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13 декабря, 18:54

European parliament censures Czech PM in unprecedented move

MEPs call for suspension of EU payments to firm owned by Andrej Babiš over conflict of interest accusationsThe European parliament has formally censured the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, over conflict of interest accusations, in unprecedented criticism of a serving leader.MEPs called for the suspension of all EU payments to a business owned by the billionaire PM in a non-binding resolution adopted by 434 votes to 64, with 47 abstentions. Continue reading...

11 декабря, 17:25

Czech Republic Adopts Nord Stream 2 [NGW Magazine]

Whether by accident or design it is hard to tell, but the Czech Republic has managed to keep everyone sweet while getting its own way with the major pipeline project. (NGW Magazine Vol.3, Issue 23)

10 декабря, 14:55

EPH Cleared to Build Larger UK Plant

A Czech generator has been cleared to increase its planned UK gas-fired project.

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01 декабря, 01:00

Czech PM accused of conflict of interest over EU funds to businesses

Officials investigating tens of millions of grants handed to Andrej Babiš’s AgrofertThe billionaire prime minister of the Czech Republic has been accused of a conflict of interest over European Union funds paid to his company, according to a leaked report.The allegations will intensify pressure on the tycoon-turned-populist politician Andrej Babiš, who has been embroiled in scandal since taking office a year ago. Babiš faced calls for his resignation earlier this month when thousands of protesters took to the streets of Prague over allegations of a €2m (£1.8m) EU subsidy fraud. Continue reading...

30 ноября, 00:51

Princess Michael Of Kent: 15 Ways This Royal Is The Most Embarrassing In Modern Times

Most of the British Royal Family are poised and polite. However, Queen Elizabeth's cousin by marriage, Princess Michael of Kent is rather embarrassing.

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23 ноября, 16:14

Scandal Around Billionaire Prime Minister Leaves Czechs in Limbo

Andrej Babis, a bombastic populist, survived a no-confidence vote after his eldest son claimed to have been abducted to silence his testimony in a fraud case.

22 ноября, 09:00

A new wave of dissidents in the east can turn back Europe’s populist tide | Natalie Nougayrède

It’s easy to dismiss Hungary and Poland as hotbeds of authoritarianism – but there is democratic resistanceEurope’s outlook can appear bleak these days: the Brexit downward spiral continues, both Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are weakened, and Italy’s far-right-dominated, not-so-funny commedia dell’arte only seems to be getting worse. But turn your gaze a bit further east, and there is good news to be found. In central Europe, grassroots democratic movements seem to be gaining ground. In some ways they are much more valiant and persistent than those found in western European countries. They could reshape the EU in ways few people care to anticipate.The young people are particularly motivated: they have vivid family memories of an authoritarian system Continue reading...

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20 ноября, 17:00

How populism swept through Europe over 20 years

Populism is spreading across the continent but has different characteristics by region Continue reading...

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19 ноября, 12:57

Gruesome discovery of Czech tiger farm exposes illegal trade in heart of Europe

A haul of fresh pelts and rotting remains marks the end of a five-year probe into an international crime ring. Authorities fear it points to a wider problem in EuropeThe first thing that hit the inspectors was the smell. It was a sweltering midsummer day in Prague, and they had just opened an unplugged freezer filled with the rotting remains of tigers, lions and cougars. Pavla Rihova, the lead environmental inspector on the scene, said she had never seen anything like it.“I have been working for the inspectorate 25 years … but the situation there was really horrible. If you can imagine: an old freezer, without electricity, full of meat and dead bodies, in the garden for two years. Absolutely incredible.” Continue reading...

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18 ноября, 11:00

From a Czech warehouse to a street near you: the journey of a gun

Blank-firing Zoraki handguns, imported from Europe, have been converted to deadly weapons in a shed in BedfordOn the outskirts of Hlučín, beside a sports bar and pizza joint, is a two-storey warehouse increasingly familiar to British criminals and police. Here, a short stroll from the rolling farmland of the eastern Czech Republic, is the portentously titled Bullet Project, owned by the local weapons supplier Balistas.Visitors to the business’s website can acquire weaponry from crossbows to high-spec air rifles. The Zoraki automatic handgun, which can fire eight bullets a second, is proving popular with Britons. Continue reading...

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13 ноября, 20:52

Czech PM's future hangs in balance after son's kidnap claims

Opposition demands no-confidence vote on Andrej Babiš’s minority governmentThe political future of Andrej Babiš, the scandal-tainted Czech prime minister, has been plunged into fresh doubt after his son said he had been lured to Crimea and abducted to stop him testifying about alleged criminal fraud in his father’s business dealings.Opposition parties demanded a parliamentary no-confidence vote on Babiš’s minority coalition government after the Czech news site Seznam Zprávy broadcast a documentary that included footage of his son, Andrej Babiš Jr, making dramatic allegations apparently implicating his father. Continue reading...

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13 ноября, 18:00

Milan Kundera may have Czech citizenship restored, says prime minister

Czech prime minister proposes renewing exiled writer’s citizenship decades after the communist regime removed itThe Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, has offered to restore the exiled writer Milan Kundera’s citizenship almost 40 years after the country’s communist regime stripped him of it.Kundera, author of some of the 20th century’s most acclaimed works of fiction, was expelled from the communist party for “anti-communist activities” in 1950. He became a hate figure for the authorities and eventually fled Czechoslovakia for France in 1975. In 1979, his Czech citizenship was revoked by the government: he became a French citizen two years later. His works – from The Unbearable Lightness of Being to The Book of Laughter and Forgetting – were banned in his homeland until the late 80s. Continue reading...

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08 ноября, 16:52

LPO/Jurowski review – celebrating a Czech musical century

Royal Festival Hall, London A programme marking the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s foundation elicited profound moments, and revealing pieces by composers lost to the HolocaustVladimir Jurowski’s all-Czech programme with the LPO, devised to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia as an independent country, contained only one established repertory piece, Janáček’s Sinfonietta. Jurowski’s spacious, wonderfully secure performance of it provided a suitably brassy conclusion to what was after all, a celebration. But what had come before it – scores by Gideon Klein, Erwin Schulhoff and Bohuslav Martinů – was anything but familiar.Taken together in such exemplary Jurowski performances, the three works offered a revealing cross-section of Czech music before and during the second world war. All of them took neoclassicism, the prevailing European doctrine of the inter-war years, as their starting point, though Klein had no chance to reach maturity as a composer; he was only 25 when he was killed early in 1945 after being sent to Auschwitz. His Partita for strings, an arrangement by Vojtěch Saudek of a string trio composed in the Terezin concentration camp in 1944, uses Moravian folk tunes, and the result sounds rather like some of Bartók’s folk transcriptions, or perhaps his string divertimento. Continue reading...

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04 ноября, 08:59

Racist fans get Jewish history lesson as rival Prague teams clash

Exhibition aims to educate Czechs about antisemitism on eve of derby against Prague SlaviaAlarm over antisemitic chanting by fans of the Czech Republic’s most famous football club has inspired a groundbreaking exhibition showing the sport’s historical Jewish ties in an effort to prevent it becoming a neo-Nazi breeding ground.The issue comes sharply into focus on November 4 when Sparta Prague host their city rival Slavia in an encounter laden with tension, hostility and provocative taunts – most controversially “Jude Slavia”, a sneer issued by Sparta followers to associate their traditional foes with supposed Jewish links. Continue reading...

29 октября, 17:00

Stark east-west divide in attitudes towards minorities in Europe

Report also flags gulf in attitudes on nationalism, abortion, gay rights and moreEurope is starkly divided between east and west on attitudes towards minorities and social issues such as gay rights and abortion, data shows.Despite the fall of the iron curtain and the eastward expansion of the EU, the attitudes of people in central and eastern countries differ significantly from those in western Europe, according to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center involving 56,000 adults. Continue reading...

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25 октября, 12:52

Migrants to Europe 'need to go home', says Czech prime minister

Andrej Babiš wants to see crackdown on people traffickers rather than boost in EU border forceTraffickers should no longer be allowed to determine who comes to Europe, the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, has said, as he suggested thousands of police officers could be on standby in the Mediterranean ready to guard the continent’s borders.“There are 700,000 illegal migrants – they need to go home,” said Babiš. Continue reading...

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22 октября, 21:55

NATO Soldier Killed as Concern Rises Over Afghan Insider Attacks

An Afghan commando targeted NATO soldiers, days after an infiltrator killed a top Afghan commander and wounded an American general.

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18 октября, 14:35

Grand Pardubice Steeplechase: the world's toughest horse race – a photo essay

Photographer Tom Jenkins travelled to Pardubice in the Czech Republic to document the 128th Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase (the Czech Grand National) – the world’s oldest and most difficult cross-country horse raceThe 128th Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase or Grand Pardubice Steeplechase (the Czech Grand National) was first run on 4 November 1874, when 14 runners started the race. The winner, Fantom, ridden by Englishman George Sayers received 11,700 florins for his owner Count von Cramm. The race has been held every year since on the second Sunday in October – except during the two world wars and the 1968 Russian invasion, and it has been abandoned twice due to frost and snow. Continue reading...

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14 октября, 07:59

Booker prize novel sparks free speech row in Czech Republic

Alan Hollinghurst book attacked as ‘pornographic’ after radio broadcasts a short excerpt from itA Man Booker prize-winning novel exploring gay relationships in Thatcher-era Britain has sparked a row over morality and media independence in the Czech Republic, after it was condemned as “pornographic” when it aired on the country’s leading cultural radio station.Liberal critics believe the controversy over transmission of an extract from Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty is being whipped up by conservatives to muzzle broadcasters in a move they liken to events in Hungary, where the rightwing government of Viktor Orbán stands accused of curtailing press freedoms and reining in public media outlets. Continue reading...

11 октября, 12:06

Nations League: 10 things to look out for in the international matches

Montenegro and Serbia’s historic meeting, unhappy memories for England and the Republic of Ireland, and Georgi Petkov’s international return – at 42Twelve years after Montenegro achieved independence and 11 years after they were formally recognised by Fifa, they meet Serbia for the first time. The match is, according to goalkeeper Danijel Petkovic, the biggest in the nation’s history. After two games the teams are level on points at the top of Group C4, adding competitive edge to an already spicy encounter. Serbia are far from full strength: Crystal Palace’s Luka Milivojevic is one of several players to have dropped out of the squad since the World Cup after falling out with the manager, Mladen Krstajic, while the captain, Nemanja Matic, is injured. “Our ambitions remain the same,” said Krstajic, who revealed: “Matic will most likely come to Podgorica to see us because his boss is coming.” Given that José Mourinho cannot be monitoring Matic’s performance it has heightened speculation about a possible move for one of Serbia’s young stars, the Fiorentina defender Nikola Milenkovic and the Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. SB Continue reading...