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12 июня, 13:34

What New York City Can Learn From New Orleans

The city of New Orleans recently removed from public display statutes of Confederate Generals P.G.T. Beauregard and Robert E. Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis and a monument to an 1874 uprising staged by the local White League. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu explained the decision to take down the statues that were prominently displayed in public areas. “While we must honor our history, we will not allow the Confederacy to be put on a pedestal in the heart of New Orleans. As we near our City’s 300th anniversary, we must continue to find courage to stand up to hate and embrace justice and compassion.” Beauregard, Lee, and Davis each betrayed their allegiance to the United States to take up arms in defense of slavery. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard was a Louisiana native, West Point graduate, and Superintendent of the military academy who resigned his commission in the United States Army to lead Confederate forces at the Battle of Bull Run. He also ordered the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, the first shots fired in the Civil War. Robert E. Lee, another West Point graduate and Superintendent of the military academy, commanded the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was a U.S. Senator and a Cabinet member before he became president of the Confederacy. Beauregard, Lee, and Davis were all slaveholders. In September 1874 five thousand members of the White League, a Klan like organization of Confederate army veterans, took over the Louisiana statehouse, an armory, and downtown New Orleans before they were routed by federal troops. At least seven members of the New Orleans police force were killed by the insurgents. No members of the White supremacist militia was every brought up on criminal charges for these acts. In 1891, New Orleans erected a monument to commemorate the insurrection and a racist plaque was added in 1932. The inscription read “McEnery and Penn having been elected governor and lieutenant-governor by the white people, were duly installed by this overthrow of carpetbag government, ousting the usurpers, Governor Kellogg (white) and Lieutenant-Governor Antoine (colored). United States troops took over the state government and reinstated the usurpers but the national election of November 1876 the recognized white supremacy in the South and gave us our state.” The inscription was finally removed in 1993, but the monument remained on display until it was taken down on April 24, 2017. Across the South controversy continues over display of the Confederate flag, which the Anti-Defamation League labels a hate symbol. The principal of a New Orleans charter school was suspended after he was pictured at a rally protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue standing next to a Confederate flag. Mississippi is the last state to prominently feature the Confederate image on its state flag. However, in protest, some Mississippi cities will no longer display the flag. Surprisingly New York City, far from the Deep South and 190 years after New York State ended slavery, still has statues, plaques, and official buildings and parks commemorating supporters of slavery and racism. High schools and school complexes are named after slaveholders Peter Stuyvesant, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Francis Lewis, who was also a slave trader. There are monuments to Samuel Cox in Tompkins Square, Samuel Morse in Central Park, and James Gordon Bennett in Herald Square who prominently opposed the abolition of slavery. A park in the Bronx is named after John Mullaly, who was arrested, but not convicted, of inciting the 1863 Draft Riot that led to the death of over 100 people. Many were Black men lynched by mobs. For me, the most offensive statue is the monument to J. Marion Sims in Central Park across the street from Mt. Sinai Hospital. In the 1840s and 1850s Sims conducted experimental gynecological operations on enslaved African women in South Carolina without the benefit of anesthesia or antiseptics. In April, Brooklyn Assembly member Charles Barron and twenty-six co-sponsors introduced a bill in the state legislature to establish a committee “to acknowledging the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the city of New York and the state of New York” and to “examine the institution of slavery” and its continuing impact on “living African-Americans and to make recommendations on appropriate remedies.” One recommendation that I would like to see is the renaming of Mullaly Park. It is a few blocks from Yankee Stadium and it would be appropriate to name it after Elston Howard, the first African-American to play for the Yankees and the American League Most Valuable Player in 1963. New York City has a lot to learn from New Orleans. Follow Alan Singer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReecesPieces8 -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

11 июня, 11:00

The True History of the South Is Not Being Erased

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Taking down Confederate monuments helps confront the past, not obscure it.

11 июня, 07:25

Патриарх американского империализма

Всем известно, что президенты США Авраам Линкольн и Джон Кеннеди были убиты в результате покушений. Однако мало кому известно, что еще один американский президент-вояка закончил свою жизнь подобным образом: речь идет о 25-м президенте США Уильяме Мак-Кинли.

10 июня, 04:35

Feds fight suit over foreign payments to Trump

Justice Department offers first response to cases challenging president's business profits

14 мая, 16:33

The Motionless Ghosts That Haunt the South

A Richmond native recalls the veneration of the Confederacy that marked his youth—and says it’s time to take the statues down.

06 мая, 15:30

Donald Trump's Thrifty Vacation to New Jersey

The president argues that he’s saving taxpayer money by staying at his golf course in Bedminster instead of his tower in New York.

26 апреля, 11:00

Возможно ли смешение рас?

В 1979 году генеральный секретарь ЦК КПСС Леонид Брежнев встретился с премьер-министром Великобритании Маргарет Тэтчер. Тэтчер сказала, что отношения между двумя странами должны улучшиться. Брежнев пошел еще дальше, ответив ей: «Мадам, есть только один важный вопрос, стоящий перед нами: выживет ли белая раса». Джерад Тэйлор «Белое самосознание» [11] Вне зависимости от того, имел ли место […]

15 апреля, 00:46

The President Doesn’t Need a Trump Doctrine

It’s never a good idea for a White House to lock itself into a rigid strategy.

29 марта, 11:12

149 подпроектов проекта МК-Ультра

Уверен, что это очень содержательное чтениеПолное список и описание всех 149 MKULTRA подпроектов тыц (для тех, кто не знает, что это... здесь была заметка). На всякий случай перенесу сюда и в Медиум часть инфыMKULTRA Subproject 1:Isolate and characterize the alkaloids of ipomoea sidalia choisy (Rivea Corymbosa)MORI ID: 17354Contractor: BLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Princeton UniversityYears: 1953 ― 1954CIA Monitor: Robert V. LashbrookMKULTRA Subproject 2: (See Subprojects 124 and 140)Miscellaneous research and testing services in behavioral modification. 1. Study the possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness through animal experimentation. 2. Survey of methods to enable the administration of drugs to patients without their knowledge.MORI ID: 17415Contractor: James HamiltonContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocations: Stanford UniversityYears: 1953 ― 1958CIA Monitors: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, and Robert V. LashbrookMKULTRA Subproject 3: (See Subprojects 16, 42, 132, and 149)Realistic field testing of R&D items of interest to Technical Services Staff. This is the infamous safehouses known as Operation Midnight Climax.MORI ID: 17426Contractor: George White (alias Morgan Hall, “a seaman”)Contractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocations: New York City and San FranciscoYears: 1953 ― 1956CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert V. Lashbrook, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUT----MKULTRA Subproject 5:Successful demonstration of “potentialities of hypnosis as a tool of the clandestine services”. Research in hypnosis was to determine if: hypnosis could be used as a memory enhancer, a learning aid, a polygraph deceiver, etc. Also,research into susceptibility of certain personality types to hypnosis.MORI ID: 17448Contractor: Alden SearsContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocations: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, University of Minnesota, University of DenverYears: 1953 ― 1956CIA Monitor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 6:Develop reliable source of LSD within the United States and assist in the search for additional natural hypnotic products. Previously supplier, Sandoz, based in Switzerland.MORI ID: 17459Contractor: Eli Lilly CompanyContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Indianapolis, IndianaYears: 1953 ― 1955CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, Robert V. LashbrookMKULTRA Subproject 7: (See Subprojects 27 and 40)LSD basic research. The studies included the use of LSD in therapy. As far as is known, subjects in this experimentation were witting. Funds are included for the payment of subjects.MORI ID: 17470Contractor: Harold AbramsonContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocations: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1952 ― 1956CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter Foundation for Medical ResearchMKULTRA Subproject 8: (See subprojects 10, 63 and 66)Study of the biochemical, neurophysiological, sociological, and clinical psychiatric aspects of LSD, and also a study of LSD antagonists and drugs related to LSD, such as L.A.E. (Lysergic Acid Ethylamide). Testing upon human volunteers.MORI ID: 17481Contractor: Robert HydeContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, MassachusettsYears: 1953 ― 1955CIA Monitor: Robert V. LashbrookCover/Cut-out: Geschickter Foundation for Medical ResearchMKULTRA Subproject 9:Study various depressant drugs which may more adequately control the maniacal psychotic patient, and test drugs that may help alcoholics and schizophrenics.MORI ID: 17492Contractor: Carl PfeifferContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Emory University and University of IllinoisYears: 1954 ― 1955CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 10: (See 8, 63 and 66)Study tested and evaluated the effect of LSD and alcohol when administered to individuals falling under various personality categories.MORI ID: 17355Contractor: Robert HydeContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1952 ― 1957CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert V. Lashbrook, and Louis deFlorezCover/Cut-out: Geschickter Foundation for Medical ResearchMKULTRA Subproject 11:Developing and stockpiling toxins. Identify and produce in sufficient quantity for experimentation the active ingredients n certain seeds and plants. Preparation of a supply of the toxic protein, Abrin.MORI ID: 17366Contractor: ?Contractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1953 ― 1955CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert V. Lashbrook, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTMKULTRA Subproject 12:Isolate and investigate the chemicals responsible for the biological activities of materia1spresent in the bark of Piscidia Erythrina.MORI ID: 17377Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1953 ― 1954CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTMKULTRA Subproject 13: (See subproject 30)Funding of Agency activity at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Petty cash fund for use where proper channels for a given activity will require an undesirable amount of written or oral justification. Expedient purchase of materials.MORI ID: 17388Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: ?Location: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT and Fort DetrickYears: 1953 ― 1955CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert V. Lashbrook, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTMKULTRA Subproject 14:OPERATION BLACK Payment to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics for the services of George White. Harry Anslinger, Commissioner of Narcotics.MORI ID: 17399Contractors: George H. White, Bureau of NarcoticsContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: New York CityYears: July to November 1953CIA Monitor: Sidney Gottlieb-----MKULTRA Subproject 51:Isolate, characterize and identify naturally occurring compounds with psychogenic properties. Much of this work was done with mushrooms.MORI ID: 17450Contractor: James MonroeContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: University of DelawareYears: 1955 ― 1962CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, Ray Treichler, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTMKULTRA Subproject 52:Provided consulting services on procurement and preparation of chemicals for Technical Services Division. Procured botanical specimens, primarilymushrooms, on field trips.MORI ID: 17451Contractor: James MonroeContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: University of DelawareYears: 1958CIA Monitors: Ray Treichler and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 53:Review overt Russian and American pharmacological literature with respect to the problems of Technical Services Division.MORI ID: 17452Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1955 ― 1956CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert Lashbrook, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, and Dr. Raymond TreichlerMKULTRA Subproject 54:To study the mechanism of brain concussion.MORI ID: 17453Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, Office of Naval ResearchContractor’s Clearance: Cleared (unspecified level)Location: ?Years: 1955CIA Monitors: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT and Sidney GottliebCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 55:Discover the pharmacological effects of certain groups of compounds prepared by and associates of the Department of Pathology. Animal tests were conducted.MORI ID: 17454Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT Professor of Pharmacology,Contractor’s Clearance: UnwittingLocation: ?Years: 1956CIA Monitor: Sidney Gottlieb, Robert Lashbrook, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 56:Alcohol Research – Determining effectiveness of food in delaying alcohol absorption; effectiveness of sympathominetic drugs in delaying absorption; develop a test of alcohol tolerance.MORI ID: 17455Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Stanford University or MedicineYears: 1956 ― 1960CIA Monitors: Robert Lashbrook, Sidney Gottlieb, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter Fund----MKULTRA Subproject 140: (See 2 and 124)Under cover of “Thyroid Research” the project was to design and conduct controlled experiments involving pharmacological and clinical tests on human volunteers.MORI ID: 17400Contractor: James HamiltonContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: St. Francis Memorial Hospital, San FranciscoYears: 1962 ― 1965CIA Monitors: Ray Treichler, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 141:Not specified.MORI ID: 17401Contractor:Dr. GeschickterContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: Washington, D.C.Years: 1962CIA Monitor: Ray TreichlerCover/Cut-out: Geschickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 142:Biological studies involving electrical brain stimulation of cold-blooded animals. “Some of the uses proposed for these particular animals would involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents or for direct executive action-type operations as distinguished from the eavesdropping application.NOTE: BW = Bioweapon CW = Chemical weapon Executive Action = AssassinationMORI ID: 17402Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1963 ― 1965CIA Monitors: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTCover/Cut-out: Human Ecology FundMKULTRA Subproject 143:To determine if the growth of microorganisms in petroleum products can be markedly increased by the addition of substatic concentrations of anti-microbial agents. May have wide application to all areas of biological sabotage.MORI ID: 17403Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: University of HoustonYears: 1963 ― 1964CIA Monitors: Ray Treichler, BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, and Sidney GottliebCover/Cut-out: Geshickter FundMKULTRA Subproject 144:UnknownMORI ID: 17404Contractor: UnknownContractor’s Clearance: UnknownLocation: UnknownYears: 1963CIA Monitor: Ray TreichlerCover/Cut-out: UnknownMKULTRA Subproject 145:UnknownMORI ID: 17405Contractor: UnknownContractor’s Clearance: UnknownLocation: UnknownYears: 1963CIA Monitor: Ray TreichlerCover/Cut-out: UnknownMKULTRA Subproject 146:Provide the services of a plant pathologist to assist in developing a philosophy of limited anticrop warfare. A study was made of sugar cane crop vulnerabilities, on a world-wide basis.MORI ID: 17406Contractor: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1963 ― 1954CIA Monitors: BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, Sidney Gottlieb, and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTMKULTRA Subproject 147:Cross-tolerance between psychomimetic drug.MORI ID: 17407Contractor: Harris Isbell and BLACKEBLACKEDOUTContractor’s Clearance: ?Location: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1963 ― 1964CIA Monitor: Ray TreichlerMKULTRA Subproject 148:To provide a mechanism to utilize the services of BLACKEBLACKEDOUT, a recognized authority in the field of toxicology and pharmacology in support of Technical Services Division activity concerned with influencing animal and human behavior.MORI ID: 17408Contractors: Harold HodgeContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: BLACKEBLACKEDOUTYears: 1963 ― 1964CIA Monitor: Ray TreichlerMKULTRA Subproject 149: (See 3, 16, and 42)Support covert and realistic field tests on certain R&D items of interest to Technical Services Division/Biological Branch.MORI ID: 17409Contractor: George WhiteContractor’s Clearance: TOP SECRETLocation: New York CityYears: 1964 ― 1966CIA Monitors: Ray Treichler and BLACKEBLACKEDOUT

24 марта, 22:05

Remarks by President Trump at Greek Independence Day Celebration

East Room   2:37 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:  I love the Greeks.  Oh, do I love the Greeks.  (Laughter and applause.)  Don’t forget, I come from New York.  That's all I see, is Greeks.  They are all over the place.  (Laughter.)   Thank you very much, Reince.  Very much appreciated.  Reince was the most successful leader the RNC -- that's called the Republican National Committee -- has ever had.  And now, as my really terrific and hardworking Chief of Staff, he has really one of the number-one -- and I guess you'd have to say, he's one of the top Greeks in the country.  And I know a lot of them right in the audience -- they're my friends.  (Applause.)   And the list also includes, as you know, George Gigicos -- (applause) -- George.  George is great.  I said, make sure that microphone is absolutely perfect, George.  He never lets me -- the Director of White House Advance.  And George Sifakis -- (applause) -- where's George?  And these guys are with me right from the beginning -- the Director of the Office of Public Liaison.  It's a great team.  It's a great, great team.  Can't do any better. They helped organize this wonderful event with the Greek Archdiocese of America and so many local parishioners.  And I want to thank you all.  You're here, you're all over the audience.  I want to thank you all. Your Eminence and Father Alex, it is a true privilege to host you at the White House.  I was deeply honored to have you both at my inauguration -- it was a great day -- and I am grateful for your presence here today.  I also want to thank you for awarding Reince and George the highest honor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America -- the Medal of Saint Paul.  To everyone in the youth choir who just performed -- they were beautiful.  (Applause.)  I heard that music.  I heard that music.   With such elegance and grace, you're amazing -- you really are.  Beautiful, beautiful sounds.  I know you made your parents very proud.  And you make all of us proud, right? Today we commemorate an event that we have marked with a national day of celebration for 30 years:  Greek Independence Day.  Very important.  President Ronald Reagan started this wonderful tradition, and we are thrilled to continue it, and always will.  Greek Independence Day celebrates the rebirth of liberty for the Greek people.  It commemorates the fight for the Greek Independence that began on March 25th, 1821.  After nearly 400 years of outside rule, the Greeks longed to regain their sovereignty. This love of freedom and democracy has formed a lasting bond between our two countries.  It is a bond that has its origins in Ancient Greece -- “the birthplace of Democracy.” American President James Monroe and the great American statesman Daniel Webster both supported Greece’s struggle for independence.  And it was a tough, tough struggle, you know that.  Then-Representative Webster honored the role of Greece in forming civilization, and said that “We, like the rest of mankind, are greatly her debtors.” In years to come, we don’t know what will be required to defend our freedom, but we do know that it will demand great, great courage -- a courage from all of us -- and we will show it, and I have no doubt about that. Drawing inspiration from our history and those who come before, we will rise to any occasion.  We have a country that, as you know, has certain difficulties, has certain problems.  We will solve those problems and we will quickly solve those difficulties.  Just watch.  (Applause.)   I want to thank you all for coming to the White House today.  We celebrate Greek history, and we applaud the tremendous contributions of your people to our beloved country.   May God bless you all.  And with that, I would like to recognize His Eminence.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.  (Applause.)   END 2:42 P.M. EDT

04 марта, 17:18

The Great Town Hall Craze of 1816

The story of the first time Americans turned their backs on Congress—and what today’s GOP can learn from it.

26 февраля, 22:21

Trump Won't Have A State Of The Union -- It'll Be A Trump Address

#45 Trump is not calling his State of the Union Address a State of the Union Address. There’s a few good reasons why. Apart from what Trump calls it, a newly elected president’s first address before Congress and the nation is technically not a State of the Union address. It’s “an address to a joint session.” A President must be in office one year before he gives a State of the Union Address. This makes sense, since it would take that long for a new president to have done anything that he merits discoursing on. Semantics aside, Trump has done everything he can to give the appearance that his presidency will be the most unorthodox, unconventional and precedent shattering of any administration. So, the wonder is he didn’t take it all the way and simply tweet his address. However, Trump, as all newly minted presidents know, will be watched by the biggest audience any politician could ever hope to have watch and listen to them. And presidents take full advantage of the moment, since traditionally, a State of the Union address can boost the stature, prestige and power of their presidency. It can even bump up a president’s approval rating by a point or two. Presidents also know that the opposition’s response to their speech is feeble, pale and little watched or counted by Americans. In some cases, the opposition response can even backfire. This happens when the rebuttal comes across as a mean-spirited, partisan, petty rant against the president. The GOP got deservedly plastered with that charge in just about every rebuttal it gave to Obama’s State Addresses. If Trump stays on script, the odds are that his address won’t do what these addresses are supposed to do, and that is to fine-tune the administration’s policy, draw a roadmap for the nation of where the administration is going, and add luster to the president’s image. Just look at how other Presidents have done that. President James Monroe announced the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln flatly called for the end of slavery in the rebellious states. This was the prelude to the Emancipation Proclamation he issued a year later. Woodrow Wilson warned of the dangers of impending war in 1913. Franklin Roosevelt outlined the famed Four Freedoms in 1941. Lyndon Johnson unveiled the outlines of his Great Society program to fight poverty in 1965. Bill Clinton unveiled his health care reform plan in 1993. George Bush, in his State of the Union speeches in 2002 and 2003, prepped the nation for the Iraq invasion. Presidents quickly latched onto the media to give their State of the Union speech more exposure and political wallop. Calvin Coolidge gave the first radio broadcast in 1923. Truman gave the first televised broadcast in 1947. These were all conventional presidents and politicians who played within the system’s ground rules, respected the traditions of office and gave a nod to bi-partisan country, not party, let alone ego and self, first in their addresses. None of that applies with Trump. He’s picked fights with the Democratic Party leadership, the press, the courts and even some in his own party. His string of accomplishments include trying to gut consumer protection regulations, pecking away at the Affordable Care Act, terrorizing lawful immigrants to the country and loud threats to swiftly send anyone who sets foot in the U.S. without papers back to where they came. When he gets to his signature campaign issues of job creation, health care and tax reform, don’t expect much in the way of details. Instead, Trump will fill up the teleprompter with his stock rhetorical fluff about bringing jobs back to America, whacking down taxes even more for the rich and corporations, and getting rid of Obamacare. There’s also not a lot he can really say about foreign policy besides bluster about making America a military muscleman that strikes fear in friend and foe alike, maybe making China the whipping boy on trade and currency and claiming that he’s got ISIS on the permanent run. The one nation and leader, though that you can bet, will either get short shrift, if not totally missing from Trump’s foreign policy diatribe, will be Russia and Putin. If one counts, Trump almost certainly will smash the Guinness Book of Records for the number of times that he’ll use the pronoun “I” in referencing anything about his presidency and the nation. It will be a case study in how one man sees himself as the all-knowing, always right, fount of personal and political wisdom. There will be no room on his throne to share even a sliver of the limelight with anyone not named D. Trump. In this sense, it can rightly be said that Trump’s non-State of the Union will be an address not of the State of the Union, but the state of Trump. Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. He is the author of In Scalia’s Shadow: The Trump Supreme Court ( Amazon Kindle). He is an associate editor of New America Media. He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on Radio One. He is the host of the weekly Hutchinson Report on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles and the Pacifica Network. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

23 февраля, 22:30

CSPAN Just Released a New List of America's Best (and Worst) Presidents

Lee Edwards Politics, Where did Obama rank?  Abraham Lincoln, who preserved the Union and ended slavery, is our greatest president while immediate predecessor James Buchanan, who dithered and dallied while war clouds gathered, is the worst of 43 presidents. Ronald Reagan, who ended the Cold War without firing a shot and restored Americans’ confidence in themselves, ranks ninth while Barack Obama, who presided over the slowest economic recovery since World War II and failed to live up to his own transformational expectations, ranks 12th. These are some of the headline findings of C-SPAN’s third survey of historians on presidential leadership, just released. The survey, following one in 2000 and one in 2009, didn’t include Donald Trump, the 44th man to hold the office. Who make up the Top 10 presidents on the Presidential Historians Survey? They are, in descending order: Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Reagan, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Obama followed Woodrow Wilson (at 11) but beat contemporaries Bill Clinton (15) and George W. Bush (33). He also bested James Monroe (13) and James Madison (17). While in general agreement with my fellow historians (I was honored to be among the 91 experts consulted), I take exception in the following instances: Notwithstanding Lincoln’s leadership in the Civil War, Washington should be ranked first. Our first president won the war that secured our liberty. And he made wise executive decisions regarding the number of terms a president should serve, his respect for the checks and balances of the Constitution, and his call for a prudent foreign policy. Although Reagan moved up from 11th to ninth in the latest C-SPAN survey of historians, he belongs in the top five for the reasons I cited earlier plus the lasting economic prosperity sparked by his historic tax cuts. Read full article

20 февраля, 03:23

Weekend Reading: Sidney Blumenthal on John C. Calhoun

**Weekend Reading: Why couldn't any of the awful people whining and sniveling about Yale's renaming of Calhoun College read--or reprint--this? **Sidney Blumenthal** [John C. Calhoun][]: "On his deathbed, Andrew Jackson, reflecting on the dramatic episodes of his presidency, expressed his greatest regret... >...It was that he had not had John...

31 января, 10:27

Патриарх американского империализма

Всем известно, что президенты США Авраам Линкольн и Джон Кеннеди были убиты в результате покушений. Однако мало кому известно, что еще один американский президент-вояка закончил свою жизнь подобным образом: речь идет о 25-м президенте США Уильяме Мак-Кинли.

31 января, 05:36

Патриарх американского империализма

Всем известно, что президенты США Авраам Линкольн и Джон Кеннеди были убиты в результате покушений. Однако мало кому известно, что еще один американский президент-вояка закончил свою жизнь подобным образом: речь идет о 25-м президенте США Уильяме Мак-Кинли.

29 января, 15:27

Trump as the New Andrew Jackson? Not on Old Hickory’s Life

What Jackson was to America in the 19th century, Donald Trump hopes to be in the 21st. Fat chance.

22 января, 06:00

Братство против Лондона

Трудно представить, что были времена, когда Россию и США связывали не просто партнерские, а скорее даже братские отношения. Тем более сложно поверить в это, если знать, насколько разными были партнеры – русский царизм и американская демократия.

20 января, 14:58

Как проходит инаугурация президента США?

​20 января вступает в должность избранный президент США Дональд Трамп.

21 сентября 2016, 17:54

Проект "Монарх"

Среди тонких манипуляций сознанием доверчивого населения, скрыто одно из самых сатанинских изуверств совершаемых над частью рода людского; одна из форм систематического контроля разума, которая пронизала все стороны общества уже пятьдесят лет. Чтобы разобратся в последующем материале следует пересмотреть предвзятые идеологии о двойственной природу человека. Решение теологического вопроса о наследовании человеком добра или зла равносильно определению нами восприятия реальности; в особенности определении значения духовной переменной в уравнении жизни.