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02 августа, 00:15

Carmageddon: Ford & GM Sales Tank Despite Record July Incentive Spending

It was hard to find a bright spot for auto investors in July's auto sales figures released earlier today with GM down 15% YoY, Ford off 7% and Chrysler down 11%. The companies blamed the drops on lower fleet sales but GM’s retail sales also fell 14.4% from July 2016.  Meanwhile, Ford and Fiat Chrysler retail sales had single-digit declines, and their fleet sales fell 26% and 35%, respectively.   Here's a recap of how each of the largest OEM's made out in July: GM: Three of GM's four brands posted double-digit sales declines in July with Chevrolet down 15%, Cadillac down 22% and Buick plunging 31%.   While GM blamed weak fleet sales for their abysmal month, their retail sales declined 14% as well.   The Chevy Spark minicar withered, falling 81.9% to 764 units for the month, while the Chevy Sonic subcompact car declined 47.3% to 2,552.   Ford: Ford retail sales fell 1% while fleet sales declined 26%.   Ford's flagship brand fell 8%, while the luxury Lincoln brand declined 2.5%.   Car sales were off 19%, including a 13% decline for the Ford Fiesta subcompact and a 42% decline for the Fusion mid-size car.   Fiat Chrysler: All of Chrysler's major brands, except Ram, were down double digits. Jeep was down 12%, Chrysler 30%, Dodge 12% and Fiat 18%. Ram sales were flat.   Retail sales were down 6%, while fleet sales were down 35%.   Toyota: The Japanese automaker soared past expectations for a surprise sales gain. The company's flagship Toyota brand and luxury Lexus brand were each up 3.6%.   With the strong sales performance, Toyota surpassed Ford in July as the nation's second-largest automaker for the month, behind only GM.   Toyota's passenger cars were weak, down 12% for the month, while sales of crossovers, pickups and SUVs rose 17%. Despite the extreme declines at the domestic OEM's, the overall SAAR continued to hover around 17mm units, reaffirming, at least for now, Ford's assertion that sales will 'plateau' at current levels.   That said, overall inventory levels remain elevated despite the fact that incentive spending set a new record  of $3,876 per unit in the month of July.  Per J.D. Power: Average incentive spending per unit to date in July is $3,876 per unit, a record for July, and surpassing the previous high for the month of $3,597, set in July 2016. Spending on trucks and SUVs is $3,700, up $194 from last year. Spending on cars is $4,174, up $436.   Incentives as a percentage of MSRP are at 10.8% so far in July, exceeding the 10% level for 12th time in the past 13 months   Meanwhile, GM's inventory continues to be the most bloated of all the OEMs with 939,831 cars still parked in dealer lots all across the country...equal to 104 days of supply.   Of course, as silly as it may seem, some analysts still found a way to be upbeat about the industry.  Per Detroit News: “The fundamentals in the industry are still very, very strong,” said Kelley Blue Book analyst Alec Gutierrez. Big-picture indicators like fuel prices, employment levels within the industry and customer satisfaction are all at healthy leavels.   At a gathering of auto officials in Traverse City on Tuesday, several analysts delivered a similar message on the state of the industry: “The sky is not falling.”   Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of global forecasting for LMC Automotive, said despite sales numbers out of North America, there are reasons for optimism overall.   “Transaction prices are up, that’s a very positive thing…,” he said. “We’re looking at over $31,000 on average – up over a percent.” But Ford and GM shareholders are starting to lose faith...   ...as are investors in the suppliers.   Oh well, we're sure this is just a temporary pause...the second half is sure to be better.

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01 августа, 16:58

GM Auto Sales Crash, Dealer Inventory Near All Time High

It was expected to be a bad quarter for General Motors. It ended up being abysmal. GM reported that July auto sales crashed by a whopping 15%, nearly double Wall Street's already depressed expectations of a 8% drop, and with GM mothballing production across the country to catch up with lagging demand, it still sold only 226,107 vehicles as a result of double digits drops in Chevy, Build and Cadillac Sales of 15.3%, -30.5% and -21.7%, respectively. The only "good" performer was GMC, which dropped by "only" 7.3% Y/Y. The company also reported that while the average transaction price was $36,000, or roughly $1,000 higher than a year ago, the incentive spending as a percentage of average transaction prices was 11.5%, near an all time high. This is how the company explained this dramatic decline in production: “We have strategically decided to reduce car production rather than increase incentive spending or dump vehicles into daily rental fleets, like some of our competitors,” Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president of Sales Operations, says in a statement. Which would be great, however judging by the almost negligible drop in dealer inventory, which saw the number of cars parked at dealer lots decline by just 40K to 939,831, resulting in a near record 104 days of sales, it appears that GM needs to shutter production for months on end to normalize GM's unprecedented channel stuffing. Abysmal sales aside, however, the company remains quite optimistic: "Under the current economic conditions, we anticipate the second half of 2017 will be much stronger than the first half," Mustafa Mohatarem, GM chief economist says. Good luck with that anticipation chief GM economist. And speaking of GM's "competitors", it wasn't any better there, with Chrysler reporting a July auto sales drop of -10.5%, also far below the 6.1% expected. Fiat brand -18% Chrysler brand -30% Jeep brand -12% Dodge brand -12% Ram brand sales were flat y/y Fleet sales -35% And some other car makers: Ford down -7.4%, Exp. down -5.5% Volkswagen down -5.8% Honda down -1.2% Mazda down -3% At this rate, the US auto sector could become the catalyst that finally tips the US economy over into recession.

30 июля, 20:16

I’m a Trans Veteran Who Served Six Tours in the Mideast. What Does Trump Have Against Me?

I was in Okinawa in 2001, about a year into my service in the U.S. Marine Corps, when I learned what “transgender” meant. At the time, I hadn’t known that such a thing existed, let alone that there was a term for it. I knew only that I was living in a perpetual state of shame and guilt. And in Japan, blessed with a high-speed internet connection, I decided to Google what was going on inside my head. For the first time, I knew that there were others who felt the same way I did: My gender was female, but at birth, my sex was male. I also knew, however, that the U.S. government had an agreement with that male, who had enlisted to serve his country. I would have been kicked out of the military had I decided to come out or transition. So, I was willing to shut out my gender identity for the sake of normalcy, and in order to keep the job I loved. I went on to complete six combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan—first while on active duty in the Marine Corps from 2000–05 and then as a military contractor from 2005-12. I spent four tours in and around Fallujah, and two tours stationed in Helmand Province, a Taliban stronghold—all as part of the signals intelligence community, where I intercepted the messages, phone calls and emails sent and received by enemy forces. I’m proud of the work I did for the country I love. But my life was also incomplete. I didn’t come out as trans until 2012, after leaving my job as a defense contractor and moving back home to Michigan. Last year, when the Defense Department announced that transgender troops could stay in uniform and serve openly, I knew from lived experience what a difference it would make in the lives of thousands of brave men and women. The country they were sacrificing so much for was taking a major step toward accepting them for who they are. At least that’s what I thought until Wednesday morning, when, standing in my bedroom, putting on makeup, I first learned about the president’s tweets. Trump’s threat to reverse current policy is more than a threat to current or future transgender troops; it’s an insult to our military as a whole. The president dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, and yet he would deny confidence and self-respect to those who willingly risk their lives to keep his country safe. It takes bravery to enlist and serve in the armed forces; imagine the immense courage it takes to come out and transition while also serving in the military. Those who do so are some of the most dedicated service members America has. And the president has said that doesn’t want their help in protecting our nation. That’s a slap in the face. No one should be made to feel inferior for being who they are while serving and sacrificing in ways that most Americans will never understand or fully appreciate. The president says he has rationales for the policy change—that we need to focus on victory, and that the costs to pay for soldiers’ transitions are too great—but these reasons fall apart with even the most basic amount of prodding. This isn’t about unit cohesion. Having served in the military, I can tell you that cohesion will be badly damaged by pulling out deployed troops who are transgender. In uniform, you come to depend on your unit; they’re like family, and a bond is created that is impossible to understand unless you’ve served. How did my Marine buddies react when they heard the news that I’d transitioned? They threw me a big coming-out party at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. In advance, I warned them that it might be a lot to adjust to—whoever wants to meet me in person as a woman can come; if you don’t, then don’t. Out of the 60-or-so people who were invited, about 45 showed up. I was overwhelmed by the response. Nor is this about money: Studies have shown that any amount saved in terms of medical costs will be minuscule on the scale of the military budget. Undoubtedly, there are some Trump supporters who don’t want their tax dollars going to pay for certain troops’ health care. But this is America, where we make compromises so that other people can live their lives with dignity. You are tolerant of others; you expect the same tolerance in return. So this isn’t about morale, or the bottom line; it is about respect, and compassion for those who are willing to put aside everything to enlist on behalf of their country. The truth is that even if Trump’s policy change is implemented, transgender people are going to continue to stay in the military. Trump will simply be condemning those American troops to living lives of secrecy and self-doubt. They’ll continue to be afraid to be themselves. Is that really what we wish for America’s Finest? As a Marine, I was fit—probably in the top 20th percentile of the Corps—and I like to think I was mentally stable and sound and relatively mature. But I’m in way better shape than I ever was as a Marine, mentally and physically. All the things you fear about happening when you transition, they’re all outweighed by the happiness and freedom and hope that come along with being the self outside that you’ve always felt inside. I have perspective that I never had before. I’ve lived publicly as a male and as a female, and that has made me a more compassionate person. Once you’ve been on both sides of the fence, you have a better view of the backyard. I don’t want to see transgender members of the military once again deprived of that same chance.The Marine Corps showed me how to take things in stride. You can be asked to drop everything and deploy in 24 hours. We’re the world’s 9-1-1 responders: we learn to expect setbacks, weather them and bounce back. I’m in my mid-30s now, and in my life, I’ve seen the rights of LGBTQ citizens change drastically, sometimes for the worse, but more often for the better. Which is why I know that even though Trump’s proposed ban on transgender service members might be a step back, we’ll take two steps forward again soon.

30 июля, 00:00

Bosses are failing to honour minimum pay laws, warns Britain’s job market tsar

Tougher action promised by David Metcalf, director of labour market enforcement, as employers dodge wage regulationsFar too many companies are getting away with breaking the law over the wages they pay, the government’s adviser on employment abuses has said.Sir David Metcalf, director of labour market enforcement, signalled he wanted tougher action against employers who underpay, and more resources to catch those breaching the law. In an interview with the Observer, he said action against offenders was “rather patchy” and he would look at measures that could lead to more people banned from being company directors if they breach the law. Continue reading...

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28 июля, 19:24

The one number that suggests Senate Republicans may have dodged an awfully big bullet

What 20 percent annual premium increases would look like.

28 июля, 11:12

10 Celebrities Who Doubled as Car Salesmen

Car companies can't resist hiring celebrities to pitch their cars. Going all the way back to the dawn of commercials, here are 10 of the best partnerships.

27 июля, 18:21

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) Q2 Earnings & Revenue Beat Estimates

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) Q2 earnings surpasses estimates. Revenue rose year-over-year.

27 июля, 06:01

New ‘Justice League’ Trailer: That Mysterious Person May Not Be Who You Think

There are context clues that lead us to think that 'Justice League' is not teasing Superman's return after all.

26 июля, 19:06

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Jeff Sessions Lets Cops Be Robbers. Jacob Sullum: In theory, the government ca…

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Jeff Sessions Lets Cops Be Robbers. Jacob Sullum: In theory, the government can forfeit a seized asset only after proving it is a tool or fruit of crime, typically drug trafficking. But the burden of proof is much lighter than in a criminal case, and it applies only if the owner challenges the […]

26 июля, 01:35

House Republicans seek to dodge border wall vote

House Republicans are poised to fund $1.6 billion for President Donald Trump's border wall through a procedural maneuver designed to avoid a floor vote that might fail.The House Rules Committee is expected to attach funding for the wall that Trump has proposed building along the Mexican border to the so-called minibus, a downsized spending package for the Pentagon, the Energy Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the legislative branch — but not DHS, the Cabinet agency responsible for the wall.If an amendment to fund the wall is adopted by the Rules Committee, this line item can circumvent a floor vote, sparing GOP immigration moderates and fiscal hawks from being pressed to approve a project that their constituents might view as xenophobic, misguided and wasteful — and sparing GOP leaders possible defeat.Border wall skeptics like Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a moderate Republican from a majority-Hispanic district in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, are well aware that they're being bypassed. “I’m not OK [with it], but it is what it is,” Ros-Lehtinen told POLITICO in an interview. “We hope that it will be dealt with later on, but it looks like it’s going to be included in the package.” Perhaps, she said, it will set the table for a broader deal on immigration reform.The amendment under consideration by the Rules Committee was drafted by Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican and chairman of the Appropriations Committee's Homeland Security Subcommittee. The measure would fund 60 miles of new fence and levee wall in south Texas and 14 miles of secondary fence in the San Diego area, and would earmark roughly $40 million toward planning for additional border wall construction.At a committee hearing Monday, Carter called the funding "necessary to gain operational control of the border” — a view that is not shared by most House members, including Republicans, who represent districts near the border.The anticipated Rules Committee maneuver leaves House Democrats a difficult choice: Approve money for Trump’s trademark project, or vote against military funding.The spending bill that the House passed in May contained $341 million for replacement fencing, as well as additional funding for immigration enforcement. Only 15 Democrats opposed that measure, but the tally will be different this time around, said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer.Although the inclusion of defense spending will make it “a tough bill to vote against,” Hoyer told reporters during a Tuesday morning briefing, he's nonetheless urging congressional Democrats to vote "no." "I think, overwhelmingly, Democrats are gonna not be for this bill," he said.Rep. Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat who served in the Marine Corps before he entered politics, has also been pushing his colleagues to vote against the spending measure.“I don’t think they should fall for this trick,” he said at a press conference Tuesday outside the Capitol. “You can be pro-military and against the wall.”Hoyer joined Gallego at the event, as did Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat and prominent immigrant-rights advocate. Gutierrez also urged fellow Democrats to reject the border funding. “All we are saying is that Democrats have to stand, as a principle, with the immigrant community,” Gutierrez said. “We are tired of being some second-tier agenda in the platform of the Democratic Party.”

25 июля, 22:50

5 Retail Stocks with Lower Earnings Beat Predictability

As another earnings season unfolds, it is time to reshuffle your portfolio but this time only to avoid adding stocks that have lower earnings beat predictability.

25 июля, 19:12

26 Careers With the Most Job Security

Dodge unemployment with these careers. Talk about job security. Some fantastic careers offer rock-bottom unemployment rates and robust job growth. In fact, 26 jobs among U.S. News 2017 Best Jobs rankings ...

25 июля, 13:32

What's in the Cards for Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) in Q2 Earnings?

Frequent vehicle recalls might leave a negative impact on Fiat Chrysler's (FCAU) Q2 earnings, scheduled to release on Jul 27.

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25 июля, 09:00

Dear Justine Greening: your primary school reading reforms aren’t making the grade | Michael Rosen

When 29% of pupils leave primary school without achieving the expected level, isn’t it time to think again?A trick I used to play with my children when they were much younger was to take a 50p piece out of my right trouser pocket, show it to them, then slip it into my left pocket and say, “Hey, look I’ve got 50p in there too. That makes a pound. We’re rich!”I can’t think you ever saw me do that but you seem to have used exactly the same dodge with the money for schools. I wonder if it’s ever occurred to you that when ministers do naff tricks with money, one of the main things we take away from it is that you tried to take us for fools. Continue reading...

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24 июля, 23:30

Tempted by the Demon, dealers find way to thwart Dodge, jack up prices

An end-run around markup rules, via eBay.

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24 июля, 21:00

'Stranger Things' Scared Jennifer Lawrence And 'Cloverfield' Away From Halloween

'mother!' and the next 'Cloverfield' movie got out of dodge right before Netflix unleashed the blockbuster 'Stranger Things' trailer.

24 июля, 13:35

Битва за Венесуэлу, через объектив, шлем и противогаз (The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask)

  Предлагаю вашему внимаю перевод статьи от Нью-Йорк Таймс о ситуации в Венесуэле. Каракас, Венесуэла — пестрая толпа антиправительственных демонстрантов в масках метают камни, фаеры и коктейли Молотова. Полиция и солдаты отвечают им слезоточивым газом, взрывами, водометами, резиновыми пулями и картечью. В Венесуэле назревает революция. Почти каждый день в течение более чем трех месяцев, тысячи людей выходят на улицы, чтобы выразить недовольство в адрес Президента Николаса Мадуро и его все более репрессивного руководства. Эти столкновения часто оборачиваются однобоко с, иногда, смертельными уличными драками — более 90 человек были убиты и более 3000 арестованных.     CARACAS, Venezuela — Motley throngs of masked antigovernment protesters hurl rocks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails. The police and soldiers retaliate with tear gas, water cannon blasts, rubber bullets and buckshot. An uprising is brewing in Venezuela. Nearly every day for more than three months, thousands have taken to the streets to vent fury at President Nicolás Maduro and his increasingly repressive leadership. These confrontations often turn into lopsided and sometimes lethal street brawls — more than 90 people have been killed and more than 3,000 arrested.    

23 июля, 06:01

Triggered! Emotional Purchases Can be a Complete Waste of Money

A "trigger" can be something that spurs certain behavior -- such as wasting money. If you're looking to actively save money, identify your triggers.

22 июля, 00:02

Should You Feel Sorry for Sean Spicer?

Nope. Absolutely not.

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21 июля, 22:58

Manufacturing innovation key to EM break out growth

EM countries hoping to dodge middle income trap need manufacturing and innovation

09 июня 2015, 19:50

Пикапы Chevrolet. История начинается.

Пикапы - самые американские и самые, на мой взгляд, интересные автомобили. Я их люблю и хочу о них рассказать. А чтобы меня не обвиняли в "монетизации" сделаю это на примере марки, больше не представленной на нашем рынке. Не думаю, что GM хотя бы поблагодарит меня за эту публикацию.По некоторым данным, несколько самых первых пикапов Chevrolet были произведены еще в 1914 году. Они предназначались не для продажи, а для перевозки всевозможных грузов по территории автомобильного завода. так сказать, для внутреннего пользования! Понято, что ни один такой автомобиль не сохранился. Первые серийные пикапы были построены в городе Флинт, штат Мичиган, 22 ноября 1916-го и отгружены с завода 2 декабря того же года. Эта дата считается официальным выходом Chevrolet на рынок легких грузовиков. Машина, которую вы видите на фото, это современная реплика одного из первых пикапов Chevrolet 490.1918 модельный год ознаменовался выпуском сразу двух грузовых моделей. Обе они представляли собой грузовое шасси с металлическим капотом, под которым был установлен четырехцилиндровый бензиновый двигатель. В то время покупатели обычно сами оснащали автомобили деревянными кабинами, грузовыми платформами или кузовами, в зависимости от своих потребностей. На картинке вверху, пассажирская модификация модели Light Delivery. Я где-то читал, что в те годы за такой автомобиль просили $595. Немало, ведь это были другие, полновесные доллары, не те, что сейчас... Более тяжелая модель, построенная на той же базе, носила индекс T (Truck). Она отличалась усиленным шасси и ее грузоподъемность достигала одной тонны - вдвое больше, чем у Chevrolet 490. На машину устанавливался 37-сильный двигатель. Его мощности хватало, чтобы грузовик развивал скорость до 40 км/ч. В 1918 году чтобы купить такое транспортное средство нужно было выложить более 1000 долларов!В 1930 году на смену грузовым шасси пришли полноценные пикапы заводского производства. Компания Chevrolet приобрела кузовную фирму Martin-Parry и начала сама производить пикапы со стальной кабиной и установленным на заводе кузовом. Сердцем новых пикапов стал рядный шестицилиндровый двигатель. Его конструктивная особенность заключалась в верхнем расположении клапанов. Такие моторы стали характерной чертой практически всех пикапов Chevrolet следующих десятилетий.На фотографии модель Chevrolet Roadster Delivery, который впервые "засветился" в музыкальной кинокомедии "Follow Thru", вышедшей на экраны в 1930-м году. Видимо, в этом фильме что-то было связанно с гольфом, не случайно же сидящие в кузове актрисы держат в руках клюшки!К середине 1930-х полутонные автомобили с заводскими стальными кузовами стали основой рынка пикапов, где фирмы Mack, Studebaker и International конкурировали с Chevrolet, GMC, Ford и Dodge.В середине 1930-х годов, когда экономика США начала восстанавливаться после Великой депрессии компания Chevrolet вывела на рынок новые модели легких грузовиков обтекаемой аэродинамической формы, которая до сих пор считается эталоном дизайна той эпохи. Помимо прочих усовершенствований, модели образца 1937 года обрели усиленный кузов и более мощный 78-сильный двигатель.Этот пикап Chevrolet образа 1937 года с честью выдержал изнурительное путешествие длиной 10 245 миль по Соединенным Штатам, проходившее под наблюдением Американской автомобильной ассоциации (ААА). Кстати, средний расход топлива составил 11,3 л/100 км - неплохо даже по современным меркам!В начале 1947 года Chevrolet представила легкие грузовики серии Advanced Design – первые среди всех автомобилей корпорации General Motors, полностью обновленные после Второй мировой войны. Замысел рекламщиков и производителей состоял в том, чтобы сделать утилитарные машины более яркими, выразительными и привлекательными для потребителей. Дизайнеры компании, действую по команде маркетологов, шире расставили фары, установив их на крылья, а также подчеркнули решетку радиатора пятью горизонтальными планками. Получилось неплохо! На фото - полутонный пикап Chevrolet Advanced Design 1947-го модельного года.Машины, выполненные в этой, удачно найденной, стилистике, продержались на конвейере с 1947 по 1953 год, а затем, в начале 1955 года, был обновлен дизайн передней части (на фото вверху).После выхода на рынок моделей серии Advanced Design предпочтения американских покупателей стало постепенно смещаться в сторону пикапов. Если перед войной соотношение между продажей пассажирских автомобилей и легких грузовиков составляло примерно 4:1, то 1950 году уже 2,5:1. Пикапы стремительно набирали популярность! В середине 1950-х годов, полностью восстановившаяся после войны Америка переживала потребительский бум. Покупатели стали еще более разборчивыми и требовательными к дизайну и техническим характеристикам автомобилей. В связи с этим, в 1955 году Chevrolet представила публике совершенно новую линейку пикапов Task Force, дизайн которых перекликался с престижной легковой моделью Chevrolet Bel Air. А в качестве опции на пикапы стали устанавливать более мощные двигатели V8.В 1955 году была выпущена специальная версия пикапа Cameo Carrier. Это была уже не "рабочая лошадка", а стильный автомобиль, более уместный на подъездной дорожке к роскошному особняку, чем на ферме или заводской площадке. Можно считать, что именно с этого момента большие американские пикапы перестали быть чисто утилитарными транспортными средствами. Модель Cameo Carrier производился относительно недолго, всего лишь до 1958 года. Но ей на смену уже шли новые еще более роскошные пикапы. 1959 год. Красавица Chevrolet El Camino просто очаровала публику эффектным дизайном с характерными для того времени «килями» как у легковых моделей Chevrolet и функциональностью полутонного пикапа. Впрочем, грузить в такую машину сено и солому вредил кто-то стал. "Фермерской" эта машина могла быть только на постановочных рекламных фотографиях а в повседневном использовании ее практичность, как говорится, оставляла желать... Вскоре это поняли и покупатели. Восторги поутихли и производство El Camino по-быстрому свернули, для того... чтобы возродить через три года! Но уже в новом качестве. С мощным двигателем V8 под капотом Chevrolet El Camino 1964 модельного года стала одним из первых маскл-каров компании. Еще за два года, до появления легендарного Camaro! А в 1968 году появилась спортивная версия пикапа. Ее назвали El Camino Super Sport. С тех пор все самые "заряженные" модели Chevrolet стали носить индекс SS.Но я как-то забежал вперед. Помимо El Camino в 60-е годы встречались еще более причудливые пикапы. Например Chevrolet Corvair Rampside 1961-го года.Интереснейшей особенностью этой модели стал второй откидывающийся борт, находящийся сбоку, как дверь у микроавтобуса. Да и внешне пикап Chevrolet Corvair здорово напоминал автобус. А еще он был заднемоторным - шестицилиндровый опоенный двигатель находился под полом. Конструкция получилась слишком уж оригинальной и покупатели ее не оценили. Источники утверждают, что таких машин было выпущено всего-то около 800 штук. Тем не менее, своей страницы в истории пикапов Chevrolet модель Corvair достойна!На этом мы пока остановимся. Продолжение следует!