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Inside the USS Gerald Ford, the Navy's Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier Ever

Dave Majumdar Security, The navy let us aboard. Here is what we saw.  As McCormack explained, the Navy will use the post-commissioning shakedown to test all of the new systems onboard Ford to identify any deficiencies or fixes that might need to be made. Ford will then move into a post-shakedown availability where the shipyard will make any needed corrections and install certain critical components onboard the ship that have yet to be installed. One such system is Ford’s Dual Band Radar, McCormack said, where there is still ongoing work that must be completed. The United States Navy will commission the first of a new generation of aircraft carriers into service today. The future USS Gerald R. Ford ​(CVN-78) will represent the future of naval aviation and will be the most advanced and capable aircraft carrier ever built. (This first appeared last year.) With Ford’s imminent commissioning ceremony coming up later this month, the Navy invited The National Interest to preview the mighty warship and see the new vessel’s technology firsthand on July 10. Recommended: How North Korea Could Start a War Recommended: This Is What Happens if America Nuked North Korea Recommended: The Colt Python: The Best Revolver Ever Made? Even at first glance, PCU Gerald R. Ford is an impressive sight even as she was moored pierside at Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia next to older Nimitz-class carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)—one of America’s oldest flattops, USS George Washington (CVN-73) and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). Read full article

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Truman and Eisenhower: The Real Reason the North Korea Problem Still Exists?

Daniel L. Davis Security, Asia Do their bad choices still haunt us to this very day?  North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in have agreed to a historic summit with each other in Panmunjom in April, and President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with Kim in May. These talks have enormous war-and-peace ramifications for millions, and it is impossible to know how they will work out. The conditions behind the talks, however, couldn’t be more different than the first time the three nations sat down in 1951 with enormous war-and-peace ramifications at stake. North Korea unleashed a devastating war in June 1950 that would ultimately claim the lives of millions of Koreans, thousands of Americans and still has not officially ended. It was a messy affair from the beginning. The North Korean attack, ordered by Kim Il-sung, caught the United States totally unprepared and almost succeeded in wiping out the nascent South Korean military and sweeping American forces into the sea at Pusan. But the commander of American forces (and later all UN troops), Gen.Douglas MacArthur, devised a brilliant Normandy-like invasion at the port city of Inchon on the west coast of Korea. There, he cut the lines of communication of the invading army, sending it into full retreat. Recommended: America Has Military Options for North Korea (but They're All Bad) Recommended: 1,700 Planes Ready for War: Everything You Need To Know About China's Air Force Recommended: Stealth vs. North Korea’s Air Defenses: Who Wins? Read full article

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TIT FOR TAT: Russia retaliates against Britain by expelling diplomats over ex-spy’s poisoning. R…

TIT FOR TAT: Russia retaliates against Britain by expelling diplomats over ex-spy’s poisoning. Related: History: After the RB-47 incident in which the USSR shot down an unarmed US reconnaissance airplane over international waters, President Eisenhower is said to have ordered the assassination of an equivalent number of Soviet military troops of similar rank to those […]

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Стратегия Национальной Обороны Трампа

Взглянем какова недавно обнародованная Стратегия национальной обороны. Она создает потрясающее ощущение того, как, достаточно волшебным образом представление Пентагона о будущей глобальной политике даёт возможность обеспечить кое-что для каждой из их служб и корпоративных покровителей. Недавно высокопоставленный чин Пентагона по азиатским делам Рэндалл Шривер заявил сенаторам, что в 2018 году афганская война обойдётся налогоплательщикам в $45 […] Сообщение Стратегия Национальной Обороны Трампа появились сначала на ВОПРОСИК.

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The Pentagon & Hollywood's Successful & Deadly Propaganda Alliance

Authored by Michael McCaffrey, The Pentagon helps Hollywood to make money and, in turn, Hollywood churns out effective propaganda for the brutal American war machine... The US has the largest military budget in the world, spending over $611 billion – far larger than any other nation on Earth. The US military also has at their disposal the most successful propaganda apparatus the world has ever known… Hollywood. Since their collaboration on the first Best Picture winner ‘Wings’ in 1927, the US military has used Hollywood to manufacture and shape its public image in over 1,800 films and TV shows. Hollywood has, in turn, used military hardware in their films and TV shows to make gobs and gobs of money. A plethora of movies like ‘Lone Survivor,’ ‘Captain Philips,’ and even blockbuster franchises like ‘Transformers’ and Marvel, DC and X-Men superhero movies have agreed to cede creative control in exchange for use of US military hardware over the years. It’s #Oscars90 Sunday and did you know the #DoD works with #Hollywood to ensure the #military is correctly portrayed in films? Find out how these partnerships work: https://t.co/LX3Q52SwQ6. Be sure to follow our #Oscars coverage over on @DoDOutreach! #cooljobs #KnowYourMil pic.twitter.com/OKnDTiMFkV — U.S. Dept of Defense (@DeptofDefense) March 5, 2018 In order to obtain cooperation from the Department of Defense (DoD), producers must sign contracts that guarantee a military approved version of the script makes it to the big screen. In return for signing away creative control, Hollywood producers save tens of millions of dollars from their budgets on military equipment, service members to operate the equipment, and expensive location fees. Capt. Russell Coons, director of the Navy Office of Information West, told Al Jazeera what the military expects for their cooperation: “We’re not going to support a program that disgraces a uniform or presents us in a compromising way.” Phil Strub, the DOD chief Hollywood liaison, says the guidelines are clear. “If the filmmakers are willing to negotiate with us to resolve our script concerns, usually we’ll reach an agreement. If not, filmmakers are free to press on without military assistance.” In other words, the Department of Defense is using taxpayer money to pick favorites. The DOD has no interest in nuance, truth or – God forbid – artistic expression; only in insidious jingoism that manipulates public opinion to their favor. This is chilling when you consider that the DOD is able to use its financial leverage to quash dissenting films it deems insufficiently pro-military or pro-American in any way. The danger of the DOD-Hollywood alliance is that Hollywood is incredibly skilled at making entertaining, pro-war propaganda. The DOD isn’t getting involved in films like ‘Iron Man,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘Transformers’ or ‘Jurassic Park III’ for fun. They are doing so because it’s an effective way to psychologically program Americans, particularly young Americans, not just to adore the military, but to worship militarism. This ingrained love of militarism has devastating real-world effects. Lawrence Suid, author of ‘Guts and Glory: The Making of the American Military Image in Film’told Al Jazeera, “I was teaching the history of the Vietnam War, and I couldn’t explain how we got into Vietnam. I could give the facts, the dates, but I couldn’t explain why. And when I was getting my film degrees, it suddenly occurred to me that the people in the US had never seen the US lose a war, and when President Johnson said we can go into Vietnam and win, they believed him because they’d seen 50 years of war movies that were positive.” As Suid points out, generations of Americans had been raised watching John Wayne valiantly storm the beaches of Normandy in films like ‘The Longest Day,’ and thus were primed to be easily manipulated into supporting any US military adventure because they were conditioned to believe that the US is always the benevolent hero and inoculated against doubt. We caught up with some of Hollywood's biggest stars at the #Oscars to find out what the #military means to them. #Oscars90 #KnowYourMil pic.twitter.com/bhVijdKMLb — U.S. Dept of Defense (@DeptofDefense) March 6, 2018 This indoctrinated adoration of a belligerent militarism, conjured by Hollywood blockbusters, also resulted in Americans being willfully misled into supporting a farce like the 2003 Iraq War. The psychological conditioning for Iraq War support was built upon hugely successful films like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (1998), directed by Steven Spielberg, and ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001), produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, that emphasized altruistic American militarism. Spielberg and Bruckheimer are two Hollywood heavyweights considered by the DoD to be their most reliable collaborators. Another example of the success of the DoD propaganda program was the pulse-pounding agitprop of the Tom Cruise blockbuster ‘Top Gun’ (1986). The movie, produced by Bruckheimer, was a turning point in the DoD-Hollywood relationship, as it came amid a string of artistically successful, DoD-opposed, ‘anti-war’ films, like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Platoon’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket,’ which gave voice to America’s post-Vietnam crisis of confidence. ‘Top Gun’ was the visual representation of Reagan’s flag-waving optimism, and was the Cold War cinematic antidote to the “Vietnam Syndrome”. ‘Top Gun,’ which could not have been made without massive assistance from the DoD, was a slick, two-hour recruiting commercial that coincided with a major leap in public approval ratings for the military. With a nadir of 50 percent in 1980, by the time the Gulf War started in 1991, public support for the military had spiked to 85 percent. Since Top Gun, the DoD propaganda machine has resulted in a  current public approval for the military of 72 percent, with Congress at 12 percent, the media at 24 percent, and even Churches at only 40 percent. The military is far and away the most popular institution in American life. Other institutions would no doubt have better approval ratings if they too could manage and control their image in the public sphere. It isn’t just the DoD that uses the formidable Hollywood propaganda apparatus to its own end… the CIA does as well, working with films to enhance its reputation and distort history. For example, as the ‘War on Terror’ raged, the CIA deftly used ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ (2007) as a disinformation vehicle to revise their sordid history with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and to portray themselves as heroic and not nefarious. The CIA also surreptitiously aided the film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (2012), and used it as a propaganda tool to alter history and convince Americans that torture works. The case for torture presented in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was originally made from 2001 to 2010 on the hit TV show ‘24,’ which had support from the CIA as well. That pro-CIA and pro-torture narrative continued in 2011 with the Emmy-winning show ‘Homeland,’ created by the same producers as ‘24,’ Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. A huge CIA-Hollywood success story was Best Picture winner ‘Argo’ (2012), which ironically is the story of the CIA teaming up with Hollywood. The CIA collaborated with the makers of ‘Argo’ in order to pervert the historical record and elevate their image. The fact that this propaganda devil’s bargain between the DoD/CIA and Hollywood takes place in the self-declared Greatest Democracy on Earth™ is an irony seemingly lost on those in power who benefit from it, and also among those targeted to be indoctrinated by it, entertainment consumers, who are for the most part entirely oblivious to it. If America is the Greatest Democracy in the World™, why are its military and intelligence agencies so intent on covertly misleading its citizens, stifling artistic dissent, and obfuscating the truth? The answer is obvious… because in order to convince Americans that their country is The Greatest Democracy on Earth™, they must be misled, artistic dissent must be stifled and the truth must be obfuscated. In the wake of the American defeat in the Vietnam war, cinema flourished by introspectively investigating the deeper uncomfortable truths of that fiasco in Oscar-nominated films like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Coming Home,’ ‘The Deer Hunter,’ ‘Platoon,’ ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’ all made without assistance from the DoD. The stultifying bureaucracy of America’s jingoistic military agitprop machine is now becoming more successful at suffocating artistic endeavors in their crib. With filmmaking becoming ever more corporatized, it is an uphill battle for directors to maintain their artistic integrity in the face of cost-cutting budgetary concerns from studios. In contrast to post-Vietnam cinema, after the unmitigated disaster of the US invasion of Iraq and the continuing quagmire in Afghanistan, there has been no cinematic renaissance, only a steady diet of mendaciously patriotic, DoD-approved, pro-war drivel like ‘American Sniper’ and ‘Lone Survivor.’ Best Picture winner ‘The Hurt Locker’ (2008), shot with no assistance from the DoD, was the lone exception that successfully dared to portray some of the ugly truths of America’s Mesopotamian misadventure. President Eisenhower once warned Americans to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.” Eisenhower’s prescient warning should have extended to the military industrial entertainment complex of the DoD/CIA-Hollywood alliance, which has succeeded in turning Americans into a group of uniformly incurious and militaristic zealots. America is now stuck in a perpetual pro-war propaganda cycle, where the DoD/CIA and Hollywood conspire to indoctrinate Americans to be warmongers and, in turn, Americans now demand more militarism from their entertainment and government. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. The DoD/CIA-Hollywood propaganda alliance guarantees Americans will blindly support more future failed wars and will be willing accomplices in the deaths of millions more people across the globe.

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На радость Пентагону

Недавно высокопоставленный чин Пентагона по азиатским делам Рэндалл Шривер заявил сенаторам, что в 2018 году афганская война обойдётся налогоплательщикам в $45 миллиардов, том числе $5 миллиардов уйдёт на афганские силы безопасности, $13 миллиардов на американский контингент в этой стране и $780 миллионов потребуется на экономическую помощь. Как будут израсходованы ещё $26 миллиардов — пока неясно, а учитывая показатели Пентагона за прошедшие годы, оценки Шривера могут оказаться весьма заниженными. В целом же это просто ещё один год бесконечной войны в этой стране. И всё же, если Шривер прав, то только в Афганистане американские налогоплательщики потратят более одной пятой из тех $200 миллиардов, что администрация Трампа вынуждает Конгресс выделить на восстановление рушащейся инфраструктуры Америки.

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Военные расходы обанкротят США

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Помяните мои слова, военные расходы обанкротят США. Коль на то пошло, военные расходы Америки уже вогнали страну в долги на более чем $20 триллионов долларов. Теперь администрация Трампа, стремящаяся поддержать имперские военные амбиции Америки за рубежом и резко расширить влияние полицейского государства внутри страны проталкивает бюджет в $4.4 триллиона на следующий финансовый 2019 год, что […] Сообщение Военные расходы обанкротят США появились сначала на ВОПРОСИК.

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Harold Macmillan: "Greeks to Their Romans...": Document: On the Twentieth Century Imperial Succession

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**D.R. Thorpe**: [Supermac: The Life of Harold Macmillan](https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=lzVgMHMwZtwC) >[Harold] Macmillan dubbed Roosevelt ‘The Emperor of the West’, and Churchill ‘The Emperor of the East’. When Eisenhower paid court to Roosevelt, Macmillan said to Bob Murphy, ‘Isn’t he just like a Roman centurion?’ The classical analogy famously went further. To Dick Crossman, Director of Psychological Warfare at AFHQ, he said: >>We, my dear Crossman, are Greeks in this American empire. You will find the Americans much as the Greeks found the Romans – great big vulgar, bustling people, more vigorous than we are and also more idle, with more unspoiled virtues, but also more corrupt. We must run A.F.H.Q. as the Greeks ran the operations of the Emperor Claudius... The source Thorpe gives for this quote is the _Sunday Telegraph_ for February 9, 1964. Anybody found a longer description? Not in the biographies, and library does not seem to have Crossman's _Backbench Diaries_... ---- ---- **Thorpe**: >On 22 December, Macmillan was summoned to Downing Street. It was one of the turning points of his life. Churchill outlined the complex situation obtaining in North Africa. Macmillan’s importance, he emphasised, would lie in the relationship he could build up with Eisenhower… >As Macmillan...

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Search is on for best summit site for Trump, Kim

Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev chose Reykjavik, Iceland. Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin huddled at Yalta. Dwight Eisenhower and Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev will always have…

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"The Parasites Must Be Stopped" - A Letter From Ukraine To 'All Good People Of America'

Authored by Russell "Texas" Bentley, To My Family and Friends, and All Good People of the USA, You may not know it yet, but the world changed on March 1st, 2018, an old era was ended, and a new era begun. In very great part, the meaning of this new era is up to you. On that historic day, Vladimir Putin revealed to the world that the US military is now obsolete, and no longer capable of "projecting power", committing war crimes, or intimidating and destroying smaller nations around the world. That day has ended forever, one way or another.  The US military is still completely capable of the mission it needs and deserves to do, which is to defend the territory and people of the United States of America.  You are safe. There is no threat.  But the days of your government threatening and destroying other countries is over. I hope you understand this. Putin's revelation of Russia's game-changing weapons, against which the US military is literally defenseless, is not a threat or a bluff. Only liars and fools speak of "Russian aggression", and the stupidity of anyone who says or believes "Putin is bluffing" is beyond measure. Russia's weapons are real, and the US military industrial complex (that Dwight Eisenhower warned about 57 years ago) has absolutely no defense against them. In spite of plundering and squandering literally trillions of dollars from the US treasury and the American People in the name of  "defense", they are defenseless. Russia's new weapons present no threat to the American People, unless you allow the people who own and control your government to to start a world war and force the Russians to use them. But if you do allow that to happen, the American people will get exactly what the "good Germans" got in 1945. And you will deserve it, just as much as they did. For the exact same reasons. Russia is not your enemy. We seek only cooperation for the mutual benefit of all Mankind. But since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, 28 years ago, the USA, NATO and the EU have sought to plunder and rule the world. They have been the enemies, the enslavers, the destroyers of the world. No reality based person can dispute that fact. There is no place that the US or NATO has gone into in the last 4 decades that is better off. Not one. In fact, there is no place that NATO or the US have intervened, (usually against international law) that hasn't become a failed state, hell on Earth for the citizens, and a genuine danger to the surrounding regions and the world. It is the US government and NATO, and the people who own and control them, who are the threats and the enemies to the future of Humanity. But their days of disregarding international law and destroying weaker nations with impunity are now over, as of March 1st, 2018. The good people of America now have a huge opportunity, and a huge challenge. Russia spends less than one tenth what the USA spends on military and defense, but their military and weapons are superior in every measurable way. The waste, corruption and abject venality of the US military industrial complex has wasted trillions on weapon systems that are now literally useless, and which have left the US military (and by extension the American people) defenseless before the power of Russia's weapons, which are  designed and produced to be effective rather than profitable.  The opportunity is this - the USA can now reduce its military spending (the highest in the world) by 90% and still be safer than you are right now, spending almost a trillion dollars a year on useless weapons and a defenseless military.  Safer, because as soon as the American People take control of their government enough to reduce your spending to ONLY as much as Russia spends, Russia will stop having reason to see the USA as an existential threat. The less you spend, the safer you will be. The more you spend, the more likely World War Three, which will see you as the instigators and the losers. This gives the USA, starting as soon as you want, an extra $800 billion, per year, to spend on things that have actual worth, things you really need.  Health care, free college education, fixing the rotting economy and infrastructure that are daily becoming more of a threat to the American people than Russia has ever been. Your challenge is that you must root out an entrenched  and ruthless kleptocracy, built on deceit and oppression, and which is bent on war, and will stop at nothing to cling to its power. It is a huge task, an historic task, but in it lies your only hope. These parasites must be stopped, and if the American People are not up to the challenge, if they fail in their historic mission, they will leave it to the armies of the world, led by Russia, who will no longer tolerate those who want to rule the world. Your rulers are leading you to a war you cannot win, a war from which you, your families and your nation, and perhaps the world, will never recover.  If the American People do not prevent their rulers from starting World War Three, there will be war.   Peace and prosperity or death and desolation. These are your only choices, and now is the time to make your choice and act accordingly. An annual windfall of $800 billion is yours for the taking, if you have the wisdom, courage and determination to take it back from the charlatans and scammers who have been robbing and wasting your trillions for years.  Already these vermin claim the only possible solution is to give them even more money, as if those who fail when they out-spend their competitors ten to one might succeed by spending twenty to one.  At some point, the host must rid itself of its parasites, or risk being bled dry. When the American People stand up to their oppressors, rid themselves of their parasites, the people of Russia and of the world will stand with you, will applaud and support you. All good people in the world are on the same side. Those who oppress and exploit you do the same to us. Your enemies are our enemies, and ours are yours. Stand up, as we have, throw off your chains and illusions, see for yourself who your real enemies are, and together let's defeat them, before they destroy the world and all that is good in it. Only you can stop them without a global war. If you don't, there will be war, and we will stop them. But those who live in the USA will suffer the fate of those who start and lose a world war. It is not a fate to be desired. America, that time has now come for you. The choice is stark and clear, and you must make it soon. Either bring your rulers to heel,  stop the war they are bent on starting, and reap the benefits of stopping the most egregious and wasteful scam in history, or do nothing, allow your parasites to consume you, and let them lead you and your children and your nation to Armageddon and a fiery death in a war that you now know you can never win. The choice is yours. And so is the responsibility. *  *  * Please consider a donation via Paypal, for a one-time or monthly contribution to our work. Please contact me at [email protected] for both, or visit via the donation page. 

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Commander v. Chief

The lessons of Eisenhower’s civil-rights struggle with his chief justice Earl Warren

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The Best Man review – Gore Vidal's brutal political dogfight

Playhouse, LondonMartin Shaw and Maureen Lipman star in an entertaining 1960 drama set during a Democratic party conventionIt has taken Gore Vidal’s highly entertaining drama about US presidential politics, premiered on Broadway in 1960, a long time to reach the British stage. As a result, it seems both nostalgic and topical. It takes one back to the age of the well-tailored play and a time when political conventions were contests, rather than coronations. Yet, with its reminder that “to want power is corruption already”, it chimes with present-day cynicism about the political process. Vidal, who twice stood for office as a Democrat and was born into the political purple, writes with inside knowledge. His setting is a Philadelphia hotel during a party convention where two candidates are fighting tooth and nail to achieve the presidential nomination. The apparent frontrunner, Bill Russell, combines the sophistication of Adlai Stevenson, the 1950s Democratic candidate twice defeated by Eisenhower, with the womanising tendencies of JFK and some of the wit of Vidal himself. Continue reading...

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Trump to launch major donor initiative after disastrous week

Modeled after George W. Bush's 'Pioneer' program, it's one of the most serious steps Trump has taken toward reelection.

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JFK-Trump S&P500 Analog – Five Basis Points On Day 328

Via Global Macro Monitor, After 328 trading days since election day, the Trump S&P500 sits right on top of the JFK S&P500.  That is the performance of the index, 328 trading days after the election day of each president, is less than five basis points within one another. Rather stunning, don’t you think? Similar Volatility Shock Recall in our earlier posts (see here and here), there have been three other massive volatility shocks since 1950,  similar to the one the S&P500 just experienced. 1) 1955: Ike’s heart attack;  2) 1962:  the “Kennedy slide” or JFK bear market; and 3) 1987:  the “crash” bear market, which lasted only 38 days. We threw out Ike’s heart attack as it was not a prelude to a bear market.  The S&P500 recovered shortly after the sharp Monday sell-off after President Eisenhower had a heart attack on the 8th hole at Cherry Hills Country Club the prior Saturday afternoon. Though the current S&P500 has the same theme, set-up, and backdrop as the JFK post-election rally and bear market in 1961-62,  the fundamentals drivers of the current correction are very similar to those of the 1987 rout (see here). The run up in stocks after JFK’s election was spooked by rising inflationary pressures and the president jawboning “big steel” as he felt the executives broke an agreement with the administration and labor unions, The pact, with ten of the nation’s 11 steel companies, called for an increase in fringe benefits worth 10 cents an hour in 1962, but no wage hikes that year. Then-AFL-CIO President George Meany said that in the pact, the union “settled on a wage increase figure somewhat less than the Steelworkers thought they would get.” Kennedy praised the contract as “obviously non-inflationary” and said both the USW and the steel firms showed “industrial statesmanship of the highest order.” The agreement also implicitly said the companies would not raise prices, as that would be inflationary. But on April 10, Roger Blough, CEO of U.S. Steel, the largest of the firms, with 25% of the market, met Kennedy in the Oval Office and told him the company was immediately raising prices by $6 a ton – and that other steel companies would follow. Six did. The 3.5% hike enraged the president. What he said in public was biting – but he was even more caustic in private. In an April 11, 1962 press conference, Kennedy called the price hikes “a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest.” He criticized “a tiny handful of steel executives whose pursuit of power and profit exceeds their sense of public responsibility.” The execs had “utter contempt” for the U.S., Kennedy said. In private, Kennedy added: “My father always told me that all businessmen were sons of bitches, but I never believed it until now.” The line quickly became public. –  People’s World “Sons of bitches” coming from the mouth of a president.  Where have we heard that before? President Kennedy’s rant against steel came about a month into the S&P’s big downdraft. True Analog Tracker? If the analog continues to track, the S&P500 should rally around 1.27 percent in the next ten trading days from today’s close before rolling over hard, suffering a decline of 26.37 percent in the next 73 trading days, bottoming in late June.  The index would then bounce 14.26 percent from the June low the next 41 days before rolling over again to retest the low in late October.  Interesting how October is the month of market bottoms. Of course, they will not track perfectly,  but they are thus far rhyming with each other on fairly consistent basis. Nevertheless,  328 days after election day, with both markets experiencing similar volatility shocks – the JFK shock coming a little later than the Trump S&P 500 shock – the fact both S&Ps are performing within five basis points of each other is simply amazing. It’s Right here, Right Now for the analog in the next ten trading days. The Navarro waterfall beckons. It is starting to get interesting.  The interns now in charge may be about to experience their baptism by fire. Stay tuned.

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Speaker Ryan’s Remarks at Capitol Service Honoring Rev. Billy Graham

WASHINGTON—A service was held in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol today preceding the lying in honor of the late Reverend Billy Graham. Information on how members of the public can pay their respects to Rev. Graham is available here. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) made the following remarks at the service, which included President Trump, Vice President Pence, members of the government, and Reverend Graham's family: In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Billy Graham woke up every day and did just that. He shared his love of God. That love had no end. That love had no barriers. He ministered to all walks, from some of the greats whose statues line this very hall—Eisenhower, King, Ford, and Reagan—to everyday citizens lining up to pay their respects. No matter how long the lines grew, no matter how much the times changed, his message never diminished. That love was so infectious, wasn’t it? The man had such a gift for connecting with people. When listening to Reverend Graham, it is as if he is right there next to you, praying with you, and turning you to the glory of God. He did not profess to have all the right answers—look to the Bible, he would say. But he sure did point us to all the right questions, and challenge us to look up and look within, to reflect, to repent. And in those moments when we felt weak in spirit, when our country was on its knees, he reminded us—he convinced us—that is exactly when we find our grace and our strength. Few loved others as Billy Graham did, and few were as beloved as he was. Here lies America’s Pastor. A man made great not by who he was, but by who he served, with all of his heart and all of his soul and all of his mind. We give thanks to God for the life and the works of this humble servant, now and forever.

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DON’T GET COCKY, KID: Politico: Trump Is Winning. Donald Trump is on track to win re-election t…

DON’T GET COCKY, KID: Politico: Trump Is Winning. Donald Trump is on track to win re-election to the presidency of the United States. Yes, despite Russiagate, despite shitholegate and despite whatever gate he blunders through next. Despite approval ratings that would make Nixon weep. Despite his mind-numbing political misjudgments—defending accused pedophiles, for example—and the endless, […]

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Trump Is Winning

Are you sick and tired of it yet?

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Woman Arrested After Ramming Car Into White House Security Barrier

Update: According to the Secret Service, the driver of vehicle that hit security barrier is a 35-year woman from LaVergne, TN. She was arrested and charged with "numerous criminal violations."  She was previously known to the Secret Service. WH back to "normal operations." * * * The White House has been placed on lockdown after a woman driving minivan drove into a security barrier near the White House, and was immediately apprehended by the Secret Service. According to the Secret Service Twitter account, the car struck a barrier at the corner of 17th Street NW and E Street NW, closer to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House rather than the White House proper. The EEOB includes the offices of US Vice President Mike Pence, among other offices. The security barriers around the grounds are large and highly visible. Because of the visit of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to the White House, security has been elevated around the White House. Turnbull and US President Donald Trump were in the White House at the time of the incident. The female driver was "immediately apprehended" by the Secret Service after a brief confrontation. According to an unconfirmed report by Fox News, the driver is reportedly suffering from mental problems. A law enforcement official told NBC that the Secret Service knows the woman because she's been around the White House before. According to unconfirmed reports, the driver was known to Secret Service and intentionally rammed the barrier.   Car strikes security barrier near White House; Secret Service has apprehended female driver, according to authorities pic.twitter.com/1pwqNOuQxG — Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) February 23, 2018 CBS NEWS: "The Secret Service verifies nothing was breached -- No part of the [White House] perimeter was breached." pic.twitter.com/8KDZ46xaNB — Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) February 23, 2018 BREAKING: An individual driving a passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House at 17th & E. U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) February 23, 2018 UPDATE: The female driver of the vehicle was immediately apprehended by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers. U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) February 23, 2018   Photo shows vehicle that struck barrier near White House https://t.co/uESv8LdkxH pic.twitter.com/1bnIeb9stm NBC News (@NBCNews) February 23, 2018   No personnel were injured during the incident, and the vehicle "did not breach" the White House complex. UPDATE: The vehicle did not breach the security barrier of the White House complex. U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) February 23, 2018 Los Angeles Times reporter Noah Bierman tweeted "I'm locked in the White House press office. Secret Service has locked doors and appears to be looking into a security issue," before adding "Secret Service is getting out some bigger guns. One guy had a helmet on."  Im locked in the White House press office. Secret Service has locked doors and appears to be looking into a security issue. Noah Bierman (@Noahbierman) February 23, 2018 Secret Service is getting out some bigger guns. One guy had a helmet on. Noah Bierman (@Noahbierman) February 23, 2018 The incident comes two days after the Secret Service reopened the streets around the White House and allowed workers into an evacuated building after authorities cleared a suspicious car parked nearby.    ALERT: Secret Service Agents and Officers are responding to a suspicious vehicle near 17th street NW. New Executive Office Building is being evacuated. Road closures are being established and traffic will be impacted. U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) February 21, 2018   Around 100 White House staff were held in a park and federal employees were turned away from Executive Office Buildings while the incident remained under investigation. UPDATE #2: Explosive Ordnance Detection personnel have cleared the suspicious vehicle. Vehicle road closures have been lifted. Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park remain closed to pedestrians. U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) February 21, 2018  

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22.02.2018 03:07 : Над Белым домом приспустят флаги в день похорон известного баптистского проповедника Билли Грэма

Над Белым домом и американскими правительственными зданиями в стране и за рубежом будут приспущены флаги в день похорон известного баптистского проповедника Билли Грэма. Это также касается всех посольств, военных баз и кораблей ВМС США. Соответствующее распоряжение отдал президент Дональд Трамп. При этом местные СМИ отмечают, что семья общественного деятеля еще не определилась с датой похорон. Пастор скончался накануне в своем доме в Северной Каролине в возрасте 99 лет. Ранее у него был диагностирован рак, пневмония и другие заболевания. Грэм считался одним из наиболее влиятельных пасторов баптистской церкви в стране. Он был духовным советником ряда американских президентов, в том числе Гарри Трумэна, Дуайта Эйзенхауэра, Линдона Джонсона, Ричарда Никсона и Барака Обамы. Проповедник неоднократно посещал СССР и Россию.