Czech Republic
21 сентября, 10:45

Europe Hub Trade Falls in 2017: Prospex

European gas traded on exchanges and in OTC markets declined by 2% last year.

20 сентября, 11:49

Macron urges EU leaders to stand firm against Theresa May

French president says EU should resist prime minister’s calls for compromise on BrexitEmmanuel Macron has appealed to his fellow European leaders to maintain their tough approach to Brexit in response to Theresa May’s demand for compromise and accusations that the French president wants to make Britain suffer.Macron, who is fighting a rearguard action against the rise of populism in Europe, said blocking any attempt by the UK to pick and choose elements of EU membership had to be the priority in the dying days of the Brexit negotiations. Continue reading...

20 сентября, 07:00

Brussels urged to investigate Czech PM over business empire

Andrej Babiš’s Agrofert given €75m of EU subsidies in 2017, prompting conflict claimsBrussels is being urged to investigate the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, over an alleged conflict of interest after transparency campaigners claimed new evidence of rule-breaking.Babiš, a billionaire businessman, who founded the Action for Dissatisfied Citizens party, became prime minister of the Czech Republic last December, but was soon embroiled in a scandal centred on alleged €2m EU subsidy fraud. Continue reading...

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09 сентября, 07:59

As Putin incites more atrocities in Syria, Europe is exposed as craven | Nick Cohen

Where is the challenge to Russia’s aggression as fear of radical Islam strengthens its power in the Middle East?From massacre to exile to racism to subversion and back again, Vladimir Putin has caught Europe in a rolling trap. The war crimes that Russia encourages the sectarian Assad regime to commit force Syrians to run. When a small proportion of them reach Europe (for never forget the rich world takes only a tiny minority of the world’s refugees) their presence drives Putin-supporting nationalists into power on anti-Muslim tickets.The iron wheel is about to turn again and grind up the lives of hundreds of thousands. Diplomatic attempts to prevent a battle look as if they have failed, as they have failed so monotonously in Syria. In all likelihood, Bashar al-Assad’s forces and their Russian and Iranian backers will soon begin their assault on Idlib province. Russian planes are already trying to take out defences, and there is every reason to expect a catastrophe. Doubtless, Assad’s forces will use chemical weapons again and Russia’s proxies on the “alt-left” will invent conspiracy theories to deny their existence. Our filthy decade has taught criminals that they can break the taboo on the use of chemical weapons – one of the few limits on man’s inhumanity to man – and not only be rewarded for it but acquitted of guilt. Continue reading...

20 августа, 07:00

Russian presence divides Czechs 50 years after Prague Spring

Events of 1968 still influence debate about whether Russia should be seen as friend or foeA few times a day, an elderly Czech person will pay a visit to the photography exhibition in Prague’s Old Town Hall, which chronicles the crushing of the Prague Spring by Moscow in 1968, and complain as they leave.“‘The Russians are here again,’ they grumble to me,” said the curator, Dana Kyndrová, describing locals’ views on the thousands of Russian tourists who visit Prague each week and the 30,000 Russians who have residency permits in the Czech Republic. Continue reading...

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19 августа, 14:18

Nearly half of Russians ignorant of 1968's Czechoslovakia invasion – poll

Experts say survey on Warsaw Pact intervention anniversary reflects resurgence of ‘Brezhnev-era propaganda’More than a third of Russians say the Soviet Union was correct to intervene in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and nearly half of the population says it knows nothing about the invasion at all, according to new polling data obtained by the Guardian before its release on the 50th anniversary of the crushing of the Prague spring.The polling data reflects the resurgence of “Brezhnev-era propaganda, stereotypes of the Soviet period,” said Lev Gudkov of Russia’s Levada Center, which will release the results on Monday. Continue reading...

12 августа, 20:36

China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time

A mysterious Chinese company went on a buying binge in the Czech Republic following Xi Jinping’s call for greater sway in the region. What was the cost?

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12 августа, 16:32

Czech communists confront bitter legacy of Prague Spring

As Soviet-led invasion’s 50th anniversary looms, party faces renewed hostility The ghosts of the past are returning to haunt the Czech Republic’s communists just as they become closer to gaining power than at any time in the past 30 years.A month after agreeing to prop up a minority coalition government led by the country’s second-richest person, Andrej Babiš, the once all-powerful Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) is being confronted with one of its most baleful legacies: the brutal crushing in 1968 known as the Prague Spring. Continue reading...

10 августа, 15:43

The Long-Term Impact of Brexit on the European Union

By Jiaqian Chen, Christian Ebeke, Li Lin, Haonan Qu, and Jesse Siminitz August 10, 2018 Versions in Español, Français, Português A container ship entering the Port of Marseille, France: The UK is among the European Union's largest trading […]

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05 августа, 14:59

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 NATO Troops on Day of Violence in Afghanistan

An attack hit a joint NATO and Afghan patrol north of Kabul. A Taliban assault continued in Uruzgan Province. And an Afghan soldier died trying to stop a bombing in Jalalabad.

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05 августа, 08:00

Statue must tell true story of Soviet ‘hero’, say Czechs

Rewritten plaque on Konev statue will tell of general’s role in suppressing Prague SpringRussia has been accused of interfering in the affairs of the Czech Republic after its embassy tried to block changes to the inscription on a Soviet-era statue.Russian diplomats say councillors are trying to rewrite history with proposed wording explaining the chequered role of Russian Marshal Ivan Konev, who was twice designated a Hero of the Soviet Union by Stalin and whose remains are buried in the Kremlin. The diplomats have successfully delayed the change after petitioning the mayor, lobbying the foreign and culture ministries, enlisting the support of other former Soviet states and, most recently, invoking an obscure 1985 treaty on the protection of Europe’s architectural heritage. Continue reading...

01 августа, 10:00

China’s Plan to Win Friends and Influence Includes Ski Slopes and Spas

The Belt and Road Initiative is widely seen as a push to develop geopolitical ties through infrastructure and ports. Companies are using it for more frivolous projects, too.

27 июля, 13:15

Czech-Austria Capacity Goes Quarterly

The Austrian and Czech gas system operators are to offer remaining unsold capacity in a trial service on a quarterly basis.

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19 июля, 12:40

Austria-Czech Capacity Auction Proves Popular

The sale of bi-directional capacity between the Austrian and the Czech gas markets has received positive market uptake, said gas grid operators on both sides of the border.

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12 июля, 09:11

Czech communists return to government as power brokers

Party gains real influence for first time since 1989 after deal to help prime minister win confidence voteCzech communists have savoured their first taste of power in nearly 30 years after their backing in a parliamentary confidence vote paved the way for a government headed by Andrej Babiš, a scandal-tainted billionaire tycoon, amid vehement protests against their return to the political mainstream.The 15 MPs of the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) provided the votes needed to allow a pact formed between Babiš’ Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO) movement and the Social Democrats (ČSSD) to survive its first test, ending nearly nine months of political stalemate that saw the Czech Republic governed by temporary administrations. Continue reading...

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11 июня, 18:00

New Czech-Austria Capacity Trade Launch

The Austrian and the Czech gas transmission system operators Gas Connect Austria and Net4gas are trialling a new service called Trading Region Upgrade.

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06 июня, 20:47

Andrej Babiš reappointed Czech PM in push to end impasse

President appears to use threat of far-right to attempt to force Social Democrats into dealAndrej Babiš, Czech Republic’s scandal-plagued acting prime minister, has been reappointed in an attempt to end months of political deadlock by strong-arming reluctant opposition MPs into forming a government with him.Babiš was officially rinstalled in a ceremony at Prague castle presided over by Miloš Zeman, the populist Czech president, who appeared to be attempting to use the possibility of a coalition with a far-right grouping to force the Social Democrat party (ČSSD) into agreeing a deal. Continue reading...

14 мая, 07:05

Sergei Skripal Was Retired, but Still in the Spy Game. Is That Why He Was Poisoned?

Mr. Skripal, a former Russian double agent, met secretly with European intelligence officers in the years before he was poisoned in March.

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02 мая, 18:59

Czech Brewer Mocks #MeToo, Calling It a ‘Pathological Campaign’

A social media posting by Bernard Brewery has prompted strong reactions in the Czech Republic, prompting pile-on criticism of #MeToo, and soul-searching on sexism.

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19 апреля, 03:00

Hans Asperger aided and supported Nazi programme, study says

Eight-year study finds pioneer of paediatrics assisted in Third Reich’s ‘euthanasia’ programmeThe Austrian doctor after whom Asperger syndrome is named was an active participant in the Nazi regime, assisting in the Third Reich’s so called euthanasia programme and supporting the concept of racial hygiene by deeming certain children unworthy to live, according to a study by a medical historian.Herwig Czech, from Vienna’s Medical University, has made the claim in an academic paper published in the open access journal Molecular Autism, following eight years of research into the paediatrician Hans Asperger. Continue reading...