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Czech Republic
25 июля, 00:43

Why It’s Hard to Take Democrats Seriously on Russia

They’re right about Putin’s threat to American democracy. But wrong on just about everything else.

24 июля, 17:50

5 Great Value Picks for the World's Priciest Market

The United States is officially the world's least affordable equity market, while two-third of U.S. investors think stocks are overvalued

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22 июля, 00:33

Did Kyrgyzstan Get Sold A Hydropower Pup?

Barely a week passed after Kyrgyzstan triumphantly declared it had struck a deal with an international company willing to take up one of its ambitious hydropower projects for the agreement to begin looking highly suspect. The first alarms were rung in the Czech Republic, where Liglass Trading, the obscure company that has committed to building and operating Akbulun HPP and Naryn HPP-1 in the Upper Naryn cascade, is based. Journalists there were apparently startled by news that a company they had never heard of had managed to land a contract for…

21 июля, 16:35

The EU Can't Afford to Ignore Europe's Migrant Crisis

Naman Jain Security, Europe Brussels should help central Europe forge an effective funding and financing plan to help stop the conflict in Syria. A lot has been happening in the midst of the European migrant crisis. Most notably, the political debate between EU member states is widening on how to best handle this significantly deteriorating crisis. Specifically, the Visegrad Group, consisting of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, have opposed Brussels’ quota system on accepting refugees from war-torn areas. Criticism of the Visegrad countries, known as the V4, specifically on this ground, is unjustified, and rather than focusing on efforts to distribute thousands of migrants, Brussels must focus on helping resolve the crisis so that people are not forced to undertake this journey to Europe. First, there is no guarantee that all migrants seeking refuge in Europe are indeed coming from war-torn regions in Syria and Iraq, and this is highlighted by the lack of documentation on hand during the current crisis. Countries might have significantly effective vetting systems but these fail to work if documentation is unavailable or can be forged. With the risk of stating the obvious, no country desires an influx of unidentified individuals. Read full article

21 июля, 13:00

German RWE Mulls Building Giant UK Gas Plant

German utility RWE is to begin the planning process to develop future energy options at its former Tilbury B coal-fired power station, it said July 20, adding that this could include possibly 2.8 GW of new gas-fired capacity.  The site is one of the best in the country for power generation given...

21 июля, 12:24

‘America First’: Who Really Wins?

Top 10 winners from Trump’s foreign policy.

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