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Florida School Shooter "Heard Demon Voices", Police Visited His House 39 Times

More details about Nikolas Cruz, who has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated homicide for Wednesday’s school shooting, are beginning to emerge, and so far, they paint a picture of a disturbed child who exhibited signs of violent behavior from a young age. The suspected shooter is believed to be mildly autistic, and was receiving treatment at a nearby clinic, but had not been back in a year. Cruz told police that he had heard voices in his head telling him to shoot up the school. He described these voices as demons, his legal team said. Meanwhile, it also emerged that police were called to Nikolas Cruz's family's Parkland home 39 times since 2010, according to police records obtained by CNN. The sheriff's office received a range of emergency calls that included: 'mentally ill person,' 'child/elderly abuse,' 'domestic disturbance,' 'missing person,' and several others. Cruz was accompanied during his first court appearance by public defender Melissa McNeil, who placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Brody Speno a schoolmate of Cruz’s, said cops were called to Cruz’s home “almost every other week.” “Something wasn’t right about him,” Speno said. Speno said he knew Cruz from elementary school and described him as “an evil kid” who was “always getting in trouble.” CNN also reported that Cruz had an unsettling penchant for introducing himself as a “future school shooter.” "Hi, I'm Nick," he would say, according to an acquaintance.  "I'm a school shooter." Cruz posed with guns and knives in photos posted on Instagram and made a disturbing online comment about a mass shooting carried out in New York this summer. "Man I can do so much better," he wrote. Cruz and his brother were adopted at a young age by Roger and Lynda Cruz. Roger died years ago. Lynda succumbed t pneumonia in the fall. He was then taken in by the parents of a schoolmate. Following his mother’s death, he got into a fight with the boyfriend of an ex-girlfriend and was kicked out of school. One time, a neighbor, concerned about Cruz "acting weird" in the backyard took a video of him dressed in boxer shorts shooting what appeared to be a BB gun. The man, who asked not to be identified, said his wife watched Cruz shooting bottles, cans and buckets over and over again for two days in October. He sometimes pointed the gun toward their window, the man said. In the photo he can be seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to CNN. Cruz wrote several disturbing social media posts, including one where he said he wanted to be a school shooter. That post was reported to the FBI, which said it wasn’t able to identify Cruz - despite his name being attached to the post. "I wanna shoot people with my AR-15" and "Im going to be a professional school shooter" Not everyone who met Cruz saw reason for concern.. The attorney for the family who took him in after his mother's death said they were aware of trouble he'd earlier had at school and saw signs of depression. But, "they didn't see any danger," Jim Lewis said of the unidentified family. "They are horrified just like everybody else." Lewis described Cruz as "a smaller kid" and said there was an indication "there may have been some bullying going on." Hunter Vukelich, a former manager at a Dollar Tree store where Cruz recently worked while pursuing a GED, said he saw nothing alarming about the young man who would ride his bike back and forth to the job. "You could tell he was a little off," Vukelich said, but not dangerous. "He was always very nice, shy, head usually down," he recalled. Gordon Weekes, one of Cruz's public defenders, said he believed Cruz has been placed on suicide watch. He said the defense team would be exploring mental health issues and "the possibility of autism." "We are trying to save this young man's life," he said.

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5 Retailers Likely to Emerge Winners This Earnings Season

The Retail-Wholesale sector has advanced approximately 27% over the past year.

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Trending Stock & ETF Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

If you are finance-minded, you can present your beloved these stocks and ETFs this Valentine's Day.

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Will Amazon's 2-Hour Whole Foods Delivery Skew Retail Pitch?

Amazon (AMZN) is offering free, two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores to its Prime members in four cities, beginning a battle that will only intensify in the months to come.

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Trump Proposal To End Food Stamps Sends Dollar Stores Tumbling

Shortly after 1pm ET, the shares of Dollar General and Dollar Tree tumbled after it was unveiled that President Donald Trump's budget was proposing to effectively abandon food stamps, slashing the program's traditional cash payments and substituting them with packages of "100% American grown food" for recipients.  According to Bloomberg, this would represent "one of the biggest shakeups of the US food stamp program in its five decade history." The reason why deep discount dollar chains were sold off on the news is because they are particularly vulnerable to changes in the food stamp program as they largely cater to less affluent shoppers: according to Gordon Haskett Research Advisors, Dollar General and Dollar Tree have signaled that food stamps account for roughly 5 percent of sales. Shares of Dollar Tree fell as much as 3.7% to $103.68, while Dollar General was down 5% to $93.48, the declines wiping out gains by the two companies in 2018. Other retailers would also be affected, if to a lesser degree: if implemented, the Food Stamp overhaul would impact a broad swath of the grocery industry, including Walmart and Kroger. The food-stamp program served 42.2 million people during the 2017 fiscal year, with many spending the benefits at supermarkets. Why the dramatic overhaul? Unveiled in Trump's budget proposal, the food stamp plan is part of an effort to reform SNAP and save a projected $214 billion over a decade. According to Bloomberg, the proposal would give all households receiving more than $90 a month in cash a food-aid package that would "include items such as shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit, vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish." Cash payouts would be gradually phased out. For America's farmers, this implicit government demand-side subsidy was slam dunk, and their euphoria was palpable. The so-called USDA America’s Harvest Box "is a bold, innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families -- and all of it is home grown by American farmers and producers," Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement. The program would provide food-stamp recipients with "the same level of food value" as the current system, Perdue added. A staple of the Obama administration when it peaked at just shy of 50 million users, the food stamp program has served 42.2 million people and 20.9 million households on average during the 2017 fiscal year. The average household benefit was $254.14, thus 81 percent of homes receiving aid would be included in the initiative, according to the USDA. The bottom line to the taxpayer in 2017 was $68.1 billion - that was the cost of SNAP assistance, with $63.7 billion given out as benefits. As Bloomberg adds, under the proposed plan, the amount of food a household receives would be scaled to the size of the allotment, with about half of the assistance coming as food instead of cash. The USDA already buys commodities for other programs, such as the National School Lunch Program, and states would largely be in charge of distribution, the department said. "States can distribute these boxes through existing infrastructure, partnerships, and/or directly to residences through commercial and/or retail delivery services," the department said in a statement. Meanwhile, if EBT recipients weren't already furious enough at the prospect of losing their weekly cash allowance, the USDA also warned of tightened eligibility rules for recipients, such as stricter work requirements, as well as changing income and benefits calculations "to ensure benefits are targeted to the neediest households." Considering that over 40 million Americans rely on the SNAP/EBT in its current iteration for their daily lives, this - of all Trump proposals - has the highest likelihood of starting an American revolution as the howls of fury should the foodstamp phase out be implemented, would be deafening. There is just one not so minor detail: as we explained earlier, Trump's budget proposal has virtually no chance of being implemented by Congress in its current form, and furthermore any members of Congress who voted to overhaul the foodstamp program are guaranteed to have their political career dramatically truncated. Which is why this particular Trump proposal has virtually no chance of passage.

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These Brand-Name Cleaning Products Are a Total Waste of Money

Knowing when to splurge on cleaning products or buy generic depends on the brand. Here’s what you should know about your favorite household cleaners.

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Ross Stores (ROST) Stock Moving Up the Charts: Time to Buy?

Ross Stores (ROST) is in investors' good books, gaining traction from its commitment toward better price management, merchandise, cost containment and store expansion plan.

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5 Stocks to Buy on the Dip

If you liked these stocks yesterday, you'll love them today after the market has provided a great buying opportunity.

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Higher Consumer Spending Indicates Solid Retail Earnings

Certainly, a buoyant stock market, gradual wage acceleration, a 17-year low unemployment rate and modest inflation were enough to propel consumer spending.

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3 Growth Stocks to Watch This Earnings Season

3 Growth Stocks to Watch This Earnings Season

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5 Potential Winners in the Retail Space This Earnings Season

The expression "retail apocalypse" appears to be a thing of past.

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Wal-Mart Sharpens Online Edge, Join Forces With Rakuten

Per the deal, Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) Rakuten and will work together to sell online groceries in Japan as well as eBooks and audiobooks in the United States.

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Solid Comps, Strategic Initiatives to Aid Burlington Stores

Burlington Stores (BURL) looks promising on the back of solid growth strategies, impressive store-expansion efforts and a robust earnings surprise history.

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Genius Cleaning Hacks That Use Dollar Store Items

Use dollar store items to achieve these genius cleaning hacks.

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Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry With Cheap Dollar Store Finds

Organize your kitchen pantry once and for all with items from the dollar store.

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5 Strong Buy Stocks Climbing Towards New 52-Week Highs

There is a long list of popular averages and ranges that investors like to use while looking at stocks, and that includes the 52-week low and 52-week high metrics. We have found five stocks that are seeing positive estimate revision activity and are hovering near their 52-week highs. Check them out now!

18 января, 17:20 highlights: Dollar Tree, Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Financial Partners and Union Bankshares highlights: Dollar Tree, Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Financial Partners and Union Bankshares

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These Are the Foods You Should Never Buy at the Dollar Store

Shopping at the dollar store can save you some cash. But it's a waste of money to get these foods at the dollar store.

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Holiday Sales Stellar: 4 Retail Stocks Set to Beat Earnings

The holiday season turned out to be a blissful one as consumers continued to fill their shopping carts on the back of a favorable economic scenario.

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4 of the Best Stocks to Buy on Earnings Acceleration

Studies have shown that majority of successful stocks see acceleration in earnings before a positive stock price movement