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21 июня, 15:38

Dover (DOV): Strong Industry, Solid Earnings Estimate Revisions

Dover (DOV) is seeing solid earnings estimate revision activity, and is a great company from a Zacks Industry Rank perspective.

14 июня, 23:00

Obama reaches out to Sen. Flake after shooting

Former President Barack Obama reached out to Sen. Jeff Flake Wednesday morning in the wake of the shooting at the GOP's congressional baseball game practice to extend his "best wishes and prayers" for the victims, the Arizona Republican said.Flake was among the Republicans gathered on an Alexandria, Va., baseball field when a shooter opened fire, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and several others. Obama maintained a good working relationship with Flake, who flew out to Arizona with the former president in 2011 after the shooting of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.)."This is particularly raw for those of us in Arizona," Flake told reporters of Tuesday's shooting, adding that Obama asked him to let Scalise know the former president is thinking about him. "He went through this a couple of times," Flake added of Obama.Obama called no other lawmaker besides Flake and did so as a friend, according to a person familiar with the call. The former president and Flake did not talk about gun control or any policy issues, focusing only on the Republican senator's condition after the shooting.Edward-Isaac Dovere contributed to this report.

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14 июня, 01:42

Dover Street Market Presents Gucci Installation & Exclusive Collection

Gucci has produced an exclusive men's and women's wear collection for Dover Street Market, now available in store and online.

12 июня, 13:58

First in Playbook: What McAuliffe told Trump

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- ISAAC DOVERE speaks with VIRGINIA GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE: “Russia was actively involved in destabilizing our democracy,” and they had help from “treasonous” Americans, McAuliffe told Isaac Dovere in the latest episode of Off Message podcast, coming Tuesday morning. “Somebody had to give these people a roadmap,” McAuliffe said, though he wouldn’t name names. “So I believe somewhere in this, somebody was directing the Russians on whose names to use, what impact these certain people sending a memo would have on the American electorate. I mean, they just didn’t sit over in some cubicle over there somewhere in Moscow and figure this out.”-- FIGHTING WORDS: WHAT MCAULIFFE SAID TO TRUMP, over dinner at the White House at the end of February for the National Governors Association reception: “I looked him face to face, four inches from his eyeballs, and said, ‘Everything you have done has hurt my economy.’”-- MCAULIFFE hasn’t spoken to Trump since, but notes that when the president announced his new appointments to the Council of Governors in May, “Guess who didn’t get reappointed.” McAuliffe said on immigration policy and the travel ban in particular, but overall, he doesn’t think there’s ever a clear answer on what Trump administration policy actually is: “Not when this man is president.” More on what McAuliffe thinks about Hillary’s speaking out and Onward Together, the Democrats’ progressive divide, and his plans for 2018 -- and 2020 -- coming Tuesday http://apple.co/2tbjk0p

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10 июня, 12:00

'They were entwined': the twins found at Dover's white cliffs

The 59-year-olds were found with their parents’ ashes in their rucksacks. How did they get there? Jenny Kleeman reportsThe white cliffs of Dover jut majestically towards the sky like bitten meringue, but the port beneath them is a busy, grimy place, buzzing with the hum of industrial machinery, crammed with lorries queueing to board huge ferries that chug black smoke. Even 100m up, you can’t escape the noise of the engines and drills, the broken metallic twang of public address announcements. It is not a peaceful spot.A walking trail on the clifftop takes you to a viewpoint looking out over the yellow-green sea. The path leads past a National Trust visitor centre selling gardening gloves and ornaments, and alongside more National Trust signs that ask, “What brings you here today?” and, “Why are the white cliffs so special?” Eventually, it reaches a group of benches a few metres from the cliff edge. There are no barriers, no signs bearing the Samaritans’ helpline number (as there are 80 miles down the coast at Beachy Head), no warnings about the sudden gusts of wind that come out of nowhere and leave you unsteady on your feet. The grass is worn away where people have crept as close to the edge as they dare; but the verge itself is still green, before dropping off into a jagged white nothingness below. Continue reading...

06 июня, 17:29

D-Day: 5 Ways the Allies Could Have Lost

Michael Peck Security, Eisenhower's most dangerous enemy wasn't Hitler. It was Mother Nature. A major amphibious landing in stormy weather, when waves would swamp landing craft, was out of the question. Indeed, D-Day was supposed to happen on June 5, but bad weather forced Eisenhower to postpone it a day. His meteorologists correctly predicted that there would be a dry spell on June 6 (their German counterparts didn't, which is why the landings achieved tactical surprise). But—and not that this ever happens in real life, of course—what if Eisenhower's weathermen had made a wrong forecast? What if storms had pummeled the invasion beaches during or soon after the landings? The effects of this scenario could be seen on June 19, when a fierce storm wrecked numerous landing craft and several "Mulberry" artificial harbors, delaying badly needed Allied reinforcements and supplies. And this was two weeks after the landings. If the storm had struck during the landings, the results would have been catastrophic. General Dwight D. Eisenhower's face was grim but composed as he read a short message to the assembled group of reporters on the morning of June 7, 1944. "Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone." Eisenhower never actually uttered these words. But he did scribble them down in the tense days before the Normandy invasion. Despite the years of planning for D-Day, and the awesome armada of men, ships and planes that he commanded, Eisenhower knew how risky it was to storm ashore into the heart of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. With seventy years of hindsight, it is easy to assume that by June 1944, the Third Reich was doomed. Russian armies were relentlessly advancing from the East; Anglo-American armies were invading from the West, while German cities and factories burned under around-the-clock attacks by American and British bombers. But those who fought the Germans knew better than to underestimate them. As Eisenhower contemplated the assault on Hitler's Fortress Europe in the hours before D-Day, he knew how dangerous the operation was. D-Day was a success. But here are five ways that D-Day could have ended in disaster: The Germans could have learned the location of the invasion. By early 1944, everyone knew the invasion would soon be coming. British civilians knew, as they watched their island practically sink under the weight of division after division of American troops. Hitler also knew, which is why he transferred his elite panzer divisions from the Eastern Front to the West. The big question wasn't if the Allies would come, but where. Control of the seas gave the Allies immense flexibility in picking an invasion site, which meant the Germans had to be prepared for landings anywhere from France, to Belgium, to the Netherlands (Hitler was even convinced there would be a landing in Norway). Nonetheless, the Germans could make some educated guesses. The ideal invasion site would be within range of fighter cover from English airfields. It would also be as close as possible to ports in southern England, to minimize sailing time for invasion convoys. The Normandy peninsula was a possibility. But the obvious candidate was the Pas-de-Calais region, just twenty miles across the English Channel from the cliffs of Dover. The Germans kept many of their troops around Calais, and the Allies happily encouraged them to do so. They even created a fake army—commanded by George Patton—that appeared poised for a Calais invasion. The result was that the Germans maintained substantial forces in Pas-de-Calais for months, convinced that Normandy was just a decoy landing. Meanwhile, their armies in Normandy were relentlessly chewed up until the Allies achieved a breakthrough in August that took them all the way to Germany. It could have turned out differently. Perhaps the Germans might have guessed that Normandy was the real invasion site. Perhaps a German spy in England had managed to penetrate Allied security. A careless word, a stolen document...there were so many ways that the secret of D-Day might have been compromised. Whatever the reason, the result would have been catastrophic. German defenses would have been strengthened; every beach would have become a kill zone like Omaha Beach, where the first waves of U.S. soldiers were almost wiped out. But the death blow to D-Day would have been the panzer divisions massing in Normandy to drive the invaders into the sea. At the least, substantial reinforcements would have been transferred from Pas-de-Calais to Normandy, which would have delayed the Allied breakout. Instead of celebrating New Year's Eve 1944 on the German border, the Allies armies might have spending it on an overcrowded beachhead in France. The German panzers might have counterattacked. Even if the Allies managed to breach the German pillboxes and minefields on the invasion beaches, the danger was only just beginning. The most vulnerable time for an amphibious invasion is just after the landing, when the shallow beachhead lacks defensive depth, and the invaders haven't had time to bring ashore armor and artillery. If the Germans had been able to quickly launch a massed counterattack at Normandy with their panzer divisions, Eisenhower might have been forced to read his somber speech. Yet it wasn't that simple. The Germans didn't know where the invasion would come. They had ten panzer divisions in France and the Netherlands. But where to place them? Hitler and his generals couldn't make up their minds. On one side, were the commanders of Panzer Group West, the central armored reserve in France, who urged that the tanks be massed in a central position near Paris, from where they could respond with a concentrated blow to any Allied landing. That was the way it was done in Russia, where the panzers functioned as a "fire brigade," moving up and down the front to defeat Soviet offensives. But in Russia, the Soviet air force had been a mere nuisance. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, who commanded Army Group B defending France, had spent two years battling the British and Americans in North Africa. He had learned the hard way how difficult it was for mechanized troops and their supply convoys to operate when Allied aircraft blasted roads and rail lines. Rommel argued that Germany would only have forty-eight hours to crush an Allied invasion before the beachhead became too strong, which meant the panzers had to be positioned close to the invasion site. Hitler may have posed as an iron-willed dictator, but he was often surprisingly indecisive. When it came to panzer placement, he split the various armored divisions between Rommel, Panzer Group West and a third reserve under Hitler's personal control. Most of them could not even move without the Fuhrer's personal approval. In the crucial early hours of D-Day, when German commanders begged for permission to activate the panzers, they were told that Hitler was sleeping. Only a single division, the 21st Panzer, was in position to counterattack the beachhead the first day. Even then, it managed to penetrate all the way to the water's edge. What if 21st Panzer had been joined by three or four more tank divisions? The Allies would have had naval gunfire support; a shell from a battleship's big guns could flip a 60-ton German Tiger tank upside down. But they would have lacked tanks and antitank guns, their forces would have been disorganized from the landings, and they would have had no time to fortify their positions. Panzer Group West's idea of a central panzer reserve sounded good in theory, yet Allied aerial interdiction would have rendered a long-distance counterattack difficult. However, if Rommel had been given control of ten panzer divisions, and he had been able to station some close to Normandy and ready to move at an hour's notice (or if Hitler had awakened early on June 6 and permitted them to move), then history might have turned out differently. Bad weather. Eisenhower's most dangerous enemy wasn't Hitler. It was Mother Nature. A major amphibious landing in stormy weather, when waves would swamp landing craft, was out of the question. Indeed, D-Day was supposed to happen on June 5, but bad weather forced Eisenhower to postpone it a day. His meteorologists correctly predicted that there would be a dry spell on June 6 (their German counterparts didn't, which is why the landings achieved tactical surprise). But—and not that this ever happens in real life, of course—what if Eisenhower's weathermen had made a wrong forecast? What if storms had pummeled the invasion beaches during or soon after the landings? The effects of this scenario could be seen on June 19, when a fierce storm wrecked numerous landing craft and several "Mulberry" artificial harbors, delaying badly needed Allied reinforcements and supplies. And this was two weeks after the landings. If the storm had struck during the landings, the results would have been catastrophic. German jets. Allied airpower was the decisive ingredient in the success of D-Day. In theory, the Germans should have been able to reinforce their armies faster than the Allies. It should have been easy for them to pour in reinforcements by road and rail, while the Allies, who lacked a major port, had to laboriously ship in supplies over the invasion beaches. Yet it was the Allies who won the battle of the buildup. German troops could not travel on roads by day for fear of being strafed by omnipresent Allied fighters. The French rail network had been shattered by months of Allied bombing. German reinforcements that should have taken days to reach the front took weeks. All this happened because the German air force was a spent force. Its best pilots were dead, its propeller-driven fighters increasingly obsolescent and short of fuel, and its fighter strength worn down attempting to stop the American strategic bombers and their Mustang and Thunderbolt escorts. But Germany had a "wonder weapon." The Me-262 jet fighter flew 150 miles faster than propeller-driven Mustangs and Spitfires. It didn't effectively enter the war until late 1944, a victim of teething troubles and Hitler's insistence in 1943 that it should be built as a jet bomber. But what if Hitler hadn't meddled, or a crash development program had enabled jet fighters to fly in significant numbers on D-Day? The Luftwaffe's bomber fleet was a skeleton force by the summer of 1944, so the invasion probably wouldn't have been disrupted by bombing. But large numbers of Me-262s might have driven Allied bombers from the sky, enabling the panzer divisions to operate in daylight with impunity. Poison gas. One of the most intriguing mysteries of World War II is why Germany and the Allies did not use chemical and biological weapons against each other. As the Third Reich crumbled, it seemed ever more likely that Hitler would employ weapons of mass destruction. The reason he didn't was deterrence. Both sides feared that, as in World War I, once one side used chemical weapons, so would their opponents. It turned out that German nerve gases like sarin were far more effective than Allied chemical weapons, such as mustard gas, but the Germans didn't know that. Allied retaliation would have come swiftly (Britain and America had produced large quantities of anthrax bombs to drop on Germany), but the immediate question is the impact of nerve gas on an amphibious landing. Landing on a fortified beach was difficult enough. Doing this while wearing a gas mask would have been a nightmare. Finally, it is important to remember that even if D-Day had failed, the war would have continued. Despite Hitler's hopes that defeating D-Day would persuade the Allies to seek peace, the Soviet armies would have continued to march on Germany, and the Allies would have eventually mounted another invasion. The war would go on until the Third Reich was gone. Michael Peck is a contributing writer at Foreign Policy and a writer for War is Boring. Follow him on Twitter: @Mipeck1. This first appeared back in 2014 and is being reposted due to reader interest. 

05 июня, 22:36

Theresa May Scaffold Tells Europe, 'Up Yours!'

A giant scaffold bearing the image of British Prime Minister Theresa May appeared on the cliffs of Dover on Monday, complete with a Union Flag skirt and a rude hand gesture indicating to the rest of Europe that it should go away. The iconic row of white cliffs along Britain’s south coast is the closest British landmark to continental Europe and the first sign of England that many sea-faring visitors see. But Dover, 27 miles (43 km) northwest of Calais in France, voted by nearly 2 to 1 to leave the European Union in last year’s referendum, with coastal towns in southeast England seeing some of the highest levels of immigration from the EU. May has promised to deliver Brexit and is hoping to win a strong mandate for her approach in Thursday’s national election. The structure, which was erected with a crane but whose origin is a mystery, towered over trees and nearby buildings, and had been doctored to show a smiling May flashing a V-sign with her left hand. A V-sign with palm facing outwards is a sign of peace or victory, famously used by former British leader Winston Churchill. But when the back of the hand is outward, it is a cruder sign which indicates contempt. The Sun newspaper used the latter kind of V-sign on a famous front cover in 1990 which read “Up Yours, Delors,” in a message to the then-President of the European Commission, which invited readers to tell Jacques Delors to “frog-off” over his plans for European integration. It’s not the only public display of a Union Flag in recent days, with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit up with the flag, affectionately known as the Union Jack, in solidarity with the Britain after an attack in London Bridge by militants that left 7 dead on Saturday. May has said that she wants Britain to be a close partner of the European Union once it leaves the bloc, though one local resident said the effigy of May swearing at Europe was vulgar. “Whether you agree or disagree with Brexit, it was crass, vulgar and insulting to any Europeans coming into Dover on the ferry and a ridiculous message to send to Europe when we are about to start negotiating our exit from the EU,” local resident Simon Hare told local website Kent Online, which said the structure had now been taken down.   -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

05 июня, 19:59

Rude Britannia: Mysterious effigy of UK PM May says "up yours" to Europe

A giant scaffold bearing the image of British Prime Minister Theresa May appeared on the cliffs of Dover on Monday, complete with a Union Flag skirt and a rude hand gesture indicating to the rest of Europe that it should go away. The iconic row of white cliffs along Britain's south coast is the closest British landmark to continental Europe and the first sign of England that many sea-faring visitors see.

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30 мая, 16:15

Russian anti-submarine destroyer enters English Channel

Russia’s Severomorsk large anti-submarine destroyer has entered the English Channel, the Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that the ship was set to travel to the northeastern section of the Atlantic Ocean, TASS reports. "On May 30, the Severomorsk large anti-submarine destroyer passed through the Strait of Dover, the narrowest part of the English Channel," the statement reads. "Now the Russian destroyer will travel to the North Sea to reach the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean." The Severomorsk large anti-submarine destroyer set out for a lengthy mission on Oct. 15, 2016. While in the Mediterranean Sea, the ship joined a group of Russian aircraft carriers led by the Admiral Kuznetsov. During the mission, the Russian ships participated in the AMAN-17 international naval exercise which took place in the Arabian Sea and on the territory of a Pakistani naval coastal base. Moreover, the Severomorsk crew visited ten ports in African and Asian countries, covering more than 37,000 nautical miles. Read more: Why is Russia creating the biggest aircraft carrier in the world?

27 мая, 00:03

Trumps feature Central Park in congressional picnic invite

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will host members of Congress and guests at the White House for a picnic in late June. Only problem? The invite features a pleasant watercolor painting of what appears to be New York's Central Park.The congressional picnic will take place the evening of June 22, according to a copy of the invitation. The rain date is June 23.The picnic has been an annual event used by presidents in recent years to mingle with lawmakers and occasionally hash out major legislative issues. For Trump, there's no shortage of agenda items to discuss, given his pledge to tackle healthcare reform, tax reform and a major infrastructure bill.The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the Central Park backdrop on the invite.Edward-Isaac Dovere contributed to this report.

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25 мая, 00:00

How Obama Not So Subtly Undercuts Trump

Edward-Isaac Dovere, PoliticoThe German chancellor invited Obama to the event in front of the Brandenburg Gate last year, before the election. Officially part of a multi-day gathering sponsored by the Protestant church in Germany, focused on youth and highlighting an exchange program between Berlin and Chicago, it was really about letting Obama boost his friend ahead of her fall reelection campaign and begin the international phase of his own post-presidency.

24 мая, 08:03

Back to 2400 Already?

Back to 2400 Already?

23 мая, 15:44

Why Is Dover (DOV) Up 4.3% Since the Last Earnings Report?

Dover (DOV) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

23 мая, 01:10

Nation So Sad It's Cheered Up By A Sphere

Like what you read below? Sign up for HUFFPOST HILL and get a cheeky dose of political news every evening! President Trump was provided relief from a tumultuous trip abroad when he got to play with a globe that made his hands look as big as Eurasia. Speaking of hands, and maybe it’s just our wild imagination, but has anyone given any thought to the idea that the country is being run through Melania Trump’s hands? And the president’s budget includes very steep cuts to the social safety net. To all of you who will be roasting your boot on a spit over an oil drum fire in 2020, take comfort: The president saved a few dollars on the F-35. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Monday, May 22nd, 2017: BORED TRUMP NOW JUST GINNING UP HIS OWN CONTROVERSIES - We’re all gonna die.  Marina Fang: “President Donald Trump on Monday denied that he mentioned Israel at the Oval Office meeting where he reportedly leaked classified information to Russian officials, seemingly referring to reports that Israel was the source of that information. ‘Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name “Israel.” Never mentioned it during that conversation,’ Trump said during an appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem as part of his first foreign trip as president. The president was referring to reports that Israel was the source of classified information he disclosed to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and ambassador Sergei Kislyak during an Oval Office meeting on May 10.  ‘They were all saying I did. So you had another story wrong,’ he said, pointing at reporters in the room. ‘Never mentioned the word “Israel.”’ It was never reported, however, that Trump told the Russians that Israel was the source of the information.” [HuffPost] FLOTUS don’t want no POTUS. Jared Kushner must be so stressed right now, via Politico reporter Annie Karni’s pool report: “Recently, Trump has said that he believes peace in the Middle East is ‘not as difficult as people have thought.’ On Monday night, he said, ‘I’ve heard it’s one of the toughest deals of all.’ And he sounded a little more tempered in his confidence: ‘But I have a feeling we’re  going to get there eventually,’ he said. ‘I hope.’” FLYNN TAKING THE FIFTH - Whew, one less instance of drama for Mitch McConnell to worry about. Amanda Terkel: “Former national security adviser Michael Flynn will not cooperate with a Senate intelligence committee investigation, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination Monday to avoid turning over documents lawmakers have subpoenaed related to his interactions with Russian officials. Flynn resigned in February, after it was revealed that he lied about whether he had substantive contacts with the Russian ambassador before President Donald Trump took office. In a letter to the leaders of the Senate intelligence committee posted by the Associated Press, Flynn’s lawyer said that without ‘assurances against unfair prosecution,’ he would ‘respectfully decline your request for an interview and for the production of documents.’” [HuffPost] This Flynn character may not be entirely on the up-and-up. “Michael Flynn appears to have lied to Pentagon officials about payments he received from Russians when he was interviewed in 2016 for a renewal of his security clearance, according to a document obtained by the top Democrat on the House oversight committee. In a letter released Monday evening by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the congressman details a document that reveals Flynn told investigators he was paid by ‘U.S. companies’ when he traveled to Russia and dined with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” [HuffPost’s Laura Barrón-López] James Comey’s testimony on his firing and the Russia investigation has been postponed, House oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced on Twitter. OK, MAYBE THERE WILL BE PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS, PT. 623,005, 541 - Arthur Delaney: “The Trump administration will unveil its 2018 budget on Tuesday, likely including big-league cuts to social programs in order to pay for more guns and bombs. The first thing to know about Trump’s budget ― or any president’s budget ― is that most of the proposals it contains stand little chance of becoming law. Instead, the president’s budget is a wish list that marks the beginning of a process in which Congress ultimately decides how to set spending levels. Trump reportedly wants to boost military spending and pay for it with big cuts to safety net programs like Medicaid and food stamps, along with cuts to dozens of smaller items like the Community Development Block Grant. Republicans are unlikely to go along, since they have struggled mightily to agree on cuts to health insurance subsidies this year. But Bob Greenstein, director of the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said the party’s love of tax cuts could motivate them to consider all options.”  [HuffPost] Haircut: Bernie Sanders (h/t Haley Byrd). Like HuffPost Hill? Then order Eliot’s book, The Beltway Bible: A Totally Serious A-Z Guide To Our No-Good, Corrupt, Incompetent, Terrible, Depressing, and Sometimes Hilarious Government Does somebody keep forwarding you this newsletter? Get your own copy. It’s free! Sign up here. Send tips/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to eliot@huffpost.com. Follow us on Twitter - @HuffPostHill COURT RULES AGAINST GOP DRAWN DISTRICTS - Cristian Farias: “In a long-awaited decision, the Supreme Court agreed on Monday with a lower court ruling that found that Republican lawmakers in North Carolina drew two congressional districts with improper racial considerations in mind. The ruling is the latest attempt by the justices to clarify the standard for what counts as unconstitutional racial gerrymandering — the push by lawmakers, especially in the South, to draw district lines based on the racial demographics of a specific area. ‘The Constitution entrusts States with the job of designing congressional districts,’ wrote Justice Elena Kagan in the 5-to-3 decision. ‘But it also imposes an important constraint: A State may not use race as the predominant factor in drawing district lines unless it has a compelling reason.’” [HuffPost] The sinkhole that formed in front of Mar-a-Lago is almost too easy a target for jokes. CITY ON A HILL UPDATE - Your tired, poor huddled masses yearning to be free can crash on our futon for a couple of nights... maybe. Elise Foley: “Tens of thousands of Haitians who had already been granted temporary reprieve to stay in the U.S. will be allowed to remain for an additional six months, but they should use that time to ‘get their affairs in order,’ a Trump administration official said Monday. The Department of Homeland Security had until Tuesday to decide whether to extend temporary protected status, or TPS, for roughly 58,700 Haitians, who have been approved to remain in the U.S. following a devastating 2010 earthquake in their native country.” [HuffPost] TRUMP STILL THREATENING TO SABOTAGE OBAMACARE - But he’s not doing it today. Jeffrey Young: “In a filing to a federal appeals court Monday, the Justice Department and lawyers representing House Republicans have requested another 90-day delay in the proceedings from a case challenging the legality of payments made to health insurers serving low-income customers…. Without that money, insurers would face major financial losses because the law mandates they offer these discounts whether they get paid back or not. Insurers received about $7 billion in these payments last year. Many states would allow health insurance companies to exit the Obamacare markets this year, leaving their policyholders with no coverage. Moreover, if Trump makes clear the cost-sharing payments won’t be made in the future, health insurance companies would have a strong disincentive to participate in the exchanges next year, leaving consumers with fewer, or possibly no, choices.” [HuffPost] CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LITTLE GUY - [area liberals nervously making sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg is getting enough antioxidants in her diet]. Paul Blumenthal: “Newly minted Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch showed his hand on Monday on where he will likely stand on cases that would increase the amount of power held by large political donors. As the Supreme Court declined to hear a major campaign finance case that could have led to the lifting of campaign contribution limits to political parties, Gorsuch joined Justice Clarence Thomas in an unwritten dissent. That means Gorsuch and Thomas wanted the court to hear the case, and likely wanted to vote to overturn yet another limit on big money in politics. The case, Republican Party of Louisiana v. Federal Election Commission, challenged contribution limits placed on state-level political parties by the 2002 McCain-Feingold reform law. These are the limits on ‘soft money,’ unlimited contributions to the parties for supposedly non-electoral activities, imposed in the wake of scandals related to both how the money was raised and how it was spent.” [HuffPost] The thankfully brief story of the D.C. bar that wanted to introduce a “Pill Cosby” drink to its menu. DEMOCRATS GRIPPED WITH RAHM-BASED NOSTALGIA - To defeat a short-fingered vulgarian, sometimes you need a vulgar man with one shortened finger. Edward-Isaac Dovere and Gabriel Debenedetti: “Democrats see the same ugly storm forming for Republicans that delivered them the majority 11 years ago, and they’re digging out the blueprint. The party is vastly expanding the number of districts it plans to contest, recruiting veterans and business owners to compete in conservative terrain as it did back then. Three senior House Democrats are soon heading to Chicago to seek advice from Rahm Emanuel, the party’s 2006 master strategist. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been tutoring members on the party’s campaign efforts that year…. Emanuel has been in touch regularly with Democratic leaders in Washington, holding frequent strategy phone calls with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.” [Politico] BECAUSE YOU’VE READ THIS FAR - Here’s yet another puppy doing battle with a doorstop. TRUMP ISN’T THE ONLY ONE ON A #MAGA TRIP ABROAD - How come there are never “belligerent ferry passenger asked to disembark” or “irate monorail rider forced to alight” stories? Avi Selk: “Like some bizarre parody of a Trump rally, a belligerent man in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat was booted off a plane in Shanghai Sunday — defiantly waving as a crowd of passengers jeered in the terminal: ‘Lock him up! Lock him up!’ It’s unclear whether Chinese police did jail the man or who he was. As others on the United Airlines flight described it, he started arguing before he stepped onto the plane. ‘Obviously, the hat provoked some of the stuff,’ said Alexis Zimmerman, who was flying back to Newark from a business trip.” [WaPo] COMFORT FOOD - Dogs try to make sense of fidget spinners. - The winning submissions from the first-ever “Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.” - An infographic showing all the colors of Mr. Rogers’ cardigans. TWITTERAMA @emmaroller: The Orb and the Obelisk have revealed themselves, as it was foretold. Now we wait for the third Dark Talisman to emerge. @historyinflicks:  Straightforward from here:1 impeach Trump2 steal orb3 fall under maddening spell of orb4 orb devours every human soul5 President Hatch @jephjacobs: Child: do you remember when Trump touched the Orb? Me: Yes. None of us realized what it would- Orb Police: HAIL ORB Me & child: hail orb Got something to add? Send tips/quotes/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to Eliot Nelson (eliot@huffpost.com) -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

21 мая, 08:00

Join the tourists on a trip to Brexit land | Eva Wiseman

See an iconic black cab, listen to Farage’s LBC show, watch the 4-mile queue of lorries at Dover and put a straight banana in your pocketThe New York Times is offering readers the trip of a lifetime. For $5,995, holidaymakers can join “experts” on a trip they’re calling “Brexit Means Brexit!” Leaving on 22 October they will take a group to London to “Meet with politicians, journalists and historians to discuss Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the financial, legal and social implications for Britain, Europe and the world.” Which, when you think about it, does sound more fun than: “Was it a terrible mistake to go away with your friend and their new girlfriend? And what of the impact on your own relationship, seeing these two practically digest each other on the sunloungers?” It’s when one relaxes into the idea, though, that one can imagine the real possibilities of a Brexit break. The holiday starts here:22 October, 4pm Collected from the airport in an iconic black cab, your driver has been prepped to begin his authentic banter routine with the phrase: “I’m not racist, but…” Sit back, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to tip! Continue reading...

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17 мая, 09:15

Writing on the wall: urban political graffiti from Brexit to Trump – in pictures

After Banksy’s Brexit-inspired mural depicting the removal of an EU star recently appeared in Dover, we take a look at the world’s most powerful political street art Continue reading...

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12 мая, 14:15

US: ‘One in every five children going hungry’

An organisation in New Hampshire is finding new ways to feed hungry children. Claire Bloom of End 68 Hours of Hunger told Al Jazeera: “We know there are 16 million hungry children in America, one in every five. Feeding 3,000 is a big number to us, but in the whole scheme of things, it’s not a big number.” Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Dover, New Hampshire. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

12 мая, 05:11

Trump’s attempt to fix the Comey crisis made it worse

The president's interview contradicting the explanation his aides have given for the FBI director's firing raised more questions than it answered.