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07 декабря, 17:34

Synovus Depicts Rise in Interest Income; High Costs Linger

On Dec 6, 2016, we issued an updated research report on Synovus Financial Corporation (SNV). Interest income growth, pruning of assets, improving credit quality and a strong capital position are major driving factors.

06 декабря, 18:10

Should You Add Huntington (HBAN) Stock in Your Portfolio?

On Dec 5, 2016, we issued an updated research report on Huntington Bancshares Inc. (HBAN). We believe this Midwest bank's expansion story has been aided by a number of factors.

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06 декабря, 18:00

Why Marketing Needs Closer Ties to IT

While many teams within your organization contribute to your success, one that cannot be overlooked or understated is the relationship with your IT group. As marketing continues to shift and improve, we’ve come to rely on IT to provide expertise on current technology and, perhaps more importantly, to provide a road map that shows where technology will lead, where integration is critical, and how to make the best use of increasingly sophisticated tools. In the past, marketing teams might have developed their own tools and databases or bought hardware and software without considering whether they had the know-how to maintain the systems — perhaps because IT was seen as a roadblock or didn’t move as fast as marketing thought they should. At SAS, we’ve learned to embrace the IT team as our partner. Redefining our relationship in terms of accountability to each other was crucial. IT needs to rely on the business to define a direction and establish clear objectives. Marketing needs to rely on IT for technology, integration, and implementation expertise. The care and feeding of the data, the reliability of systems, and an eye toward futures. Like any relationship worth having, you both have to invest time and effort and communicate to make it work. IT has to understand your marketing needs to know what questions to ask when capturing the most important data. This relationship can’t be neglected, because as customers change and your marketing changes, engagement channels and data explode. Ultimately, the partnership will be a gateway to new opportunities. This means your communication must be regular, frank and transparent. It may mean repairing broken relationships or forging new ones. Here are some best practices we’ve developed that work: Focus on a common goal. What do Marketing and IT have in common? Technology, integration, process, modernization, data … but most importantly, marketing and IT want to demonstrate value to the organization.  And, ultimately improve the customer experience. Unless you have that conversation, you may not know that many similarities actually exist. Because we now rely heavily on data and analytical tools to do our work, we need a greater level of help from experts in how we could both create and collect enterprise-level customer data while ensuring data integrity. Without good, clean data we can’t market very well no matter how sophisticated our tools are. We simply didn’t have expertise on our team to maintain these systems. What we decided to do is what every organization should be consider. It’s the most logical option. Make IT your business partner. Let’s call the shift “the emerging IT.” Collaborate on a digital road map. As I see it, the emerging IT is more focused on external customers. This means being more strategic. And being more strategic means being more engaged in discussions and planning with marketing. At SAS, we created more engagement by having IT representatives attend our marketing meetings. Senior Vice President of IT at SAS, Berni Mobley, was enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a stronger business partner. She also saw our partnering as a chance to engage her team more in business objectives beyond the usual IT focus areas – back-office IT projects; and to jointly define what value looks like from both a business and a technology view. By participating in our meetings, IT could become more proactive in allocating resources and suggesting new technologies to help us reach our goals sooner. This began a collaboration that helped us build a digital road map enabling us to prioritize investments and implementations. Our road map takes into consideration: Automation Ways to empower all marketers (not just analysts). Establishes data as a top priority. For example, when we formed a council focused on the digital business, we worked with Mobley as a way to ensure that the strategy would be more comprehensive. Whether we were looking to overhaul a website, understand the digital footprint of our customers, or build a marketing data mart. A key project that had a huge impact on marketing functions and the business overall is the ability to have e-commerce functionality and customized online experience for visitors. Create bridges. As proof of how fully engaged IT became in our new partnership, Mobley even created a new integration analyst position to make sure that at the outset of any marketing project that our needs are met using the latest technologies and that would work seamless with the company’s ever-evolving infrastructure. Marketing representatives were involved in the selection of a candidate to fill this role to help ensure that the new analyst would be able to bridge both worlds. The integration analyst position benefits both IT and Marketing. IT gains a much deeper understanding of the business and acts as a communication bridge between the two departments, ultimately helping IT deliver a better product for marketing,” Mobley said. Now, it’s a very complementary relationship. Like marketing, IT is often seen as a cost center rather than revenue generator. But through our partnership, we’ve been able to share of story of how we both contribute value to the bottom line. Even though we now hire marketers with very technical skillsets, it’s not a competition with IT because the people we are hiring are using their skills to dig deeply into the data the IT folks maintain. Drive towards a single view of the data. At SAS, we’ve evolved our system of record to be a true marketing analytics portal. Analytics, the reporting, the graphics, and understanding the trends have enabled campaign teams working with the sales organization to fully demonstrate value. Our marketing analytics portal is connected to all the systems and to a single view of the data. Building that portal and empowering people with data and analysis is a critical component to delivering results, and ultimately to your credibility. But we couldn’t have done it without IT support –data management, hosting, training, troubleshooting and all the other ways they have supported us. Will this approach work for you? If you’re saying “Well, SAS is a technology-forward company. This won’t fly in my company or my industry,” let me tell you about a conversation I had with James Weber, the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Comerica Bank. Weber said he had fallen into that old sometimes-friend-sometimes-foe relationship with IT. When some organizational changes and good advice from a consultant came his way, Weber realized his marketing team had to be better partners with the IT team. The reason? A big problem for his marketers was an outdated data architecture. “We needed the ability to go in and mine the data, take insight to another level, and find the opportunities. In the banking industry, looking at things like householding and superhouseholding – these things change how the customer interacts with the bank. It impacts the customer experience,” Weber said. A newly forged relationship with IT and a new data architecture (based on its existing platform) enabled Comerica’s marketing team to implement marketing efforts such as next-best offer and personalization. It has also added social media capabilities and predictive analytics to its marketing capabilities. Making the shift to establish a deeper partnership between IT and marketing can take time. So enter this transition point with patience in mind. Today, I’m proud to say our marketing organization has a great partnership with the IT department.

30 ноября, 17:30

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Huntington Bancshares, Community Bank System, Bank of America and Comerica

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Huntington Bancshares, Community Bank System, Bank of America and Comerica

30 ноября, 16:48

Banks Under CFPB's Purview for Employee Incentive Programs

In a special bulletin on Monday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) cautioned financial companies about creating incentives programs for employees and service providers to meet aggressive internal sales goals. According to CFPB, such goals can lead to the employees taking illegal steps, ultimately affecting customers.

30 ноября, 02:03

Federated (FII) to Acquire Funds Worth $431M (revised)

Federated Investors Inc. (FII) and Horizon Advisers, Inc., an investment advisor, entered into a deal under which the former will acquire certain investment management related assets of Horizon Advisers.

29 ноября, 23:53

Will Pro-Growth Trump Admin Support U.S. Banks?

Will Pro-Growth Trump Admin Support U.S. Banks?

29 ноября, 16:33

SVB Financial Witnesses Solid Organic Growth: Time to Buy?

On Nov 28, 2016, we issued an updated research report on SVB Financial Group (SIVB). The company's strong capital base and a solid balance sheet make it well positioned for future growth.

29 ноября, 16:29

6 Reasons to Add Goldman Sachs (GS) to Your Portfolio Now

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS) can be a solid bet now on the back of its leading global position in completed mergers and acquisitions in the first nine months of 2016.

29 ноября, 16:25

BankUnited's Ratings Affirmed by Moody's; Outlook Stable

Moody's Investor Service, the rating services arm of Moody's Corporation (MCO), affirmed the ratings of BankUnited, Inc. (BKU), and its subsidiary BankUnited, NA. The outlook for the company also remains stable.

28 ноября, 16:39

BankUnited Witnesses Bottom-Line Pressure: Time to Sell?

On Nov 25, 2016, we issued an updated research report on BankUnited, Inc. (BKU). The company's elevated expenses and pressurized margins are major causes of concern and are likely to hurt its profitability in the near term.

25 ноября, 22:24

Why Comerica (CMA) Is an Attractive Pick Right Now

Comerica Incorporated (CMA) is one such banking and financial services company that reported better-than-expected results during third-quarter 2016.

25 ноября, 22:10

Citi's (C) Growth Prospects Look Bright, Time to Hold?

On Nov 24, 2016, we issued an updated research report on Citigroup Inc. (C)

25 ноября, 16:12

Wells Fargo (WFC) Asks Court to Cancel Account Scam Case

The third largest U.S. bank by assets, Wells Fargo & Company (WFC), filed a motion in the U.S. District Court in Utah to instruct customers who have sued the bank for fraud, breach of contract and invasion of privacy, to settle their disputes in private arbitrations rather than in court.

24 ноября, 16:54

Fifth Third to Pay around $4M to S&P for Contract Damages

Cincinnati-based financial and multi-bank holding company, Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB) has been alleged of breaking contract with S&P Global Market Intelligence.

24 ноября, 16:38

5 Reasons to Add KeyCorp (KEY) to Your Portfolio Right Now

Among the several potential gainers post U.S. election, adding KeyCorp. (KEY) to your portfolio should not disappoint.

23 ноября, 21:21

Number 2's Are Better Than Number 3's

Number 2's Are Better Than Number 3's

23 ноября, 16:22

Fifth Third (FITB) to Gain $9 Million Post Vantiv Stake Sale

Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB) is likely to recognize a pre-tax gain of approximately $9 million (around $6 million after-tax) in fourth-quarter 2016, from the partial sale of its stake in Vantiv Inc. (VNTV).

23 ноября, 02:19

Citigroup (C) Irish Arm Under ECB Regulation Purview

Citibank Holdings Ireland, the Irish subsidiary of the Wall Street biggie, Citigroup Inc. (C), will now be under the direct supervision of the European Central Bank (ECB) since Brexit.

23 ноября, 02:16

Federated (FII) to Acquire Money Market Assets Worth $431M

On Monday, Federated Investors Inc. (FII) and Horizon Advisers, Inc., an investment advisor, entered into a deal, under which the former will acquire certain investment management related assets of Horizon Advisers.