed in the last 20 years. The exception may be the city that started it all: New York. There are currently 30 skyscrapers under construction in NYC, fueled in part by a red-hot luxury real estate market. America’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings (Under Construction) Philadelphia and San Francisco will soon have new additions to their skylines as Comcast and Saleforce complete their flagship construction projects. If current construction numbers are any indication, America’s love affair with the skyscraper may be reignited in urban centers across the country.

23 декабря 2017, 17:30

Will the Repeal of Net Neutrality Hurt or Help Consumers? Depends on Who You Ask

The FCC is just ditched longstanding regulations that keep ISPs from treating online content unequally. Here's how that change could hit your pocketbook.

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23 декабря 2017, 14:00

Бесплатное порно оказалось под угрозой

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Отмена сетевой нейтральности в США может привести к исчезновению бесплатной порнографии. Об этом сообщает The Independent.Специалисты уверены, что крупнейшие интернет-провайдеры в первую очередь ограничат скоростной доступ к порносайтам и потребуют дополнительную плату за то, чтобы посетители ресурсов смогли загружать видеоролики на привычной для них скорости. Это повлечет за собой введение платы за просмотр порно. «Отмена сетевой нейтральности — первый шаг к воцарению консервативного режима в США и во всем мире. И это коснется не только порнографии, но и представлений о сексуальности», — высказался представитель xHamser Алекс Хокинс (Alex Hawkins). Он также добавил, что ограничения могут коснуться желающих загрузить любительские ролики, что существенно ограничит контент на многих сайтах. 14 декабря Федеральная комиссия по связям США проголосовала за отмену сетевой нейтральности. Принцип net neutrality предполагал, что интернет-провайдеры не предоставляют привилегии отдельным сайтам или брендам. После отмены закона владельцы телекоммуникационных сетей, такие как AT&T, Comcast и Verizon, могут ввести дополнительную плату для администраторов сайта взамен быстрого доступа к ним. Читайте также: Нейросеть научилась создавать фейковое порно со Скарлетт Йоханссон и Саша Грей и мультики: PornHub выяснил предпочтения россиян в порно

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The Trickle-Down Mythmaking Begins

Annie Lowrey, The AtlanticAfter Congressional Republicans passed their $1.5 trillion package of tax cuts on Wednesday, a number of companies responded by announcing raises or bonuses for their workers. Comcast said it would give $1,000 bonuses to more than 100,000 workers. Fifth Third Bancorp said it would give out bonuses and boost its minimum wage, with the cut giving the bank, in its words, “the opportunity to reevaluate its compensation structure and share some of those benefits with its talented and dedicated workforce.” AT&T, Boeing, Washington Federal, and Wells Fargo did much the same.

22 декабря 2017, 20:26

Bank of America joins the tax-plan after party with $145 million in bonuses to employees (BAC)

Bank of America is the latest to join the tax-plan bonus party, paying $1,000 bonuses to roughly 145,000 employees. Other companies who've joined the tax-plan after party: Boeing, Fifth Third Bank, Wells Fargo, Comcast NBC Universal, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Texas Capital Bank.

22 декабря 2017, 20:13

The Trickle-Down Mythmaking Begins

Several companies gave out raises after tax cuts passed Congress. But that was probably already going to happen anyway.

22 декабря 2017, 18:20

Trump signs major tax overhaul into law

The bill marks his first major legislative accomplishment since taking office last January.

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22 декабря 2017, 05:28

AT&T, Comcast say GOP tax bill will mean $1,000 bonuses for employees

The company is also spending an extra $1 billion to upgrade its network.

22 декабря 2017, 03:35

American Purchases Of "Stuff They Don't Need" Hits 17 Year High

Anyone who has been paying attention to the New York Fed’s Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit is probably aware that Americans are drowning in debt... ...Aggregate household debt climbed $116 billion during the third quarter to $12.96 trillion, edging past its previous peak from Q3 2008. But even as millennials struggle to pay down an insurmountable pile of student debt... ...CNBC is reporting that holiday spending this season is on track to hit a 12-year high, according to an annual survey of consumer spending habits. Keep in mind, that survey was taken before Comcast, Boeing, Fifth-Third Bank and AT&T announced they would be handing out last-minute holiday bonuses to rank-and-file employees... But as both debt and holiday-related spending rise in tandem (suggesting that the former is being utilized to finance the latter), one Bloomberg columnist has estimated that, instead of paying down debt, one-fifth of consumer spending in Q3 went to items that people don’t really need... Back in the 1950s, the economist John Kenneth Galbraith made a bleak argument about modern capitalism: Advertising can create artificial wants -- say, for the latest gadget or skin cream -- that spur ever-greater consumption without actually making people better off. As a result, economies can grow without improving the lot of humanity.   Whether or not he’s right -- it remains a matter of debate -- the idea raises an interesting empirical question: How much of what we consume is related to wants rather than needs?   This isn’t easy to answer using even the most detailed data on consumer spending, because many categories could go either way. A car, for example, could be pure transportation or a Ferrari. That said, a number of categories -- such as gambling, hairdressers and recreational vehicles -- are pretty clearly nonessential. Following them consistently over time can give at least a sense of trend.   So how are we doing? In the third quarter of this year, nonessential items (of my own subjective selection 1) accounted for almost 18.5 percent of total U.S. consumer spending. That’s the highest share since June 2000. According to the column’s author, Mark Whitehouse, this nonessential spending has reached its highest level in 17 years... Whitehouse does list one interesting caveat: Because he calculates the value of nonessential goods in nominal dollars, the overall spending on nonessential items may have been constant in real terms... ...Of course, anyone who has sat through one of the Federal Reserve’s press conferences this year understands that inflation has been receding - not advancing - this year. Which means, if anything, 17% is a lowball figure. To be sure, spending on life’s little luxuries is still far below its post-WWII peak (according to Whitehouse, conspircuous consumption in the US peaked in 1959)... ...But the fact that this subset of discretionary household spending is still growing, even as household debt rockets to all-time highs, is indicative of how consumers are burning the fiscal candle at both ends... 

21 декабря 2017, 19:25

Speaker Ryan on Fox News, CNBC: Tax Reform Lets People Keep More of their Hard-Earned Dollars

  Following the passage of historic tax reform, Speaker Ryan spoke to CNBC and Fox News about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will bring real relief to middle-income Americans. Watch the interviews and check out the excerpts below.  CNBC’s Squawk Box Speaker Ryan: “If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, which is more than half of the people in this country, making the median family income of four and you got a $2,000 tax cut next year, that’s not nothing. . . . To families who are out there struggling, that’s something. Doubling the child tax credit, doubling the standard deduction, lowering rates across the board, that means a lot, to a lot of people.” Joe Kernen: “Here’s one thing I got from the Joint Committee on Taxation. If you take what we think of as the middle-class, people earning between $40,000 and $200,000, not the top 5 percent, between the top 5 percent and the bottom 50 percent, that 45 percent, they pay 37.6 percent of personal taxes, of the total, they get 52 percent of the tax cut. Whereas the top 5 percent pay 59 percent of the taxes but only get 43 percent of the tax cut. So that’s 87 percent more that the people in the middle-class are getting so how is it being characterized as a tax cut for the rich . . . .  It’s picked up by the media, every headline I see in every newspaper and every cable channel I turn on, that’s what I see. . . . Is it impossible to get the message out?” Speaker Ryan: “It’s impossible to get the message out in the slew of all of this because that is the mantra, it has been the mantra, it will be the mantra, and it’s always been the mantra. Look there’s a different philosophy here. On the left, people look at life and the economy as a zero-sum game, that it’s not dynamic. That someone’s gain comes at another person’s loss. That the economic pie of life is fixed and that it’s government’s job and role to equitably distribute the pie. We have a different philosophy. We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. This is the equality of outcome philosophy. So you have to understand the philosophy behind making those talking points and that’s what it is.” The Story with Martha MacCallum Martha MacCallum: “Why is there such a disconnect between what people think they are going to get and what the numbers are telling us they will get?” Speaker Ryan: “Well when people are bombarded with that kind of rhetoric, no wonder they're a little confused. When they're bombarded from the rhetoric from the Left and from a lot of people in the media, that this is going to hurt them, this is going to raise their taxes, it's going to do other things, people are going to be confused. You know, this was the kind of debate I'm told they had in '86 when Reagan passed his tax reform. In the polling before they passed it, only 18 percent of Americans at the time thought they were going to get a tax cut. So this is the kind of hyperbolic rhetoric you have when we're doing monumental reform, which lets people keep more of their own hard-earned dollars, which gets our businesses in sync with the rest of the world so we're not punishing them and losing jobs. The Left hates this. They're not for it. And what the news you're seeing today, just in hours, you just mentioned in your lead in, AT&T $1,000 bonus for what, 200,000 employees? A billion dollar capital investment? There's—you know that tells me that's 7,000 jobs right there. Comcast, $1,000.”    

21 декабря 2017, 17:57

Here's Why You Should Add Alibaba (BABA) to Your Portfolio

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA) continues to perform well, driven by robust growth in core e-commerce business, strong mobile growth, international expansion and growing cloud computing business.

21 декабря 2017, 17:19

Is Netflix a Good Investment After the Net Neutrality Repeal?

It seems that though you may be worried about your Netflix account stalling, the streaming giant may emerge virtually unscathed