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22 февраля, 08:03

Новая версия Gear VR от Samsung может обзавестись ручным контроллером

Следующая версия шлема виртуальной реальности для мобильных устройств Gear VR от Samsung может обзавестись ручным контроллером. Одним из первых об этом сообщил сайт SamMobile, сославшись на твит редактора WinFuture Роланда Квандта (Roland Quandt) и заявку на сайте Федеральной комиссии по связи США (FCC), обнаруженную Galaxy Club. Такое устройство могло бы заменить сенсорную панель, которой оснащена первая версия Gear VR, вышедшая в 2014 году. GalaxyClub

21 февраля, 06:22


INSTAPUNDIT READERS WEIGH IN ON TRUMP’S H.R. MCMASTER PICK FOR NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: Reader T.J. Linzy writes: I served with HR McMaster in 2/2 ACR in the first gulf war. He was the E Troop commander; I was a F Troop platoon leader. For your readers who may not know him very well, I would […]

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21 февраля, 06:07

The Pro-Consumer Agenda at the FCC

The American consumer wants a free and open Internet. That is precisely why Chairman Ajit Pai of the FCC is reviewing rules that put bureaucrats, not the American consumer, in charge of the Internet. Nothing could be more pro-consumer than Chairman Pai's initiative.

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20 февраля, 19:48

FCC To Big Telecom: Please Activate The FM Radios You're Putting In Our Phones

The agency wants to expand access and awareness toward free content and features smartphones could already offer for when data is low or networks are down, but which manufacturers often keep quiet.

19 февраля, 21:44

Alan Turing Predicts Machine Learning And The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Jobs

This week's milestones in the history of technology include Alan Turing anticipating today’s deep learning by intelligent machines and concerns about the of AI on jobs, Clifford Stoll anticipating Mark Zuckerberg, and establishing the FCC and NPR.

18 февраля, 16:05

Leaked Trump tape: 'You are the special people'

Exclusive audio shows how Trump lets loose at his clubs — inviting guests to join him on staff interviews.

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16 февраля, 18:44

America’s latest spectrum auction

MARKETS don’t simply emerge, but are created by the state, argued Karl Polanyi, an economist, in “The Great Transformation”. This is certainly true for radio spectrum, an intangible natural resource, which governments now regularly sell in auctions. The most intricate ever organised came to an end in America on February 10th, bringing in $19.6bn. When America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started auctioning spectrum in 1994, it did so because lotteries and “beauty pageants” to allocate the scarce resource seemed otherworldly when billions were at stake. Two decades later the FCC again tried something new, because the established auction system, in turn, was no longer adequate. With most spectrum compatible with today’s technology already allocated, the agency could only satisfy ever-growing demand from mobile carriers by convincing current holders of big slices, mostly broadcasters, to give up some of their licences. The FCC’s solution was to organise not one but two sets of sell-offs, collectively called an “incentive auction”. The first set finds out the prices at which broadcasters are willing to part...

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14 февраля, 17:12

T-Mobile US (TMUS) Beats Q4 Earnings and Revenues Estimate

T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS) has generated a positive average earnings surprise of a substantial 107.70% in the previous four quarters.

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14 февраля, 00:05

Doublespeak Drives Attacks On FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Major newspapers' attacks on Ajit Pai are unfounded and appear to be motivated by the political hangover from fights over the FCC's 2015 “net neutrality” order.

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13 февраля, 21:34

Here's How Netflix Can Be Impacted By The Decision On Zero Rating

The FCC’s new chairman Ajit Pai ended the investigation into zero rating and stated that the board will take no further action against service providers for this practice, by which they apply no data charges for streaming services. Yet this policy will make viewing Netflix more expensive for users

13 февраля, 21:21

FCC's Incentive Auction Rakes in $19.63B, Lags Expectations

The Incentive auction finally cleared all criteria at the Stage 4 of the forward bidding process with an accumulated bid of $19.63 billion.

13 февраля, 12:37

America's Wireless Unlimited Plans Are Not Unlimited & Not Cheap.

America's communications customers are being conned on so many levels it is hard to know where to start. According to Digital Fuel Monitor, other countries have figured out how to deliver unlimited wireless services for just 16-30 EUR. (One Euro is now $1.07 US dollars.) And even funnier, Verizon now claims it is going to offer a new unlimited wireless plan. This is after Verizon has been dumping customers who supposedly went over a magic 200GB limit. Droid Life's headline says it all: "Verizon Unlimited Users Averaging 200GB or More Per Month Getting the Boot" But, according to the fine print in Verizon's new offer, if a customer reaches just 22GB, the customer may be slowed down where other, more important priorities take over. CNBC reports: "The plan...Verizon called a 'great value,' will cost $80 for unlimited data, calls and texting; or $45 per line for four separate lines carrying the same features. There was a catch, however: Verizon added that after 22 GB of data usage on any one line, the company might 'prioritize usage behind other customers in the event of network congestion'." And I need to laugh for a couple of reasons. This is a T-Mobile ad about their unlimited plan. It shows AT&T's plan vs T-Mobile and notice all of the other AT&T charges; some, like the "Regulatory Charge" or the "admin fee", are made up. So, while the advertisement may give a price, it will have nothing to do with what the customer actually pays. We assume Verizon will play the exact same game. Ah, but that's not what is so funny. The fine print at the bottom of this T-Mobile ad, (that is too small to read), says that during congestion, the top 3% of users - those who go over 28GB/month - may experience reduced speeds. Also, the video 'streams' are at 480p - about ½ of HD, (though it appears you can adjust that so it can eat up your 'unlimited' plan faster.) Verizon can't even be original and has the same 'kill' plan - but at 22GB. How is this 'unlimited'? But just how bad are America's LTE services? We keep hearing about 5G and 1Gbps wireless speeds and...pure con, plain and simple. OpenSignal tracks the speed and other criteria of wireless services around the world. Their recent report states: "The U.S. Ranks 68th in LTE Speeds Out of 78 Countries Examined." We're being played. America does not have the best 4G in the world. We certainly aren't the cheapest, even with these new plans. And our carriers can't seem to ever tell us the whole truth. 'Alt facts' in telecom have been the norm for decades. And these unlimited plans that crap out at 22-28GB? But, of course the new FCC is going to investigate this - right away. And you thought this article wasn't funny? -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

13 февраля, 06:26

Легкие и высокотехнологичные защитные материалы. Часть 2

Вот уже почти сто лет компания Alcoa Defense держит руку на пульсе инновационных технологий, являясь надежным партерном и поставщиком военных структур, ее продукция позволяет поддерживать защиту наземных, воздушных и морских платформ вооружения на самом высоком уровне.

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12 февраля, 13:00

Характеристики Windows-планшета Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 стали известны благодаря FCC

На ежегодном мероприятии MWC 2017 в Барселоне Samsung, вопреки сложившейся традиции, не покажет публике свой новый флагманский смартфон Galaxy S8. Однако ожидается, что на выставку компания привезёт другие новинки, включая весьма привлекательный планшет Galaxy TabPro S2 на базе платформы Windows 10. Благодаря сертификации в Федеральной комиссии связи США стали известны полные характеристики этого любопытного устройства, которое явно нацелено на конкуренцию с Surface Pro. Планшет будет оснащаться 12-дюймовым экраном Super AMOLED с разрешением 2160 × 1440, а также 2-ядерным 4-поточным процессором Intel Core i5-7200U седьмого поколения Kaby Lake с частотой до 3,1 ГГц (Turbo-режим) и графикой HD Graphics 620 (частота до 1 ГГц).

10 февраля, 15:00

Why Life for Inmates Will Get More Expensive Under Trump and Sessions

Growing prison fees and fines faced by the incarcerated became a target of the Justice Department under President Obama. Those days are over.

10 февраля, 15:00

Why Life for Inmates Will Get More Expensive Under Trump and Sessions

Growing prison fees and fines faced by the incarcerated became a target of the Justice Department under President Obama. Those days are over.

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09 февраля, 16:30

The Fate Of The FCC's Privacy Rule: A Chat With Law Professor Christopher Yoo

With a change of administration, the FCC's privacy rules are on the chopping block. We interviewed privacy expert Christopher Yoo to see what will happen next.

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09 февраля, 12:24

What's the next step for media (and for us)?

Perhaps the biggest cultural change of my lifetime has been the growing influence and ubiquity of commercial media in our lives. Commercial media companies exist to make a profit, and they've grown that profit faster than just about any industry you can name. At first, it was the scarcity created by the FCC (a few channels) and mass markets that led the industry. Now, though, it's a chaotic system with different rules. A system that rewards certain outputs, relentlessly, generating ever more of those outputs. The participants all believe that the ends will justify the means, all believe that in the end, it'll lead to a positive outcome. But, taken together, over time, drip, drip, drip, the system wins. They do this by engaging with ever more of our time, our decisions and our systems. They do this by selling not just ads, but the stories and expectations that change the way we engage with those ads. They sow dissatisfaction—advertising increases our feeling of missing out, and purchasing offers a momentary respite from that dissatisfaction. Much of that dissatisfaction is about more vs. enough, about moving up a commercial ladder that's primarily defined by things that can be purchased. It's possible to have far more than your grandparents did but still be deeply unhappy believing that you don't have enough. And so one purpose of work is to get enough money to buy more stuff, and to have the time to consume more media (so we can buy more stuff). The media amplifies anxiety, and then offer programming that offers relief from that anxiety. It's been shown repeatedly that watching TV increases the perception that other places, particularly cities, are far more dangerous than they are. The media likes events and circuses and bowl games, because they have a beginning and an ending, and because they can be programmed and promoted. They invite us into the situation room, alarm us with breaking news and then effortlessly move onto the next crisis. They train us to expect quick and neat resolutions to problems, because those are easier to sell. They push us to think short-term, to care about now and not later. And now they're being gamed at their own game, because the artificial scarcity that was created by the FCC has been replaced by a surplus and a race to the bottom, with no gatekeepers and with plenty of advertisers willing to pay for any shred of attention. Intellectual pursuits don't align with the options that media would rather have us care about. A walk in the woods with a friend or your kids does the media-industrial complex no good at all. It's sort of the opposite of pro wrestling. Books are the lowest form of media (too slow, too long-lasting, no sponsors, low profit) while instant-on, always-on social networks are about as good as it gets. For the media. If you're not the customer, you're the product. I was talking with a smart friend the other day and she said that the media is just a reflection of us. I'm not buying it. There are many reflections of us, and the craven race to the bottom is just one of them. The people with the mirror have a responsibility, and in exchange for our time and our spectrum, that responsibility is to make us better, not merely more profitable. We've been willing participants in this daily race for our attention and our emotions. But we don't have to be. /rant        

07 февраля, 22:07

Telecom ETFs: What Lies Ahead in 2017?

The U.S. telecommunications industry is likely to witness reasonable growth through 2017.

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07 февраля, 19:55

Trump's FCC Is Quietly Gutting Efforts To Keep The Internet Affordable

A rash of changes at the agency could mean the cost of surfing the web is about to swell, especially for low-wage Americans.