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27 июля, 20:55

Max Verstappen among drivers to speak out against halo cockpit safety system

• FIA has announced head-protection device will be mandatory from 2018• ‘It’s not just the looks, I don’t think it is necessary,’ says Red Bull driverSeveral Formula One drivers have spoken out strongly in opposition to the introduction of the halo cockpit protection system in the lead-up to the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. Related: FIA defends decision to enforce F1 halo cockpit protection device for 2018 Continue reading...

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22 июля, 14:25

FIA defends decision to enforce F1 halo cockpit protection device for 2018

• FIA has received opposition from fans, teams and leading drivers• Device is designed to further protect drivers from head injuriesThe FIA has strongly defended its decision to impose the halo cockpit protector for the 2018 Formula One season. The sport’s governing body has received opposition from fans and the teams and criticism from leading participants in the sport but has on Saturday rigorously championed its position on safety grounds.The decision to implement the halo, designed to protect drivers from head injuries, was announced after an F1 strategy group meeting last Wednesday where it is understood only one team supported its use. Some drivers have been opposed to its introduction from its inception. Lewis Hamilton originally described it as the “worst-looking modification” in F1 history. However he later supported it after the FIA showed that the halo increased the chances of surviving a crash by 17%. Continue reading...

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21 июля, 00:21

Гонщикам прикроют голову // Машины «Формулы-1» получат дополнительную систему безопасности

Международная автомобильная федерация (FIA) одобрила внедрение с 2018 года в «Формуле-1» новой системы безопасности, получившей название Halo. По сути, речь идет о силовом каркасе, защищающем голову гонщика. Случилось это невзирая на возражения представителей команд, отмечавших, что предлагаемый вариант дополнительной защиты далек от идеального. Однако в FIA, видимо, посчитали, что безопасность стоит любых неудобств. Не исключено, правда, что нововведение даст обратный эффект, поскольку не только ухудшает гонщикам обзор, но еще и усложняет им процесс покидания машины в экстренных ситуациях.

Выбор редакции
19 июля, 22:15

F1 confirms controversial halo device will be mandatory for 2018 season

• Cockpit safety device will be required in all F1 cars next year • Move has been made to reduce injuries from flying debrisFormula One cars will look radically different next season after the sport’s governing body confirmed the controversial cockpit safety device known as the halo is to become mandatory.Following a meeting of the sport’s major players in Geneva yesterday, the FIA revealed it has given the go-ahead to introduce the concept next year. Continue reading...

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19 июля, 21:26

Со следующего сезона в «Формуле-1» будет использоваться система защиты кокпита болидов

Международная федерация автоспорта (FIA) настояла на внедрении системы защиты кокпита болидов «Формулы-1» начиная с сезона-2018. Читать далее

15 июля, 10:30

Silverstone’s history is buried under a characterless concrete desert | Richard Williams

The grand prix circuit is now full of meaningless passion-killing twiddly bits and the biggest symbol of its failings is the misshapen WingA lot of tears will be shed this weekend over the potential demise of Silverstone as a grand prix venue in two years’ time, but they will not be universal. To some, the old second world war bomber base has outlived its era, ruined not so much by outdated facilities as by cack-handed attempts at modernisation. A glass pyramid might not have spoiled the Louvre courtyard, but the addition of the monstrous pits and hospitality complex called The Wing six years ago symbolises Silverstone’s failure to integrate past, present and future.This week’s activation of a break clause in the contract between Formula One and the circuit’s owners, the British Racing Drivers’ Club, appears to signal the ending of a relationship that began in 1950, with the very first round of the inaugural FIA World Drivers’ Championship. The demands on the BRDC of the 17-year contract signed in 2009, and in particular the annual 5% increase in a hosting fee that started at £11.5m a year and is currently £16.2m, could yet be renegotiated. But Liberty Media, who bought F1 from a private equity firm this year, will be reluctant to grant Silverstone a reduction that might encourage other promoters to demand similar treatment. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
10 июля, 12:24

Шестаков: проблемы банка "Югра" не повлияют на развитие самбо и деятельность FIAS

Банк "Югра" является партнером Международной федерации самбо (FIAS)

07 июля, 19:41

Lewis Hamilton’s hopes of Austria victory hit by five-place penalty

• Mercedes driver punished for gearbox change • Hamilton fastest in both practice runs for Austrian Grand PrixPublicly at least, as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel prepare for the Austrian Grand Prix, a civilised air has returned to their relationship after it reached boiling point in Baku.Both drivers made all the right noises when they were face to face at a press conference on Thursday but perhaps it also revealed the bonhomie in the early part of the season had been a mask hiding their determination to win. Continue reading...

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07 июля, 14:03

Brave call over Peter Sagan casts F1 in poor light over Sebastian Vettel | Richard Williams

The Tour de France took the bold decision to disqualify cycling’s world champion but the FIA chose the expedient option on Vettel’s collision with Lewis HamiltonDid Sebastian Vettel really steer into Lewis Hamilton on purpose? And was there malice in Peter Sagan’s mind when his elbow flew out and Mark Cavendish was pitched into the barriers? The evidence of the past fortnight in top-level sport supports what any junior reporter will tell you, which is that an incident witnessed by more than one person almost invariably produces conflicting interpretations. Related: Lewis Hamilton asks FIA for explanation over Vettel decision Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
06 июля, 20:13

Lewis Hamilton asks FIA for explanation over Vettel decision

• Mercedes driver critical as German rival gets let-off• Nigel Mansell says the governing body was rightLewis Hamilton believes the decision not to penalise Sebastian Vettel after the Ferrari driver deliberately drove into him at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has demonstrated a lack of fibre from Formula One’s governing body.The Mercedes driver said the FIA president, Jean Todt, needed to explain the reasoning behind the conclusion not to punish Vettel and the message it sent out was detrimental to the sport. The former world champion Nigel Mansell, however, believes the FIA handled it correctly. Continue reading...

03 июля, 21:30

Sebastian Vettel escapes further sanction over Lewis Hamilton incident

• Vettel could have been banned or fined but will not be punished• Driver apologised to FIA at meeting following Azerbaijan clashThe FIA will take no further action against Sebastian Vettel after investigating the incident in which he drove into Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver appeared at a meeting on Monday and offered a full apology for his actions, which was accepted by the FIA, alongside a commitment from the Ferrari driver to undertake educational activities across a variety of racing championships over the next 12 months.The German admitted full responsibility and apologised to Hamilton in a statement published on his website, the first time he has done so since the incident. “During the restart lap I got surprised by Lewis and ran into the back of his car,” he said. “With hindsight I don’t believe he had any bad intentions. In the heat of the action I then overreacted and therefore I want to apologise to Lewis directly, as well as to all the people who were watching the race. I realise that I was not setting a good example. Continue reading...

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30 июня, 15:31

Could This 11-Year-Old Become The First-Ever Woman F1 Winner?

Eleven-year-old Juju Noda is a racing rarity. A prodigy. She is the world’s first primary school student to drive an FIA-sanctioned Formula 4 race car at race speed. And break lap records.

Выбор редакции
25 июня, 10:36

FIA внесла изменения в конфигурацию восьмого поворота на трассе «Формулы-1» в Баку

Международная автомобильная федерация (FIA) внесла изменения в восьмой поворот трассы восьмого этапа «Формулы-1» Гран-при Азербайджана в Баку. Читать далее

24 июня, 21:00

Обзор игры DiRT 4

Сквозь рёв двигателя до тебя доносится голос штурмана, зачитывающего стенограмму из своего блокнота. Брызги грязи толстым слоем покрывают лобовое стекло и мешают сосредоточиться на трассе. Остаётся лишь довериться своему опыту и практически вслепую на огромной скорости войти в очередной поворот, отделяющий тебя от финишной черты. Лишь спустя некоторое время до тебя доносятся овации болельщиков, и […]

Выбор редакции
24 июня, 13:01

Определился победитель первой гонки в классе FIA Formula-2

Победителем первой гонки в классе FIA Formula-2 в Баку стал пилот команды Prema Racing Шарль Леклерк с результатом 1:54.025. Следом за ним финишную черту пересек пилот Rapax Ник де Врис с результатом в 1:54.891, третьим был Николас Латифи из …

Выбор редакции
24 июня, 12:32

Первая авария на соревнованиях FIA Formula-2 в Баку

Первый инцидент произошел на соревнованиях в классе FIA Formula-2 в Баку – уже на старте болид пилота Rapax Джонни Чекотто резко затормозил, спустя несколько минут, гонщик вернулся на трассу, но уже на втором повороте влетел в …

Выбор редакции
24 июня, 11:35

Первая гонка в классе FIA Formula-2 началась в Баку

В столице Азербайджана стартовала первая гонка в классе FIA Formula-2, участие в соревнованиях принимают 20 гонщиков. Напомним, накануне по итогам квалификации поул-позицию в четвертый раз выиграл пилот команды Prema Racing Шарль …

Выбор редакции
23 июня, 16:06

Росс Браун: спасибо Баку за трек "Формулы-1"

Соревнования Гран-при Азербайджана "Формулы-1" очень важны и запомнятся многим. Об этом заявил сегодня в ходе свободной практики спортивный директор "Формулы-1" Международной автомобильной федерации (FIA) Росс Браун. …

Выбор редакции
23 июня, 11:46

В Баку определили победителей практики автогонок FIA Formula-2

Пилот команды Pertamina Arden Ник де Врис (Нидерланды) занял первое место в практической сессии автогонок в классе FIA Formula-2, которые стартовали сегодня в Баку. Гонщик показал результат 1:54.187. Вторым оказался пилот из …

Выбор редакции
20 июня, 21:15

Formula One Group puts the boot into its predecessor, Bernie Ecclestone

• F1 chief executive Chase Carey cites ‘short-term, deal of the day focus’• Key people will all be in place by August, says CareyChase Carey, the chief executive of the Formula One Group, the new owner of the sport, has explicitly criticised the previous administration of Formula One, managed by Bernie Ecclestone on behalf of CVC Capital.Carey was speaking at the FIA sport conference being held this week in Geneva and made it clear his organisation was addressing the shortcomings it had inherited. Continue reading...