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Emirates Telecommunications
16 января 2014, 09:00

Private activity in infrastructure in East Asia and the Pacific slows down

In 2011, 85 new infrastructure projects reached financial or contractual closure in lower and upper-middle income countries in the East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) region: China (63), Indonesia (1), Lao PDR (2), Malaysia (1), Philippines (3), Thailand (7) and Vietnam (8). Total investment commitments (hereafter, investment) in all infrastructure projects reached US$10.4 billion, of which US$7.6 billion were investments in new projects and US$2.8 billion were additional investments in existing projects. As compared to 2010 investment levels, 2011 witnessed a decrease of 39 percent. No new telecom projects reached financial closure in 2011. Out of the 18 covered carriers eight expanded their operations with additional investments of US$2.8 billion, a 26 percent decrease in investments from 2010 levels. The largest expansion of US$813 million was done by XL Axiata in Indonesia, owned by Emirates Telecommunications. The investments were almost equally split between mobile access projects and multi-service provider projects. Indonesia and Malaysia attracted about 30 percent of the investments, the Philippines 25 percent, and Thailand the remaining 15 percent, which was in line with the pattern of previous years. Four transport projects closed in China in 2011, the same as in 2010. Two seaport terminals closed, in Zhenjiang Province (three container terminals) and Jiangsu Province (liquid bulk terminal). Two Greenfield road projects also closed, with a total length of 132 kilometers. Total investment in transport projects amounted to US$936 million, a 13 percent increase from 2010 levels.