20 декабря 2017, 05:02

Ryan and McConnell head for clash over Obamacare

House and Senate Republicans are feuding over whether to prop up the health law in a bill to avoid a government shutdown.

19 декабря 2017, 20:21

Republicans fight Democrats — and themselves — as shutdown looms

House and Senate Republicans disagree on key government funding issues, and they’ll still need buy-in from Democrats.

18 декабря 2017, 17:10

Intentions for Doing Good Matter for Doing Well: The (Negative) Signaling Value of Prosocial Incentives -- by Lea Cassar, Stephan Meier

Prosocial incentives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are seen by many firms as an effective way to motivate workers. Recent empirical results seem to support the expectation that prosocial incentive, e.g. in the form of a charitable donations by the firm, can increase effort and motivation - sometimes even better than monetary incentives. We argue that the benefits crucially depend on the perceived intention of the firm. Workers use prosocial incentives as a signal about the firm's type and if used instrumentally in order to profit the firm, they can backfire. We show in an experiment in collaboration with an Italian firm, that monetary and prosocial incentives work very differently. While monetary incentives used instrumentally increase effort, instrumental charitable incentives backfire compared to non-instrumental incentives. This is especially true for non-prosocially-motivated workers who do not care about the prosocial cause but use prosocial incentives only as a signal about the firm. The results contribute to the understanding of the limits of prosocial incentives by focusing on their signaling value to the agent about the principal's type.

15 декабря 2017, 13:22

Пятница: Итоги торгов на основных фондовых площадках Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона

Фондовые индексы Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона закрылись в основном со снижением, так как неопределенность в отношении прогноза по продвижению плана республиканской налоговой реформы повлияла на настроение инвесторов. Региональные экономические данные действительно помогли нескольким рынкам на ранней стадии сессии, но настроение стало осторожным со значительным негативным уклоном по мере продвижения торгов. Австралийский рынок восстановился после плоского старта, но не смог удержать прибыль и в итоге несколько снизился. Акции HT & E упали в цене более чем на -7%, а Retail Food Group - на -4,6%. Бумаги Macquarie Atlas Roads, Flexigroup, Fairfax Media, JB Hi-Fi, Sigma Pharma, Alumina, Sirtex Medical, CSR и Whitehaven Coal также закрылись со снижением в диапазоне на -2-4%. На торгах в Токио, Nikkei 225 закрылся в красной зоне, несмотря на улучшение деловой уверенности в Японии. Опрос Банка Японии Tankan показал, что индекс настроений крупных японских производителей достиг 11-летнего максимума, так как доходы компаний по-прежнему остаются высокими на фоне улучшения ситуации в мировой экономике и продолжения роста ВВП Японии уже на протяжении 7 кварталов подряд. Индекс настроений крупных производителей в четвертом квартале составил 25 против 22 за предыдущий квартал, достигнув максимума с 2006 года. Экономисты ожидали рост показателя до 24. Также стало известно, что индекс настроений крупных непроизводственных компаний в четвертом квартале составил 23, как и ожидалось, оставшись на уровне третьего квартала. NIKKEI 22553.22 -141.23 -0.62% SHANGHAI 3266.15 -26.29 -0.80% HSI 28848.11 -318.27 -1.09% ASX 200 5997.00 -14.30 -0.24% KOSPI 2482.07 +12.59 +0.51% NZ50 8360.86 +37.11 +0.45% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

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08 декабря 2017, 23:13

Silicon Valley Paying Whores..Errr..Models to Show up to Christmas Parties

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Remember ladies, these forward thinking, progressive companies care about you and CSR and diversity and women's rights so much.HHR4HM7ZPMV3

08 декабря 2017, 17:50

Etsy Hits 52-Week High on Solid Customer Base, Cost Efforts

Etsy (ETSY) benefits from expanding customer base, new tools and cost reduction initiatives.

08 декабря 2017, 13:06

Collins' Obamacare deal faces moment of truth

House conservatives thumb their nose at the Maine moderate's bid to slow the demise of the health law.

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05 декабря 2017, 23:21

Histone methyltransferase MMSET promotes AID-mediated DNA breaks at the donor switch region during class switch recombination [Immunology and Inflammation]

In B cells, Ig class switch recombination (CSR) is initiated by activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID), the activity of which leads to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) within IgH switch (S) regions. Preferential targeting of AID-mediated DSBs to S sequences is critical for allowing diversification of antibody functions, while minimizing potential off-target...

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05 декабря 2017, 16:30

How Brands' CSR Efforts Are Helping To Rebuild Puerto Rico

Just because there are advantages to brands stepping up doesn't mean it's the intention.

30 ноября 2017, 03:46

The Trump Presidency Isn't Nearly As Bad As It Sounds

Amid the miasma of manufactured controversies, lurid distractions and conspiracy theories, Trump’s presidency is, as Mark Twain is supposed to have said of Wagner’s music, “better than it sounds.”

26 ноября 2017, 19:01

Aussie building boom creates brick shortage

On the edges of Sydney, where Australia’s biggest city is sprawling across paddocks and market gardens, demand for new homes is running harder than tradesmen can lay bricks.

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18 ноября 2017, 16:56

Stop Confusing CSR With Purpose

Corporate Social Responsibility is important ... but it's not to be confused with purpose.

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13 ноября 2017, 19:10

End Sexual Assault by Forcing Men to Work from Home

As an economist I always try to find the simplest, cheapest, and most effective solutions to society's problems.  However, whereas mere mediocre economists talk about multi-factor productivity, education, etc., the reason I'm one of the best economists is because I do something most others don't.I think outside the box.And so, just like I was (in theory) able to prevent the Dotcom Bubble, the Asian Currency Crisis, the Housing Bubble, Education Bubble, and Retirement Bubble, I have found a way to bring the epidemic of sexual harassment and sexual assault to a screeching halt, and at practically no expense to America.Force men to work from home.It seems to me that "boys are just going to be boys" and while I know feminists, academians, HR departments, CSR departments, and non-profits are doing their best to eliminate toxic masculinity and bring out the more feminine side of men, until that noble goal is achieved, it may be best to avail ourselves of already available technology and require that men only work from home.This will bring about a lot of benefits to society that go well beyond ending work place sexual harassment and assault.  Women won't be bothered by men at the office or in the downtown eateries come lunch time.  They will not be harassed, allowing for much safer work place environments.  An all-women workplace environment will FINALLY come to fruition allowing them the chance to excel that was traditionally the preserve of men.  Plus, the highways won't be as crowded come the morning and evening commutes.  One might even say this would force men to be the house husbands, forcing them to see what it was like to be oppressed as a stay at home mom.I'm not advocating necessarily that we eliminate choice from men and as to what their work options are.  I'm merely suggesting that corporations, schools, universities, and other employers exercise their rights as private employers insist their male employees, workers and students simply work and study from home.  It will bring about the immediate end of work place sexual assault, prevent crises like Hollywood's current sexual assault affair from happening in the future, put a dead stop to the campus rape epidemic that is occurring now, and finally give women the shot they deserve at equality.HHR4HM7ZPMV3

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09 ноября 2017, 00:34

Установка SSL-сертификата на Zimbra

Расскажем, как установить SSL-сертификаты в Zimbra. После активации SSL-кода с кодом CSR и выполнения всех требований к проверке, сертификат SSL будет выдан и отправлен на ваш адрес электронной почты. Когда сертификат будет получен, вы можете начать процесс установки. Почтовый сервер Zimbra поддерживает два возможных способа установки SSL: консоль администрирования zimbra (веб-интерфейс) zimbra certificate manager (интерфейс командной строки) Читать дальше →

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03 ноября 2017, 16:14

The CSR Perspective On Brand Expression For The Company Of The 21st Century

We showcase Arrow’s solution capabilities in a very approachable way, and our projects clearly distinguish us from our competitors. We don’t replace marketing and business development, but these projects spark important new conversations.

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30 октября 2017, 14:00

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Takes Precedent Over Reputation

Rather than reputation, businesses need to focus their CSR efforts on what really matters — impact.

29 октября 2017, 13:56

Confusion clouds open enrollment with Republicans still eager to dismantle Obamacare

Shrinking enrollment will erode the markets politically — and weaken them, practically.

26 октября 2017, 05:00

Here's How Much Your Obamacare Rates Are Going Up In 2018 (Hint: It's A Lot And It's All Trump's Fault)

A new study conducted by Avalere and released earlier today found that Obamacare rates will surge an average of 34% across the country in 2018.  Of course, this is in addition to the 113% average premium increase from 2013 and 2017, which brings the total 5-year increase to a staggering 185%. Meanwhile, and to our complete shock no less, Avalere would like for you to know that the rate increases are almost entirely due to the Trump administration's "failure to pay for cost-sharing reductions"...which is a completely reasonable guess if you're willing to ignore the fact that 2018 premium increases are roughly in-line with the 29% constantly annualized growth rates experienced over the past 4 years before Trump ever moved into the White House...but that's just math so who cares? New analysis from Avalere finds that the 2018 exchange market will see silver premiums rise by an average of 34%. According to Avalere’s analysis of filings from Healthcare.gov states, exchange premiums for the most popular type of exchange plan (silver) will be 34% higher, on average, compared to last year.   “Plans are raising premiums in 2018 to account for market uncertainty and the federal government’s failure to pay for cost-sharing reductions,” said Caroline Pearson, senior vice president at Avalere. “These premium increases may allow insurers to remain in the market and enrollees in all regions to have access to coverage.”   Avalere experts attribute premium increases to a number of factors, including elimination of cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments, lower than anticipated enrollment in the marketplace, limited insurer participation, insufficient action by the government to reimburse plans that cover higher cost enrollees (e.g., via risk corridors), and general volatility around the policies governing the exchanges. The vast majority of exchange enrollees are subsidized and can avoid premium increases, if they select the lowest or second lowest cost silver plan in their region. However, some unsubsidized consumers who pay the full premium cost may choose not to enroll for 2018 due to premium increases. Of course, not all residents are treated equally when it comes to premium hikes.  So far, Iowa is winning the award for greatest percentage increase at 69%, with Wyoming, Utah and Virginia close behind.  On an absolute basis, Wyoming wins with the average 50 year old expected to drop nearly $1,200 per month (or roughly the cost of a mortgage) on health insurance premiums.  So what say you?  Have we finally reached the tipping point where enough full-paying Obamacare customers will simply forego insurance that they can no longer afford and cause the whole system to come crashing down?

25 октября 2017, 23:37

Judge denies request to force Trump to pay Obamacare insurance subsidies

Vince Chhabria failed to see the immediate threat to consumers that would require him to compel the federal government to make the payments.

18 апреля 2015, 09:10

5 самых быстрых поездов в мире

Современные поезда быстрее машин. Но насколько быстрее? На самом деле, даже суперкарам за составами, получившими статус bullet-train, не угнаться. Соревнуются они между собой. И ради победы готовы даже взлететь.