30 декабря 2017, 09:55

Перспективная российская разработка: вариатор и «механика» в одной коробке передач

Живет в Питере молодой парень, Максим Савинов, работа которого никак с автопромом не связана — он доцент университета аэрокосмического приборостроения. И вдруг этот парень предлагает то, что до него пытались сделать многие трансмиссионные профессионалы: скрестить механическую коробку передач с вариатором. Разумеется, с сохранением достоинств обеих систем: от МКП взять высокий КПД, а от вариатора — возможность плавного изменения передаточного отношения.

28 декабря 2017, 19:24

What Drives Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Above 250% This Year?

We take a look at the factors that drive phenomenal growth in Catalyst Pharmaceuticals' (CPRX) share price in 2017.

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23 декабря 2017, 12:00

Can you complete Thomas Eaton’s fiendishly difficult Christmas quiz?

Full of festive fun (and/or frustration)• Want to get inside the mind of the setter? Thomas Eaton reveals all here1 Which seasonal figure was murdered by his brother, Boleslaus the Cruel?2 Why does a Welsh hamlet in the Tywi Valley get extra post at this time of year?3 A Brit award winner in 2017, which singer’s stage name was inspired by watching Steptoe and Son?4 Why was “covfefe” in the news in May?5 What festive item was first recorded in Britain on Cornhill in 1444?6 Whose six wickets won England the Women’s Cricket World Cup in July?7 Settled this year, what did the legal case Naruto vs David Slater involve?8 What first hosted its annual Christmas lectures in 1825?What links:9 All the people pictured above?10 Churchill; Winter; Enable; Wings of Eagles; Capri?11 Golden Slumbers; One Day I’ll Fly Away; Half The World Away; Real Love?12 Viscum album; ilex aquifolium; hedera helix?13 The people, place and animal pictured below? 14 William I (by Ealdred of York) and the Emperor Charlemagne (by Pope Leo III)?15 Lifting device; green tea; greylag; Antonio Banderas; four-time Lord Mayor; New Order bassist? Continue reading...

23 декабря 2017, 12:00

'I'm a magpie, a collector of facts and curiosities': secrets of a quizmaster

The fiendish setter behind the Weakest Link, the Chase and the Guardian Weekend quiz tells allTackle Thomas Eaton’s tricky Christmas quiz hereI can’t pinpoint the exact moment I realised that quizzes would play a major part in my life, but the Cubs’ Mastermind tournament seems a good place to start. I was 10, and my specialist subject was Lenin. (The irony that the Scout movement had been banned in the USSR was lost on me.) I did, however, win – and from then on was not shy about putting my general knowledge to the test. There are no short cuts to acquiring a quizzer’s general knowledge. Mine came through a lot of reading when I was young – neither structured nor even age-appropriate, but definitely omnivorous. I read children’s encyclopedias, the Guinness Book of Records, Usborne histories and compendiums of facts. Poring over atlases full of now-defunct countries, I savoured names such as Tashkent and Ulan Bator, and began learning that staple of the quiz world: capital cities. Meanwhile, Top Trumps left me able to reel off recherché facts and figures about Olympic athletes, second world war aircraft, footballers of the 70s and diesel locomotives. When I was recovering in hospital after an emergency appendectomy, my parents brought me the Ladybird book on Warwick the King Maker: the ruthless machinations of the Wars of the Roses, they figured, would be the perfect postoperative read. Dad had form in this regard. When I was born, my mother asked him to bring her something on the maternity ward. I think she was expecting Nova magazine, rather than a biography of Stalin. Continue reading...

23 декабря 2017, 03:01

Grosvenor Crescent rated the most expensive street in England and Wales

Properties on neighbouring Eaton Square – the previous title holder – have £3m wiped off value in a yearGrosvenor Crescent, located in the heart of London’s Belgravia a short walk from Buckingham Palace, has been named the most expensive residential street in England and Wales, with an average house price of £16,918,000.The sweeping crescent, whose Grade II-listed properties are thought to have been built between 1837 and 1860, topped a list of the priciest streets published by Lloyds Bank. Continue reading...

19 декабря 2017, 17:11

How Grassroots Organizers Got Black Voters to the Polls in Alabama

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The large African American turnout in the Senate election was the result of careful, deliberate work—and offers Democrats a roadmap for 2018.

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13 декабря 2017, 15:40

SEI Investments Ups Dividend: Is There More Upside Left?

SEI Investments' (SEIC) 7% dividend hike reflects its strong balance sheet position. Also, the stock has significant upside potential driven by strong fundamentals.

13 декабря 2017, 15:14

Franklin (BEN) Announces 15% Dividend Hike: Time to Hold?

Franklin announced 15% increase in the quarterly common stock dividend to 23 cents per share. The new dividend will be paid on Jan 10, 2018, to shareholders of record as of Dec 26, 2017.

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11 декабря 2017, 17:06

Endowments, Skill-Biased Technology, and Factor Prices: A Unified Approach to Trade -- by Peter M. Morrow, Daniel Trefler

We develop a multi-factor, multi-sector Eaton-Kortum model in order to examine the impact of trade costs, factor endowments, and technology (both Ricardian and factor-augmenting) on factor prices, trade in goods, and trade in the services of primary factors (value-added trade). This framework nests the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) model and the Vanek factor content of trade prediction. We take the model to the data using skilled and unskilled data for 38 countries. We have two findings. First, the key determinants of international variation in the factor content of trade are endowments and international variation in factor inputs used per dollar of output. Input-usage variation in turn is driven by (1) factor-augmenting international technology differences and (2) international factor price differences. Second, our estimates of factor-augmenting international technology differences -- which imply cross-country variation in skill-biased technologies -- are empirically similar to those used to rationalize cross-country evidence on income differences and directed technical change.

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29 ноября 2017, 16:08

Biotech Stock Roundup: Regeneron Down on Eylea Data, Biogen-Alkermes in MS Deal

While there were not too many updates this week, companies like Regeneron (REGN) and Biogen were in the news related to their pipeline.

28 ноября 2017, 16:51

Catalyst (CPRX) Reports Positive Phase III Data on Firdapse

Catalyst (CPRX) reported encouraging top-line results from a phase III study for its pipeline candidate, Firdapse, for the treatment of Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome.

22 ноября 2017, 18:30

Catalyst Initiates Phase II Study for Pipeline Drug Firdapse

Catalyst (CPRX) announces the initiation of phase II study to evaluate safety, tolerability and efficacy of its lead pipeline candidate, Firdapse.

22 ноября 2017, 18:28

Eaton Vance (EV) Q4 Earnings & Revenues Lag, Expenses Rise

Eaton Vance's (EV) Q4 results show higher expenses while improving revenues driven by a rise in assets under management acted as a tailwind.

21 ноября 2017, 18:12

Eaton Vance (EV) Lags on Q4 Earnings & Revenue Estimates

Higher expenses hurt Eaton Vance's (EV) fourth quarter fiscal 2017 earnings to some extent.

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20 ноября 2017, 16:22

Should You Sell Eaton Vance (EV) Before Earnings?

Eaton Vance (EV) is seeing encouraging earnings estimate revision activity as of late and carries a favorable rank, positioning the company for a likely beat this season.

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16 ноября 2017, 00:00

How Elite Colleges Hide Their Cash

Charlie Eaton, New York TimesThe answer is not necessarily to tax endowments, though they have only been fully tax exempt since 1984. But if wealthy private colleges want their endowments to remain tax exempt, they need to start providing much greater public benefits. The most obvious place to begin is a substantial increase in undergraduate enrollment, especially of underrepresented students.