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Выбор редакции
17 сентября, 20:52

Local community should set up their own Grenfell fire inquiry | Letters

Sir Martin Moore-Bick is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry, says Anna Ford; and Amanda Baker wants to know about George Osborne’s responsibilitySir Martin Moore-Bick has had a distinguished legal career but, despite his background and qualifications, he is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry (Report, 15 September). He cannot be excused the remark that he hoped the inquiry would eventually provide a “small measure of solace” for victims’ families.It’s an error of gargantuan, class-ridden insensitivity to talk in such terms to people, some of whom have survived an inferno and have lost everything. Many others have lost friends and family in a mass grave where they were burnt to death. The grieving, and often still homeless, survivors need to be heard. And the wider picture of why our society thinks treating the poor and marginalised to such substandard housing should be spotlighted. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
14 сентября, 21:42

Editor or politician? For George Osborne, it’s a question of integrity | Gaby Hinsliff

If the former chancellor is to report honestly on Britain’s difficulties, he can’t downplay his own complicityHell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or so, at least, said someone who had clearly never met George Osborne. Such is the man’s capacity to hold a grudge that he apparently will not rest until Theresa May is “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, according to a juicy new profile in Esquire magazine. On election night, when the scale of the disaster she had presided over became clear, the new editor of the Evening Standard reportedly texted “hahahahahahhaha” to a friend even as his former colleagues were losing their jobs.So far, so very much like something out of an episode of Dr Foster, the wildly excitable BBC drama about a wronged wife out for vengeance, which has just returned to our screens. And undeniably, all this public bunny-boiling has turned Osborne’s paper into a must-read. Yet the Tory psychodrama now playing out in front pages is starting to feel unhealthy for all concerned. Continue reading...

14 сентября, 20:37

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ruth Davidson in Tory conference spotlight

Pair mooted as leadership candidates will be highly visible as cabinet ministers keep lower profile and George Osborne returnsRuth Davidson and Jacob Rees-Mogg will be two of the most visible politicians at the Conservative party’s annual conference, which is set to be dominated by leadership speculation, angst about how to win over young voters, and the shape of Brexit.The MSP and MP, mooted as possible candidates to succeed Theresa May, are making a series of high-profile appearances at fringe events in the first week of October, with the Scottish Conservative leader giving two public interviews and speaking at two receptions. Continue reading...

13 сентября, 15:23

George Osborne criticised for gruesome remarks against Theresa May

Esquire reports former chancellor told Evening Standard staff he would not rest until May was ‘chopped up in bags’ in freezerGeorge Osborne told colleagues at the Evening Standard that he would not rest until Theresa May was “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, according to a profile of the former chancellor.Osborne, now editor of the Evening Standard, is said by Esquire magazine to have mentioned the phrase to more than one person at the London newspaper. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
13 сентября, 12:53

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn spar over pay and in-work poverty at PMQs – politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQsPMQs - Snap verdictPMQs - Verdict from the Twitter commentariat 1.29pm BST This is what political journalists and commentators are saying about PMQs.No one was hugely impressed, by Corbyn is definitely getting the better reviews.Snap verdict on PMQs: May struggles to make work payhttps://t.co/Z4xaNCpprw pic.twitter.com/YGfy3t4guRPMQs review by @georgeeaton: Jeremy Corbyn skewers Theresa May on everything from cuts to tuition fees https://t.co/2OSAFWWGbd pic.twitter.com/BeQeyhm54C#PMQs Comment TM/JC ideological clash. Take your pick. JC punching his weight now.Another largely dispiriting #PMQs. Slogans shouted past each other, pre-cooked lines delivered half-heartedly. Not a classic period.Tepid trading of stats in latest May Corbyn PMQs bout. Little new learnt.Pointless and dull exchange of poverty stats at #PMQs: Corbyn wins effortlessly by attributing "We've never had it so good" to Tory MPsCorbyn started well but lost focus - a more confident looking May dealt with him - but not a very illuminating #PMQsInteresting approach from Corbyn to PMQs. He now runs through a list of issues the Tories are politically weak on, such as tuition feesIn many ways it makes the session much more political than policy focused as he never lingers on the nitty gritty of each issueMeaty exchanges on public sector pay, tuition fees, disability, the economy between PM and LOTO - good launch into conference season 1.21pm BST The Independent’s Tom Peck has coined the term “director’s cut PMQs” to describe John Bercow’s new, longer version.One intriguing aspect of the new elongated Directors Cut #PMQs is that the backbenches now empty long before the end. V quiet here now. Continue reading...

10 сентября, 20:25

Government to signal pay cap for police and prison officers may be lifted

Policy shift received as victory by trade unions and a first step towards re-evaluating public sector pay freeze imposed in 2010Ministers are to signal this week that they are prepared to bust the 1% pay cap for police and prison officers, as a first step towards recognising the concerns of cash-strapped workers across the public sector.In a significant shift that was already being claimed as a victory by trade unions on Sunday night, Downing Street has indicated that it is time to consider easing the pay freeze imposed in 2010 by then chancellor George Osborne. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
05 сентября, 13:59

How will councils survive the funding abyss?

No one in Westminster can say how local authorities will be funded after 2020From struggling northern councils to seemingly prosperous counties, talk of a financial meltdown is getting louder. “It looks as though we’re approaching a cliff edge and no one has any idea how to stop us hurtling over it,” warns Nick Forbes, senior vice-chair of the Local Government Association (LGA) and Labour leader of Newcastle city council. It is a sentiment echoed across the political spectrum.For once, it is not the dire prospect of failing to reach a Brexit trade deal which is exercising the minds of local politicians, but rather the consequences of an inconclusive general election. The resulting stasis in government has left English councils in financial limbo, staring into an abyss. Bluntly, no one in government can say how authorities will be funded after 2020 when they were all supposed to become self-financing. Continue reading...

25 августа, 16:00

George Osborne urges Tory MPs to rebel over foreign students

Former chancellor attacks May over inclusion of students in immigration target after Boris Johnson refused to back herThe former chancellor George Osborne has urged Conservative MPs to rebel against Theresa May and vote to remove students from the government’s immigration targets, after the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, refused to back the prime minister on the issue.In a coruscating editorial in the Evening Standard, the newspaper he now edits, Osborne says new migration data published on Thursday showed “the Home Office’s policymaking on immigration for the past seven years was based on wholly inaccurate information”. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
22 августа, 17:41

‘Tory’ is a swearword in the north. Is George Osborne a strange exception? | Helen Pidd

I wasn’t sure about his northern powerhouse. But the former MP for Tatton is right to tell Theresa May that improving transport links is vitalTempting though it is to tell George Osborne to butt out and stop interfering, now he edits a London newspaper instead of representing a northern seat, I must lightly applaud the former chancellor for still banging on about the north-south divide. Related: Osborne calls for May to back 'northern powerhouse' rail plans Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
22 августа, 11:01

Osborne calls for May to back 'northern powerhouse' rail plans

Former chancellor says UK must build high-speed railways across northern England to avoid becoming ‘one-trick pony’Theresa May must commit to George Osborne’s pet project aimed at bolstering northern England to avoid the UK becoming a “one-trick pony”, the former chancellor has said.Osborne, who became the editor of the London Evening Standard after being sacked by May when she took office, called on the prime minister to back the “northern powerhouse” and build high-speed rail links across northern England. Failure to do so would risk allowing the capital to continue to grow faster than the rest of the country, he said. Continue reading...

21 августа, 20:44

Quantitative easing is a costly habit we should have kicked long ago | Larry Elliott

Ex-Treasury mandarin Lord Macpherson is right to compare QE to heroin – it required ever bigger doses to get a highThings have moved on in the civil service since the days of Yes Minister. Back then senior civil servants remained the soul of discretion even after retirement. When Sir Arnold Robinson has advice to give to his successor, Sir Humphrey Appleby, he does it over lunch at a Pall Mall club.Lord Macpherson, until recently the Treasury’s top mandarin, has some advice for the current government: it’s time to move on from quantitative easing, the scheme that has been pumping electronic money into the economy since early 2009. Continue reading...

14 августа, 22:01

The Guardian view on London’s garden bridge: a worthless vanity project | Editorial

It was supposed to be London’s answer to New York’s High Line. But it left the gap that really needs bridging as wide as everThe garden bridge project, the superfluous and now abandoned plan to build a Thames crossing in the richest and best connected heart of London, may one day be judged the peak of the capital’s narcissistic hubris. It was a vanity project of a group of cronies that included the then mayor Boris Johnson – the man who is now Britain’s face to the world – with the then chancellor, George Osborne, the celebrity Joanna Lumley and her protege, the architect Thomas Heatherwick, masquerading as public benefactors. Between them, mayor and chancellor were in a position to commit up to £60m of public money, of which nearly £40m has been spent.It is a measure of the project’s flakiness that, now that the two have moved on, the project has collapsed. A great deal of public money that might have been profitably invested in the cash-starved Midlands and the north has been wasted. But at least the taxpayer has been spared a continuing cost that might have run into further millions, and a folly that would have stood for all that was worst about the chumocracy years of the Cameron era. Continue reading...

11 августа, 11:04

Two cabinet ministers 'interested in new anti-Brexit party idea'

James Chapman, ex-David Davis aide, says ministers contacted him after his tweets proposing centrist ‘Democrats’ partyA former aide to David Davis and George Osborne claims two serving cabinet ministers have expressed interest in his idea of forming a centrist party aimed at blocking Brexit.James Chapman stepped up his online campaign for a proposed “Democrats” party he has been mounting while on holiday in Greece, saying Brexit signalled the demise of the Conservatives. Continue reading...

10 августа, 12:30

Epic night out: Gove and Osborne visit opera on German holiday

Former cabinet colleagues spend summer break together enjoying Wagner’s Ring Cycle and its stories of power and betrayalFor most politicians and newspaper editors, the August parliamentary recess is a welcome opportunity to take a break from Westminster intrigue.But for Michael Gove and George Osborne it was something of a busman’s holiday as they attended a drama of epic proportions drawn out in unexpected twists of power and betrayal. Continue reading...

10 августа, 10:00

David Cameron’s legacy is soaring child poverty – with worse to come | Frances Ryan

The architects of austerity do not suffer the consequences of their cruel policies. They leave that to the poorest in the UK, and their babies and childrenThe starkest sign that the way society’s being run has gone wrong isn’t simply the harm that’s being endured – say, mass child hunger – but the fact that those watching no longer care. For some reason that thought came into my mind this week, as it emerged David Cameron has a “Calm down, dear – it’s only a recession” poster in his £1.5m second home.“I can’t even afford food or a cot bed for her.” “I worry about making payments, bills …” “We’re only able to feed our children, not ourselves.” Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
09 августа, 14:35

Boris Johnson should be jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide

In series of tweets, James Chapman asks ministers hard questions about leaving EU and calls for new party to avoid ‘catastrophe’The former chief of staff to David Davis has said Brexit is a catastrophe, and suggested that Boris Johnson and other leading Brexit campaigners should be jailed for claiming there would be an extra £350m a week for the NHS after the UK left the European Union.James Chapman, a former special adviser who now works for a public relations firm, expressed his real views about leaving the EU in an online tirade after working for the Brexit secretary for a year at the Department for Exiting the European Union. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
07 августа, 20:33

Payment in gold bullion banned under new law to combat tax evasion

Panel set up by former chancellor George Osborne issues first ruling to fight ‘artificial and abusive’ avoidance schemesCompanies will no longer be able to pay employees their salaries in gold bullion in the first use of a new law designed to combat “morally repugnant” tax avoidance schemes.An expert tax avoidance panel has ruled that paying employees in gold is a “contrived” tax avoidance scheme designed to “frustrate the intent of parliament” in cracking down on such practices. Continue reading...

04 августа, 18:07

Just about managing? For these Tory failures, life is sweet | Marina Hyde

Underachievers like Nick Timothy and the Camerons may have wreaked havoc, but they’re doing just fine – and want you to read all about itIt feels fitting that Nick Timothy’s big pitch was to the “just about managing”. I am just about managing not to shriek with laughter at news that Theresa May’s recently departed chief of staff is back already, to write a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph and a monthly one in the Sun. I know! What month? February 2035? I think there’s an outside chance I could tolerate hearing from Nick by then.Some of you will have had package holidays longer than Nick Timothy’s period in the political desert Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
30 июня, 16:49

What exactly does George ‘six jobs’ Osborne add to my economics degree? | Francesca Rhys-Williams

While Manchester students welcome policy practitioners, it’s hard to see what a man obsessed with austerity can contribute to the holistic curriculum we needAs if five jobs weren’t already enough, it was announced yesterday that the former chancellor George Osborne has been appointed as an honorary professor of economics at the University of Manchester. Osborne will not be leading any courses but will be expected to deliver guest lectures. The appointment of an economic policymaker who is not an economist by training makes a bold statement about the way the university wishes to approach the teaching of the subject. Related: Osborne gets job number six – an honorary professorship in Manchester Continue reading...

30 июня, 10:02

UK consumers run down savings to record low - business live

The saving ratio fell to a record low of 1.7% in the latest sign that rising prices and weak pay growth are hitting living standardsConsumers gloomiest since Brexit vote aftermath 10.53am BST The squeeze on UK household incomes is a concern for the wider growth outlook, according to Howard Archer, chief economic advisor to the EY Item forecasting group.Consumer spending growth in the first quarter was supported by the household savings ratio falling to a record low of 1.7% from the previous low of 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2016. This is not sustainable and fuels the belief that weakened consumer spending is likely to hold back the economy over the coming months. 10.28am BST Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, says the drop in the saving ratio to a record low is a big concern. These figures make for grim reading. People raiding their piggy banks is bad news for working people and the economy.But with wages falling as living costs rise, many families are having to run down their savings or rely on credit cards and loans to get through the month. Continue reading...

21 октября 2015, 02:59

Елизавета II и Си Цзиньпин возвестили о "глобальном партнерстве" Великобритании и КНР

Королева назвала визит председателя КНР в Соединенное Королевство "вехой в беспрецедентном году сотрудничества и дружбы между Великобританией и Китаем"

14 июля 2015, 12:26

Последнее интервью Варуфакиса, или скелеты в шкафу

Бывший министр финансов Греции Янис Варуфакис сделал многое в ходе самого разгара греческого кризиса. Но после референдума, на котором греки сказали "нет" требованиям кредиторов, он ушел в отставку.

18 марта 2013, 23:59

Каникулы для банков Кипра... вторник...среда...четверг...

Пока кипрский парламент пытается решить что делать (...президент Кипра уже жалуется ЕС, что парламент не поддерждит стрижку депозитов), а заседание перенесено на 19 марта (по данным спикера 20:00 мск), кипрские банки закрыты уже до четверга (каникулы продлили) любопытно посмотреть на реакцию…Президент Кипра Никос Анастасиадис: сказал что их вынудили и выбора нет и сравнил ситуацию с турецким вторжением 1974 года (символично)Президент России Владимир Путин: назвал возможное решение несправедливым, непрофессиональным и опасным (как есть, достаточно прагматично)Премьер России Дмитрий Медведев: «выглядит просто как конфискация чужих денег» и пообещал сделать выводы (конфискация и есть)Глава российского Минфина Антон Силуанов: указал на нарушение договоренности о совместном принятии решений и указал, что вопрос о российском участии будет прорабатываться с учетом развития ситуации (министра финансов Кипра ждет в среду холодный прием)Политик и бизнесмен Михаил Прохоров: «Евросоюз, по сути, открыл "ящик Пандоры", создав опасный прецедент...» (именно так)Банкир Александр Лебедев: «Так делали только большевики и во время войны» (ну … не только)Глава Европарламента Мартин Шульц: предложил отменить налог на депозиты до 25 тыс. (тогда придется повысить на остальных)Министр финансов Германии Вольфганг Шойбле: выступил за отмену налога для депозитов менее 100 тыс. и вообще заявил, что ответственность за решение несут ЕК, ЕЦБ и власти Кипра.. "Они приняли это решение, они и должны объяснить его кипрскому народу" (не вииииноваааатаая яяяяяя!!!)Министр финансов Франции Пьер Московиси: тоже поддерживает мелких вкладчиков (некоторые французы заговорили, что большие вклады можно и на 20% постричь…)Член ЕЦБ Йорг Асмуссен: главное, чтобы собрали 5.8 млрд., а как соберут – это пусть решают сами власти Кипра (правильно, зато потом всегда можно откреститься – это они сами виноваты)Член ЕЦБ Эвальд Новотны: назвал решение непростым и заявил, что Кипр - это «особый случай» (забыл сказать какой по счету … Греция тоже была особым случаем при первом дефолте, потом пришел второй, потом Кипр…)Еврокомиссия: отказывается от комментариев, ожидая пока закон обсудят в ходе "нормального демократического процесса" (улыбаясь и помахивая плеткой…)Министр финансов Великобритании Джордж Осборн: пообещал компенсировать потери военнослужащим и сотрудникам военной базы (но ещё многие англичане попадут под «стрижку»)Премьер Греции Антонис Самарас: пообещал быть рядом с Кипром в трудный момент (собственно эта близость и стала началом конца кипрских банков, которые понесли огромные потери от списаний греческого долга… может лучше подальше?)Немецкий экономист экономист Петер Бофингер: назвал решение экспроприацией и падением очередного «табу» (как есть)Кто там ещё что сказал? P.S.: Многие компании работают через Кипр, но большинство из них не имеет прямых взаимоотношений с кипрскими банками, а обслуживаются в крупных международных банках. Часть обслуживается в дочках российских банков на Кипре (например ВТБ). Потому «заморозка» не несет какой-то критической угрозы для расчетных операций, в первом случае деньги вообще никак не касаются Кипра, во втором – банки (через чьи «дочки» идет финансирование) спокойно предоставят отсрочки и финансирование. Кто-то, конечно, столкнется со сложностями, но это не будет системной проблемой.P.P.S.: Ну а кипрскую банковскую систему, видимо, уже можно хоронить, спасти её теперь может только чудо, при открытии банков отток депозитов из них может быть таким, что никакая рекапитализация не поможет, разве что станок ЕЦБ ... или креативные еврокомиссары что-то новое придумают)

25 февраля 2013, 22:34

Несбывшиеся мечты Джорджа Осборна

Несбывшиеся мечты Джорджа Осборна Moody's впервые за 35 лет понизило рейтинг гособлигаций Британии. Теперь эксперты предрекают скорое падение фунта стерлингов. Уже в этом году британская валюта может сравняться с единой европейской. From: Моше Кац Views: 6 0 ratingsTime: 02:18 More in News & Politics

24 февраля 2013, 22:47

Moody’s понизил рейтинг гособлигаций Великобритании до «Aa1»

Международное рейтинговое агентство Moody’s пересмотрело в сторону понижения рейтинг гособлигаций Великобритании в домашней и иностранной валюте. Рейтинг снижен на одну ступень с «Aaa» до «Aa1», прогноз «стабильный», сообщает агентство. Рейтинг Банка Англии также понижен.Причиной для понижения рейтинга послужил слабый прогноз среднесрочного развития страны. По мнению экспертов Moody’s, вялый рост британской экономики сохранится минимум до 2016 года. Слабые перспективы роста создают вызовы для правительственной программы финансовой консолидации, отмечается в сообщении. Кроме того, из-за высокой и растущей долговой нагрузки страны амортизация правительственного баланса ухудшится, и ситуация вряд ли изменится до 2016 года, полагают аналитики агентства.В то же время Moody’s отмечает, что кредитоспособность Великобритании по-прежнему очень высока, поскольку в стране высококонкурентная, диверсифицированная экономика, благоприятная структура долга, большой опыт фискальной консолидации и надежная институциональная структура. Агентство также понизило рейтинг Банка Англии с «Aaa» до «Aa1».Британский министр финансов Джордж Осборн назвал решение Moody’s суровым напоминанием о долговых проблемах, стоящих перед страной, передает BBC. ВВП Великобритании в IV квартале прошлого года сократился по сравнению с III кварталом на 0,3%. В годовом выражении показатель не изменился.http://www.bfm.ru/news/208866#.USpRsaMlquJ

26 ноября 2012, 20:47

Пояса в Британии затянут до 2018 г.?

http://ru.euronews.com/ Режим жесткой экономии в Великобритании может быть продлен до 2018 г. По мнению Института Налоговых Исследований страны, министр финансов Джорджу Осборну, скорее всего, понадобится найти дополнительные 11 млрд. фунтов стерлингов за счет повышения налогов или сокращения трат, если экономика не пойдет на подъем. Эта сумма добавится к сокращениям на 8 млрд. фунтов, уже предусмотренным в бюджете. Осборн выступит с программным заявлением 5 декабря. Ñ�оциальные Ñ�ети : YouTube: http://bit.ly/zqVL10 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronewsru Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru

21 ноября 2012, 18:52

Дефицит британского бюджета растет

http://ru.euronews.com/ Объем чистых заимствований властей Великобритании на покрытие бюджетого дефицита вырос в октябре до 6,5 млрд. фунтов (это 8 млрд. евро). Цифры в полтора раза выше, чем предполагалось. Эксперты говорят, что тем самым возрастает давление на министра финансов Джорджа Осборна, ему придется не только более активно сокращать расходы правительства, но и изыскивать дополнительные источники финансирования. На фоне рецессии делать это непросто. Например, в октябре поступления от налога на прибыль от британских корпораций упали на 10%. Ñ�оциальные Ñ�ети : YouTube: http://bit.ly/zqVL10 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronewsru Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru