31 октября, 21:40

Celtic 1-2 Bayern Munich: Champions League – as it happened

Celtic went toe-to-toe with Bayern but were undone by Javi Martinez’s winner, which came moments after Callum McGregor’s equaliser and sealed Celtic’s Champions League exit 9.45pm GMT Plenty of positives for Celtic – far from being outclassed, they arguably created the better chances and Callum McGregor’s equaliser should have set up a thrilling finish. That’s where the negative comes in. Bayern were allowed to regain the lead almost immediately, with the defence at fault for that goal and Kingsley Coman’s opener. Tonight should at least inspire them for the springtime Europa League campaign that now looks to be nailed on. Thanks for joining me, we’ll have a report up shortly. Bye! 9.39pm GMT A valiant effort from Celtic, and a match that was much closer than many expected, but it ends in defeat. Bayern, and indeed PSG, are through to the last 16, and Celtic are out. Continue reading...

31 октября, 17:38

Pourbaix named president, CEO of Cenovus

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Alex Pourbaix has been named president and chief executive officer of Cenovus Energy Inc., Calgary. He succeeds Brian Ferguson, who is retiring.

31 октября, 08:24

Империя возвращается домой. Подавление внутренних беспорядков, полицейский надзор и милитаризация американских городов

«Принесём войну домой»: когда-то давным-давно — в октябре 1969-го, если быть точным — этот не совсем понятный лозунг принадлежал наиболее правому крылу массового движения противников войны во Вьетнаме. Крошечная команда крайне левых в футбольных защитных шлемах, орудуя отрезками стальных труб, проводила, как они их назвали, «Дни гнева» в Чикаго, круша автомобили и витрины магазинов в попытке обеспечить американцам хоть какое-то ощущение того, что представляет из себя война, того, что их войска принесли вьетнамцам.

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29 октября, 11:11

Нурмагомедов будет работать с прежним диетологом перед боем с Барбозой

В марте был отменен бой Нурмагомедова с американцем Тони Фергюсоном, россиянин был госпитализирован из-за ускоренной процедуры "сгонки" веса

27 октября, 17:38

Princess Diana: The Many Ways She Rebelled Against the Royal Family

Princess Diana was often labeled a 'rebel princess.' Here are the many ways in which she broke royal protocol, and paved the way for future royals to come.

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26 октября, 21:00

Tottenham now Manchester City’s biggest threat and can prove it at United | Paul Wilson

Where London clubs would once battle with Merseyside for supremacy, the challenge has shifted to Manchester – and Spurs have become more dangerous than Arsenal or ChelseaNostalgia took over at the weekend when Arsenal beat Everton 5-2 and Liverpool went down 4-1 against Spurs at Wembley. Almost to a person the nation’s subeditors came up with London 9 Merseyside 3 as either a headline or a strap, unintentionally giving away their age and outlook in the process.Because you would have to go back to the last millennium to remember the days when battles for league supremacy were routinely fought out between London and Merseyside. In terms of league titles, Merseyside has been a trophy-free zone since that heady period in the 1980s when Liverpool and Everton (but mostly Liverpool) took it in turns to finish on top of the pile. The story of the Premier League years has usually been one of a contest between London and Manchester, with just a couple of seasons (Rafa Benítez and Brendan Rodgers) when Liverpool managed to finish runners-up to Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United (fact!) or Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City. Continue reading...

26 октября, 19:19

Sofia Vergara and Other Popular Celebrities Who Were Teen Parents

Not all famous folks have planned families later in life -- some decided to have kids young. Here are the teen moms and dads of the celeb world.

26 октября, 13:20

There Are Currently 4 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500

Next year, that number is set to drop to three. What happened to progress toward diversifying corporations' highest ranks?

26 октября, 10:35

FTSE 100 closes up despite Barclays' woes

The bank loses ground, falling 7.4%, after its third-quarter results fail to impress investors.

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22 октября, 16:24

Ferguson Is Undermining Jeff Sessions' Argument Against DOJ-Led Police Reform

The Trump administration doesn't think the Justice Department should investigate local police departments. But in Ferguson, there's "light at the end of that tunnel.”

20 октября, 14:14

Don't Forget to Adjust for Russian Trolls

Americans aren’t quite as bad as the internet has led us to believe.

20 октября, 13:00

Why Trump Can't Handle the Cost of War

The president relishes bellicose language and performative violence, but seldom acknowledges its human toll.

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15 октября, 00:01

Martin O’Neill is in the managerial elite even if a top job eludes him | Daniel Taylor

The Republic of Ireland manager, once the favourite to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, is unfortunate never to have had a chance at one of the biggest clubsBlink, and you might have missed the part Shepshed Charterhouse, in the puddles and potholes of the Northern Premier League, played in the professional life of Martin O’Neill, back in the days when aspiring managers were prepared to start at the bottom and learn the hard way.O’Neill’s first steps in management were actually with Grantham Town, grubbing around for points in the then Beazer Homes League, Midlands Division, a couple of rungs below the Conference. O’Neill arranged the deal at a bed-and-breakfast on the A52 and had a five-year plan in place until he ended up falling out with the chairman and, still in situ, found his job being advertised in the Nottingham Evening Post. Shepshed were next but O’Neill’s time at the Dovecote was distinguished only by how quickly he came and went. The unofficial website for what is now Shepshed Dynamo summed it up rather neatly: “1989 – July – appointed Martin O’Neill as manager. October – sacked Martin O’Neill as manager. Wonder what became of him.” Continue reading...

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14 октября, 10:00

What makes a Man Booker novel? Six shortlisted authors share their secrets

Ahead of the announcement of the 2017 prize next week, the stories behind the storiesUsually the material of a novel comes to me before I have a form in mind. But with 4321, for the first time in my writing life, the idea of the form came first – the idea that I could write about someone’s life, splintered into four versions. This notion was so compelling to me that I immediately started thinking how I might go about it. The story thrust itself on me. This boy, this Archie Ferguson – each of whose four incarnations follows a different path within the book – seemed there already, waiting to be found. Every day I would go to my work table and the story would be there for me, as if it were hovering just above my desk. All I had to do was reach out and grab it, and put it on the page. Continue reading...

13 октября, 09:49

Захарова сказала о сотрудничестве с покемонами

Россию обвинили в раздувании расовой ненависти в США с помощью игры Pokemon Go

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13 октября, 06:38

CNN обвинил Россию в попытках посеять вражду в США с помощью Pokemon Go

По данным телеканала, речь идет о запущенной в социальных сетях кампании под названием Don't Shoot Us ("Не стреляйте в нас"), направленной на привлечение внимания общественности к случаям полицейского произвола в США по отношению к чернокожим после убийства афроамериканца Майкла Брауна в Фергюсоне.

13 октября, 00:30

Sir Alex Ferguson forgets past feuds to help honour old foe Kenny Dalglish | Andy Hunter

When the Centenary Stand at Anfield is named after the Liverpool legend, the former Manchester United manager will be adding his congratulationsThe Centenary Stand at Anfield becomes the Kenny Dalglish Stand on Friday and the guest list for the renaming ceremony both confirms and challenges the Scot’s reputation at Liverpool. Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher will be there at Dalglish’s request, so too Alan Hansen, former chief executive Peter Robinson and long-serving members of the Melwood canteen, Carol and Caroline. It will be the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton, however, that underlines how respect can transcend rivalry. Eventually.There was a time when the relationship between Dalglish and Ferguson reflected the hostility between Liverpool and Manchester United, who renew their fractious rivalry on Saturday at Anfield. No longer. Time has not been the healer so much as stepping away from the pressures of management and having to fight their respective corners. It matters to Dalglish that his old adversary from Old Trafford has agreed to visit Merseyside 24 hours early, along with Charlton, two days after the United legend celebrated his 80th birthday. Continue reading...

12 октября, 13:00

The Snowman, Yogi Bear and Hollywood's unintentionally funny movie posters

The campaign for serial killer thriller The Snowman has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, and it’s not the first time a designer has caused accidental lolsAlthough I’m obviously no expert, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Snowman turned out to be a historic flop. That isn’t a slight against Jo Nesbo or Michael Fassbender or Rebecca Ferguson or Tomas Alfredson, who are all talented people. But it is a slight against whoever’s in charge of The Snowman’s marketing campaign, because it is absolutely preposterous. Related: The Snowman review – Michael Fassbender plays it cool in watchable Jo Nesbø thriller Continue reading...

11 октября, 18:24

War On Monuments in USA: American Society is Reconsidering their Origins

Interview with European University at Saint Petersburg professor Ivan Kurilla.

11 октября, 08:05

Как уже совсем скоро падёт режим Порошенко, и как тяжело живётся неграм Фергюсона...

Буквально в любом эфире любого политического ток-шоу на российских каналах при наличии того или иного приглашённого украинского «эксперта» (от Ковтуна до Карасёва вперемешку с «хэроем», задавшим вопрос Путину, Цымбалюком) приходится слышать один и тот же тезис: да успокойтесь вы (россияне) уже – у вас резервному фонду пришёл конец, а вы о каком-то там военном противостоянии с США и НАТО всё ещё говорите.