31 октября, 18:04

Vulcan Materials (VMC) Q3 Earnings: Will It Disappoint?

Seasonal influences on construction activity and below-trend shipment growth could weigh on Vulcan's Q3 performance.

31 октября, 16:42

Chicago Bridge & Iron's (CBI) Q3 Earnings & Revenues Miss

Chicago Bridge & Iron's (CBI) third-quarter 2017 earnings and revenues missed the consensus estimates, dragged down by decline in revenues year over year.

31 октября, 15:35

Archer Daniels (ADM) Topples on Q3 Earnings & Sales Miss

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) reported a dismal third-quarter 2017, wherein both the top and bottom lines lagged estimates and declined year over year.

31 октября, 14:29

DowDuPont (DWDP) Q3 Earnings Preview: What to Expect?

This will mark DowDuPont's (DWDP) first post-merger earnings report.

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31 октября, 13:06

Archer Daniels Q3 corn processing revenue $2.33 bln vs. $2.39 bln; FactSet consensus $2.44 bln

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

31 октября, 07:05

15 Foods That Can Cause Stomach Bloat

If you're suffering from stomach bloat, you could be making some poor food choices. Check out this list to see where you could be going wrong.

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31 октября, 06:35

Perfect Salmon Recipes for Seafood Lovers

Serve up seafood in different ways via one of these fresh, flavorful salmon recipes. It may just become your favorite type of fish.

31 октября, 06:04

15 Snack Foods That Fill You Up Without Making You Gain Weight

We all want to choose healthy snacks when hunger strikes, but often don't know what to choose. Never fear, these seven snack foods have you covered.

31 октября, 04:33

Tasty Pork Dishes That Are Surprisingly Healthy

These 5 delicious recipes prove pork can be just as slimming as any other protein.

31 октября, 04:02

6 of the Best Places to Get Barbecue Ribs in America

If you always go for ribs when eating barbecue, you're in for a treat. Check out these spots, which serve some of the best you'll ever eat.

31 октября, 01:23

Ethics watchdogs: Tiberi shouldn’t craft tax bill

Retiring GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi is under fire from government watchdog groups who complain the veteran lawmaker shouldn’t be involved in crafting the House Republican tax bill while negotiating for a job with an Ohio business group.The Ohio Republican, a senior member of the Ways and Means Committee, denies any conflict of interest and refuses to recuse himself from the tax debate. Tiberi's aides say he intends to continue work on the matter until he leaves Capitol Hill on Jan. 31.Tiberi has formally notified the House Ethics Committee, as required under House rules, that he is negotiating with the Ohio Business Roundtable to take over that group. Those talks are ongoing.Watchdog groups assert Tiberi has a clear conflict of interest in helping to draft the tax legislation. Companies that belong to the Ohio Business Roundtable would benefit from the Republican tax bill, they note, and so Tiberi should be barred from working or voting on a package that is likely to slash tax rates for big and small companies alike.Ohio BRT members include large companies such as Marathon Petroleum, Sherwin-Williams, Cintas, and Owens-Corning, as well as smaller Ohio-centric firms and hospitals. The organization has only hired a lobbyist directly one time, although member companies have their own lobbying and government affairs units.“This is enough of a problem that he ought to disqualify himself and step aside,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, a watchdog group. “[Tiberi] himself has raised questions about whether he’s going to be fully representing his constituents when he’s negotiating, or has taken a job, with the Ohio Business Roundtable, which has enormous stakes in the legislation.”Tiberi adamantly denies any improper or unethical behavior. The Ohio Republican refuses to recuse himself from the tax negotiations after 17 years of working in Congress on the topic, and there is no mechanism under House rules to stop him from doing so. And Tiberi can’t be stopped from voting on legislation. The House Ethics Manual notes “there is no authority to force a House Member to abstain from voting, and the decision on whether abstention from voting was necessary has been left for individual Members to determine for themselves under the circumstances.”In a statement, Tiberi’s office dismissed concerns about his future employment and potential conflicts of interest as simply partisan attacks.“Rep. Tiberi is following the guidance given to him by the Ethics Committee. He does not need to recuse himself. This story is being pushed by liberal groups and partisan Democrats who don’t support lowering taxes,” said Olivia Hnat, Tiberi’s spokeswoman.“Since his first day in Congress, [Tiberi] has advocated for a simpler, flatter, and fairer tax code. He has been on the front lines of this debate for over a decade as a member of the Ways and Means Committee where he has fought for solutions that will grow the economy, create jobs and help middle class families. His voting record will continue to reflect those priorities.” What a “conflict of interest” is for House members covers an innumerable assortment of situations, although there is a large body of precedent, both in Congress and the federal government at large, on such cases. A bipartisan Ethics Committee task force stated that "A conflict of interest is generally defined as a situation in which an official's private financial interests conflict or appear to conflict with the public interest."Guidance released by the House Ethics Committee late last year notes, “Members must recuse themselves from ‘any matter in which there is a conflict of interest or an appearance of a conflict’ with the private entity with which they are negotiating or have an agreement for future employment or compensation, and they must notify the Ethics Committee in writing of such recusal.”The guidance also said “Members are strongly encouraged to abstain from voting on legislation that provides a benefit targeted to any entity with which the Member is negotiating or from which the Member has accepted future employment.”In addition, under House rules, “A Member must abstain from voting on a matter on the House floor only if the Member has a direct, distinct personal or pecuniary interest in the matter,” according to the Ethics Committee.However, the panel noted that “Ownership of stock in a publicly-traded company generally is not a conflict of interest requiring recusal from voting.”Using that formulation, since the Ohio Business Roundtable includes a broad class of companies, all of whom have different stakes in tax legislation — beyond the general goal of lowering their taxes — it would appear not be conflict-of-interest for Tiberi to vote on the tax bill, according to House rules.Tiberi also would avoid any potential ethics problem if he avoids pushing a provision in the tax package that is directly sought by one company or entity, according to ethics experts.

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31 октября, 01:00

Unhealthy Holiday Dishes That Everyone Needs to Stop Eating — and What to Make Instead

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The holiday season is a time to enjoy delicious food with your family and friends. But some of those traditional holiday dishes may actually be hurting your health.

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30 октября, 16:38

Top Ranked Growth Stocks to Buy for October 30th

Top Ranked Growth Stocks to Buy for October 30th

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30 октября, 08:00

Owens Corning in €900m deal to buy rival from CVC

Private equity sale of roofing materials company bought three years ago to US buyer

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30 октября, 05:42

Too Tired to Cook? Easy Recipes for Fast Meals

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These 6 recipes are so fast and easy, you can pull them off on even the most exhausting days.

29 октября, 13:16

This Is the Worst Halloween Candy of All Time, According to a New Survey

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A new survey has determined what candy is considered to be the worst ever and the nine other candies that are generally hated as well.

29 октября, 08:40

5 Cities With Amazing Vegetarian Food (and 5 Cities You’ll Want to Avoid)

Finding something great to eat doesn't need to be a challenge for the eight million vegetarians and vegans in the U.S. Check out these cities for good meatless meals.

29 октября, 01:03

Unhealthy Everyday Foods You Need to Stop Eating Immediately

Nutritionists steer clear of these unhealthy everyday foods. If you want to keep yourself in good shape, you should probably stop eating them.

28 октября, 14:02

Week 23: Mueller Bombs Trump's Big Week

The president was thrilled to turn the tables on the Democrats, but news the grand jury had filed charges made the celebration look premature.