05 октября, 08:40

Reuters сообщило о готовящейся встрече послов ЕС с сенаторами США по иранскому вопросу

Послы Великобритании, Франции и Германии встретятся с сенаторами-демократами в Вашингтоне, чтобы обсудить сохранение ядерной сделки с Ираном. Организатором переговоров является сенатор-демократ Ричард Дурбин. Об этом со ссылкой на источники сообщает агентство Reuters. Во встрече также примут участие бывший заместитель госсекретаря США и ведущий иранский переговорщик Венди Шерман, бывший министр энергетики США Эрнест Мониз и министр финансов Джек Лью. По информации агентства, эти переговоры являются частью усилий со стороны демократов в Конгрессе и других официальных лиц США, которые поддерживают ядерное соглашение с Ираном. Напомним, в августе президент Ирана Хасан Роухани сказал, что разорвет ядерную сделку с США, если Вашингтон продолжит вводить санкции. Выступая в сентябре на сессии Генеральной ассамблеи ООН президент США Дональд Трамп заявил, что иранское правительство «маскирует свою коррумпированную диктатуру за ложным видом демократии». Кроме того, господин Трамп подчеркнул, что «ядерная сделка…

05 октября, 07:48

В Вашингтоне послы ЕС обсудят иранскую ядерную программу с сенаторами США

Послы ЕС и посол США в Евросоюзе встретятся в Вашингтоне для обсуждения последствий возможной отмены соглашения по иранской ядерной программе. Об этом сообщает Reuters. Как отмечается, в среду послы Великобритании, Франции, Германии и посол США в Евросоюзе Энтони Гарднер проведут встречу с сенаторами-демократами в Вашингтоне, организатором которой выступил демократ Ричард Дурбин...

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23 сентября, 00:00

Four Rules for the Coming Tax Reform Debate

Jacob Lew, New York TimesSecond, tax cuts must be offset by revenue-raising measures. With the country in the ninth year of an economic recovery, the case for pure stimulus is weak, and digging a deep hole of debt by cutting taxes will make it harder to pay for other priorities. And when that debt makes deficits skyrocket in the future, policy makers would have to choose between raising taxes and cutting investments and vital benefits.

13 сентября, 23:33

Jack Lew and Gasparino agree on eliminating carried interest loophole

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew agreeing with him on eliminating the carried interest tax loophole.

24 июля, 09:06

Деньги для террористов

Правительства разных государств пытаются лишить террористические сети доступа к мировой финансовой системе. Толку от этого почти ноль. В арсенале противодействия политиков террористам «заморозка» финансовых активов, составление «чёрных списков», разработка законов, перекрывающих лазейки для финансирования теневой деятельности, которая может быть связана с терроризмом. Однако длинные минусы от такой политики получают в своих кассах бизнес и бюджет.

12 июля, 18:19

Breakingviews: Volcker Rule Emblematic of New Fed Pick’s Challenge

The Volcker Rule is emblematic of the latest Federal Reserve nominee’s challenge. Former Treasury Department official Randal Quarles is set to be the central bank’s first vice chair of supervision,

05 июня, 03:13

Will Secretary Mnuchin Glam Up Treasury?

That’s a tough one considering the dull, colorless imprimatur bequeathed by his dull, colorless predecessor, Jacob Lew. For many folks, thinking about the everyday work of Treasury is kind of like contemplating when a new coat of paint is going to dry. Unlike Lew, Mnuchin is cut from entirely different cloth having slithered into the administration’s swamp from the glitzy, glamorous world of Hollywood where his Dune Capital investment outfit helped float such big budget boats as Mad Max: Fury Road and Suicide Squad. Mnuchin was born with a Goldman Sach’s silver spoon in his mouth. His father, octogenarian Robert, was a trading heavyweight and one of the firm’s vaunted partners. Steven put in his time – some 17 years with the firm – but his footprint, according to a source, was light and undistinguished. It was only after leaving in 2002 that he found his true calling – Hedge Funding – teaming up with some old Goldman cronies to found Dune in 2004. Real estate investment was a prime interest and one deal, involving the construction of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, did pit Dune, early on, in a legal face-off with the future president. But alas, there’s little high drama or excitement to be had in courtroom corporate battles, so Munchin cast his baleful gaze westward. Like other financial types with money to burn – for instance, Canadian Jeff Skoll – he packed up stakes and moved to L.A. Unlike Skoll, whose vision for Participant Productions was social messaging, Mnuchin was far less choosy, seeing glamour tied to rate of return. Contacts are everything in Hollywood and Mnuchin made a few good ones. Starting in 2005, Dune began a successful co-financing arrangement with 20th Century Fox, which gestated Avatar, among others. Having tested the shallow pools of Hollywood culture for a few years, Mncuhin decided to take the plunge, laying down $26.5 million on new digs in Bel-Air in 2009. He also followed a not uncommon LaLa Land-like script, dumping his wife of 15 years (with three kids in tow) and finding solace in the arms of a much younger actress. (Just a note: I’m somewhat familiar with this world, having graduating NYU Film School in 1971, producing major documentaries on Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone among others, and finding an agent at CAA). The arc of the Steven Mnuchin story then takes a Citizen Kane turn. Like Hearst doppelganger Charles Foster Kane – successful and powerful – taking on the troubled task of promoting (after marrying) lovely young, Susan Alexander – an untalented opera singer – Mnuchin, much like the protagonist in the Orson Welles classic, took a young wannabee Scottish actor and now his fiancée, Louise Linton, under his wing. According to a piece in The Hollywood Reporter, Louise has done a bit of acting, mainly of the B-movie variety; but also in Robert Redford’s Lions for Lambs, which according to THR, “she promoted in panties and a garter belt in a provocative spread in Maxim which dubbed her ‘the hottest thing to come out of Scotland since microwaved haggis.’” Her other noteworthy offering was a self-published bodice-ripper, In Congo’s Shadow: One Girl’s Perilous Journey to the Heart of Africa which purports to be a memoir of harsh and heavy travels through Zambia, forcing her, as she wrote, to elude the smirking intentions of Hutu militiamen “whose deadened eyes would brutalize me before casting me aside like a rag doll.” Heart of Darkness it was not, nor were the reviews kindly (“the defining work of the White-Savior-in-Africa genre for the digital age,” according to the Washington Post). So savage were the commentaries that Linton was forced to pull the book. Chuckles and snickers seemed to accompany any discussion of Linton’s literary talents. Undaunted, the couple stayed busy on the seen-and-be-seen circuit, charity events and the like, although they are an odd couple. Beautiful, blonde and elegantly dressed Linton is, for a Jewish boy like Mnuchin, the ultimate shiksa and that’s important when you’ve none of the Hollywood dash and charm of say, a Robert Redford. In fact, Mnuchin is an awkward looker with an uncomfortable demeanor reminiscent of a kid who is always bullied in the school playground; placed in a headlock and administered one too many tough noogies. But despite his relatively unthreatening and benign appearance, there’s a Darth Vaderish side to Mnuchin. It’s a penchant for picking on the weak and vulnerable and it’s a subject that’s been well reported in the media. Having acquired one sketchy operation, Indy Mac, in 2009, Mnuchin transformed it into an even sketchier operation, One West, which then unleashed a foreclosure beast, slashing, burning and destroying families struggling to stay in hearth and home. Financial predators are not a very nice lot and I’ve reported on quite a few since 2011 and Mnuchin, in my opinion, is one of the worst. He’s wrapped himself in the lingo of the financial services industry which sport terms like “Distressed Assets,” (my piece, Behind Every Distressed Asset is A Distressed Human Being was published in American Banker, March, 2012). Dehumanizing the folks you prey upon is classic “distancing” psychology and, no doubt, Mnuchin sees his victims simply as tiny minnows in a revenue stream that’s made him quite rich. Mild contrition was Mnuchin’s reaction to questions fielded by Dems during the nomination hearing when discussing One West’s foreclosure practices, but his Republican supporters gave him a pass on the subject, appearing like the proverbial three monkeys, to hear no evil, see no evil, nor did they speak of Mnuchin’s evil (which included foreclosures targeting the homes of soldiers on active duty).. I saw a bit of Mnuchin’s handiwork in Financial Freedom v Evelyn Jackson, heard in Queens County, NY, State Supreme Court in late 2012. The plaintiff – a reverse mortgage outfit, owned by Mnuchin’s One West – was dead set on seizing the home of a Ms. Evelyn Jackson, described in the legal decision “as a female, black, grey hair of 85 years of age only 5ft. 3in. weighing 105lbs.” Ms. Jackson had been confined to a nursing home with a host of maladies that included Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration. Her son wanted to keep the home in the family. It was pure Dickensian, save for a compassionate judge, Charles Markey, who threw the case – and Financial Freedom – out of court. He also cited some of my investigative work in this area. The case law is already expansive on the rampant abuses in the mortgage foreclosure field. Documentary filmmaker Joel Sucher, in a series of articles for American Banker, Huffington Post, and in several other blogs available on the internet, has been an eloquent champion against the bullying, corrosive, and abusive tactics used by ‘servicers’ of mortgages in debt. Seniors, according to California Reinvestment Coalition’s Executive Director Paulina Gonzalez, have been prime targets for reverse mortgages and Mnuchin’s Financial Freedom she specifically references has been responsible for 39 percent of foreclosures on all FHA-insured reverse mortgages since April, 2009. Mnuchin made the decision to dump out of One West in 2014. Perhaps memories of rabble rousing outside his Bel Air home, in 2011, with protestors calling for a halt of eviction proceedings against the Guidels, a hard-working Hispanic family, helped convince him that movie-making was a more gratifying, and safer, endeavor than foreclosure. Any pain of transition was soothed by the 1.9 billion-dollar profit collected by himself and his investors after selling the whole kit and caboodle to CITI. Fast Forward to Feb. 13th 2017 Mnuchin is confirmed as Treasury Secretary and promises to give his full unfettered attention to the new job, promising to divest himself from all financial interest in Dune Entertainment and another Hollywood based company he co-founded, RatPac. Within, four months, he’s claiming to wave bye bye to Hollywood. You may be able to take the boy out of Hollywood but it’s a bit more difficult to remove Hollywood from a film-obsessed Secretary and no sooner can you say Kellyanne Conway than Mnuchin is giving an interview, in March, and breathily throwing in some good words about the movie released a few weeks before by RatPac, the company he co-founded. “You should send all your kids to Lego Batman,” he tells an audience at a symposium after bloviating about his past silver screen successes. It was an engage-brain-before-opening-mouth fail. Reminded that the unfettering process – promised within the four month window – had not been completed, a humbled Secretary offered his “I’m Sorry” to the Office of Government Ethics. Flash forward a few weeks to May. Fiancée Louise Linton draws the ire of Senate Finance Committee member, Ron Wyden, who finds out that future hubby has elevated her to the top CEO spot at Dune during his absence. “Non-compensated,” responded Treasury in a May 23rd response to Wyden. Without a paycheck, Treasury claimed, she has no “personal financial interest in Dune Entertainment or its related entities,” adding that she’ll leave Dune’s top spot once the Secretary’s divestment is complete. That will be after the roll out of Dune Entertainment’s Wonder Woman, on June 2, so while Louise did serve as Mnuchin’s eyes and ears at the company during prep for the premiere, there’s no opportunity for him to cheerlead (ironically, Israeli actor Gal Gadot, playing the empowered super-hero had had some unkind words for Mnuchin’s boss, according to the Hollywood Reporter, claiming she would have used Krav Maga to fend off unwanted Trump advances had he tried the same during her 2004 Miss Universe Pageant appearance). Now, if divestment is complete by June 13th, there’s still time to plan for some preview screenings of other upcoming Dune releases like Dunkirk (July 21) and Justice League (Nov. 17). In the interest of glamming up Treasury, perhaps the Secretary can get a waiver and offer long-time staff a taste of real Hollywood. Why not invite the old Hollywood crowd? Line drab Treasury hallways with Avatar movie posters? Plan a tour of the U.S. mint? Better still, fly the whole gaggle to Fort Knox for a look-see. Can’t beat that for the ultimate coupling of Gold and Glamour. It might create a new paradigm for the Beltway. As far as the rest of the citizenry; the ordinary folk who’ll bear the brunt of any cutbacks in the social safety net, or won’t reap the benefits of the yet-to-be-fully-explained tax cuts? Well, as they say, they can pack up their troubles in an old kit bag and go see a movie: preferably one produced by Secretary Mnuchin’s Hollywood buddies. Maybe a dystopic drama along the lines of Soylent Green? Joel Sucher is a co-founder of Pacific Street Films (together with Steven Fischler) and has written for a number of platforms including American Banker, In These Times, HuffPost and Observer. com. He and Pacific Street Films co-founder, Steven Fischler, are working on a streaming series about their experiences at NYU Film School. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

12 мая, 11:53

МФО сохраняют высокий уровень доверия к Украине

Украина продолжает пользоваться высоким доверием со стороны Международного валютного фонда (МВФ), Всемирного банка (ВБ) и других международных финансовых организаций (МФО), сказала глава Национального банка Украины (НБУ) Валерия Гонтарева в интервью агентству "Интерфакс-Украина", комментируя итоги недавнего визита не ежегодное собрание МВФ и ВБ.

23 апреля, 19:59

Белый дом рассчитывает на компромисс по финансированию федерального правительства

Директор административно-бюджетного управления Белого дома Мик Малвейни рассказал Fox News о том, что переговоры между республиканцами и демократами в Конгрессе должны помочь разрешить проблему с финансированием федерального правительства. «Переговоры идут, и мы рассчитываем, что соглашение может быть достигнуто уже сегодня»,— приводит Reuters выдержку из интервью.В начале 2014 года министр финансов Джейкоб Лью предупреждал, что американское правительство вновь может уйти на вынужденные каникулы из-за нехватки финансирования, если демократы и республиканцы не смогут согласовать увеличение госдолга до 27 февраля.Дефицит бюджета в том году оказался на рекордно низком с 2008 года уровне: показатель сократился на треть, подсчитали эксперты аналитического центра при Конгрессе США.13 декабря 2014 года Сенат согласовал бюджет страны на 2015 год и отправил его на подпись президенту. В предыдущем году разногласия по бюджету привели…

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15 апреля, 07:24

Без заголовка

Бывший министр финансов США Джейкоб Лью в пятницу заявил, что американо-китайское торгово-экономическое сотрудничество не является "антагонистической игрой". Установление более тесных торгово-экономических связей не только будет содействовать экономическому росту двух стран, но и принесет пользу всему миру.

10 марта, 13:05

Shabbat’s not the reason Trump tweets on Saturdays

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump observe the Jewish Sabbath, but rabbis say there’s no reason they can’t be part of weekend decision-making.

01 марта, 07:04

Хозяева денег переписывают историю Америки прямо на купюрах

Ни для кого не  секрет, что Америкой правит Федеральная резервная система США. Главные акционеры Федерального резерва –  хозяева денег, они же – хозяева Америки. Для укрепления и сохранения власти хозяевам денег нужна «своя» история. Поэтому историю переписывают  – не только в учебниках и голливудских фильма, но также и на денежных купюрах. За последнее столетие американская история в купюрах  была хорошо «отредактирована», и бумажные денежные знаки меняли своё оформление не единожды.Судя по всему, хозяева денег намерены продолжать эту работу. В апреле прошлого года тогдашний министр финансов Джейкоб Лью заявил, что к 2020 году денежные знаки достоинством в 5, 10 и 20 долларов поменяют дизайн.  Министр финансов представил дело таким образом, что планы переделки купюр – не прихоть власти, а «глас народа».

28 февраля, 10:42

Текст: Хозяева денег переписывают историю Америки прямо на купюрах ( Валентин Катасонов )

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Дональд Трамп и Эндрю Джексон Ни для кого не  секрет, что Америкой правит Федеральная резервная система США. Главные акционеры Федерального резерва –  хозяева денег, они же – хозяева Америки. Для укрепления и сохранения власти хозяевам денег нужна «своя» история. Поэтому историю переписывают  – не только в учебниках и голливудских фильма, но также и на денежных купюрах. За последнее столетие американская история в купюрах  была хорошо «отредактирована», и бумажные денежные знаки меняли своё оформление не единожды.  Судя по всему, хозяева денег намерены продолжать эту работу. В апреле прошлого года тогдашний министр финансов Джейкоб Лью заявил, что к 2020 году денежные зн...

23 февраля, 15:00

Влияние Goldman Sachs на Трампа

Кажется, формирование команды Трампа близко к завершению. 13 февраля в ней появилась фигура нового министра финансов. Сенат США большинством в 53 голоса против 47 (против голосовали все сенаторы-демократы кроме одного) утвердил назначение бывшего инвестбанкира и кинопродюсера Стивена Мнучина в должности министра финансов страны. Мнучин стал 77-м министром финансов США, сменив на этом посту Джейкоба Лью. […]

19 января, 15:14

TRUMP DAY ONE UPDATE -- Who we hear is sitting close to the OVAL -- JACK LEW’s new gig -- Playbook Interview: Suzanne Clark, No. 2 at the CHAMBER -- RICHARD HAASS’ advice for Trump

Listen to Playbook in 90 Seconds http://bit.ly/2iVIDBb … Subscribe on iTunes http://apple.co/2eX6Eay … Visit the online home of Playbook http://politi.co/2f51JnfGood Thursday morning. DONALD TRUMP will be president of the United States by tomorrow afternoon. THE SHOCK OF THE DAY -- The incoming Trump administration is being so tight-lipped about their Day One executive actions that top figures of the GOP leadership have no idea what’s coming. That’s surprising, since they are the people who have been working on unwinding Obama’s policies for years. TRUMP WORLD EXPECTS THE FOLLOWING EXECUTIVE ACTIONS: action to peel back Obama administration directives on health care; a unilateral move to pave the way to build the border wall with Mexico; codifying the five-year lobbying ban; and curbing some energy regulations implemented by Obama. Trump is expected to take action tomorrow and Monday.ALSO… The Trump team got some flak for saying that the hotels in town were filled -- they’re not. But, luxe spots like the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons are hopping. We heard Steve Wynn was spotted holding court at the Four Seasons Wednesday night. The Marriott Marquis on Massachusetts Avenue is also a top spot for people heading to the inauguration.WEST WING SCUTTLEBUTT -- Hope Hicks, Trump's strategic communications director, is increasingly seen as a prime gateway to the next president. Hicks has been with Trump for the entirety of his campaign, and the president elect trusts her. Some have mused that Hicks -- the pride of Fairfield County -- will be posting up very close to the Oval Office in the coming weeks.PLAYBOOK SCOOPS -- The Trump team is bringing on Makan Delrahim, a partner at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. We’ve heard two options for him: a top slot at Justice, or a top White House job, helping handle and manage what’s expected to be a steady flow of judicial nominees. Both are critical jobs. Delrahim is a former deputy assistant U.S. attorney who has also worked for the Judiciary Committee on the Hill. **SUBSCRIBE to Playbook: http://politi.co/1M75UbXHAPPENING FRIDAY AT THE “WINTER WHITE HOUSE” -- PARTY IN HONOR OF TRUMP -- Trump is feting Mar-a-Lago members with a complimentary buffet dinner and viewing in his honor. THE INVITE: “As a thank-you to his Mar-a-Lago members for their loyalty and support, the President Elect of the United States, Donald J. Trump, wishes to invite you to a celebration of his inauguration. Please join us on Friday, January 20, 2017, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for a complimentary buffet dinner and viewing in his honor.”ANOTHER SCOOP -- NEW JOB ALERT -- JACK LEW, the outgoing Treasury secretary, is going to New York to be a visiting professor at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, and has signed with the Harry Walker Agency to give paid speeches. Lew joined the Obama administration in 2009, working as deputy secretary of state for management and resources, then as the director of Office of Management and Budget, White House chief of staff and Treasury secretary from 2013 until the end. Lew’s post-White House deal was cut by Williams and Connolly’s Bob Barnett and Michael O’Connor.INCOMING FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP’S former modeling agent Paolo Zampolli, the man that introduced her to Donald Trump, is hosting a late-night party at Living Room on Vermont Avenue Friday night, Tara Palmeri scoops. They say they have 500 RSVPs, including Kanye West, Jon Voight and Sylvester Stallone, and the guest list is closed. http://politi.co/2jC5ClI JUST ASKING … HAWAII REP. TULSI GABBARD is in the Middle East on a trip to Syria and Lebanon. Her office is refusing to say who she’s with and who paid for the trip. It will become public in records when she returns, but her office is keeping silent for now. Just a tip: Inauguration week would seem to be a great time to get information out.PLAYBOOK INTERVIEW: Suzanne ClarkThe recently installed No. 2 of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is helping shepherd the powerful business lobby into the next generation. “I think at the end of the day, we're pretty optimistic,” Clark said of the incoming Trump administration. “This has been eight years where people weren't focused on some of the things we think are important and now all of a sudden you have a pro-business Congress, a pro-business administration and people talking about things that are important to us like economic growth. It doesn't mean it is not hard work, but we are optimistic.” Under Clark, the Chamber has implemented a new policy council in an effort to make sure departments across the trade group have a voice, and is launching a quarterly small business survey and adding four regional summits on small business this year. Pics http://bit.ly/2iMB64g … http://bit.ly/2jOQTBBTRUMP TARGETING COMPANIES IS ‘A LITTLE SCARY’: “I feel like people are doing what they do with any administration, which is preparing. [It’s thinking about] how do they like to get information, what relationships do we have, how do we think about things. And I think every company now has a Twitter strategy whether they want to or not, but I also think the results of [Trump’s actions] have been pretty good. It looks like it has encouraged CEO-to-administration if not president-elect [to CEO] direct conversations and some results and some quick dialogue, and so I think people are learning that maybe it’s OK. It’s a little scary, but it leads to some conversations and maybe it’s OK.”TRUMP NEEDS TO GET REGULATORY REFORM RIGHT: “I think getting reg reform right and not just repealing some of what we have seen as egregious regulations but also reforming the whole system so that agencies really have to take into account what is the impact of jobs, what is the impact on the economy so that it’s not just a system of one administration putting in executive orders and the next taking them out.”NO ONE KNOWS WHEN CEO TOM DONOHUE IS LEAVING: “I’m probably Tom’s closest adviser and I don’t have any idea when he’s going to retire. I really have no idea. I don’t think he has any idea. I don’t think his wife has any idea. I’m very close to the board. Here’s what I know: He doesn’t want to retire, his wife doesn’t want him to retire and the board doesn’t want him to retire. Is he retirement age? Yeah … For me -- and I’m not even 50 years old -- I was willing to take the trade that he’s a great leader, he’s a strong leader, he’s really good at what he does, he’s a visionary, he’s a master storyteller and I learn from him and I’ll take the trade on the risk … I understand the churn and I understand the parlor game … but he has no intention of that.”SIREN -- “FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump,” by McClatchy’s Peter Stone and Greg Gordon: “The FBI and five other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into Russian attempts to influence the November election, including whether money from the Kremlin covertly aided President-elect Donald Trump, two people familiar with the matter said. The agencies involved in the inquiry ... are examining how money may have moved from the Kremlin to covertly help Trump win.” http://bit.ly/2jqMOU7IS TRUMP READY? -- NYT A12, “Trump National Security Team Gets a Slow Start,” by Mark Landler: “The Obama administration has written 275 briefing papers for the incoming Trump administration: nearly 1,000 pages of classified material on North Korea’s nuclear program, the military campaign against the Islamic State, tensions in the South China Sea, and every other kind of threat the new team could face in its first weeks in office. Nobody in the current administration knows whether anyone in the next has read any of it. Less than three days before President Obama turns the keys to the White House, and the nuclear codes, over to President-elect Donald J. Trump, Mr. Trump’s transition staff has barely engaged with the National Security Council below the most senior levels. ... [T]he chronic upheaval in Mr. Trump’s transition, a delay in appointing senior National Security Council staff members, and a dearth of people with security clearances have deprived the Trump team of weeks of prep work on some of the most complex national security issues facing the country.” http://nyti.ms/2iEbwDn--“Trump’s National Security Team Is Missing in Action: Trump’s train wreck of a transition stumbles into office with key vacancies in top positions and wracked by infighting,” by Dan De Luce and John Hudson in Foreign Policy: “‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ one career government official told Foreign Policy. ... At the State Department, senior diplomats said there is little clarity on whether several top career officials will be expected to stay in their positions beyond Friday, when Trump will be sworn in as president. That’s a contrast to the Pentagon, where at least six senior officials have been asked to remain during the Trump administration’s opening weeks.” http://atfp.co/2iEaMOM-- NYT A14, “‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood,” by Coral Davenport and David E. Sanger: “When President-elect Donald J. Trump offered Rick Perry the job of energy secretary five weeks ago, Mr. Perry gladly accepted, believing he was taking on a role as a global ambassador for the American oil and gas industry ... In the days after, Mr. Perry ... discovered that he would be no such thing -- that in fact, if confirmed by the Senate, he would become the steward of a vast national security complex he knew almost nothing about, caring for the most fearsome weapons on the planet, the United States’ nuclear arsenal. ... For [outgoing Energy Secretary Ernie] Moniz, the future of nuclear science has been a lifelong obsession; he spent his early years working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Mr. Perry studied animal husbandry and led cheers at Texas A&M University.” http://nyti.ms/2jAoLVs-- “Trump Budget Nominee Did Not Pay Taxes for Employee,” by NYT’s Jennifer Steinhauer: “President-elect Donald J. Trump’s choice for White House budget director failed to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes for a household employee, he admitted in a statement to the Senate Budget Committee, the sort of tax compliance issue that has derailed cabinet nominees in the past. In a questionnaire provided to the committee, Representative Mick Mulvaney, a conservative from South Carolina and vocal proponent of fiscal restraint noted, ‘I have come to learn during the confirmation review process that I failed to pay FICA and federal and state unemployment taxes on a household employee for the years 2000-2004.’ Mr. Mulvaney said he had subsequently paid more than $15,000 in taxes and awaits the state tax bill, as well as penalties and interests. His confirmation hearing before the committee is scheduled for Jan. 24. The employee was a babysitter hired when Mr. Mulvaney and his wife had triplets in 2000.” http://nyti.ms/2jBXqlh --“Trump’s ‘beachhead’ teams primed to grab agencies’ reins at noon Friday,” by Andrew Restuccia and Nancy Cook: “At 12:01 p.m. Friday, Donald Trump’s aides will deploy a team of temporary political appointees into federal agencies to begin laying the groundwork for the president-elect’s agenda while his nominees await Senate confirmation … While the transition team has been building the so-called beachhead teams for months, they are taking on outsize importance because few of Trump’s nominees will be confirmed by the time he’s sworn in.” http://politi.co/2iEj6xU--“HHS nominee Price pressed hard on health policy positions, financial dealings,” by WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin and Amy Goldstein: “Rep. Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services, faced a contentious Senate hearing Wednesday as Democrats questioned his ideas for the future of Americans’ health coverage and whether his personal investments in health-care companies presented conflicts during his years in Congress. Democrats on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee grilled Price (R-Ga.) over his stock transactions in health, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies while he was supporting legislation that could benefit them. … The nominee maintained that he had not sought to take advantage of his public position and that he was not aware of what precise stocks he held in the past or at present. ‘Everything that we have done has been aboveboard, ethical, transparent and legal,’ he said. He denied the existence of any conflict stemming from stock purchases, saying he’d had ‘no conversations with my broker about any political activity at all, other than her congratulating me on my election.’” http://wapo.st/2jC8CON-- A NOTE: Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) is on the board of Innate Immunotherapeutics, the company Price bought stock in. Collins gave Price the stock tip, but says he didn't provide him non-public information. We expect Price to get confirmed, but this isn't pretty. IT’S OFFICIAL … AS SEEN IN PLAYBOOK 17 DAYS AGO – “Trump to announce Sonny Perdue for Agriculture,” by Helena Bottemiller Evich, Ian Kullgren, Jenny Hopkinson, Catherine Boudreau, Josh Dawsey and Alex Isenstadt: “President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to be the next Agriculture secretary ... The decision, which is expected to be announced on Thursday, ends weeks of speculation that Trump was looking to name a woman or Hispanic to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture and answers the pleas of the more than 70 members of Trump’s agriculture advisory council who were hoping to have one of their own put in charge of the lower-profile but far-reaching agency with a $150 billion budget.” http://politi.co/2k6HAQFTHE LOYAL OPPOSITION -- “Dems jockey for big money control: Liberals raise concerns about efforts by Clinton enforcer David Brock,” by Ken Vogel and Gabe Debenedetti: “Some of the left’s most active financiers and groups — including the Democracy Alliance donor club — are bristling at Clinton enforcer David Brock’s plan to officially launch his own donor network this weekend to fund his efforts to rebuild the left ... Brock’s plan ... is seen in liberal finance circles as an implicit challenge to the Democracy Alliance, which was launched in 2005 by billionaire financier George Soros and other major donors. Brock has not exactly discouraged that notion, explaining that his network will be more overtly political than the Democracy Alliance ... Some Democracy Alliance donors and officials have grumbled quietly that Brock ... is plotting a power grab.” http://politi.co/2k6gU2lFIRST LOOK – “Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Announces Spring 2016 Resident and Visiting Fellows”: Resident Fellows: “Gina McCarthy ... Chris Shays ... Jon Finer ... R. Gil Kerlikowske ... Sarah Hurwitz ... T.W. Shannon ... Visiting Fellows: Kelly Ayotte ... Peter Shumlin ... Ray Mabus.” http://politi.co/2jOiPW2QUOTE OF THE DAY -- In “Democrats in the Wilderness: Inside a decimated party’s not-so-certain revival strategy,” by Isaac Dovere in POLITICO Magazine: “We’re at a space shuttle moment,’ says Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. ... ‘The most vulnerable time for the space shuttle is when it re-enters the environment, so that when it comes back into the environment it doesn’t blow up. The tiles need to be tight. I’m concerned about the tightness of the tiles on the space shuttle right now. We have to get through this heat.’” http://politi.co/2iECx9QTOP-ED -- RICHARD HAASS in the WSJ: “Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves, Mr. Trump”: “The U.S. should be especially wary of sudden or sharp departures in what it undertakes abroad. Consistency and reliability are essential attributes for a great power. Allies who depend on Washington for their security need to know that this dependence is well placed. Serious doubt about America would inevitably give rise to a very different and much less orderly world. There would be two reactions. First, ‘self-help’ would increase, as countries take matters into their own hands in ways inconsistent with American interests—including by developing their own nuclear weapons. Second, many countries could fall under the sway of stronger regional states, undermining the balance of power. This is a prescription for instability.” http://on.wsj.com/2k3O4fe INAUGURATION EATS -- “Lobster and Beef, but No Fries, on the Menu for Inaugural Lunch,” by NYT’s Christopher Mele: “[T]he luncheon [for 200 elected officials and dignitaries] will feature J. Lohr 2013 Arroyo Vista chardonnay, Delicato Black Stallion 2012 Limited Release Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon and Korbel Natural ‘Special Inaugural Cuvée’ California Champagne ... The first course will include Maine lobster and Gulf shrimp with saffron sauce and peanut crumble, followed by grilled Seven Hills Angus beef with dark chocolate and juniper juice, accompanied by potato gratin. The Smithsonian Chamber Players and the United States Coast Guard Brass Quintet will provide musical selections. And for dessert? … Guests will be served chocolate soufflé and cherry vanilla ice cream.” http://nyti.ms/2jBWQnM WHAT PETE SOUZA IS READING -- “The Case for Donald Trump’s Official White House Photographer,” by Time’s Olivier Laurent: “In the next 48 hours, as President Barack Obama prepares to leave the White House, his official photographer, Pete Souza, will document the last moments of his history-making presidency. The photographs Souza will take on Jan. 20 will join the more than two million images he has shot in the last eight years, completing a lasting visual record of the first black President’s time in office. When Donald J. Trump takes up the baton, however, his first hours in the White House – and possibly his entire term – might go undocumented. The President-elect has yet to name Souza’s replacement.” http://ti.me/2iEjFI4EAST WING UPDATE -- “Melania Trump considering male social secretary,” by Kate Andersen Brower, author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” on CNN.com: “Soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump is considering a man among several other candidates to become the next White House social secretary, according to two people with knowledge of East Wing personnel deliberations. A final decision hasn't been made. The role has historically been filled by a woman until 2011, when the Obamas named Jeremy Bernard to the position, making him the first man and the first openly gay social secretary.” http://cnn.it/2iEjigC … $19.84 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2fRweOa THE HEARINGS TODAY...--WHAT TREASURY NOMINEE STEVEN MNUCHIN WILL SAY: “Since I was first nominated to serve as Treasury Secretary, I have been maligned as taking advantage of others’ hardships in order to earn a buck. Nothing could be further from the truth. ... In the press it has been said that I ran a ‘foreclosure machine.’ This is not true. On the contrary, I was committed to loan modifications intended to stop foreclosures. I ran a ‘Loan Modification Machine.’ ... I am proud to be able to say that our bank was able to modify over 100,000 loans thus allowing people the opportunity to remain in their homes.”--WHAT ENERGY NOMINEE RICK PERRY WILL SAY: “I have spoken several times to Secretary Moniz and his predecessors. ... My past statements made over five years ago about abolishing the Department of Energy do not reflect my current thinking. In fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the Department of Energy, I regret recommending its elimination. ... I believe the climate is changing. I believe some of it is naturally occurring, but some of it is also caused by manmade activity. The question is how do we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn’t compromise economic growth, the affordability of energy, or American jobs.”#THISTOWN -- “Politics are Off the Record at This Washington, D.C. Bar,” by Derek Brown in Imbibe Magazine: “Off the Record is a Washington monument in that regard. It reflects an older Washington that believed in politics, not just politicking. And while you can still stop by this basement bar and sip an Old Fashioned and hear political talk, today, it’s more typically from black-suited, brown-shoed lobbyists. But if you use your imagination, you can almost hear the echo of past conversations from the most powerful people in the free world, spoken over gin and whiskey.” http://bit.ly/2k6kw4BAL GORE’S NEW MOVIE -- “Al Gore on His ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Sequel, Private Donald Trump Talks, ‘Consoling’ Hillary Clinton,” by The Hollywood Reporter’s Tatiana Siegel: “Even during this last election cycle, Gore largely remained on the sidelines, cutting just one ad and appearing with Hillary Clinton on the podium only late in the campaign. But he says he has been in touch with Clinton since her big loss. ‘She’s experienced enough to not need advice from me, but I offered whatever words I thought might be both consoling and helpful,’ he says. ... If anyone could be consoling, it’d be the one other candidate in modern times who won the popular vote only to lose the presidency.” http://bit.ly/2jO8DNmWHAT BROOKLYN ALUMNI ARE READING -- “Hillary Clinton’s Would-Be West Wingers Have Nothing to Lose,” by The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift: Hillary alums “are trying to figure out what to do next in Donald Trump’s strange new political world. ... Jake Sullivan, who would likely have been Clinton’s national security advisor in the White House, is returning to Yale, his alma mater, where he had been teaching in the law school before going to work for the Clinton campaign full time. Staffers who want to stay engaged in politics are deciding whether to join ‘the resistance or the rebirth,’ says Bill Burton.” http://thebea.st/2jbxl9x-- “Obama aides, full of emotion, get ready to turn out the lights,” by Sarah Wheaton: “This week, President Barack Obama’s White House aides have been getting their last taste of Chocolate Freedom. The molten fudge confection (with fro-yo a la mode) is the signature dessert at the White House restaurant known as the mess, and it’s been a must-order item at last meals there for the hundreds of Obama-appointed staffers who need to be out the door before Friday. The marble halls of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building echo with the sounds of colleagues exchanging personal Gmail addresses. Gigantic boxes haphazardly filled with computer monitors are scattered around the corridors. They always knew the end was coming. But that doesn’t make it feel any less abrupt for the dedicated staff who will suddenly no longer have every waking moment consumed by one man and one mission. They’ll no longer be on guard for how any development, anywhere in the world, might require Obama’s and therefore their own response. ‘In the moment, a week of 18-hour days can feel like an eternity,’ said Charlie Anderson, who spent most of the last 10 years working for Obama. ‘In retrospect, it all just compresses.’” http://politi.co/2iMDs3i MICHAEL KRUSE in POLITICO Magazine, “‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’: On the eve of the inauguration, Trump’s biographers ponder his refusal to bend his ego to his new office”: “[A]fter more than two months of Trump’s norm-shattering transition, we gathered Gwenda Blair, Michael D’Antonio and Tim O’Brien by conference call ... From his pick of nominees for posts in his cabinet to his belligerent use of Twitter ... to his unwillingness to cut ties with his business to avoid conflicts of interest, they see the same person they’ve always seen—the consummate classroom troublemaker; a vain, insecure bully; and an anti-institutional schemer, as adept at ‘gaming the system’ as he is unashamed. As they look ahead to his inauguration speech in two days, and to his administration beyond, they feel confident predicting that he will run the country much as he has run his company. For himself.” http://politi.co/2iUQhvIHOT ON THE LEFT -- “We Are the Last Defense Against Trump: America’s institutions weren’t designed to resist a modern strongman. That leaves civil society,” by Daron Acemoglu, author of “Why Nations Fail,” in Foreign Policy: “What makes America vulnerable to being blindsided by such a threat is our unwavering — and outdated — belief in the famed strength of our institutions. Of course, the United States has much better institutional foundations and a unique brand of checks and balances, which were entirely absent in Venezuela, Russia, and Turkey. But many of these still won’t be much help against the present threat. Not only are America’s institutions particularly ill-equipped, in this moment, to stand up against Trump; in some cases they may actually enable him.” http://atfp.co/2k6bCEjUSED NEWS – AP, yesterday, “With job announcements, firms appear to seek Trump approval”: http://apne.ws/2jAvZsm ... Politico, Dec. 29, “Companies rush to link jobs to Trump,” by Tony Romm: http://politi.co/2iUUnnyWHAT WORKS -- How Salt Lake City’s 1990’s radical urban planning experiment is paving the path for 2050: In the latest installment of POLITICO Magazine’s “What Works,” read how a liberal city in a conservative state created a bipartisan alliance of business, industrial, religious, political and civic leaders, who solicited ideas from tens of thousands of Utah citizens that yielded longterm benefits in controlling urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and water conservation. http://politi.co/2jBJk3aOOPS – Even though actress and singer Jennifer Holliday has dropped out of participating, she is still listed on the Presidential Inauguration Committee’s website as one of the acts for the Inauguration’s Lincoln Memorial concert later today. She told The View that she “didn’t realize that people weren’t really over the election.” http://bit.ly/2iEpaGtMEDIAWATCH – Major Garrett has a new, weekly podcast set to launch on Inauguration Day. “‘The Takeout’ is a 30-minute, weekly podcast about politics, policy and pop culture hosted by CBS News’ Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. Each episode will include guests and be recorded over lunch at a D.C. restaurant. Expect Major’s interests (politics, sports, movies) and personality to drive the show’s content. The first guest on Friday’s show will be Corey Lewandowski.”--GABE BROTMAN returning to the U.S. – Poppy McDonald emails colleagues: “This new year presents a huge opportunity for POLITICO – a new U.S. administration, robust footprints in Washington, across six (soon to be seven with our expansion into Texas) U.S. states and four European countries, a new leadership team, and a new generation of POLITICOs to power the newsroom and business teams into the publication’s second decade. ... I’m thrilled that Gabe Brotman has agreed to join my team, returning to Washington from Brussels in a new role—executive director of strategy and growth.”--NYT A1, “From Headline to Photograph, a Fake News Masterpiece,” by Scott Shane in Annapolis, Maryland: “Cameron Harris, a new college graduate with a fervent interest in Maryland Republican politics and a need for cash ... started by crafting the headline: ‘BREAKING: “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse.’ ... He pushed the button and the story was launched on Sept. 30, blazing across the web like some kind of counterfeit comet. … The ballot box story, promoted by a half-dozen Facebook pages Mr. Harris had created for the purpose, flew around the web, fueled by indignant comments from people who were certain that Mrs. Clinton was going to cheat Mr. Trump of victory and who welcomed the proof. It was eventually shared with six million people, according to CrowdTangle, which tracks web audiences.” http://nyti.ms/2jqFd88--“Daily White House press briefing to stay in the West Wing - for now,” by Hadas Gold: “Trump has ordered his staff to keep the daily press briefing in the James S. Brady room in the West Wing of the White House. ‘The press went crazy, so I said, “Let’s not move it.” But some people in the press will not be able to get in,’ Trump told ‘Fox & Friends’ in an interview broadcast on Wednesday.” http://politi.co/2k6xuPM --“Trump’s D.C. hotel bans press during inauguration week,” by Daniel Lippman: “A POLITICO reporter attempted to enter the hotel Wednesday morning for a previously scheduled breakfast meeting but was stopped at the door. He then identified himself as a journalist and was told ‘media’ was not allowed. President-elect Donald Trump and his three adult children … have a 60-year lease with the federal General Services Administration, which owns the property. ... D.C. legal code prohibits public places like hotels from denying ‘the full and equal enjoyment’ of its facilities to people based on ‘source of income,’ among other reasons, calling it an ‘unlawful discriminatory practice.’ ‘Source of income’ could reasonably include one’s occupation as a journalist.’” http://politi.co/2jnZDyD --GABE SHERMAN in NYMag.com, “CNN’s Jeff Zucker on Covering Donald Trump — Past, Present, and Future”: “It doesn't worry me that Donald Trump hasn’t done an interview with CNN in eight months. I think our credibility is higher than ever, and our viewership is higher than ever, and our reporting is as strong as ever. One of the things I think this administration hasn't figured out yet is that there's only one television network that is seen in Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus - and that’s CNN. The perception of Donald Trump in capitals around the world is shaped, in many ways, by CNN. Continuing to have an adversarial relationship with that network is a mistake.” http://nym.ag/2jAppCs--“Fox News 9 p.m. ratings soar as Tucker Carlson takes over for Megyn Kelly,” by Business Insider’s Oliver Darcy: “In the show’s debut prime time week, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ averaged 3 million viewers and 576,000 in the key 25-54 demo … Those numbers represented a 10% increase in total viewers over the 2016 average for ‘The Kelly File.’ The key 25-54 demo also saw a 12% spike. Carlson, a conservative journalist fighting an on-air war with elites, was also up 21% in total viewers from the same time last year and 52% in the key demo.” http://read.bi/2jbnUHm --@timgrieve: “Psyched to welcome @katieglueck and @Alex_Roarty to @McClatchy & @McClatchyDC: great reporters to cover the right and left, respectively.”-- @rebeccarnelson: “Some #news: Stoked I’m joining @Cosmopolitan as a senior writer covering politics!” She was previously with GQ, National Journal and Washingtonian.RICK STENGEL is the commencement speaker at Hunter College this afternoon in New York. Hunter is part of the City University of New York. “My speech is a kind of prebuttal to the Inaugural and I will tell them that they -- not politicians -- determine what the [American] Dream is and that they are what makes America great, today and tomorrow.”SPOTTED: Rex Tillerson and his wife last night walking down the hall at the Jefferson Hotel … Tucker Carlson holding court last night in a booth at Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown … John Bolton walking up K Street yesterday morning toward the White House ... At Joe’s yesterday: David Perdue and Joni Ernst (separately) ... Team MSNBC last night at Le Diplomate: Jesse Rodriguez, Hallie Jackson, Dana Haller, Katy Tur, and Michael LaRosa ... Ben Carson at last night’s Insight America inaugural gala at the Watergate Hotel ... Nigel Farage at the Mississippi State Society’s Magnolia Soirée party last night at Airbus Group North America (the building across from the Trump Hotel near Fogo de Chao).INAUGURATION PARTY CIRCUIT – SPOTTED last night at the British Ambassador’s residence, during which Amb. Kim Darroch discussed the democratic values that the U.S. and the U.K. share and spoke warmly of how he looked forward to working with the incoming Trump administration: Justice Stephen Breyer, Jim DeMint, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Sally Quinn, Reps. Devin Nunes, Michael McCaul, Debbie Dingell, Joe Wilson, Mike Shields, The Advisory Board Company’s Mary Lunde, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Gov. Chris Christie, Corey Lewandowski, Lord Ashcroft, Robin Wright, Fred Ryan, Andrea Mitchell, Marc Short, Geoff Morrell, Bob Woodward, Tom Barrack, Susan Pillsbury, Lenwood Brooks, Donald Graham, David Frum, EJ Dionne, Steve Rattner, Gloria Dittus, Stu Rothenberg, Sebastian Gorka, Iraqi Amb. Fareed Yasseen, Jordan Amb. to U.S. Dina Kawar, Emily Heil, Charlie Black, Lucky Roosevelt, Fred Ryan, Scott Pastrick, Stewart Holiday, Dan Poneman. Pix http://bit.ly/2jbnkcBMORE INAUGURATION PARTY HOT TICKETS – French Amb. to the U.S. Gérard Araud is hosting an inauguration reception tonight from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the “Residencé de France.” ... Tomorrow, the LBJ Washington Center is hosting an Inauguration Day Open House and Viewing Reception at its Greyhound Suite at 1100 New York Avenue NW from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.OUT AND ABOUT -- Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen hosted a party last night at RPM Italian for the launch of their new media venture, Axios. Ben Chang was the DJ of the shindig. SPOTTED: Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Sean and Rebecca Spicer, Josh and Natalie Earnest, Valerie Jarrett, Roy Schwartz, outgoing Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Debra Messing, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Kellyanne Conway, Andy Lack, Jeff Zucker, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Greta van Susteren and John Coale, Tony Blinken, Mike Froman, Craig Melvin, Nick Johnston, Bubba Atkinson and Samantha Smith, Peter Cherukuri, Lauren Culberson, Kate Snow, Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson, Tammy Haddad, Jeremy Bash, Gordon Johndroe, Jesse Rodriguez, Michael LaRosa, Kate Bedingfield, Adrienne Elrod, Geoff Morrell, Stephanie Cutter, Frank Thorp, Dan Bartlett, Amos Snead, Stephanie Schriock, Bob Woodward, Ken Strickland, Marcy Stech, Nihal Krishan, Nika Nour, Dana Haller, Glenn Thrush, Jonathan and Betsy Fischer Martin, Alex and Caitlin Conant, Jeff Mason, Julie Pace, Kate Gaertner, Mo Elleithee, Nate Tibbits, Jeremy Bash, Ambassador Kim Darroch, Amanda Downes, Stuart Holliday, Tony Blinken, Hans Nichols, Erin McPike, Stuart Siciliano, Jon Allen, Fran Holuba, Bill McQuillen, Nic Breeding.-- A cadre of campaign embed reporters gathered at Satellite Room in Shaw last night to reminisce and catch up – SPOTTED: Alex Jaffe, Vaughn Hillyard, Candace Smith, Jordan Frasier, Dan Merica, Monica Alba, Betsy Kline, Dan Gallo, Danny Freeman, Alan He, Jason Donner, Cassie Spodak, Kylie Atwood, Liz Landers, Lauren Selsky, Kailani Koenig, Ines De La Cuetara. Pic http://bit.ly/2jbNtYB WELCOME TO THE WORLD – David Shuster, a broadcast journalist and alum of AJAM and MSNBC, and Kera Rennert, freelance producer for CBS News, post on Facebook: “It is with great joy that we announce the arrival of Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Arden Rennert Shuster. He was born on January 4th, weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Everyone is doing well...and Mom, Dad, and big sister Ayala are all thrilled beyond words!”TRANSITIONS -- “Third Way [is] announcing that former Congressman Steve Israel will join their ‘New Blue’ campaign as a Visiting Fellow. New Blue is Third Way’s $20 million multi-year project to help Democrats reconnect with middle class voters and provide Democrats with an alternate path out of the wilderness. Mr. Israel will be bringing to the organization a deep expertise in middle class economic issues, evolving swing districts, and extensive network of thought leaders from across the country.” http://bit.ly/2iIkZEZ-- Melissa Salmanowitz is joining the Gates Foundation on Monday as a senior program officer on the U.S. policy, advocacy and communications team in D.C. Melissa is wrapping up her job at the Education Department, where she was the senior communications adviser to Education Secretary John King.SUNDAY SO FAR – “Fox News Sunday”: Panel: Bret Baier, Mo Elleithee, Kim Strassel, Juan WilliamsBIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Sandy Cannold, EP for CNBC’s “Power Lunch” ... Anna Morris, senior adviser in Treasury’s office of terrorist finance and financial crimes (hat tip: Ben Chang) BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States and a Georgetown fan, celebrating with “a quiet dinner with his wife Abeer – read his Playbook Plus Q&A: http://politi.co/2iVD3yC BIRTHDAYS: Ann Compton (h/t her Harvard IOP fellows who miss wine on grant with her) ... Jon Karl is 49 ... PBS alumnus Robert MacNeil is 86 ... Chase Deckard, third son of Ali and Josh Deckard ... John Avlon, editor in chief of Daily Beast, is 44 ... the incomparable Jacquelyn Fain Duberstein, “celebrating the anniversary of her 39th birthday by attending parties to commemorate this great event” (hubby tip: Ken) ... No Labels co-founder and treasurer Jerry Howe (h/t Dennis Craig) ... Civic Nation’s Jason Waskey (h/t wife Elena) … Evan McMorris-Santoro, correspondent for “Vice News Tonight” on HBO, is 36 … Caitlin Rush, digital account manager at The Herald Group (h/t Kurt Bardella) ... Melissa Boteach, VP of the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center for American Progress (hubby tip: Adam Kaplan) ... Beth DeFalco, comms director for the MTA and a Cory Booker, NY Post and AP alum ... Politico Europe’s Giulia Paravicini ... Kristin Mitchell, special events manager at The Corcoran Group ... WashPost’s Drew Harwell is 3-0 ... Brooks Kochvar, SVP at GS Strategy Group ... Emily Berman Pevnick, deputy director of strategic partnerships and global affairs in Rahm’s office and an AIPAC alum ... Paul Thacker ... … Sarah Farnsworth, an NSC alum now SVP for public affairs with the San Diego Padres ... Rep. Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (D-North Mariana Islands) is 62 ... Maury Devine ... South Dakota state Sen. Angie Buhl ... Joe Milicia, AP alum now director of PR and comms at Cleveland Clinic Akron General ... Jonathan Monteith, a DNC alum now director of comms at State Innovation Exchange (SiX) ... Subrata De, VP of multi-platform newsgathering at ABC News ... Aruna Kalyanam of House Ways and Means ... Brita Stevenson of the Aspen Institute ... Tim Valentiner … Brian Hawthorne ... Preston Elliott ... Chicago Tribune alum Adam Sege, now doing comms at Everytown for Gun Safety, is 27 ... Patty Link … Charlotte Hudek … Laura Pena … Marc Schloss … David Green ... Heather Roth … Rebekah Kessler ... Sandy Blitz ... Brennan Hart ... Jonathan Steed, director of media relations at Vital Strategies ... Philip Reeker ... Dolly Parton is 71 (h/t Morning Hangover creator and publisher Kurt Bardella)… former U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar is 97 ... Paula Deen is 7-0 ... Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson is 25 (h/ts AP)

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Mnuchin at the Senate Finance Committee: Issues to watch

Steven Mnuchin, who will appear before the Senate Finance Committee Thursday morning, is on the verge of becoming one of the most influential economic policymakers in the world. The Goldman Sachs alumnus, former bank executive and hedge fund founder has a long career in finance but no track record at high levels of government. The hearing will be Mnuchin's first public opportunity to outline his views on the vast responsibilities of Treasury. It will also provide an update on the emerging economic agenda of President-elect Donald Trump."We will work diligently to limit regulations, lower taxes on hardworking Americans and small businesses, and get the engine of economic growth firing on all cylinders once again," Mnuchin said in prepared testimony.Here are the issues expected to come up during his confirmation.His resumé and investmentsSenate Democrats are scrutinizing Mnuchin’s banking career and personal investments. Front and center at his hearing will be his tenure at OneWest, a bank that he and other investors built during the housing crisis from the remains of failed mortgage lender IndyMac. Controversy over OneWest's foreclosure practices has dogged Mnuchin since the IndyMac takeover, and he will devote a big piece of his testimony to defending the bank's record."If we had not bought IndyMac, the bank would likely have been broken up and sold in pieces to private investors, where the outcome for consumers could have been much bleaker," he said in his written remarks. Mnuchin has argued that the takeover "saved a lot of jobs" and was one of the most satisfying moments of his career in finance. His personal investments also will raise questions. The nominee has invested with hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, who has made a long-shot bet on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Treasury-backed mortgage giants whose future rides on Trump administration policy. On the day of his nomination, Mnuchin lifted Fannie and Freddie shares when he told an interviewer that he wanted to release the companies from government control. His hearing is likely to move those share prices again. Mnuchin is expected to face questions about how the incoming administration would approach overhauling the housing finance system.Mnuchin has pledged to divest interests in several major corporations, including some of the country's biggest financial institutions. But questions remain about what he plans to keep, including the title of president at Steven T. Mnuchin Inc., which he uses to manage some investments. Taxes Mnuchin is sure to get questions about the distributional effects of the Trump tax plan, which independent analysts have said would benefit the wealthy the most. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found the top 0.1 percent of taxpayers would get a 14 percent cut, compared with a 0.8 percent reduction for the bottom quintile of households. Mnuchin told CNBC in November that “there will be no absolute tax cut for the upper class. There will be a big tax cut for the middle class, but any tax cuts we have for the upper class will be offset by less deductions that pay for it.” But he didn’t spell out which deductions he would cut or by how much.Mnuchin would be tasked with working with Congress to shape tax reform — Treasury stewarded the last major tax overhaul — so he’ll probably be asked to weigh in on the most controversial element of the House GOP plan, border adjustability. Trump panned the idea last week, but House Republicans are sticking with the proposal for now. Either way, Mnuchin will get questions about the best way to stop corporate inversions — when companies move their headquarters overseas to cut their tax bills — and give the businesses an incentive to bring foreign earnings back home.Dismantling financial regulationMnuchin, who if confirmed will play a major role in coordinating government oversight of the financial system, has said the Dodd-Frank regulatory overhaul enacted after the 2008 crisis is "way too complicated." The Trump administration is vowing to dismantle the law. Mnuchin has described the approach as "strip[ping] back parts ... that prevent banks from lending." "Sensible regulation is a necessity for healthy markets," he said in this week's Senate testimony. "However, I saw first-hand how regulatory excess can inhibit lending by financial institutions, resulting in a lack of access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs."As Treasury secretary, he would chair an interagency group known as the Financial Stability Oversight Council, which also includes the heads of the Federal Reserve, SEC and CFPB. The council plays a coordinating role across regulatory agencies and has the power to impose stricter oversight on firms outside the banking sector.It's an area of finance that Mnuchin knows well thanks to years in the hedge fund industry, which FSOC has been scrutinizing under the leadership of Obama administration appointees. Mnuchin would have the power to decelerate FSOC's activity in general, and a question will be whether the council decides to remove "systemically important" insurance companies from Federal Reserve supervision.'Making America Great Again' through international economicsThe Treasury Department has the potential to play a major role in Trump's plans to reshape the nation's standing in the global economy. Mnuchin will tell the Finance Committee that while traveling with Trump he "heard the pained and heartbreaking stories of many Americans who had lost their jobs to workers in foreign countries."One way Treasury could follow through on Trump's trade agenda is by labeling China a currency manipulator, which the president-elect pledged to do on the campaign trail. Mnuchin would have an opportunity to take action when Treasury releases its next report on international exchange rate practices, expected in April. Another question looming over Treasury is the extent to which the Trump administration would take advantage of economic sanctions capabilities that the department has employed against Russia, Iran and North Korea. Outgoing Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has warned against the overuse of sanctions because of the risk of diluting their impact.Mnuchin said in testimony for Thursday's hearing that he would use Treasury's Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence to stop the financing of terrorism.

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Вице-премьер Госсовета КНР Ван Ян в среду провел телефонный разговор с министром финансов США Джейкобом Лью, стороны обменялись мнениями по вопросам экономических отношений между двумя странами. --

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Основным драйвером станет речь премьера Великобритании

Рынок откроется вблизи уровней закрытия По нашим прогнозам, сегодня российский рынок откроется вблизи отметки закрытия вчерашней торговой сессии. Однако внешний фон складывается негативный – два из трех основных азиатских индексов снижаются, цена нефти немного корректируется вниз. Основным драйвером, который может привести сегодня мировые рынки в состояния разнонаправленной волатильности, может стать речь премьера Великобритании о выходе страны из ЕС. В конце рабочего дня выступит министр финансов США Джейкоб Лью. В повестке дня значатся вопросы, касающиеся налоговой реформы, экономики, торговли, отношений с Китаем. Американские биржи откроются после праздников и, возможно, отреагируют снижением, скорректировавшись на внешнем фоне.

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Главный аналитик банка «ГЛОБЭКС» Виктор Веселов: рынок откроется вблизи уровней закрытия

По нашим прогнозам, сегодня российский рынок откроется вблизи отметки закрытия вчерашней торговой сессии. Однако внешний фон складывается негативный два из трех основных азиатских индексов снижаются, цена нефти немного корректируется вниз. Основным драйвером, который может привести сегодня мировые рынки в состояния разнонаправленной волатильности, может стать речь премьера Великобритании о выходе страны из ЕС. В конце рабочего дня выступит министр финансов США Джейкоб Лью. В повестке дня значатся вопросы, касающиеся налоговой реформы, экономики, торговли, отношений с Китаем. Американские биржи откроются после праздников и, возможно, отреагируют снижением, скорректировавшись на внешнем фоне.

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G-20 предупреждает о рисках неустойчивого роста

 Министры финансов и главы центральных банков стран G20 заявили, что низкие процентные ставки могут привести к потенциальному повышению финансовых рисков на рынках, так как крупные экономики опираются на монетарное стимулирование, чтобы спровоцировать рост.  “Мы помним о потенциале роста чрезмерного риска на финансовых рынках, в частности в условиях низких процентных ставок и низкой волатильности цен на активы, - написали чиновники из G-20 в коммюнике, опубликованном в Кэрнсе, Австралия. - Мы приветствуем сильные экономические условия в ряде крупнейших экономик, хотя рост в мировой экономике остается неравномерным". Данное заявление отражает неравномерное экономическое восстановление с февраля, когда участники G-20 собрались в Сиднее. В то время как в экономиках США и Великобритании наблюдался рост, а ситуация на фондовых рынках улучшалась, в Европе сохранялся риск соскользнуть в дефляцию. К тому же есть опасения, что таргетированные темпы роста Китая в 7,5% на 2014 г. будет сложнее достичь. "Очень важно, чтобы мы приняли конкретные меры для стимулирования роста и создания рабочих мест, - отметил министр финансов Австралии Джо Хокей. - Мы будем использовать все доступные рычаги, среди которых дополнительные инструменты фискальной и денежно-кредитной политики". Представители некоторых стран в G20, включая министра финансов США Джейкоба Лью, считают, что необходимы срочные меры для стимулирования спроса в экономике. "В целом экономическая активность в мире остается слабой, - заявил Лью, выступая в пятницу в Кэрнсе. - Необходимо предпринять меры для достижения более быстрого и сбалансированного роста для стимулирования спроса в странах с профицитным балансом и увеличения занятости".