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05 декабря, 20:11

Niall Ferguson’s “Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist” Wins 2016 CFR Arthur Ross Book Award

Historian Niall Ferguson has won the fifteenth annual Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Arthur Ross Book Award for Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist (Penguin Press), the first in a two-volume biography of the former national security advisor Henry A. Kissinger, and will receive $15,000. On December 14, CFR will honor Ferguson—a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and Harvard University’s Center for European Studies—and the other awardees at a cocktail reception hosted by Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs and chair of the independent award jury.

04 декабря, 06:11

Australia v New Zealand: first ODI – as it happened

Australia 324-8 (50) defeat New Zealand 256 (44.2)Captain Steve Smith notches an SCG record innings of 164 11.12am GMT Australia have taken this opening rubber with an impressive effort with the bat and some excellent periods with the ball. Which isn’t to say the Black Caps weren’t in this game during the chase - they had their moments. Guptill’s century wasn’t a matchwinner, but on most days it would be, a wonderful display of clean hitting after getting into the groove. Of course, the ton that won the game was Smith’s earlier, his 164 the new highest score at the SCG. But he backed it up in the field as well, taking a sensational catch at gully to remove BJ Watling before he had a chance to potentially influence the game. 11.02am GMT Mitch Marsh gets the final wicket, Ferguson the man on debut bowled for a duck chopping on. The last three wickets came inside six balls once the chase was realistically beyond the tourists. Some final thoughts in a tic. Continue reading...

04 декабря, 00:00

Trump's Chumps: The Hysterical Media

Andrew Ferguson, Weekly StandardAmong the many offenses that modern architecture has committed against Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washingtonâ??America's main street, we like to call itâ??is a glass 'n' stone 'n' steel box that houses a museum about news gathering called, unfortunately, the Newseum. Funded by the New York Times, Hearst, ABC News, Comcast, CBS News, Time Warner, and every worthy journalism nonprofit in the land, the Newseum is the establishment press's monument to itselfâ??a mirror into which every mainstream reporter and editor can peer with an admiring gaze.From the front of the building hangs a...

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03 декабря, 23:00

Football is listening on child abuse but took far too long to do so | Daniel Taylor

The victims of child abuse are being heard now but two decades ago, when the Dispatches documentary came out, a chance was lostOne day last week an email arrived at Manchester United marked for the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson. They probably get a lot of emails for Ferguson, one imagines. He still has an office at Old Trafford, he is a director of the club and, though nobody should imagine they go straight into his personal inbox, there is a small army of staff to sift through all the correspondence.This one came from the family of Matthew Monaghan and it was written in the hope that Ferguson would get a better understanding, almost 30 years on, as to why one of the players from the club’s youth system went so badly off the rails he lasted only two months as a professional before eventually walking away from football for good. Continue reading...

03 декабря, 18:00

How Ruth Wilson discovered the heart of Hedda Gabler

As they prepare to stage Hedda Gabler at the National Theatre, Ruth Wilson and director Ivo van Hove discuss a character who is at once tragic heroine and conniving monsterIn the summer of 1889, the playwright Henrik Ibsen went to Gossensass in the South Tyrol for the fifth time. He was at the height of his fame, and his holidays in the little town had provoked a boom in its tourist trade. In recognition of this, a square was named after him, an event celebrated with much pomp and ceremony.According to his biographer Robert Ferguson, “there is a picture of him enjoying the occasion from a bench, a dishevelled gnome looking older than his 61 years, resting his hands atop the rolled umbrella he always carried, rain or shine”. Continue reading...

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03 декабря, 16:03

No, Car Rental Insurance Is Not Mandatory*

Car rental insurance isn’t required. Or is it? If you’re not sure, then you’re one of many confused car renters — a confusion some car rental companies appear to be taking advantage of. Consider what happened to Nancy Ferguson when she rented a car from Avis at the Indianapolis airport recently. When she tried to decline Avis’ collision-damage waiver, noting that her credit card covered her, a representative told her that was “not allowed.” “He said if I didn’t buy Avis’ insurance, I could not get the car,” says Ferguson, a pharmacist from Greenbrae, Calif. Wrong. Avis’ site describes its liability waivers as “optional.” But the misunderstanding netted Avis an extra $414, according to Ferguson. Related: Everything you ever wanted to know about car rentals and insurance (but were afraid to ask). Why is everyone so confused? Because, well, it’s confusing. States require car rental companies to carry insurance on their vehicles. But there’s no corresponding law that says you have to purchase insurance, which technically isn’t insurance, but an expensive and highly profitable collision-damage waiver (CDW) or loss-damage waiver (LDW) product sold by your car rental company. With the help of a few half-truths, a clever car rental agent can push you into buying pricey coverage. Optional collision-damage waivers represent a “significant” source of income for car rental companies, although no one except the car rental companies knows how significant, according to car rental consultant Neil Abrams. Optional damage waivers are strongly encouraged by car rental companies, even though customers may already be covered by auto insurance, a credit card or travel insurance. The policies can routinely double the cost of your rental. While an overwhelming majority of rentals are free of misunderstandings, a “tiny percent” may end with a car rental company turning away a customer because of a paperwork problem. “Yes, they can refuse to rent a car,” Abrams says. “There is extreme liability and cost associated with vehicle damage, loss or worse. The rental of a vehicle is a privilege, not a right, but the operators do have the right to protect their assets, passengers and the general public.” That’s exactly what happened to Cheryl Manzo when she rented from Economy Rent a Car in Orlando recently. “When I arrived to pick up rental Saturday morning, a representative told me I had to pay additional $73 for insurance,” she remembers. The reason? “I did not have my policy declaration page with me,” she says. Manzo, a teacher from Levittown, Pa., reluctantly paid for the coverage. When I asked her car rental company about her case, it said it had a right to ask her for proof of insurance. “The customer needs to understand that we are serving her with a $20,000 vehicle,” said Patricia Grant, an Economy representative. “The least we can do is verify coverage.” Car rental agents don’t force everyone to buy CDW. A young couple on the van ride back to the airport told Grant they didn’t have to show proof of their insurance. Travelers I’ve spoken to felt they were singled out for being the most vulnerable-looking customers, particularly those with foreign passports. Take Samantha Sigler, for example. She rented a car in Orlando from Thrifty recently after arriving from Ottawa. “When I arrived at the airport, an agent asked me if I was interested in obtaining additional insurance coverage for the car,” Sigler says. She said her Canadian insurance covered her. “The agent told me that it was mandatory for me to purchase Liability Insurance Supplement coverage pursuant to Florida state law, as there was no way that the state of Florida would cover the cost of an accident that could be over $1 million,” she says. That’s incorrect. Sigler bought the additional insurance to avoid a confrontation, but she checked the Florida statutes to be sure. And why wouldn’t she? Sigler is a lawyer. Thrifty promptly refunded the insurance supplement. “This agent may have tricked and conned numerous other tourists,” she says. The company “should be putting necessary and appropriate checks into place to ensure that their agents do not dishonestly line their pockets at the expense of others.” Lauren Luster, a spokeswoman for Hertz, which owns Thrifty, says Sigler is correct. “We do not require that our customers have car insurance,” she says. “We offer optional car rental protection which is available for purchase by customers, many of whom are often navigating unfamiliar places in an unfamiliar vehicle while on a business trip or vacation.” I checked with the other car rental companies, and that policy — that coverage is optional — is an industry standard in the United States. By the way, I’ll second the sentiment expressed by car rental companies. Insurance is a good idea; you should not drive a car without coverage — but it doesn’t have to be the car rental company’s coverage. You can buy a insurance through an online agency or a site like Insuremyrentalcar.com for about half the price of auto rental protection. So where does that leave you? Car rental companies will sometimes say anything to persuade you to buy their coverage, including bending a few facts and withholding the car keys. You need to be ready with ample documentation of coverage and a little knowledge of state insurance law (see below). That’s the only fix — you have to fight fallacy with facts. What insurance do you really need? • Domestic rentals: Any car rental insurance requirements are in the state’s laws, which are readily available online. For example, Florida statutes say that if you’re renting a car for less than a year, the owner is the car rental company and is responsible for insurance. (It’s in Chapter 324 of the Florida Statutes.) A car rental company may try to shift that responsibility to you, but there’s no law that requires you to accept it. • International rentals: If you’re renting overseas, check the car rental company’s website or call for information. Or you can check out Autoeurope.com, which lists detailed insurance requirements by country. * Some restrictions apply. After you’ve left a comment here, let’s continue the discussion on my consumer advocacy site or on Twitter, Facebook and Google. I also have a newsletter and you’ll definitely want to order my new, amazingly helpful and subversive book called How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money, and Hassle). -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

02 декабря, 17:30

Путин: Мартину Лютеру Кингу не понравилось бы сегодня в США

Соединенные Штаты Америки очень сильно изменились с середины XX века, однако некоторые проблемы не просто сохранились, но стали еще более острыми.

02 декабря, 17:14

Путин: Мартин Лютер Кинг был бы огорчен произволом полиции США

Владимир Путин заявил, что американский борец за права чернокожих Мартин Лютер Кинг был бы разочарован, если увидел нынешнее отношение полицейских США к афроамериканцам. Об этом глава государства заявил, отвечая на реплику одного из участников заседания Совета по культуре и искусству и по русскому языку, который использовал слова Мартина Лютера Кинга «У меня есть мечта», передает ТАСС. Путин отметил, что если бы Кинг дожил до наших дней, он «очень бы порадовался, что во главе Соединенных Штатов стоит человек с темным цветом кожи». «Но он бы был очень огорчен, если бы увидел, что произвол полиции в отношении афроамериканской части американского населения продолжается», – добавил президент. «Жизнь полна противоречий», – резюмировал Путин. По данным расследования Washington Post, за первые шесть месяцев 2016 года полицейские США в общей сложности застрелили почти 500 человек. Как заявил президент США Барак Обама, американские полицейские вдвое чаще открывают огонь по темнокожим, чем по белым жителям. Так, 6 июля офицер полиции в американском штате Миннесота застрелил чернокожего мужчину после того, как остановил его автомобиль для проверки, инцидент произошел в городе Фолкон-Хайтс и уже вызвал волну протестов. В сентябре убийство авроамериканца спровоцировало очередную волну массовых протестов в США. СМИ запустили проект по отслеживанию жертв от рук полицейских в 2015 году после резонансного убийства полицейским чернокожего подростка Майкла Брауна в Фергюсоне, повлекшего за собой череду массовых протестов против полицейского произвола по всей стране. Весной прошлого года сообщалось, что в США в результате полицейской стрельбы ежедневно гибнут два человека. Афроамериканцы составляют половину всех убитых американскими полицейскими.

01 декабря, 20:09

Pay to model

from David Ruccio Back in 2010, Charles Ferguson, the director of Inside Job, exposed the failure of prominent mainstream economists who wrote about and spoke on matters of economic policy to disclose their conflicts of interest in the lead-up to the crash of 2007-08. Reuters followed up by publishing a special report on the lack of […]

01 декабря, 14:29

Charter School Failure (The Schools, Not The Kids)

President-elect Donald "Hardly-a-Landslide" Trump and nominee for Secretary of the federal Department of Education, Betsy "Voucher Queen" DeVos, are championing vouchers and charter schools as ways to dismantle public education, subsidize private and religious schools, provide a financial windfall to shady edu-businesses, break teacher unions, and support segregation academies. To people who say give Trump and his legions a chance, if their plans are realized, the public school system, a hallmark of democracy in the United States, may never be rebuilt. Once broken, all the king's horses and all the king's men will not be able to put Humpty-Dumpty together again. In November, I participated in a community forum at Medgar Evers College-CUNY in Brooklyn discussing why the NAACP called for a freeze on new charter schools. Defense of the NAACP position on charter schools becomes even more urgent as Trump and DeVos prepare to dismantle public education. Panelists included long-time education activist Dr. Sam Anderson, Dr. Maria DeLongoria, an Associate Professor of History at Medgar Evers, and Fatima Geidi, a member of a parents' group challenging the way the Success Academy Charter School Network treated her son and other Black and Latino children. In his introductory remarks, Dr. Anderson declared, "privatization, whether of prisons, healthcare, social security, or education has been shown to be a pro-business gimmick that is against the broader public interest." He argued, "many Black and Latino charter school parents are well meaning but the unwitting pawns of the charter school operators." Fatima Geidi recounted frustrations battling with the Success Charter School Network as they refused to provide needed educational services for her son and tried to drive him out of the school. "They suspended him the second week of school because he did not walk right, made too much noise." He was suspended repeatedly for the three years he was in the school and she was constantly told to pick him up early or keep him home. She charged he was a "broken child" as a result of his experience in Success Academy. In my presentation, I argued that if charter schools were the solution to unequal education and poor academic performance in many inner-city minority schools, the United States would be irresponsible not to vastly expand the number of charter schools immediately, which incidentally is Donald Trump's proposal. But when we look closely, while some individual charter schools perform well, charter schools overall are not a miracle solution to educational inequality and certainly not for inner-city poverty. Far too many Black and Latino children are left behind when better performing students from minority communities are skimmed out of traditional public schools and troubled or more difficult students are warehoused there. Meanwhile many of the children who end up in for-profit charters or questionable non-profit networks are just prepped for tests to make the charter management look good. They too are cheated out of their right to an education that prepares them for college, careers, and citizenship. I do not criticize individual families for making the best choice for their children when the options are not always good ones. But I support the NAACP's call for a freeze on the expansion of charter schools while the United States figures out what is the best option for educating all of its children. Existing charters, especially the networks with multiple schools, must be highly regulated. For-profits companies should be barred from running schools. Education should never be a business. Last month, in its Sunday Review opinion pages the New York Times highlighted a Boston charter school it claimed was exemplary and a model for the future of education in the United States. Based on the article, it seemed like a good school, but is it a model or simply an oasis? I have visited charter schools I like in New York City. I have also visited some very bad ones. There are about 100,000 public schools in the United States and many of them are also very good. Focusing on one school does not prove that an educational system is working or that charter schools will transform minority education in the United States. The following week, on its sports pages, the Times skirted around a different kind of charter school it apparently preferred to ignore. Terrance Ferguson is an eighteen-year old from Texas playing basketball in Australia while waiting for his chance to play in the NBA. The front page of Sports Sunday highlighted his journey. In Australia, Ferguson receives housing, use of a car and gets paid to play. In the article he bragged how because of an endorsement deal he even gets free underwear. The opening paragraph of the article described Ferguson as a "recent graduate of a charter school in Dallas." Buried on page 7 in paragraph 17 readers learn that Ferguson started out attending Prime Prep Academy. That charter school, founded by NFL and major league baseball player Deon Sanders, was closed because of academic and financial irregularities. Ferguson and his coach transferred to another charter school in Dallas, Advanced Preparatory International. API is under investigation by the NCAA as a sports factory, but apparently not by Dallas, Texas education officials, or the New York Times. API opened in September 2015 and despite having only fifty students, it immediately became a high school basketball superpower by recruiting the former PPA coach, Ferguson, and one of the team's other stars, a high school basketball player imported from California. Ferguson and his teammates may end up in the NBA with multiple-million dollar contracts, but more likely, they are one knee injury, one drug or police episode, or one attitude problem away from economic disaster without any other skills to fall back on. It is estimated that only 3 out of 10,000 high school basketball players make it to the NBA. The number of successful high school basketball players in the United States who made it big in the NBA without going to college can probably be counted on one hand (Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwayne Howard). According to a 2009 article in Sports Illustrated, 60% of NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. Meanwhile charter school failures are too numerous to ignore and the number keeps mounting. In February 2016 the New York City Department of Education announced it was closing four charter schools, Beginning with Children Charter School, Fahari Academy Charter School, and Lefferts Gardens Charter School in Brooklyn and Staten Island Community Charter School. Detroit closed three charter schools and forced two to merge this school year. In Los Angeles, Allen Academy, one of the larger charters, was shut down because of poor academic performance. World Communications and Imani Education Charter School in Philadelphia are either closed or closing. Charters were also closed in Pinellas County, Florida, Chicago, Memphis, and Mesa, Arizona. In Texas, 143 charter schools have closed since the program began in 1998. Michigan closed 122 of its academies during the charter school era. According to a federal report, between 2000 and 2014 2,378 charter schools were closed in the United States displacing tens of thousands of primarily Black and Latino students. Other studies show that charter schools often have higher dropout rates than traditional public schools. Many have little or no impact on student test scores, a statistically insignificant impact on the earnings of their graduates, and illegally prevent students from enrolling or remaining at their schools. Many others charter schools are considered hyper-segregated with at least a 90 percent minority population. These are more than enough reasons to support the NAACP call for a freeze on charter school expansion and oppose the Trump/DeVos agenda. Eva Moskowitz, Success Academy CEO enlisted the rapper Common to entertain pro-charter forces at a recent Brooklyn rally. I ended the evening by dedicating a rap to Fatima and her son, delivered as my hip-hop alter-ego Reeces Pieces. Black girl and boy Ain't their toy Charters annoy That's their ploy Kids must bend Or they suspend Not our friend That's the trend. Schools that fail On charter rail An empty pail For balance scale. Stop the funds End their runs Protect our sons Demand refunds. Charter school hoax Controversy provokes But community stokes Til license revokes When charter fleeces Inequality increases Cancel their leases So says Reeces Pieces The community forum was sponsored by the Independent Commission on Public Education (ICOPE), Coalition for Public Education (CPE), and Community Development of Medgar Evers College. The Network for Public Education has an online letter writing campaign pressuring United States Senators to block DeVos' appointment. Click here to sign. I will be joining the January 21, 2017 Women's March on Washington. My poster will read "Defend Public Education - Stop Trump and DeVos." I hope to see everybody there. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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30 ноября, 14:59

Религия активирует те же участки мозга, что и "секс, наркотики и рок-н-ролл"

Исследователям давно не даёт покоя вопрос: что происходит в мозге человека, когда он испытывает религиозное переживание? Учёные просканировали мозг мормонов во время молитвы, и результаты их поразили. Оказалось, что религия активирует тот же участок мозга, что и азартные игры. Но не всё так просто.

30 ноября, 01:54

4 People, Including A Baby, Have Died In A Jail Run By Potential Trump Nominee Sheriff David Clarke

WASHINGTON ― About a week after Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke visited the Fox News set in New York to appear on the shows “Outnumbered” and “Fox and Friends,” but before he set sail on a National Review cruise, a court-appointed medical monitor visited the jail Clarke is charged with running. From Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 ― as Clarke was calling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “Mrs. Bill Clinton” on the Kelly File, writing a blog post defending his use of that term, and tweeting that the “renowned” U.S. justice system doesn’t need reform ― Dr. Ronald Shanksy was interviewing staffers at Clarke’s Milwaukee County Jail. Four people, including a newborn baby, have died at the Milwaukee County Jail since April. One man, a 38-year-old with mental health issues, died of “profound dehydration.” For a facility with a population cap of 960 that previously averaged a couple of deaths per year, the string of deaths is concerning. During his visit, Shanksy said he was alarmed by the “extremely large number of vacancies” at the facility, particularly for medical positions. “Questions certainly can be raised about the occurrence of these four recent deaths and the relationship to officer shortages ... as well as the health care staffing vacancies and the adequacy of oversight of staff,” Shanksy wrote. Now Clarke may be overseeing a much larger operation. Clarke was in New York City once again this week to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. He’s reportedly in the running to take over the Department of Homeland Security, and said he would accept a Trump cabinet position if asked. Clarke’s national profile rose a few years ago when he began making regular appearances on Fox News in late 2014 to talk about policing after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the police killing of Michael Brown. Since then, he’s made a name for himself by providing a voice for those who want to believe there’s nothing wrong with our criminal justice system and to ignore America’s historic racial inequalities. Clarke, who grew up in a white neighborhood and attended a mostly white private high school, has said African Americans sell drugs “because they’re uneducated, they’re lazy, and they’re morally bankrupt.” He calls Black Lives Matter “Black Lies Matter” and compared them to the KKK. He once claimed that “police brutality ended in the 1960s.” Clarke made an appearance in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where RNC delegates gave him a standing ovation as he proclaimed “Blue Lives Matter” and celebrated the acquittal of a Baltimore officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray. More recently, just ahead of the election, Clarke said it was “pitchforks and torches time” and that it was time to run politicians out of Washington.  It's incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch. Pitchforks and torches time pic.twitter.com/8G5G0daGVN— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) October 15, 2016 Then, after the election, he called anti-Trump protests “temper tantrums” from “radical anarchists” that needed to be “quelled.” There was “no legitimate reason to protest” the election, he declared. But even setting aside Clarke’s extreme rhetoric, there are serious concerns about whether Clarke is qualified to oversee a massive federal law enforcement agency. Running the jail is one of the main responsibilities of the sheriff’s office, which has limited law enforcement duties in Milwaukee. And there appear to be major problems.  “Sheriff Clarke has time to promote his radical ideas on Fox News, far rightwing radio stations, and other conservative outlets. He has time to blog, tweet, and wrote op-eds to advance his divisive agenda. Yet, while he’s doing all of this self-promoting, his own jail is understaffed in in dire need of leadership,” says Erik Heipt, an attorney for the family of Terrill Thomas, the man who died of dehydration inside Clarke’s jail in April. “American citizens are dying unnecessarily in his jail, and it would be nice if he could take some responsibility for it and address the problem,” Heipt said. “The deaths do raise a lot of questions in terms of the training and supervision of people within his department, and they’ve had a lot of staff turnover,” said Peter Koneazny, litigation director for the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, who is involved in litigation about conditions in the jail. “We have concerns about the management of the jail, about the overall quality of care and treatment of inmates.”  A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial said Clarke’s office had been “shamefully silent” about the deaths and hasn’t provided records regarding outside investigations that the county is legally required to have.  “Maybe Clarke thinks the peasants of Milwaukee County don’t need to know what’s happening at the jail. Maybe he’s hoping for a call from President-elect Donald Trump (for whom he campaigned so eagerly while people were dying in his jail) so that he can walk away from doing his job,” the editorial said. “Whatever his faulty reasoning, he’s wrong. Clarke owes the public answers about the deaths and about the state of inmate care at the jail. And the public deserves a sheriff who will do his job.” Heipt says the medical monitor’s report “highlights a dangerous lack of access to healthcare” and deficiencies that left them unable to detect a medical crisis. “These deplorable conditions may have contributed to a citizen dying of profound dehydration,” Heipt said. “This is inexcusable. If Sheriff Clarke cannot protect detained citizens in his own jail, I’m not sure how he’s going to protect our entire country.”  The medical monitor’s report on the conditions in Milwaukee County Jail said there was a question of whether more careful monitoring in the unit where Thomas died “might have altered the outcome” in his case. The report said Kristina Fiebrink, who died in August, may have been been going through withdrawal but had a scheduled medical visit canceled because she had previously been evaluated during a prior admission. The report also examines the disturbing case of a newborn infant who was delivered “unbeknownst to the staff” and was found dead: dc.embed.loadNote('//www.documentcloud.org/documents/3227386-Milwaukee-County-Jail-Monitor-Report/annotations/329511.js'); View note dc.embed.loadNote('//www.documentcloud.org/documents/3227386-Milwaukee-County-Jail-Monitor-Report/annotations/329512.js'); View note The report does not examine the death of 29-year-old Michael Madden, who died just days before the medical monitor’s visit. But an inmate told the local Fox station that a corrections officer, believing Madden was faking a seizure and unconsciousness that followed, lifted him up and then released him. “He let Michael go. He fell backwards, he hit his head,” the inmate said. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office ― motto: “Expect the Best” ― declined to answer questions for this story. Fran McLaughlin, a spokesperson for Clarke, referred questions to a county lawyer. One of The Huffington Post’s questions was about how Clarke responded to the allegation that he was too distracted by his television appearances to fulfill his duties as sheriff. But by Clarke’s own admission, doing his job while continuing his conservative advocacy is difficult. Last month, before he sat down for a lengthy interview with The Daily Caller, he said he sometimes questioned whether being a prominent conservative voice was worth it. “It’s a grind,” Clarke said. “It’s all-consuming.” The interview was posted a day after Madden’s death. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

29 ноября, 22:59

The Tyranny At Standing Rock: The Government's Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working

What we're witnessing at Standing Rock, where activists have gathered to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline construction on Native American land, is just the latest incarnation of the government's battle plan for stamping out any sparks of resistance and keeping the populace under control: battlefield tactics, military weaponry and a complete suspension of the Constitution. Militarized police. Riot and camouflage gear. Armored vehicles. Mass arrests. Pepper spray. Tear gas. Batons. Strip searches. Drones. Less-than-lethal weapons unleashed with deadly force. Rubber bullets. Water cannons. Concussion grenades. Arrests of journalists. Intimidation tactics. Brute force. This is what martial law looks like, when a government disregards constitutional freedoms and imposes its will through military force. Only this is martial law without any government body having to declare it. This is martial law packaged as law and order and sold to the public as necessary for keeping the peace. These overreaching, heavy-handed lessons in how to rule by force have become standard operating procedure for a government that communicates with its citizenry primarily through the language of brutality, intimidation and fear. What Americans have failed to comprehend is that the police state doesn't differentiate. In the eyes of the government--whether that government is helmed by Barack Obama or Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton--there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, between blacks and whites and every shade in the middle, between Native Americans and a nation of immigrants (no matter how long we've been here), between the lower class and the middle and upper classes, between religious and non-religious Americans, between those who march in lockstep with the police state and those who oppose its tactics. This is all part and parcel of the government's plan for dealing with widespread domestic unrest, no matter the source. Divide and conquer. For too long now, the American people have allowed their personal prejudices and politics to cloud their judgment and render them incapable of seeing that the treatment being doled out by the government's lethal enforcers has remained consistent, no matter the threat. The government's oppressive tactics have not changed. The same martial law maneuvers and intimidation tactics used to put down protests and muzzle journalists two years ago in Ferguson and Baltimore are being used to flat-line protesters and journalists at Standing Rock this year. The same infiltration and surveillance of ranch activists opposing the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and Nevada over the past several years were used against nonviolent anti-war protesters more than a decade ago. The same brutality that was in full force 20-plus years ago when the government raided the Branch Davidian religious compound near Waco, Texas--targeting residents with loud music, bright lights, bulldozers, flash-bang grenades, tear gas, tanks and gunfire, and leaving 80 individuals, including two dozen children, dead--were on full display more than 50 years ago when government agents unleashed fire hoses and police dogs on civil rights protesters, children included. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The sticking point is not whether Americans must see eye-to-eye on these varied issues but whether they can agree that no one should be treated in such a fashion by their own government. Our greatest defense against home-grown tyranny has always been our strength in numbers as a citizenry. America's founders hinted at it again and again. The Declaration of Independence refers to "one people." The preamble to the Constitution opens with those three powerful words: "We the People." Years later, the Gettysburg Address declared that we are a "government of the people, by the people, for the people." Despite these stark reminders that the government exists for our benefit and was intended to serve our needs, "We the People" have yet to marshal our greatest weapon against oppression: our strength lies in our numbers. Unfortunately, 318 million Americans have yet to agree on anything, especially the source of their oppression. This is how tyrants come to power and stay in power. Authoritarian regimes begin with incremental steps. Overcriminalization, surveillance of innocent citizens, imprisonment for nonviolent--victimless--crimes, etc. Slowly, bit by bit, the citizenry finds its freedoms being curtailed and undermined for the sake of national security. No one speaks up for those being targeted. No one resists these minor acts of oppression. No one recognizes the indoctrination into tyranny for what it is. As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, historically this failure to speak truth to power has resulted in whole populations being conditioned to tolerate unspoken cruelty toward their fellow human beings, a bystander syndrome in which people remain silent and disengaged--mere onlookers--in the face of abject horrors and injustice. We can disassociate from such violence. We can convince ourselves that we are somehow different from the victims of government abuse. We can treat news coverage of protests such as Standing Rock and the like as just another channel to flip in our search for better entertainment. We can continue to spout empty campaign rhetoric about how great America is, despite the evidence to the contrary. We can avoid responsibility for holding the government accountable. We can zip our lips and bind our hands and shut our eyes. In other words, we can continue to exist in a state of denial. Whatever we do or don't do, it won't change the facts: the police state is here. "There comes a time," concluded Martin Luther King Jr., "when silence is betrayal." The people of Nazi Germany learned this lesson the hard way. A German pastor who openly opposed Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in a concentration camp, Martin Niemoller warned: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me. The people of the American Police State will never have any hope of fighting government tyranny if we're busy fighting each other. When all is said and done, the only thing we really need to agree on is that we are all Americans. So if this isn't your fight--if you believe that authority is more important than liberty--if you don't agree with a particular group's position on an issue and by your silence tacitly support the treatment meted out to them--if you think you're a better citizen or a more patriotic American--if you want to play it safe--and if don't want to risk getting shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton, thrown to the ground, arrested and/or labeled an extremist--then by all means, remain silent. Stand down. Cower in the face of the police. Turn your eyes away from injustice. Find any excuse to suggest that the so-called victims of the police state deserved what they got. But remember, when that rifle (or taser, or water cannon, or bully stick) finally gets pointed in your direction--and it will--when there's no one left to stand up for you or speak up for you, remember that you were warned. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Ferguson Wellman: Balanced Philosophy Works For Client Portfolios And Company Growth

Ferguson and Wellman manages more than $4.3 billion in assets, nearly double that of 2008.

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Возможный соперник Нурмагомедова в UFC назвал его плаксивой сучкой

Американский боец ММА Тони Фергюсон оскорбил российского спортсмена Хабиба Нурмагомедова. «Этот пацан — плаксивая сучка», — сказал Фергюсон, добавив: «Он может скулить столько, сколько он хочет». Американец считается одним из наиболее вероятных соперников Нурмагомедова в борьбе за титул чемпиона UFC.

29 ноября, 18:26

NIALL FERGUSON: Donald Trump’s New World Order. Donald Trump therefore enters the Oval Office w…

NIALL FERGUSON: Donald Trump’s New World Order. Donald Trump therefore enters the Oval Office with an underestimated advantage. Obama’s foreign policy has been a failure, most obviously in the Middle East, where the smoldering ruin that is Syria—not to mention Iraq and Libya—attests to the fundamental naivety of his approach, dating all the way back […]

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Американский боец ММА высмеял Хабиба Нурмагомедова

Американский боец ММА Тони Фергюсон назвал Нурмагомедова "ноющей *****" в интервью MMA Fighting. По его мнению, Хабиб слишком много жалуется и выпрашивает у руководства UFC титульный бой.  — У меня в активе серия из девяти побед. Где же мой титульный бой, мужик? Я не жалуюсь и ничего не говорю, потому что знаю: поединок за пояс сам придёт ко мне, — говорит Фергюсон. При этом он всё равно обещает, что рано или поздно будет драться с российским чемпионом.  За спиной у Хабиба Нурмагомедов 24 выигрышных боя и ни одного поражения. Тони Фергюсон провёл 25 боёв, в трёх из которых уступил противнику. 

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Фергюсон оскорбил Нурмагомедова, назвав бойца сучкой и пообещав «потушить свет»

Возможный соперник Хабиба прошелся по нему в преддверии встречи в UFC

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Возможный соперник Нурмагомедова в UFC оскорбил российского бойца

Американский боец ММА Тони Фергюсон, который считается одним из наиболее вероятных оппонентов россиянина Хабиба Нурмагомедова, выступил с оскорблениями в его адрес. Читать далее

28 ноября, 21:01

‘Princess stabs pop star’? Finally, a royal return to form | Terence Blacker

The royal family exists to entertain the rest of us, but they’ve been a bit boring of late. Step forward Princess Beatrice, with her wounding of Ed SheeranAt last, in our bewildering world, there is reassuring news. A sinister buffoon may be about to become the most powerful man in the free world, our country may be staggering cluelessly into an uncertain future, Ed Balls may have become a cosy national treasure, but, in one area at least, the old standards are being maintained. Members of the royal family are still behaving like twits. Until this past weekend, some of us may not have known or cared about Princess Beatrice. Is she the one who looms up at Royal Ascot in a silly hat? Or was she filmed doing something dodgy with the “Fake Sheikh”?Now we know. Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She has just carved her name in the history books by stabbing the singer Ed Sheeran in the cheek. At a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, another pop star James Blunt joked that he would like to be knighted. Mock knightings turn out to be quite the thing at royal parties, apparently – it was one of Fergie’s favourite japes – and so Princess Beatrice reached for a ceremonial sword, raised it high over her head, and slashed pop’s ginger man in the face. Continue reading...

03 декабря 2014, 11:28

Реакция №13. Андрей Паршев. Цветная сегрегация Америки

США «проспали» расово-социальную революцию. События в Фергюсоне закономерное наследство «Ку-Клукс-Клана» и «Черных пантер». Индейцы судятся за Манхеттен, а Техас бьется за независимость. Гость в студии - российский писатель Андрей Паршев. Эксперты: Александр Домрин, Виктор Мизин, Павел Святенков, Виктор Олевич и Тим Керби. Ведущий Андрей Фефелов.

30 сентября 2014, 13:08

Полиция Фергюсона арестовала священника за участие в акциях протеста

В ночь на 30 сентября группа священнослужителей Фергюсона, штат Миссури, вышла на улицы города, чтобы принять участие в акциях протеста против полицейского произвола. Представители сил правопорядка разогнали собравшихся, арестовав при этом преподобного Осагиефо Секу, которого посчитали организатором митинга. Волнения в городе начались в августе, когда полицейский застрелил безоружного темнокожего юношу Майкла Брауна. Подписывайтесь на RT Russian - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rtrussian RT на русском - http://russian.rt.com/ Vkontakte - http://vk.com/rt_russian Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RTRussian Twitter - http://twitter.com/RT_russian Livejournal - http://rt-russian.livejournal.com/