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27 февраля, 19:33

HMP Woodhill officer to be charged over prisoner's death

Joseph Travers faces manslaughter and misconduct charges over 2015 death of prisoner at men’s jail in Milton KeynesA prison officer is to be charged with gross negligence manslaughter and misconduct in public office in relation to the death of a prisoner.A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: “Following careful consideration of all the evidence provided to us by the police it has been decided that Joseph Travers should be charged with manslaughter and misconduct in public office in relation to the death of an HMP Woodhill inmate on 8 May 2015.” Continue reading...

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27 февраля, 19:28

Wrongbestfilmgate was a moment of pure chaos – my night of shocks at the Oscars

The Guardian film critic’s first Academy Awards ceremony delivered selfies, supercharged excitement and an upset that left everyone dazedAll the leaves are brown and the sky is grey as I leave dreary Britain for my date with celebrity destiny … in Los Angeles, California. I was heading for the Academy Awards, little knowing that the ceremony would be crowned with a moment of gorgeous and historic chaos, with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway giving the best picture award to the wrong film and creating the biggest YouTube moment since Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.But it wasn’t the fault of poor old Beatty and Dunaway, the presenters whose careers must now permanently include this embarrassing moment. It seems someone had somehow passed the envelope announcing Emma Stone’s best actress Oscar for La La Land into Beatty’s hand – and Beatty, after some understandable befuddlement, and equally understandable reluctance to stop the proceedings while he asked someone in charge what on earth was going on, just thought he and Dunaway had no choice but to assume that La La Land was the winner. That film’s entire team came triumphantly on and then had to be ignominiously herded off while Moonlight’s team straggled on for their anti-climactic and muddled moment. Continue reading...

27 февраля, 17:51

American Tower (AMT) Beats on Q4 Earnings, Revenues Lag

American Tower Corp. (AMT) reported mixed financial numbers in the fourth quarter of 2016. While the bottom line outpaced the Zacks Consensus Estimate, the top line lagged the same.

27 февраля, 16:48

American Tower (AMT) Tops Q4 Earnings, Lags Revenues

American Tower Corp. (AMT) has been aggressively buying towers in emerging markets.

27 февраля, 15:15

The big switchover: William Jennings Trump and the monetary elite

Main image:  DONALD Trump has been compared with many past politicians—Richard Nixon for his suspicion of the press and Warren Harding for his isolationism are two obvious examples. Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s alt-right hand man, has just compared him with William Jennings Bryan, who ran unsuccessfully for President in 1896, 1904 and 1908 on the Democratic ticket.Mr Bannon said that Mr Trump is an orator in the class of Bryan, although that seems pretty hard to credit. The current President has displayed nothing like the eloquence used by Bryan in his most famous speech, to the 1896 Democratic convention.You come to us and tell us that the great cities are in favour of the gold standard. I tell you that the great cities rest upon these broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.Having behind us the commercial interests and the labouring interests and all the toiling masses, we shall answer their demands for a gold standard by saying to them, you shall not press down upon the brow of labour this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.Nevertheless, there is something to the comparison. Bryan appealed to the ...

27 февраля, 07:44

High style and politics on Oscars red carpet

FOR Hollywood's A-list, Oscars night is the biggest fashion moment of the year. And Tinseltown's top actresses did not disappoint on Sunday, with winter white gowns among the key trends. Here are some

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26 февраля, 20:20

The Hollywood Roosevelt: The Original Oscars Hotel

Forget the Dolby Theatre; back in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Academy Awards were held half a block away at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Today, this city landmark, crowned with its gigantic neon red sign and framed by towering palm trees, still attracts legions of celebrities.

25 февраля, 12:00

Checkmate: Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin is shaking up the chess world

Sergey Karjakin is the most famous Russian chess player of the young generation. His world championship match in November 2016 was watched by tens of millions of people online. He is known for his ability to find a way out of the worst, almost hopeless chess situations, for his ideal poker face, and for his invariably polite and amicable demeanor. He is the opposite of the common stereotype of a chess player - no glasses, no sweater, no deep pensiveness, slouching or a chessboard under his armpit. Some consider Karjakin to be an extraordinary and successful business project; others think he’s purely a genius. We meet in a sports bar and try to avoid the tea-with-a-journalist format. We want to beat Karjakin or to at least drive him out of his comfort zone, and to that end we prepared a test for him.  - Shall we play? He asks calmly, looking at a huge plasma screen and a couple of joysticks. Naturally, it’s not virtual chess on the screen. We’ll play something not particularly intellectual … how about good old fighting. - Maybe Mortal Kombat? - I’ll just practice a little, ok? He quickly agrees and goes on to trash my character who is standing immobile at the center of the imperial palace. His personal manager Kirill Zangalis is sitting in a far corner with his notebook. The fact that Karjakin has a personal manager is a precedent in itself. Previously, chess players in Russia could not afford them. Zangalis is responsible for promotion. Their strategy could be summed up thus: “The ultimate goal is to turn the chess player into a superstar. The recipe for success is to beat the current world champion.” Round One – Find sponsors - I have absolutely no time for computer games because, first of all, I have tournaments and second, training for tournaments. To be honest, I think they are a waste of time.   Karjakin’s Sub-Zero gets a powerful kick and the young grandmaster bursts out laughing. He claims I jinxed him and he chose the wrong character. - You know, as a child I spent hours playing Heroes III, and then I must have just grown out of it. The Crimean-born Karjakin insists that his childhood in Simferopol was ordinary - with games, acrobatics, friends in the yard, and etc. However, he was home-schooled. During the interview he repeats several times: "I am a person just like you – I don’t like dealing with complicated things." This may be so, but by the time he was 10, Karjakin had already been to tournaments in 15 countries; at 12, he became the youngest grandmaster in history; and at 14, he won the Chess Olympiad, played for the national team of Ukraine, and five years later moved to Moscow. - I had practically no support in Ukraine. I am not even speaking of paying for coaches or covering the cost of training trips. There were no strong coaches there anyway. When in 2004 I won the Olympiad, the state paid us $3,000, before tax. - Was that little? - It was humiliatingly little. I even considered rejecting the reward. He now lives in the countryside outside Moscow, in Rublyovka, with pop stars and politicians for neighbors. He drives a new Mercedes, and his computer is protected by Kaspersky Lab - both brands are his sponsors. The names of his other sponsors are sewn on his jacket:  Alpari, Russia’s forex market leader; and VSMPO-AVISMA, a major titanium producer. Yet, a mere five years ago, no private company wanted to invest in chess players. He and Zangalis fought to put an end to investors asking: "Why is this a sport and who needs this boring game?" - Alpari were the first to believe in me. Together, we came up with the campaign, “Let’s return the chess crown to Russia.” For the tournament in New York, the most difficult in his life, a general sponsor was found just 48 hours before departure. After the tournament, there was no longer any difficulty with finding sponsors, even though Karjakin lost. Round Two – 'Beat the champion' - What went wrong? I must have made a mistake when I was leading in the score. At that moment, I should have finished Magnus Carlsen off, but instead I tried to get a draw and retreated into myself. Norway’s Magnus Carlsen is the current world champion. He is the same age as Karjakin. The two prodigies are constantly compared, like the eastern and western schools. Karjakin thinks Magnus could be invincible - he does not have any obvious weaknesses, and he is the most versatile chess player in history. But Karjakin has made some findings, which are a "big secret." - Do you have weaknesses? - I too consider myself to be versatile – I do not have that many weaknesses. For instance, Carlsen was a clear favorite, and yet in the end he was losing in the classical part of the tournament. - Doesn’t it irritate you that you are constantly compared? - Not any more, though it did a bit when I was a child. At the age of 14-15, I already was in the world’s top 100, while he was miles away. It seemed that he, shall we say, had too much in advance. But then he deservedly became No. 1. Karjakin’s strength is that it does not take him long to think; he comes up and immediately makes a move. Things that can take others five hours, take him an hour or two. And while my Kitana is beaten like a punching bag, I am told that to play against 70 opponents is normal, but to beat 70 opponents is very difficult. To come up to each of them and make a move, you have to cover a distance of 500 meters; do it at least 10 times and that’s already 5 kilometers. And this is pure sport. Round Three – 'Become a legend' - What is your limit? - The age of 50 or 60, when my brain is not as quick as now. - And what then – politics or business? - I think so. - So what is it, politics or business? - I haven’t decided yet. Everything will depend on the situation. In any event, it will have something to do with chess. I already have a chess school of my own affiliated with Moscow State University. He also has connections. He discusses chess with Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, and says he would be keen to play with President Putin if the latter could find the time. He’s friends with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, and he’s glad that Crimea is now part of Russia. The strategy he and Zangales developed still works - in 2018, they will challenge Magnus for the chess crown, and “of course, will take it”. Asked if it hurts to lose, he says "No.” And he shows his famous poker face. When the Norwegian lost one of the matches to Karjakin, he fled from the press conference. I ask Sergey what is the source of his equanimity. - It is important not to take everything close to heart. - Do you build a wall? - Something like that. Detachment effect. - Are you a perfectionist? - I don’t know… Could you make the question more specific? - Is it very important for you to be the first? To win? - Depends in what. In computer games I do not necessarily have to beat you, but I cannot deliberately play at give-away either. And he wins. Outright. RBTH thanks the Match Point sports entertainment center for assisting in the video shooting.

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25 февраля, 01:29

Chelsea’s Antonio Conte still feels pain of title that got away 17 years ago

• Chelsea manager obsessed with taking nothing for granted• Conte visits Twickenham to see England training methodsAntonio Conte says he is haunted by the Devon Loch moment from his playing days which caused him not to sleep for six nights, but he is confident his Chelsea team will not lose their focus in the pursuit of the Premier League title.Chelsea have built an eight-point lead at the top of the table, before their home game against Swansea City on Saturday and, as such, they are the favourites to be crowned as champions. They have 13 matches to go and only one of them is away from home against a top six rival – the trip to Manchester United in mid-April. Continue reading...

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24 февраля, 21:28

Спецпредставитель США по Сирии проводит консультации с оппозиционным ВКП

Майкл Ратни прибыл в гостиницу Crown Plaza, где проходят консультации ВКП с "каирской" группой сирийской оппозиции о возможном объединении

24 февраля, 19:05

‘Big setback’ for Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s plan to rescue the beleaguered Great Barrier Reef has been set back at least two decades after the fragile ecosystem suffered its worst-ever bleaching last year, experts said yesterday.

24 февраля, 16:51

Six Nations: Wales looking for Halfpenny's boot to end Scotland revival | Paul Rees

Wales have talked about expansion and their style is evolving, but if there is to be a similar score against Scotland it is likely to be contrived by the home sideIt is the 40th anniversary next month of one of Wales’s most celebrated tries and one of the championship’s best. It was scored by Phil Bennett at Murrayfield in 1977 at the end of the move started by Gerald Davies in his own 22 that left 10 defenders scattered on the turf.It was a scintillating example of how Wales strutted in that decade of three grand slams, five triple crowns and five outright titles, but if there is to be a similar score at Murrayfield on Saturday it is more likely to be contrived by the home side who, after years when penalties were their staple diet, are serving up tries again. Continue reading...

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24 февраля, 14:28

Wigan to face RFL investigation after switch of home game to Widnes

• Super League match went ahead at Widnes: Wigan won 28-26• DW Stadium still scheduled to host Wigan v Nottingham ForestWigan face an investigation from the Rugby Football League over the furore surrounding the Super League champions’ match against Widnes, which was postponed only hours before the match was to be played.Wigan released a statement on Thursday night that said the match, five days on from their World Club Challenge victory against Cronulla, had been postponed owing to the DW Stadium pitch being unable to support two games in 24 hours. Co-tenants Wigan Athletic are set to play Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon. Continue reading...

24 февраля, 13:51

Claudio Ranieri: my dream died with Leicester sacking

• Craig Shakespeare denies player mutiny forced out manager• Leicester chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha urges fans to respect decisionClaudio Ranieri has admitted “his dream died” when he was sacked by Leicester City, with the Italian paying tribute to the club’s supporters for the “amazing adventure” which led to them being crowned Premier League champions last season for the first time.As numerous figures from the Manchester United manager, José Mourinho, to England Rugby’s head coach, Eddie Jones, expressed their solidarity following his departure on Thursday, Ranieri released a statement via the League Managers Association in which he expressed his sadness at leaving the role he had occupied since replacing Nigel Pearson in July 2015. Continue reading...

24 февраля, 07:50

10 Movies Likely to Fail in 2017

Not every movie idea is a winner, proven by 2017's crop of questionable releases. Here are the films likely to flop once they hit theaters this year.

24 февраля, 07:42

The Pipelines Behind The Epic Paul Ryan-Koch Industries Feud

WASHINGTON ― Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest importers, is waging a campaign in Washington against a major new importation levy ― but it is doing so only on principle, the company says. Either way, the battle puts the Kochs, who have given billions to conservative causes, at odds with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The irony of the fight is heightened by just how close they have been in the past. It was the Kochs who pushed hardest for Ryan to be Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, and last year, Charles Koch was still hoping Ryan would emerge as a surprise presidential nominee even on the eve of the Republican National Convention. The cornerstone of Ryan’s agenda is a reform of the tax code that would eliminate the current corporate tax regime and replace it with a “territorial” system that would tax imports at around 20 to 25 percent while allowing exports to flow freely. The aim is to give an advantage to U.S. manufacturers and to cut corporate taxes. More than a hundred other countries have moved to similar systems, but it faces stiff opposition in the Senate — and from America’s big importers: Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Koch Industries. Koch Industries, which is not thought of in the public imagination as an importer, makes the list largely for its importation of tar sands oil. In 2015, the last full year for which the Department of Energy has records, the company’s Pine Bend refinery in Minnesota imported just under 80 million barrels of tar sands oil from Canada, accounting for a quarter of all the oil imported from up north. Even though the price of tar sands oil has fallen to as low as $8 a barrel, while global crude prices are about $55 a barrel, the Kochs would end up with $640 million in imports. A 20 percent tax on $640 million in oil would cost the Kochs $128 million each year. To put the Kochs’ importation business in context, Dole Food is considered by the Journal of Commerce to be the fourth-largest importer in the U.S. But the business press often leaves the Kochs out of such conversations. Last year, Dole pulled in $4.5 billion in revenue. Subtract from that profit and the cost of importing and distributing its fruit and other products, and you’re left with the value of the imported goods themselves — likely less than the Kochs’ $640 million in imported oil. Koch Industries doesn’t tout Pine Bend publicly as part of its empire, but the importance to its business is hard to overstate. “This was always referred to as the crown jewel of Koch,” said one former Koch insider. “The deal that made Pine Bend refinery a part of Koch Industries was a seminal moment in the history of the company. Without Pine Bend, we probably never would have heard of Charles and David Koch, and they certainly wouldn’t be spending in elections the way they are without it.” Acquiring Pine Bend in 1969 was “one of the most significant events in the evolution of our company,” Charles Koch wrote in his 2007 book, “The Science of Success.” It allowed the Kochs “to enter chemicals and, more recently, fibers and polymers.” The development of western Canada’s tar sands extraction industry, and the resulting pipeline boom that has become a political flashpoint at the border and on tribal lands, would have happened far differently were it not for the Koch brothers. “Without Pine Bend, Koch Industries as you know it today does not exist. It allowed them to invest in buying and growing companies like Georgia Pacific, Molex, Invista and Koch Fertilizer,” said the Koch insider. The volume of imports puts Koch opposition to Ryan’s importation levy into an entirely different perspective. Earlier this month, HuffPost asked Koch Industries if its opposition to the border tax would be softened by exempting oil imports. Philip Ellender, president of government and public affairs at Koch Companies Public Sector, said that if oil was carved out of the border tax, “Koch would benefit,” but they’d still oppose it on principle. “If there is in fact a carve-out for oil ― or any industry ― we will not support it,” Ellender said. “While Koch would benefit, we are opposed to taxing consumers in order to cut our company’s taxes. We agree with Speaker Ryan on the need for comprehensive tax reform, but we do not support a border adjustment tax and his plan as currently proposed.” But in December, when the Kochs initially announced opposition to the border tax, the messaging was a bit different, putting the focus on the manufacturing the Kochs do. “While companies like Koch who manufacture and produce many products domestically would greatly benefit in the short-term, the long-term consequences to the economy and the American consumer could be devastating,” Ellender said at the time. David Dziok, a spokesman for Koch Industries, said this week that ultimately the Kochs would benefit from a border tax, because the tax on their imports would be passed on to consumers. “A BAT will force Americans to pay higher prices for the goods they use every single day ― from clothing to gas to groceries,” he said. “Koch Industries agrees on the need for comprehensive tax reform, but we are opposed to taxing consumers in order to cut our company’s taxes.” But even if the company can pass on the entire increase to its consumers ― not always possible ― raising the price of gas tends to mean people will buy less gas. As fuel prices rose a decade ago, sales of gas-guzzling SUVs fell. With gas prices dropping, sales of bigger cars are on the rise. Whether the drop in demand would wash out the rise in price is impossible to predict, but a Goldman Sachs analysis of the House Republican plan predicted a 30-cent-a-gallon hike in gas prices in the short term but noted it would “likely moderate over time” as U.S. production rose and the dollar strengthened, which would drive down the price of foreign oil. The confusion over such a basic question as whether the company would be hurt or helped, or whether its tax bill would go up or down, flows from the Kochs’ longtime insistence that their libertarian politics and their corporate self-interest are entirely unrelated. There’s glory in fighting for freedom but not in lobbying for corporate profit. People outside Washington may find it head-scratching, but maintaining this public distinction is deeply important to the Kochs, said three people who’ve worked with the company. Koch Industries and its representatives routinely refer to the brothers’ opposition to ethanol subsidies, for instance — even though they are one of the largest producers of ethanol — as evidence of the purity of their libertarian values. So lobbying that it does on public policy must be divorced from the corporate bottom line. That lobbying is kicking into high gear, said the former Koch insider. “They’re marshaling their resources and going back to their old playbook, which means unleashing [Americans for Prosperity] and leaning on academics they have ‘sponsored,’” said the former Koch insider. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

24 февраля, 05:19

10 Interesting Beauty Trends From Around the World

There are plenty of beauty trends out there -- some definitely better than others. Here are a few we're betting you've never tried.

24 февраля, 04:30

Boehner: Full Repeal And Replace Of Obamacare "Is Not Going To Happen"

Back on January 12th, 8 days before Trump even officially moved into the White House, the prospects of a quick repeal and replacement of Obamacare were looking really good when the Senate voted 51-48 to instruct key committees to start drafting legislation to do away with Obama's crowning "achievement".  In fact, that early January budget resolution required lawmakers to submit repeal proposals for consideration by January 27th, a lofty goal, but welcome news to conservative voters around the country that were eager for a quick unwind of the controversial legislation. Alas, today, nearly a full month after the original deadline of January 27th, no replacement plan has been officially introduced and even Trump admits "maybe it will take till sometime into next year, but we are certainly going to be in the process...it's very complicated." But, at least according to comments made by John Boehner at a healthcare conference earlier today, the reason for the delay in the repeal and replacement of Obamacare isn't that complicated at all and revolves around the GOP's inability to reach a consensus on the key components of a replacement bill.  Per Politico: On Thursday, Boehner said the talk in November about lightning-fast passage of a new health care framework was wildly optimistic.   Boehner, who resigned in 2015 amid unrest among conservatives, said at an Orlando health care conference that the idea that a repeal-and-replace plan would blitz through Congress is just “happy talk.”   “[Congressional Republicans are] going to fix Obamacare – I shouldn’t call it repeal-and-replace, because it’s not going to happen,” he said.   “I started laughing,” he said. “Republicans never ever agree on health care.” Meanwhile, for those hoping for a full repeal no matter the timeline, Boehner warns that several key components of Obamacare, including insurance coverage for 'kids' up to age 26, required coverage for people with preexisting conditions and subsidies for low-income families are unlikely to go away under a Republican plan. "Most of the Affordable Care Act, the framework, is going to stay there."   "Coverage for kids up to age 26, covering those with preexisting conditions, all of that's going to be there.  Subsidies for those who can't afford it, who aren't on Medicaid, who I call the working poor, subsidies for them will be there." "But what will be different is that CMS will not dictate to every state exactly how the plan is going to run.  And if the state wants to run an exchange, the state can run an exchange.  The states will control the policies that are offered like they control every other insurance product offered in their state." But while the ultimate high-level terms of an Obamacare replacement plan shouldn't be too difficult to predict, Boehner says that in his 25 years in Washington D.C. "Republicans never, ever, not one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like." "So this is not all that hard to figure out.  Except this, in the 25 years I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, not one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like.  Not once."   "And all this happy talk that went on in November and December and January about repeal, repeal, repeal...if you pass repeal without replace, you'll never pass replace because they will never agree on what the bill should be.  The perfect always becomes the enemy of the good." Perhaps Trump is now learning why politicians are "all talk"...even the guys playing for the same team can't seem to reach consensus on pretty much anything.

23 февраля, 21:36

Six Nations: Scotland’s John Barclay banks on his local knowledge of Wales

• Flanker becomes second Wales-based player to captain Scots against Welsh• Scotland still in position to lift Triple Crown after early defeat of IrelandScotland’s new captain, John Barclay, has had a head start on his team’s analysts this week. On Saturday at Murrayfield he will become the eighth player to lead his country against Wales while playing for a Welsh club and only the second Scot, after Arthur Smith in 1960. He has inside intelligence.Barclay, a flanker with the Scarlets and a colleague of the Wales forwards Rob Evans, Ken Owens and Jake Ball, takes over as Scotland’s captain from Greig Laidlaw, who suffered an ankle injury against France in the last round that is set to sideline him for the rest of the season. Continue reading...

23 февраля, 08:59

Greatest NBA Players in Every Franchise’s History

There have been a lot of great players in the NBA, and we have the best player who has worn the uniform of each NBA franchise.

Выбор редакции
15 октября 2012, 11:40

15 громких примеров, которые изучают в бизнес-школах

Если вы учились в школе бизнеса, то наверняка рассматривали примеры ведения бизнеса в крупных компаниях. Реальные истории помогают студентам лучше понять успешные и неудачные стратегии. Имеются классические примеры, в число которых входят решение Apple сменить название и победа Ryanair над более мощными конкурентами. Интернет-издание Business Insider с помощью преподавателей из американских школ бизнеса составило список 15 примеров, которые должны знать студенты программы MBA. Почему Apple сменила название Пример: Apple Inc. Основной вывод: иногда невозможно в лоб одержать победу над конкурентом, не изменившись самому. Что произошло: Apple сменила название Apple Computers на Apple Inc. в 2007 г. Этот шаг отразил фундаментальное изменение приоритетов: от культовых компьютеров Mac к принципиально новым видам электроники iPod и iPhone, которые сегодня приносят американской компании более половины прибыли. Трансформация компании произошла вовремя и чрезвычайно успешно. Как Lululemon сохранила репутацию культовой компанииПример: менеджмент, культура и изменения в Lululemon. Основной вывод: вместо вражды найти возможность объединить основателей компании. Что произошло: в середине 2008 г. управление компанией перешло от ее основателя Дениса Уилсона к новому президенту Кристине Дэй. Тогда же Уилсон высказал тревогу по поводу угрозы традициям и стоимости фирмы в связи с новым руководством. Между тем Дэй унаследовала массу проблем, в том числе плохие результаты сетевых кафе, неудачную стратегию в недвижимости и плохую коммуникацию между подразделениями компании. Используя свой опыт и новую стратегию, она сделала все, чтобы расширить присутствие Starbucks в мире. Более того, она убедила основателей компании пройти курс управления в Гарварде и Стэнфорде, чтобы лучше понимать необходимость перемен. За 4 года стоимость компании выросла с $350 млн до $10,59 млрд. Как Cisco вновь стала конкурентоспособной Пример: Cisco Systems - развитие стратегии человеческого капитала. Основной вывод: выращенные внутри компании таланты могут помочь пережить трудные времена. Что произошло: Cisco развивалась чрезвычайно быстро в период пузыря hi-tech, купив в это время 70 фирм и увеличив в 2 раза численность сотрудников корпорации. После того как пузырь лопнул, Cisco пришлось изменить стратегию развития и вместо быстрого роста заняться воспитанием собственных талантов. Для наиболее перспективных специалистов компания создала университет Cisco. В течение трех лет ситуация в корпорации кардинально изменилась, что позволило ей вновь стать лидером на рынке. Как газета USA Today вновь стала прибыльной Пример: развитие новой стратегии в USA Today Основной вывод: иногда старые лидеры не могут успешно руководить компанией в новых условиях. Что произошло: когда тираж газеты резко пошел вниз, президент USA Today Том Кюрли решил интегрировать различные подразделения компании, в том числе интернет-сайты, телеканалы и печатные издания, и эффективнее использовать содержание новостей. При этом многие старые руководители в его команде выступали против новой стратегии. В итоге Кюрли пришлось заменить пятерых из семи высокопоставленных менеджеров. Как Dreyer пережил катастрофу Пример: сеть кафе-мороженых Dreyer Основной вывод: не пытайтесь вводить в заблуждение сотрудников. Что произошло: многочисленные проблемы, в том числе высокая стоимость сырья, падение продаж и завершение контрактных отношений с Ben & Jerry's, заставили компанию провести срочную реструктуризацию. Во время ее проведения руководители лично встречались с каждым работником и обсуждали предстоящий план действий, а также внимательно слушали их советы. Стратегия доверия, открытости и веры в собственных сотрудников помогла компании в течение двух лет вновь стать прибыльной. Как Microsoft решила конкурировать с Google Пример: поисковик Microsoft Основной вывод: нет чудесных методов, необходимо вовлекать всю компанию и все ее ресурсы. Что произошло: через 10 лет после своего основания Google смогла стать ведущим поисковиком в интернете. Microsoft занимала третью строчку, уступая даже Yahoo!. Но компания мобилизовалась и решила кардинально изменить ситуацию, создав в 2009 г. поисковик Bing!, который смог бросить серьезный вызов лидеру рынка. Как Ryanair обошла более крупных конкурентов Пример: Ryanair - борьба за небо Европы Основной вывод: ограниченная в ресурсах компания может мобилизоваться и обойти более богатых конкурентов. Что произошло: в 1986 г. два брата Райан объявили о создании новой компании, которая не побоится бросить вызов таким гигантам индустрии, как British Airways и Aer Lingus, на маршруте Лондон – Дублин. Предложив билеты по рекордно низким ценам, Ryanair смогли привлечь пассажиров, которые раньше пользовались поездом или паромом. Этические вопросы воспринимаются по-разному в мире Пример: Merck Sharp & Dohme Argentina, Inc. Основной вывод: этические решения не всегда бывают легкими. Что произошло: новому президенту аргентинской "дочки" Merck была поставлена задача сделать компанию современной и профессиональной. Через некоторое время у него возникла этическая дилемма. Один из кандидатов на престижное место в программе стажеров был сын высокопоставленного чиновника в Министерстве здравоохранения Аргентины. Президенту недвусмысленно дали понять: если студент будет взят в компанию, то лекарства Merck будут включены в государственную программу распространения, что, безусловно, приведет к росту продаж. Это был реальный конфликт между желанием Москера реформировать компанию и реальностью ведения бизнеса в развивающейся стране. Почему Cirque du Soleil решил отказаться от привычного комфорта Пример: Cirque du Soleil – новое здание привело к новому партнерству Основной вывод: иногда следует отказаться от старых партнеров для роста Что произошло: Cirque du Soleil имел взаимовыгодные отношения с казино MGM Mirage. Казино сделало значительные инвестиции в специально построенное здание для уникальных выступлений цирка. Но появившиеся возможности в Азии и на Ближнем Востоке заставили президента Cirque du Soleil Даниэля Ламэрра начать переговоры о новых партнерских отношениях. Почему Airborne Express проиграл конкуренцию Пример: Airborne Express Основной вывод: узкая специализация может дать преимущество, но только на непродолжительное время. Что произошло: Airborne Express, небольшой конкурент FedEx и UPS, смогла добиться значительных результатов, несмотря на свой размер. Успех объясняется продолжительной забастовкой сотрудников UPS, чем умело воспользовалась Airborne Express. Новая компания решила стать узкоспециализированной, предлагая сервис по низким ценам лишь в больших городах. Однако эта стратегия оказалась малоуспешной, и компанию в итоге приобрела DHL. Как плохая коммуникация чуть не уничтожила менеджера Пример: Эрик Петерсон Основной вывод: порой трудно преодолеть бюрократические барьеры Что произошло: недавний выпускник школы бизнеса был назначен директором региональной "дочки" крупной телефонной компании в конце 1980-х гг. Фирма под управлением Петерсона начала масштабную работу по развитию мобильного сервиса в штатах Вермонт и Нью-Гемпшир. Однако новый проект отставал по срокам, и Петерсон предложил руководству пересмотреть даты. Но он не смог быстро и своевременно связаться с начальством, что в итоге привело к многочисленным проблемам. Как Уильям Авери стал легендой Пример: Crown Cork & Seal в 1989 г. Основной вывод: не бойся думать о себе Что произошло: Уильям Авери стал президентом Crown в 1989 г., когда на рынке появились новые конкуренты, а подразделение по выпуску металла становилось все более убыточным. Первое, что Авери сделал, – начал разработку долгосрочной стратегии развития компании, которая включала в себя покупку конкурентов и освоение производства новых упаковок. Успех не заставил себя долго ждать: сегодня компания выпускает одну из пяти банок/бутылок для прохладительных напитков по всему миру. Почему Cisco решила играть по-крупному Пример: новые приобретения Cisco Основной вывод: компаниям нужны разные вещи в разное время Что произошло: примерно в 2006 г Cisco решила отказаться от стратегии приобретения небольших инновационных стартапов, концентрируя внимание лишь на редких покупках больших игроков. Старая стратегия была оптимальной на фоне быстрого развития интернета. Но ситуация на рынке изменилась, а значит, стали необходимы и новые модели ведения бизнеса. Как Lincoln Electric добилась успеха с необычной стратегией Пример: Lincoln Electric Co Основной вывод: делай все просто Что произошло: это один из классических примеров американского бизнеса. Крупнейший производитель изделий электродуговой сварки с 1975 г. не имеет профсоюза и не предлагает дополнительные бонусы сотрудникам. В то же время Lincoln Electric гарантирует каждому сотруднику пожизненное трудоустройство и возможность стать акционером компании. Размер зарплаты напрямую зависит от уровня прибыли фирмы. Столь необычные методы до сих пор не мешают Lincoln Electric оставаться конкурентоспособной и прибыльной компанией. Стратегия Lincoln убедительно подтверждает важность мотивации сотрудников. Почему Nucor Steel решила рискнуть Пример: Nucor на распутье Основной вывод: инвестиции определяют размер нового проекта Что произошло: в 1986 г. перед президентом Nucor Кенес Иверсон был непростой выбор: принять или нет новую технологию отливки стали. Технология позволила бы компании получить много преимуществ, в том числе значительное снижение расходов. Но для ее внедрения необходимы значительные инвестиции, а технология не была еще одобрена контролирующими органами. В итоге Nucor все же решила построить в 1989 г. первый завод с использованием новой технологии. С тех пор компания остается крупнейшим производителем стали в США.