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20 января, 09:33

Как компания из Зеленограда нашла клиентов в более чем 100 странах мира

11 января 2016 года американская организация TandemNSI определила лучшие проекты на основе искусственного интеллекта в области безопасности. Одним из них стал IDENTV, который позволяет в реальном времени распознавать лица людей на видеозаписи. В основе системы передачи видео для этого сервиса используется российский продукт Flussonic от зеленоградской компании Erlyvideo. Редакция vc.ru узнала у ее основателя Максима Лапшина, как ему удалось выйти на международный рынок.

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20 января, 01:09

Programmatic Can Be Your Biggest Ally in Winning the Battle for the Eyeballs and Business Models

By Kyra Steegs, Senior Director of Video, Improve Digital It’s hardly a secret that today’s TV and video media landscape is undergoing a period of both massive disruption and incredible opportunity. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by next year, while Ericsson reports the average US household now pays for 3.8 VOD services (Ericsson Consumer Lab TV & Media Report). At the same time, broadcasters, OTT providers, cable companies, video platforms and other video content providers are only too aware of the challenges facing their current business models. With all signs pointing to the VOD market reaching saturation point, TVOD, AVOD, FreeVOD, SVOD and hybrid models are all vying as solutions. As a recent article in Business Insider illustrates, even the big boys, like ESPN, are not immune to the phenomenon of the ongoing decline in subscriber revenue outpacing the cost of their content. This upheaval is something many are calling “the battle for the eyeballs” and to a certain extent that translates into “the battle of the business models”. This is where video content providers can take a hard look at the same technology that has been disrupting their landscape for years – and start using it in their favour as they move to an AVOD or hybrid model. Tapping into the power of programmatic advertising can help content providers not just win, but keep eyeballs. A big revenue source that won't disrupt your content How can programmatic help you win and keep eyeballs? This is not the mass, irritating advertising that most of us grew up with. A programmatic platform knows whose eyes are on the screen, no matter what device they’re pointed at. With the move to OTT and TV everywhere as a video delivery method, the ability of programmatic providers to extrapolate consumer behaviour from data is greater than ever. That means a frictionless ad experience for viewers and the kind of niche targeting potential that advertisers crave. That all adds up to your ability to not just win but keep eyeballs in a quickly shifting marketplace, where programmatic can serve as a vital ally in creating viewer loyalty and engagement. A programmatic solution that safeguards your revenue interests However, there are many ways of ‘doing programmatic’ and not all solutions are created equally. Introducing an advertising model means video content providers will need to be sure they are safeguarding their revenue interests while maintaining the quality of the consumer experience. To do that, they’ll need to look for a programmatic solution that secures those interests both in terms of how it does tech and how it does business. In terms of tech, to gain the highest price per impression, video content providers should make sure they’re choosing a solution that can do two things in the same environment: both serve up any ad impression format and any type of campaign. To be clear, when I talk about impression formats I mean video (both in-stream and out-stream), display, mobile or rich-media formats; and a platform that can serve up any impression format is what is known as full-stack. When I talk about campaign types, I’m talking about how ad space is sold, whether as a direct campaign, guaranteed, RTB, Deal ID or third party.  An all-in-one programmatic solution should be able to weigh pricing agreements, what the market will pay and what type of format is in highest demand for any given ad spot at any given moment, and return the highest price. This is called holistic optimisation and not all platforms can do this. What’s more, if inventory is split among multiple platforms, the opportunity to exploit the best market conditions is ruled out from the start. So, in terms of tech, video content providers should be looking for a solution that’s not just full-stack, but one that’s holistic as well. Apart from how a programmatic solution does tech, the next crucial step towards safeguarding revenue interests is looking at how a programmatic solution does business, meaning how it does transparency. In the last few years, the programmatic solutions market has exploded with a myriad of providers and promises. As a result, it’s important video content providers select a programmatic technology partner that is both independent and engages in transparent business practices. That means a partner that is clear about how it makes its profits, and consequently is clear about where its interests lie in the market, whether the buy-side, sell-side, or somewhere in-between. Working with a transparent programmatic technology partner means that video content providers can be sure their tech solution is focussed on securing only their revenue interests. In the end, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to winning the “battle for the eyeballs” and business models. But if video and non-video content providers arm themselves with knowledge, I believe the coming years can see them surging confidently into new video revenue fronts. About the Author Kyra Steegs is a Senior Video Director at Improve Digital, a programmatic solutions provider with over eight years of experience in helping content providers across the globe overcome their battles and win more revenue. Offering the only independent media-owner focussed platform on the market, Improve Digital is on a mission to build smart, efficient, and responsible digital businesses. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

19 января, 18:28

Is a Beat in the Cards for Qualcomm (QCOM) Q1 Earnings?

Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) is scheduled to report first-quarter fiscal 2017 numbers on Jan 25, after market close.

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19 января, 16:56

Ericsson запустила во Львове R&D-центр

Шведская Ericsson AB, крупнейший мировой производитель оборудования для беспроводных сетей запустила во Львове свой первый в Украине R&D-офис.

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19 января, 16:16

Ericsson запустила в Львове R&D-центр

Шведская Ericsson AB, крупнейший мировой производитель оборудования для беспроводных сетей запустила во Львове свой первый в Украине R&D-офис.

19 января, 13:29

Turkcell: 4-я индустриальная революция придет с 5G

Запуск пятого поколения мобильной связи 5G знаменует наступление "четвертой индустриальной революции", считает генеральный директор Turkcell Каан Терзиоглу. Эта технология поможет в ближайшем будущем развивать и смежные рынки, такие как интернет вещей, который свяжет миллиарды цифровых устройств, подключенных через 5G-сеть.

19 января, 12:10

Turkcell: 4-я индустриальная революция придет с 5G

Запуск мобильной связи 5G знаменует наступление "четвертой индустриальной революции", считает генеральный директор Turkcell Каан Терзиоглу. Технология позволит связать миллиарды устройств интернета вещей, что изменит индустриальное пространство

19 января, 12:10

Turkcell: 4-я индустриальная революция придет с 5G

Запуск мобильной связи 5G знаменует наступление "четвертой индустриальной революции", считает генеральный директор Turkcell Каан Терзиоглу. Технология позволит связать миллиарды устройств "Интернета вещей", что изменит индустриальное пространство

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19 января, 02:32

BRIEF-Wi-Lan provides litigation update

* Wi-Lan - update on litigation against Ericsson concerning Wilan's U.S. patent nos. 8,229,437, 8,027,298 and 8,249,014 related to lte technologies

18 января, 23:08

Will AT&T (T) Disappoint Investors This Earnings Season?

AT&T Inc. (T) is scheduled to report fourth-quarter 2016 financial numbers on Jan 25, after markets close.

17 января, 17:05

Ericsson-Cisco Duo to Build Telecom Cloud Infrastructure

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) (ERIC) and its partner Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO), have joined hands once again, this time to transform Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)'s networks.

16 января, 12:00

Ericsson, Cisco win network order from Vodafone Hutchison Australia

STOCKHOLM, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Telecoms equipment gear maker Ericsson :

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16 января, 10:43

BRIEF-Ericsson says Frykhammar appointed advisor to new CEO

* Ericsson says Borje Ekholm takes office as president and CEO today, as previously announced

16 января, 08:01

Алло, приемная? Как искусственный интеллект меняет работу бизнеса с клиентами

Хотя большинство клиентов избегают разговоров по телефону, лишь 35% компаний предоставляют им альтернативные способ связи, а 6 из 10 компаний пользуются соцсетями

13 января, 14:50

Verizon to Launch 750 Mbps FiOS Instant Internet Service

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) has decided to introduce FiOS Instant Internet service which offers 750 Mbps speed from Jan 14, 2017.

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12 января, 23:02

Telecom Stock Roundup: TMUS, VZ, Etc.

Last week saw many notable developments in the telecom industry.

11 января, 16:13

Verizon (VZ) to Implement Virtualized RAN Network in 2017

Per a report by FierceWireless, U.S. telecom behemoth Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) will implement virtualized RAN (vRAN) technologies in 2017.