27 октября, 12:32

How about getting multinationals to pay their tax, as well as Gary Barlow? | Stefan Stern

The HMRC scored a win by closing down the ‘Liberty’ tax avoidance scheme favoured by celebrities, but it’s corporations who really need the crackdownAggressive tax avoidance. The clue is in the name. It’s not something most of us would attempt to pull off. Tax is the entry fee to a civilised society. Tax revenue allows the state to provide things for all of us that we could not possibly afford on our own. It is efficient, and it is fair.So we should allow HM Revenue and Customs its brief moment of celebration that it has managed to close down another tax avoidance scheme, known as Liberty (geddit?), in which around 1,600 people invested between 2005 and 2009. HMRC expects to win back around £18m in unpaid tax from the various celebrities, sports stars and others who invested in this scheme, and a total of £325m from investors in similar schemes. Continue reading...

25 октября, 00:03

Британцы кутят на пенсионные накопления – спускают в казино и покупают машины

Комитет по труду и пенсиям палаты общин опубликовал письменные показания Памелы Хьюитт, занимающейся вопросами социального обеспечения в графстве Ланкашир. Она рассказала, как британцы тратят пенсионные накопления. Такая возможность появилась в 2015 г., когда Джордж Осборн, занимавший пост министра финансов, разрешил жителям старше 55 лет тратить эти средства так, как они пожелают. Ранее пенсионные накопления можно было вкладывать только в надежные инструменты, в первую очередь суверенные облигации, гарантирующие ежегодный доход.

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13 октября, 11:43

Tories must confront leadership issue, says George Osborne

Former chancellor says issue of Theresa May’s future dominates conversations with cabinet ministersGeorge Osborne has said the Conservatives need to confront the issue of Theresa May’s leadership after she lost her majority at the last general election.The ex-chancellor, now editor of the Evening Standard, said the matter could not be ducked and that it dominated conversations with his former cabinet colleagues. Continue reading...

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11 октября, 19:49

Moped-riding robbers jailed for crimes on victims including George Osborne

London gang that carried out more than 100 crimes, including attempted theft of former chancellor’s phone, are sentencedMoped-riding robbers who carried out more than 100 crimes against victims including former chancellor George Osborne have been jailed.The gang operated in the London boroughs of Camden, Westminster, Islington, and Kensington and Chelsea over five days, and included three teenagers and a fourth unknown robber, who was armed with a hammer, Southwark crown court was told. Continue reading...

06 октября, 11:50

A Harsh Wake-Up Call for Some Brexiteers

“I would go out and knock at doors in search of a second referendum.”

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03 октября, 20:56

Frugal students won't need help from their parents, says Jo Johnson

Universities minister says those struggling to live on maintenance loan can choose to get by in other waysStudents facing high living costs at university can choose to live frugally and it is not always up to parents to supplement loans, universities minister Jo Johnson has said.Responding to questions about the pressure on parents to supplement maintenance loans, the minister conceded there may be a gap between the loans provided and the actual cost of living at university. Continue reading...

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02 октября, 21:42

May's help-to-buy extension is another boon for housebuilders | Nils Pratley

Throwing another £10bn at the subsidy scheme will do nothing to improve the UK’s underlying housing problemWhen former chancellor George Osborne launched his help to buy housing scheme in 2013, wise heads warned that, once a government starts subsidising mortgages, it will find it hard to stop.So it is proving. Another £10bn is to be thrown at help to buy, the government has said in a supposedly crowd-pleasing announcement. This is a 50% increase on the sum already spent. City analysts calculate it will take until 2027 for all the money to be distributed. For as far as the eye can see, help to buy is here to stay. Continue reading...

02 октября, 11:10

Референдумы о независимости: куда приводят мечты?

За отделение Каталонии от Испании проголосовали около 90% участников референдума, который состоялся 1 октября. Об этом заявили власти автономии.

29 сентября, 21:43

The Guardian view on universal credit: brake, don’t accelerate | Editorial

The government plans to speed up the rollout of its welfare reform. But what matters is the delay in paying people who desperately need itUniversal Credit, once trailed as the Conservatives’ flagship benefit reform, has staggered from crisis to crisis since its inception seven years ago. On Thursday a letter from a dozen Tory backbenchers to the work and pensions secretary, David Gauke, calling for a pause was leaked to the Daily Telegraph. Later, the former government adviser Dame Louise Casey added her voice, warning that to go ahead with so many problems unresolved would be like jumping off a cliff. On the brink of a major acceleration in a programme intended to bring together six benefits into a single monthly payment under the banner of making work pay, this is opposition that must be heard. Continue reading...

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25 сентября, 20:41

Evening Standard urged to declare Osborne's job with Uber shareholder

Editor of London paper paid £650,000 a year by fund manager BlackRock which has stake in taxi app firm worth about £500mThe Evening Standard should declare that George Osborne has a job with a major shareholder in Uber when the newspaper publishes articles about the taxi company, according to the chair of the National Union of Journalists’ ethics council.The Evening Standard ran a front page story about Uber’s London ban on Monday and also published an editorial that described removing its licence to operate in the city as “shutting out the future”. Continue reading...

24 сентября, 17:39

Britain's growing debt problem demands a fresh set of eyes | Phillip Inman

The OBR’s figures haven’t added up for years. It’s time for an in-depth examination of where the economy is goingIt’s a sad economic choice: accept the need for mounting debts just to achieve moderate growth or crack down on borrowing and get no growth at all.When there are queues at food banks and child poverty is on the rise, it might seem irresponsible to choose between reckless growth and sober stagnation. Neither option does the poorest any favours, but that appears to be the main dilemma for central bank policymakers. Continue reading...

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22 сентября, 16:07

There's nothing like a singalong with tired and emotional Lib Dems | John Crace

One particular number sung at the glee club on the last night of conference might contain a secret message for Vince CableFor many – especially the hacks – the highlight of the Lib Dem party conference is its glee club, which takes place on the last night and involves everyone getting very pissed and singing Lib Dem songs to well-known tunes. There is even a glee club songbook, a collection of all the songs party members have come up with over the years. New this year was Guide Me, O Thou Great Theresa, sung to the tune of Cwm Rhondda, and Hit the Road Zac, which felt a touch hubristic as Zac regained his Richmond seat at the last election. Perhaps the most surprising new inclusion was the Beatles-themed When You’re Seventy-Four. Its last verse was pure tragedy. “Tim took the blame/ And out came the knives/ Pushed him out the door / One by one the MPs said they wouldn’t stand/ Vince held all the cards in his hand / But on free movement/ Vince isn’t too sure/ Looks like we’re all screwed/ Will you still heed us?/ Will you still lead us?/ When you’re seventy-four”. As Vince Cable is already 74, it looks like some of his party already think he’s on borrowed time. Continue reading...

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20 сентября, 19:35

George Osborne takes on seventh job with Stanford University role

Former chancellor adds another role to his post-cabinet career, becoming visiting fellow at university in CaliforniaGeorge Osborne has taken on a seventh professional role, and his third at a university, it has been announced.Osborne, the editor of the London Evening Standard, among many other jobs, has been named a visiting fellow at Stanford University in California, the university said in a statement on Wednesday. Continue reading...

19 сентября, 09:29

Битва за графен-3: есть ли у России шанс на лидерство

В мире развернулась технологическая гонка за лидерство в области двумерных материалов. Первый из них, графен, уже нашел применение в реальных продуктах, и по всему миру открываются графеновые центры. О позициях России в сфере высоких технологий будущего — в последнем материале серии «Битва за графен»

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17 сентября, 20:52

Local community should set up their own Grenfell fire inquiry | Letters

Sir Martin Moore-Bick is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry, says Anna Ford; and Amanda Baker wants to know about George Osborne’s responsibilitySir Martin Moore-Bick has had a distinguished legal career but, despite his background and qualifications, he is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry (Report, 15 September). He cannot be excused the remark that he hoped the inquiry would eventually provide a “small measure of solace” for victims’ families.It’s an error of gargantuan, class-ridden insensitivity to talk in such terms to people, some of whom have survived an inferno and have lost everything. Many others have lost friends and family in a mass grave where they were burnt to death. The grieving, and often still homeless, survivors need to be heard. And the wider picture of why our society thinks treating the poor and marginalised to such substandard housing should be spotlighted. Continue reading...

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14 сентября, 21:42

Editor or politician? For George Osborne, it’s a question of integrity | Gaby Hinsliff

If the former chancellor is to report honestly on Britain’s difficulties, he can’t downplay his own complicityHell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or so, at least, said someone who had clearly never met George Osborne. Such is the man’s capacity to hold a grudge that he apparently will not rest until Theresa May is “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, according to a juicy new profile in Esquire magazine. On election night, when the scale of the disaster she had presided over became clear, the new editor of the Evening Standard reportedly texted “hahahahahahhaha” to a friend even as his former colleagues were losing their jobs.So far, so very much like something out of an episode of Dr Foster, the wildly excitable BBC drama about a wronged wife out for vengeance, which has just returned to our screens. And undeniably, all this public bunny-boiling has turned Osborne’s paper into a must-read. Yet the Tory psychodrama now playing out in front pages is starting to feel unhealthy for all concerned. Continue reading...

14 сентября, 20:37

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ruth Davidson in Tory conference spotlight

Pair mooted as leadership candidates will be highly visible as cabinet ministers keep lower profile and George Osborne returnsRuth Davidson and Jacob Rees-Mogg will be two of the most visible politicians at the Conservative party’s annual conference, which is set to be dominated by leadership speculation, angst about how to win over young voters, and the shape of Brexit.The MSP and MP, mooted as possible candidates to succeed Theresa May, are making a series of high-profile appearances at fringe events in the first week of October, with the Scottish Conservative leader giving two public interviews and speaking at two receptions. Continue reading...

13 сентября, 15:23

George Osborne criticised for gruesome remarks against Theresa May

Esquire reports former chancellor told Evening Standard staff he would not rest until May was ‘chopped up in bags’ in freezerGeorge Osborne told colleagues at the Evening Standard that he would not rest until Theresa May was “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, according to a profile of the former chancellor.Osborne, now editor of the Evening Standard, is said by Esquire magazine to have mentioned the phrase to more than one person at the London newspaper. Continue reading...

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13 сентября, 12:53

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn spar over pay and in-work poverty at PMQs – politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQsPMQs - Snap verdictPMQs - Verdict from the Twitter commentariat 1.29pm BST This is what political journalists and commentators are saying about PMQs.No one was hugely impressed, by Corbyn is definitely getting the better reviews.Snap verdict on PMQs: May struggles to make work payhttps://t.co/Z4xaNCpprw pic.twitter.com/YGfy3t4guRPMQs review by @georgeeaton: Jeremy Corbyn skewers Theresa May on everything from cuts to tuition fees https://t.co/2OSAFWWGbd pic.twitter.com/BeQeyhm54C#PMQs Comment TM/JC ideological clash. Take your pick. JC punching his weight now.Another largely dispiriting #PMQs. Slogans shouted past each other, pre-cooked lines delivered half-heartedly. Not a classic period.Tepid trading of stats in latest May Corbyn PMQs bout. Little new learnt.Pointless and dull exchange of poverty stats at #PMQs: Corbyn wins effortlessly by attributing "We've never had it so good" to Tory MPsCorbyn started well but lost focus - a more confident looking May dealt with him - but not a very illuminating #PMQsInteresting approach from Corbyn to PMQs. He now runs through a list of issues the Tories are politically weak on, such as tuition feesIn many ways it makes the session much more political than policy focused as he never lingers on the nitty gritty of each issueMeaty exchanges on public sector pay, tuition fees, disability, the economy between PM and LOTO - good launch into conference season 1.21pm BST The Independent’s Tom Peck has coined the term “director’s cut PMQs” to describe John Bercow’s new, longer version.One intriguing aspect of the new elongated Directors Cut #PMQs is that the backbenches now empty long before the end. V quiet here now. Continue reading...

10 сентября, 20:25

Government to signal pay cap for police and prison officers may be lifted

Policy shift received as victory by trade unions and a first step towards re-evaluating public sector pay freeze imposed in 2010Ministers are to signal this week that they are prepared to bust the 1% pay cap for police and prison officers, as a first step towards recognising the concerns of cash-strapped workers across the public sector.In a significant shift that was already being claimed as a victory by trade unions on Sunday night, Downing Street has indicated that it is time to consider easing the pay freeze imposed in 2010 by then chancellor George Osborne. Continue reading...

21 октября 2015, 02:59

Елизавета II и Си Цзиньпин возвестили о "глобальном партнерстве" Великобритании и КНР

Королева назвала визит председателя КНР в Соединенное Королевство "вехой в беспрецедентном году сотрудничества и дружбы между Великобританией и Китаем"

14 июля 2015, 12:26

Последнее интервью Варуфакиса, или скелеты в шкафу

Бывший министр финансов Греции Янис Варуфакис сделал многое в ходе самого разгара греческого кризиса. Но после референдума, на котором греки сказали "нет" требованиям кредиторов, он ушел в отставку.