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23 сентября, 21:22

Want a Flat Stomach? This Is the 1 Thing You Should Never Eat

Steer clear of this belly-bloating food if you want a flat stomach.

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22 сентября, 19:33

SILLY RABBIT: Original Trix With Artificial Colors Is Back After Customers Revolt. “Using radishes …

SILLY RABBIT: Original Trix With Artificial Colors Is Back After Customers Revolt. “Using radishes and turmeric instead of Red 40 and Yellow 6 didn’t work for children and adults alike.” You don’t say: “Change it back!!” wrote Denver-area mother and photographer, Ashley Carara, on Facebook shortly after the new recipe hit shelves.She said in an […]

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22 сентября, 18:30

Thomasina Miers’ quick and easy recipe for Indian lamb chops with dal-style sweetcorn

Give British sweetcorn and lamb a north Indian makeover in this heady, spicy late-summer winnerA decade ago, pulses and grains didn’t get much attention from foodies: while most agreed they were healthy, few would have argued for their gourmet credentials and, curiously, their good value seemed almost to work against them in loftier circles. How times have changed! Now that street food is all the rage, we are embracing ingredients from around the world, and the coolest restaurants are pairing Camargue red rice with beautiful Indonesian-spiced crab, aromatic Middle Eastern couscous with exotically seasoned chargrilled fowl, and British-grown quinoa with local cheeses, seasonal leaves and flowers. As our thirst for good food continues, so does our knowledge of the regional cuisines from around the world. This north Indian-inspired quick dish takes the idea of dal, but uses corn in place of lentils, not least because it was growing everywhere I looked on my late-summer tour of British food festivals. The sweetness of the corn goes beautifully with the seasoned chops, to create a treat of pure comfort food. Continue reading...

22 сентября, 16:51

KB Home (KBH) Q3 Earnings: Is Disappointment in the Cards?

Strong demand bodes well for KB Home (KBH). However, gross margin pressure due to higher construction, labor and material costs raises concern.

22 сентября, 16:45

Zacks.com featured highlights include JA Solar Holdings, BioTelemetry, Arista Networks, Owens Corning and Aaron's

Zacks.com featured highlights include JA Solar Holdings, BioTelemetry, Arista Networks, Owens Corning and Aaron's

22 сентября, 15:25

Interview of Vice President Pence by David Stieren, KFQD-Anchorage

Via Telephone 5:35 P.M. EDT Q Mr. Vice President, welcome the Dave Stieren Show. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hi, Dave. Mike Pence here. It's great to be with you, great to be on the air on KFQD. Thanks for having me on. Q Absolutely, sir. And let's cut right to it -- I am very excited about the latest efforts by the Republican leadership in the Senate, by President Trump, by his administration with the healthcare bill known as Graham-Cassidy. There's a lot of rhetoric floating out by opponents of this bill. You're a guy that is studious. You're a man of character. What is it about Graham-Cassidy that you feel is important for the citizens of Alaska to know about this bill? THE VICE PRESIDENT: Dave, thanks for the kind words and thanks for the enthusiasm. You know, President Trump and every Republican in the Congress promised to the American people that we would repeal and replace the failing policies of Obamacare. And thanks to the work of Senator Graham, Senator Cassidy, this new legislation -- which you rightly name the Graham-Cassidy bill -- gives us the best opportunity we've had yet to lift the burden of Obamacare off the people of Alaska and, frankly, send the resources that the federal government is now spending in healthcare out of Washington, D.C. and to every state capital in America so that the people of Alaska, the people of my home state of Indiana, and all 50 states will be able to craft healthcare solutions that will lower the cost of health insurance and expand access to healthcare coverage. So we're very encouraged by it. We’re very grateful for the opportunity. We've been in regular communication with Senator Sullivan and Senator Murkowski, and talking with them about this legislation. But this is a tremendous opportunity to lift the failure of Obamacare off the American people and replace it with the kind of healthcare reform that will not only lower costs but also expand access to coverage and improve people's lives. Q This is the most pragmatic application of the “drain the swamp” phrase that we have in American politics. THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) Q When you control the healthcare and the health coverage of the American citizenry, you control them. And to do so in a centralized federal government program -- like the Obamacare status quo currently is -- is, for all intents and purposes, control of the American public and counter to the precepts and concepts of liberty in this country. Isn't it? THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, Dave, that's a very eloquently stated, as usual, on your part. But look, there's simply no question that we have a clear choice here. You know, if you want Washington, D.C. to continue to order you to buy health insurance, whether you want it or not; to continue to order businesses to provide health insurance; if you want Washington, D.C. to continue to dictate policies in the area of healthcare most precious to our families and our communities, then stay on the path with Obamacare. And as it continues to collapse, Bernie Sanders, a week ago outlined what their -- what the vision of many Democrats is, which is ultimately, as Obamacare continues to collapse, their answer is to repeal Obamacare and replace it with single-payer healthcare. Now you know, somewhere in between where I'm sitting in Washington, D.C. and Alaska is a place called Canada. I probably don't need to tell the people Alaska about the failings of national socialized healthcare because it's right in our neighbor and you see the results every day. Look, we've got a choice: It's between big government, Washington, D.C. solutions that ultimately, I believe, will collapse into single-payer healthcare or whether or not we're going to repeal the individual mandate, repeal the business mandate, and block grant resources back to the states so that states like Alaska, states like my home state of Indiana can craft healthcare solutions in the private marketplace to make healthcare more affordable, and also to redesign our healthcare system for the poor, known as Medicaid, in ways that will truly empower people to take greater ownership of their own healthcare. And Dave, I know what I'm talking about here because before I was the Vice President, I was a governor. And in the state of Indiana, a few years back, we got the most expanded waiver from the last administration in the history of Medicaid. In the state of Indiana today, if you're on Medicaid, you can have a health savings account. You can choose your own doctor. You get credits in your health savings account for engaging in wellness practices. I mean, these are the kind of innovations we're just beginning in Indiana, but under the Graham-Cassidy bill, states like Alaska are going to have significantly more freedom and flexibility to redesign healthcare for our most vulnerable, redesign healthcare for small businesses and individuals, and we're working out hearts out. And I know the President is working everyday with every member of the Senate to see if we can get this thing across, and give the American people a fresh start on healthcare reform -- build on those principles of free market and individual liberty that you describe so well. Q We're speaking the Vice President if the United States, Mike Pence. And Mr. Vice President, as a former governor, I listened to some of the arguments of opposition to this bill, and it disturbs me how little trust they have in the ability of state governments to manage healthcare systems within their own states. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Right. Q I mean, the political rhetoric for years of, the left doesn’t want you to have local control over where you can build a road, you know, what your education system should look like. They've now basically owned that argument and said, not only do we believe federal government should have control of that, we're going to tell you which doctor to go to, we're going to tell you how that doctor is going to treat you, and we're terrified of local states and jurisdictions having any say or control. And I would view that as an insult to the 50 governors of the United States, you being a former one. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, and also it really is an insult to the principles of federalism, upon which our very constitution was founded. I love to tell people that the 10th amendment in the Constitution -- I know you've talked about it a lot on this show -- the 10th amendment was more of an exclamation point at the end of the Constitution. It's a document of a limited federal government. And what the Graham-Cassidy bill does is essentially says, look, let's let leaders in Juneau make these decisions instead of Washington, D.C. Because, look, I will tell you, you know the --we've been to Alaska, you have a magnificent state, the people are wonderful, the landscape is extraordinary, but I got to tell you, it's a little bit different than Indiana. I mean, where we grow corn and – you know, it’s just a little bit different challenges. The beauty of the Graham-Cassidy bill is it will allow states to get a block grant and redesign programs that will work. And you know, it's amazing to think right now there's about as many Alaskans who went ahead and just paid the tax penalty and got no coverage as people that enrolled in health insurance through the exchange. I mean, in 2015, 20,000 Alaskans decided to go ahead and just pay the tax penalty and get no coverage at all because the healthcare coverage through the health exchange in Alaska was so poor. I just think that the reality is, you've seen premiums increase in your state by 203 percent. The average monthly premiums of $1,041. We can do better, Alaska can do better, and when you combine the block grants with the fact that we're going to repeal the individual mandate that tells every American that they have got to buy health insurance, whether they want it or need it or not, this is truly a repeal and replace of Obamacare. And we just truly believe this the moment, now is the time. Q You have the largest listening audience in talk radio in the state of Alaska, Mr. Vice President. What can the citizenry of this state do to help push this thing across the finish line? THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, look, I will tell you, I hold in very high regard your two senators. Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Lisa Murkowski are two outstanding legislators. And they've been great champions for Alaska on this legislation and in virtually every bill that moves through the Congress. But I think that if people want to see us repeal and replace Obamacare; if people believe that leaders in Juneau know better what's for Alaska than Washington, D.C. ever will; if people want to get rid of the mandate that requires them to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, I just encourage you to call both of your Senators and let them know you support the Graham-Cassidy bill. And this legislation could come up as early as next week. We're going to be working hard through the whole weekend with your senators and with every member of the Senate who knows that we can do better than Obamacare. And we'd be grateful for anyone's support. Q Well, take a little time out and watch some college football, if you can. You have to have a couple hours -- THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) That's mandatory. Q That's for some downtime. Mr. Vice President, I know that you are busy. I know that you are working the phones and bringing this message to the American people and we appreciate so much your time here on the Dave Stieren show. And you know, I'm always looking for a co-host. I auditioned U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan a few weeks ago and he didn't quite make the mark. THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) Q I know as a former broadcaster, you've got the chops so you're always welcome here in the studio anytime. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Dave, that's high praise, but I was never successful in radio as you've been. Q Oh, wow! THE VICE PRESIDENT: Great to be on your program. I look forward to being on again and often. Q Absolutely. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. That is the Vice President of the United States of America joining us here on the Dave Stieren show. END 5:45 P.M. EDT

22 сентября, 15:24

Interview of Vice President Pence by Mike Porcaro, KENI-Anchorage

Via Telephone 5:55 P.M. EDT THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hi this is Mike Pence. Q Mr. Vice President, Mike Porcaro. How are you, sir? THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hey, Mike, great to meet you over the phone. Appreciate it. Q Same here. Before we get into the interview, I'm giving you an official invite: Come on up fishing, anytime. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Oh, I'd love it. I'd love it. What do you like to catch up there? Q Well, any kind of salmon. I mean, we can catch halibut, but silver salmon are fun to catch. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Oh man. Q They fight, they dance. Mr. Vice President, all I can tell you is you'll just -- it'll blow your mind. THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) I have no doubt. I love Alaska. Q Well, come on back up, sir. You're welcome up here anytime. THE VICE PRESIDENT: I will. Q All right, essentially we're looking at a healthcare repeal of the Affordable Care Act. And there's a vehicle that is being used called the Graham-Cassidy Act. And that is being -- well, it's moving very quickly through the Congress. Now, there's a date certain on this one. Tell me why it has to be done so quickly. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, Mike, the American people know, the people of Alaska know that Obamacare has failed. It's failed the people of this state and people all across the country. in Alaska have increased more than 200 percent since Obamacare took effect. I mean, more than 20,000 Alaskans chose to pay the tax penalty instead of actually enrolling in the health insurance exchange in Alaska because the coverage was so poor. Literally, Obamacare has been collapsing all over America, and the American people know we can do better. President Trump and I are absolutely committed to keep our promise to the American people to repeal and replace Obamacare. And the Graham-Cassidy bill that's making its way through the United States Senate as we speak, we believe, is our best opportunity to repeal the most onerous elements of Obamacare and empower states like Alaska to craft healthcare solutions that will be better suited to the people of your state. And so we're strongly supporting the bill. We're working closely with both of your senators. They're both friends of mine. Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Lisa Murkowski do a great job for your state. But we're literally reaching out to every member of the United States Senate who knows that we can do better than the failed policies of Obamacare, and urging them to support Graham-Cassidy. We think it's an idea whose time has come, and the core of it very straight forward, Mike. It repeals the individual mandate and the business mandate that's at the center of Obamacare. I mean, right now, ever since Obamacare, every American ordered to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the federal government -- that's gone. And then the balance of it, block-grants all the resources of Obamacare back to the states so that people in Juno can craft solutions for your state to meet the unique challenges that Alaskans face with regard to access to healthcare and affordability. And that's built on the principle of federalism that I think is one of the most important elements of the American experiment, enshrined in the Constitution. Q Well, you'll get no argument from me on that at all. I think we know best what our healthcare needs are and how to solve our problems. THE VICE PRESIDENT: You bet. Q And no offense to Washington, but I really would much rather trust somebody that I can talk to and get ahold of than somebody 3,000 or 4,000 miles away. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Mike, that's the whole point. And remember before I became Vice President, I was a governor of the great state of Indian. And I can tell you, when I was governor of Indiana, we actually got from the last administration the most expansive waiver in Medicaid in the history of that program, in my state, with just a little bit of flexibility. Now people in our most vulnerable population can have health insurance where they have a health savings account, they choose their own doctor, they get credits for engaging in wellness. We just got a portion of the flexibility that Graham-Cassidy would give Indiana, would give Alaska, and give every state in the Union. I mean, as you said better than I did, I mean, the people of Alaska know what's best at what solutions will work in Alaska just every bit as much as the people of Indiana know what will work in the corn and soybean fields of Indiana. And the principle behind Graham-Cassidy is you get rid of the mandates, you get rid of some of the taxes, and then you block-grant these resources back to the states. And we just -- we've got the vote coming up next week. The reason why it's on a short timeframe, Mike, to answer your first question very simply, is that we're using a budget resolution to pass it. And that lapses at the end of this month. It only requires a budget resolution, only requires 51 votes. And the truth is, no Democrat in the Senate has expressed any willingness to consider repealing Obamacare, so we've got to do this with Republicans. So we have until the end of this month to pass Graham-Cassidy and give the people of Alaska and all of America a fresh start on healthcare. Q Well, let's hope you don’t have to go up and vote. (Laughter.) Let's hope there's enough votes to pass this thing. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, that's right. We're prepared to do it. The Vice President has the privilege of casting a tie-breaking vote, and I can tell you I would welcome the opportunity to cast my vote in support of Graham-Cassidy. But you're right, we hope every single Republican in the United States Senate supports this bill. Q So, Mr. Vice President, how can we help you? This is a long time coming. This thing has been destroying this country for a long time. How do we help? How do we get this thing passed? THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, it's in the hands of the members of the United States Senate. And our message all across the country is, if people agree with President Trump that Obamacare has failed, if people see that Obamacare premiums have doubled over the past four years, they're rising by double digits again next year, if they see premiums skyrockets, choices plummeting, and know we can do better, now is the time to let our elected representatives hear from you. I mean, I have to tell you, I hold in the highest regard your two senators. They're not only friends but they're outstanding legislators and they're both champions for Alaska. But if any of your listeners agree with President Trump and me and millions of Americans that we need to repeal and replace Obamacare, now is the time to reach out to Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Lisa Murkowski and let them know that you'd be grateful if they'd stand with President Trump and they'd vote in favor of Graham-Cassidy when it comes to the Senate floor next week. Q All right, Mr. Vice President, I know your schedule is tight. I really appreciate your taking time, and hopefully in the future we'll get to meet face to face, and maybe we'll have an opportunity to talk again soon. I'd like that. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Mike, I'd love to come in. It's great to be on the Mike Porcaro Show. I thank you for having me on KENI. And I'll tell you what -- some of the greatest memories my family ever made were in Alaska, and I would love to come back soon and see if I can figure out that fishing with you. Q Okay. (Laughter.) You're on. Have a great day, Mr. Vice President. END 6:02 P.M. EDT

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21 сентября, 15:39

5 Momentum Stocks Powered by Driehaus Strategy

One of the most widely used investment approaches for those interested in momentum stocks is the Driehaus strategy

21 сентября, 15:36

USG Corporation (USG) Looks Good: Stock Adds 6.3% in Session

USG Corporation (USG) shares rose more than 6% in the last trading session, amid huge volumes.

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20 сентября, 15:33

Should You Get Rid of NCI Building Systems (NCS) Now?

NCI Building Systems (NCS) has witnessed a significant price decline in the past four weeks, and is seeing negative earnings estimate revisions as well.

20 сентября, 09:12

This Is the 1 Sandwich-Making Rule ‘Top Chef’ Judge Tom Colicchio Never Breaks

When it comes to perfecting the best sandwich you've ever made, you might want to take notes from one of the most famous names in the celebrity chef food game.

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19 сентября, 19:06

Subnational mobility and consumption-based environmental accounting of US corn in animal protein and ethanol supply chains [Sustainability Science]

Corn production, and its associated inputs, is a relatively large source of greenhouse gas emissions and uses significant amounts of water and land, thus contributing to climate change, fossil fuel depletion, local air pollutants, and local water scarcity. As large consumers of this corn, corporations in the ethanol and animal...

19 сентября, 16:53

You Won’t Believe What Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Kids Can’t Have Until College

Here's what you don't know about the family behind Fixer Upper.

18 сентября, 21:38

Verizon to Bolster Fiber Optic Network in Major U.S. Cities

Accumulation of dark fiber will bolster Verizon Communications Inc.'s (VZ) cell network density consequently boosting its mobile backhaul network.

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18 сентября, 19:07

LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Weird Food for Sale in Venezuela But Nothing That Anyone Wants. Walk into a…

LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Weird Food for Sale in Venezuela But Nothing That Anyone Wants. Walk into a Caracas bakery these days and you’ll find a wide variety of freshly-made breads on shelves that were barren a year ago. You can buy a fat, dense loaf called the gallego, or a soft sobado, or a campesino for […]

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18 сентября, 18:04

These Are the Unhealthiest Snacks You Can Buy at Trader Joe’s

Some of Trader Joe's tastiest snacks are actually terrible for you.

18 сентября, 17:33

Zacks.com featured highlights include Owens Corning, Thermo Fisher, Huntington Ingalls, Royal Caribbean Cruises and MKS Instruments

Zacks.com featured highlights include Owens Corning, Thermo Fisher, Huntington Ingalls, Royal Caribbean Cruises and MKS Instruments

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18 сентября, 16:15

Смартфон ASUS со странными характеристиками появился в США

До сих пор в модельном ряду ASUS был только один смартфон на базе однокристальной системы Snapdragon 820 — ZenFone 3 Deluxe (см. обзор). Казалось бы, других быть уже не должно, ведь к настоящему времени данный чип утратил привлекательность в качестве флагманского решения, а для аппаратов среднего уровня у Qualcomm есть более свежие решения из 600-й серии. Но неожиданно на американском сайте тайваньского бренда обнаружился некий ZenFone V (V520KL), основой которого служит Snapdragon 820. В устройстве применяется 5,2-дюймовый AMOLED-дисплей, отображающий 1920 × 1080 точек и защищённый от механических повреждений стеклом Corning Gorilla Glass. Объёмы оперативной и флеш-памяти равны 4 и 32 Гбайт соответственно, для расширения последней предусмотрен слот microSD, поддерживающий карты вместимостью до 256 Гбайт. Основная камера имеет разрешение 23 Мп и обладает лазерным автофокусом, 4-осевой системой оптической стабилизации, светосилой f/2,0, двумя светодиодами вспышки и функцией записи 4K-видео. Фронтальная камера 8-мегапиксельная, с диафрагмой f/2,0.

18 сентября, 15:56

Reasons to Hold on to Armstrong World (AWI) Stock for Now

Armstrong World Industries (AWI) will benefit from repair as well as new construction activity. Improved price performance and other key metrics make the stock a solid choice for investors.