03 марта, 21:32

Спецпрокурор США Роберт Мюллер вступает в решающее противостояние с Трампом

Президент США Дональд Трамп, выступая в минувшие выходные перед участниками Консервативной конференции политических действий в штате Мэриленд, назвал спецпрокурора Роберта Мюллера, курирующего расследование о возможном российском вмешательстве в выборы 2016 года, «человеком с самой плохой репутацией...

01 декабря 2018, 00:54

Dems: Whitaker vows to follow rules of Mueller probe

Whitaker is also committing to testifying before House panels in January.

30 ноября 2018, 22:45

FBI Raids Home Of New Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower

The FBI conducted a six-hour raid on the home of a recognized Justice Department whistleblower who had confidentially submitted documents related to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, according to the Daily Caller, citing the whistleblower's attorney.  The Justice Department’s inspector general was informed that the documents show that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, a document reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation alleges. The delivered documents also show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the document reviewed by TheDCNF alleges. Mueller is now the special counsel investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. -Daily Caller "The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One," said the whistleblower's lawyer, Michael Socarras - adding that he considered the FBI raid on his client, Dennis Nathan Cain, an "outrageous disregard" of whistleblower protections.  Cain - a former FBI contractor, was faced with sixteen federal agents during the November 19 raid on his Union Bridge, Maryland home, according to Socarras. The raid was authorized on November 15 after federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher of the US District Court for Baltimore signed a court order.  The special agent who led the raid alleged that Cain possessed stolen federal property, and demanded entry to his home, Socarras added.  "On Nov. 19, the FBI conducted court authorized law enforcement activity in the Union Bridge, Maryland area," said FBI spokesman Dave Fitz, adding that the agency had "no further comment."  Cain told the agents at his doorstop that he was a recognized and protected whistleblower under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, and that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had recognized his status, according to Cain's attorney.  Cain further told the FBI agent the potentially damaging classified information had been properly transmitted to the Senate and House Intelligence committees as permitted under the act, Socarras said. The agent immediately directed his agents to begin a sweep of the suburban home, anyway. Frightened and intimidated, Cain promptly handed over the documents, Socarras told TheDCNF. Yet even after surrendering the information to the FBI, the agents continued to rummage through the home for six hours. -Daily Caller "After asking and getting my approval to do so, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz had a member of his staff physically take Mr. Cain’s classified document disclosure to the House and Senate Intelligence committees," Socarras told the Caller, adding "For the bureau to show up at Mr. Cain’s home suggesting that those same documents are stolen federal property, and then proceed to seize copies of the same documents after being told at the house door that he is a legally protected whistleblower who gave them to Congress, is an outrageous disregard of the law."  According to Socarras, Cain came across "potentially explosive information while working for an FBI contractor," after which he met with a senior member of Horowitz's office at a church close to the White House, where he delivered a cache of documents.  Cain sat in a pew with a hoodie and sun glasses, Socarras said. Cain held a double-sealed envelope containing a flash drive with the documents. The IG official met him and, without saying a word, took the pouch over Cain’s shoulder and left. -Daily Caller The Whistleblower Protection law requires the Inspector General to share potentially damaging information with the attorney general, who at the time was Jeff Sessions. According to Socarras, two law enforcement officials directed the documents to the Senate and House Intelligence committees for review, which were hand delivered by an IG official.  "I cannot believe the Bureau informed the federal magistrate who approved the search warrant that they wanted to search the home of an FBI whistleblower to seize the information that he confidentially disclosed to the IG and Congress," said Socarras.  The FBI has yet to discuss the matter with Cain's attorney despite the raid.  "After the raid, and having received my name and phone number from Mr. Cain as his lawyer, an FBI agent actually called my client directly to discuss his seized electronics," said Socarras. "Knowingly bypassing the lawyer of a represented client is serious misconduct."

30 ноября 2018, 22:20

Top House Democrat calls Whitaker's involvement with patent company 'troubling'

The incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee on Friday said he was “extremely” troubled by new records from the Federal Trade Commission that show acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker had personally received complaints from defrauded customers of a firm he consulted for. The Washington Post and Bloomberg reported Friday that Whitaker fielded several complaints from customers who said they were misled by World Patent Marketing, a Miami-based firm that claimed to help customers patent and promote their inventions. Whitaker, however, continued actively promoting the firm and did little to help the FTC’s investigation, even after he joined the Justice Department as chief of staff to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to the reports.World Patent Marketing and its CEO, Scott Cooper, in May settled with the FTC over the fraud allegations, agreeing to a $25 million settlement and a ban from the patent promotion business. The FTC said in its announcement of the settlement that the firm “allegedly bilked millions from consumers,” draining some of their life’s savings, and of subsequently suppressing complaints using threats and intimidation. The House Oversight Committee has obtained some of the missives Whitaker received, which include customers telling Whitaker that Cooper “is running an absolute scam,” “seeking a refund of all fees paid to date” and threatening to file formal complaints against the company.Whitaker, who served on the firm’s advisory board, reportedly passed along some of the complaints to Cooper, and indicated he would respond — or not — as Cooper saw fit. A spokesperson for the Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. “These new documents suggest that Mr. Whitaker was personally aware of allegations of fraud by World Patent Marketing and its CEO at the same time he was receiving payments as a member of the Advisory Board,” Oversight ranking member Elijah Cummings said Friday. “If true, this is extremely troubling and raises serious concerns about his fitness to serve as acting Attorney General and whether he was properly vetted for this critical position.”Cummings on Friday indicated that his committee would investigate the issue further, calling the documents an “incomplete” sample that require more probing. “Unfortunately, these documents are incomplete, and do not show what actions Mr. Whitaker took after learning about these concerns. Congress needs all of the documents to determine the full extent of Mr. Whitaker’s involvement with this company that deceived consumers and suppressed complaints.”Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general to replace Sessions has prompted an uproar, largely because Whitaker has publicly railed against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in the past. The controversy surrounding the pick has lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling for President Donald Trump to swiftly send Congress a permanent nominee for the post.Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine]]>

30 ноября 2018, 00:35

Michael Cohen Takes Mueller Inside the Trump Organization

The president’s former personal lawyer admitted lying to Congress about efforts in 2016 to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

29 ноября 2018, 18:31

Schiff: Americans should have 'no confidence' in Whitaker's control of Mueller probe

Rep. Adam Schiff, the incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on Thursday warned that Americans "can have no confidence" in any decision acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker makes regarding special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.Addressing a political conference at the University of Virginia, Schiff said Thursday that Congress will exercise its oversight role to "determine whatever role Whitaker plays" in Mueller's investigation, in particular in regard to the special counsel's final report."His conflicts are so apparent," Schiff said of Whitaker. "The country can have no confidence in a judgment that he makes about the handling of this investigation. This is someone who auditioned for the part, by his own admission, by going on TV and bashing the Mueller investigation." Whitaker, who was placed atop the Justice Department in an acting capacity after Attorney General Jeff Sessions's departure, has been attacked over outspoken criticism of the Mueller investigation he offered prior to joining the Justice Department. Whitaker became Sessions' chief of staff in September 2017.Prior to Whitaker's placement atop the Justice Department, the Mueller probe was overseen by deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who stepped in after Sessions recused himself from all matters related to the 2016 campaign. Whitaker now oversees the probe, which Schiff said allows him to decide the scope of the investigation and what will ultimately happen to Mueller's final report."Does it get shared with Congress, is it made public, or is it buried?" Schiff said of the report. "We are determined to make sure it does not get buried.""It's just too important to know the full facts," Schiff said.Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine]]>

29 ноября 2018, 18:06

Jeff Sessions Jokes About Getting Fired: My 'Pink Slip' Was 'More Public Than Most'

The former attorney general made light of President Donald Trump forcing him to resign earlier this month.

29 ноября 2018, 14:57

Trump: Rosenstein belongs in jail because 'he never should have picked a special counsel'

President Donald Trump defended his decision to retweet a meme this week depicting his political opponents behind bars — including his sitting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — signaling more storm clouds for the embattled No. 2 at the Justice Department after what appeared to be a brief reprieve from Trump’s attacks. In an interview with the New York Post, Trump was asked about the photoshopped image, which depicted targets of Trump attacks such as former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Huma Abedin and James Comey overlaid with the text: “Now that Russian collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?” Tucked just above Obama's head in the photo is Rosenstein's, smaller than almost all the other individuals in the image.Rosenstein belongs in jail, Trump said, because “he should have never picked a special counsel.”Rosenstein is responsible for picking Mueller to lead an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election — a probe that now includes whether Trump sought to obstruct justice — following then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the investigation and Trump’s decision to fire Comey, then the FBI director. After his firing, Comey passed to the media memos detailing interactions he’d had with the president, including one in which Trump reportedly asked the FBI chief for his loyalty. The publication of details from Comey's memos helped prompt Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel, a move that has earned the ire of Trump.The president has ramped up his attacks on the Russia investigation in recent days after finally submitting written responses to Mueller’s inquiries last week.Trump has tweeted about the “witch hunt” a dozen times over the past several days as the investigation seems to be closing in on a few key figures in the probe, and after a former campaign aide reported to prison earlier this week on charges stemming from the investigation. In a Thursday morning post to Twitter, Trump called the Mueller probe an "illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt" that has "shattered so many innocent lives."In his interview with the Post, Trump declined to say whether he would fire Rosenstein, though the deputy attorney general offered the president his resignation in September, after it was reported that he may have sought to remove Trump from office. Trump did, however, double down on his firing of Comey, a step the White House initially claimed the president took based on a recommendation from Rosenstein. Trump later conceded that he had made up his mind to fire Comey before receiving Rosenstein's recommendation and that it was the bureau's ongoing Russia investigation that was on his mind when he decided to dismiss the FBI director. “Thank God I fired Comey,” Trump told the Post, invoking former FBI officials whom Trump felt were biased against him. “Because if I didn’t fire Comey, we wouldn’t know about [Andrew] McCabe, we wouldn’t know about [Peter] Strzok and his lover Lisa Page.”Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine]]>

29 ноября 2018, 04:13

You Can’t Protect Mueller

Mitch McConnell just did our constitutional order an enormous favor by burying the so-called Mueller protection bill, hopefully never to rise again.There’s been much harumphing about how Republicans are in the tank for President Donald Trump by not getting on board the bipartisan bill, but it is a singularly misbegotten piece of legislation.Plan A, i.e., passing the thing, would have been hard enough. But its supporters apparently didn’t think through a need for a Plan B or C: Trump would have vetoed the bill if it passed Congress, and if it somehow passed Congress with a veto-proof majority, the Supreme Court would likely have struck it down (perhaps with a robust majority).There is no way that Congress — even with a clever mechanism involving the judiciary, like the one contained in the protection bill — can truly prevent the chief executive from removing an inferior executive officer, which is what special counsel Robert Mueller emphatically is.The push for the bill again shows how, to this point, Trump’s main threat to our constitutional system has been catalyzing a hysterical opposition. That opposition is so freaked out by the president that it is willing to throw overboard legal and constitutional niceties to thwart him.Hence, much of the #resistance judging regarding Trump measures, especially on immigration. And hence the astonishing spectacle of U.S. senators, sworn to upholding the Constitution, advancing a blatantly unconstitutional bill and doing it in a spirit of high moral dudgeon.The president is the chief executive, and like it or not, Trump is president. This means he runs the executive branch. “I conceive that if any power whatsoever is in its nature executive,” James Madison declared, “it is the power of appointing, overseeing and controlling those who execute the laws.”If the president can fire the attorney general (the ill-used Jeff Session attests that he can), he certainly can fire Mueller. The attorney general is a much more important position than the special counsel.In compelling Senate testimony, Yale law professor Akhil Amar explained the constitutional problems with the Mueller protection bill. One is that to be constitutional, the special counsel must be an inferior officer. Otherwise, he has to be confirmed by the Senate, which Mueller wasn’t. And if he’s an inferior officer, he can fired.Mueller can’t be an inferior officer in some respects and a hypersuperior officer in others, enjoying protections from his ouster that even Cabinet officials don’t enjoy.The Mueller protection bill would really represent a return to the constitutional anomaly of the old independent counsel statute. There is a Supreme Court decision that hasn’t been directly overruled, Morrison v. Olson, upholding that law.As Amar notes, though, the decision’s credibility is in tatters. Commentators on both the left and right believe that Antonin Scalia’s lonely dissent in that case was prescient and sound. By the end of the 1990s and the bout of investigations into Bill Clinton, the independent-counsel statute was allowed to lapse, acknowledging the power of Scalia’s reasoning.The problem with the protection bill in terms of constitutional architecture also gets at the problem with the special counsel. It is perverse that the president of the United States is being investigated by his own inferior officer in what ultimately could become an impeachment case.Yes, there’s lots of criminal action in the Mueller probe — the Manafort trial, the various plea deals — but current Justice Department guidance says that the president himself can’t be indicted. That means that all Mueller can do regarding the president directly is produce a report that may well instigate congressional action, up to and including an impeachment probe. This preliminary investigative work should be the work of Congress alone, without the help of someone nominally working for the president he’s targeting.Indeed, if you want investigations of the president that the president can’t stop or have influence over you have to run them out of Congress. With the Democratic takeover of the House, such congressional probes are on their way.This is a normal working of our system that doesn’t require any extra constitutional exertions. Insofar as Mueller has been “protected” to this point, it has been via just this sort of basic political accountability.Trump has huffed and puffed about Mueller, yet cooperated — in some instances, quite fulsomely — with his investigation. That could change at any time. Trump only has to decide to fire Mueller once. But it would lead to dire political consequences, and now fail to achieve its end of truly shutting him down. If cashiered, Mueller would presumably show up in January as the first witness before Rep. Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee and spill all he knows.That’s probably all the protection Mueller needs, and certainly all the protection he can legitimately be afforded.Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine]]>

28 ноября 2018, 17:25

Republicans block Mueller protection bill from Senate floor vote

Coons accused McConnell of trying to protect Trump.

Выбор редакции
07 сентября 2018, 22:55

Трамп призвал генерального прокурора США провести расследование в отношении NYT

Президент США Дональд Трамп призвал генерального прокурора Джеффа Сешнса начать расследование для установления личности автора анонимного материала, опубликованного в среду в The New York Times. Как передает CNBC, Трамп также сказал, что рассматривает возможность юридических […]

20 июня 2018, 16:53

Тереза Мэй раскритиковала «политику нулевой терпимости» США

Глава британского правительства Тереза Мэй резко высказалась в отношении американской миграционной политики, в результате которой...

20 июня 2018, 12:41

Чем обернется для США «нулевая терпимость»?

В Соединенных Штатах обстановка накалилась до предела, перерастая в гражданские протесты. Это связано с недавними...

Выбор редакции
20 июня 2018, 10:50

Успехи политики нетерпимости: министра в США выгнали из мексиканского ресторана

«Позор!» такими восклицаниями «приветствовали» министра внутренней безопасности США Кирстен Нильсен в одном из мексиканских ресторанов...

20 июня 2018, 10:21

Современные концлагеря Трампа: куда катится Америка?

Американские центры содержания под стражей, в которых удерживают дети мигрантов, незаконно пересекших границу США, были...

19 июня 2018, 10:21

«Больная игра» Трампа переросла в пытки — Amnesty International

Политика президента США Дональда Трампа, разделяющая несовершеннолетних детей-мигрантов от родителей, незаконно въехавших на территории США,...

Выбор редакции
18 июня 2018, 10:04

Смертельная гонка: погоня за нелегалами завершилась фатально

Американские СМИ сообщают о том, что за автомобилем с нелегальными иммигрантами велась погоня пограничного патруля...

Выбор редакции
12 июня 2018, 12:02

США не способны привести в порядок миграционную политику: мигрантов ждут новые жесткие правила

Мигранты из Центральноамериканских стран, ищущие политического убежища в Соединенных Штатах столкнутся с определенными ограничениями и...

03 апреля 2018, 12:03

Trump’s Best Buddy in Congress Wants Sessions to Fire Mueller

'I still think there’s time for Jeff Sessions to do the right thing,' Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says.

03 апреля 2018, 04:36

Мюллер проверяет заявление экс-советника Трампа о встрече с Ассанжем в 2016 - WSJ

Через несколько месяцев после предполагаемой встречи сайт WikiLeaks начал публиковать переписку лиц из окружения Хиллари Клинтон.  

10 мая 2017, 16:07

За что и поплатился: Трамп начал террор против собственной команды

Президент США Дональд Трамп уволил директора ФБР Джеймса Коми, заявив, что тот не справился с обязанностями. Президент США Дональд Трамп отправил в отставку директора ФБР Джеймса Коми 10 мая. Трамп обвинил главу ведомства в «неспособности эффективно руководить» ФБР. Глава государства считает, что дл...

09 февраля 2017, 10:23

Генеральный прокурор США Джефф Сешнс. Досье

Генеральным прокурором США стал республиканец Джефф Сешнс.