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11 августа, 16:51

«Дорогое ЦРУ!» — украинцы нашли способ спастись от своего Минздрава

Редкий случай полного единодушия врачей и пациентов: и. о. министра здравоохранения Украины вызывает одинаковые чувства...

21 мая, 19:59

Trump attacks former CIA director ahead of Haspel's swearing-in

Trump suggested John Brennan was to blame for Robert Mueller’s investigation, referencing remarks from Fox & FriendsDonald Trump praised the new CIA director, Gina Haspel, at her swearing-in ceremony on Monday, saying there was “no one in this country better qualified” for the job. Related: After Trump attacks New York Times, Giuliani tells paper Mueller will be done by September Continue reading...

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19 мая, 13:45

Директор по пыткам

Что известно о Джине Хаспел, первой женщине во главе ЦРУ Руководителем одной из наиболее могущественных...

18 мая, 14:57

Сноуден раскрыл секреты «кровавых пыток» Джины Хаспел

Назначение Джины Хаспел на пост директора ЦРУ столкнулось с оппозицией среди американских законодателей, так как...

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18 мая, 09:38

«Любительница пыток» возглавила ЦРУ

Комитет по разведке Сената США утвердил кандидатуру Джины Хаспел на пост директора Центрального разведывательного управления...

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16 мая, 18:17

В комитете Сената США одобрили кандидатуру Джины Хэспел на пост главы ЦРУ

Комитет Сената США по разведке одобрил кандидатуру Джины Хэспел на пост главы ЦРУ, сообщает CNN. За кандидатуру Хэспел, предложенную президентом дональдом Трампом проголосовали 10 сенаторов, против — 5 сенаторов. Теперь кандидатуру Хэспел должен рассмотреть Сенат. […]

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15 мая, 22:00

Gina Haspel: two Democratic senators signal backing for CIA nominee

Support makes early Senate confirmation likely Trump CIA nominee writes: ‘I have learned hard lessons since 9/11’Two crucial Democratic senators announced on Tuesday that they will support Gina Haspel, Donald Trump’s nomination for CIA director, in a move that immediately tipped the balanced towards her being confirmed by Congress in relatively short order. Related: Sign up for the Guardian's US daily email Continue reading...

14 мая, 17:58

John Oliver on Michael Cohen: a lawyer so bad 'he made Trump get Giuliani'

The Last Week Tonight host talked a White House aide’s John McCain remarks and reports that Michael Cohen tried to sell access to TrumpOn Last Week Tonight, John Oliver discussed a chaotic week at the White House, from chief of staff John Kelly’s comments about immigrants to Michael Cohen’s mounting legal troubles. Related: Trevor Noah on Michael Cohen: 'He's literally selling swamp tours' Continue reading...

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11 мая, 19:49

Dick Cheney backs Gina Haspel and banned interrogation practices: 'I'd do it again'

Ex-vice-president calls on the Senate to confirm the CIA nominee, and says interrogation ‘techniques’ used on terror suspects are necessaryDick Cheney said the US should restart the harsh detention and interrogation practices used on terror suspects after 9/11, and called on the Senate to confirm CIA nominee Gina Haspel.Brutal interrogation practices are currently banned under US law, but debate on the issue has resurfaced during Haspel’s confirmation process because she was once involved in the CIA’s interrogation program. Continue reading...

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11 мая, 13:49

«Наши люди» в Вашингтоне: ЦРУ возглавит «тайный агент Кремля»?

Возможное назначение Джины Хаспел на одну из ключевых государственных позиций – это демонстративно презрительный жест...

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11 мая, 13:26

Юлия Витязева: У США своё дерьмо не воняет

Свобода лучше, чем несвобода наличием свободы На днях американская демократия показала всему миру, что в...

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11 мая, 11:02

Настроение в Вашингтоне – арестовать всех, кто против «любительницы пыток»

Основатель организации «Ветераны спецслужб» и экс-офицер Центрального разведывательного управления Рэй Макговерн был арестован после того,...

10 мая, 17:00

Маккейн призвал Сенат США отказать «Кровавой Джине»

Сенатор-республиканец США Джон Маккейн посоветовал своим коллегам в Сенате не подтверждать кандидатуру Джины Хаспел, выдвинутую...

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09 мая, 20:04

Кандидат на пост главы ЦРУ оценила угрозу от России для США

Кандидат на пост директора ЦРУ Джина Хаспел в письменном свидетельстве перед сенатским комитетом по разведке назвала Россию одной из угроз. «Изменяющаяся, но все еще смертельная угроза исходит от террористов, а также (угрозы) от дестабилизирующего авантюризма […]

09 мая, 19:40

Gina Haspel's lack of clear answers on torture frustrates Senate Democrats

Trump’s pick for head of the CIA struggled at her confirmation hearing to clarify what she would do if the president ordered tortureDonald Trump’s choice for head of the Central Intelligence Agency struggled on Wednesday to tell US senators how she would respond if the president asked her to reintroduce the waterboarding of terrorist suspects.Gina Haspel, grilled about her time running a covert detention site where suspects were brutally interrogated during George W Bush’s “war on terror”, failed to explicitly condemn such techniques as immoral. Twice the hearing on Capitol Hill was interrupted by protesters, one of whom yelled, “Bloody Gina! You are a torturer,” before being dragged out by police. Continue reading...

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09 мая, 16:54

CIA pick Gina Haspel repeatedly declines to say if torture techniques are 'immoral' – live

Haspel, Trump’s nominee for CIA director, faces questions over role in interrogations of terror suspects at secret detention siteWho is Gina Haspel? Trump’s pick for CIA chief linked to torture site 5.10pm BST Burr adjourns the hearing by telling Haspel that she “may in fact be the most qualified nominee ever nominated for this role” and says she’s poised to “crack” the glass ceiling at the agency. 5.08pm BST Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican who sits on the committee, announced before the hearing’s conclusion that he will support Haspel. “Gina Haspel is a career intelligence officer who has served over 30 years with the CIA, and combated both communist threats and terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. She is perhaps the most highly qualified person ever nominated for this crucial national security position. Her nomination has the support of six former CIA Directors who have served under presidents of both parties, and I look forward to her rapid confirmation on the Senate floor,” Rubio said in a statement. Continue reading...

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09 мая, 15:59

Gina Haspel pledges she won't repeat CIA torture program if appointed

In excerpts of her remarks released by the CIA, Haspel says she would not undertake a detention and harsh interrogation programGina Haspel confirmation hearing – live updatesDonald Trump’s nominee to be the next CIA director says that if she is confirmed by the Senate, the spy agency will not undertake a detention and harsh interrogation program like the one used after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the US.The CIA early Wednesday released excerpts of the opening remarks Gina Haspel will make at her confirmation hearing later the same day before the Senate intelligence committee. Haspel’s fate hinges on how well she fields tough questions from senators about her time running a covert overseas detention “black site”, where terror suspects were brutally interrogated. They are also expected to seek an explanation for why she wanted videos of those sessions destroyed. Continue reading...

09 мая, 15:05

Что не сделаешь ради должности – «кровавая Джина» готова прекратить программу пыток

Ожидается, что кандидат на пост главы Центрального разведывательного управления (ЦРУ) Джина Хаспел сообщит членам Комитета...

08 мая, 17:11

Gina Haspel must atone for her past to become CIA director

Senate confirmation hearing will focus on documents relating to interrogation techniques used inside a secret prison in ThailandThe battle in the Senate on Wednesday over Gina Haspel’s confirmation as the new director of the CIA is set to become a public reckoning of one of the darker chapters in modern US history.Haspel, who is currently the CIA’s deputy director after 33 years in the agency, ran a secret detention centre in Thailand in 2002 where inmates were tortured. Over the following two years she was a senior operations officer at the CIA counter-terrorism centre, which oversaw the interrogation programme around the world. Then, in 2005, she drafted an order for her then boss, Jose Rodriguez, the head of the CIA clandestine service, calling for the destruction of nearly 100 videotapes of interrogation sessions. Continue reading...

08 мая, 12:06

ЦРУ должно рассказать о роли «кровавой Джины» в программе пыток

Американские сенаторы призвали представителей Центрального разведывательного управления (ЦРУ) обнародовать данные о роли будущего главы ведомства...