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28 апреля, 00:14

United, Ferguson, Abu-Ghraib, And The L.A. Riots At 25: Lessons Learned

...whether they want to be or not, organizations with authority over others are vulnerable to any suggestion that they are abusing their power. Further, while corporations must correct bad behavior or risk going out of business, government often just continues with business as usual.

27 апреля, 16:56

Maxine Waters: '92 L.A. Rebellion Was A 'Defining Moment' For Black Resistance

It’s been 25 years since the Los Angeles rebellion, but Rep. Maxine Waters remembers it like it was just yesterday. The California Democrat was traveling on business when Rodney King was brutally beaten by LAPD officers on March 3, 1991. She told HuffPost that she remembers watching the footage from her hotel bed. “I sat straight up and all I could say, ‘Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Look at this,’” Waters said. She and black Americans across the country shared the same outrage.  King, who was pulled over after a high-speed chase with the LAPD, was released from jail without being charged. But black people’s anger increased as they witnessed the 17 cops who did nothing but watch as their colleagues beat King walk free. The residents of Los Angeles reached their boiling point on April 29, 1992, however, when a mostly white jury acquitted the four white cops who assaulted King. That is when the city rebelled. America has seen iterations of this play out in Baltimore, Ferguson, Missouri, and Charlotte, North Carolina, in recent years, with a similar narrative. Though Los Angeles of 1992 saw much more blood and destruction ― more than 50 killed, 2,000 injured, 9,500 arrests and $1 billion in property damages ― the reality of black Americans being denied justice when brutalized by the state strings these events together. But Waters said the L.A. uprisings were a milestone in the history of black people demanding justice. “These were people who had been basically forgotten,” Waters told HuffPost in March. “And because of Rodney King’s beating and the current emotion that was stirring in that, it was like people were saying, ‘We’re here. You can’t do this to us. Look what you’re doing, look how you’ve been. Not only have you been with this consistent police abuse but the same people don’t have access to opportunities and jobs and health care and on and on.’ So it was a defining moment in this country and I think a defining moment in the way that black people resisted.” The acquittal of King’s abusers, along with the 1991 killing of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins, set the stage for the L.A. rebellion. It started at the intersection of Florence and Normandie Avenues and spread throughout Los Angeles like a wildfire. People were killed and injured, stores were robbed and destroyed, and the city was literally burning and seemingly abandoned by police.  “When the insurrection broke out, I rushed to L.A. and went straight into public housing developments,” Waters recalled. “The streetlights were out, the stores were closed down. [I was] working to try and get food to children and milk to kids and diapers.” Waters, who represented California’s 29th District at the time, held a press conference the day after the acquittal. At that point, the death toll was at nine and dozens of people were injured. Waters gave context to why residents had a right to be mad and criticized investigators for not handling the case with urgency and failing to persecute the officers involved. “There are those who would like for me and others and all of us to tell people to go inside, to be peaceful, that they have to accept the verdict,” she said, standing alongside representatives from the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP. “I accept the responsibility of asking people not to endanger their lives. I am not asking people not to be angry.” She continued: “I am angry and I have a right to that anger and the people out there have a right to that anger. There are some angry people in America and young black males in my district are feeling, at this moment, if they could not get a conviction with the Rodney King video available to the jurors, that there can be no justice in America.” Waters remained a champion for her city over the six days of the uprising and beyond. In addition to sending disaster relief supplies like food and diapers, Waters pounded the pavement to bring peace to South Central. She demanded the resumption of vital services like electricity and water to the area. Along with Jesse Jackson, Waters urged the Justice Department to file civil rights charges against the four acquitted cops. When the city issued a curfew and authorities and news outlets painted the black people who were rebelling as “thugs,” Waters actively worked to shift that narrative. It wasn’t just a matter of semantics ― it was about privileged and powerful people using dangerous and racially charged language to belittle the longstanding concerns of residents of color. She opposed Mayor Tom Bradley’s use of the word “riot” to describe what was happening ― she urged him to describe it as “an insurrection.”  “I guess every day, I was out, the TV cameras were out,” Waters told HuffPost. “And I’d get up early in the morning, go to the TV stations trying to explain to them the difference between rioting and people who’ve been dropped off of America’s agenda and find themselves in a situation where the kids are hungry and the place is burning and at that time, everybody was being seen as a ‘robber’ and a ‘thug’ and someone who was responsible for the burning. ... What I tried to do was take it out of the discussion of ‘these are just no good, crazy rioting people’ and to talk about what I call an insurrection, which made a lot of white people mad.” She took on a more understanding tone than others when addressing her constituents. She sent a letter to them, reprinted by the Los Angeles Times, to remind them to keep hope alive and urge them to end the destruction and violence: When the verdicts come down, there will be thousands of police, sheriffs and National Guard on the streets. If you take to the streets with a Molotov cocktail in hand, a gun in your belt or a brick ready to throw, you give the police the legal right to kill you. Our anger and frustration must not drive us to the streets. We must use our minds and our God-given talents and our legacy of perseverance and struggle. We must fight our battles in the courtroom, and in the halls of power. We must organize and rally and protest. And, through it all, we will celebrate living ― not dying. I wish we could make life better for everyone, today. I wish we all had jobs, and happy, loving experiences each day of our lives. I wish we had peace of mind. And, if I could, I would give it to you. Each day brings a new opportunity, a new possibility. I love you and will fight for you. I need you to stand with me to make this a better place. Let us get smart ― it’s time to chill! Even in the aftermath of the uprising, Waters’ work continued. She settled a rowdy crowd (something LAPD failed to do) at the local Social Security office to expedite community members getting the resources they needed. She did her fair share in advocating for her community in Washington, D.C., too. When she found out that President George H.W. Bush was to hold a meeting to discuss “urban problems” that following May, Waters invited herself.  “I’ve been out here trying to define these issues,” she told Speaker Thomas S. Foley. “I don’t intend to be excluded or dismissed. We have an awful lot to say.” Waters’ work against police brutality during and long before the rebellion helped to get LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates, a longtime opponent, fired in June 1992. Two out of the four cops were convicted for violating King’s civil rights nearly a year later. Fighting for her community gained Waters national attention and it became a turning point in her career. But, according to her, one of the biggest impacts the rebellion had was on black resistance to injustice.   -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

25 апреля, 02:21

Justice Sotomayor Boils Down What's Twisted About The Law On Police Brutality

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); WASHINGTON ― The Supreme Court doesn’t decide a lot of police shooting cases, but when it does, it tends to side with the officers. And increasingly it does so in unsigned rulings for which it doesn’t bother to hold oral arguments. The justices again sided with the police Monday, but by choosing to not get involved. They declined to review a ruling from Texas favoring an officer who shot an unarmed man in the back after a vehicle stop. In the officer’s view, the shooting was justified because the driver had appeared to reach for a gun in his waistband. Except it’s not at all clear that the victim, Ricardo Salazar-Limon, was even reaching for his waistband, let alone that the officer’s version of events is the final word of what happened in the case. A jury never got to weigh the conflicting versions. Given this uncertainty, Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a pointed dissenting opinion that the Supreme Court should have heard the case — if only to reaffirm the principle that juries, not judges, should be the ultimate arbiters of who’s being truthful when an officer is accused of violating a person’s civil rights. “The question whether the officer used excessive force in shooting Salazar-Limon thus turns in large part on which man is telling the truth,” Sotomayor wrote in her opinion, joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Our legal system entrusts this decision to a jury sitting as finder of fact, not a judge reviewing a paper record.” In many ways, the facts of Salazar-Limon v. City of Houston are reminiscent of the countless incidents of police brutality that have grabbed headlines and hashtags since the 2014 fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Back in 2010, Salazar-Limon had been drinking and driving erratically on a Houston freeway when Chris Thompson, a Houston Police Department officer, stopped him at a roadside check. After finding no open warrants or pending charges, Thompson asked Salazar-Limon to step out of his truck, and the two stood next to each other near the back of the vehicle. This is where the details of their encounter get a little hazy, and the two sides dispute what happened exactly. But one thing is clear: Salazar-Limon began to walk back to his truck, then Thompson shot him in the back. The victim testified that he was shot “immediately.” But Thompson said he shot Salazar-Limon only after he ordered him to stop walking and perceived that he was reaching for a firearm in his waistband. Rather than acknowledge this conflicting testimony and let the case be decided by a jury, two lower courts determined that Thompson’s version of the shooting ruled the day and that he shouldn’t be held liable. Perhaps drawing on her years as a trial judge, Sotomayor observed that “the evenhanded administration of justice does not permit such a shortcut.” We take one step back today. Justice Sonia Sotomayor “Our failure to correct the error made by the courts below leaves in place a judgment that accepts the word of one party over the word of another,” wrote Sotomayor, who has become one of the fiercest critics of how the law shields police abuse. In a footnote, Sotomayor added that the “increasing frequency” of police officers shooting unarmed suspects going for “empty waistbands” makes it all the more imperative for jurors to be the ones deciding who’s more credible in these kinds of cases. More tellingly, the justice then expressed dismay at a “disturbing trend” in how the Supreme Court has played a role in jumping to immunize police officers who are quick to pull the trigger, while doing little to step in whenever an officer has been wrongly shielded. “But we rarely intervene where courts wrongly afford officers the benefit of qualified immunity in these same cases,” she wrote, as she listed case after case after case in which her colleagues instead gave officers a reprieve from liability. She called that feature an “asymmetry” that the court, at times, has tried to correct. “We take one step back today,” Sotomayor wrote. Justice Samuel Alito wrote a short response to Sotomayor, in which he stood up for the courts that ruled for Officer Thompson — and for the Supreme Court’s handling of similar cases. “This is undeniably a tragic case, but as the dissent notes ... we have no way of determining what actually happened in Houston on the night when Salazar-Limon was shot,” Alito wrote. “All that the lower courts and this Court can do is to apply the governing rules in a neutral fashion.” -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

23 апреля, 16:05

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City: FA Cup semi-final – as it happened

Arsenal will play Chelsea in the FA Cup final thanks to Nacho Monreal’s equaliser and Alexis Sanchez’s extra-time winner 5.38pm BST It’s Arsenal’s day. A rare joyous moment for Arsene Wenger in the context of this season and a win that might just give him the encouragement he needs to sign that new contract. They’re into the FA Cup final, where they’ll face Chelsea, and they’re there because they showed spirit to recover from a goal down. Nacho Monreal and Alexis Sanchez scored the goals and Arsenal were dogged enough to hold out in the end. As for Manchester City, their first season under Pep Guardiola is fizzling out. Their last chance of a trophy has gone and they face a fight to hold off Manchester United in the fight for the top four now. They’re a point above United and host them on Thursday night. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye! 5.33pm BST That’s it! Arsenal are in the FA Cup final thanks to Alexis Sanchez’s winner! Oh, Pep. Continue reading...

20 апреля, 22:14

The Heroes and Villains of the Brewing Battle for Legal Marijuana

Several states now have legal marijuana. But cannabis is still federally illegal, setting us up for a legal showdown featuring these heroes and villains.

20 апреля, 21:25

Manchester United 2-1 Anderlecht (3-2 agg): Europa League quarter-final – as it happened

Marcus Rashford scored an extra-time winner to send Manchester United into the last four, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic suffered a potentially serious injury 10.34pm BST Manchester United are into the last four of the Europa League thanks to the brilliant Marcus Rashford. Anderlecht were impressive but United were the more forceful side as the game wore on and were good value for the win in the end. The bad news is a potentially serious injury to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The good news is Marcus Rashford. Thanks for reading and emailing. Night. 10.31pm BST ET 29 min: Martial’s got the ball in the Anderlecht now, after a moment of magic from Mkhitaryan, but the flag’s up. Anderlecht are still in this. Forward they go. Valencia doesn’t clear his lines and Obrodovic crosses to the far post, where Mbodji rises above Shaw and heads goalwards. Romero tips it over, but a goal-kick’s awarded. Continue reading...

20 апреля, 19:20

Clinton aides deny infighting captured in 'Shattered' book

Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides are aggressively pushing back against a newly released book that portrays their operation as a dysfunctional knife-fest, insisting that despite its flaws, the campaign was focused and supportive throughout the hard-fought election.“Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” hit shelves on Tuesday and presents an unflinching autopsy on Clinton’s latest failed White House bid. The authors — political reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes — write about Clinton confidants angling to get campaign manager Robby Mook fired and longtime aide Huma Abedin unhelpfully targeting people offering constructive criticism.But Clinton’s top aides say the campaign comprised a group of people who, like their slogan said, were “Stronger Together” — even as they endured a long slog that ended in defeat.“[T]he overarching narrative paints a picture of a campaign bogged down by infighting which as a result is paralyzed, leading to its own eventual demise,” Clinton deputy communications director Christina Reynolds wrote in a Medium post on Wednesday. “I wanted to speak out because after spending most of the campaign watching some people question the enthusiasm and our supporters, it’s hard to read a depiction of the campaign that paints a dedicated, cohesive team as mercenaries with questionable motives who lacked a loyalty to a candidate described as ‘imperial’ and removed from the campaign. That’s just not the campaign, the staff or the candidate I was in the trenches with for 18 months.”Reynolds, a Barack Obama campaign veteran and former White House staffer, cast her first day on the Clinton campaign as a welcoming experience. She said she joined the campaign full time because “it was clear from the beginning that this would be a campaign not driven by factions or who had been around the longest.” “We didn’t waste time settling scores or fighting in the press. When we had bad nights, we tried to find a way forward, rather than publicly placing blame or stabbing each other in the back,” she said. “And when we had good nights, we celebrated together, rather than worrying about who got the credit. Contrary to the ‘mercenary’ description in the book, we knew that there was only one goal, and one night, that mattered.”Clinton aides rallied behind Reynold’s post, affirming her narrative and sharing tales via Twitter highlighting the Clinton staff as a family who supported one another through the worst of times, including a “tough diagnosis” and a family death. The aftermath of the election “was a hug-fest” at Clinton headquarters, “not a knife-fight,” Jesse Lehrich, the campaign’s foreign policy spokesman, tweeted Wednesday.“I don’t recognize the campaign depicted in Shattered,” added Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s communications director. “It was tough but we stuck together & all our proud of how hard our candidate fought.”Clinton deputy press secretary Jesse Ferguson noted that he was part of the campaign from the very beginning, including the drafting of the press release announcing Clinton’s campaign. “We made mistakes,” he said on Twitter on Wednesday. “We lost. But the depiction in book doesn’t resemble campaign I saw.”The authors of the book on Thursday vigorously defended their reporting, which included interviews with more than a hundred sources, with the understanding that the comments were on background and wouldn’t be used until after the election.Allen, a columnist at Roll Call, credited the Clinton campaign for tapping “really smart people.” “But the people didn’t work very well together,” he told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.Clinton, he added, had a combination of people involved from her time as first lady, secretary of state, senator and a 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, in addition to newcomers for 2016.“They always have trouble kind of making those various entities kind of work and run smoothly. And I think that was a huge problem for her,” Allen said. “We detail the fact that John Podesta and Robby Mook were infighting. There was lots of infighting and, you know, one of them thought the other was passive-aggressive. The other one didn’t trust the other. And so there’s lots of this kind of stuff. That never really seeped out.”That is, until “Shattered” hit the shelves. “[T]he portrait of the Clinton campaign that emerges from these pages is that of a Titanic-like disaster: an epic fail made up of a series of perverse and often avoidable missteps by an out-of-touch candidate and her strife-ridden staff that turned ‘a winnable race’ into ‘another iceberg-seeking campaign ship,’” Michiko Kakutani wrote in a New York Times review. For her part, Parnes, a senior White House correspondent at The Hill, argued that she and Allen reported in their book the story that was told to them.“I think every presidential campaign obviously has a level of drama. This one, I think, was pretty extraordinary,” she told Hewitt. “You know, they can say what they want to say, that it wasn’t the campaign they knew, but, you know, we talked to hundreds of people. This is their story from inside the campaign. This is what they told us. You know, we weren’t talking to outsiders for this book.”

Выбор редакции
20 апреля, 13:15

Blavity's CEO on taking risks and building a community for black millennials

Watching the protests that ensued after Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Morgan DeBaun knew that the online forum that she had been working on part-time now needed her full-time attention.

20 апреля, 09:00

Moor Mother: 'We have yet to truly understand what enslavement means'

Hip-hop powerhouse Moor Mother fought her way out of the projects – and is now using poetry, music and ‘DIY time travel’ to build a better future for black AmericaA black body staggers through history, hauling itself from the 19th century to the recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, being knifed, dismembered and towed behind a pickup truck along the way. Noises throb in the air like helicopter blades as Moor Mother, AKA Camae Ayewa, tells her bloody tale, while saxophones screech and old blues singers float around her. This is her poem Creation Myth, which plays out like an 18-rated Black History Month condensed into five minutes.It opens her album, Fetish Bones, which last year emerged into the global underground from her home in Philadelphia. Ayewa is now capitalising on its modest success with a European tour and a vinyl-only LP, The Motionless Present. She blends hip-hop, samples, spoken word and free jazz into MacBook collages that shudder with anger and pride, charting centuries of abuse against black people. Sampled voices include Sandra Bland, who killed herself in jail, three days after being arrested for a trumped-up traffic violation; and Natasha McKenna, a mentally ill teenager who, despite already being restrained, died after being tasered in prison. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
19 апреля, 20:40

President Donald J. Trump Signs S.J.Res. 30, S.J.Res. 35, and S.J.Res. 36 into Law

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the President signed into law: S.J.Res. 30, which reappoints Steve Case as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution; S.J.Res. 35, which appoints Michael Govan as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution; and S.J.Res. 36, which appoints Roger W. Ferguson as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. 

19 апреля, 09:06

Parties gird for 2-month runoff battle in Georgia

Republicans and Democrats were preparing for the runoff before Tuesday’s voting was complete.

19 апреля, 07:26

Монстры полей: новейшие тракторы покоряют российский рынок

AGCO-RM, СП компании AGCO и российской корпорации «Русские машины», объединяющей машиностроительные активы промышленной группы «Базовый Элемент», представляет российскому рынку новое поколение тракторов Massey Ferguson серий 7600 и 8600. Первые машины уже появились в дилерских центрах AGCO-RM в апреле этого года.

18 апреля, 03:14

ZOMBIE ON THE BATTLE FOR BERKELEY: “Antifa got their asses kicked, and were literally driven from …

ZOMBIE ON THE BATTLE FOR BERKELEY: “Antifa got their asses kicked, and were literally driven from the park and fled. Ooooooh, dearest me, right-wingers threw punches! Let us clutch our pearls! But that’s the point. People’s patience was used up. Saturday’s punches were in response to YEARS of being punched and not being allowed to […]

18 апреля, 00:00

Are We on the Brink of a Second Korean War?

Niall Ferguson, Boston GlobeBrinkmanship is back — and the world is back on the brink of war. In the 1950s, the word came to be associated with John Foster Dulles, secretary of state for President Dwight Eisenhower.. But brinkmanship fell into disrepute in the wake of the Berlin and Cuban Missile Crises under Eisenhower’s successor. As far as John F. Kennedy was concerned, in those two crises the United States and the Soviet Union had come far too close to jumping over the brink into nuclear Armageddon.

17 апреля, 16:30

«Спартак» в опасности: что угрожает команде, у которой всё хорошо

За 7 туров до финиша чемпионата России по футболу «Спартаку» вручены виртуальные золотые медали.

17 апреля, 15:19

Batgirl: 10 Actresses Who Could Play the Character

With the news that Joss Whedon is making a Batgirl film, we take a close look at the actresses who could bring the DC hero to life.

17 апреля, 12:51

4 жуткие истории, которые заставят фанатов "Спартака" трястись за чемпионство

Напомним, на данный момент в ведущих европейских футбольных лигах большим перевесом, чем у "Спартака", может похвастать только донецкий "Шахтёр", который опережает в Украинской премьер-лиге киевское "Динамо" на 11 очков. Казалось бы, растерять +10 в последних семи турах невозможно. Ведь для этого нужно проиграть четыре матча! Так что многие заранее примеряют на красно-белых чемпионскую корону. Первую для них с 2001 года...Тем не менее шансы у конкурентов "Спартака" есть. Это доказывает история. Которая знала примеры самых грандиозных финишных коллапсов. 2007 год. Японский клуб "Урава Редс" не стал чемпионом, имея 7 очков перевеса над вторым местом за четыре тура до конца В четырёх матчах в футболе можно набрать 12 очков. Однако "Урава" сподобилась только на три, потерпев три поражения. В том числе — от будущего чемпиона, клуба "Касима Антлерс", а также от уже вылетевшей к тому моменту в низший дивизион "Йокогамы". Отметим, что "Спартаку" предстоят встречи и со своим ближайшим преследователем (ЦСКА), и с обоими главными претендентами на вылет ("Томь", "Арсенал")... 2012 год. "Манчестер Юнайтед" отдал титул соседям из "Сити", опережая конкурента на 8 очков за шесть туров до конца "Манчестер Сити" стал чемпионом Англии впервые с 1968 года. Выдав сумасшедший финишный спурт, "горожане" воспользовались осечками "Юнайтед" и выиграли в предпоследнем туре манчестерское дерби со счётом 1:0. В итоге обе команды набрали по 89 очков, но "Сити" получил преимущество по разности забитых и пропущенных мячей. В заключительном туре будущие чемпионы совершили невероятное — победили "Куинс Парк Рейнджерс" 3:2, уступая 1:2 после 90 минут игры... 2004 год. Мадридский "Реал" имел 8 очков преимущества над вторым местом после 26 туров, но откатился на четвёртую строчку "Реал" с Зиданом, Бекхэмом и Роналдо в составе пережил самое большое разочарование в своей истории. Для испанского чемпионата 8 очков — казалось бы, неотыгрываемый гандикап. Однако "королевский клуб" умудрился проиграть семь из последних 10 матчей, в том числе — в пяти заключительных турах. "Спартаку" есть над чем призадуматься... 1996 год. "Ньюкасл" проиграл чемпионскую гонку "Манчестеру Юнайтед", расставшись с перевесом в 12 очков Переломным для того "Ньюкасла" с Лесом Фердинандом на острие атаки (Алан Ширер перешёл в стан "сорок" сезоном позже) и Давидом Жинола стало поражение от "МЮ" на "Олд Траффорд". После той игры главный тренер манкунианцев Адекс Фергюсон язвительно заметил, что соперники бьются против его команды гораздо ожесточённее, чем против "Ньюкасла". Такая психологическая атака сработала. Команда Кевина Кигана проиграла пять из восьми матчей, а "МЮ" выиграл 13 из 15 последних и забрал титул. Красно-белые вышли на чемпионскую прямую

16 апреля, 14:59

Sunderland fans expose David Moyes’ decline and could spark his fall

Sunderland do not want to sack the manager but they may be forced to rethink should further anger build during the remaining two home games from critics who have not taken to his tactics, selections or downbeat demeanourThis time four years ago David Moyes was about to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United but today he is struggling to restore his tattered reputation at Sunderland where a significant proportion of supporters want him sacked.It has been quite a fall from grace for the former Everton, United and Real Sociedad manager who endured chants of “We want Moyes out” from all corners of an unusually hostile Stadium of Light during Sunderland’s 2-2 draw with West Ham United on Saturday. There were also choruses of “David Moyes had a dream, to fuck our football team” and boos when the home manager ventured from his dugout. Continue reading...

15 апреля, 23:19

Little love lost between Chelsea fans and old flame José Mourinho | Daniel Taylor

When Manchester United host Chelsea on Sunday the visiting supporters will again throw shocking vitriol at their former manager but his endless digs do breed contemptA lot has clearly changed since the time, a decade ago now, when José Mourinho cited safety reasons in response to the question of why, after leaving Chelsea, he had not been back to Stamford Bridge to say goodbye to the fans. Mourinho imagined a stampede of people flocking to his feet and his reply fitted in neatly with the impression of someone who would talk eloquently on any subject, as long as that subject was himself. “Just imagine if I did,” he said. “I would die in the crush out in the middle of the pitch.”Ten years on, the relationship feels very different now, broken even, judging by the vitriol that was reserved for Mourinho on his last trip to Stamford Bridge. No doubt there will be more of the same from the away corner at Old Trafford on Sunday and perhaps it is just inevitable given the nature of the man and the trait he shares with Sir Alex Ferguson: an almost compulsive need for conflict. Continue reading...

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Армения устроит в "России" "футбол" на боях ММА

Во всём мире на турнирах по единоборствам болеют горячо, громко и эмоционально. Обычно у каждого бойца по ходу поединка находится десяток-другой "тренеров": "В партер переводи!", "Руки подними!", "Забирай концовку, он устал!" — подобные советы и подсказки являются неизменным атрибутом состязаний.Однако при этом ММА остаётся спортом для "фанов-одиночек". Нет, на крупных турнирах, конечно, часто образуются целые сектора, которые болеют по национальному принципу. Например, поддержать лучшего российского бойца ММА Хабиба Нурмагомедова в так и не состоявшемся 4 марта поединке против американца Тони Фергюсона прилетело несколько десятков дагестанцев. И нет сомнений, что, если бы Нурмагомедов смог выйти в клетку, поддержка у него была бы мощная и классная. Но при этом даже в таких случаях речь об организованном и слаженном болении а-ля футбол не идёт. А вот армянские болельщики решили взять на вооружение именно футбольный опыт. И 15 апреля в поддержку бойцов Эдуарда Вартаняна и Акопа Степаняна устроят "перформанс", равного которому мир ММА ещё не видел. Со всеми футбольными атрибутами: гигантскими баннерами, флагами, барабанами, фирменными майками и коллективным скандированием речовок.— Началось это всё уже давно, в далёком 2008 году, — рассказал один из главных инициаторов организованного боления за армянских спортсменов Арташ Овсепян. — Мы создали во "ВКонтакте" группу Hayastan Sport. В этом сообществе общались между собой армянские любители смешанных единоборств. В конце прошлого года мы общими усилиями даже создали специальный сайт HaySport, задачей которого является продвигать и поддерживать армянских спортсменов во всём мире.Причём дело касается не только ММА. Несколько ребят из нашей группы летали в Ростов на матч с клубом "Манчестер Юнайтед", чтобы поддержать лучшего футболиста нашей страны Генриха Мхитаряна.Ну а что касается ММА — мы хотим изменить подход к болению на смешанных единоборствах. Мы и ранее собирали армянские сектора на соревнованиях ММА. Но поддержка Вартаняна и Степаняна будет уникальной, такого прежде не было нигде в мире. Сейчас делаем огромные баннеры, будет много флагов. Также используем барабаны, чего в мире единоборств тоже раньше не было. Это будет настоящая революция. Надеюсь, поможем нашим ребятам победить. — Конечно, поддержка болельщиков имеет для меня очень большое значение, — сказал Лайфу 25-летний Эдуард Вартанян, чей поединок в полусреднем весе с Александром Сарнавским обещает стать одним из украшений вечера. — Знаю, что 15 апреля на трибунах будет несколько армянских секторов, они собираются устроить настоящее шоу. Обещаю, что не разочарую их.Сейчас я нахожусь в лучшей форме за всю свою карьеру. Да, иногда я совершал ошибки и проигрывал. Но при этом никогда не изменял своему стилю: шёл вперёд, искал счастья в атаке. Мой соперник Александр Сарнавский тоже очень зрелищный и бескомпромиссный боец. Поэтому наш поединок в любом случае получится ярким и эффектным. Все поединки АСВ 57 будут транслироваться 15 апреля впрямую на life.ru

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Реакция №13. Андрей Паршев. Цветная сегрегация Америки

США «проспали» расово-социальную революцию. События в Фергюсоне закономерное наследство «Ку-Клукс-Клана» и «Черных пантер». Индейцы судятся за Манхеттен, а Техас бьется за независимость. Гость в студии - российский писатель Андрей Паршев. Эксперты: Александр Домрин, Виктор Мизин, Павел Святенков, Виктор Олевич и Тим Керби. Ведущий Андрей Фефелов.

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Полиция Фергюсона арестовала священника за участие в акциях протеста

В ночь на 30 сентября группа священнослужителей Фергюсона, штат Миссури, вышла на улицы города, чтобы принять участие в акциях протеста против полицейского произвола. Представители сил правопорядка разогнали собравшихся, арестовав при этом преподобного Осагиефо Секу, которого посчитали организатором митинга. Волнения в городе начались в августе, когда полицейский застрелил безоружного темнокожего юношу Майкла Брауна. Подписывайтесь на RT Russian - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rtrussian RT на русском - http://russian.rt.com/ Vkontakte - http://vk.com/rt_russian Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RTRussian Twitter - http://twitter.com/RT_russian Livejournal - http://rt-russian.livejournal.com/