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20 января, 00:26

Efficiency Gains See Norway Increase Oil Production In 2016

The oil price crash has been a tough ride for all producers, especially those working in higher-cost areas such as the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Although investments in Norway’s oil were slashed and are expected to continue sliding in the near term, efficiency has increased. Coupled with greater regularity in the operation of production platforms, this has led to substantial cuts in operating and exploration costs. Higher efficiency, lower-than-expected production decline from mature fields, and faster-than-forecast drilling at new production…

19 января, 17:46

Mexico Should Learn From Its History And Stand Strong Against Trump

As an American born in Mexico, I can’t forgive President-elect Donald Trump for the insults he hurled at us and for his abusive use of Mexico as a scapegoat to launch his candidacy. But I, like many others, have doubts that the Mexican government is prepared for the upcoming battle. For almost two years, we have heard Trump calling us “rapists” and “criminals.” We watched his followers roar every time he insulted us as if they were at a Roman amphitheater watching lions devour Christians. The timid, almost inaudible response from the Mexican government is just as hurtful as Trump’s insults. Adding insult to injury, right in the midst of the barrage against us came the incomprehensible invitation from President Enrique Peña Nieto to Trump to visit Los Pinos, the Mexican White House. Peña Nieto said he told him, “We feel wounded and hurt by his announcements about Mexicans.” This is not the first time Mexico is faced with a hostile American attitude, but it may very well be the first time in modern history that a Mexican president remained deaf to the clamor of his people, who demand a strong reaction. The timid response from the Mexican government is just as hurtful as Trump's insults. What a contrast to the courageous nationalist stance of former President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1938, when the foreign oil companies working in Mexico challenged the order of the Supreme Court and the Labor Commission to end the wage discrimination of Mexican workers and grant them the same payment as foreigners. Fulfilling the expectations of his countrymen, Cárdenas ordered the expropriation of the oil industry, in spite of the pressures, threats and boycotts of the U.S. State Department, the British government and the powerful oil companies. The day he announced the nationalization of the oil industry, Mexicans celebrated in the streets of cities and towns, and a great feeling of solidarity ran across the land. I had not been born at the time, but I’ve seen moving photographs of wealthy ladies contributing their jewels, and humble peasants offering hens and other animals, to collect the money needed to pay compensation to the oil companies. And we all remember how former President Miguel de la Madrid labored to create a continental alliance to oppose Ronald Reagan’s foolish war in Central America by forming the Contadora group with Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. Mexico showed the guts to face the colossus of the north. We don’t know if the Mexican government has sought an alliance with other governments in Latin America to deal with the possibility of a massive deportation of their countrymen. What is known is a declaration by Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs that he will defend the interests of the nation without “confrontation” or “submission” but instead with “intelligence and dignity.” Will Mexico succeed in getting an equitable deal? We don’t know because Trump believes uncertainty is a virtue. Whatever may be the case, we hope that the integration between the two countries that NAFTA created makes it impossible to implement isolationism. If Trump wants to discuss border issues, let’s expand that discussion to include Mexico’s role as a buffer for the immigration of Central American, Cuban, African and Asian immigrants to the U.S. Let’s also talk about Mexico’s cooperation with the U.S. on security issues and measures to stop the flow of arms and drugs. Let’s discuss how, in NAFTA’S first two decades, regional trade increased from around $290 billion to more than $1.1 trillion in 2016, how some 14 million jobs in the U.S. depend on trade with Mexico and Canada and how export-related jobs pay 15-20 percent more on average than no-export jobs. And let’s not forget that consumers benefit significantly from the low prices of imported goods. What a contrast to the courageous nationalist stance of former Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1938. Mexico should also make use of every legal tool to delay unilateral deportation actions by the Trump administration and to provide legal aid to Mexicans in the U.S. Mexico should also actively seek the support of the Mexican-American community and its defense organizations and other groups who oppose the abusive language of the incoming president. The blueprint of Mexico’s strategy is already here. Follow the route traced by Former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his team when they negotiated NAFTA. It was a group so brilliant that I remember U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen telling me how much he wished he could have a team like that on his side. With NAFTA, Salinas proved to the Mexican people that centuries of distrust in an abusive America could be overcome, that a new era had begun and that Mexico and the U.S. were two friendly neighbor nations. Now, Trump wants to undermine this trust. All Mexico has to do is look to its history for guidance. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

19 января, 17:26

J.B. Hunt (JBHT) Misses on Q4 Earnings

J.B. Hunt's (JBHT) fourth quarter revenues surpassed expectations.

19 января, 17:01

Statoil (STO) Discovers Oil and Gas Deposits Near Norne

Statoil ASA (STO) recently announced that it has hit oil and gas deposit close to Norne, one year after it was awarded the license.

19 января, 02:27

Trump's EPA Nominee Struggles To Defend Oily Environmental And Ethics Records

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency came out swinging at his confirmation hearing Wednesday, defending, before facing a single question, his deep ties to oil and gas companies.  “We must reject as a nation the false paradigm that if you’re pro-energy, you’re anti-environment or if you’re pro-environment, you’re anti-energy,” Scott Pruitt said. “I reject that.” But he struggled throughout the six-hour hearing to make the case to senators that his confirmation would not, as critics have said, amount to a “fox guarding the henhouse.” The Oklahoma attorney general insisted that sending the EPA a 2011 letter almost entirely drafted by an oil and gas firm under his letterhead served the interests of the people of his state. He refused to recuse himself from lawsuits he filed as attorney general, sometimes jointly with fossil fuel firms, against the EPA. He described the agency as “dictatorial,” depicting it as the spearhead of federal overreach into states’ rights. He floundered when asked to name a lawsuit he brought against a corporate polluter. He declined to say how much lead is safe to drink and tried to justify his fight against rules on mercury pollution in the air. He acknowledged that climate change is not a hoax, as Trump has repeatedly claimed, but stressed that serious debate persists over the role humans play. He rebuffed a question about the need to wean off carbon-spewing fuels, robotically repeating: “I believe the EPA has a very important role to perform in regulating CO2.” “While you are not certain, the vast majority of scientists are telling us that if we do not get our act together and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, there is no real question as to the quality of the planet we are leaving our children and grandchildren,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said, seemingly exasperated by Pruitt’s intransigence on the question. “You are applying for the job of administrator to protect the environment.” Pruitt wasn’t without his defenders. Republican senators thrice ceded their questioning time to allow Pruitt to respond to aggressive inquiries without the interruption of the Democratic lawmakers who asked them. When Democrats raised concerns about ethical conflicts or environmental science, Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) routinely submitted articles to the official record meant to challenge those issues. Against Democrats’ pleas, Barrasso cut off the hearing after three rounds of questioning.  Pruitt’s history with Devon Energy, an oil and natural gas producer based in Oklahoma City, became a flashpoint. In 2011, Pruitt sent a letter to the EPA criticizing the agency’s estimates on methane emissions from natural gas drilling sites. The letter, published by The New York Times in 2014 among 84 pages of correspondence, bears Pruitt’s official letterhead as attorney general, but the words came almost verbatim from a memo drafted by Devon’s lawyers. During the hearing, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) attacked Pruitt as an industry “mouthpiece” over the incident. “You acknowledge that 97 percent of the words came from Devon Energy?” Merkley said. “I have not looked at the percentage,” Pruitt replied. “Senator, that was a step that was taken as attorney general representing the interest of our state.” “I’m just asking you if you copied the letter virtually word for word,” Merkley said. Pruitt demurred. “The efforts I took as attorney general were representing the interest of Oklahoma.” If that’s the case, Merkley said, what environmental experts did you consult to know you were representing interests beyond Devon’s? “I consulted with other environmental officials in Oklahoma that regulate that industry,” Pruitt said. “We have seven or so individuals in our office that are involved in these issues.” He promised to submit their names to the committee. Pruitt sued the EPA 13 times as Oklahoma’s attorney general, and some lawsuits are ongoing. Still, he refused to commit to a blanket recusal from those suits, even after Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said failing to do so would make Pruitt “plaintiff, defendant, judge and jury” on issues related to clean air and water. “I have every willingness and desire to recuse as directed by the EPA ethics counsel,” Pruitt said. “If directed to do so, I will in fact do so.” In an open letter, the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center rejected Pruitt’s argument, urging him to recuse himself from the estimated 26 suits against the EPA in which he either filed suit or filed briefs. “Pruitt made a name for himself by suing the same agency he now seeks to lead, and if confirmed, he will be in a position of defending against — or settling — the same cases he previously initiated and supported,” Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, said in a statement. “Pruitt can’t be an impartial administrator when it comes to the lawsuits he spearheaded, and as EPA Administrator he must step aside from those suits to protect the integrity of the agency’s decisionmaking.” Pruitt deferred to Justina Fugh, the EPA’s ethics chief, when asked about conflicts of interests stemming from donations made to Pruitt-linked groups by fossil fuel companies. In particular, two Pruitt-linked political action committees that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from energy companies announced last week that they would shut down amid reports of questionable spending.  During his first questions, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) trotted out a poster-sized chart drawing lines between Pruitt-affiliated fundraising groups and donations from six major energy companies, including Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil Corp. and coal giants Murray Energy and Continental Resources. Whitehouse asked pointedly whether Pruitt solicited donations from the companies. “I attended fundraising events as attorney general,” Pruitt said. Whitehouse refined his question, asking specifically if he asked for money. “I did not ask of Koch,” Pruitt said, stuttering. “What were the other ones?” Whitehouse once again displayed the names on the chart. “I have not asked for money on behalf of RAGA,”  Pruitt said, referring to the Republican Attorney General Association, which he chaired in 2012 and ’13. Pruitt tried to counter by saying he has sued companies on the list. Whitehouse asked which ones. “With respect to the rule of law ― Exxon Mobil,” Pruitt said. Speaking out of turn, Whitehouse shot back by noting the lawsuit had “nothing to do with the environment.” Pruitt championed Exxon Mobil last year against a coalition of Democratic attorneys general who opened a fraud investigation into the oil giant’s history of covering up evidence of global warming. When the hearing resumed after an hourlong lunch break, Pruitt recalled filing lawsuits against other oil companies, including Valero Energy, BP and ConocoPhillips. If Democrats used their time to investigate Pruitt’s environmental record, Republicans spent theirs putting the EPA itself on trial. Conservative senators, along with Pruitt, repeatedly described an agency suffering from “mission creep,” putting undue burdens on farmers, lumberjacks and fishermen to obtain special permits. Pruitt said the agency showed “an attitude of indifference” to states’ rights. Yet, pressed by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), he refused to commit to upholding California’s vehicle pollution standards, which are stricter than the national average. Markey slammed what he called a “double standard” in which Pruitt deems state actions aligned with oil and gas interests to be kosher but questions state regulations that go beyond EPA rules. “When it comes to Massachusetts or California or other states trying to increase their protection for the environment, protect their victimization from carbon pollution, you say there you’re going to review,” Markey said. “The science hasn’t changed. The new clean energy technologies haven’t changed. The danger to the public from environmental exposure to carbon pollution hasn’t changed. So from our perspective, we are fearful of what a review would actually result in. From my perspective, it’s going to lead to you undoing the right of states to be able to provide that protection.” type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related... + articlesList=5878ad15e4b0b3c7a7b0c29c,587f9ecfe4b0cf0ae88131b6,587f9911e4b0c147f0bc3267,587d4aa2e4b03549ebc02152,585ab45de4b0d9a59456ba9d,584856f1e4b0b9feb0dab14f -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

18 января, 16:52

Statoil Enhances Presence in Norwegian Continental Shelf

Statoil ASA (STO) recently declared that it has been awarded interests in 29 exploration licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf in connection with the Award in Predefined Areas (???APA???) for 2016.

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18 января, 15:52

Breitling обеспечит часами владельцев новой модели Bentley

Британский автопроизводитель Bentley Motors совместно с часовой мануфактурой Breitling представил хронограф Breitling for Bentley Supersports B55, приуроченный к премьере нового Bentley Continental Supersports. Часы в титановом корпусе с карбоновым циферблатом могут подключаться к цифровым устройствам.

18 января, 12:00

Istanbul by Bettany Hughes review – a colourful, life-filled history

Istanbul, not Constantinople (or Byzantium) … this tale of three cities in one brims with romance and verveFor those who enjoy historical parallels, there was something particularly irresistible about the news in 2013 that the world’s deepest underwater railway tunnel linking Europe and Asia through the Bosphorus had opened beneath Istanbul. The record-breaking continental connection recalled Herodotus’s description, two-and-a-half millennia earlier, of the Persian emperor Darius I ordering the construction of a mile-long pontoon bridge across the water sometime around 513BC, the first literary reference to the city and an act of imperial hubris that would, inevitably, result in the nemesis of the Persian wars and defeat at the hands of the Greeks.It is difficult to imagine the Turkish prime minister being gripped by such parallels. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a former mayor of Istanbul, instead made disparaging comments about the long delays to the tunnel caused by “clay pots” and “other stuff”, such stuff including the largest remains of a Byzantine fleet ever discovered, among other important archaeological findings. The modern Islamist is not generally known for his interest in non-Islamic history. Continue reading...

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18 января, 11:56

Квартальная прибыль United Continental превысила прогнозы аналитиков

Американская авиакомпания United Continental Holdings отчиталась о квартальной прибыли, оказавшейся выше среднерыночных ожиданий, благодаря укреплению спроса на авиабилеты, бронируемые непосредственно перед вылетом. Так, в четвертом квартале скорректированная прибыль компании составила $1,78 на акцию, в то время как аналитики в среднем прогнозировали $1,75 на одну бумагу. Выручка в рассматриваемом периоде повысилась менее чем на 1% г/г до $9,05 млрд при средних ожиданиях аналитиков в размере $9,06 млрд.

Выбор редакции
18 января, 09:34

Квартальная прибыль United Continental превысила прогнозы аналитиков

Американская авиакомпания United Continental Holdings отчиталась о квартальной прибыли, оказавшейся выше среднерыночных ожиданий, благодаря укреплению спроса на авиабилеты, бронируемые непосредственно перед вылетом. Так, в четвертом квартале скорректированная прибыль компании составила $1,78 на акцию, в то время как аналитики в среднем прогнозировали $1,75 на одну бумагу. Выручка в рассматриваемом периоде повысилась менее чем на 1% г/г до $9,05 млрд при средних ожиданиях аналитиков в размере $9,06 млрд.

18 января, 04:52

Огнеметный танк M67 (США)

В годы Второй мировой войны американская армия активно использовала огнеметные танки. Такая техника хорошо показала себя при штурме различных укреплений противника на разных театрах военных действий. После окончания войны армия не потеряла интереса к подобной технике. Уже осенью 1945 года был дан старт разработке перспективной модели огнеметного танка. В силу разных причин создание такой техники затянулось, но в середине пятидесятых годов вооруженные силы смогли получить новый огнеметный танк с официальным обозначением M67.

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18 января, 00:40

Twenty-nine firms awarded stakes in Norway’s APA 2016 licensing round

Twenty-nine companies have been awarded 56 new production licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf as part of Norway’s Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) 2016 licensing round. Thirty-three companies were eligible to apply for 148,014 sq km.

17 января, 19:01

May outlines Brexit roadmap: UK will abandon single market

Britain will leave the EU’s single market when it exits the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday, putting an end to speculation that London might try to seek a “soft Brexit.” In

17 января, 19:01

Last moonwalking astronaut dies

EUGENE Cernan, the last astronaut to walk on the moon — an experience that he said made him “belong to the universe,” died on Monday at the age of 82, the US space agency said. Cernan, who was also the

17 января, 18:03

Zinke on the issues

Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke has fought efforts to sell off federal lands while also calling for expanded fossil fuel development, and in his two years in Congress he has voted to pull back protections for a number of species including the notorious Sage Grouse. Zinke may need to call on his experience on the House Natural Resource Committee and leadership skills honed as a Navy SEAL if he is confirmed as President-elect Donald Trump's pick to run the Interior Department, which is made up of nine massive bureaus that manage one-fifth of the nation's land, including national parks, wildlife refuges, tribal lands and areas ripe for mining minerals and erecting wind turbines, solar farms, and oil and gas pipelines. Here's a look at some of the challenges Zinke will face if he is confirmed as Interior secretary. Fossil fuel development Trump has promised to unleash fossil fuel development in the U.S. and Zinke will face pressure from Day One to carry that out by ending the Interior's freeze on new coal leases and smoothing the path for more oil and gas development on federal lands and offshore. While Zinke can undo the Interior's coal-leasing moratorium with the swipe of a pen, it may take years to facilitate additional offshore oil and gas development. Obama in December invoked his largely untested authority under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit future offshore oil and gas leases in large portions of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. The law does not include language that would allow Trump to automatically undo the action so it remains to be seen whether Obama's ban will survive the legal battle that is sure to ensue once Trump takes office. Also unclear is whether Zinke will wait until the court fight over the ban concludes to begin crafting a new five-year plan for offshore drilling, which itself is a multiyear process and the agency's primary vehicle for planning future auctions. Hailing from a landlocked state, Zinke's record on offshore drilling in particular is thin, but he strongly supports expanded energy development overall. According to his campaign website, Zinke "is constantly working to rein in regulations on our natural resources" and supports giving "tribal and local governments more of a say in how we manage our coal, oil, and natural gas." Water Drought, climate change and booming populations are making water supply shortages a growing problem in the American West. From endangered species to water supply, the Interior Department regularly finds itself in the middle of these contentious challenges — and sometimes on multiple sides of them. As a Montanan, Zinke will have a steep learning curve on many Western water issues. He’d be inheriting them at a particularly critical moment on the Colorado River, which supplies water to nearly 40 million people across the West and is now in its 16th year of drought. The states of Arizona, Nevada and California are teetering on the edge of a shortage declaration that could come as soon as 2018, triggering the first mandatory supply cuts since the reservoir behind Hoover Dam was filled in the 1930s. At the urging of the Obama administration, the three lower basin states are working on a deal aimed at bolstering reservoir levels and staving off those cuts, but despite overall buy-in, the agreement has yet to be finalized, meaning it will be up to the Trump administration to carry it over the finish line. But Zinke could face an even bigger challenge in the other important piece of the Colorado River equation — a new deal with Mexico over how to share water supply cuts. The Obama administration spent months negotiating a new deal, but without a signed agreement in hand, the issue could get pulled into much larger politics between the two countries amid President-elect Trump’s plans for a massive border wall and interventions in private business deals that could send jobs to Mexico. Public lands As Interior secretary, Zinke will be responsible for overseeing over 507 million acres of federal land. Zinke is an active hunter, and he believes the federal government should retain ownership of its federal lands. That position puts him at odds with the GOP platform and many Republicans in Congress, such as Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and House Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah). Then again, it also puts him in good standing with Donald Trump Jr., the president-elect's son, also an avid hunter. But while he believes the federal government should keep ownership of its property, he also has voted to give states more say in how it's managed, a more nuanced position that concerns green groups. Zinke voted for the Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act last year, a bill that would allow chunks of federal land to be managed by a committee appointed by the state's governor. Yet to be tested is Zinke's general belief in multi-use land planning, a key issue for sportsman and recreational activity groups who want access to hunt and fish in areas that are used for energy development or mineral extraction. Wildlife protections Zinke’s record on public lands issues may hearten hook and bullet groups, but his history on endangered species protections raises alarm bells for many wildlife advocates, especially when key House lawmakers are champing at the bit to overhaul the landmark Endangered Species Act. As a congressman, Zinke voted against federal protections for wolves and lynx, priorities for ranchers in the West, and supported overriding species protections for fish in California in order to ship more water to central and southern California farms and communities. He also opposed an Obama administration plan to protect the greater sage grouse without formally listing it under the Endangered Species Act, which would entail even stricter restrictions on energy development and land use. At a 2015 hearing, Zinke asked why "would Washington, the bureaucracy, given there are no sage grouse here ... decide what is best for Montana or the western states, that have a deep, traditional concern for wildlife management?" Conservationists argue that conserving habitat before a situation becomes dire is the only thing that can break the politics around species protections, and those who have backed Zinke are optimistic that he will be open to a more proactive approach. “He’s at the table, he’ll actually engage on these issues,” said Collin O’Mara, president of the National Wildlife Federation. Indian affairs As Interior secretary, Zinke may find himself in the thick of numerous disputes over tribal land and how that land can be developed. As a member of Congress, he waded into water issues, making himself instrumental in working out a $400 million water settlement between the Blackfeet and local users that was approved by Congress last year. In another signal of how he might prioritize his work with tribes, last year he helped get a provision into the House version of the now-deceased energy bill that would help the Crow in Montana ship coal out through a West Coast terminal, though this contravened the desires of the Lummi Nation in Washington.

17 января, 15:17

Кроссовер Bentayga увеличил продажи Bentley в России на 50%

В 2016 году британская компания Bentley продала в России 318 автомобилей, что на 53% больше результата 2015 года. Как отмечает агентство "Автостат", ростом продаж Bentley обязана кроссоверу Bentayga - эта модель оказалась востребованной среди обеспеченных потребителей, ее купили 170 россиян. Далее по популярности идут купе Continental GT (95 единиц) и седан Continental Flying Spur (32 штук). 65% из продаваемых в России новых Bentley покупают в Москве и Подмосковье (205 шт.), около 10% - в Санкт-Петербурге (33 шт.). Среди нестоличных субъектов РФ выделяются Краснодарский (14 шт.) и Красноярский края (8 шт.). В Свердловскую область отправились 6 машин, в Ставропольский край - 5, в Калининградскую область - 4. По 3 автомобиля Bentley приобрели жители Башкортостана, Северной Осетии и Ханты-Мансийского АО. Остаток пришелся на 27 других российских регионов. Напомним, в начале декабря Bentley объявил отзыв всех проданных в России Bentayga по причине плохо затянутых болтов и посторонних звуков в салоне. Производство кроссоверов Bentley Bentayga ведется с конца ноября 2015 года. До этого момента в гамме Bentley не было кроссоверов. Компания Bentley с 1998 года входит в состав немецкого концерна Volkswagen. Читать полностью: news.drom.ru/Bentayga-Bentley-49881.html(http://news.drom.ru/Benta...)

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17 января, 14:46

Britain's courgette shortage: have you spotted any of the elusive veg?

As Britain struggles through a debilitating lack of courgettes, we want your photos of the lesser-spotted vegetableJanuary is a month of healthy eating intentions, and what could be more healthy than the humble courgette. But a continental cold snap has led to a shortage of the versatile vegetable, beloved by choppers and spiralisers alike. Related: What a pickle: UK gripped by courgette shortage Continue reading...

17 января, 14:23

Сегодня в США ожидается ряд квартальных отчетов

Во вторник, 17 января, в Соединенных Штатах Америки не ожидается публикации важных макроэкономических показателей. Из второстепенных данных стоит отметить индекс деловой активности в промышленности ФРБ Нью-Йорка. О квартальных финансовых результатах отчитаются следующие компании: Morgan Stanley и UnitedHealth (до открытия); CSX и United Continental (после закрытия). В 16:45 МСК состоится выступление представителя ФРС Уильяма Дадли, а в 18:00 МСК свою речь представит член FOMC Лайел Брейнард. К 14:15 МСК фьючерсы на индекс S&P 500 торгуются с понижением на 0,57%.

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17 января, 11:32

What a pickle: UK gripped by courgette shortage

Cold snap hits crops in Italy and Spain, sending prices soaring and customers bemoaning empty supermarket shelvesBritain is in the grip of a courgette shortage that could last for months after a continental cold snap hit supplies at a time of peak demand from consumers keen to pursue new year resolutions to eat more greens.Wholesale prices for courgette, a staple of the Mediterranean diet, have more than tripled after unusually cold and wet weather in Spain where most of the European supplies are grown. Continue reading...

17 января, 11:31

Сегодня в США ожидается ряд квартальных отчетов

Во вторник, 17 января, в Соединенных Штатах Америки не ожидается публикации важных макроэкономических показателей. Из второстепенных данных стоит отметить индекс деловой активности в промышленности ФРБ Нью-Йорка. О квартальных финансовых результатах отчитаются следующие компании: Morgan Stanley и UnitedHealth (до открытия); CSX и United Continental (после закрытия). В 16:45 МСК состоится выступление представителя ФРС Уильяма Дадли, а в 18:00 МСК свою речь представит член FOMC Лайел Брейнард. К 14:15 МСК фьючерсы на индекс S&P 500 торгуются с понижением на 0,57%.