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Czech Republic
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20 февраля, 10:00

What the EU27 want: Brexit red lines from the other side of the table

While Britain’s dealbreakers are well known, we look at what they are for its negotiating partners. Not all are shared, yet all will play a part in any final dealThe British government’s key Brexit red lines – controlling EU immigration, ending the jurisdiction of the European court of justice, calling time on further big EU budget contributions – are by now well known, set out first in speeches by Theresa May and later confirmed in a government white paper. But what of the EU’s red lines? Here we map the concerns, priorities and demands of each of the UK’s 27 negotiating partners. Some are shared, more or less, by all; others are strictly national. All will play a part in the deal Britain gets – because Brexit also means what the EU27 want it to mean. Continue reading...

18 февраля, 18:30

ANOTHER #MERKELFAIL: Germany’s Energy Mistakes Are Hurting its Neighbors, Too. It’s one thin…

ANOTHER #MERKELFAIL: Germany’s Energy Mistakes Are Hurting its Neighbors, Too. It’s one thing for a country’s radical energy decisions to burden its own citizens, but it’s another altogether when those negative effects start to spill over into neighboring nations. That’s what’s happening in Germany right now, where headlong subsidization of renewable energy has not only […]

17 февраля, 18:58

Alexandrov ensemble performs with new members after Sochi flight tragedy

The world famous Russian military Alexandrov Ensemble performed in Moscow’s Central Soviet Army Theater on Feb. 17. It was the first performance since 64 members died in the Tu-154 plane crash in December 2016. The newly re-formed choir and dance ensemble performed after fewer than three weeks of rehearsals together.   The Moscow performance was the first stop on an international tour that is travelling across Europe, including stops in Russia, France and the Czech Republic. The Russian Defense Ministry's Tu-154 plane crashed into the Black Sea near the resort of Sochi on Dec. 25 with 92 people on board, leaving no survivors. The plane was en route to Latakia in Syria. The world-famous Alexandrov Ensemble army choir was on board, alongside humanitarian workers and several media members due to take part in the Christmas and New Year's celebrations in Syria.    The Russian Defense Ministry decided to honor the victims of the tragedy by continuing the tradition. The casting sessions attracted more than 2,000 applicants from all over Russia.

15 февраля, 20:33

Was Obama Too Soft on Russia?

President Trump is not the first to make this claim.

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14 февраля, 16:56

Czech president, chain smoker, approves smoking ban in bars

President Milos Zeman has put to an end the Czech Republic’s status of one of the last havens for tobacco smokers in Europe.

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12 февраля, 14:59

Air race: Going upside down in race for the crown

The moment the Czech Republic's Martin Sonka won the opening Air Race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

09 февраля, 13:53

May accused of lying about impact of EU migrants on UK by Czech Europe minister - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happenRupert Murdoch was in room for Donald Trump interviewLunchtime summaryAfternoon summary 5.07pm GMT We believe now that legislation is the only way in which [reform of the FA] can be delivered. That was the recommendation of the last three chairmen of the FA to the select committee - to say that the FA cannot reform itself, the turkeys won’t vote for Christmas, there has to be external pressure and external action through legislation to achieve it. What I’m asking in this debate today is that if the government is unsuccessful in getting reform from the FA, that a bill is prepared to be introduced into the next session of parliament after the Queen’s speech, to deliver the reform the FA so badly needs. 4.51pm GMT Theresa May has been accused of lying about the impact of immigration on Britain by an EU minister. It was Tomas Prouza, the Czech minister for Europe, who made the claim in a speech at Charles University in Prague at a conference on Brexit. He also delivered a harsh assessment of May’s Brexit strategy. Here is the full text, and here are the key points.Czechoslovakia managed to get divorced without much fuss. I believe we should strive for the similar effect here. Our legacy for future generations cannot be a world where the clock turned back a century and everybody is an enemy. However, we cannot achieve this if we continue to make unfounded claims about each other. I am speaking about the continuing and growing aggression towards other nationals, especially citizens from central Europe, in the UK. As I mentioned at the beginning, time and time again, numbers have shown that EU citizens contribute more to Britain’s economy than they take out. Even so, this alternative fact, or let’s call it what it is – a lie, once again re-surfaced in Theresa May’s speech. Let’s move beyond such tactics and build our new relationship on facts and respect, not populism and lies.In the last decade or so, we have seen record levels of net migration in Britain, and that sheer volume has put pressure on public services, like schools, stretched our infrastructure, especially housing, and put a downward pressure on wages for working class people. To sum it up „Theresa May’s speech means Theresa May’s speech“. We are a bit confused – the main idea of a fairer, more open, and more Global Britain seems nice on paper, but how do you want to be open when one of the key elements of the plan is to stop the inflow of bright and hardworking people from all over the world that invested so much of their energy into making Britain great? How do you want to “reach beyond Europe” when your plan is to close yourself up and when you are best friends with a man who is basing his new administration on cutting his international ties? Hard Brexit itself is not what we would have wanted, but there is a good and bad way of doing it. The rhetoric that “no deal is better than a bad deal” is certainly the latter. The UK sometimes seems to be forgetting that it needs us too. Yes, UK is a big business partner for the EU, but so is the EU for the UK. This splendid isolation game regardless of the real consequences is dangerous.The UK’s ambitions to have trade relations as close as possible without being a part of the single market and the customs union are frankly speaking unrealistic. The EU cannot undermine the very principles on which the internal market was established and has to ensure a level playing field.The possibility of cherry-picking is the biggest danger that would devalue the existing efforts of all Member States. We cannot allow unhindered access to the single market in areas that suit the UK and limit access to the UK market for European companies. There must be some “Give” for all the UK’s “Take”. Neither the Czech Republic nor the EU has the intent to punish the UK for the legitimate decision of its citizens. We have tight historic ties; have been long-standing allies and I sincerely believe this will not change. We should leave this process as partners as well. Let me remind you that during World War II, the Czech government in exile had its base in London; similarly, Czech pilots played a role in the success of the Royal Air Force. We must not forget these key historic moments, we must remember the heroism of our ancestors and continue to work together. All the same time, the Czech Republic is a Member of the European Union and will continue to defend its principles and unity of the integration. We still believe moving forward together is the best available and most efficient option for us. As was once said, no man is an island… except for Britain, of course.My speech at #brexit conference @UniKarlova @FSV_UK → https://t.co/AadhOSdC29 pic.twitter.com/3xy3EFkQWi Continue reading...

08 февраля, 13:59

NATO Battalion Came 300 Kilometers Close to Kaliningrad

Today, only 300 kilometers from Kaliningrad, a military base in Lithuania called Rukla welcomed a NATO battalion. President Grybauskaite called the placement of NATO units in the country a demonstration of unity of the alliance.

08 февраля, 13:08

Trump’s faux-pas diplomacy

The State Department is struggling to contain the fallout as Trump goes off topic in calls with foreign leaders.

06 февраля, 01:51

Davis Cup: GB through after Canadian defaulted for hitting umpire with ball

• Kyle Edmund was leading 6-3, 6-4, 2-1 against Denis Shapovalov in decider• Vasek Pospisil earlier beat Dan Evans 7-6, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6Great Britain won their Davis Cup tie against Canada after the teenager Denis Shapovalov was defaulted for hitting a ball into the face of the umpire, Arnaud Gabas. Related: Australia book date with US after Davis Cup win over Czech Republic Continue reading...

04 февраля, 19:18

Bulgaria Grows Uneasy as Trump Complicates Its Ties to Russia

The ascent of Donald J. Trump and his potential warming to Vladimir V. Putin have caused worries that the nation will lose out as the two leaders forge a bargain.

04 февраля, 14:13

Russia to ban poultry from EU countries suffering from avian influenza

Rosselkhoznadzor will within two weeks announce a ban on import to Russia of poultry products and hatching eggs from the EU countries, where avian influenza cases have been registered, the authority's representative Yulia Melano told TASS on Feb. 4. "We do not have an exact date yet," she said. "But we consider announcing the ban within two weeks." Earlier, the authority announced minor limits on supplies of agricultural products from certain districts of European countries, where outbreaks were registered. At that time the watchdog did not rule out the ban could become effective for the entire countries. The outbreak was fixed in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other European countries. First published by tass.com

02 февраля, 19:02

Philip Morris (PM) Q4 Earnings Miss, Sales Beat Estimates

Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) reported adjusted fourth-quarter 2016 earnings per share of $1.10, missing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.11 by a penny.

02 февраля, 16:24

How to Survive a Russian Hack

Lessons from Eastern Europe and the Baltics

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01 февраля, 00:18

Czech Government Suspects Foreign Power in Hacking of Its Email

There were many attacks, which were detected during a recent systems check, officials said, but no classified information was compromised.

Выбор редакции
31 января, 22:12

Czech cyber-attack: Russia suspected of hacking diplomats’ emails

Scale and sophistication of hack points to foreign state, says Czech foreign minister, comparing it to attack on US Democratic party The Czech Republic has suffered a damaging security breach after hackers infiltrated the emails of dozens of its most senior diplomats in a massive cyber-attack thought to have been carried out by Russia.Lubomír Zaorálek, the country’s foreign minister, admitted that his own email account had been breached in a “sophisticated” operation he compared to the onslaught against the Democratic party in the recent US presidential election. Continue reading...

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30 января, 19:17

Крупный украинский автопроизводитель реструктуризировал долги перед иностранными банками

Юридическая фирма Aequo выступила юридическим советником Portigon AG (Дюссельдорф, Германия), UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. (Прага, Чешская Республика) и других кредиторов в процессе реструктуризации многомиллионных кредитных линий, предоставленных одной из крупнейших компаний автомобильной отрасли Украины, сообщается на сайте юркомпании.