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Dun & Bradstreet
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04 января, 16:16

Why Your Business Credit Score Can Make (or Break) Your Business

By Zohar Steinberg Many new business owners overlook their business credit scores, one of your most essential resources. If you don't make an effort to establish a solid business credit score, growing your business will become more difficult. It can also cause you serious problems when you need a line of credit or experience cash flow problems for any reason. Keep in mind that your business credit score is distinct from your personal credit score, though the two certainly impact one another. Make sure you're familiar with your business credit report and do everything within your power to improve your score. Many first time entrepreneurs use their personal credit card for business expenses, unaware that by using their business credit card they can build their business credit and get many more available credit options. As an entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of working across multiple industries, learning with every new business, discovering new areas and uncovering key information. Above all, I enjoy discovering things I once was unfamiliar with, and how digging into these blind spots can help my business grow. Building Up Your Credit All businesses require a certain amount of cash flow to function and grow. In some cases, loans and lines of credit are essential for expanding and even paying for basic supplies or making payroll. Most businesses go through cycles, which may be related to the economy or due to seasonal or industry-related factors. For example, shops, restaurants and hotels in certain tourist towns often do well in the summer, but slow down in the winter months. The ability to obtain credit can be a lifesaver for a business during leaner times. The most obvious reason for having good credit is that it enables you to borrow money. Loans can help you start a business, survive during challenging times and expand. Using Your Business Credit Report to Build Trust Every business thrives on trust. You need the trust of your customers, lenders, suppliers, landlords and anyone you deal with to run your business. The easiest way for someone to gauge your trustworthiness is to look up your business credit score. Business credit has an impact on everything you do: If you want to sign a lease to rent an office, the landlord will check your business credit score, as will suppliers you want to deal with. If you score is low, some companies will not want to do business with you at all. Those who do are likely to demand payment up front. When you have a good business credit score, on the other hand, suppliers will be more willing to extend you a line of credit. Even potential customers may check your business credit score before deciding whether or not to buy your products or services. In the digital age, when it's easy to obtain such information, people are becoming savvier about doing their research. What Determines Your Business Credit Score? Business credit scores are calculated on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being a perfect score. Three companies compile these scores: Scorely, Dun & Bradstreet and Experian. While they all use slightly different methods for calculating credit scores, they all use similar criteria, including: Basic information about your business. This includes how many years in business, size and classifications such as Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), which identifies a business by industry. Credit history with suppliers and lenders. Information from public records, credit card agencies, collection agencies and other sources. This includes factors such as bankruptcies, outstanding debts, liens, judgments and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings. Monitoring Your Business Credit Keep in mind that your business credit score is not static. Every action you take related to your business and finances potentially impacts your score. You can improve it by paying bills on time and taking care of old liens, taxes and debts. I ask vendors and suppliers to report my payment history to the business credit bureau. Many business owners don't know that the vast majority of suppliers and vendors do not report customer payment history to the bureau, which can hurt you. Lastly, actively monitor your score. Regardless of how long you've been in business, or even if you're in the planning stages of opening a new company, you can't afford to overlook its importance. Zohar Steinberg is serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of token, a security driven, payment company on a mission to make payment fraud a thing of the past. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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07 декабря 2016, 23:30

Bob Carrigan Positions Dun & Bradstreet For A New Era Of Data Services

“It's a personal passion of mine, and I'm lucky that I get to work in that environment every day.”

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07 ноября 2016, 15:37

Cognizant (CTSH) Beats on Q3 Earnings and Revenues

Cognizant (CTSH) reported its third quarter 2016 earnings.

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02 ноября 2016, 16:12

Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) Q3 Earnings Beat, Revenues Falter

Dun & Bradstreet Corp. (DNB) reported third-quarter 2016 results wherein adjusted earnings of $1.79 per share easily beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.75 but revenues of $412.8 million missed the consensus mark of $423.8 million.

31 октября 2016, 16:54

Business Information Q3 Earnings on Nov 1: VRSK, DNB & More

Among the Business Information stocks slated to report their third-quarter 2016 numbers on Nov 1, let's have a sneak peek at four major players to see how things are shaping up for the upcoming results.

28 октября 2016, 18:15

What's in Store for Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) in Q3 Earnings?

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (DNB) is set to release third-quarter 2016 earnings results on Nov 1.

08 октября 2016, 22:06

FBI releases thin file on Donald Trump's father, Fred

The file is all of eight pages in length, suggesting the bureau never subjected Fred Trump to any serious scrutiny prior to his death in 1999.

30 сентября 2016, 16:15

Moody's (MCO) Ups Guidance on Higher Issuance Activity

Moody's Corporation (MCO) has upgraded some aspects of its outlook for 2016 driven by its cost-cutting efforts as well as an increase in issuance activity.

28 сентября 2016, 21:35

Diversity -- Is It Only About Gender?

Creative Commons Tom Manning is a corporate advisor, educator and board director of Dun & Bradstreet, CommScope and Clear Media Limited. Based in Hong Kong for 17 years, he served as the CEO of Cerberus Asia, Capgemini Asia, and Ernst & Young Global Consulting Asia, and as a partner with Bain [...]

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20 сентября 2016, 18:42

В 2016 году число банкротств в мире снижается

Число корпоративных банкротств в мире, прежде всего в развитых странах, снижается за счет стабилизации ситуации в глобальной экономике, а также сохраняющего доступа компаний к «дешевым» деньгам, свидетельствуют данные Dun & Bradstreet за 2015 и 1-е полугодие 2016 года.

20 сентября 2016, 18:01

Число банкротств в мире снижается в 2016г - D&B

Число корпоративных банкротств в мире, прежде всего в развитых странах, снижается за счет стабилизации ситуации в глобальной экономике, а также сохраняющего доступа компаний к "дешевым" деньгам, свидетельствуют данные Dun & Bradstreet за 2015 и 1-е полугодие 2016 года.

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20 сентября 2016, 16:20

Число корпоративных банкротств в мире снизилось из-за стабилизации экономики

Число корпоративных банкротств в мире, прежде всего в развитых странах, снижается за счет стабилизации ситуации в глобальной экономике, а также сохраняющего доступа компаний к "дешевым" деньгам, свидетельствуют данные американской компании Dun & Bradstreet, крупнейшего мирового поставщика информации о компаниях Dun & Bradstreet за 2015 и первое полугодие 2016 года.

20 сентября 2016, 15:39

Количество банкротств в мире снизилось

Число корпоративных банкротств в мире, прежде всего в развитых странах, снижается за счет стабилизации ситуации в глобальной экономике, а также сохраняющего доступа компаний к «дешевым» деньгам, свидетельствуют данные Dun & Bradstreet за 2015 и 1-е полугодие 2016 года.

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05 августа 2016, 18:53

When You Need Marketing Data, Check Out These Sources

So you're in need of marketing data. Great! Whether you're using this data for your own marketing research, or whether you're using it to inspire new content, it's important to make sure you're getting your information from credible sources. The last thing you want to do is produce a series of infographics, or put together a report, only to find out that all of the stats you included are false. Finding credible data is not always easy. There are a lot of online businesses and marketers that conduct their own original research that may not always be entirely accurate. As a content producer, reliable marketing data is one of your most powerful tools. Without hard data to back up your statements, it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from an amateur writer, and a true market researcher. With the proper stats, your content becomes more compelling, persuasive and overall intelligent. The following five data sources are some of the best available: Data.com - Salesforce Inc. Purpose: To organize your data, make it easily updateable and compile relevant or related information. Pricing: Data.com has two services: Clean and Prospector. Clean is available for $25USD/month, billed annually for a total of $300. Prospector is available for $150USD/month, billed annually for a total of $1800. Overview: Salesforce Inc. is a cloud-based customer relations management system (CRM). It's easily accessible across most devices and offers many applications: one being data. Their product that focuses on data is Data.com, an application available inside of the Salesforce app. The two services Data.com offers work best when used together. Clean is a service used to manage all of your data. You can use it to input information on your company and customers. It then takes the information that you've input and matches it against trusted databases to fill in missing information and automatically update records. It then produces reports based on that information. Prospector is an application to help filter through CRMs and give insights to gain access to relevant topics. Combined with the report from the Clean service, you can target what information is relevant, and find related industry trends. Hoovers - Dun & Bradstreet Inc. Purpose: To give access to data on sales leads, and related companies and industries, as well as keep your records up to date. Pricing: A free trial is available by request. Plans start at $50/user/month based on an annual subscription. Overview: Hoovers compiles information on company, industry and market trends to provide insight into your customers' interests. The data this will give you access to can provide you with new perspectives into the effects your company has on its industry. This can be a great resource to grab your market's attention and demonstrate the positives of your business. Its database contains 85 million companies, 100 million professionals and 900 industry segments. They use Dun & Bradstreet provides the data, but they are also a content creator. You can go to their website to browse their directory for their free contact before committing to a subscription. They have three subscriptions to choose from: Researcher, Prospector and Relationship Manager. Each of these of these subscriptions can be utilized for different purposes. Researcher gives you access to companies who may have interest in your product or service; Prospector is used to provide data on prospect and customer data. Hoover's Relationship Manager is more comprehensive tool set for your business. Experian - Experian PLC Purpose: To provide an accurate and up-to-date database of different aspects of your industry (customers, suppliers, products, etc.), while keeping the data secure. Pricing: Contact for quote. Overview: Experian keeps records up to date by gathering personal information from thousands of organizations. This information is uploaded regularly so that the data is always as accurate as possible, and goes through a quality process to remove duplicate entries and checking it against other records. Part of this service is the security used to protect the information that is uploaded to the database. Since the information is updated on an almost daily basis, the trends this database has are as accurate as possible. These trends can include browsing patterns and internet service provider preferences. You'll be able to pinpoint what your customer wants to know about your organization. Thomson Data - Thomson Data Inc Purpose: To provide a data management service including information, such as location, industry and title, data cleansing and data enrichment. Pricing: Free quote available through their contact page. Overview: Thomson Data is used to manage data on your customers, keeping your records up to date and free of redundancies. It keeps your data management efficient to be able to parse through to produce reports on the information provided. Every organization involved can help keep this information accurate by providing new and changing information. This information is used to help organizations like your own to fill in missing and erroneous information. They have a team of over 150 strategists and data scientists globally, they offer B2B sales and marketing solutions for your business. They not only focus on gaining new leads but also improving the retention rate as well. They also promise to have all confidential data protected by in-house security teams. On top of this, Thomson Data is not just a data management company. They also provide SEO, advertising, and web development and design. They are a comprehensive company to manage your business tech needs. InfoUSA - Infogroup Inc. Purpose: To create business and consumer lists to help your business grow by providing updated records. Pricing: Speak with a marketing expert to get a quote. Overview: InfoUSA is a data enhancement service that you can use to fill in the blanks in your customer records. It can include geographic and demographic information that can be used to create an infographic about your company. They boast a low turnaround time and greater efficiency with their advanced targeting to help you get the information that you're looking for. It can be an effective way to gather information on your customers' interests and cultural knowledge to target your infographic more appropriately. They boast investing $20 million per year in keeping their records up to date, and they employ over 350 data scientists to manage them. They provide the data that verifies top-tier search engines globally. They gather business and consumer data from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to North American Yellow Page directories, bill processors and behavioral data. This information is regularly verified by their human staff, a rare feature in a data management company. - Much of the information provided by these services are confidential and secure. Be sure to be read up on the terms and conditions on using these services, and what information can be shared legally and ethically. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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05 августа 2016, 14:34

Cognizant (CTSH) Tops Q2 Earnings, Updates 2016 Outlook

Cognizant (CTSH) released its second quarter 2016 earnings report.

03 августа 2016, 17:58

Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) is in Overbought Territory: What's Next?

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (DNB) has moved higher as of late, but there could definitely be trouble on the horizon for this company

03 августа 2016, 15:40

Dun & Bradstreet Corp (DNB) Catches Eye: Stock Jumps 7.6%

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (DNB) saw its shares rise almost 8% on the day.

02 августа 2016, 17:40

Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) Beats on Q2 Earnings & Revenues

Dun & Bradstreet Corp. (DNB) reported second-quarter 2016 results wherein adjusted earnings of $1.37 per share and revenues of $398.8 million easily beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate.