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15 ноября 2019, 03:19

‘This touched everyone’: Walmart store reopens months after mass shooting

The border city in eastern Texas continues to recover from the racially-driven attack that targeted Mexicans and killed 22 peopleThree months after one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern US history, the Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, where 22 were killed in an August rampage reopened on Thursday amid tears and smiles from customers and staff as the border city continues to reel from the racially-driven tragedy.The 9am opening began with the raising of the American flag – which had been flown at half-staff since the attack – and the unfurling of an “El Paso Strong” banner, a slogan which is now found on bumper stickers, shirts and buildings throughout the city. Continue reading...

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17 августа 2019, 16:01

Thousands mourn El Paso victim Margie Reckard after partner's appeal

Antonio Basco ‘felt like he was by himself’, pastor saysFacebook appeal draws strangers to ceremonyThousands of strangers came to El Paso this weekend, to say goodbye to a victim of the mass shooting in the Texas city after hearing that she had few family members. Related: 'No one cares till someone dies': El Paso activists long feared their city was at risk Continue reading...

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09 августа 2019, 17:06

A couple married for 60 years, a veteran, a teacher: the lives cut short in El Paso

Friends and family members reflect on the victims of the Texas massacre as they mourn their loved onesWhat was supposed to be a normal Saturday morning for shoppers at the Walmart next to the popular Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas, turned into a nightmare when a gunman open fired in the store, ultimately killing 22 people and injuring dozens more.The shooter entered the store with an explicit intent to kill Hispanic people, who he allegedly posted in an online manifesto are part of an “invasion” of America. The gunman is facing murder charges and a federal hate crime investigation, and the massacre has sparked a national debate over the rising danger of white supremacist groups. Continue reading...

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09 августа 2019, 15:54

'We're heartbroken': El Paso mourns as funerals for shooting victims begin

Five days after one of the most deadly mass shootings in recent US history, family and friends gather to remember the victimsThey kept their sunglasses on indoors to hide the tears, and hugged each other for longer than usual. They wore brave faces with their “El Paso Strong” shirts, but even the strong must grieve, this week of all weeks in this corner of Texas.Five days since one of the most deadly mass shootings in recent US history, the funerals and memorials for the victims have begun, in El Paso and directly across the border, in Mexico. On Thursday, the family and friends of Leonardo Campos, 41, gathered in the lobby of a local funeral home for the viewing of the husband and stepfather, and clipped on black ribbons with pins of his face. Continue reading...

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09 августа 2019, 02:17

He loved his assault rifle. Now this veteran wants El Paso to buy it back

After Saturday’s mass shooting, Bill Vogt began to wonder: ‘Why in the world do I even have this weapon?’Among the “El Paso Strong” and “Trump is a racist” signs, the poster board held high by Bill Vogt said something different.“El Paso: buy back my assault rifle.” Continue reading...

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08 августа 2019, 01:26

'People are afraid to be Hispanic': Trump visits an angry, grieving El Paso

President faces protests as he spends day at sites of mass shootings in Texas and Dayton, OhioDonald Trump arrived in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon to pay tribute to the victims of one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent US history.But the president was met with calls to stay away, as hundreds of residents gathered in the city’s Washington Park, mere streets from the US-Mexico border, to denounce him. With much of the president’s own rhetoric reflected in the El Paso shooter’s anti-immigrant and racist manifesto, many felt that the visit was throwing salt into the wound of a binational, largely Latinx community in mourning. Continue reading...

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05 августа 2019, 22:37

In El Paso, scared Hispanic Americans rush to buy guns

After a gunman killed 22 people and wounded dozens of others, many terrified Texans are buying firearms for the first timeThe mural on the side of the gun store proclaims: “A Savior is Born.” There’s a manger scene below the star of Bethlehem and windows festooned with red, white and blue bunting. And above it all a looming AR-15 assault rifle spewing fire. Yet inside Gun Central on Sunday, barely 24 hours after a terrorist gunman killed 22 people and wounded dozens of others in a local Walmart, the expected white Christian nationalists defending the second amendment were not there. Instead there were terrified El Pasoans, mostly Hispanic, buying firearms for the first time.The scene on Sunday at Gun Central, located along Interstate 10 and two miles from where bodies are still being recovered, was more reminiscent of Black Friday than the wake of a national tragedy. People crowded shoulder to shoulder to consult with harried employees, pondering over pistols and assault rifles, banana clips and ammo. Others lined up for their turn inside the store’s indoor shooting range. Staccato gunfire thundered behind the thin walls. Continue reading...

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05 августа 2019, 13:07

Americans mourn victims of mass shootings – in pictures

Thousands of El Paso residents went to a baseball diamond in Ponder Park to pay tribute to the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting in Texas. And less than 24 hours after a masked gunman opened fire in Dayton, Ohio, hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to the nine people who were killed and 27 injured there Continue reading...

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05 августа 2019, 05:17

Mexico to pursue legal action after seven citizens killed in El Paso shooting

Foreign minister described the shooting as ‘an act of terrorism’ against Mexican-Americans and Mexican nationals in the US Mexico has promised to explore pursuing terrorism charges in the US legal system over the shooting in El Paso, Texas, which claimed the lives of seven Mexican citizens and left seven more injured.The Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, also said Sunday that Mexico would try to take legal action against the person or firm who sold the assault weapon used in the Saturday slayings. The country will also pursue the possibility of extraditing the suspect to Mexico, Ebrard said. Continue reading...

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05 августа 2019, 04:48

'He came to kill Hispanics': peaceful El Paso left wounded by possible hate crime

Residents across the city, which is among the safest in the US, are reeling from the attack that left at least 20 dead The sheriff of El Paso did not mince his words when he spoke of Saturday’s mass shooting that left 20 dead.“This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics.” Continue reading...

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04 августа 2019, 17:17

Two mass shootings in US leave 29 dead as Trump faces barrage of criticism

20 killed in El Paso, Texas, and nine killed in Dayton, OhioUS reels from killings as Trump faces criticism over immigrationDonald Trump faced a barrage of criticism on Sunday as the US reeled from a brutal mass shooting in the border city of El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, linked to white nationalism and anti-immigrant hate rhetoric.A total of 20 people were killed in the majority Latino city, nestled in western Texas on the US-Mexico border, as federal authorities investigated a potential hate crime and local prosecutors charged a 21-year-old white man, Patrick Crusius, with murder and said they would pursue the death penalty. Continue reading...

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04 августа 2019, 04:44

El Paso shooting: 21-year-old suspect in custody as officials investigate possible hate crime

Officials investigating whether suspect wrote a ‘manifesto’ ahead of mass shooting that left at least 20 people dead and two dozen injuredA mass shooting at a Walmart in the Texas border city of El Paso that has left 20 people dead and 26 injured is being investigated as a possible hate crime, Texas officials said.A 21-year-old white man is in custody after the mass shooting, one of the deadliest incidents in Texas history, El Paso’s police chief said. Local news outlets reported the name of the suspected shooter, but his name has not yet been officially released by law enforcement. A local TV station published what it said was a picture of the suspect from CCTV footage. Continue reading...

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03 августа 2019, 21:53

Two mass shootings in US leave at least 29 people dead and over 50 injured

20 killed in El Paso, Texas, at Walmart on Saturday afternoonNine killed in Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday morning The United States is reeling from a weekend of deadly gun violence after two mass shootings in two American cities left at least 29 people dead and more than 50 injured. The shootings occurred within 13 hours of each other.In El Paso, Texas, a border city in the state’s south-west, at least 20 people were killed after a gunman opened fire with a military style rifle at a busy Walmart store on Saturday afternoon. Continue reading...

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29 марта 2019, 12:00

A US immigration system 'at breaking point' results in border town chaos

El Paso officials, aid workers and churches are scrambling to find shelter and legal counsel for a surge of Central American migrantsUS authorities’ failure to keep up with a steep increase in Central American families seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border has left El Paso aid workers, churches and city government scrambling to respond.After a sudden surge in arrivals, migrants have been crowded into hotels, churches and even held under a bridge behind a chain-link fence and razor wire while their asylum claims are processed. Continue reading...

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12 февраля 2019, 15:29

Donald Trump v Beto O'Rourke: rival rallies on US border security – video report

Donald Trump and potential presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke held rallies in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night offering their contrasting views on Trump's US-Mexico border wall. The president addressed his crowd in front of a big US flag along with three 'finish the wall' banners. Meanwhile nearby, O'Rourke told supporters El Paso was, 'safe not because of walls but in spite of walls'.Trump and Beto O'Rourke speak at dueling rallies in Texas Continue reading...

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28 декабря 2018, 10:00

The street art of El Paso, Texas – in pictures

More than 100 murals are painted in the Lincoln Park and El Segundo districts of El Paso, Texas, depicting the city’s Latino and Native American culture and community pride Continue reading...

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01 декабря 2018, 01:34

Migrants, blocked at the border, wait turn to apply for asylum

A spokesperson for CBP acknowledged that officials in El Paso communicate to Mexican immigration officials in Juarez how

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02 ноября 2018, 09:00

‘You descend into hell by coming here’: how Texas shut the door on refugees

At the US-Mexico border, asylum seekers are trapped in a hostile environment. By Justine van der LeunThe El Paso Processing Center, informally known as the Camp, is a sprawling, walled compound of low-lying cinder-block buildings and trailers tucked between the landing strip at El Paso International airport and the Lone Star golf club, a public course that sits just across the street. The camp houses around 800 immigrants at any given time – some awaiting deportation, some awaiting their hearings or appeals. Some pass through for a day; others stay for years.Wassim Isaac, a 32-year-old Syrian with ginger hair and impeccable manners, had been at the Camp for over a year by the time we met, in December 2017 – his asylum denied, his appeal wending its way through the system. Isaac, who asked that I not use his real name, had been the owner of a pharmacy back in Syria, and described himself as a college-educated, law-abiding churchgoer. When he first arrived at the Camp, he asked himself how he had come to be incarcerated. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) designates the Camp as a “holding and processing facility”, but as far as Isaac could tell, it was a prison. “Like in the movies,” he said flatly. Continue reading...

03 апреля 2018, 13:35


Since President Donald Trump announced his plan to institute tariffs and his top adviser Gary Cohn quit, the S&P 500 has been down roughly five percent.