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31 марта, 18:00

Обзор игры A Way Out

Играть в видеоигры можно в гордом одиночестве. Но когда проходишь сюжетную кампанию вместе с другом, получаешь от этого ощущения совершенно другого характера. Другое дело, что кооперативных игр, которые можно пройти вдвоём от начала и до конца, в последнее время выходит всё меньше. Чаще всего разработчики предлагают нам MMO-проекты, в которые одновременно играют тысячи пользователей, а […]

26 марта, 15:30

Обзор игры Burnout Paradise Remastered

В последние годы выпускать ремастер-версии старых хитов стало стильно, модно и молодежно. Да и для издателя такой подход удобен: денег на разработку уходит не так много, как при создании проекта «с нуля», выручку приносит солидную. Однако любой ремастер при переносе на современные платформы неизменно сохраняет геймплей оригинала. Ведь если графику, музыку и прочее можно подтянуть […]

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22 марта, 11:49

Создатели игры "Звёздные войны" перестали выкачивать деньги с геймеров

Компания Electronic Arts сообщила, что 21 марта вступили в силу изменения в игре Star Wars Battlefront II. Разработчики выпустили крупное обновление. Теперь предметы можно будет получить только при регулярной игре. Также их будут выдавать за прохождение испытаний на время и в награду за завершение этапов. Разработчики уверены, что это повлияет на игровой процесс и баланс положительно. Напомним, ранее геймеры критиковали авторов игры из-за того, что они пытаются наживаться с помощью продажи внутриигровых предметов.

19 марта, 20:29

Amazon Just Doubled Down on Its Video Game Bet

Amazon (AMZN) introduced a new competitive video gaming service geared towards developers on Monday. GameOn is the e-commerce and web hosting power's latest foray into the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and should be a further sign to investors that the video game market is rapidly expanding.

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14 марта, 17:03

Confession Of Augustine: Buy Savior Stocks Amazon, Alibaba And Electronic Arts

John Augustine, CIO at the Huntington Private Bank, provides his take on markets and the economy, and what sectors and stocks he favors now.

09 марта, 17:08

Activision Blizzard's (ATVI) Call Of Duty 4 Coming in October

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) hit a 52-week high after the company revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be released on Oct 12.

08 марта, 20:43

Should You Be Buying "Esports Stocks" Right Now?

Should investors consider esports a legitimate growth industry? Are there any "esports stocks" worth buying right now? We take a closer look.

08 марта, 17:49

EA Releases The Sims Mobile, Expands Mobile Gaming Options

Electronic Arts (EA) is riding on its mobile gaming strategies with the latest launch of The Sims Mobile worldwide on Android and iOS devices.

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06 марта, 23:05

Electronic Arts Craters In Metacritic's Annual Publisher Rankings For 2017

EA didn't qualify as a major publisher and didn't come close to ranking at the top of the mid-sized publisher category.

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28 февраля, 19:57

How Will Electronic Arts Perform In 2018?

Electronic Arts has had a good run over the last few years. But is the market overvaluing it right now? Our base valuation model suggests that that could be the case. Our base estimates put Electronic Arts’ valuation at $113, which is slightly below the current market price.

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28 февраля, 16:52

Electronic Arts shares are down 4.6% in premarket trade

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

26 февраля, 23:21

Esports Goes Mainstream with NBA, FIFA Deals

Welcome to the latest episode of the Full-Court Finance podcast from Zacks Investment Research. This week we take a look at the growth of esports and how deals between gaming companies and leagues such as the NBA will help expand professional video gaming's appeal.

23 февраля, 00:40

Esports to Grow 38% in 2018: Should You Buy Video Game Stocks?

Market research firm NewZoo just released a comprehensive esports report that projects the budding industry will expand into a $905.6 million business in 2018. This means not only big money for the slew of new professional gamers, but also another solid revenue source for gaming industry giants Electronic Arts (EA), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), and Activision Blizzard (ATVI).

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22 февраля, 18:20

Fe review – dreamlike forest quest loses its way

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch; Zoink/Electronic ArtsBefriending the animals and learning their languages while you avoid the marauding Silent Ones is too much like hard workFor a game about a fox-like creature exploring a living forest and using song to unite its inhabitants, Fe is weirdly mechanical. There is something lovely about singing gently with animals, as you coax your controller’s right trigger into producing just the right frequency to harmonise with a young bird or deer. But these animal friendships are fundamentally a cog in the game’s machine. It’s plausibly a commentary on the nature of an ecosystem, but the emotional reward doesn’t compensate a player for the amount of busywork.The overarching motivation for Fe’s adventure is the threatening presence of armoured bipeds called the Silent Ones, though this arbitrary narrative actually provides little real motivation. Your journey is gated by plants that each offer a new way to progress. Big orange flowers produce a draft that lifts Fe into the air so you can reach higher places; green buds produce explosives that Fe can throw at certain barriers. Each plant only responds to one of six languages that Fe can learn from the matriarchal adult version of each of the forest’s creatures. Continue reading...

21 февраля, 16:48

EA Expands Gaming Portfolio Through Racing Game & Fe Launch

Electronic Arts' (EA) is set to launch Burnout Paradise Remastered on Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

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16 февраля, 14:27

Dead Space was to games what Alien was to movies

Now available free on PC, Dead Space came closer than any other game to replicating the look, feel and atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thrillerThis week, Electronic Arts has made one of the most interesting and atmospheric narrative games of the 2000s available for free to users of its Origin gaming service. Released in 2008 and created by Californian studio Visceral Games, Dead Space remains a heady, often terrifying thrill ride and if you’ve never played it before, it’s worth taking this chance – especially if you’re a fan of the Alien movies.Although there have been numerous attempts to bring Alien directly to video games – most successfully, Creative Assembly’s incredibly tense Alien: Isolation – it’s Dead Space that has got closest to replicating the look, feel and atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s original film. Continue reading...

15 февраля, 05:25

13-F Summary: Who Bought And Sold What In The Fourth Quarter

Today's barrage of 13F releases showed that in the last quarter of 2017, many funds turned their back on some of the best performing, FAANG stocks of the year, as managers like Duquesne’s Stanley Druckenmiller, Philippe Laffont’s Coatue, Lee Ainslie's Maverick and PointState’s Zach Schreiber trimmed their Facebook stakes while Steve Cohen's Point72 and Maverick Capital reduced their Google exposure. Not everyone was selling: Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management added 900,000 shares of Apple, boosting its holding to about $200 million; Tiger Global added to its Facebook position, while David Tepper's Appaloosa more than tripled its share stake in Apple to 4.6 million shares from 1.36 million shares at the end of Q3. Amazon also became the top position for Steve Cohen's Point72, who added 12%, of 36,000 shares, leaving it with a market value of $383 million (Cohen's 2nd and 3rd biggest holdings were Anadarko Petroleum and Electronic Arts). Meanwhile, as discussed earlier, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway starte a new position in struggling Teva Pharmaceuticals (alongside activist hedge fund Jana Partners) sending its stocks soaring after hours, and boosted his stake in Apple yet cut his IBM holding to only about 2 million shares, effectively exiting the position. Other notable moves included Baupost, Greenlight and Viking taking stakes in Time Warner, the company that has endured the struggles of a sale to AT&T Inc. Separately, as Bloomberg notes Third Point also confirmed reports as it took a million-share stake in Pinnacle Foods, which some analysts expect to mean the company may be for sale. Below is a full breakdown of the most notable changes for select prominent hedge funds: ADAGE CAPITAL Top new buys: BKH, KR, TMUS, CE, XRAY, CW, EYE, OSK Top exits: CVS, PCG, DOV, STI, HAIN, POST, TXT, TJX, ALXN, DHR Boosted stakes in DE, AET, UTX, EMR, BURL, ES, JPM, BAC, MOS, BC Cut stakes in C, CF, GE, TMO, ETN, TAP, GS, KHC, PBYI, DWDP APPALOOSA MANAGEMENT Top new buys: TMUS, CMCSA, MGM, PCG, VNTR, VST, CSX Top exits: PNC, WHR, KMI, CBS, HAIN, AMAT, GM, AERI, BTU, CHK Boosted stakes in QQQ, AAPL, MU, FB, BAC, XPO, AGN, BABA, ALLY Cut stakes in WDC, GOOG, WPZ, OC, ETP, MHK, ALL, HUN, LUV BAUPOST GROUP Top new buys: TWX Top exits: CDEV, CAR Boosted stakes in PXD, FOXA, FOX, CAH, MCK, AGN, ABC, QRVO, AMC, VRTV Cut stakes in PBF, IMOS, FWP, ESRX BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Top new buys: TEVA Boosted stakes in AAPL, BK, MON, USB Cut stakes in IBM, GM, SNY, AAL, WFC BLUE HARBOR Top new buys: ZAYO, MIC, ON, LOGM, AXTA Top exits: FFIV, AGCO, DNB, LAZ Boosted stakes in MD, COMM, OTEX, FCE/A, ADNT, IWM, THS Cut stakes in CLNS, MDRX, XLNX, SPY, WCC BRIDGEWATER ASSOCIATES Top new buys: PCG, CVS, CAH, PPL, EIX, CMG, ORCL, PG, LLY, IPG Top exits: KR, DVA, BWA, BIIB, INTC, VIAB, ILMN, TSN, NTAP, TXN Boosted stakes in WBA, CELG, MU, COST, HYG, LULU, GLD, TLT Cut stakes in ESRX, M, DGX, DISCA, GE, KORS NOTE: Earlier, Dalio’s Bridgewater Boosts Gold Holdings in SPDR, IShares; Dalio’s Bridgewater Trimmed Emerging-Market Exposure Before Rout CLINTON GROUP Top new buys: MON, PPL, BCO, TSN, CCK, LLY, HDS, CELG, FRC, PYPL Top exits: DGX, TPR, CCL, BPOP, PRAH, AET, PTLA, PEP, CBRL, COTV Boosted stakes in BIO, EIX, AMGN, EME, WSO, TUP, MOH, LVS, HSY, VRTX Cut stakes in MCD, CI, BA, FL, BAX, CAT, FIZZ, AGO, HUM, CC COATUE MANAGEMENT Top new buys: MSFT, VMW, NTES, CHTR, QD Top exits: SYMC, AMT, CRM, DATA,TWLO Boosted stakes in TWTR, SHOP, AVGO, AMZN, SNAP Cut stakes in AAPL, FB, BABA, ATVI, EA CORVEX MANAGEMENT Top new buys: TWX, CHTR, BABA, NXPI Top exits: CTL, P, PAGP, SIG Boosted stakes in CMCSA, JBLU, FG, FB, TMUS Cut stakes in EVHC, NOMD, GOOGL, EGN DUQUESNE FAMILY OFFICE Top new buys: EOG, WFC, BAC, DVN, APA, STMP, CXO, COG, TWX, X Top exits: PCLN, BABA, EA, C, EXPE, ATVI, LVS, IBB, CB, CELG Boosted stakes in NKTR, MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL, CRM, BIIB, WDAY Cut stakes in CTRP, JD, PYPL, VALE, FB ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT Top new buys: MD, AKAM, UNIT, CVG, QEP, TDW, WIT Top exits: ECA, MPC, ADNT, RYAAY, WYN, MON, ACAD, EQT, GRA, ABG Boosted stakes in TCO, EGN, HES, ISBC Cut stakes in AA, NRG, MITL, GPI, IMPV, SAH EMINENCE CAPITAL Top new buys: ELLI, MGM, MDLZ, PYPL, PZZA, EA, LEN/B Top exits: EXPE, BERY, STZ, KAR, FCE/A, RXN, CNNE, MAT, NKE Boosted stakes in IQV, USFD, EFX, WEN, CYBR, GPI, P Cut stakes in ARRS, ANTM, JACK, IMPV, CBG, LQ, SPGI, MSTR, ICE, ZNGA ENGAGED CAPITAL Top new buys: BW Top exits: THC, FNSR, DBD, DXCM, XPER Boosted stakes in CLS, NCR, IWM, BHE Cut stakes in MED, CCRN FIDELITY MANAGEMENT Top new buys: DNLI, OPTN, ABEO, RYTM, ABLX Top exits: NVRO, LLY, NXTM, AXDX, SPA Boosted stakes in UNH, BDX, ABBV, SAGE, NKTR Cut stakes in AMGN, MDT, BSX, CELG, AGN GLENVIEW CAPITAL Top new buys: NWL, AGN, CHTR, DLPH, MIK, ARMK, CAH, LYB Top exits: ZBH, NKE, TWTR, WYN, MGM, PX Boosted stakes in WBA, CVS, UHS, MCK, FDC, WP, TMO, FDX, EBAY, WMB Cut stakes in ABBV, LOW, AAPL, HCA, AET, DNB, GOOGL, DWDP, CI, MTOR GREENLIGHT CAPITAL Top new buys: CEIX, TWTR, TWX, ESV, MDCO, JCP, KSS, BBY, W, SFLY Top exits: GDX, HPE, TSG, MON, TGNA, RAD, UHAL, CARS, FRED, TECD Boosted stakes in BHF Cut stakes in GM, AER, TPX, CNX, MU, DDS, CNDT, CC, DSW NOTE: Jan. 16, Greenlight’s Einhorn Tells Clients Returns ‘Must Be Frustrating’ HIGHFIELDS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Top new buys: CMCSA, AMZN, AXTA, EXPE, AXP, MDLZ, GE, CERN, TCO, CHTR Top exits: TGT, KO, SUM, FE, EGN Boosted stakes in TWX, TEVA, HCA, SHPG, MON, CCE, PE, KR, H, NVDA Cut stakes in FDX, BHGE, BEN, MAR, HDS, CTSH, MIK, IVZ, CVE, AMT ICAHN ASSOCIATES Top new buys: SD Boosted stakes in IEP Cut stakes in PYPL, WBT, MTW JANA PARTNERS Top new buys: PTC, CMCSA, NOC, FB, IQV, TEVA, SYNH, EVHC, GWW, GM Top exits: UHS, DXC, CRM, UNH, NUVA, AXTA, SEM, DERM, ORCL, NUAN Boosted stakes in BLMN, DHI, FDC, PF Cut stakes in LBRDK, EQT, DWDP, P, ZBH, MOH, ZAYO, CAG, TIF LANSDOWNE PARTNERS Top new buys: AMAT, MON, AAPL, MU, GRUB Top exits: HAS, BHGE, ACN, BABA, CMCSA, HON, SYY, AES Boosted stakes in TXN, C, AMZN, GOOGL, TSM, UTX, BTU, CAFD, HCC, UPS Cut stakes in FB, PYPL, WDC, ADNT, ETN, DATA, CVE, PCLN, URI, CRM LONE PINE CAPITAL Top new buys: AMZN, CSX, GOOG, BLK, TDG, A, SE Top exits: CMCSA, EXPE, ICE, TMUS, AAP, WP Boosted stakes in BUD, ADBE, PYPL, EA, PCLN Cut stakes in CHTR, AVGO, BABA, STZ, ATVI, WYNN, TV, MA, CRM, FB LONG POND CAPITAL Top new buys: LHO, BRX, AVB, BKD, DDR, NMRK, FPH, LEN Top exits: MAC, KRC, BXP, HLT, LQ, ATH, CLGX, CXP Boosted stakes in TCO, VER, JBGS, MSG, VNO, QCP, EQR, AIV, PGRE Cut stakes in RPAI, DHI, SLG, SRC MARCATO CAPITAL Top exits: GT, SFLY, AVT, LQ, HMTV Boosted stakes in DECK, ITRI, RYAM, RCII, FG, HZN Cut stakes in IAC, BID, AIR, DXC MAVERICK CAPITAL Top new buys: SCHW, WP, BTI, COMM, CIEN, ABEV, ETSY, SEAS, SKX, YUM Top exits: NWL, PFE, QCOM, FIS, CMCSA, VMC, JACK, CI, DPZ, WMT Boosted stakes in MSFT, ADBE, TAP, TMUS, LOW, BUD, MGM, V, AEO, KSS Cut stakes in SABR, STZ, WCN, GOOG, DWDP, FB, SHPG, FLT, UHS, LVS MOORE CAPITAL Top new buys: PX, COF, SYF, NTES, AZO, BPOP, BURL, CBS Top exits: JPM, DPZ, IT, ORCL, SBAC, CDEV, QTS, MA, PEP, RACE Boosted stakes in AAPL, MSFT, APC, VOYA, EQIX, TWX, GDS, SIVB, CCI, EDU Cut stakes in IWM, BAC, GM, BABA, AMZN, LOW, MS, F, XLU OMEGA ADVISORS Top new buys: HUM, WFC, CBS, GLD, CX, GLPI, MYL, NYCB, C Top exits: AIG, ETP, AET, NRZ, CVA, SHLM, BERY, INCY, ATH, CTLT Boosted stakes in AMCX, SHPG, PE, UAL, HES, NBR, SBGI, ASH, ADBE Cut stakes in BLL, AER, FDC, PYPL, LORL, I, HRG, DWDP, OEC PAULSON & CO Top new buys: SNI, CTL, VIAB, FOX, NMRK, HAIN, DISCK, CAVM, AET Top exits: TEVA, RLGY, CPN, EQT, S, CIEIQ, LOXO, HUN Boosted stakes in NXPI, HZNP, MON, COL, KMDA, TWX Cut stakes in MNK, AGN, SGYP, DISH, TMUS, VST, SHPG, XCRA PERSHING SQUARE Top new buys: NKE Boosted stakes in MDLZ POINT72 ASSET MANAGEMENT Top new buys: REGN, H, BUD, MDT, AMAT, IBM, LRCX, OXY, DIS, AZO Top exits: SHW, ORCL, AGN, HSIC, PCAR, XRAY, MRK, TPX, BLK, AAPL Boosted stakes in APC, CMCSA, FOXA, FDC, MYL, TTWO, V, MU, AMZN, GM Cut stakes in TWX, DHR, GOOGL, PE, BA, AVGO, TSN, BABA, FB POINTSTATE CAPITAL Top new buys: EA, LOMA, FOXA, MYL, AET, UNP, ALLY, ESRX, PAGP, QCOM Top exits: C, MGM, CSX, STZ, BABA, TMUS, CCI, BTU, SBAC, DAL Boosted stakes in ECA, LNG, DVN, NKTR, TRGP, BIIB, AMZN, AVGO, AMT, CRM Cut stakes in FB, COG, GOOGL, MSFT, DWDP, BAC, ADBE, PX, CMCSA RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES Top new buys: GOOG, CVX, PCLN, CVS, MPC, LEN, CCL, UPS, INCY, CXO Top exits: NKE, MU, WFC, MO, AIG, BAC, JPM, ABBV, KMB, ADSK Boosted stakes in XOM, BDX, IBM, PM, GE, VRTX, ALGN, COST, BMY Cut stakes in MDT, NFLX, GILD, NTES, NVDA, MRK, INTU, FDX, GOOGL, MA SACHEM HEAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Top new buys: TWX, LOW, FB, YNDX Top new buys: GOOGL, NXPI, CAR, TSRO, ADSK Boosted stakes in CDK Cut stakes in CMCSA, WP, MSFT, CRM, SHPG SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT Top new buys: OSTK, KW, TGT, FG, GPS, PLAY, HAL, ZAYO Top exits: MDLZ, KHC, ZTS, CNDT, CL, CPB, K, GIS, CARS, SYNA Boosted stakes in URBN, LRCX, CBS, AEO, COL, AET, NXPI, SEDG, GM Cut stakes in TWX, VIAV, EPC, TIVO, MODN, EQT, GSUM, ATGE, CHDN, CMCSA STARBOARD VALUE Top new buys: MLNX, CARS Top exits: ETSY, HPE, JACK, ILG, MBI, QTM Boosted stakes in TYPE, FCE/A, BMS, MAC Cut stakes in BCO, EVHC, CTSH, BAX, DEPO, FTNT TIGER GLOBAL Top new buys: CRM, SWCH, CTRP, REDU, QD, SOGO, MDB Top exits: AWI, WB, ROKU, ATUS, JMEI, RYB Boosted stakes in APO, FB, ADSK, EDU, NOW, VXX, TAL Cut stakes in PCLN, CHTR, TDG, NFLX, JD, AMZN, FLT, BABA, CMCSA, DPZ THIRD POINT Top new buys: ICE, NFLX, LEN, AET, XRAY, GD, MGM, SWN, PF, NEXA Top exits: BAC, TMUS, SHPG, MPC, ALXN, BMA, XELA Boosted stakes in GOOGL, SPGI, PAM, WP, MHK, VMC, GGAL, PE, DHR Cut stakes in BAX, ANTM, BABA, TWX, NXPI, MAC, DWDP TUDOR INVESTMENT Top new buys: FOXA, JPM, GIS, HD, AMTD, BSX, USB Top exits: TSN, VZ, SNI, AAPL, GPK, SHW, MHK, BIVV, DWDP, GD Boosted stakes in SPY, AET, WFC, ORCL, CSX, UNH, AGN, AVGO, ROST, TJX Cut stakes in TWX, COL, EA, PYPL, VMC, PCLN, EBAY, CARS, DG VIKING GLOBAL Top new buys: TWX, NTES, TDG, TMO, PCAR, FANG, SYNH, TRV, PGR, LOW Top exits: DE, MA, FOXA, BAC, VZ, FLT, APC, JD, NWL, COG Boosted stakes in ANTM, PE, DPZ, UTX, AMZN, WFC, EFX, ADSK, RJF, XRAY Cut stakes in GOOGL, V, CP, CRM, UNH, FB, UHS, JAZZ, GWPH, EQT

13 февраля, 00:54

‘Star Wars’: How a Google Maps User Found the Millennium Falcon and More New Rumors We’ve Learned

A 'Star Wars' fan found the Millennium Falcon on Google Maps. Here's a look at that and other pieces of 'Star Wars' news that have recently emerged.

09 февраля, 23:47

‘Star Wars’ Legends Characters Fans Want to See Return

Several Star Wars characters are reportedly set to become canon in future stories. Here's a look at the Legends characters we want to see return.

07 февраля, 02:29

Can a Strong Game Lineup Aid Activision's (ATVI) Q4 Earnings?

Activision's (ATVI) Q4 results are likely to benefit from strong sales of Call of Duty: WWII & Destiny 2.